Bastian Olivér
56 minutes ago

The ideology of the #Nazis must not be forgotten. Millions of innocent victims remind us to remain vigilant and never forget who they were and by whom they were murdered.

Their memory is a reminder to people.

#NeverAgain // Picture: Ron Porter

The ideology of the #Nazis must not be forgotten. Millions of innocent victims remind us to remain vigilant and never forget who they were and by whom they were murdered. 

Their memory is a reminder to people.
1 day ago

Necropolis in #Verdun. Die Schlacht 1916 dauerte 300 Tage und Nächte, 300‘000 Tote und Vermisste. #neveragain

Massiver Turm aus weissem Stein, von unten gefilmt, innen schlagen Glocken
Marek Pavliš 🇨🇿
1 day ago

Tip: 📖 37 životních příběhů vyprávěných těmi, kteří přežili #holocaust. Se štěstím. Většina příběhů z ČSR má obdobný průběh:

Šťastné rané dětství 👉 nástup totalitního tyrana 👉 společenská nálada se mění 👉 možnost odejít do bezpečnějšího zahraničí nevyužita 👉 #doufání: „že nebude tak špatně...“ 👉 zhoršující se bezpečnostní a sociálně-právní situace 👉 totální dehumanizace & genocida.

#neverforget #neveragain


3 days ago

According to IRI official numbers, 189000 people died during the 8 years of war with Iraq. About half of them were bellow the age of 20.

It's sickening to read their propaganda as this was something positive.

It is heartbreaking to watch the videos and read these posts knowing that most of those died because of the stupidity of Khomeini and his superiority complex believing that his "soldiers of god" were superior to Saddam's army and almost the entire world standing behind him of using the war to get rich.

6.5 years of those 8 years were nothing but mass slaughter of Iranian forces in every section of the front between the 2 nations.

#NeverForget #War #NeverAgain

Benedict Rogers 羅傑斯
1 week ago

@genocide8020 RT by @benedictrogers: December 9 sees the 75th anniversary of the Genocide Convention...when the world said #NeverAgain. Over the next 75 days we'll be campaigning to make sure that the world does not forget that promise. Together we can make #NeverAgain a reality. Please watch our short launch film.

Daniel Norton
1 week ago
Ousman Ceesay
1 week ago

The old playbook of scaring everyone into silence is being dusted off again. If #NeverAgain means anything to us, we will have to raise hell, but unfortunately, we are a compliant bunch.


Russell Ku
1 week ago

What do you remember most about Martial Law?

I talked to Chia Amisola about their new website "Ang Bantayog" and their interest in preserving the memory of Martial Law victims. #NeverAgain #NeverForget #ML51 #philippines #news #martiallaw

Read more in my latest for Rappler:

UPD Library
2 weeks ago

In 2017, the University Library posted a book review of “Dream of a Reformed Society and Other Speeches” by President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. We are resharing it today in commemoration of UP Day of Remembrance.


Daria Bloodworth
2 weeks ago

@Nazani @chad I also see people claiming that Jews support their transphobia. As a trans Jew, I say no hate in our name. #neveragain #neveragainisnow

🚨SFMTA Board meeting this afternoon!🚨

Call in to Item #9 - General Public Comment.

Ask Board members to demand SFMTA staff act to fix deadly intersections.

RSVP at & we will text you when comment begins.

We need to say loud and clear: #neveragain.

We really need your voice at two upcoming public hearings, including the SFMTA Board meeting TOMORROW afternoon.

Details and RSVP:

We need to say loud and clear: #neveragain. City leaders must do more to protect us in the crosswalk.

Join us in holding signs & handing out flyers at 4th & King TODAY, September 12 from 4:30-6:30PM.

We will rebuild the memorial for the four-year-old killed here, and call on City leaders to fix deadly intersections now.



3 weeks ago

Lightning #neveragain

3 weeks ago

50 years. 11th of september 1973. The day that changed the trajectory of my life forever. The day that broke my country, my father and my family. #NuncaMas #NeverAgain #Chile50 #chile50años

Hundreds of hands holding burning candels in the dark in fron of the presidential palace in Santiago de Chile
Mariel García-Montes
3 weeks ago

Today, my heart is with the Chileans who still don't know what happened to their relatives 50 years ago. With the young politicians and movement-builders guiding the country through difficult times with an eye on democracy and a new left. With the friends that keep memory alive so that it happens #NeverAgain #NuncaMás.

Word of Mouth
3 weeks ago

Periodic reminder:

You can manually add "" to your ad blocker, and improve your internet experience instantly.


Alan Martello
3 weeks ago

Driving past Tree of Life Synagogue today was the first time in 5 years since the antisemitic mass murders that the police barricades were down. 5 YEARS. Think Musk’s words are “just words”? His wealth and prominence makes him influential and gives permission to those who hate to kill and terrorize Jews and others. Think I’m crazy? My community bears the lasting scars of hate speech from Musk and his vile ilk that others act upon. Like a RICO case - they are all equally guilty. #NeverAgain

Word of Mouth
4 weeks ago

Popper's Paradox, short version:

*Tolerance of intolerance is intolerance.*


4 weeks ago

Never means never. #NeverAgain #NeverForget

98-year-old man charged and accused of helping Nazi murders in Holocaust - The Washington Post

Alan Martello
4 weeks ago

I live a mile from Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. Some neighbors are Jewish, some not. It doesn’t matter. In 2018 evil visited my community and together we stood strong, hand in hand. What we see today online by Musk is no different. Evil and hatred are being stoked by Musk. We must stand together, hand in hand. Never Again means we can’t sit on the sidelines. #NeverAgain #TreeOfLife #Antisemitism

4 weeks ago

Ignore the smoke and mirrors, the makeup, the flashbulbs, the three-hour hair stylings, orange spray-tans, and PhotoShopped images.
This is what Donald Trump really looks like.
A tired, defeated, 300-pound, wrinkled, bald old man with major health issues.
This is what his base wants to vote for.
This is the cult mentality.

How Donald Trump really looks--ancient, wrinkled, confused, haggard, and stupid
The Echo of a Distant Time
1 month ago

Elon Musk hops on the ‘blame the Jews’ bandwagon. The easiest, and yet most sordid and deadliest, grift in all of human history. #NeverAgain

[Visit Stop the Idiocracy, @Sunking278 on FACEBOOK and TWITTER; @ArthurNewhook on POST and THREADS. And @ArthurNewhook.]

Wir müssen aufhören, #Aiwanger und Co als Ausnahmen zu sehen.

Sie sind es nicht. Sie zu entblößen reduziert nicht ihre Anziehungskraft auf Wähler*innern, im Gegenteil, sie stärkt sie. Diese Denkweise ist in viel zu großem Teil der Bevölkerung heimisch.

Die Frage ist nicht, wie wir mit dem "Einzelfall" umgehen, sondern mit der systemischen Herausforderung.

(Ich empfehle Unterstützung von Organisationen wie @amadeuantonio und Co.)

#NieWieder #NeverAgain #CSU #FreieWähler #Freistaat

Itamar Medeiros
1 month ago

Christie’s decision to not proceed with the auction follows a backlash from #Jewish organizations after the auction house generated $202 million in a spring sale from the #jewelry collection of Heidi Horten. #nazism #neveragain #holocaust

Jens Hannemann
1 month ago

@randahl As a German born in 1968, I vow to ensure it happens #NeverAgain. #FuckFascim Go visit a concentration camp if you want to see the future once fascists get back into power.

⚠️ Help us send 1,000+ emails to City leaders TODAY!

Walk SF is asking for three key actions to fix deadly intersections like 4th & King.

Read our asks, and then send a quick email echoing these asks.

➡️ ⬅️

#neveragain #SafeStreetsForAll #SlowOurStreets

Email City leaders to fix deadly intersections! Picture of crowded crosswalk at 4th & King with cars going by.
Hans Boldt
1 month ago

@timrichards The first thing the Nazi's did after gaining power in 1933 was to arrest their political opponents: Socialists, communists, leftists, etc.

My grandfather was arrested and spent time in prison because he helped one of them escape the country.

#NeverAgain #Trump

@evan We got this asshat, partly because I thought the Dem incumbent had gotten too big-headed: I learned; #NeverAgain

"We need streets designed for safety first, & that’s just not the case at too many intersections including Fourth & King." - Jodie Medeiros, Walk SF

Tell City leaders this at

#neveragain #visionzerosf #safestreetsforall


San Francisco Examiner headline: SF activists rally for change, safety in wake of 4-year-old's death. Photo of activists in the crosswalk with strollers at 4th & King.

TONIGHT please stand with us to rally for real change on our streets.

This is a moment where we must be loud.

Thank you KTVU FOX2 for helping us get the word out.

#neveragain #SlowOurStreets #VisionZeroSF #familiesforsafestreets #SafetyOverSpeed

FOX KTVU 2 headline: Protest for more pedestrian-friendly intersections in San Francisco. Video screenshot of crash site with white ghost stroller and sign.

Thank you, Kron4 News, for helping get the word out about tomorrow.

If you share our heartbreak & outrage for what happened, stand with us tomorrow at 4th & King at 5PM.


Headline reads: Memorial to honor 4-year-old killed in crash near Oracle Park planned for Tuesday. Preview of video with ambulances at the crash site.
1 month ago

Alright absolute final update on the cabinet #woodworking #diy #done #neveragain

Little cabinet in a hallway
Cabinet from a different angle
2 months ago

While taking a walk in the Tiergarten, Berlin, saw a freshly sprayed Sw*stika.
I mean, I know that in Germany right-wing voices get lauder. Agressive.
But wow.
Scary shit.

Note to self: Pack a stack of stickers. #FckAFD #FckNzs #NeverAgain

We must ensure we enact the call from #Grenfell tragedy, to say #NeverAgain across our country.

As we stand, we owe it, to all disabled people living in high rises. They should have a personal evacuation plan. They don't. The government had refused, saying it will cost too much.

Meanwhile Sunak is awash with millions, and the Tory landlords profit, as they ignore the cost of death of the poor & most vulnerable


Malte Engeler
2 months ago

Wenn beide Häuser erst brennen, ist die Brandmauer egal.

Screenshot eines Artikels aus der Süddeutschen Zeitung. Die Überschrift lautet "Kretschmer für pragmatischen Umgang mit der AfD". Darunter ein Foto von Michael Kretschmer (Ministerpräsident in Sachsen, CDU)
Alexander S. Vindman
2 months ago

This fucking imbecile @greggutfeld is beyond absurd. He argues that Jews honed skills in the Holocaust that allowed some to survive. More than SIX MILLION men, women, & children perished because they weren’t useful enough. @FoxNews is complicit in this hateful tirade. #NeverAgain

cowboyminer :coolified:
2 months ago

@Melody @totentanz @ukraine

I understand that point. Though I fight myself over it. Who's escalating really? #Russia each time. I mean the world said #neveragain though we again stand by and let it happen.

Nothing there that was there that #russia couldn't have resolved via talks .. except for land grabs and a desire to exterminate. Both of which just need stopped.

I'm sure I'm wrong but I imagine every bit of armor just driving east toward the border to push #russia out. Not a shot fired.

2 months ago

@pluralistic on my walking tour today it was said that, apparently, combining all the stumble stones together would create the largest monument in the world -- quite sad.


3 months ago

#trinity #atomicbomb test
#NeverAgain #TPNW

“Why I chose the name is not clear, but I know what thoughts were in my mind. There is a poem of John Donne, written just before his death, which I know and love.”

“Hymn to God, My God, in My Sickness”

“That still does not make a Trinity, but in another, better known devotional poem Donne opens, ‘Batter my heart, three person’d God.’ Beyond this, I have no clues whatever.”

@supernovae @WLDNSTAR #NeverAgain This place has served well for 25 years.

Warszawska Formacja Ⓐ
4 months ago

Andrzej Seweryn powiedział to, o czym liberalne tchórze nawet nie pomyślą: Z faszyzmem nie wygra się wrzucając kartkę do urny wyborczej, z faszyzmem wygra się jego bronią, siłą.

W XX wieku przekonaliśmy się jak wygląda dopuszczenie faszyzmu do debaty publicznej. #NigdyWiecej!

#Antyfaszyzm #Antifa #FCKNZS #NeverAgain #GoodNightWhitePride

Serge from Babka
4 months ago

The phrase "Never Again" is associated with Jews and the Holocaust. It is a call to Jews and the world to never let this tragedy happen to us as a people.

When others co-op the phrase for other purposes, it's a form of Jewish erasure, removing and de-centering Jews from our own tragedy.

If you want to talk about another issue, please use a different phrase associated that is associated with your cause.

#Jews #Holocaust #NeverAgain #antisemitism

@emilygorcenski I sincerely wish for you to be right and not be labeled a naive optimist in hindsight.

At the end of the day, even one hatecrime is too many and #NeverAgain must mean NEVER AGAIN regardless of where and when!

DeSantis bans Holocaust textbooks in Florida schools.

Remember, DeSantis' "anti-woke" bans outlaw ideas that make people feel guilty about their desires, thoughts, or actions.

If history makes you feel guilty, it is time to examine your ideals.

#florida #history #censorship #neveragain #fascism #uspol #education

90 years ago, four months after taking power, the Nazis targeted this groundbreaking institute that researched gender & sexuality. They ransacked and looted its contents, which became part of the book burnings of May 10.

Dora Richter, the first known person to undergo complete male-to-female gender reassignment surgery, was either killed in this attack or was arrested and died in custody.

#NeverForget #NeverAgain #NieVergessen #NieWieder #trans #transhistory #magnushirschfeld #dorarichter

On this day 90 years ago the Nazis ransacked the first gender clinic in the West.

On May 6, 1933, a Nazi student group marched to the Institute for Sexual Science in Berlin. With members of the SA, they ransacked the institute and looted its library and archives. Days later, the stolen books, artifacts, and clinical files were destroyed in one of several public book burnings organized across Germany. A bust of Hirschfeld was paraded through the streets on a stick before being thrown onto the bonfire.

#NeverForget #NeverAgain
#NieVergessen #NieWieder
#trans #transhistory #magnushirschfeld

5 months ago

Total is Holocaust Rememberance Day.

We are losing the last survivors and veterans of the Second World War. As they fade from living memory, fascists and their sympathizers have re-emerged in many countries, including our own. I don't believe that is a coindidence. Soon it will be up to us -- and only us -- to keep their memories alive. #NeverAgain

Today is #YomHaShoah, #HolocaustRemembranceDay. We mourn our families and others who didn’t survive the genocide. 6 million Jews. My grandfather’s 4 sisters (Chana, Devorah, Ethel, Malka), and his parents were all murdered. Photo is one of his murdered sisters. He came to Canada to escape #antisemitism. #NeverAgain

Photo of one of my great aunts who died in the Holocaust - photographic negatives were smuggled in dress seams, brought as the only connection to murdered family. My Zeide arrived in Canada as the sole survivor in his family.
6 months ago

Yesterday, my family and me donated my maternal grandmother's juden ausweiss and star to the museum at @KampVughtNM

What with the rise of fascism and intolerance around the world, let this be a reminder to you all, that lest we learn from history, it is bound to repeat itself.

#NeverForget #NeverAgain

A photo of my grandmothers folded-up ausweiss and her oker-coloured "judenstar" leaning against a grey concrete small scale model of one of the baraks of Kamp Vught.
To the left there is another scale-model barak.

In the background a (non-scale model) open air watchtower can be seen, which is one of the few remaining parts of Kamp Vught.
Behind the watchtower, you can only just see the top of a fence with barbed wire and a backdrop of trees against a lightly clouded sky.
A more detailed photo of my grandmother's Juden ausweiss and the oker Juden star.

The ausweiss is folded open and consists of three parts.
The left side shows a photo of my grandmother with her name handwritten and a stamped on black "J" and a stamp of the local municipally.

The middle part contains a rectangular stamp with text stating in German that the "holder of this identify card was freed from work-duty" (loosely translated) and dated 1942.
Below it is an autograph and a circular stamp from the Sicherheitspolizei.

The right part just has printed on lettering stating that this is a Dutch identity card which is valid for five years. It also has the black stamp with the letter "J" again.
A photo of the remaining buildings of Kamp Vught.

The open-air watchtower is more clearly visible now, including the barbed wire fence and to the right the remaining barrack.

The watchtower looks to be largely constructed of wood and stands in a grassy field.

On the left side of the photo, not clearly visible, is the scale model of the complete camp.

In the backdrop there is a high concrete wall, which is the wall of the highest security prison in the Netherlands.
That prison was partially build on the terrain of Kamp Vught, after the second world war, and there are some old parts of Kamp Vught still incorporated inside the prison, though, as can be expected, those are not open to the public for visiting.
7 months ago

They won!
#Oscar x 🏆🏆🏆🏆

#AllQuietOnTheWesternFront is incredible.
The actors are SO good.
If you haven’t already: watch it.
It‘s hard, though.

For me as a German it‘s a must.

@GrimmReality If there's any legitimate reason for the #2A it's to prevent shit like that from happening.

#NeverAgain means NEVER AGAIN!

Cait the Encourageable
7 months ago

I find it interesting that I get so much pushback from cis people about whether or not there is an impending #TransGenocide.

You're using your 2023 brain to assess this. That's the wrong point of view. It's not 2023 for trans people, it's 1933, and we all live in Berlin.

When we all looked at the horrors of the Holocaust, and said #NeverAgain, did we mean anything by that? Can we truly afford to be casual in our opposition to what is intended to reach the same conclusions: that the targeted group are subhuman, and don't deserve life?

You wishing it weren't happening isn't going to save anyone. What are you doing to help protect trans people? Have you even called your representatives at the appropriate government to tell them to lay off?

If not, what DID you mean by #NeverAgain? "NeverAgain, as long as it's not inconvenient for me or requires me to do anything?"

Cis people, we need you to stand the fuck up and fight back. I don't need you to tell me here how you do that; I need you to just DO IT. Don't virtue-signal. Just act. Call your reps. Get your ass out to a demonstration. Take a sign saying "I'm a cis ally!" Get on TV with it. Be noticed, standing up. When you hear transphobic talk at work or in the pub, SAY SOMETHING. Learn, so you can educate.

Bigots don't listen to the people they hate. We need your voices here, your bodies on the line beside ours.

If you're not building a secret room for us to hide in, you're really not paying attention.