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More kitchen items being used for nature! #nature #nesting #birds

AutisticMumTo3 She/her
3 months ago

Crows and magpies using anti-bird spikes to build nests, researchers find | Animal behaviour | The Guardian


3 months ago

#FreeRanging #ducks - photographed in their #resting & #nesting spots. The white Peking duck is nesting a litter of 6 eggs 😍
Male dark muscovy duck is just chilling, after swimming in pond.

Dark coloured muscovy male duck, resting under tree shade.
Peking female duck, nesting in rose bushes.
Nikázy Gusztáv
3 months ago

Update 2: they are gone…

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3 months ago

Male Red-winged Blackbird with a tasty breakfast for one of the kids. Near Manhattan KS this morning.

#birds #Birds of Mastodon #wildlife #nature #nesting #photography #FlyoverCountry

Black bird with a splash of red on the shoulders, perched with a fat green insect in its beak
Nikázy Gusztáv
3 months ago

Nesting tit update

#birdnest #nesting #tit

3 months ago

In Norfolk, nest boxes have been installed in a church to help boost the numbers of Swifts.

#GoodNews #Norfolk #Swifts #Nesting #Birds #Conservation

Christine Beeton
3 months ago

Papa osprey joining Mama on the nest.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Long Island, New York.

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Hebrew by Inbal
4 months ago

Just breath... Just hatched... Discovered them in my yard this morning ❤️

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Debra Martz
4 months ago

In Rockport, Texas there is a 9 acre park of coastal windswept Live Oaks which is a rookery where so many Great Blue Herons nest each year. This is from early March this year when I was on a bird watching trip in southern TX. I might note that there are some Great Egrets that nest there as well.

Heron Keeping Watch Over the Nest ©Debra Martz

#GreatBlueHeron #Heron #nesting #birds #aves #Avian #featheredFriends #birdPhotography #photography #BuyIntoArt #FediGiftShop

A Great Blue Heron on the Live Oak treetop watching over its nest in the spring.  Photography by Debra Martz
Nikázy Gusztáv
4 months ago

Tit nesting in a letter box at my mother-in-law, so, there is an alternate ”box” in use for bills and letters, but hard to open the gate to not disturb the temporary resident… ;)

#birdnest #nesting #tit

Tit nesting in a letter box, looks upward, photographed from top.
4 months ago

Mother Goose, #selfie , she never took her eyes off me as I walked just a few feet away from her. She probably knows me, sees me every year, and watched me rototill the garden all day.

I didn't realize she was there until I took a break when the tide went down .

"As I did walk by Hampstead Fair
I came upon Mother Goose 🎵" #JethroTull #NowPlaying #NSR
#YouTube #Music

Isn't she lovely? Her name is Gail.
#Goose #Nature #Nesting #Geese #MyBackyard #AltText

Face shot, close enough to get attacked, Mother Goose on her eggs
Humber Arboretum
4 months ago

Looking a little more closely at some photos from Thursday, it seems this Yellow Warbler was working on her nest. Cornell's All About Birds website says Yellow Warblers build their nest over a period of about 4 days, so there's a good chance she's already laid her eggs!

#Warblers #Birds #Nesting #Spring #TorontoWildlife #ThrivingNature

A small Yellow Warbler poised to jump off a branch and take flight. A few thin strips of plant material or possibly animal fur are clutched in her beak.
4 months ago

Beware of Chicago's infamous red-winged blackbirds.

But also, check out the entertaining signage!

It's not all hype -- I've been badgered by these birds many times during nesting season while I've been out and about.

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photo of a sign cautioning passers-by to watch out for territorial red-winged blackbirds
photo of a sign cautioning passers-by to watch out for territorial red-winged blackbirds
Joe Wynne
4 months ago


This sandy activity area for humans was confiscated by a sea turtle for egg laying. The humans will watch over it, though, because it takes a village. When the hatchlings "boil over", they will be directed to the beach by experts.

Sea turtle nesting is at record levels here. At night, humans have to keep lights down to a minimum. Mother turtles can then lay eggs. And hatchlings can follow the stars to the sea.

2/ (Monday)

#nature #SeaTurtles #nesting

A few benches in a pattern have a triangle of red tape around posts marking off a spot in the middle. There is a formal sign saying Turtle Nesting near the red tape. The sand within the taped area is disrupted.

@Sampei @uriel BTW effettivamente pure io ho trovato grandi problemi a trovare non solo certi topic passati qui su #Mastond, ma addirittura la roba scritta da me!

Insieme al #nesting dei thread/argomenti, penso che sia uno dei grandi limiti attuali di #Maston

5 months ago

And the highly-assertive wrens usually follow me all around the yard when I'm out there, chittering (vocalizing danger) all the way. Interesting: I just filled the hummingbird feeder that is close to their new nest box, and the male wren just kept singing his song. Maybe he remembers me (finally) from last year?! #Michigan #birding #nesting #nature #wildlife

5 months ago

The adorable and super-assertive house wrens arrived in West Michigan last week. They took over the nest house that the black cap chickadees had their sights on (this happens) - my yard has four possible boxes for both chickadees & wrens. Desperately hoping the chickadees will still choose an available box. At one point last summer I had 3 wren pairs nesting simultaneously but still had one successful black cap chickadee pair fledge their chicks. #Michigan #nesting #birding #nature #wildlife

I don’t see many goldfinches but recently stumbled across a nesting pair. Their nest is in a tree besides a number of gorse bushes next to the River Dee in #Aberdeen. This particular photo shows one of the goldfinches with some material in it’s beak prior to returning to the nest.

It isn’t the sharpest photo I’ve taken of a #bird but with the blurred foreground and background I think it works okay. I’m excited to visit the area again with my new camera and lens tomorrow morning!!

#birds #goldfinch #birding #nesting #birdsofmastadon #birdphotography #wildlifephotography #FZ330

A goldfinch sits on a gorse bush with nesting material in it's beak
Michael Fenichel
5 months ago

Great Egret - Mom & Newborn in Nest

In the midst of nesting season, here is a hatchling and mom in their nest.

Very cute fluff balls, they soon turn into boisterous 'teens' with buzz-cut haircuts & Bart Simpson attitude.

And here is a video of some juveniles doing what I called "Dance of the Great Egret":

More still photos of birds @ -
more videos on YouTube.

#birds #NaturePhotography #Fenfotos #egret #GreatEgret #nesting #photography

First properly cold night of the year and I am #nesting happily with an extra blanket on the bed.

6 months ago

A good overview of how the new native #CSS #nesting feature differs from the nesting logic in #sass and why it generates significantly different results.

And because it fits so well thematically, here again a very good explanation of how the `:is()` selector actually works.

Screenshot of part from the link article

We were just taking the Christmas lights (don’t judge 😂) off the Rhodo and we got dive bombed by a hummingbird! Another one flew by after we stepped back. I think we might have disturbed a nest. 😢 😢 I hope we didn’t hurt anything and they come back! We won’t do anything more! #gardening #hummingbird #birds #nesting #spring

A bright blue sky. There is an angry humming bird flying way up in the sky. Then he swoops back and down toward the camera and back up in the sky.
6 months ago

Options for developing a former reservoir site in Lichfield are limited, but the council have installed six floating islands of organic matting planted with aquatic plants. These islands will hopefully encourage birds to nest.

#GoodNews #Wildlife #Resvoir #Birds #Nesting #Landscape #Environment

Helen Clayton
7 months ago

We received a parcel with sheep’s wool packaging at Christmas. I kept it & have scattered clumps around the garden…in plant pots, hanging on trees & shoved in hedges. Have seen dunnocks & robins taking it away so far. Will be some cozy, sheepy 🐑 nests about ☺️

#Birds #Nesting #Nature #Spring

Larena Woodmore
7 months ago

@loren I have Australia's largest bee for you: Megachile monstrosa.

Marked as sensitive as it may appear scary, but this solitary bee uses her huge mandibles to dig a nest in solid wood.

In the last photo, you can see her enlarging a knot hole while a gasteruption wasp (parasitic) waits for an opportunity to lay her egg on the bee's egg. Wood shavings were falling on me as I took this photo from below.

#WesternAustralia #Bees #Megachile #Gasteruption #Wasps #Parasitic #Nesting #Nature

Close-up photo of the front of a dark grey bee's head. She has large black eyes, enormous black mandibles, a white hairy moustache and some white hairs between her eyes.
Side-on photo of a large dark grey bee sitting on a plank of wood. She has white hairs covering her waist, underside and front of the head, large black eyes and enormous mandibles.
Photo, taken from below, of a large dark grey bee carving a nest in a flat piece of wood. The bee's head is not visible as it is in the hole. Here waist and underside are covered in white hairs.

Hovering beside, and looking in the hole, is a very long slender wasp with a needle-like black ovipositor with white tip on the end.
The Crafty Miss
7 months ago

Jackdaws across the way appear to have selected a chimney pot for nesting. Awaiting baby dinos with interest

#Birds #Corvids #Nesting

Christine Beeton
7 months ago

The nest in the sky, version 2023.
This is the most daring, but also the most beautiful, nest location!

#GreatBlueHerons #Herons #Nesting #Nests #Birds #BirdsOfTexas #Photography #BirdPhotography #WildlifePhotography #NaturePhotography

A great blue heron sits in a nest still under construction at the very top of a tree, on some small branches. The nest is on top of the world!
7 months ago

I love seeing peregrines thriving in the built environment. It reminds me of watching them in Cornwall when I was young. Here they are in Nottingham getting ready for the breeding season.

#GoodNews #Nature #Birds #Falcons #Nesting

David Sacerdote
7 months ago

Nest construction started on Jan. 26, and she now appears to be incubating. Possibly the same hummingbird which nested a few feet away last year.

#Hummingbird #nesting #AnnasHummingbird #nest

Photograph of an Anna's Hummingbird sitting in a nest made from woven fibers and decorated with lichens.  The edge of the nest in front of her is a white fluffy material.
Jon McLaren
7 months ago

There's one important thing you should know about the new CSS Nesting capability. It differs from SCSS in an important and admittedly a little bit annoying way. That said the workaround is very easy.

#CSS #webdev #nesting #scss

  CSS Nesting will work very similar to SCSS but with 1 very important difference. 

/* The code below will work. */
article {
  .second-paragraph {
    color: red;
/* The code below won't work.*/
article {
  p {
    color: blue;
  For technical reasons element selectors can't be the item in a child selector. I don't know all the reasons but likely it has to do with CSS properties beig written similarly, and generating the CSSOM. Backward compatibility of CSS, etc.

The solution - honestly is very easy and will make sense if you've used SCSS.

article {
  & p {
    color: rebeccapurple;

/* That also let's you do intersting things like this */

article {
    /* which means article.featured */
  & p {
    color: rebeccapurple;
S. K. Riley
8 months ago

Research from Europe has shown large #solar farms can enhance the diversity and abundance of plants, grasses, #butterflies, #bees and #birds.

What’s more, vegetation between solar panel rows can also provide travel corridors, nesting sites and shelter for #wildlife. Management strategies are key to maximizing these benefits of solar farms.

#Biodiversity #WildlifeCorridors #Nesting #Frogs #Habitat #Shelter #Agriculture #LandUse #WildlifeHaven #SolarFarms

Farm management strategies can maximise the benefits of solar farms for wildlife. Image credit: Eric Nordberg

A tiny native frog sits on an outstretched human hand. In the background, a solar farm array is set in a green field, with low clouds and blue sky behind it.
Helen H
8 months ago

Each year between March and October, thousands of sea turtles find their way to the beaches of coastal Florida to lay their eggs. The nesting sites are marked with stakes and ribbon as shown here. This scene is repeated over and over up and down the coast. Exciting times.
#nest #nesting #SeaTurtle #SeaTurtles #turtles #beach #beaches #FloridaBeaches #photography #MastoPhotography #Fediverse #ArtLove #FediGiftShop #AYearForArt

A Florida beach scene at sunset showing a sea turtle nesting site between the sea oats that has been marked off with wooden stakes and pink flagging tape.

#nest #nesting #SeaTurtle #SeaTurtles #turtles #beach #beaches #FloridaBeaches #photography #MastoPhotography #Fediverse #ArtLove #FediGiftShop #AYearForArt
8 months ago


There is lots of green space flooded at the moment.
Please keep a close eye out for hedgehogs that may have been washed out of their nests.
They should be rescued and a rescue contacted for admission.
The last couple of days we have seen an increase in admissions and all hedgehogs have been in need of assistance.


@yorik @FreeCAD some other#FOSS tools for #nesting #packing shapes in a container area I found with a quickl search :D
- looks very nice, complete app
- a LGPL #Python library, which I might be able to use in my sketches!

Cheers @yorik, was this the #nesting tool you used in @FreeCAD for the WikiLab proect's CNC fabrication?

Any other nesting references you could throw at met?

9 months ago

Help choose the syntax for CSS Nesting"Help choose the syntax for CSS Nesting"

CSS Nesting is making the rounds yet again. Remember earlier this year when Adam and Mia put three syntax options up for a vote? Those results were tallied and it wasn’t even even close. Now there’s another chance to speak into the future of nesting, this time over at the WebKit blog. The results from […]

Read more:

#nesting #survey

Rasta™ OLD
9 months ago

Birds #nesting, or an advertisement for the Alfred Hitchcock movie?. Suddenly the #trail moves out onto the beach (you were never far from it) Hitchcock's Stunt Doubles. and if you packed that lunch.. you're almost at the picnic table

Any Questions yet? Are you planning to add this destination to your summer?

#WAYCTV #TaylorHead #Park #Trail #Nature #Hiking #Ocean

A sign warning of nesting birds. The rocky shores are easy camouflage for new babies or eggs on the shore
Closer to the trailhead, the trail sometimes steps out onto the rocks of the beach, not as easy walking but scenic. Walk slow, watch for seals.
Birds in a group on the water. Looks like ducks from a distance. The opposite shore, is the same type of rocky shore, on the island
Almost at the trail head, you can see rocks that form islands and rocky shores with breakers rolling over them, in the almost open sea. A picnic table is out here, to relax and watch marine life, feel the sea breeze and rest before the second half of the trail
9 months ago
Car park in Cupertino with branches of tree in upper left of scene; below, Honda sedan perched across the tops of three other vehicles parked under the tree as if it had dropped out of the branches
Diana Spencer
11 months ago