My front garden this afternoon (Sunday). Nearly all the plants visible here are native to NYC and the region. You can see one of habitat signs on the wall of my porch.

Plants in bloom in the photo are (L-R) elderberry, Viola striata, Heuchera, sedges, sundrops, Elymus, Rosa carolina, Oenothera speciosa, and spiderwort.

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Dana Bussing, MD
10 hours ago

Bumblebee booty peeking out of a Penstemon digitalis bloom. #nativeplants

Progress on establishing a native wildflower garden in my neighborhood.

Spoiler alert: It is hard to fight off the invasives.

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Jake Rayson
13 hours ago

May and Ron and waterfall.

Very low river levels, heading for a drought.

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White blossom on tree to the left, small white dog on the right, gorge and waterfall pool in the centre
20 hours ago

Parent of 3 teens, 5 cats, retired but involved union activist, native plant gardener/advocate. #Hawaii #BigIslandOfHawaii #Beauty #CultSurvivor #NativePlants #RetiredTeacher #DisasterMentalHealthSpecialist #Queer #Justice #Cats #TeslaRemorse

Jane Lago
1 day ago

A corner of the native plant garden begun last year, with pale purple coneflowers and columbine.

#NativePlants #Gardening #Flowers #Florespondence

A group of 7 pale purple coneflowers in front of spreading columbine against a cement wall.
Joe Wynne
1 day ago

Any particular plant in your home habitat is a critical resource for many animals.

An hour ago, this Milkweed Bug was roaming around on this Milkweed plant variety.
Notice how its color helps it avoid predators. As it sucks the sap from the plant, it incorporates the plant's poison into its body, just like a #monarch.

More plant types build more #biodiversity.

Additional detail and a surprise in alt text.

#nature #insects #NativePlants
#PhonePhotography #NaturePhotography

The top of an orange and black Milkweed Bug is seen very close as it navigates down onto the tiny orange flowers of a Milkweed plant.  This bug is about a centimeter long (1/3 inch).

Oh, BTW it was 93 degrees F (33.8 degrees C) when this shot was taken, and the model was not cooperative. Will not work together again.

The native arrowwood viburnums that I planted last summer are now blooming. These are pollinator-friendly and produce blue berries in the fall that birds can eat. They’re spaced about 6 ft apart and should grow into a solid privacy hedge eventually. The best part, they’re basically maintenance-free.

#nativeplantgardening #NativePlants #raingardens

The native arrowwood viburnums that I planted last summer are now blooming. These are pollinator-friendly and produce blue berries in the fall that birds can eat. They're spaced about 6 ft apart and should grow into a solid privacy hedge eventually. The best part, they're basically maintenance-free.
Dana Bussing, MD
1 day ago

12 spotted skimmer dragonfly resting on my agastache plant. So cool with the translucent sections of her wings! #nativeplants

Derek Caelin 🌱
2 days ago

Got the materials ready for my town's green event tomorrow.

Grow: gonna be handing out packets of #nativeplants #wildflowers

Read: sharing a bunch of books on restoration and respect for nature. (leaving my radical books off the list 😉)

Act: Got fliers for local acts and legislation we're promoting.


a collection of signs saying grow, read, act with seed psckets, books, and QR codes for local activist events

the maple pre-bonsai is thriving after the big repotting and looks like an actual tree now, as opposed to a twig. (with bonus garden helper 🐩)

#plants #NativePlants #bonsai

Photo of a small hybrid maple tree (red x silver maple) in a pot. There is a garden visible in the background, including a Bloodgood Japanese maple (full size, growing in the ground). There is also a scruffy dark grey miniature poodle in the background, looking at the camera.

Here's a little bit of color for another nice and gloomy day in Southern California. ;)

This is Phacelia grandiflora, commonly known as Bigflower Phacelia, peeking out from a patch of many many Popcorn flowers (Cryptantha species, most likely intermedia), photographed here in San Diego in April 2023.

#FloralFriday #BloomScrolling #NativePlants #SanDiego #CANativePlants #CloseUp #NaturePhotography

Close-up photo of a larger blue/purple wildflower peeking out from many smaller, white wildflowers.
Jake Rayson
3 days ago

Field of flowers

#NativePlants #WildFlowers

edit: manual correct autocorrect, shit to shot

Low shot of meadow filled with yellow dandelion like flowers

happening right now in my back yard! earlier this year I posted a water feature I made from a salvaged wheelbarrow basin. Didn’t even have to wait a month to find tadpoles. Now there are several batches of tadpoles, and this morning, we woke up to find this! It’s finna be some noisy summer nights!

#nativeplantgardening #NativePlants #raingardens

happening right now in my back yard! earlier this year I posted a water feature I made from a salvaged wheelbarrow basin. Didn't even have to wait a month to find tadpoles. Now there are several batches of tadpoles, and this morning, we woke up to find this! It's finna be some noisy summer nights!
Joe Wynne
3 days ago

Bees Feast

Clumps of Butterfly Weed flowers provide a banquet for Honeybees and native bees. The leaves, however, will be on the menu of Monarch caterpillars. Keeping an eye out for those. Stay tuned.

#gardening #NativePlants #nature #NaturePhotography #florespondence

Three honeybees working clumps of the tiny bright orange flowers with yellow centers of Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa).
Jake Rayson
3 days ago

How my walk starts: "Just a quick walk, I will not stop and take photos"

Two metres later: "OMG! A Crab Spider eating a bee!"

#spider #wldlife #NativePlants #WildFlowers #ValerianaOfficinalis

Pale camouflaged spider on pale pink flowers eating a bee
Jake Rayson
3 days ago

Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulnaris) about to come into flower. Normally doesn't flower until July, photo taken 1st June. We've had 4 weeks of no rain and full sun, in #WestWales

#ClimateDiary #NativePlants #WildFlowers

Flower bud on tall plant
3 days ago

The plant in the first photo may not look particularly impressive, but I assure you that it has a story. This is the Western tall penstemon (P. hesperius), which was believed extinct until 2008. Before that, it hadn't been seen since around 1930. P. hesperius likes places that get flooded once in awhile and it gets much bigger than most penstemons -- up to 4 feet tall, if memory serves. (Most penstemons top out at 2 to 3 feet or lower.)


#botany #penstemons #NativePlants #Oregon #Washington

Penstemon hesperius growing in a Portland, Oregon garden. It's a pretty nondescript plant at this point, with a few flowers just starting to develop.
Penstemon hesperius flower stalk on a wild plant. Flowers are trumpet shaped, colored pink with a purplish tint at the tips and bases. Each flower is an inch or so long and the flower stalk is 6 to 8 in. tall. Photo taken in 2016 by Roger T George.
3 days ago
Carolina rose in bloom (vibrant pink petals with a yellow center)
Jake Rayson
4 days ago

Down on #Teifi Marshes, Ragged Robin (Silene flos-cuculi I think) out in the wild. Glorious and exciting to spot

#NativePlants #WildFlowers

edit: add alt text

Delicate fronded pink flowers in amongst the reeds
Jake Rayson
4 days ago

#RonnieBarker about to receive his Nobel prize for being outstanding in his field. Lovely Hawthorn as well.

#NativePlants #WildFlowers #DogsOfMastodon

edit: add alt text

Small white dog standing in field by wooden gate, white blossomed tree to the right
Veronica Erb
4 days ago

Star coreopsis in my neighborhood in St. Louis. It’s native to Missouri and beyond in the US.

Blooms June to October! 😻

#bloomscrolling #nativeplants

Dozens of yellow flowers joyfully crowd the photo, peering up from slender green stalks. Each flower has seven petals with zigzagged ends, and they surround a small yellow center.
Jake Rayson
5 days ago

UK native Hawthorn is *amazing*. Brilliant wildlife host, habitat, glorious blossom, edible leaves, striking red edible fruit, tough as old boots

#NativePlants #WildFlowers #GardenDesign #ForestGarden #FoodForest #gardening

Mass of white flowers on tree
Sally Paul
5 days ago

#Bloomscrolling through my native garden on an unusually hot day here in southeast Michigan. See the image alt text for descriptions. #NativePlants

The pink flowers of a fringed bleeding heart against my old garden fence.
A Jack-in-the-pulpit whose bloom is just a bit past its prime. I always have to remind myself to look for their flowers since they’re hidden by the leaves.
The unassuming, ground-hugging flowers of wild ginger (a great ground cover for shade). The brown flowers evolved to attract native pollinating flies that emerge from the ground in spring.
A lone trillium in a sea of wild ginger. The flower is pinkish rather than the usual white. Trillium are common in some Michigan woods but it’s illegal to pick or try to transplant them because doing so kills the plant.
Fairhaven Person
5 days ago

Blue Eyed Grass is a native North American plant, but it's not really a grass. It's a member of the iris family. Here's some of mine, blooming now in #Massachusetts. #NativePlants #Gardening #FairhavenMa

Thin, green, grass-like foliage with small purple flowers having six petals and yellow centers.
Paula Borchardt
5 days ago

One of our Ironwood trees was blooming recently but is mostly bloomed out by now. I love the pink-lavender color of these flowers and so I painted them for a recent Perpetual Journal entry!

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Perpetual Journal watercolor and pen art of an Ironwood tree in bloom with purple-pink flowers, Tucson, AZ, USA
excited for the mastodon rise
5 days ago

Putting invasive bugs on your plants to control aphids is pretty much not ok. Stop it.

#Gardens #NativePlants #BiodiversityCrisis

Hello friends, I hope everyone is having a relaxing day. We took a drive out to Shaw Nature Reserve to take a walk this morning. Though I took about 50 pictures I'm posting some of the better ones from the wildflower garden.

#ShawNatureReserve #wildflowers #flowers #nature #nativeplants #CanonT7 #photography

A petite red orange flower with a bright yellow top. Indian pink.
A flower with magenta pink petals and a vibrant red orange center. Purple coneflower.
A purple and white flower in clusters on a stalk. Penstemon serrulatus.
Small purple flower with yellow centers. Spiderwort.

@friesen5000 @ClimateJenny

5/n (should be the last!)

They should be protected during the winter, especially when growing zone-marginal plants. Setting them in a larger container packed with dry leaves will insulate the roots, closer to what they would live through naturally.

I don't do this. The strongest, and most regionally appropriate, survive me. Hence the cranberry takeover.

#BogPlanters #BogPlants #NativePlants #Gardening #PlantingTips #ContainerGardening

@friesen5000 @ClimateJenny


They *should* get rainwater. Water from a rain barrel is ideal. If that's not available, "atmospheric" water, e.g.: from a dehumidifer or AC, is suitable. I use regular water from the garden hose, but let it sit overnight to outgas.

Since there's no groundwater to replenish them, they need to be watered once a day during the summer. (A task I don't always do.)

#BogPlanters #BogPlants #NativePlants #Gardening #PlantingTips #ContainerGardening

@friesen5000 @ClimateJenny


I keep mine in saucers to hold the overflow, and let some of it absorb back up through the hole. You can see both of them in situ in this photo of the entrance to my backyard, taken 10 days ago.

#BogPlanters #BogPlants #NativePlants

@friesen5000 @ClimateJenny


The container must have a hole in the bottom for drainage, but it doesn't have to drain quickly. A single hole in the bottom of a medium plastic tub should do.

In this photo, the soil knife with the orange handle has a 6" blade. So these planters are about 12" across.

#BogPlanters #BogPlants #NativePlants

@friesen5000 @ClimateJenny @darwin

Nothing but sphagnum moss (*not* peat moss). You can find it in garden centers as an orchid growing medium. (At the nursery where I made the containers, they had barrels of it.)

#BogPlanters #BogPlants #NativePlants #Gardening #PlantingTips #ContainerGardening


@friesen5000 @ClimateJenny

This is growing in one of my bog planters. I don't have a bog!

This one is *S. purpurea*, or mostly so. I used to some horticultural hybrids with Southeastern species, but they've died out.

I made these up in 2012 in a workshop at a nursery that, at the time, at least, specialized in bog plants, among other native plants. I've added to them over the years.

#Bogs #NativePlants #Gardening


Jake Rayson
1 week ago

I have compiled all the resources that I use when designing #wildlife #FoodForest #gardens, and I have put them onto one page for you.


#NativePlants #WildFlowers #ForestGarden #Gardening #GardenDesign

Very green and floral verge
Dennis Wilkinson
1 week ago

A single bloom of native Blue Iris backlit by the sun at Mass Audubon's Allens Pond Reserve.

#flower #flora #nativeplants #westport #massachusetts #wildmassachusetts #naturalmassachusetts #massachusettswildlife

A single bloom of native Blue Iris backlit by the sun, with a single strand of spiderweb stretching from the flower to the stem.
Priscilla Stuckey
1 week ago

“So much of the American concept of beauty, order, respectability depends on a monochromatic, homogenous look that feels limiting and exclusionary. So I have been working in my particular neighborhood to open that up.” —Camille Dungy #NativePlants #GreenerThanGrass #diversity #biodiversity

Paula Whyman
1 week ago

I'm finding more Carolina roses in the meadow this year. (It's the little successes that keep me going.)

#meadow #restoration #conservation #NativePlants #rewilding #CarolinaRose #PrairieRose #flowers #NativeFlowers

Close-up of a deep pink blossom amid dense grasses.
1 week ago

Got a tip that the grounds crew at a local school district was going to spray herbicide and kill a patch of milkweed, joe pye weed, and other native wildflowers. So we took shovels and tried to save some to plant in our yard.

#NativePlants #PlantRescue #NativeFlowers

Bucket and brown felt bag of rescued milkweed and Joe pye weed plants sitting in the grass, kids picnic table in the background.
J blue
2 weeks ago

Redbud flower and ramp pickle (adapted after “amazu shoga” Sakai, p.87) with southern magnolia flower, American spikenard and rat’s tail radish.

Allium tricoccum, Aralia racemosa, Cercis canadensis, Magnolia grandiflora, Raphanus sativus var caudatus (nonnative)

See AltText for tasting notes.

#gardening #GrowYourOwn #organic #permaculture #NativePlants #FoodSecurity #cooking #bloomscrolling #florespondence #vegan

A black background and a black speckled plate. On the plate are three white magnolia petals of different sizes. They have a pink puddle of pickled redbud flowers sitting in the natural curve of the petals. Between the petals are long thin rat tail radish pods that are dark pink and green and a cut stem of 3 leaves of a spikenard plant. 

Pickle was fine. It didn’t taste as sweet probably bc of the ramp. Very piquant but nice. Has more possibilities. 

Magnolia flower raw tastes like pine-sol then like rose then like ginger. It’s very pungent but doesn’t leave a lingering aftertaste. Definitely not for eating raw. Will try a blanching, steaming and pickling recipe if I can find more flowers that are low enough to reach. 

Spikenard leaf was like a faint mint with some anise and lettuce. It was ok. Better as a mixed green then a bunch by itself. The stalks were too fibrous to steam/boil even though they were very thin. 

Rats tail radish tastes like a tame radish, kinda nice. Like if a sugar snap was daikon flavored.
Andy Berry 🌻
2 weeks ago

I believe this one is a tufted milkvetch (Astragalus spatulatus), a native North American plant. It’s a member of the pea and legume family and the seed pods are supposedly edible, though reports are that they are pretty gross raw.

#photography #flowers #nativeplants

An odd-looking purple/pink/blue bunch of flowers.

Bought prairie dropseed, eastern red columbine, and blazing star at the native plant sale at Kensington Metro park in Milford. Looking forward to planting today!

#Michigan #NativePlants #gardening

Jake Rayson
3 weeks ago

This is my entry for the #ChelseaFlowerShow this year. Frothy white Greater Stitchwort, interspersed with Bluebells, softened by a fern and punctuated with Garlic Mustard. I added the reflective bollard to keep it real.

#GardenDesign #NativePlants #WildFlowers

Plants by the verge. And no, I didn't design it.
3 weeks ago

A weed is swallowing the Sonoran Desert

You often get the "what's the big deal?" reaction when talking about native plants vs introduced or invasive species.

If you want a perfect demonstration of a nightmare scenario, this is it.


For a plant nerd like me, in California, the CalFlora database at is an absolutely invaluable tool.

I don't think they're on Mastodon and they're raising funds right now to continue their operation, so I hope it's okay to share this here (there's a little "Donate" button on their home page) with any other plant nerds. 😄

And here's a photo of Lyrocarpa coulteri aka Coulter's Lyrepod (click & see alt-text!).

#CANativePlants #Plants #California #NativePlants #RarePlants

Photo of Coulter's Lyrepod, a perennial desert wildflower in the mustard family. The photo shows the inflorescence with a very shallow depth of field, with multiple flowers that have very long, pale yellow twisted petals. The petals roll up in the daytime and unfold in the late afternoon and evening.

One of the "weeds" - aka "spontaneous flora" - in my garden are these spiderworts. I like them.

#WildflowerHourNYC #NativePlants

1 month ago

Hello lovely folks! Reposting my #Introduction for my new instance. My interests are all over the place, but these are the things I'm most likely to post about:

#gardening #VegetableGardening #NativePlants #pollinators & sharing my very amateur #NaturePhotography from my #BackyardHabitat

#autism #SocialAnxiety #RSD & my #ActuallyAutistic experiences.

The occasional #baking #BreadBaking & #HomemadePizza

And I'm a huge #SciFi & #FantasyFiction nerd. If there's an alien or dragon involved, I'm here for it. #Whovian #Trekkie and a #hobbit at heart.

A newly emerged Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly clinging to a sprig of bamboo under a canopy of bamboo leaves. The butterfly has a black body with cream-colored spots. The wings are dusky blue and black, with orange and white spots and cream-colored markings along the edges.
A messy homemade vegetarian pizza with spinach, tomatoes, golden brown cheese and a bubbly crust.
A basket of red, orange, yellow and purple cherry tomatoes harvested from my garden. Varieties include Sun Gold, Gold Nugget, Black Cherry and Gardener's Delight.
A Hibiscus flower from my garden. It is a buttery yellow color with a blush of red at the center. Late afternoon sun casts shadows across the petals.
K. Lauren de Boer
1 month ago

May native wildflowers in our garden. This after a neighbor cut down massive privets on the property line, flooding the yard with sunlight. Seeded the area with wildflowers and nature did the awesome rest.
#nativeplants #wildflowers #prairie #naturephotography #nature

Profusion of colorful native wildflowers.
Elizabeth Lee :autism:
1 month ago

TIL Audubon will give you a free list of native plants to attract specific birds (you don't have to enter your email unless you want it sent to you) by entering your zip code here:

#Birds #Birding #gardening #Nature #NativePlants #Audubon

Sia Karamalegos
1 month ago

Plant haul! Went to the NC Botanical Garden plant sale because it features all native plants.

I need to build out my shrub layer to help with my bird habitat so got several cool things to try out plus a few perennials like wild red columbine

#gardening #nativeplants

Patio table and chair just stuffed full of native plants of all sizes and shapes and leaf characteristics

Salvia sonomensis (Sonoma or Creeping Sage), photographed in April 2023 in San Diego's back country.

If you'd like to learn what went into this photo, I have just added an article "The Invisible Work" to my blog:

#CANativePlants #NaturePhotography #MacroPhotography #SanDiego #BlogPost #Plants #NativePlants

Close-up photo of a small sage, showing leaves at the bottom of the frame and three inflorescence stalks, with blue-purplish flower clusters on each of them.
J blue
1 month ago

First baby monarch caterpillars of the season! 🥰

Danaus plexippus, Asclepias tuberosa

#butterflies #gardening #NativePlants #wildlife #rewilding #nature #pollinators

A close up of a milkweed plant and two tiny monarch butterfly caterpillars. The milkweed plant is a total spike of thin velvety green leaves, and a dense inflorescence at the top. The inflorescence here has not opened and they are just green buds. 

There are two very small caterpillars nibbling on the leaves. One is on a leaf at the top adjacent to the inflorescence and you can see it’s black soft bulbous antennae. The other caterpillar is on a leaf further down and it’s head is nibbling over the end of a leaf. The caterpillars are so tiny you can barely distinguish the yellow and white stripes between the black stripes. Very cute.
Jake Rayson
1 month ago

Bilberry flowers, out on a local walk

#NativePlants #WildFlowers #foraging #FoodForest #ForestGarden

Small pendulous coral colored flowers just about to open on green bush, wooded slope behind
chris martens (they/them)
1 month ago

this redbud was shedding all over the sidewalk! i never saw them do this in NC
#springEphemerals #florespondence #nativeplants

A view from brown of some redbud branches decked out in a fancy boa of tiny pink blossoms
a scattered mass of those same pink blossoms all over the sidewalk
Paula Borchardt
1 month ago

🌏 Happy Earth Day! How about celebrating by planting native plants in your yard & becoming part of Homegrown National Park It’s a grassroots call-to-action to regenerate biodiversity & ecosystem function by planting native plants. The HNP website can help you find native plants for your area. So far 28,000+ people including my husband & me have joined this project. I hope you take part!

#NativePlants #biodiversity #environment #ecosystem #ecology #EarthDay #Earth

I'm on the Map - are you? Planting Native Regenerates Biodiversity #ImOnTheMap
1 month ago

I think crossvines might be my favorite vine in the yard. The bright flowers are high in the canopy and attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. The vine itself is relatively lightweight (compared to the native grapes and poison ivy) and doesn’t overwhelm my trees. Happy Friday everyone!

#Florespondence #FlowerFriday #FlowerReport #NativePlants #Crossvine

Photo of blooming crossvine plant high on a loblolly pine.  Flowers are tubular, and red and yellow in color.   Leaves are waxy and rich green in color. Other pines are seen in background.

How to get involved in natural area preservation:

1. Participate in frog, toad, and turtle counts.

2. Join a bird walk.

3. Plant native plants in your yard or in a pot.

#NaturalAreaPreservation #NativePlants

Native Plants
2 months ago

Since I eat tons of yogurt, I've taken to using 750 gram yogurt containers for winter sowing my native plants.

Over the winter, I made drainage holes, put in soil and seeds, made holes in the lids, set them outside. At the end of March, I needed to allow light in, so I created windows in those lids, using scrap plastic or clear packing tape.

This type of container works!

This is Black Eyed Susan, Bottlebrush Grass, and Smooth Blue Aster.

#Seeds #Sowing #Gardening #GrowYourOwn #NativePlants

Three large yogurt containers and three lids that have been cut up, with clear plastic taped on. Lids have holes that allow for rain. 
The first container has black eyed Susan sprouts. 
The second shows grasses that are an inch tall. 
The third shows aster sprouts. 
Overall we see good germination.

@KatEmm @futurebird
Thank you!

I'll be giving a workshop here for NYC Wildflower Week, which is the 2nd week of May, date/time TBD. The topic is "Urban Habitat Gardening with Native Plants". I did this last year, as well.

#HabitatGardening #NativePlants #UrbanGardening

J blue
2 months ago

All the flowers, put your petals in the air!
Wave them round like you just don’t care!

Trillium erectum, Red Trillium
Viola pedata, bird’s foot violet

#rewilding #NativePlants #gardening #florespondence #plants #pollinators

In a sand colored planter are clustered a bunch of flowers: three tall red trillium and several bird’s foot violets. Red trillium is a long green stalk with three green leaves at the top with a red flower in the middle. The red flower is only partially open with the petals still closed overhead like arms. The violets are light lavender with a white center. Their petals are more pointed than most violas. The leaves are thin and multi-lobed and look like green bird’s feet, hence the name. In the video the flowers are swaying in the breeze.