Lori Brown
46 minutes ago

Here are my thoughts about the first 24 hours as a #mastodon user.

Thanks to the great people I have met so far, I really think this will be a pivotal platform for my day-to-day internet life. Oh and click the link in the beginning of the post to read my first thoughts about you all. I am learning the best way to include all this stuff in a post 😎 #Fediverse #NewHere #introduction

image made with Midjourney AI by the poster

Hello and welcome :mastodance:

#newhere #neuhier

2 days ago
Hi Hal
Welcome to the Fediverse!
I keep a tips/HelpThread pinned to my profile with stuff to settle in & enjoy the ride.
#Welcome #Help #New #NewHere #FediTips #Newbie

If you're #NewHere then the website by @feditips is an excellent starting place to get your questions answered. #MastodonHelp
Fedi.Tips – An Unofficial Guide to #Mastodon and the #Fediverse

3 days ago
Hi & welcome!!
Follow liberally. Follow by default. Be inquisitive & kind. Leftovers from Corporate anti-Social Media trained habits of wanting 100,000+ followers while following around 100- does not fly here FYI.

I update my thread of tips, settle in info & some condensed learning from last 6 months pinned to my profile (The Matrix themed one) it might be a read where you find more useful stuff.
#FediTips #Help #New #Newbie #NewHere #TwitterMigration #Fediverse #Social #SocialMedia #QT #Calckey #Mastodon

Falgn0n The Wizard
3 days ago



I recommend you use hashtags to help people find your posts.

#Introduction #NewHere

3 days ago

Good morning world. I am #newhere and not very experienced in social media. So forgive me in advance for every fatpot I step in.
I am in
#switzerland , #musicnerd , I love #nature and think seeing the person who sits opposite you as a valuable human being is essential, no matter what kind of human being he/she/it is (doesn't count for fascists, though). I also love #cooking and #baking and I sometimes post pics about that - as I am often proud not to have blown up my kitchen.
If you're interested in the music I listen to, check out my
#spotify profile:

Happy to be here.

Maria Karlsen
4 days ago
The Fediverse is growing so here is an updated illustration of it. Might be particularly interesting for all the newcomers.

Thanks to @Tim Schlotfeldt 🐧⚓ for sharing and to Imke Senst, Mike Kuketz for the great work.

Mike Kuketz 🛡 wrote the following post Wed, 24 May 2023 21:21:37 +0200
Das #Fediverse wächst. Daher hat unsere Grafik ein Update benötigt. Ganz fertig ist sie nicht, aber ihr dürft schon mal einen Blick drauf werfen. Vielen Dank an @imke für die großartige Überarbeitung! (ein paar Elemente/Überschriften finden bald den korrekten Platz)

#grafik #schaubild #followerpower
#newhere #fediverse #MastodonIsNotTheFediverse #Hubzilla #streams #friendica #calckey #akkoma
Das Fediverse und seine Plattformen.
Jim Killock
4 days ago

Welcome @mssophiaakram @openrightsgroup's Pre-Crime Programme Manager #newhere

5 days ago

Hello. I’m #newhere

1 week ago

Hello @Curator

Hello everyone,

I made my first toot some weeks ago.

I like making films and #screenprinting. I'm gaining experience with installations and have a lot of fun making #collages.

Since using this platform I discovered #microfiction which is super inspiring.

Yesterday I wrote my first #writingprompt

I looking forward to all your fascinating toots and hope I continue to contribute once in a while.

#introduction #newhere

A collage with a big old industrial pipe in black and white in the foreground spilling golden and black. There are some more, mostly black and white, industrial details like pipes, gears and buildings. The background is a colorful splash with different paterns and shapes. An exploding star, a blue half circle, red bubbles on a gray green structure, and old writing symbols here and there.
@hikingcatdancer Hi & welcome to the fediverse! If you have questions how to start and build your network, then please ask. There are also many tips under the hashtag #newhere and #introduction.
1 week ago

Hi again,

since #migration to a self administered single-user instance in January 2022, I'm now happy to find a home here again enabled by @freiheit. 🤩

Though I'd like to show that you can easily run a #federated instance :fediverse: yourself, #Pleroma with #PostgreSQL seems to take all the memory @ubernauten over time disrupting my other private services. ⚙️

I switched to @gotosocial, but due to the #ActivityPub design it seems like I've "burned" my domain with Pleroma already. 🔥

#New #NewHere #Newbies #Welcome

1 week ago

Hi Lurd! There's a website called FediTips ( that I found really useful when I first joined. It makes learning Mastodon and finding your people so much easier.

#newhere #feditips #help

1 week ago

There is no central architect.

There are some people on the Fediverse who contribute a lot, but there are no Emperors, no Kings. Power is distributed out & shared, and not a pyramid with rulers atop. The rest of the network can just adapt around any figure. The Fediverse can't be bought and sold.

This means my social is not at the whims of negotiating with some central figure, who is unlikely to register I even exist. If I want something different, I can move around the Fediverse to where it's happening that way, even set up my own space if I want.
#Fediverse #FediFriday #FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus #SocialMedia #social

Neo confronts the Architect of the Matrix in a round room with screens for walls. All showing different versions of Neo, showing how little individual users matter to the Architect of the Matrix.
2 weeks ago

You can start off in the Fediverse from any platform, so maybe this one.

Maybe you begin with Calckey (this here)/Misskey or Mastodon or Pixelfed (a bit like Instagram). You will soon appreciate your freedom to add other platforms without having to start over from scratch like with the big corporate social walled enclosures that separate their user bases. I post seamlessly from Calckey to my Mastodon followers for example.

3 helpful sites to explore:

An over view of the Fediverse, a co-operation of social platforms. Imagine Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Medium, Reddit but co-operating, inter-operating and developing to benefit all the users not some billionaires.

Calckey servers

Where did your Twitter contacts go? Automatically reconnect to your Twitter people from the many different Fediverse platforms.

#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus #SocialMedia #social #SocialMedia #social

Operator Tank from the Matrix movies, sitting in front of many screens filled with information.
Maria Karlsen
2 weeks ago
Very well said, and a good reminder.
Thanks to @citykitty

Tony Stubblebine wrote the following post Mon, 15 May 2023 14:19:00 +0200 The biggest problem, IMO, with the creator economy is that it's an extension of the attention economy.

The drive to create every day gets paired with the necessity to manufacture attention.

Very few creators can successfully escape that.

There had been something before the creator economy that was much healthier. The sharing economy. You shared when you had something of substance to share, but otherwise didn't have to be on any sort of content treadmill.
#TheSocialWeb #socialmedia #community #newhere
2 weeks ago


I realise
#Fediverse is an evolving co-operating culture with common protocol linking many things. No platform is trying to lock up all my attention in their walled garden.

I can have several accounts, try & use several platforms, keep my circles across all & I'm free to move around. Exporting and importing followers, migrating, these are all
#Fediverse core principles. Freely social, not captive eyeballs.

On phone tablet desktop, I can have apps and/or I can open simple browser windows +just type an instance's address. There are many ways to login & communicate across the

This idea is a revolution in itself. How much effort did I lose on doomed corporation farms that were jealously trying to carve out separately, wall away and own their userbase. Myspace, Google+, Facebook, Twitter.

#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus #SocialMedia #social

Neo thoughtfully examines a bullet.
2 weeks ago

#Fediverse has many apps & projects, many servers, many mod teams. This is its strength.

No1 can buy it up.

The code is all open source. No advertisers. There is no reason to make us anxious or aggressive to make us click more or scroll faster, there is no1 to trade clicks & scrolls to for ad$.

Everything runs on donations & volunteer time+skills.

The servers & platforms I use regularly I should contribute to.
#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

Neo standing in front of a wall of screens, each screen showing Neo standing in front of another wall of screens. Ad infinitum.
2 weeks ago


Metrics don't matter here. Numbers don't matter. Mollowers aren't faked here, my voice isn't reduced by algorithms. What matters here is good interactions. Actually being social.

Having more followers does not make my posts more visible.
Following fewer people does not make my posts more visible.
Having lots of favs does not make my posts more visible.
It is not a system of social overlords broadcasting at serfs who don't get heard.

The features here are designed for the users, not for data harvesting or profit. They are deliberate choices to encourage people to treat each other better. There is rapid development and if I need a different feature, I should just look at another platform to access the Fediverse which will give it to me.

I can use many Fediverse websites/apps, and keep all my circle of people across them.

People matter, not metrics.
#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

Neo flying faster than a raging explosion behind him.
2 weeks ago


If there are subjects I don't want to deal with I can set filter words in my profile settings which will stop certain topics from showing up in my feeds.

#Fediverse & it's different platforms+software have masses of clever tools, & different ways to access. You communicate with people all over the Fediverse, seamlessly.

So much more to explore, new projects, new apps:
#PixelFed like Instagram but not trying to sell you stuff
#PeerTube like Youtube but not ads based
#Friendica like Facebook but not harvesting data
& many more to discover
#Calckey like a smooth & fun new Twitter replacement #FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

Neo flying so fast through the matrix city his slipstream is collecting tumbling cars in his wake.
2 weeks ago


This place is built on kindness, on respecting each other, on listening, on benefit of the doubt, on not trying to 'win' conversations but learn from them. Humans beings are varied, that makes life interesting.

I must not leap to be be negative back. Maybe they just have too much stress today. If I have to I can block. If troll servers turn up, I can block an entire server if I need to - but probably the mod heroes will be on it anyway.

They're volunteers, our mods and admins, and it's a tough job, let alone when it's unpaid. Be kind to them!
#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

Neo, hand outstretched, palm up, freezing all the bullets in mid air.
2 weeks ago


When uploading images try and describe the images in the alt text box, this is good for people using screenreaders, blind, partially sighted etc. Try to remember to include people.

Fediverse is MUCH better at this than most places, something to be proud of, lets keep it that way!
#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

Neo with sunglasses standing in front of streams of matrix symbols fading in to a dark background.
2 weeks ago


Emails have a subject line which I click to expand body of the message.

Fediverse has similar thing. A content wrapper [CW] button when posting that adds a title, then one clicks to expand post.

It takes very little extra time to do. Subject line doesn't prevent me sending email! It's good for long posts or stuff that people might not want to see.

Remember sometimes people just need a break from things going wrong in the world.
#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

2 weeks ago


I should write an introduction post to say hello and tell people a bit about myself.

Include the
#introduction hashtag. Pin it to my profile.

Include lots of hashtags, so people can find me too.
#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

2 weeks ago


There are multiple feeds. You can customise them.

🛳️Home includes everyone I follow from any server for multiple social platforms.

⛴️Local=everyone on my ship (physical server).

🚢Federated=a step wider network, the people that locals are connected to or are searching.

#Fediverse is like a fleet. Different types & sizes of ships. Different sizes of instances/servers running a variety of social platforms. But all communicating & co-operating across the Fediverse. #FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

2 weeks ago


is the ❤️ button but it only tells the author you like their post, nobody else.

🔁Boost🔁 is what moves info around.

There is no algorithm, we choose and not some algorithm under corporate control. We choose by
🔁boosting🔁 posts and by using #hashtags.

If I put hashtags more at the bottom of a post it is kind to those using screen readers, partially sighted, blind etc. Fediverse has a good reputation for inclusion, we must keep it going.

Some platforms like Calckey even have a separate box below main post compose area, just for adding hashtags.
#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

2 weeks ago


👊I can put #hashTags in the search bar & find intersting things. Join in those conversations. Find more people to follow.

Locals on my server might answer questions eg "what's a good #hashtag to find historians with?" #Histodons Many are obvious eg #naturePhotography #ClimateChange

🤜I could pin hashtags as columns, or follow hashtags to put them in homefeed. I can create rules + keywords + hashtags + users based notifications called antennas on platforms like Calckey. There are many ways to find stuff or be notified on topics you specify.

🤛I can edit my posts (4.0+ Mastodon, Calckey, various other platforms). #FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

2 weeks ago


👊I know bookmarks!
Bookmark a post via an icon or 3 dots flyout menu to return to something useful.

Follow liberally!
Morefollows has zero algorithm penalty here. Is no algorithm. More people I follow, more interesting my feeds get. There are good tools for management.

🤜I can click #hashtags!
#FediTips or #Newbies. I click hashtags to learn more stuff & find more people!

🤛I look at different feeds like local federated home etc.
#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

2 weeks ago

Day 1
Where am I? Is this the Fediverse? What is the Mastodon?
👉 Click for Thread🧵

What I've learned about
#Fediverse (#Mastodon #Calckey etc) condensed to help others.

3 helpful sites:

The Fediverse, a co-operation of social platforms. Imagine Facebook, Twttr, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Medium but co-op to benefit the users not a few billionaires

Calckey servers

Where did your Twitter contacts go?

#FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

Maria Karlsen
2 weeks ago
If you come here from Twitter, you are more than welcome.
If you bring your friends and family, that's awesome.
If you bring your interests, your dedication, your opinions, I'm all for it.
If you bring your Twitter behaviour..... please - just don't.

#newhere #twitter #fediverse #community #communication
2 weeks ago

Seeing a discussion on likes

I learned that all my likes on twitter were shown to someone.
All I will ever know about how people thought to use twitter , I learned here. There was never any #NewHere or Tips post there.

And I wondered where people have started in the fediverse where they were told likes don't matter.
All I have seen here where posts stating how nice it is to make the little star turn and how great it feels to see people reacting to a post of theirs.

for those new here and others who are unsure about AltText descriptions I highly recommend checking out the images of @Zumbador
for inspiration. Their descriptions create a vivid image in my mind and I absolutely love reading them.

#NewHere #AltText #Inspiration

2 weeks ago
You're connected across the fediverse not just inside 1 server. I'm talking to you not just from a different server but also running a different social platform. As if you posted on Twitter and I replied from Snapchat or w/ever. You can take your Fediverse followers with you all around the Fediverse and it's softwares. You can migrate your account.

If you go to Calckey, can download, then upload to take your posts also.
#Alt #AltText #FediTips #Help #New #Newbies #NewHere #Social #Welcome #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

@LucyCorbett welcome to the Fediverse! There are tips on getting started in my profile, and if you have any questions you can #AskFedi

#Croeso #NewHere

3 weeks ago

First time had a sign up where just my first time was 'available' as a username without any additional numbers or special character. Good to catch new social medium in its infancy. #introduction #newhere

Yahia Lababidi
3 weeks ago

Big Thank You to the 1,000 kind, curious souls who follow me on #Mastodon & to #Fediverse for giving me a home away from #Twitter for the past 4 months 🐘

I do hope the #words, #art & #poetry that I post continue to keep you good company & look forward to sharing & learning more from you, in the future


#today #JoinIn #introduction #WritingCommunity #gratitude #NewHere #TwitterMigration

3 weeks ago

Hello to all,
never been on twitter, facebook, insta, ... but fediverse caught my attention. i looked at mastodon last year, but something was missing. it feels like calckey could be the thing that fits me.

linux since 0.98 and ICQ in the early days - viejo

i love to cook and even more to eat, friends, entertainment, hiking,...

computers all day (development, consulting, data migration and runtime enhancement)

- here to laze
i'll have a coffee now
- and one for you

#newHere #introduction

Marc Moelders
3 weeks ago

Not really #newhere but new @JGU Mainz, joined the team “media sociology | social theory” in May. See intro for details.

Barely in my mid-40s and already a permanent position.

Kaum Mitte 40 und schon eine unbefristete Stelle.

#academicchatter #ichwarHanna
#jgu #jgumainz #sociology #soziologie

@Jorsh Welcome 💕 #newhere 🤫

Clara Listensprechen {Mdon}
3 weeks ago

Do more than #introductions and #newhere hashtags? Like what?

@XOrgFoundation Welcome 💕 (and please use many Hashtags like #newhere 😉)

Sending a very warm welcome to all the new folks joining #MstdnGames!

Thanks for joining our little corner of the Fedi. If you are #NewHere and looking for help with #Mastodon, we created a helpful guide at

Any questions - please reach out to any of our staff, myself included. @craftykraken @Sven @asolitarybear @sudaksis

#gaming #community #VideoGames #ttrpg #GameDev #Gamer #Games

Martin Holland
4 weeks ago

Posted in German this morning, that surely many people are leaving #Mastodon early after signing up because the Web-UI doesn't really look nice.

That's why I would suggest telling every newcomer not only to try out other mobile-apps, but also web-apps like #Elk, #Phanpy, #Trunks and more (see the screenshots). In addition, one could also look at other services in the #Fediverse, I especially like #Calckey.

#NewHere #NeuHier #MastoTips #MastoTip

Mastodon on Trunks
Mastodon on Phanpy
Mastodon on Mastodon
Mastodon on Elk
Changeling and Alex
1 month ago

Looking to start exploring PeerTube, but am not sure where to start finding good content. What are some recommendations? #PeerTube #NewHere

@drewtoynbee You forgot the hashtags. #newhere #podcast #FutureOfSpace 🤫😉

CB Edwards
1 month ago

Hello World!
I'm a science-enthusiast and science writer with a background in biomedical policy. I'm that friend who wanders off the trail to look at a weird bug and then runs back to tell you all about it. Like a golden retriever, but with facts.
#introcuction #introductions #newhere #scicomm

A purple line drawing of a person nervously looking around, smiling awkwardly, and then waving. The image is watermarked c b said words.
Lady of Ashes
1 month ago

#newhere #introduction

Hello #mastodon! I'm Lady Angel (she/her) and I'm from Germany. On this account I will mainly post things that have to do with #gaming. News, rumors, own experiences and opinions and so on. Besides that, there will certainly be posts related to #series and #films. And also about #StarWars and #Anime.

If I give a star, it means I've read your post. I will also #boost main posts. Of course I am also happy about boosts and follows.

I look forward to meeting you guys!

@ahess247 Welcome 💕 #newhere