I secured my home #network using #TLS client certificates as authentication, which works great. Now I can access my devices from outside via #IPv6 without having to enter a #password.

In #Firefox at least... #Chrome and #Chromium seem to suffer from amnesia and keep asking me to select a client certificate every time. And there is only one to choose from anyways.

Can I fix that? Is that a bug? Does it depend on the certificate metadata? If anyone knows anything it would be greatly appreciated. I think using #cookies for #authentication shouldn't be the modern way.

#WebDev #SysAdmin #SSL #IntraNet #Authentication #Certificate #Encryption #mTLS #Security

A screenshot of a popup asking the user to select a client certificate to authenticate with an app.
1 day ago

Watching classic #scifi always offers interesting insights into the limits of human #imagination. We have ray guns and faster than light travel, ubiquitous personal communcation and intelligent computers.

But it never occurred to anyone that two machines might #communicate over a #network.

Travis Newton :node:
1 day ago

I’ve started testing using VyOS as a replacement for OPNsense (and the one pfSense firewall I have left). I want a CLI router/firewall. As much as I like it, I’m struggling with the firewall and I’m not liking all the typing. But it’s starting to win me over.
#vyos #network #networking

2 days ago

An interesting observation from the MNNUG this past week. They let me hold the mic, so I polled the audience of what are you using for #network #metrics collection? SNMP was universal, followed by API polling, and just a couple of hands each for gNMI and agent based.

2 days ago

I went into the exam expecting to fail.

I made a social post in late July saying I would be taking an accelerated Network+ course. I was nervous after listening to the first Zoom meeting about how much time it would take and after looking at the course outline. I had one to two weeks to cover one of the five CompTIA Network+ objectives. That’s a lot of material for those who are not familiar with it.

With a full-time work schedule along a house of loving but noisy boys - a four-year-old and an infant - it was proving to be difficult to find the time to sit down and focus and not be sleep deprived. I fell behind. And what I did practice and quiz myself on, I was struggling with some concepts.

Then came prepping for and observing Hurricane Idalia as it got too close to home for comfort. Then the entire household got sick in the middle of September. When I am sick, my brain is like “nope.” In between the insanity that was life, I pressed on as much as I could. Honestly, I was never able to catch up to studying Objective 5, which covers network troubleshooting.

I took two different practice exams from different vendors. I failed both. The night before the exam, I took a practice test, saw the score, and went to bed early depressed.

I took the exam the next morning at a testing center. I saw stunned when I saw the score and “Congratulations!” To pass the exam, you need to get 80% of the questions and exercises correctly. I earned an 82.2%.

Maybe I know more about networking than I thought. Maybe getting a full-nights sleep helped to clear the head a bit. Maybe I just underestimated myself. Regardless, I did it!

I’ll be taking a break for 2-3 months, but the Security+ will come next.

P.S. Thank you to my wife who always believed I would pass it.

#IT #tech #network #networking #networkplus #comptia #computers #informationtechnology #cybersecurity #infosec #computernetworking #itsupportspecialist

Score report for my Network+ exam. Shows passing score.
alexdp 🏴‍☠️
3 days ago

Happy to find out @rms is on mastodon. I wonder if you're open to debate or conversation, mr Stallman. I was at one of your talks in Monza around 2015. I was only 15. I'm now a happy developer and pirate. #rms #stallman #gnu #linux #gnupluslinux #foss #fsf #freesoftware #software #pirate #steal #share #free #freedom #freedoms #democracy #anarchy #anarchism #anarchist #libertarian #libertarianism #decentralized #open #opensource #science #research #computer #network #rust #rustlang #web #internet

As described in a new 50-page report from the #CounterExtremismProject (#CEP), the #network is #evolving into a #dangerous “stand-by #militia” of #welltrained, #whitenationalist #fighters “who can be #activated when the need for #coordinated #violent #action on a #largescale arises.”

#History #TheNightOfTheLongKnives

Ricardo Martín
3 days ago

I really envy you if you happen to work at places where #network cable colors have some meaning 🙃

Biscuits & Gravy
4 days ago

Weird things that happen to me:
*My psychiatrist isn't a #network #provider so I pay cash
*Finally get billing office to file claim to apply my pmt to my annual out of pocket
*Insurance says MD IS in network, pays claim & says I don't have a copay
*After a few mos back/forth w/MD billing office I finally get my payments refunded
*Today biller, who I've spoken with b4, calls to make sure I rec'vd check
*We talk for an hour exchanging stories because I'm certain she's #under the #influence 😂

Jan Höglund
4 days ago

…everything that behaves like a particle is, to some extent, an emergent consequence of a network of interactions.
—Lee Smolin, Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe
#network #interactions

4 days ago

Caching frequently accessed #data allows Presto to retrieve results from faster and closer caches rather than scanning slower storage. There are two types of caches in Presto, the built-in cache and third-party caches. The built-in cache includes the metastore cache, file list cache, and Alluxio SDK cache. The main benefits of built-in caches are very low latency and no #network overhead because data is cached locally within the Presto cluster. Third-party caches,

CCIA Europe
5 days ago

"If EU #telcos dedicate the same percentage (70%) to #network-related #CapEx investments as their global peers, they can easily reach the 2030 #DigitalDecade connectivity targets, with up to €141 billion left unused."

#FairShare #NetworkFees

stefani banerian
5 days ago

Cult of the Dead Cow has released #Veilid: A secure peer-to-peer #network for apps that flips off the #surveillance economy

The idea being here that apps – #mobile, #desktop, #web, and headless – can find and talk to each other across the #internet privately and securely without having to go through centralized and often corporate-owned systems. Veilid provides code for app developers to drop into their #software so that their clients can join and communicate in a peer-to-peer #community.


#p2p #security #privacy #framework #communication #freedom #opensource #decentralization #hacker

Ben Gillam :bongoCat:
5 days ago

Anyone in here use smoothwall firewalls? Got some forced on us for school use by a client but really finding them unreliable as hell. On setup and working with their techs, works for 3 hours and died and won't reconnect #Network #InfoSec

5 days ago

I already know people who start melting down if you mention the word deductible. #healthcare #deductible #copay #referral #insurance #network #OutOfNetwork #InNetwork

5 days ago

Do you ever use #cmd lines for #troubleshooting connectivity issues or slowness on a connected or wifi device?

If so, what are the most common lines that you use?

Note: using #windows10 & #windows11

#networking #network #ITprofessional #IT #commandline

5 days ago

That’s unusual, and possibly mobius-loop meta to post that I think that there might be a DDOS against at least the m.s. instance. I have tried two different networking systems and both are struggling getting data from m.s. Hmmm… status page doesn’t show anything wrong. #today #mastodon #ddos #network

Kit Malone
5 days ago

#Network nerd question!

Is there any safety/code reason not to use outdoor grade network cable for my indoor runs while I wire my house for ethernet?

I need outdoor grade to run the garage line (it's a long run) and it looks like it'll be cheaper to just buy a big spool on eBay and use the remainder indoors rather than buying a separate spools of both indoor and outdoor grade.


5 days ago

I didn't expect this, but...

There's actually quite a difference in network quality between #Telekom and #Vodafone. Yesterday, after my Microsoft Teams experience has been particularly bad, I ran a long-time ping plot for Result: Lots of packet loss within the #LibertyGlobal network. 28% over 5 hours, more than 70% within 30-minute average.

Today I'm running the same trace while on a #Telekom #DSL connection. Result: NO PACKET LOSS.

What's going on?

#network #debugging

5-hour ping plot on my 1gb Unitymedia/Vodafone cable for More than 28% of packet loss in the long run, sometimes more than 70% for 30-minute averages. No wonder Teams connections break.
6 days ago

The IPFS #network in #SanFrancisco #now has #great #RPlayer #connectivity! This is thanks to you who are using the #HTTP #gateway set up on the domain. Thanks to #you, part of the #Web3 #global #repository with #data for RPlayer is also in this #destination. #Thank you very much for that! It's live in #IPFS, where it's of #interest. #Fragments of data #go where the #wheat #blooms, #split and #merge... It's #beautiful.




A painting in the style of Vincent van Gogh. The man on the left is sitting in a flowering meadow, playing an instrument resembling a guitar or lute, with a dog listening to him. High clouds float in the blue sky. There are also several mature trees.
Teri Radichel
6 days ago

Where Are Your Yum Packages Coming From?
ACM.321 This issue could be applicable to any cloud provider — check where your packages originate on the network
#yum #apt #software #network #cloud #security

6 days ago

Tiziana Terranova (@synthesiastica)wrote analytically and critically about social media even before it existed in the present form. This is from her 2004 book Network Culture. It is a crucial book for understanding internet communication, going far beyond the concepts of #surveillancecapitalism or #enshittification. She packs computer and network history and theory with concepts of artificial life and biopower - and succeeds in showing how network culture is capitalist production in a chaotic system through soft control, but also a field of emergence and affects.

#network #tizianaterranova #socialmedia #criticaltheory

Page 140 of the book Network Culture, with text marked.
1 week ago

The thought of using something like #tailscale to open a tunnel into my home #network is both fascinating and terrifying.


Zachary Neal
1 week ago

The fields of #NetworkScience and #SocialNetworks are diversifying. But, in this new paper I find that "Men think they know more about networks."

Controlling for experience, association/journal board membership, and field, men have higher self-rated #network expertise than women.

#Gender #Diversity #AcademicMastodon #NetworkAnalysis

#OpenAccess #OpenData

1 week ago

Peer-to-Peer Communication Across Network Address Translators
#p2p #nat #peertopeer #network #tcp #udp

Christian M. Grube 🐧
1 week ago

mitm Release 10.1.0

mitmproxy is an interactive, SSL/TLS-capable intercepting proxy with a console interface for HTTP/1, HTTP/2, and WebSockets.

mitmdump is the command-line version of mitmproxy. Think tcpdump for HTTP.

mitmweb is a web-based interface for mitmproxy.

#adminlife #network #security

Thomas Frans 🇺🇦
1 week ago

I hate this. I HATE THIIIIS 😭

Guess I'll have to cut off the end and try again. I'm never buying DIY ethernet cables again. Worst decision ever!

#DIY #network #networks

One correctly terminated ethernet cable end, and another without a tule.
1 week ago

My son is a #Network #IT engineer working for a nonprofit in Indiana. He has certifications and a degree but he doesn't get paid very well, and hasn't had good luck finding anything better. If anybody has any suggestions or places I can refer him, it would be appreciated (as well as boosts).

Кажется, я нашёл баг в том как LTE-роутеры Keenetic работают со своим встроенным модемом.

Отписал им простыню о своей находке. Надеюсь, пофиксят это в апдейтах. А то сейчас пользователю в ряде ситуаций может прийтись хардкодить в настройках список диапазонов оператора, иначе роутер после ребута не сможет подключиться к LTE 🤷‍♂️

Да, это всё - часть квеста по организации третьего аплинка, который не перестанет работать если в доме пропадёт электричество.

#network #hardware #LTE #Keenetic #log #bugs #support

Teri Radichel
1 week ago

Using a Secrets Manager in an #AWS Lambda Function in a #Private #Network
ACM.317 Lack of sufficient logging and generic error messages makes troubleshooting #Lambda #timeouts complicated
Some troubleshooting here. More on depth in future posts.

1 week ago

#LineageOS be like..

(Say goodbye #IbisPaint #update #nag :Cash_U_Rai: )
#Makeshift """ #Firewall """ / #Network control #Android #StuffAlcea
2 weeks ago

And finally, a FediForum session today on:

Fediverse Developer Network / developer experience

#FediForum #Developer #Network #Fediverse

2 weeks ago

Nice DEF CON 31 talk with some practical attacks on how to bypass Always On VPNs by Maxime Clementz @maxime_tz #infosec #vpn #pentest #network

James Maes
2 weeks ago

First time setting up BGP and BDF on pfsense and NSX. #vmware #pfsense #networking #homelab #network

Christoff 🧟 👻 🎃
2 weeks ago

Interested in #hacking, #socialengineering, #pentesting, #malware #development, #training and #helping people, #network #protocols, #ARM, good #food, and new #friends.

Also #retrogaming and #retrocomputing; #coding in #C, #C++, and #Perl, and guess that's about it these days but I can #code in 20+ languages; #TTRPGs as a DM/Storyteller/GM such as #DnD, #OSR, and #VtM ; #cooking; making #art like #painting and #watercolor; servers run #OpenBSD; fan of tinkering with #NetBSD; daily driver is #macOS; #horror and #scifi movies; and likely other things I'm forgetting.

Restarted learning #CommonLisp, too.

Fan of the #GratefulDead, #Phish, and #Goose.

2 weeks ago

Celebrating 50 years of TCP / IP
Fireside chat with Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn

Livestreamed earlier today.

#internet #history #computer #network

AS 396507
2 weeks ago

From @torproject: #tor stable release and

"We are today releasing both and with an important fix for onion services regarding congestion control and its reliability. We strongly encourage all onion service operators to upgrade as soon as possible to the latest stable that is the 0.4.8.x series.

We also address the issue with the annoying “compression bomb” log message that some relay operators have been noticing a lot lately.

Important to remember that we are expecting to end of life the 0.4.7.x series in a couple of months (likely around November) after the majority of the network has migrated and Tor Browser stable no longer ships it. That being said, please upgrade to the 0.4.8.x latest stable as soon as you can."

From forum post:

0.4.8.x Release notes:

#TorOperators #privacy #anonymity #network #security

Alaska Native News
2 weeks ago

First seismic network installed on Mount Edgecumbe volcano
[the_ad id="30587"]

Mount Edgecumbe volcano in Southeast Alaska has become the latest addition to the Alaska Volcano Observatory’s ground-based monitoring network.

An observatory team in early September installed three seismic and Global Navigation Satellite System stations on the...
#seismic #mountedgecumbe #network #volcano #unrest

Linux ☑️
2 weeks ago

OnionShare | Share files online anonymously - secure file sharing & Chat :tor: :linux:

The Linux guru Josh "KeepItTechie" Lacy serves a fine easy-to-follow tutorial.

Indeed share files, chat, and even host websites - securely.

OnionShare utilizes the anonymous Tor network. Stay safe & protect your privacy online.

Watch Josh' fresh video right on =>

#OnionShare #Tor #filesharing #anonymous #KeepItTechie #Linux #host #chat #network

Peter N. M. Hansteen
2 weeks ago

Yes, You Too Can Be An Evil Network Overlord - On The Cheap With OpenBSD, pflow And nfsen (from 2014) is now available trackerless at #AppFlow #netflow #network #monitoring #pflow #Surveillance #OpenBSD #IPFIX #nfsen

Kristian Harstad
3 weeks ago

did anybody else get excited about #library #computer #database and inter-library #network #computer systems as a child or was it just me?

here is a #poll but you can also tell me below in more detail if ya like because i wanna know lol

Pietro Monticone :verified:
3 weeks ago

📢 Finally out the recording of the #JuliaCon 2023 talk we presented at MIT this July!

So grateful for the opportunity to present our package at such a wonderfully organized global conference with so many brilliant #JuliaLang users and developers!

:julia: “MultilayerGraphs.jl: Multilayer Network Science in Julia”
🌐 Website
📹 Video
📑 Slides

@julialang @networkscience #Math #network

Daniel AJ Sokolov
3 weeks ago

"people routinely underestimate just how much they rely on networks of one kind or another", says Iain Morris - speaking from his own experience going cold turkey.

#network #connectivity #mobile #cellular #addiction

#Astrocytes adjust the dynamic range of #cortical #network activity to control modality-specific #sensory #information processing: Cell Reports

Ced ᴸᶦᵛᵉ
4 weeks ago

AdGuard Home updated to v0.107.37.

Updates: Service blocking pause schedule, Fallback servers, Upstream statistics, various bug fixes.
#DNS #Network #HomeLab #Docker

Stu :att:
4 weeks ago

Welp I am at the office for about 40 minutes now and the #Network has been boooooo

#Network #IT #Work

MinimaLT’s design intentionally crosses network layers for two reasons. First, security problems often occur in seams between layers. For example, Transport Layer Security (TLS) is vulnerable to attacks on TCP/IP headers due to its layering; connection-reset (RST) and sequence-number attacks interrupt TLS connections in a way that is difficult to correct or even detect . Second, multi-layer design enables MinimaLT to improve performance.
Particularly challenging has been to provide key erasure (“forward secrecy”) at low latency. Key erasure means that even an attacker who captures network traffic and later obtains all long-term private keys cannot decrypt past packets or identify the parties involved in communication. Traditionally, key erasure is implemented with Diffie-Hellman key exchange (DH) in a way that imposes a round trip before sending any sensitive data. MinimaLT eliminates this round trip, instead obtaining the server’s ephemeral key during a directory service lookup . Furthermore, MinimaLT inverts the normal mandatory start-ofconnection handshake, instead ensuring connection liveness using a server-initiated handshake only when a host’s resources become low . Eliminating these round trips makes MinimaLT faster than unencrypted TCP/IP at establishing connections.
A second challenge is to make connections portable across IP addresses to better support mobile computing.
MinimaLT allows the user to start a connection from home,
travel to work, and continue to use that connection. This
avoids application recovery overhead and lost work for operations which would otherwise be interrupted by a move.
MinimaLT IP mobility does not require intermediary hosts or redirects, enabling it to integrate cleanly into protocol processing To provide better privacy, MinimaLT blinds third parties to IP-address portability, preventing them from linking a connection across different IP addresses. produced a clean-slate
design, starting from User Datagram Protocol (UDP), by concurrently considering multiple network layers. We found an unexpected synergy between speed and security. The reason that the Internet uses higher-latency protocols is that, historically, low-latency protocols such as T/TCP have allowed such severe attacks as to make them undeployable.
It turns out that providing strong authentication elsewhere in the protocol stops all such attacks without adding latency. MinimaLT was designed for, and implemented in, Ethos, an experimental Operating System (OS)
pfa - a cool puzzle

4 weeks ago

Alright #network and #networking people, does anyone have a resource about how #linux names it's interfaces?

For context, I'm currently working with some code that does different things based on how an interface is named, but googling stuff like "gq vs eth" seems to always lead to either crypto or NSFW content

1 month ago

Rethinking open source for AI

What are the license rights and restrictions for large language models? Do they cover weights and deep neural network architectures?


#ai #artivism #intelicense #rethink #rights #license #opensource #language #neuralnetwork #network

JW prince of CPH
1 month ago

Haha, remember when #Windows #network drive access was a bleedin' nightmare because #Microsoft didn't believe in networked computers & never really committed to actually making it work? 😂

Yeah, it still sucks.

I set up two users on the same NAS, one with a Mac & one with a PC - the former I got hooked up in literally less than five minutes, while the latter, after two days of us trying & failing, is currently on the phone with high-level tech support who seems to have given up...

#ux #tech

1 month ago

This is the proper way to secure physical access to your network router.

#OpSec #Network #NetworkSecurity #LordOfTheRings #Tolkein #JRRTolkein

In the forefront of the image is a TP-Link brand ER-605v2 router with three flat 1 foot Cat6 patch cables running underneath it.

Behind it is a 3 gang junction box being used as a patch panel. The left gang has one 8P8C jack, the right gang has two 8P8C jacks, and in the gang space between them is a Christmas Ornament of Frodo Baggins with his sword drawn.
Ced ᴸᶦᵛᵉ
1 month ago

I needed to run a LAN speedtest on macOS. Discovered MacPorts, which ports iperf3 for macOS.

MacPorts site:
#macOS #Network #HomeLab

Leonard Leo, a key architect of the Supreme Court’s conservative supermajority, is now the chairman of #Teneo #Network, a group that aims to influence all aspects of American politics and culture

Leo declared in a slick but private video to potential donors, he planned to “crush liberal dominance” across American life. The country was plagued by “woke-ism” in corporations and education, “one-sided journalism” and “entertainment that’s really corrupting our youth,” said Leo amid snippets of cheery music and shots of sunsets and American flags.

Sitting tucked into a couch, with wire-rimmed glasses and hair gone to gray, Leo conveyed his inspiration and intentions: “I just said to myself, ‘Well, if this can work for law, why can’t it work for lots of other areas of American culture and American life where things are really messed up right now?’”

Teneo is building what Leo called in the video “networks of conservatives that can roll back” liberal influence in #WallStreet and #SiliconValley, among #authors and #academics, with pro #athletes and #Hollywood producers.

A Federalist Society for everything.

— ProPublica

#fedsoc #federalistsociety

1 month ago

Do I have #apple #network people around in here? I have a fancy bug that only repros with with safari + apple private relay: a websocket header gets eaten on reconnect, i.e. the first bytes after the connection upgrade are directly the text of the WS text, no framing (that's INSIDE the TLS session)

If the first byte of the socket pathname is \0 then #Linux instead interprets it as an "abstract" socket address, not subject to the usual filesystem permission rules.

Trying to anticipate these kinds of special cases is just too much work. Linux really wants everything on by default, and you have to find and disable every feature individually. By contrast, virtual machines tend to have integrations with the host off by default. The also tend to have much smaller APIs (e.g. just reading and writing disk blocks or network frames), with the rich Unix API entirely inside the #VM, provided by a separate instance of Linux.
weston-terminal wouldn't start was because I didn't have anything in my clipboard, and #sommelier was trying to dereference a #nullpointer.
#Wayland protocol is that it's very hard to proxy. Although the #wire protocol gives the length in bytes of each message, it doesn't say how many file descriptors it has. This means that you can't just pass through messages you don't understand, because you don't know which FDs go with which message. Also, the wire protocol doesn't give types for FDs (nor does the schema), which is a problem for anything that needs to proxy across a VM boundary or over a #network

AS 396507
1 month ago

We've updated our 40 exit relays to @torproject, after building from source!

We'll soon be upgrading @nusenu's #AnsibleRelayor to v23.2.0 (, but we need to re-deploy our offline system from which it runs

#TorOperators #Tor #privacy #anonymity #network #security

AS 396507
1 month ago

#Tor stable release

"We are quickly releasing a new version after last week stable release in order to fix #BSD compilation issues and an annoying BUG() stacktrace in the logs for relay operators.

As usual, we strongly encourage everyone to upgrade to this version as soon as possible."

Forum post:

Release notes:


#TorOperators #Tor #privacy #anonymity #network #security

1 month ago


#grocerystorerumors has it that #ElonMusk was seen in the candy section. Allegedly he assumed some chocolate bars were making fun of his renaming some #network ...

Johannes Ernst
1 month ago

Oh, and I've started a discussion on how the #Fediverse #Developer #Network should organize and govern itself.

Right now, it's mostly a dictatorship by me and I don't think it should be (by me or anybody else.) This is supposed to be a network that serves all the developers writing fediverse software, and having one guy in charge does not seem right. What would be better and does not have too much overhead?

If you are a developer, what would best work for you?!$iAVV8TRUlx99oQjzBACS9-yK-FXc12BVUJvLR3p-e18

Johannes Ernst
1 month ago

At the last FediForum, we got the #Fediverse #Developer #Network started.

If you don't know about it, it's mostly about half dozen Matrix rooms where a lot of Fediverse developers hang out and discuss matters they care about, from highly technical interop problems and best practices for implementing the Fediverse protocols, to how to talk about and market the fediverse.

We also have a website and had the occasional video call for show-and-tools and face-to-face discussions.

Ed Boykin 🔭
1 month ago

Hey K8s(AKS flavor) peoples. Im running into a situation and having difficulty coming up with a solution. I have an AKS cluster running Kubenet that needs to connect to an on-premise API over a VPN. The connection is working fine. The problem is the API has to whitelist IPs and the AKS node Id is the source Ip. How can NAT that egress to static IP? Azure Nat Gateway only support Nat'ing to the public internet.

Terence Eden
1 month ago

🆕 blog! “My Underkill Home Network”

There's an absolutely delightfully bonkers post doing the rounds called "My Overkill Home Network" - which is a look into what happens when a computer geek goes feral and stuffs as many Internet connected thingamajigs in a living space. We're talking professional grade, rack mounted, doubly redundant, over-specced, equipment. Overkill is underselli…

👀 Read more:

#IoT #ipcameras #network

A complex graph with dozens of devices connected by a tangle of coloured lines.
Research Institute
2 months ago

Tipp7 zu LLM (wie #ChatGPT #BingAI #GoogleBard oder #LlaMA)

Diese und andere KI-Systeme werden ständig besser und spezialisierter, bleiben Sie auf dem aktuellen Stand und suchen das System, das für Ihre Bedürftnisse am besten passt.

Lesen Sie dazu unsere Guideline zur Sicheren Nutzung von LLM:

Besuchen Sie unser Event zum Thema AI:

#AI #KI #KünstlicheIntelligenz #MachineLearning #LLM #Research #Institute #Academy #Network #networkfairdata

LLM und andere KI-Systeme werden ständig besser und spezialisierter. Suchen Sie sich das Tool, das am besten für Ihren Bedarf geeignet ist.
2 months ago

Today I installed (but not yet configured) a #tplink #tp-link EAP610 WiFi access point in our ceiling.

The junction box I installed and wired last month, but didn't order the hot spot and related hardware until the beginning of this month.

I am still waiting on the TP-Link OC200 hardware controller, it is supposed to arrive some time between the 10th and the 14th.

Two additional hot spot locations are wired but waiting before ordering.

This 🧵 explains why I chose TP-Link. #Network #infosec +

View inside attic of a ceiling-mount "new work" round junction box with support beam that attaches between two joists.

A 23 AWG blue Cat6 cable feeds a separate 1-gang rectangular junction box nailed to a joist with a single red RJ45 jack, and a white 24 AWG Cat6 cable goes from that RJ45 jack into the round ceiling mount junction box.
View of the ceiling from below of a round ceiling mount junction box with a white Cat6 cable sticking out of it.
View from below of a round ceiling mount junction box with a TP-Link mounting plate attached and a white Cat6 cable hanging from it.
View from below of a TP-Link EAP 610 WiFi access point mounted on the ceiling.
Inverse Phase
2 months ago

Does anyone else look at the "mstdn" in or or whatever and think "msdn" as in #microsoft #developer #network? #msdn #mstdn

2 months ago

wp site meta get – get metadata of a single site in the network (from options table, similar to get_blog_option in PHP)
wp network meta get – get metadata of the network (multisite, from sitemeta table, similar to get_site_option in PHP)

Working with multisite/network is sometimes just a pain because of the naming. 🥲

#WordPress #multisite #network #WPCLI

Sten Eikrem
2 months ago

@djb A thought for when your futher down the road.

I presume that you’re not the only stakeholder? #Network #AssetManagement

For example from #Cybersecurity perspective we typically want to have visibility on network types, uses, critically, ownership etc. We use #ServiceNow to document and share updated information across stakeholder groups and upwards to #SystemSecurity dimensions as well.

:projetstodon: Shalien
2 months ago

So, I discovered that it's customary to give an #introduction on #mastodon so here I am.

I'm @shalien , a computer enthusiast as #dev as #network .

Disappointed with Twitter / X , I resurrected my #mastodon instance and here I am.

I hope to discover something else, something healthier and more relaxing than the permanent chaos of Twitter.

Looking forward to seeing you in the #Fediverse!

Cees-Jan Kiewiet :rp: :wm:
2 months ago

For this #caturday, I present you Deathwing the #blackcat, sleeping on an elevated #catbed made of #lego with a #network #switch onder it. And #kubernetes #raspberrypi nodes to the left in #lego enclosures.

Deathwing the blackcat, sleeping on an elevated catbed made of lego with a network switch onder it. And kubernetes raspberrypi nodes to the left in lego enclosures.
2 months ago

#Network nerds that micro manage their home network. Do you use or disable IPV6? Feel free to comment and explain why you do what you do. Trying to learn more about IPV6 and determine if there's really any benefit on a home network.

#HomeLab #Networking

2 months ago

We've published a new blog post about the lab network of one of our embedded software developers:

Setting up a lab network on Linux -

#linux #network #embedded #lab #homelab

I'm Kerro
2 months ago

Any tips for the people you #follow when you attempt to tag someone?

When you have a #network of #friends in #mastodon how do you quickly reference them?

When you attempt to tag, and the suggest list comes up, what is that?

Thanks @feditips #mastohelp #newhere

2 months ago


Fair enough; I didn't see them. I'll go hunting. Thanks.

I'm a #software #engineer of <mumble> years with extensive work in #network/#internet/#web fields - and the proposal alarms me, simply because so many of the things that make the web #open and #useful to people now would, fairly obviously, not be able to earn a "#trusted" designation by any #WEI "#attester" -- at least not one that had any intention of being #accepted/#blessed by #Chrome etc.

G’day all! I’ve got my lovely profile pic done by @andycarolan and figured I do another #introduction. I might rotate between this and my current pfp by @heyheymomo - it’s hard to decide!

I’m a #network #engineer working in #Oregon, USA with my two #cats. I administrate and am working on a new project Stickerbook.

When I’m not working, I’m riding a #bike, playing games, or building/fixing something with my hands. Neurospicy(#ADHD) so I’m always losing focus 🤭

2 months ago

I've been reading articles and forum posts and watching some videos, but nothing so far seems to adequately explain a couple details about IP Passthrough.

How exactly is the external IP "shared" between two devices (the modem/router from ISP and my router/firewall)? This concept seems very confusing to me.

Also, once all setup, how exactly do you access the modem again if it shares an IP with your firewall?

#Network #HomeNetworking #IPPassthrough

@arstechnica So does #Google have it's own private #Network connecting to employees' homes or do they just want to flex escalating commitment to their overpriced commercial office space leases?

Chris Pirillo
2 months ago

my view in fewer than two ~ do you trust your #smarthome? how many things have you connected to your #network? is the u.s. #cyber trust mark long overdue? #cybersecurity #it #tech #news

Marduk_James :verified_paw:
3 months ago

Last night, on the "professional" site, I saw a post from a CEO of a #cybersecurity company asking who's going to #blackhat2023 and to look him up when people got there. Fine. Great.

First reply out the gate was from a CISO of another company that said nope, not interested, no reason to ever go.
I was gonna let it go until this morning I open that site again and the first post on my feed is from a CISO of another company with the first line saying "PSA I will not be attending BlackHat". Followed by a long post explaining why. Basically saying his is a smaller company and the conference doesn't align with his needs.

As someone struggling to get into #cyber, of all the advice I read and hear, #networking is ALWAYS on that list. I'm hyper-aware of this because this is the step I dread/fear the most. But I would love to check out some conferences in person. Seems like you can always find something to get into.

Isn't #BlackHat one of the "big ones"? Good place to #network no? If you are not going, for whatever reason, why proactively post about and discourage others from going? Especially if you are a #CEO , #CISO or any other management acronym.

Granted, it was only 2 posts, and the CEO and CISO's I'm referring to above could be the head of their start-up working out of their mom's garage. I don't know. Didn't vet their company.

Had a great session with Mar Viner Goldingay talking on @ADPList today about being a UX professional!

It was amazing and mentorship is always rewarding - love this community!

Can’t wait to chat with more people. Join the network with me:

#ux #community #network #mentor
3 months ago

🔍 Interessiert am

📰 Interessiert an Nachrichten und Neuigkeiten rund um das Research Institute, Datenschutz und Events? Demnächst geht unser Newsletter raus, eine ideale Gelegenheit ihn schnell noch zu abonnieren:

📧 👉

#network #fair #data #events #research #institute #newsletter #Datenschutz

Dave Mackey
3 months ago

#question of the day: I'm looking for a simple #diagram for a semi-technical audience that demonstrates that a #network should have a single gateway but that the gateway may connect to multiple networks (ideally, including the internet). Any suggestions?

Everything I'm finding is too simple (e.g. shows a single LAN connecting to the internet) or too complicated.

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
3 months ago

A new instance calls for a new #introduction!

Hello I'm Nathan. I just moved to from

I live in #Michigan and work in #IT. I recently got my #Network+ cert, and am currently studying for my #Security+ cert while also looking for a new job (let me know if you are #hiring btw).

I"m a big fan of #Linux (specifically #Fedora) and all things #FOSS.

I"m also a #stoner, #atheist, and #DemocraticSocialist

And I enjoy #running and #skiing

Feel free to follow or message me if you have similar interests

Dr. Korinna Allhoff
3 months ago

...aaand it's online!!! 🥂

Competitive hierarchies in diverse ecological communities have long been thought to lead to #instability and prevent #coexistence. However, in our latest paper we show that competitive hierarchies in fact mitigate #network instability by keeping short and long #feedback loops relatively weak. A bit of a brain twister, I know, but such a cool story. I'm beyond proud of Franziska Koch, PhD student in my team, for pushing this one out the door!

Patricio Gonzalez Vivo
3 months ago

Going hyperlocal creating a meshtastic #network on my neighbor

3 months ago

With this new wave I figured I would make a new #introduction:

Hi, I'm Nathan. I live in #Michigan and work in #IT. I'm #Network+ certified and currently am studying for my #Security+ exam. (I'm also currently looking for a new job so let me know if you are #hiring.)

I'm into all things #FOSS and #Linux.

I'm also a #leftist, #socialist, #atheist, and owner of 2 #cats (who I often post pictures of).

I also smoke #weed, and I'm into #running and #skiing.

Feel free to #Follow or #boost

3 months ago

My #music is available from a dedicated #Web3 #player on the IPFS #network. For the first time it is now #best to use the Web2 link:

It is a good habit to check your address bar. The #IPFS HASH ends in "xwm". #Enjoy #technotramp listening and give me a #pin.


For those who wanted me to do a pull request of #RPlayer: