1 hour ago

I just finished watching this insane new series:


It is not about cows. Ali Wong stars along with a mostly Asian cast. It’s a wild ride!

#AliWong #StevenYeun #beef #asian #film #series #darkcomedy #acting #excellent #netflix

Jeremy (יעקב) 🇺🇦
2 hours ago

At some point, #Netflix decided the only information they should provide you about a show is: What awards it has won, who is in it, which places reviewed it.

Oh, the show is a "breath of fresh air" huh? It won an AACTA Award? The lead was nominated for an emmy? BUT WHAT IS IT ABOUT?

It has become impossible to find new shows and movies there.

Queen of New York
5 hours ago

#netflix sucks. First they cancel Julie and the Phantoms, now it’s Lockwood & Co. Jerks.

Dave Holland
5 hours ago

A wee warning for #Netflix subscribers… Don’t be fooled.
Unfortunately for those behind this #Scam, I have never had a netflix account. Also, the email address which is supposedly for ‘Netflix Support’ is clearly not.

Screen shot of email headed NETFLIX

Temporary Account Hold for di
Unfortunately, we have encountered an unforeseen issue with our system that resulted in the loss of some clients' payment details. As a result, these details were automatically deleted from our database, which has led to a temporary account hold for all affected clients, including yourself.
We understand the inconvenience this may cause and we sincerely apologize for any disruption to your services. To reactivate your account and restore full access, we kindly request that you update your payment details as soon as possible.
Here are the steps to update your payment information:
• Visit our website at https:#####.
• Log in to your account using your existing credentials.
• Enter your payment details, including credit card information or any other preferred payment method.
• Save the changes and ensure that your new payment details are securely updated.
Once you have successfully updated your payment details, your account will be reactivated, and you will regain access to all features and services without any further interruption.
Sincerely, Netflix Support.

Rewatching #foundation for the first time in a year. Is it me or there were some reshootings of season 1? I watched twice last year and the season seem to iron out some issues that I remember. #apple #netflix #AppleTVPlus #Asimov
7 hours ago

Did you cancel #Netflix? I know quite a few people who did.

Nikole ✓✓
8 hours ago

Certo però che va bene tutto, però arrivare a iniziare una serie CATALANA, perché me la consiglia #netflix e finirci pure sotto a guardarla è proprio il fondo del mio barile...

Vabbè. Se qualcuno ha visto #thehockeygirls fate un fischio.

The Hockey Girls, group photo of them staring at the phone
Petra Elliott
8 hours ago

There’s also an equality slant to password sharing, particularly when you also consider the gender pay gap. Couples who live together immediately halve their costs with sharing accounts. Single people either double their costs, or choose less subs. As a terminally single person, my cost of living will always be higher than people who choose to live together.

There’s a cost of living crisis. People are making hard decisions. The timing of this won’t end well for #Netflix.

Petra Elliott
8 hours ago

I signed up for #netflix through Apple Pay a decade ago & still get the account for $10/m. But I can’t remember my password & was only able to add it to my smart Tv using the app on my old phone. I’ve got the app on my new phone using a friend’s #password to stream to the bedroom Tv, which I feel fine about coz I do still pay for it in another way.
Netflix wouldn’t help me reset the p/word to my account coz they have ‘no record of it’ since it’s paid through Apple, not directly to them.

Petra Elliott
8 hours ago

Due to that lack of customer service and willing to help me, I’ll never pay #Netflix directly because it was almost double what I pay now, and if they crack down on my friend for me using the password, I’d cancel my account too out of principle. Two paid accounts lost. Plenty of other streaming platforms. Netflix exclusive shows that I can’t live without are ending/have ended or are becoming boring. And there are “other ways” to access those.
The move seems short sighted.

Things that didn’t age well


Netflix tweet from 2017:

Love is sharing a password.
7:00 PM • Mar 10, 2017
9 hours ago

cuando salió el #covid y me había terminado #netflix, tuve una época de intento de producción músical:

Theta Sigma
10 hours ago

Just purchased copies of The Good Place and Stranger Things because I don’t want to give any money to #Netflix for the moment.

These streaming companies need to recognise the problem with their entire business model and how perfectly reasonable shared passwords amongst friends/family is.

I pay for BritBox and Prime, my sister pays for Netflix, my partner’s father pays for Disney+. I’m not paying for all 4, so let me share or lose my viewing figures.

Love is sharing a password.

Marcel_Gehlen (he/him)
13 hours ago

So #Netflix wants us to confirm the household.

I‘m wondering if that trick will end up making them money or loosing it.

13 hours ago

Kein Account Sharing mehr?

Dann bau ich mir mein eigenes #netflix. Mit #jellyfin und selbst gerippten Datenträgern!

(#tailscale und #caddy sind auch noch dabei)

🎬 Of interest...their first contest as boys is over ownership of a stolen a film about Time.
(it's in the title)
#SergioLEONE #filmmaking #NETFLIX :blobnom: 🇺🇸

#ShadowAndBone Gets a Tentatively Hopeful #Season3 Update — Shadow and Bone casting director #SophieHolland offers a tentative, but hopeful, update on a possible third season for the #Netflix series.

15 hours ago

Just deleted the Netflix app from all my devices and I will cancel my subscription later this week 👋. I'm not going to pay them even more now they start cracking down on people sharing their account... #netflix

Cine Mundo :verified:
16 hours ago

¡LANZAN MENSAJE! 😱 #Blockbuster reactivó su cuenta de #Twitter para mandar este mensaje a #Netflix en referencia a las nuevas medidas en uso de cuentas compartidas

17 hours ago

Quando eu criei uma conta nesse serviço de streaming, inclui mais 3 perfis para meus filhos que moram em cidades e bairros vizinhos. Agora a empresa quer mudar o contrato de forma unilateral?

Procon para #Netflix: se dá para usar no celular, não precisa ter residência.

New On Netflix UK
17 hours ago

RESIDENT EVIL: Infinite Darkness (2021) 4 Episodes [15]

Years after the horrors of Raccoon City, Leon and Claire find themselves consumed by a dark conspiracy when a viral attack ravages the White Ho

#NowStreaming #Netflix #NetflixUK

#foundation is still a show mostly based on Ideas and in second hand on plot and characters. That is obvious and that is why it irks so many people who don’t like it. #apple #Netflix #Asimov #SciFi
18 hours ago

🍿 Aanrader 👉 Ultieme vergelijking van streaming videodiensten met o.a. Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+ en meer 🎞️📺➡️



18 hours ago


#netflix #wednesday #imdb

Rafał Wileczek
18 hours ago

Chyba tradycją staje się partolenie przez #Netflix kolejnych adaptacji książek, opowiadań etc. A sztuką już jest zrobić gniota z powieści, która do filmowej adaptacji nie wymaga praktycznie niczego, poza odrobiną dobrej woli twórców i podstawowych umiejętności pisania scenariuszy...
#Fanfik ogląda się źle. Tło odrealnione. Młodzież odrealniona. Masa niekonsekwencji i uproszczeń. Gra aktorska - proszę was... Słowem - co się dało zepsuć, zostało zepsute. Zero wiarygodności. A temat ważny.

21 hours ago

#DogsofMastodon #SundayNights #Chilling #Netflix just chilling, watching Netflix on a Sunday night

heise online
21 hours ago


Account-Sharing: Netflix zeigt allen Singles den Mittelfinger

Dass Netflix 4K-Auflösung ans teure Familienabo bindet, konnten Singles dank Account-Sharing verkraften. Eine Frechheit, dass diese Möglichkeit jetzt wegfällt.

#Kommentar #Meinung #Netflix #Streaming #StreamingDienste

heise online
22 hours ago


Netflix geht jetzt in Deutschland und Österreich gegen Account-Sharing vor

Jetzt aber wirklich: Netflix will das Teilen von Passwörtern auch in Deutschland und Österreich aktiv verhindern. Wer Personen zubuchen will, zahlt extra.

#AccountSharing #Netflix #Streaming #StreamingDienst

New On Netflix UK
23 hours ago

Don't Breathe 2 (2021) 1hr 38m [18]

A self-reliant blind veteran trains his adopted daughter to face any danger, but they're both ambushed when a vengeful stranger arrives from the past.

#NowStreaming #Netflix #NetflixUK

Toad :kubuntu:
1 day ago

Oltre al celeberrimo #Yahoo che rifiutò di comprare #Google per 1 milione di dollari nel 1998, ho scoperto che anche #Blockbuster rifiutò di acquisire #Netflix per 50 milioni ad inizio secolo.

Ora la cosa fa ridere, ma mi chiedo se queste società avrebbero potuto diventare ciò che sono se davvero fossero state acquisite. Temo che sarebbero state "schiacciate" nelle logiche un po' chiuse delle grandi società.

1 day ago

「auひかり」と「Netflix」がセットで月々最大220円割引になる「auひかりNetflixパック」が6月1日より提供へ|気になる、記になる… #au #Netflix

Dr Bob
1 day ago

Fubar has to be one of Arnold’s worse 🤢 shows ever!

#Fubar is an American action-comedy television series created by Nick Santora for #Netflix. It stars Arnold #Schwarzenegger in his first leading role in a scripted live-action television series and is produced by Skydance Television and Blackjack Films. The series premiered on May 25, 2023.”

1 day ago
Pablonius Monk
1 day ago

From the :birdsite: "A friendly reminder that when you used to rent videos from us. We didn't care who you shared it with.. As long as you returned it on time. @Netflix"

#Netflix #PasswordSharing #ThrowingShade #BlockbusterVideo

Screenshot of a tweet from @Blockbuster yesterday that says: "A friendly reminder that when you used to rent videos from us. We didn't care who you shared it with.. As long as you returned it on time. @netflix"
pieceofthepie :coffefied:
1 day ago

Finally got around to watching Lockwood & Co on #Netflix. Quite enjoyed it and am looking forward to the secon...

No wait. Netflix cancelled it.

Kentrell Owens
1 day ago

Cancelled my #netflix account today because of their new household policy. I hope the geniuses trying to extract as much capital from people as possible are happy!

1 day ago
Bill Mason 🖖 🎶 📖 🥅
1 day ago

End of an era. I cleared out my Netflix DVD queue, so I can cancel now instead of waiting for the final end to come. And save on a few months of the DVD fee.


New On Netflix UK
1 day ago

Virupaksha (Tamil) (2023) 2hr 22m [15] (Tamil)

When a man visits his ancestral village, where terror reigns after a chain of unexplained deaths, he must unravel mystical secrets before it's too late.

#NowStreaming #Netflix #NetflixUK

2 days ago

Netflix começa a cobrar pelo compartilhamento de senhas no Brasil
Pagamento pelo uso de mesma assinatura em mais de uma casa já estava sendo aplicado em outros países e chega ao Brasil por R$ 12,90 mensais.
Ontem entrou em vigor. #netflix, #senhas, #brasil.

2 days ago


#AmazonPrime #Johnny’s #Netflix #U-NEXT #キミシマニア #ジャニーズ #ジャニーズアイドルは #岡田准一 #映画

2 days ago

After filmmaker Curtis #Woodside and #Egyptologist Sofia #Aziz were tapped to work on #Netflix’s #QueenCleopatra "documentary," they set out to create their own documentary about #Cleopatra. Without reanactment, but with
contributions from trusted Egyptologists and historians.
As far as I can tell it is based on historical evidence instead of unproven speculation and wishfull thinking, allbeit with a bit of Egyptian patriotism.
Spoiler: Cleopatra was not Black!

Sagen wir so, wenn diese #Bundesliga Saison eine #Netflix Serie gewesen wäre, ich hätte sie mir bis zum letzten Moment gebannt angeschaut und würde jetzt sehnsüchtig auf die nächste Staffel warten, in der Hoffnung, dass endlich mal der Sympathieträger gewinnt.

Jakub Neruda
2 days ago

So if I understand #Netflix's password-share cracking rules correctly:

* Freeloaders need to use a notebook instead of a TV
* OG user sets up their household location and creates a VPN tunnel to their home wifi
* Freeloaders need to re-log in each 30 days via the VPN tunnel

Everybody can continue password sharing as if nothing happened 🤔

Ain’t no drama like lesbian drama cuz lesbian drama don’t stop…which is why panelist Karissa couldn’t wait to dive headfirst into Netflix’s #TheUltimatumQueerLove. Emotions. Tears. Nipple piercings. Dog drama. So much talking about feelings! #GPCDCultureClub #Netflix #podcast #podcasts

Archos :distros_arch: :matrix:
2 days ago

@kecinzer Teď koukám na recenze, to vůbec nevypadá špatně 👍
Asi zase zaplatím #netflix :thincc:

2 days ago

So it begins. I don't own any Freesat set-top boxes. So I wonder who in my family this is... 🤔 #netflix

FOSS Android :verified_twtr:
2 days ago


A streaming app with zero ads built in react native with scrapers built in python. NoFasel requires no extra premissons or accounts and is free to use forever


#foss #android #oss #OpenSource #Streaming #Movies #series #Anime #python #reactnative #Amoled #Netflix #nofasel #wesima #akwam #fasel #app #IzzySoft #izzyondroid

James Dreben :mw:
2 days ago

Anybody have a good experience using a #vpn to get around this #Netflix lockdown yet?

Cody Bromley
2 days ago

Netflix picked the wrong time to pull their shenanigans. I’d been a digital subscriber since the launch of digital only subscriptions in 2009.

Over time my account grew to include profiles for people in 4 houses. Netflix wouldn’t let us pay to keep everyone on one account if we wanted to. So we cancelled.

We all decided we’re better off without it, especially because their selection isn’t what it used to be. Easy decision honestly.

#Netflix #Cordcutting #AccountSharing #CancelNetflix

Anthony Dean
2 days ago

That and people who don't watch their accounts/bank statements unknowingly paying ("they're charging for *that* now?").

OTOH, it still comes off as somewhat annoying. And again, it's not $1 or $2 extra (which people probably would've paid with less grumbling)---they're asking for $8, which is what a bunch of other streaming services cost. It'd be easy to just jump ship?

#Netflix #streaming

Anthony Dean
2 days ago

Wonder how popular Netflix's "charge $8 for non-household password users" will be... or how many of those cut off will bother paying for a Netflix subscription (vs. going to Hulu/Disney+/Max/some free service). On one hand, Netflix *is* very popular, with most people treating it as a de facto service. Also, guess there's people being cajoled into paying (seeing "pay for your own Netflix, quit freeloading losers!" in the comments of articles about this, unsurprisingly).

#Netflix #streaming

2 days ago

Thinking about canceling #Netflix. Trying to remember what I would miss if I did. This no-sharing policy is such garbage.

Martin Schmitt
2 days ago

Ja mein #Netflix-Account ist auf einem Xiaomi SmartTV in Gebrauch, keine Ahnung tippe auf MitschülerIn, wo K2 konstant zum Serienglotzen abhängt aber meine Güte, wie #kleinkariert gehts denn bitte. 🙄

3 days ago

@dtgeek Counterpoint: for the last year, our #NetflixHousehold has been debating moving entirely to #Plex, because of
- #Netflix declining in quality,
- cancellations due to "network tv"-style management decisions, and
- broken promises about anime production.

Arbitrary price hikes make the argument from the #dropNetflix camp more compelling.

Thomas Willenbrink
3 days ago

Muss jetzt auch #heise schon auf Bild-Zeitungs-Niveau berichten?
So langsam nervt es.
Wer #Netflix gucken will, wird dafür bezahlen.
Wer nicht zahlen will, guckt eben kein Netflix.
In welcher Qualität man Netflix abonniert, kann jeder für sich entscheiden.
Dass 4K mit dem höchsten Preismodell gekoppelt ist, ist nicht neu.
Was soll also das Genörgel?
Schließlich ist es das keine Zwangsabgabe wie beim ÖRR.
Jeder kann dort monatlich kündigen.
Wo ist also das Problem?

Cancelled Netflix today. The corporate insistence of profit growth every year and limitless greed has made companies forget that you've always got to leave a little bit of wiggle room for the little guy.

#netflix #cancelnetflix #wasichu

Ricardo Harvin
3 days ago

#Slumberland is a fun, silly, great-looking #KidsMovie that works for adults, too!

However, I did not expect to be crying around halfway in; that reveal surprised and moved me.


Liam Egan
3 days ago

Good for you to cancel netflix. Up here in #Canada we were a test market for the #netflix password-sharing crackdown. We cancelled our account. Make sure you change your password and click "sign out of all devices”, otherwise your ‘smart’ tv will re-activate netflix if you click on the app. Customer support is very good at fixing this up - which is one of the few good things I can say about netflix these days 😄


From @BlackAzizAnansi

Black Aziz Anansi :vm::

After 12 years as a loyal Netflix customer, I finally canceled my account due to their cracking down on password sharing and general corporate bullshit. My account may only be one account, but I want to urge everybody else to cancel their accounts also, because if Netflix makes a profit from preventing password sharing, then cracking down on password sharing will become the industry standard.


Posted May 24, 2023, 7:40 PM
4 days ago

Oh this is a cute little blast from the past! World of Goo Remastered is now on Netflix Games!

#tech #technology #game #gaming #mobile #android #geek #netflix #videogames

El Silencio a.k.a.: "Muted" is very high-quality shite.

#netflix #muted #awful

heise online
4 days ago

Account-Sharing bei Netflix: Ein Mittelfinger an alle Singles

Dass Netflix 4K-Auflösung ans teure Familienabo bindet, konnten Singles dank Account-Sharing verkraften. Eine Frechheit, dass diese Möglichkeit nur wegfällt.

#Kommentar #Netflix #Streaming #StreamingDienste #news


I just saw several "I want to urge everybody else to cancel their accounts also, because if #Netflix makes a profit from preventing #passwordsharing then cracking down on password sharing will become the industry standard." posts...

Ummm... 🤔

So, you're stealing and you are pissed they're attempting to stop you. 😳

Jeff Brown
4 days ago

Pretty sure that the only reason I subscribe to #netflix at the moment is so that my wife can watch Gilmore Girls reruns.


Ian Brown :verified:
4 days ago

Awesome to see the awesome work of my awesome #Netflix colleagues on the Performance Engineering team recognized by our awesome partners at #Intel.

Ricardo Harvin
4 days ago

To me, it seems #DisneyPlus believes that #StarWars and the #MCU are enough, not realizing that both franchises are near (past?) peak interest with casual fans.

There's not enough other, unfamiliar (to many), quality content on the service to keep it a need, rather than pure luxury.

I've already cancelled #Prime, and I'll probably cut at least one more service.

I may keep #Hulu, #Max, #YouTube, and #CriterionChannel, and dump #Disney and #AppleTV. #Netflix is borderline.


Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 days ago

As Netflix's ships show up to port, every "wellerman" has just set sail.

Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown is here — and it costs $7.99 per month

#Netflix #PasswordSharing #Security #TechNews #TV #Movies

The Netflix name in their company font surrounded by their logo.
5 days ago

We are currently re-watching Sense8 on #netflix and I stand by my assertion that it is among the very best television ever to happen and whoever decided to cancel it is a criminal and some kind of major asshole.

5 days ago

I stopped using #Netflix and started hosting my own Plex server because they removed one of my favorite shows of all time. In that time I've spent an obscene amount of money on DVDs and Blu-rays, but nobody is going to snatch them out from under me because a licensing deal I had nothing to do with expired.

"Netflix's global password crackdown is off to a terrible start"
5 days ago

Queere Fans des gepflegten Trashs sind nicht mehr nur auf die RTL-Gruppe angewiesen... #Netflix

@web Ich zahle aktuell 18 Euro/Monat, damit meine Familie, die nicht im selben Haushalt lebt, mitschauen kann. Ich müsste also runter auf 13 Euro, verliere dadurch die Möglichkeit, 4k Inhalte zu schauen und müsste 3x 5€, also 15 Euro zusätzlich zahlen. Insgesamt also 28 Euro/Monat.

Disney+ im Vergleich: 8,99€/Monat. Das Jahresabo ist günstiger. Mehr Personen, 4k, alles dabei.

Tja, #netflix. Dann seid ihr RAUS! Baba, Tschüss, Bye bye! Ihr seid dann sogar teurer als SKY ...

5 days ago

> If you have the Netflix Standard plan that costs $15.49 per month, then you have the option of adding one extra member who can use the service outside your household for $7.99 extra each month. Anyone who pays for the Netflix Premium package with 4K streaming has the option of adding up to two extra members, but each one will still cost another $7.99.

#TheVerge #Netflix

Alex Kidman
5 days ago

New opinion column: Netflix is cracking down on password sharing in Australia. Here's what you should do about that.

#Netflix #Australia #Streaming #Piracy

Netflix home page, promising "unlimited" movies.
Dan S. Camper
5 days ago

@arstechnica I’m interested to see if I get one of these letters.

My wife and I are slowly moving to a new house. We spend weeks in one house, then weeks in the other. Will #netflix notice that I access their services from only one location at a time?

Hobbits Wife
5 days ago

Last episode of #QueenCharlotte ! Absolutely loved this series #Netflix

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
6 days ago

World’s First “All-Metal-Netflix” App THUNDERFLIX Partners With AFM Records
Never before has metal content been so readily available to the genre’s devoted millions upon millions of fans - and then Samuel Douek created Thunderflix. This brand new app has become the answer for all headbangers on the search for quality compositions from their favorite...

#metalmusic #Netflix #AFMRecords #Thunderflix #entertainment #streaming

ChatGPT making things up about the article:
Thunderflix—the world's first all-metal streaming app—is partnering with AFM Records to launch an ambitious global streaming service. Packed with exclusive metal and rock releases, latest recommendations, and classic hard rock and metal videos and songs, Thunderflix delivers the ultimate experience for metal and rock fans around the world. By partnering with AFM Records, Thunderflix will offer thousands of fully licensed and remastered metal and rock releases for streaming. With this groundbreaking relationship, Thunderflix will be the first streaming company to deliver the latest metal and rock releases to music fans around the clock. Fans will also have the opportunity to create their own Thunderflix playlists and find out about upcoming concerts and tours.
Hobbits Wife
1 week ago

Watching #QueenCharlotte on #Netflix. Finding it hilarious so far.

Ian Brown :verified:
1 week ago

#LinkedIn’s post-sharing feature is dangerous.

Twice in the last few weeks, people have reached out after I have shared someone else’s post on LinkedIn (using the built-in sharing feature) under the impression that the shared post was author by me.

One of these misapprehensions started a rumor at work that I was switching roles within #Netflix. I discovered this at a social mixer while chatting with a colleague.

Jake Beamer
1 week ago

Does anyone know a legitimate reason as to why these streaming services can't add playlists to them? The ability that every music player software has had for 20 years? Or is there a way to do it and I don't know how.

#streaming #playlists #Hulu #Netflix #DisneyPlus #ParamountPlus #TV #tech

Coralie Mercier
1 week ago

Please do yourself a favor and do not waste any of your time watching #netflix “El Silencio” (Mute).
Nothing redeems it.
The plot is bad, the acting is not convincing, all is rather shallow.
I wanted to see more of Bilbao but the mini series doesn’t deliver that either.

Ian Brown :verified:
1 week ago

Hey, so #Netflix is hiring for our #Python Platform team. This is an awesome opportunity to help build out the Python ecosystem here and work on some *really* cool stuff.

My PMs are open so hit me up with referrals and/or crypto spam.

2 weeks ago


"...why we got perm residency status in #Canada,..."

A #Canadian, Dr. Stephen #Marche, thought of #TheNextCivilWar a couple of years ago and published his opinion in his book, released Jan. 2022:

And we all know that the makers of the #Netflix series, #TheHandmaidsTale, moved the #Canadian (!) author Margaret #Atwood's original 1985 setting in a near-future #England to a...

Chris Hallbeck
2 weeks ago
[a person sitting in bed, looking at a laptop computer]

Person: Wow, that episode was intense! Only one left in the season! Ah, but it's late. Better get to sleep.

[they close the computer and lay down to sleep]

[their face changes to frustrated]

[they can’t sleep because their head is filled with thinking about what happens next on the show]
Dan van Moll
2 weeks ago

Wow! Just finished the miniseries #MH370 on #Netflix about the Malaysian plane that disappeared years ago. Extremely well produced.

Tu Thanh Ha
2 weeks ago

What counts as Canadian content? Many film productions, shot in Canada with Canadian talent, don't qualify because the rights are not owned by a Canadian.
Studios say those rules need to change, but others say intellectual property is an important criteria.

#Canada #CanadianContent #Copyright #Movies #Streaming #Netflix #Amazon

TL Jordan
2 weeks ago

Dancing deities, a beacon of hope in the darkness, the most Busby to ever Berkeley, a stop-motion animation virtuoso, and fanservice from Fanny's fanny on another movie list:

Cinematic Distractions:

Read or listen on Medium:

Read it on Dreamwidth:

#movies #Bollywood #Netflix #CinematicDistractions #animation #musicals

Yahia Lababidi
3 weeks ago

A friend and scenic #artist who studied / visited Egyptian ruins and is a big fan of #Roman #history wrote this #review of #cleopatra on #Netflix 👀

#Egypt #documentary #film #movies #histodons @histodons #history #culture #TV #JoinIn

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
3 weeks ago

Favorite TV show this week. The Diplomat on #Netflix.

It's well written and heavy into plausible international political scenarios. Excellent cast and performances.

Recommended for folks who like well written political dramas.


Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
3 weeks ago

Does #Netflix really think people are going to hit 'play' without knowing if something is a movie or a TV show? Is this a long commitment for my current evening, or a longer commitment for unknown seasons? Just hit play!

Who does this, ever? 🤔

The top header suggestion on the Netflix dashboard. There is a prominent Play button & a description.

Wrapped up The Night Agent on Netflix, a show clearly aiming for the 24 market, but it's just not as action packed or as well cast across the board.

At 10 episodes, it's also about 2 episodes too long; but when it finally hits its stride, it does just about enough to make the time investment worth it.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

#TV #TVShows #TVSeries #Streaming #StreamingShows #Netflix #TheNightAgent #TVMastodon #Review #Critic