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Spero sia almeno una versione 2 sennò gli faranno subito gol! 😁 #nerdhumor

Joseph Riparian 🏳️‍⚧️
3 weeks ago

pasting formatting from someone else's file feels gross, like an unwashed handshake.

#excel #NerdHumor #OfficeHumor

a chaotic illustration of three large human skulls and some tiny human skeletons. in an eclectic collection of fonts, it reads "I will never "paste with formatting" do not format my paste!!!! bitch". watermark of @dasharez0ne
1 month ago

Wir kennen ja alle die lustigen Frisörläden mit den noch lustigeren Namen (Haargenau, Hairreinspaziert usw)

scheinbar ist das jetzt auch in der IT angekommen


#humor #it #nerdhumor

pixelhafter T-Rex vor einem Laptop - und die Firma heißt iT-Recs
Oliver Schafeld
1 month ago

🤔 Wait, did I learn today that...

SpaceX would _not_ qualify for the X Price? 🤓

"The same spacecraft had to be flown twice within a two-week period."

#space #xPrice #TIL #nerdHumor

Oliver :norway:
1 month ago

Ich sollte keine Urlaubsvideos schneiden, wenn ich vorher #EvilDeadRise gesehen habe und somit der Tiefflug über das Wasser ganz böse vom Intro des Films inspiriert wurde… 😈😂 #nerd #nerdhumor

1 month ago

Yes this I am, I build software not hardware 🤷‍♂️

#comic #computer #joke #building #hw #hardware #nerdhumor #humor #hacker

Building computer comic and there don't know and don't work
Matthias Schröter
1 month ago

#nerdhumor in the relatively new physics building of the #goettingenuniversity
My favorite is long_term_interim_scheme.

2 months ago

Status 404....

Wolfgang Stief
2 months ago

Do you already know the OnlyFans page of CERN? 🤣


Hier mal der Unterschied zwischen LED- und Lasermäusen.

Maus, deren Augen grün leuchten.
Maus, aus deren Augen Laserstrahlen kommen
3 months ago

Warum heißt es Bandpassfilter und nicht Spektralseitenschneider? #wortwitz #nerdhumor #hamradio #flachwitz

Wolfgang Stief
3 months ago

Ich habe Webseite und Webshhop der Firma gefunden, und da ist noch viel mehr davon … #nerdhumor

Woger the Shrubber
3 months ago

"Anderson Dawes" appears in Confluent's Apache Kafka tutorials.


Screenshot from a video presenting Apache Kafka.  Presenter resembles Jared Harris' character in The Expanse: Anderson Dawes.
This fact was exploited when filling out the "full name" of a person signing up for a Confluent Cloud account.
Scott Mumford
3 months ago

Wonder if this is a fun way to refer to mom in the Paul Thomas Anderson / Maya Rudolph household?

#PaulThomasAnderson #MayaRudolph #nerdhumor

Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
4 months ago

Renaming Twitter to X will hopefully convince more people to switch to #Wayland ;) #NerdHumor

Running an open source privacy project, you sometimes get some interesting PRs...

#programming #nerdhumor

- usertripleseven wants to merge 1 commit into xx-labs:main from usertripleseven:patch-1

Title: Create darkweb activities

—| 1 + hi, i am trying to access to the darkweb and see what the weirdos be doing or saying
Iain Nash
5 months ago

An Austrian mail delivery truck!

#foss #nerdhumor #austria

A truck with 'exim' written on it.
5 months ago

"Why don't dorks like to play hide and seek? Because they always nerd to be found! 😂 #pun #joke #nerdhumor #dorkpuns #laughteristhebestmedicine"

Unabashedly stolen from someone on Facebook. #nerdhumor #getahobby #binary

5 months ago

I'm Just Here For The Cache - IT Support Tech Team Joke


A funny design for people working in the IT team, whether in tech support at the office helpdesk, as a computer programmer, software developer, system engineer or sysadmin. You will get the joke and hopefully put a smile on your co-workers faces.

#GeekMerch #ItSupport #Kaomoji #NerdHumor #ProgrammerMerch #ShrugEmoticom #SysadminMerch #SystemEngineerMerch #TechSupport #TechTeam #UnicodeEmoticon #UnicodeFace

Jan :rust: :ferris:
5 months ago

Ah, yes, I've been waiting for this one:

Interview with Senior Rust Developer in 2023 - by Programmers are also human
(or YT:

"And which part did you write in Rust? The frontend or the backend?" visible confusion "No, the browser!"😅

#Rust #RustLang #Humor #Satire #NerdHumor

Why is it called "the story of the Trojan War" and not "HisTroy"?

#OhNoAPun #Nerdhumor #histroy

$ find /tmp -mode +111
find: unknown predicate `-mode'
$ find /tmp -perm +111
find: invalid mode ‘+111’
#nerdhumor #gnu

Ace Armstrong
5 months ago

You can tell a Canadian originally posted this image because it's U.S. bee, eh. #NerdHumor

A regular bee on the left described as a Canadian bee, and on the right a bee with its head photoshopped as a USB-A connector described as a U.S. bee.

"I never yield!"
"Really. I only ever return for I am no generator function."

#Nerdhumor #PythonJoke #OhNoAPun

How to case-insensitively compare two ASCII strings:

#CursedDev #Nerdhumor

Python code:

def ascii_case_independent_compare(str1, str2):
	if len(str1) != len(str2):
		return False
	for i in range(len(str1)):
		base_char = ord(str1[i])
		comp_char = ord(str1[i])
		if comp_char not in [base_char - 20, base_char, base_char + 20]:
			return False
	return True

Profis nennen sie natürlich "Stopp"...

#Nerdhumor #uni

Wie man "Studien- und Prüfungsordnung" abkürzt



An unreasonable level of nerdism
#OhNoAPun #Nerdhumor


- and -

"A 1954 UN convention"

- share:


this = "fine"

this = "fine"

This is fine.

(This is fine dog meme)

New conspiracy theory just dropped:
#NerdHumor #BigONo

Big O Notation
John Beresford
6 months ago

A friend recently commented on this photo, which led me down an immense rabbit-hole of joy reading the comments. A cornucopia of excellent nerdy humour that kept me entertained for several minutes. But it was this one that had me roaring:

"Are you sure that's Heisenberg on the back row?"


#nerdHumor #physics #chemistry

An old photograph captioned "Twenty-nine of history's most influential scientists in one photograph." The photo is from Oct 1927, at the most famous conference (Fifth Solvay International Conference) on #Electrons and #Photons, where the world’s most notable physicists met to discuss the newly formulated quantum theory.

Heute ein wenig #NerdHumor

NOT-Gatter: "I want the truth"

The rules of formal logic: "You can't handle the truth"
Wolfgang Stief
7 months ago

Signetics Random Access Write-Only-Memory Specification. Enjoy: #nerdhumor

Gracie Gato
7 months ago
7 months ago

Beim Bearbeiten meiner Dateien bin ich ins Grübeln gekommen.

$ hg help forget

ist wohl besser als #Drogenkonsum Anbetracht der Wirkung von Quecksilber auf das menschliche Gehirn dennoch bedenklich. #nichtlustig #mercurial #nerdhumor

Ahhh, #nerdhumor :)

Fourier Transform
Courier Transform (zerquetschtes Paket)
Chip the Android 🌈🤖
7 months ago

@Bullix I heard it was under attack by the Pah Wraith malware, but hopefully my Sisko router will protect me 😝

#StarTrek #DS9 #NerdHumor

No one, who has ever spent countless hours debugging a really stupid problem (such as a missing semicolon), could ever reasonably believe that computers were able to be 'intelligent'.

#Nerdhumor #AI #BingoTechBullshit #Devlife

TIL: es ist hilfreich, wenn man den Funktionswert auch wirklich mit "return" zurückgibt... 🤦

#Nerdhumor #SoftwareDev

Boris Pohler 🤍
7 months ago

Quelle unbekannt
#NerdHumor #DauertEinBisschen

Ein Bild mit zwei Männern, vermutlich Griechen.
Der eine sagt: "Es ist noch etwas von dem leckeren λ."
Darauf der andere: "Ω" - the OG LLM/ChatGPT

#Nerdhumor #BingoTechBullshit

Proposing "hand",
a new #IEEE754 compatible floating point data type consisting of 5 bits (1 sign, 2 exp, 2 mantissa)
for use in low-tech applications (for example in "humans" and similar use cases)

#Nerdhumor #CursedDev

Ich muss mal Urlaub in diesem Bad Gateway machen. Dort scheint man ungestört zu sein. 🤓


Some nerdy coworker, displeased about an out-of-stock condiment, left a cryptic break room post-it note.

Nerdy Dad Joker that I am, I responded with the 2nd post-it.

Explanations in the Alt Text...

#DadJokes #DadJoke #science #chemistry #nerdhumor #funny

Two Post-It notes are affixed to a cabinet in a break room coffee nook. 

The first reads: "C12 H22 O11 ?"

The 2nd, attached to the first, reads: "Oh, C6 H12 O6, C6 H12 O6." A musical symbol is written next to this.

"C12 H22 O11" is the chemical formula for sugar (table sugar), which the original note writer wanted restocked. 

"C6 H12 O6" is the formula for honey.

Haters might say, that theoretical computer science were boring, but theoretical computer science brought us this masterpiece...

#nerdhumor #parsinghtmlwithregex #cthulhu

Stack Overflow post by bobince rambling about the impossibility of HTML being parsed by regex, slowly but steadily descenting into the chaos and madness of the primordial forces of the universe. "Have you tried using an XML parser instead?"

Programming is like wizardry: it is absolutely awful if people try to understand what you are doing, because what you do is 95% cheap tricks and fraud and 5% dark magic unsuitable for the vision of them mere mortals.


Programmieren ist wie Zauberei: es ist absolut störend, wenn andere versuchen zu verstehen, was man macht, weil das ist zu 95% billige Tricks und Betrügereien und zu 5% dunkle Magie, die gewöhnliche Sterbliche nicht zu Gesicht bekommen dürfen.


11 months ago

@governa That's hilarious!

#NerdHumor 😆

Fritz Bauer♟️⚜️ :da_fft:
11 months ago

@w4tsn haha, Kernel, Lüfter, pusten - wieso assoziiere ich jetzt Kermit, Miss Piggie und Schweinkram?

Und wieso Mmmmmm?

#nerdhumor #kochtipps #arthurschlemmt

Eu fui pego de surpresa com esse quadrinho. Ri tanto que quase fiz xixi nas calças. Juro 🤣😂

#fun #cartoon #nerdhumor

Ich habe einen Witz über ein Open Source-Projekt gemacht, aber er war nicht #floss|tig.

#nerdhumor #OhNoAPun (ja ja der ist wirklich schlecht)

Oh no I used the wrong nodejs version. What should I do?


Ah, nvm

#nerdhumor #OhNoAPun

A113 ist eine der am häufigsten in Animationsfilmen auftauchenden Nummern. Hintergrund ist ein Easter-Egg der Produzenten weltbekannter Animationsfilme.
Zahlen, bitte! A113 - oder: Wenn Animations-Nerds die gleiche Tür nehmen
Wolfgang Stief
4 years ago

Das hier habt ihr vermutlich alle schon längst gesehen: #nerdhumor

4 years ago

Wisst ihr, wie ihr die Leute am effektivsten hindern könnt, das Haus zu verlassen?

Druckt das aus und niemand wird wissen, wie das Haus verlassen werden kann!

#coronavirus #Ausgangsperre #Nerdhumor

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