Tarasovich 🖖
12 hours ago

For my fellow #neurodivergent folks: A potentially helpful AI tool to help interpret or adjust the tone of communications, break down big tasks into a manageable to-do list, or transform a brain dump into a to-do list.

Evie (SleepyCatten)
13 hours ago

My wife and I are planning to continue our playthrough of Smalland: Survive The Wilds probably around 19:45 to 20:00 UTC on my Twitch channel 🎮

We've both been slightly delayed by naps, dinner, and vexatious fudge 😅

#streaming #Twitch #queer #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #neurodivergent #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD #PCGaming #gaming #Smalland

19 hours ago

That doesn’t mean I never feel the today. Sometimes I feel the moment just so brightly, so fully, so intense! - and my first thought is ‘Can’t wait to share it with someone!’
I wonder if sharing emotions and experiences is a love language of many #neurodivergent and queer people because a lot of us grown up without being able to share their real struggles and emotions

19 hours ago

I hate waiting. Just waiting, without being able to somehow influence the result. Yet, my whole life I am waiting for something. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up, as I desperately wanted more agency. But the waiting didn’t stop there. Sometimes I don’t know what exactly I am waiting for, it just feels like ‘hold on, the change is around the corner, just wait for it.’ And I hold on. Is it something common for #autistic , #ADHD or #neurodivergent people or just my own thing?

Katy J.E.
23 hours ago


I'm Katy, I'm #neurodivergent.

I've got kids of 13 & 15, who in many ways are more intelligent than me - they're my teachers! I also have a dog, Rosie.

I'm into difference, challenging power structures, and new ideas.

I write. My book 'Neurofabulous' will be released May 2024.

My wish is to be part of this online community of unique, divergent people, who all experience the world differently... & question things too 😊


1 day ago

Ahem, for ADHD students dreading exam time...I'm betting you haven't tried all of this studying advice, but prove me wrong. I worked pretty hard on this blog post.

Yes, it's long: 1. Use the subheadings to navigate to the section you need. 2. Use the images.

#ADHD #Neurodivergent #exams

Ian Campbell
2 days ago

via @i0null (but completely unrelated to their original post, lol) this art installation feels like such an analog for my sensory experience sometimes.

"Forest of Numbers" by Emmanuelle Moureaux.

#actuallyautistic #neurodivergent

Art installation showing a person walking through an incredible array of vibrantly colored numbers of varying warmth and intensity, in physical space.
autistic seth
2 days ago

Today is a new day to know that you are loved. 💚
Today is a new day to know that you are strong. 💪
Today is a new day to know that you are wanted. 🧡
Today is a new day to get up and try again. 🌈
Never give up. You are important.

#ActuallyAutistic #LGBTQIA #trans #mentalhealth #queer #Neurodivergent #autistic #transgender #ADHD #SuicidePrevention

Alex the Artistic Autist
2 days ago

If you're bored and on Insta then watch this video and give me your thoughts on what to do with this big old collage!

#art #artworks #collage #autisticart #autisticartist #actuallyautic #actuallyadhd #ndart #neurodivergent

Trollup 🐾
2 days ago

Straight up: I’m a slut, submissive, service slave. I like being reminded of my place as a faggot. Indeed I revel in it. I am Autistic and have ADHD. All that said, there is this nuance between degradation and still being respected.

So I’m having this increasingly excited conversation. With a man I’d really like to be abused by in the very best ways. And then I get “oh so you’re autistic and retarded?”

Full. Stop. Buzkill. 🛑😡

I instantly blocked him. Right or wrong it took me to a very bad place. I might tolerate it once there was an understanding and trust but not right at the start. Sigh.

#BDSM #submission #neurodivergent #ActuallyAutistic #AuDHD #ADHD #respect #trust #degradation #boundaries #PowerExchange #slut #faggot #ENM #CNC @actuallyautistic

Andrew Walsh
2 days ago

Any #Neurodivergent library people out there, we've been running the NeuroSpicy network for a short while, about to take it up the the next level as NLISN (Neurodivergent Library & Information Staff Network). If you want to join our mailing list, it's *just* been set up

Essie :enby:
2 days ago

I made this stir fry the other day and it tastes good but something about the noodle texture is a little off (I probably overcooked them), and because I'm so burnt out, I can't eat it.

The wherewithal to soldier through overcooked noodle texture is gone unfortunately. Maybe my mum will eat it. I don't like to waste food.

I really am so tired. I should just stick to safe foods. All I want is the easiest food.

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodivergent @actuallyautistic
#Food #FoodAndDrink

Katy J.E.
2 days ago

#AskingAutistics #Neurodivergent #AuDHD

As a child, was there any adult in your life you could talk to about it when you were suffering?

Comments & anecdotes very welcome, too!
And shares 😊

Thorwegian ❄️
2 days ago

#Neurodivergent brain is learn and play all day brain. doing stuff that requires no thought is easy enough.

actually concentrating? only if it's interesting. i wouldn't be able to budget in a spreadsheet if it didn't feel like a puzzle that i can play with. everything kind of has to be a game.

cooking is only interesting if i pretend that i'm a chef. housework gets done because someone shows up an hour a week to play the housework game with me. grocery shopping is Tetris.

Thorwegian ❄️
2 days ago

me: all right, let's apply these skills usefully.

brain: haha, no

#ADHD #neurodivergent

Intel-Graphy \ - v - /
2 days ago

I don’t recall seeing a community of neurodiverse people being very visible on Twitter compared to the rapidly growing community here in the #fediverse . I think it speaks volumes as to how a platform either fosters or harms communities of people. A decentralized environment means that there’s potential for much greater diversity. I’m really grateful for it ^_^ #actuallyautistic #adhd #neurodivergent

2 days ago

I despise how the Missouri unemployment FAQ is basically only available in video format on, of all places, YouTube. I can read five text articles in the time it takes to slog through one video. Like, tf. Videos explaining stuff like this is less accessible to me with auditory processing issues. How about giving everyone a choice between a written webpage FAQ or videos instead of shitting on those who don't like video format stuff? #ActuallyAutistic #Neurodivergent #Unemployment

Inner Visioner
2 days ago

Had a day off today as I work the weekends, so been organising my cluttered computer cubby. It’s been an eye opener that most of the excess is limited edition bags for life and cardboard boxes for sorting/transporting the clutter to charity shop or tip! 🤣 #neurodivergent #executivefunction

Evie (SleepyCatten)
3 days ago

Tonight's Subnautica stream will be slightly delayed, starting around 20:00 UTC, due to a mixture of:

* Me taking a while to get up after a nap.
* Eating dinner (and maybe more rice pudding).
* Being bad at time management 😅

#streaming #Twitch #queer #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #neurodivergent #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD #PCGaming #gaming #Subnautica

3 days ago

Die ADHS-Diagnose ist so gut wie sicher. Und ich bin einerseits total erleichtert weil das eigentlich meinen ganzen Lebenslauf erklärt. Anderseits bin ich traurig und wütend weil bei einer früheren Diagnose möglicherweise sehr viel anders gelaufen wäre in meinem Leben.
Gehöre aber leider zu den Jahrgängen bei denen ADHS (bzw. ADS) bei Mädchen kein Thema war. Obwohl meine Grundschulzeugnisse perfekt ins Schema passen…
#adhs #ads #adhd #neurodivergent

Trying to explain to a neurotypical person how calming it is to be in a country where I don’t speak the language - and therefore am not constantly distracted by snippets of conversations when out in public.

Has anyone else noticed this?

#neurodivergent #adhd

3 days ago

When you spent all your life perfecting your masking skills, and are surrounded with a lot of other ND folks, at some point you start questioning: does the norm even exist? What if actually everyone is masking? Everyone is pretending? What if what we were taught is normal and were struggling so hard to keep up with actually never was normal for the humankind to begin with and is just an artificial construct of our society only few benefit from? #AuDHD #neurodivergent #autisticMasking

“No More Doctors” - - - I made a Zine to help channel my frustration and concerns

Download and print it for free ->

#mentalhealth #radicalmentalhealth #zine #neuropunk #neurodivergent #livedexperience #art

BeAware :verified420:
3 days ago

Yep. If I knew all the signs, it wouldve been obvious all along.

#ADHD #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #neurodiverse #neurodivergence #ADHDmemes #memes #meme

Intel-Graphy \ - v - /
3 days ago

I wonder how people with language disorders (DLD) like me handle languages like #German, #Dutch, #Japanese or #Korean compared to English. I’m not sure if it was my native tongue that worsen my learning ability during childhood. Does the same happen with other languages or is it a bit different?
#language #neurodivergent #learning #learningdisability #actuallyautistic

Adam Drici
3 days ago

@KitMuse @actuallyautistic @actuallyautistics Whoa. Hey! That's exactly what I have been thinking about. In your experience, where are the biggest problems/gaps for #neurodivergent and #ActuallyAutistic business owners in what's out there?

Kit Muse
3 days ago

I'm going to throw this out there and it may sound a bit controversial, but keep in mind I have nearly 20 years's experience as an entrepreneur. Is there ANYONE who works with #neurodivergent business owners or #ActuallyAutistic business owners who don't just regurgitate the same allistic/neurotypical "marketing advice" that's sold all over the groups and "free offers"? Because I'm not seeing anyone doing anything different from the NTs. @actuallyautistic @actuallyautistics

Blake (Pandora Blake)
3 days ago

#Parenting out of sync with your sleep phase is so damn hard. I'm a night owl, but kiddo wakes 6.30-7am, plus night wakings which often leave me struggling to get back to #sleep.

I need 8 hours: that means lights out by 11pm, but I'm wide awake then! I'm constantly having to power through sleepiness to cope in the morning, and then (no matter how fatigued I am) try to laboriously wind down at bedtime when my brain is fizzing with ideas for projects. Fizzzzz

#adhd #neurospicy #neurodivergent

3 days ago

Great article featuring Wesley Jackson Wade's experiences, and Paul Morgan's work on the disparity in ADHD diagnosis in Black children. This is a must-read folks.

#HealthDisparities #ADHD #SystemicRacism #Neurodivergent

4 days ago

Yes, I started writing this blog post on technology to make writing easier when you have ADHD a long, long time ago.

That said, it's meant to be a resource. Have suggestions or different experiences? Please share!

#ADHD #DisabledInHigherEd #DisabledInSTEM #AcWriMoND #Writing #Neurodivergent #ExecutiveFunctions

Jordan (Damn Good Tech) 4hire
4 days ago

Food Server: And here's your napkin...

Me: Why would I need a napkin?

Me, 5 minutes later: Oh, that's why I need one...

#adhd #neurodivergent

Johnny Profane Âû
4 days ago

Tentative title, "Disabled Warrior".

Tentative podcast title, "Actually Autistic? Whatever Doesn't Kill Your Neurodivergent Ass..."

But I need my wife;s input before I get too married to it....


The nice thing about digital art is it never has to be finished. On this one I got too deep into the image. There's a lot going on you can't see cuz the midtones are too dark...

The non-gendered warrior SHOULD be creating themself (to coin language) out of and battling dark chaos, a bright spark headed toward a dim light... they never know if there's a goal...

Plus they wear a blindfold like Lady Liberty.


In the chaos behind them are dim objects of adversity... chains, car wreck, wheel chair, a fallen dove... others I probably forget ...

Working on the post...


@actuallyautistic @actuallyadhd @actuallyautistics

"Disabled Warrior," digital illustration by author. A non-gendered warrior creates themself (to coin language) out of... and battling... dark chaos, a bright spark headed toward a dim light... They never know if there's a goal...
Plus they wear a blindfold like Lady Liberty.

In the chaos behind them are dim objects of adversity... chains, car wreck, wheel chair, a fallen dove... others I probably forget...
"Friedrich Nietzsche Ist Untoter..." A fantasy 19th-centure book illustration of Friedrich Nietzsche, vandalized by a bright red grafitti x. Next to his name, Friedrich Neitzche in the book plate, black spray-painted grafitti reads "ist untoter..."
4 days ago

One thing I really love about my #neurodivergent friends is how we use emojis to show connection. Someone makes a post about travelling by train into the city for a concert, and stopping on the way for a GF donut, so of course we all add the emojis to punctuate the story (🚂 🎸 🍩) rather than just respond with a simple thumbs up or smile. 😂

4 days ago

Does anyone with #ADHD, #Dyslexia or #Dyscalculia have advice on how to learn a second language? I seem to have issues with auditory understanding. For example, in Duolingo I'm great at learning the language, but as soon as you remove the app, I can't understand anything because I don't see the text. Is this normal? #neurodiverse #neurodivergent

A snippet (and thus a #SPOILER):

*The woman started to communicate through Korean #SignLanguage unexpectedly.*

Man monologue: I always thought I was the one who should make an effort to live in harmony with others. Because in this world, there are a lot more people who can hear than those who cannot.

But out of all those people, someone came to me and said "he" first. She said she was glad to see me again. And after saying what she prepared to say, she smiled. As if she was saying, "I'm just saying hi. Stop thinking too much."

And she was smiling.


As an #Autistic person, that struck hard. We always make the effort "to live in harmony with others". Why? "Because in this world, there are a lot more people who" are neurotypical "than those who" are neuroatypical.

Like the deaf character in this show, we also rarely see non-Autistic who will say hi to us before we do.

#TellMeThatYouLoveMe #사랑한다고말해줘 #Deaf #ActuallyAutistic #AutismSpectrum #Autism #Neurodivergent #HardOfHearing #PWD #Kdrama #Romance @asiandrama

Kevin Davy
4 days ago


There are few statements concerning our understanding of autism that can be said to be near universal. Which is why, "when you've met one autistic, you've met one autistic", is one of them.
Unfortunately another one may well be, "there's no such thing as an untraumatized autistic".

The cruel truth is that no matter how much of a loving family we came from. How great our school experiences were, or how many great friends we had, or still have. No matter how protected we were growing up and may well still be. The very world we live in leaves its scars regardless. And that is of course if we were graced with that most ideal of life. Because even with the best will in the world most of us weren't. And too many of us never even came close.
Is it any wonder then that we have walked through life hand in hand with so many things. With the scars of abuse, fear and bullying and even those that came simply from never having been seen, or understood. The scars of all those mis-understandings and false accusations. Of being ignored, or cold shouldered. Of being chronically under-appreciated and under-valued. Of all the things that have led us to depression and burnout, to low self-esteem and PTSD and cPTSD, to anxiety and to so many other illnesses. To so many of the, so-called, co-morbid conditions that we are prone to.
And the really cruel thing, is that for so many of us these things were so much of our norm, of the way we lived and accepted life, that until we realised that we were autistic we didn't even see them. It was just the way we were and perhaps no more than we deserved. For others, of course, some things may have already been diagnosed and perhaps even successfully medicated. But even so what has led to so many of them to continue their quest of self-discovery, was the realisation that even then they weren't the whole or complete answer.

Because we all have this complicated history of trauma and consequence wound up within our lives. We can look back upon periods when we were depressed, or was it burnt out? or was it stressed out through anxiety? And to be fair most of us haven't a clue how to exactly describe them or even if it was a mix of many or all of them. All we can see are the many bleak times and perhaps the lessons learnt from them. And all we have is the fear that they will return. The knowledge that this is our life and perhaps always will be, no matter how much we learn.
Because ultimately the trauma of simply living in this world doesn't have primary and secondary reasons, it doesn't have root causes. Only the consequences we all know so well. The best we can manage is to accept that none of this was ever our fault. That we were never to blame or ever deserved them. That even naming and unravelling the knots of the bleak times doesn't cure, or stop them. That only changing our ways and one day perhaps the whole world around us, can or even hope to do that.


5 days ago
Tom Lorenz
5 days ago

My oldest sent me this Reel the other day. They know me all too well. #Neurodivergent #AuDHD

Two frames based on the Nic Cage/Pedro Pascal meme. Frame 1 shows Nicolas Cage with the words “Baby boomer/Gen X Star
Trek dads realizing they're autistic”, and frame 2 shows Pedro Pascal with the words “Their autistic kid who figured it out years ago”.

Something that I noticed that I'm quite proud of since I started seeing a behavioral therapist and a psychiatrist (a one-two punch for headspace help), is that with the right kind of cognitive support with the aid of medications as a tool to help, I am now keeping up with my email and going so far as removing myself from all the mailing lists I found myself on.

Turns out getting help for your neurodivergance helps keep your inbox clean. :D

#neurodivergent #adhd

6 days ago

@MugsysRapSheet @mike @mmasnick

You don't know if Musk's failure to understand is an autism trait, plus it's your interpretation of his mental processes, based on his behaviour and social media posts.

You also cannot take a tv show character as representation for all or even any autists. These characters are so often stereotyped and simplified.

It is harmful to dx from afar, more so as a lay person, and then connect it to malicious behaviour, and generalise that to a whole population, also disqualifying them for certain jobs.

#ActuallyAutistic #Neurodivergent

BeAware :verified420:
6 days ago

I wish my brain had an off switch....could that be prioritized please?😬

#ADHD #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #neurodiverse #neurodivergence #ADHDmemes #memes #meme

Steve Silberman
6 days ago

New group in Australia/New Zealand aims to amplify the lived experience of #neurodivergent doctors.

Your Autistic Life
1 week ago

So I matched with someone on #KinkD.

He is a subby #trans boy. (Subby is important to me. I'm a Dom for crying out loud.)

Sometimes people have a conniption with "boy." He's younger than I am, but still an adult. I'd even call people in their early 40s boys and girls.

He's also #neurodivergent. Diagnosed with #ADHD, but he suspects either that he's going to end up #AuDHD or be reclassified as #autistic.


And here I thought “executive dysfunction” was just referring to every corporate C-suite

#ADHD #neurodivergent

Ian Campbell
1 week ago

One of the things I deal with is major depressive disorder, and it's been looming ominously lately.

As of today I'm starting to collect a (digital) notebook of hopeful things that I can read about or otherwise fall back on at low moments.

Theme/genre/etc doesn't really matter, at the moment. I may narrow it later. But if you have some article or image or technology or meme or whatever that you're keen on, please share it with me.

Thanks in advance!

#depression #neurodivergent

New article up on my substack. If you’re a writer or creative neurodivergent person, this one’s for you. (Just substitute ‘writing’ with your preferred creative pursuit.)

It’s ok if some days you just can’t do the thing, even if you love doing the thing.

Read more below:

#neurodivergent #ADHD #ActuallyAutistic #creative #burnout

BeAware :verified420:
1 week ago

My EXACT reaction to a lot of things. Combination of depression and ADHD is a bitch...🤦‍♂️

#ADHD #neurodivergent #neurodiversity #neurodiverse #neurodivergence #ADHDmemes #memes #meme

Thorwegian ❄️
1 week ago

the past five years have been a gradual process of going through these stages:

1. i'm a computer programmer.

2. why am i so exhausted all the time?

3. i just need to find an employer who doesn't burn me out.

4. i have #ADHD and #ASD diagnoses now. i'm #neurodivergent. wish i had known at an earlier age.

5. the medications are doing bad things to me.

6. loss of family member, burnout, mental breakdown.

7. every programming job seems to burn me out.

8. the job i had wanted since i was a kid was the wrong job for me.

9. i have no career now and i'm also unemployable.

10. you know, i never developed a social life and i never started a family. it wasn't important to me at 20 or 30 but now, at 40, it feels like something's missing.

11. i'm an adult now and i'm no longer very interested in the hobbies i had at 20. there's nothing to do now.

12. i have a drinking problem.

13. why could i never do housework properly? oh, right, the #AuDHD...

14. i have nothing to lose, so i guess i'll try to ask the government to help me.

15. practical home assistance granted. admitted to back-to-work programme. applied for a social support contact today, to give myself more to do.

16. i'm nothing at the moment. i was broken down and now i have to build a new me, from scratch.

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 week ago

My wife and I are planning to continue our playthrough of Smalland: Survive The Wilds from about 19:30 UTC on my Twitch channel 🎮

As always, no pressure or stress to come watch us, but your company is always appreciated :TransHeart:

#streaming #Twitch #queer #trans #transgender #TransWoman #TransFem #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+ #neurodivergent #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #AuDHD #PCGaming #gaming #Smalland

1 week ago

#bookstodon I need your help. I am currently reading the #AmeliaPeabody series and loving it - where can I find something similar? I love the humour, the quirky old fashioned language, and the fact that they are clearly a #neurodivergent family. I love mystery and detective books but don't like graphic violence and sadness. Reading is my escape. Any suggestions? Is there such thing as a detective book NOT about murder? #Bookwyrm #IfYouLikeThisBook

Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
1 week ago

Hello @actuallyautistic adults, we would like to start hosting some #gamesnights and was wondering what #games would people like to see at these #events? Vote and add your favourite #online #multiplayer games to the comments, and be sure to follow us to see when these events get announced. (Reposting cause the first time I posted this poll to only my followers, it got no votes at all.)
#Discord #MarioKart #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Switch #MarioKart8 #MarioKart8Deluxe #Roblox #FinalFantasy #FinalFantasy14 #FinalFantasyXIV #FF14 #FFXIV #XIV #SquareEnix #Discord #DiscordGames #Autistic #AutisticGamers #AutisticGaming #ActuallyAutistic #Neurodivergent #NeurodivergentGamers #NeurodivergentGaming #AutisticAdults

1 week ago

@theautisticcoach @actuallyautistic I use #neurodivergent because of the people that claim 'everyone' is on the spectrum have diluted and ruined the term. They did what NTs always do: diminish any attempt to show that some people are not weirdos, their brains just work differently.

David Gray-Hammond
1 week ago

It's a good thing when more people get their diagnosis. It validates their struggle and increases the chance of them finding Autistic spaces.

While we should work towards a world where diagnosis is not required, we need to recognise that people without a diagnosis struggle a lot.

#ActuallyAutistic #autism #Autistic #AutismDiagnosis #neurodiversity #neurodivergent

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @audhd

Text reads "There is no autism epidemic

Autism diagnoses are increasing, but it's not an "epidemic".

They're increasing because autism is likely to be passed on in families and our understanding of what autism looks like is slowly improving.

It's a good thing when more people are given access to their own identity."
Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
1 week ago

Hello @actuallyautistic community! If you are on #Discord, you should join our Global #Neurodivergent Community #server! We have a few text channels here and also want to do some #virtual #events in the future, so come join us!

David Gray-Hammond
2 weeks ago

Here are the top ten articles of 2023 collated and made into an anthology eBook. With contributions from Tanya Adkin ND Social Care & Family Services and Katie Munday Autistic and living the dream! The best part is it's free! Let Everyone know!

On another note, if anyone knows how I can distribute an EPUB version for free, please let me know!

#Autistic #neurodiversity #neurodivergent #camhs #neuroqueer #AutisticBurnout

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @audhd

Image of the eBook along with the text "Free PDF eBook!"
Daniela Schreiter
2 weeks ago

A wholesome commission I did a few months ago: An Illustration for a Family Therapy Center 😊.


Eine sehr schöne Auftragsarbeit, die ich vor ein paar Monaten machen durfte: Eine Illustration für eine Praxis für Familientherapie 😊.

#MastoArt #Comic #neurodivergent

Comic Illustration: A purple cat is sitting on a little blue planet with a kawaii face on it. The cat has its eyes closed and looks peaceful. The text below the planet says: This is a safe space to stim, to talk, to be silent, to be yourself.
Rat Can't Read (she/her)
2 weeks ago

I've posted a lot on here about the #shame that I carry for not growing up in the way the "typical" teenager in the US did, if there even is such a thing. I missed out on a lot of milestones that kids and young adults are supposed to meet. Some of them I didn't get to until later in life. Some of them I'll probably never have, or even if I do have them, at the age I am now, they won't be the same. And I often frame this #grief and #DisenfranchisedGrief as a personal failing. I assume I was too weak, and so that's why I missed out.

But sometimes, I can step back and try to reframe my situation not as weakness but as survival. While other kids—kids who didn't grow up in #christofascism or who weren't #queer and #neurodivergent or who were but had supportive families—got to be kids, I was just trying to survive. And the fact that I have survived this long is something to be celebrated, even if I'm the only one celebrating it.

Kit Muse
2 weeks ago

Autistic special interests/stimming as seen "in the wild" (of our SUV 😂 )

Spouse: 130
Me: Ooh, what a pretty gray. Of course a young amish man has a flashy horse.
Spouse: What? I was counting train cars.
Me: And I was looking at the horse on that Amish cart. It's a gray, so that's flashy for the Amish.

(Ironically we were on the drive home from the first of two testing days to see if I can get my official DX)

#ActuallyAutistic @actuallyautistic #AutisticJoy #TransJoy #Neurodivergent

Matthew | The Autistic Coach
2 weeks ago

We (@LizShayne, Simcha Weinstein, and myself) are thrilled to announce that we are now accepting submissions for an upcoming book of essay collections that explores the dynamic intersection between neurodivergence, Torah, and Judaism.

This groundbreaking project aims to amplify the diverse voices within the #Neurodivergent Jewish community, inviting contributors to share their personal narratives, insights, and reflections on how their unique neurodivergent perspectives shape their interactions with Torah and Jewish practices.

Submissions are encouraged from individuals who identify as neurodivergent and Jewish, offering a platform for authentic, diverse expressions that will be compiled into a thought-provoking book that explores the multifaceted connections between neurodivergence and Judaism.

(Soft) Deadline for Submissions, December 15.
Tell us about it in a proposal no more than 800 words.





2 weeks ago

Self promo: gifts + stocking stuffers for folks who refuse to fit in a box.

I make and design enamel pins, patches, stickers, bookmarks and stationery that make great little gifts for Christmas.

Social justice, disability pride, lgbtq+ rights, #neurodivergent, #adhd, #actuallyautistic, #books themed goodies.

It's been a hard and weird year for #smallbusiness, so please #shopsmall for the holiday season if you can and encourage your friends too, please! 😊

I ship pretty much everywhere in the world ✨🌈

#fedigiftshop #mastoart

Shop ->
Community ->

A collection different fluffmallow goodies including stickers, enamel pins, patches on a bright yellow background.
Andrew Walsh
2 weeks ago

We (Jo Fitzpatrick & I) set up a network for #Neurodivergent #library workers earlier this year and it's time we moved it onto the next stage. A group of us met earlier this week to discuss it, we'd love to hear other ND library peeps thoughts! #ADHD #Autistic #Dyspraxic (Please boost!)

David Gray-Hammond
2 weeks ago

Autistic burnout is one of the greatest crises that an Autistic person can face.

People often think of it as similar to depression, but it can take many diverse forms.

#AskingAutistics what does burnout look like for you?

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Text reads "What is Autistic Burnout?

Autistic burnout is a state of crisis for Autistic people wherein all cognitive energy has been expended. Historically it has been assumed that it presents similarly to depression, but it is more complicated than that. Autistic burnout represents a state where one loses skills and functionality that have previously been taken for granted. Achieving basic daily objectives while on burnout is like trying to perform complex surgery with a 50kg weight around all of your limbs, while your brain struggles to process how to hold the scalpel."
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 weeks ago

How many other AuDHD trans girls, trans fems, or other adjacent folks identity way too much with this? 😅

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Matthew | The Autistic Coach
3 weeks ago

The French State under Emmanuel Macron unveiled its new “plan” regarding #ActuallyAutistic and other #Neurodivergent humans yesterday.

More of the same. That is to say, NOTHING.

A huge 5 year plan about US, without any consultation, whatsoever, with US.

Anyone who knows the French State knows the HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS of hours that went into useless meetings to create this plan. The involvement of THOUSANDS of bureaucrats and “consultants”.

Yet, the result is more ableism. More silencing of autistic voices. More oppression.

Where did the 500M+ euros go for the LAST 5 year plan? Nowhere. Into the hands of private companies who seek to profit via the oppression of autistic bodies.

Where will the 600M+ go now?


The Republic has actual autistic advocates and experts living just steps from the Élysée Palace. Organizations that fight for our rights like
. None of us were consulted.

Who was consulted? Parents groups. Autism groups led and run by non-autistic people. Companies which exist to earn money from the State and autistic people on our backs and commodifying our bodies.

According to the “new and groundbreaking” plan, autistic adults will receive free support groups (weren’t we already meant to be getting support groups under the last plan?). Said groups are led by non-autistic people who actively promote the pathology paradigm of autism, which is rejected by the vast majority of autistic adults. Not an improvement.

It will allow certain autistic adults currently institutionalized to live outside and go work. Cute. As if that is a progressive idea!

What about support for those of us who want a career? A meaningful one? What about support for those of us who cannot work but also do not want to be institutionalized and removed from society, our friends, and families?

What about support for those of us who do work with need help with day to day things? What about support during autistic burnout?


Oh, and the Marianne eugenics project continues on!

France continues to show itself to be unserious and performative when it comes to the civil and human rights of autistic people. Our humanity today, as yesterday, has been denied by those who purport to support us.

Shameful and disgraceful.

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I uploaded a new #minecraft video to my #peertube. I‘m #autistic and touring the minecraft server that I made specifically for #neurodivergent people in 2020.

Please check it out and leave me a comment if you like.

If you want to know more, read the video description. :)


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Things I like about my #adhd *sometimes*: I can mull over something that’s like 95% ready for AGES but just unable to do the last 5% but then impulsively I’ll do it without thinking too much in like 5 min flat. 🥴😬

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Hannu Ikonen, MD
3 weeks ago

Non-maskers are fake humans. Performative humans.

Dont expect my sympathy when COVID stops your heart at 42yo if you cant wear a fucking mask.

Yall would be a DSM psychopathic disorder if Neurodivergent painted you in the light you try to paint them.

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Where do I apply for a brain that doesn’t set itself on fire in protest of doing literally any normal task

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