Chris White
11 hours ago

Just a cracked wall weeping

This concrete wall on the lower part of Nubanusit Brook in #Peterborough, #NewHampshire has cracks that leak water, and leave these lovely mineral deposits on the face of the wall. Just above its confluence with the #Contoocook #River. My #photo.

#monochome #abstract #NewEngland
#Fujifilm #XH1 65 mm f/2.8 LAOWA f/5.6 1/250 s ISO 200

This wide format digital photograph shows a somewhat mustache shaped crack in a concrete wall, weeping bright precipitates over a darker background of the wall itself.
1 day ago

Happened across this frozen natural display back home while hiking with my cousin (November 2006). #ThrowbackThursday #NewHampshire #KonicaMinoltaDimageA200

A pool of water is covered with a thin layer of ice. Suspended in the water are maple and oak leaves that have fallen from the trees that autumn.
Chris Blanos
2 days ago

It's #WaterfallWednesday! The 80ft/24m Cloudland Falls is on the Falling Waters Trail leading to Little Haystack Mountain in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire, USA.

#photography #landscape #LandscapePhotography #LongExposure #nature #waterfall #StateParks #NewHampshire #NH #hiking #WhiteMountains

A long exposure photograph of a waterfall flowing over several levels of craggy rocks beneath overhanging tree branches on a foggy day.
2 days ago

Edge of the woods at Singing Hills, a retreat center near where I grew up (October 2022). My grandfather donated the founder 135 acres back in the 1970s. They're still in operation today. #WoodlandWednesday #NewHampshire #X100V

Closeup view of maple leaves on a branch that have turned red in autumn. Out of focus behind the leaves are a number of trees, and a portion of an old stone wall.
John Carmichael
3 days ago

In September
I saw you standing with the wind and the rain in your faceAnd you were thinking 'bout the wisdom of the leaves and their graceWhen the leaves come falling downIn September when the leaves, come falling down— Van Morrison, When the Leaves Come Falling Down

The puppy is having her first autumn, and in New Hampshire no less. She's entered a p
#Seasons #Lifestyle #Music #Pets #CarpeDiem #NewHampshire #Philosophy #VanMorrison

Matthew Hall
3 days ago

I would find it supremely ironic if the #NewHampshire community shared their concerns, thoughts, petitions about this scandal via #Facebook -

Raymond Scott Pert
4 days ago

#PragerU’s Propaganda Is Now Being Taught in Schools

> The media group was just approved to spread its brand of historical disinformation to classrooms in #Florida, #Oklahoma, and #NewHampshire #FarRight

Dennis Prager,Gage Skidmore
Takako 🐀
4 days ago

We tried to beat the rain by going north to New Hampshire… 💚🌧️💧 but we stepped into a magical kingdom of mosses in the rain!

#Mosstodon #moss #rain #mountain #UncanoonucMtn #NewHampshire

A portrait oriented photo of the wet, verdant moss-covered forest ground by the trail.

I got close to the ground to capture the small animal’s point of view. 

There’s a small clearing shaped by the boulders and rocks, surrounded by many tall trees, many evergreens. A trail sign is at the top right corner behind a mature straight tree trunk.

The bottom two thirds are covered with luscious mosses. The deeper green trees are in the top third. 

It was raining.

Btw, there are North and South Uncanoonuc Mountains. Uncanoonuc means boobs. We hiked up the South today.
Chris White
5 days ago

Reflections of Rothko

Old mill dam on Nubanusit #Brook, #Peterborough, #NewHampshire, USA

Click to see the tall image, vaguely inspired by the abstract rectangular compositions of Mark #Rothko. My #photo

#NewEngland #Fujifilm #XH1 LAOWA 65mm/2.8 @ f/8(?) 1/480 s ISO200

The 5 high by 4 wide color digital photograph shows a clump of waterweeds floating in still, dark water above the rounded weir of a mill dam. The water falls in white streams at the bottom of the image.
1 week ago

NWS Gray Emergency Managers Self-brief for Thursday PM: Good weather through Friday, but coastal interests should monitor coastal storm over weekend. Wind, surf, moderate rip currents primary threats, with potentially heavy rain across SE #Maine and #NewHampshire. #MEwx #MEweather

Map of Maine and New Hampshire showing potential storm over the weekend.
1 week ago

Another stellar election night for Democrats
Special Elections in #NewHampshire and #Pennsylvania show a trend of Dems overperforming!!


Dennis A
1 week ago

#RonDeSantis #NewHampshire #2024PresidentialPrimary
The Guardian US:
DeSantis falls to fifth in New Hampshire poll in latest campaign reverse

"Trump has healthy lead in second state to vote, ahead of Ramaswamy, Haley, Christie and flailing Florida governor."

Steve Herman
1 week ago

DeSantis drops to 4th place in latest poll of GOP presidential candidates in #NewHampshire.

1 week ago

#US States Take Aim at Protesters’ Rights

Right to Peaceful Assembly at Risk

by Jonathan Pedneault, February 16, 2021

"#Peaceful #protests are protected by the #UnitedStates Constitution’s First Amendment as well as #international #HumanRights law. But a legislative assault aimed at eroding these protections is underway in several state legislatures.

"It’s nothing new. Various states have long-tried to curtail the right to #protest. They do so by legislating wide definitions of what constitutes an 'unlawful assembly' or a 'riot' as well as increasing punishments. They also allow police to use catch-all public offenses, such as #trespassing, obstructing traffic, or disrupting the peace, as a pretext for ordering dispersals, using force, and making arrests. Finally, they make it easier for #corporations and others to bring lawsuits against #protest organizers.

"While proportionate restrictions on the right of peaceful assembly, like creating buffer zones around abortion clinics to ensure access, may be necessary, the use of catch-all offenses against peaceful #demonstrators or the imposition of increased penalties to deter assemblies are not.

"At a time of large mobilizations across the US, attempts by states to deter and impose criminal penalties on peaceful protesters should be stopped.

"According to the US Protest Law Tracker, created by the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law, there are currently 51 bills under consideration in 24 state legislatures, including as many as 10 in #Oklahoma, that they warn would threaten the right to assemble peacefully.

"Among the proposed laws are nine, including three in Oklahoma, that the Tracker reports would provide civil and/or criminal immunity for drivers injuring or killing protesters unlawfully disrupting traffic and one stand-your-ground bill in #NewHampshire that would allow deadly force against protesters 'likely' to use 'any' degree of unlawful force during a riot.

"Other bills would increase penalties for participating in unlawful protests, something that happens automatically in many jurisdictions once someone marches without a permit, or for committing an offense – including jaywalking or trespassing – while in an unlawful assembly.

"International human rights law protects the right of peaceful assembly and requires authorities at all levels to facilitate such assemblies and avoid unnecessary or disproportionate restrictions on them. The mere act of planning or participating in a protest should not be criminalized. Authorities are also required to protect people participating in such assemblies – bills that encourage or allow violence against protesters are inconsistent with those obligations, and states should abandon them."

#Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

Chris Blanos
1 week ago

A waterfall for #WaterfallWednesday! The 60ft/18m Swiftwater Falls is on the Falling Waters Trail leading to Little Haystack Mountain in Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire, USA. This image was shot on iPhone with the Spectre long exposure camera app by @halide.

#photography #landscape #LandscapePhotography #longexposure #nature #waterfall #StateParks #NewHampshire #NH #hiking #WhiteMountains #SpectreShot #ShotOnIPhone

A long exposure photograph of a waterfall cascading down several levels of rocks beneath overhanging tree branches on a foggy day.
Tony Stark
1 week ago

Congratulations to Hal Rafter and to the organizers and volunteers who knocked on doors, made calls, wrote, and got out the vote.

This is a flipped seat from being held by a Republican. NH Democrats have now won eight of the nine special elections this year. Don’t pay attention to polls. Pay attention to results. This was a Trump district. Now it isn’t.

Democrats flip key #NewHampshire seat, putting them inches from erasing GOP's majority-

1 week ago

#NewHampshire towns have been using ancient vote-counting machines running XP. They aren't required to update them yet, but the state has authorized two replacements.

Ballot-counting machines aren't voting machines and aren't subject to most of the issues that make #voting by machine such a minefield. Still, running on an unsupported OS isn't great.

1 week ago

👍🏻💪🏼Via Taniel:

Big election result tonight: Democrats FLIP a state House seat in #NewHampshire.

Why is this big? It puts Dems just 1 seat away from tying the GOP in chamber; & they're very likely to get that seat in another special in 7 weeks. Today's was the big one.

1 week ago

US voters across 4 swing states oppose anti-crypto pres candidates: Coinbase - A poll of voters in New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania ... - #uspresidentialelection #standwithcrypto #morningconsult #newhampshire #pennsylvania #swingstates #campaign #nevada #study #ohio

1 week ago

Republican Jay Ruais and Democrat Kevin Cavanaugh Advance in Mayoral Election for Manchester, New Hampshire #USPolitics #Politics #USNews #Manchester #NewHampshire #NH #JayRuais #KevinCavanaugh

Addendum 1

PragerU Right-Wing Playbook for Infiltrating Public Education Is Working
New Hampshire's school board voted to make right-wing organization's courses count toward graduation credits, despite vocal opposition

* Prager University Foundation looking to repeat its triumph in Florida across USA >> prageru

#NewHampshire #education #HB544 #CultureWars #GOP #GOPmenace #disinformation #PragerU #TPUSA

Dennis Prager speaks at Turning Point USA

[thread] New Hampshire, education

New Hampshire Law Banning Divisive Concepts Leaves Teachers Vulnerable, Students Unprepared
* "propagation of divisive concepts" 🤨

* HB 544 “Divisive Concepts” bill prohibits teaching of racism, sexism, materials that claim “an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist, or oppressive, wh. consciously/unconsciously”

#NewHampshire #education #HB544 #CultureWars #GOP #GOPmenace

2 weeks ago

NWS Gray Emergency Managers Self-brief for Monday AM: Widespread heavy rain of up to 1 inch/hour possible starting this afternoon. Flood watch posted for much of #Maine and #NewHampshire. NOTE to Maine folks: the NWS Gray daily decision support graphics are now posted automatically by @nwsgray_bot (Thanks!). I will continue to post and annotate them when hazards exist. #MEwx #MEweather

Map of Maine and New Hampshire showing possibility of two to three inches of rain in some areas, with risks of flooding.
Mark Stoneman
2 weeks ago

Driving north on Rt. 16, I can still be surprised by the appearance of the White Mountains from a few hilltops between Wakefield and Ossipee. For a moment, today, I was even treated to Mt. Chocorua and Mt. Washington as the dominant figures in a stunning pattern of silhouettes that rose into the late afternoon sky.
#NewHampshire #Driving #MentalSnapshot (1/2) 🧵

Chris White
2 weeks ago

The beautiful grounds of Harris Center for Conservation Education

The grounds of the center, and the building, are absolutely gorgeous. They manage many local land areas and great trails. Here, I’ve photographed a lovely bench in a sunken area surrounded by a stone wall and junipers. The bench is dedicated to a local naturalist, Susie Spiko, and local wildlife (raccoons, I think) have registered their approval with paw prints.
#Hancock #NewHampshire #photo

Paw prints on the bench dedicated to Susie Spiko, plaque at top right.
A monochrome image of a bench in front of a wall surrounded by Junipers on the Harris Center grounds.
Peace Out Art :noverify:
2 weeks ago

🌀 NOAA online weather radio for current weather conditions (USA) 📻

#HurricaneLee #Hurricane #Weather
#Maine #DowneastMaine #NewEngland #Massachusetts #NewHampshire

Peace Out Art :noverify:
2 weeks ago

NOAA online radio gives current local weather conditions pretty much anywhere in the USA.
#HurricaneLee #Maine #Massachusetts #NewHampshire #NOAA

2 weeks ago

Yet Another State Welcomes Uber-Conservative #PragerU Into Its Classrooms

The #NewHampshire Board of Education voted unanimously on Thursday to add PragerU's financial literacy videos to the curriculum.

Some teachers and residents expressed fears that the financial literacy videos were just the tip of the iceberg.

"Approval of this course would serve as a gateway to its founders' conservative ideology," resident Janet Ward said during 2.5 hours of public testimony.

2 weeks ago

Hah! So. I went to @gibsonsbookstore tonight for an author reading and when I was there, I picked up a copy of @pluralistic 's The Interent Con and the lady says, "oh! He's coming here to do a reading/book signing in November." 🤗

#NewHampshire #bookstore #newbooks

Cory Doctrow's book: The Internet Con. How to seize the means if computation, in front of a shopping bag from Gibson's Bookstore that says "Raising Passionate Readers"
2 weeks ago

Going to this event tonight at @gibsonsbookstore. I'm not familiar with the book or the author. But I kind of love just showing up at something that looks intriguing but, with zero expectations for what I'll find.

"Join Gibson's Bookstore for an event with author David Lawrence Morse as he presents The Book of Disbelieving [whose 9 stories] open portals to fabulist worlds and magical objects: a village built on the back of a whale, a holiday that requires literal leaps of faith, a tower that houses an entire civilization, a diary that blurs the line between imagination and memory. The worlds Morse creates are fantastical... a wondrous collection of fables and lore."

Sounds pretty awesome.

Also. Hurray for independent bookstores! #NewHampshire #Bookstore #storytime #stories #fables

2 weeks ago

@analogfusion Seeing the humidity just hanging in the air! It’s been another humid year, which is great for photos and not great for walking!
#newhampshire #WoodlandWednesday

An old trail through the woods. Grass grows between old tire track ruts. The sun, filtering through tree trunks, shows the mist of high humidity in the early morning.
2 weeks ago

Woods of New Hampshire, during a past visit to my hometown (June 2019). #WoodlandWednesday #NewHampshire

Lush green woods filled with trees and ferns, penetrated by a faint ray of "God light" down the center of the frame.
Pete Orrall
2 weeks ago

One of the men stalking the journalists launched a brick through her window. Written on the brick was "JUST THE BEGINNING."

#newhampshire #journalism #stalking #boston

Aure Free Press
3 weeks ago

America is failing its students!

Frayed by years of destructive GOP education policies, Republicans are now trying to pull the rest of the rug out from under our children's feet!

After 20 years in education, this NH teacher decided to become a truck driver
#AureFreePress #News #GOP #Politics #USA #Newhampshire

Tony Stark
3 weeks ago

Special election alert for #NewHampshire

In NH, Republicans control the offices of governor, secretary of state, attorney general, and both chambers of the state legislature. But, control of the NH House is by the thinnest of margins: 197 Democrats to 199 Republicans.

An upcoming special election on September 19, 2023 could cause a tie in the NH House and change that.

Learn more here:

Sign up to phonebank to help elect Democrat Hal Rafter here:

Chris White
3 weeks ago

Oxbow pond in early morning
Ashuelot River, #Keene, #NewHampshire USA
My #photo #landscape #monochrome #NewEngland
Square image, click for expanded view and caption.

This square, monochrome, digital photograph is a view to the northeast of an oxbow pond on the Ashuelot River floodplain.The center right is in deep shadow, while trees at left are brightly lit. The brightly lit trees are reflected in still water toward the bottom of the image.
George Steffanos
3 weeks ago

🧵 1/4
40 years ago Sunday: The AT joined the Lost Pond Trail for the first mile today, following the course of the Ellis River through Pinkham Notch and brushing the shore of a pretty lake.

⬇️ Thread in comments

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #NewHampshire #nature #mountains #forest #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails #hikingtrails

Beneath a hazy whitewashed sky, we are standing atop some rocky cliffs hundreds of feet above a deep notch looking across that notch at a lofty mountain range towering thousands of feet above us. Two massive ridges slanting down towards us from that range frame our view on the left and right. The ridge to our left bears the white scars of an auto road and several trails. Its crest is rocky. The righthand ridge is more wooded. The two ridges embrace a massive inverted U-shaped valley running down the mountainside from a steep headwall where it meets the ridge crest. The valley is also densely wooded.
3 weeks ago

They aim to ensure “that votes cast will be for those constitutionally qualified to hold office, that a #disqualified candidate does not siphon off support from…candidates of choice, & that voters are not deprived of the chance to vote for a qualified candidate in the general election,” the #lawsuit says.
Similar efforts are unfolding in other states. Last month, …#FreeSpeechForPeople wrote to… #Florida, #NewHampshire, #NewMexico, #Ohio & #Wisconsin, urging them not to include #Trump on ballots.

3 weeks ago

NWS Gray Emergency Managers Self-brief for Wednesday AM: Humid and warm with chance of thunderstorms Thursday. Heat advisory for southern #NewHampshire, dangerously warm/humid conditions elsewhere in NE/NY. #MEwx #MEweather

Map of Maine and New Hampshire showing heat index over 90 in many areas.
Map of New England and New York showing extreme Wet Bulb Globe temperatures in upper 90s in Massachusetts and Connecticut.
Steve Herman
3 weeks ago

Haley has caught up to DeSantis in the #Election2024 Republican race for distant second place among potential #NewHampshire primary voters, according to a new poll.

3 weeks ago

This is a self-portrait I took in May 1990, after my Dad had a bunch of trees cut down on our property. I was emoting my displeasure at the time. I was 18 years old.

There wasn't any point to clearing this spot, other than making money off the lumber. #ThickTrunkTuesday #KonicaTCX #NewHampshire

A young man stands on a stump at a distance. It's a sunny day with a blue sky, and he's facing the camera wearing sunglasses.

He's surrounded by fallen white pine logs being harvested from a section of woods.
El Duvelle
3 weeks ago

Another nice #NewHampshire view

Photo of the Connecticut river on the evening, with a fading sky light, the dark trunk of a tree in the foreground, the river with many ripples on its surface but still reflecting the sky and clouds, and a line of dark green trees in the opposite shore.
George Steffanos
4 weeks ago

🧵 1/4
40 years ago today: The spruce gradually diminished in height as I ascended the narrow ridge crest. Soon, they were little more than stunted dwarfs, and I was surrounded by panoramic views.

⬇️ Thread in comments

#backpacking #hiking #outdoors #landscapephotography #NewHampshire #nature #mountains #forest #AppalachianTrail #adventure #trails #hikingtrails

Beneath a hazy, whitewashed sky we are standing atop a rocky mountaintop looking down an alpine slope. That slope is strewn with gray boulders and covered with a golden-brown plant resembling grass and a miniature forest of stunted spruce and fir shrubs. As the slope descends they slowly increase in size until they are forests of full-sized trees covering the mountainsides and most of the valley below. The valley also had a few large green fields. Across the valley, parallel mountain ranges cascade towards the horizon, gradually fading into the haze.
El Duvelle
4 weeks ago

#Mushroom what is this?
(Seen in #NewHampshire, US)

Photo of a white, tall mushroom seen in the forest, it has a very white cap about 10cm long, with some white stringy bits loosely attached to it. Its foot is also white,about 10 cm tall and with little bumps.
Photo of the same mushroom but seen from below. It has normal-looking “gills”
Steve Herman
1 month ago

DeSantis presidential campaign team has gone to unusual lengths to prevent a #NewHampshire teenager from having a chance to follow up with the candidate on his question about Trump. #Election2024

1 month ago

🌞 Good morning #fediverse! This is GBH News bringing you the world from #Boston. It's 68F at Logan Airport and visibility is 10 miles.

American Airlines flight attendants voted overwhelmingly to go on #strike for better pay and working conditions. #labor

A longshot GOP presidential candidate has filed suit to keep Trump off the ballot in #NewHampshire primaries.

A #Nebraska man who modified his Crown Vic so a bull could ride shotgun got pulled over in Norfolk, NE.

El Duvelle
1 month ago

⤵️ 3 months later, still in #NewHampshire, some more #RedEft (I think)

Zoomed-in video of a red eft / very small, orange kind of salamander moving around on brown leaves. It walks a bit weirdly, raising its feet quite high before stepping back on the ground.