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From an Equinox Triptych (pt. 2) (c) 2018 R. Frede Kenter.

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A radiant orange-red wash of tree, sky, buildings, back yard.
1 week ago

Enough with the dog, subcreature. Post about cats! #caturday #NewYear #ShanaTova

close-up of the face of a calico, green eyes staring to the right.
Kit Irving
1 week ago

Fresh baked Challah for the holiday 😊

#RoshHashanah #Jewish #NewYear

Batya Tikvah
1 week ago

שאנה טובה אומטוקה לכל בני משפחתי וחבריי היהודים 🍯🍎
בהצלחה ובריאות ושנה חדשה מלאה בשמחה 🍏😘

🇩🇪 Shana Tova U'metuka all meinen jüdischen Familienmitgliedern und Freunden! 🍯🍎 Viel Glück, Gesundheit und ein neues Jahr 5784 voller Freude! 🍏😘

🇺🇸 A blessed and sweet new year to all my jewish family and friends! 🍯🍎 Have luck, health and a new year 5784 full of joy! 🍏😘

#roshhashana #jewish #jew #jewishnewyear #happynewyear #newyear

1 week ago

Hag sameach and l'shana tova to all! Happy new year.

Have some challah.

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Hebrew by Inbal
1 week ago

Today marks the start of the new Jewish year, תשפ"ד (pronounced: Tav Sheen Peh Dalet), and it's a time for reflection, renewal, and setting intentions for the days ahead.

So, as we step into this new year, I wish that we all carry the word Peace in our hearts and actions, not just for ourselves but for all of humanity. Together, we can make this world a more peaceful and harmonious place for everyone. 🌍✨🕊️

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🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
2 weeks ago

Dear Third Grade Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to a new #SchoolYear, and soon, a #NewYear!

Your children are all so excited about #TheHolidays, and we have some amazing and fun activities planned at #school for this #festive #season.

We are decorating classrooms for the #holidays. If you have any spare #holiday #decorations to donate, please feel free to put it in your child’s backpack and they will have a second life beautifying our classrooms.


Ukraine War Bulletins and News
2 weeks ago
✡️🇺🇦Live Briefing: Celebrating Rosh Hashanah in Ukraine during Russia’s invasion (Dubbed into English) | (Ukrinform - Ukrainian National News Agency VIDEO) #Ukraine #Press #News #NewYear #judaism #Israel #Russia #RussiaUkraineWar #9yrInvasionofUkraine #WantedDeadOrAlive

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
2 weeks ago

Bruriah Instructional Technologies is proud to announce its annual toast to the #NewYear— and you’re invited! Toast in the new year with an apple and honey spritzer. Join us in the company break room next Fourthday afternoon for wine, seasonal cocktails, and light pareve appetizers to toast the new year with the whole company. Spouses and partners are welcome!

#RoshHashanah bonuses will be handed out at the #party.


🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
3 weeks ago

I'm putting the finishing touches on my #multicultural / #interfaith #calendar so it will be ready in time for the #NewYear.

I started with the months with fewest #holidays: Shvat, Sivan, Cheshvan, Kislev, and Tammuz (for those of you who use the Pope Gregory calendar, those fall around: January, August, December, June, and July).

Now I'm just doing the hard part, #TheHolidaySeason: Adar A & B and Nisan (~ March-May on Pope Gregory's calendar), when EVERYONE has an important #holiday or two.

Nathan Ackroyd
3 weeks ago

Kid #3 started High School this morning, marking another Acedemic #NewYear

It is time to re-start some self-care, so I started the day by doing some Yoga with Rodney Yee

I can double check my #Spectroscopy assignments today, but I don't have to start with them.


Teene Zahid
1 month ago

#2023BankingCrisis issue (Part 6):
Will hiking rates bring penury to the #US by #NewYear?
But all isn't lost:-
I contend, I can stem the tide, for a #USD 30b (take-home) fee.
(Offer validity:--
9/1/2023, 0000hrs UTC - 9/15/2023, 2359hrs UTC.
Price will be revised upwards, after.)

Nesi ☥
2 months ago

Nooormally I put all the epag beads directly to the God of the Year's statue, and dress my Wepwawet statues appropriately (dark blue is this year's color), but two things happened: 1) I had to buy a proper statue for Nefertem, so that's still not here yet, and 2) I went to make my bead dressings and -did not have the beads I thought I did-.

So tomorrow, a trip to the craft store.

Di Wep Ronpet Nofret <3

#wepronpet #kemet #kemetic #ancientegypt #kemeticism #polytheism #pagan #spirituality #religion #gods #newyear

Grey table with Ancient Egyptian statues representing Wepwawet (Jackal animal on all fours far left, Jackal animal elevated on a platform is next left to right, Jackal-headed man and then Jackal animal standing on four legs in the middle, with two Jackal-headed man statues to the right), with a picture on a playing card of Nefertem with  5 sets of beads underneath. A white lit candle is to the left and a copper wand to the right.
Grey table with Ancient Egyptian statues representing Wepwawet (Jackal-headed man on the left, Jackal animal standing on four legs, Jackal-headed man to the right), with a picture on a playing card of Nefertem and 5 sets of beads underneath. A white lit candle is to the left and a copper wand to the right.
A picture of Nefertem on a playing card, with 5 sets of beads underneath, on top of a grey label.
Nesi ☥
2 months ago

The fun thing about the Kemetic #NewYear is that it happens not at midnight, but at dawn, so you can't just pass off a quick "3-2-1- Happy New Year" at 12am and go to bed, no no... RA or bust, bitches. 🤣

(no one has to stay up all night to be clear, but some people do -- I doubt I will be one of them with my level of perpetual tiredness)

We're almost there, and as usual PST is one of the loneliest timezones headed into the New Year, be that Kemetic, or secular.

#WepRonpet #Kemet #Kemetic #Kemeticism #PolyTheism #AncientEgypt

AI generated scene: pyramid, ancient-egypt type statues, desert sand, fireworks in the sky, people gathering in celebration
Nesi ☥
2 months ago

Epag day 5: Happy Birthday, Nebt-het!

This is the final day of heriu-ronpet. Tomorrow is Wep Ronpet, the New Year, the echos and repetition of the first creation, the birth and rising of Ra on the horizon.

A thousand of everything that is good, to Netjer, and to each and every one of you.


She, Nebt-het, Who gives us triumph, Herald our victory!
The East wind meets the West, You O Divine Sister.
Lift Ra to Nut once more and let the darkness pass.
Midwife to life, we also mourn the fallen here
though death is not eternal.
Care for our agony and pain as if Your own,
O Mistress of the House lead us to contemplation.
We call to You to lift the veil, show that which moonlight hides,
refresh us at the Oasis between the desert and the hill.
She Who saves the Gods and protects the land,
with perfect love and perfect sight,
we praise You, offer to You every thing that’s good,
appease the flame and scorching breath
that we may rest in friendship and nobility.
Now and at our hour of end of life,
bring beer and grain and wine and endless meat,
we bend the back to You in great lament,
You grasp our hand, transform our sorrow into praise:
“Each moment is a choice, a gift, which does not change the past
but builds upon it. Each brick, each step, cannot be
for not the ones which came before.”
You before the dawn of the First Day, we call You down,
with us now and to the break of dawn.

(c) Nesiwepwawet | Graylynn


#wepronpet #epagomenal #birthday #kemet #kemetic #ancientegypt #kemeticism #polytheist #pagan #spirituality #religion #gods #nebthet #nepthys #newyear

A long grey table with various Ancient Egyptian statues, and 6 lit candles (white, green, blue, red, pink, purple)
Grey table with a tall purple candle (lit), a small statue of Nebt-het (Nepthys) is in front along with a set of purple and white beads.
G.B. Marian
2 months ago

It's almost time for Egyptian New Year! Time to celebrate! 😀

For the holiday, my full discography (all 26 releases so far!) will be available on Bandcamp for the dirt cheap discount price of $10.80 (i.e., that's 80% off the full price). Visit if you're interested! This offer will last at least until September 2023, after Wep Ronpet is done.

Additionally, my music is also available for streaming, purchasing and downloading on Amazon, Apple iTunes, Spotify, and various other digital music platforms; Bandcamp is just the best place to go for the best deal on purchasing.

#setianism #sutekh #kemetic #egyptian #pagan #polytheist #music #art #wepronpet #newyear

3 months ago

Thinking of the mountain on the celebration of Puanga kai rau, the maori new year at Parihaka. Warmest wishes to all the whānau and friends seeing the sun come up on maunga Taranaki, working in the gardens, and remembering those who have passed this last year. #Puanga #NewYear #Taranaki

maunga Taranaki just after dawn
Alo Japan
4 months ago

Rare Heavy Snow in Kyoto (Gion – Kiyomizudera)

Heavy snow is a rare event in Kyoto and with this video I am going to share to you this enjoyable moment together. Pictures are at the end of the Video Also visit my instagram

#2022 #Gion #heavysnow #Japan #Kiyomizu #kiyomizudera #Kyoto #Kyotodestinations #kyototour #Kyototravel #Kyototrip #Kyotovacation #newyear #Shrine #snow #temple #京都 # #大雪 #日本 #清水寺 #祇園 #神社 #

Rare Heavy Snow in Kyoto (Gion - Kiyomizudera)

„All the ancient #Irish festivals were celebrated with fire. The sun was considered to bring great healing energy. Walking three times ‘sun wise’, or cor deiseil, around a fire represented the circling of the sun, and was a potent ritual invocation of the sun’s healing power. We know from the number of monuments which align with sunrise on a festival morning that this part of the day was greatly revered; no doubt feeling the full force of the rays of the rising sun, as well as being spiritually uplifting, was considered beneficial to one’s healing process.“
Source: Ali Isaac #Celtic
RT @Selena_Fox
Ways to celebrate #Samhain & #Celtic #NewYear - Big Blazing #Bonfire #Witchy #Druid #Wicca #NatureSpirituality #SamhainRitual. Pictured: #Pag

5 months ago

Wenn eins einen Einblick bekommen möchte, wie in #Nepal #Neujahr gefeiert wird, kann sich in diese beiden Videos klicken:

Es ist erstaunlich, wie unterschiedlich dies zur europäischen oder deutschen Kultur ist.

#Nepalese #NewYear #2080

5 months ago

Best wishes to all on the New Year, Nobo Borsho - Vishu, Boishak, Songkran, Sankranti, Vaishaki - however you may call it.
May there be joy in the year ahead and wishing you the peace to savor it. 🙏🏽


Upol Ehsan
5 months ago

শুভ নববর্ষ! Happy Bangla New Year!

I miss the vibrancy and colors Dhaka and the country adorns on this day. So we do our best to add the vibrancy to our humble abode by decorating the place and making a traditional meal I grew up on.

On the menu today was bhaat (rice), an assorted of bhortas (mashed + spiced veggies)-- begun (eggplant), daal (lentil), borborti (green beans), aloo (potato), begun bhaji (shallow fried eggplants), and dim bhaji (fried eggs).

#bengali #newyear #mastodon

Collage of different food items for the Bangla New Year. From the top left, clockwise- begun bhaji (fried eggplants), dim bhaji (fried eggs), assorted bhortas (mashed veggies with spices)-- green beans, eggplants, potatoes, lentils, and rice
Photo showing decorations of the festivities of the Bangla New Year along with traditional meals for the occasion
5 months ago

Sex with more than one
Mary Magdalene did them
That's the Gospel Truth
#Haiku #HolyWeek #PussyHistory
#HereticalHers You can't have #Heresy Without #Her @floschechter #575Prompt #Micropoetry #Yoni #Women #Easter #Passover #NewYear

The three Goddesses: Maiden Mother Crone  With waxing, full, and waning moon phases above them.
6 months ago

Happy #Baseball #NewYear to all who celebrate.

Goretta Critter of the Night
6 months ago

Happy belated Ostara ✨ to those who celebrate. I took the day off and the day after too 🍃 I spent my time celebrating with food and time in nature and journaling. Ready for the new phase that is being ushered in.

I also updated my altar for the season, here is the focal point.

If anyone can identify that heart shaped rock at the top, I'd love it. I found it hiking.

#spring #ostara #witch #WheelOfTheYear #newyear #crystals #rocks

Spring altar, featuring anointed candle in a lotus candle holder surrounded by crystals: pyrite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, aquamarine, peacock ore, and a heart shaped rock found on a hike. A selenite wand is below.
6 months ago

My daughter-in-law sent me a happy-Naw-Ruz message. So sweet. Feeling a bit tearful now. #Baha'I #NewYear

6 months ago

The #newyear hath appeared and the spiritual springtime is at hand. The black earth is becoming a verdant garden;… the birds are singing among the rose branches like the angels in the highest heavens, announcing the glad-tidings of the approach of that spiritual spring, and the sweet music of their voices is causing the real essence of all things to move and quiver.


Baha'i World Faith, p. 351-352
#bahai #quotes #nawruz

Pilgrimage Farm LLC
6 months ago

Happy Naw Ruiz! 1 Baha' 180 BE!

Mobarak Bashe

#bahai #newyear #nawruz #persian

Sharad Mohan
6 months ago

Happy #Nowruz #Persian #NewYear

#Nauroz marks the beginning of #Spring & is celebrated by #Zoroastrian people of #India #Iran #Pakistan & #CentralAsia

Zoroastrians are known as #Parsees
The old name of Iran i.e. #Persia is derived from this pre-Islamic #Religion of Central Asia

This c1650 AD #IndianMiniaturePainting #MughalArt #Painting from #Agra is now at Institute of Oriental Studies at St. Petersburg #Russia
#Art #IndianHeritage #History #IndianCulture #Mughal #SpringTime #Heritage

6 months ago

Countdown to Norooz/Nowrooz, the Persian new year and the start of spring!

Iranian mathematician, astrologist and poet, Omar #Khayyam, calculated the exact rotation of the earth around the sun in early 12rh century.

His calculations led to the creation of the Jalali calendar, name after the Jalaloddin the king of the time who was very interested in science, astronomy and poetry. His calculations found that a full year is 365.2424 days and not just 365 days as previously believed.
The calculation ledld to creation of #Persian (Jalali) calendar that consist of 6 months of 31 days, followed by 5 months of 30 days and the last month can be 29 or 30 days depending on the moment of sal-tahvil being on the morning or afternoon (most people use the #Jalali #calendar without knowing it when they read their #horoscopes every day).

His work fixed the almost 4000 year old solar calendar who lacked leap years and was causing problem for those following it (the parsi community in India still using the old calendar and celebrate #Norooz a day wrong every year leading to their Norooz celebration being held in summer of fall as years go by).

Khayyam's calculation was about 4 seconds off that was later corrected in 16th century to adjust the sal-tahvil or the break of the new year that is based on the exact time of city of Shiraz rotating an exact year around the sun.

As a tradition, Iranians all over the world, as well as Afghans, Turkmenistan, tajiks, Kurds and others who celebrate Norooz follow the same exact date and time no matter where in the world they love.
Here is the countdown to the Norooz of 2023
PS. There are many who doubt that Khayyam was the source of the calculation of Jalali calendar and there has been many heated debates about the subject.

#Iran #NewYear #Spring #Asrronomy #Tradition #History #Mathematics

* Scriptural #NewYEar (#YomTeruah) falls on March 22, 2023 in the Gregorian calendar.
* #Passover (#Pesach) is on the evening of April 04, 2023 in the Gregorian calendar.
* First Day of the #FeastOfUnleavenedBread (#ChagHaMatzot) is on April 05, 2023 in the Gregorian calendar.
* The Seventh Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Chat haMatzot) is on April 11, 2023 in the Gregorian calendar.

I personally use this for quick lookup:


* A 24-hour “Day” is from dawn to dawn; or sunrise to sunrise; or from 06:00 to 06:00.
* The first half of a 24-hour “Day” is daylight, from 06:00 to 18:00.
* The second half of a 24-hour “Day” is nighttime, or evening, from 18:00 to 06:00.

Day 14 of First Month
- Passover. Evening of Day 14 (Exodus 12:14,18; Leviticus 23:5; Numbers 28:16)
- A memorial day. (Exodus 12:14)
- Feast to The Most High (Exodus 12:14)
- A Statute forever (Exodus 12:14)
- Should be observed throughout our generations (Exodus 12:14)

Day 15 of First Month
- First Day of Feast of Unleavened Bread is on Day 15 (Exodus 12:15; Leviticus 23:6; Numbers 28:17)
- High Sabbath, no work (Exodus 12:16; Leviticus 23:7; Numbers 28:18)
- Remove leaven from your houses (Exodus 12:15)

Day 21 of First Month
- Seventh Day of Feast of Unleavened Bread (Exodus 12:15, 18; Leviticus 23:5)
- High Sabbath, no work (Exodus 12:16; Leviticus 23:7; Numbers 28:25)


#haDerech #TheWay #ScripturalCalendar #ZadokCalendar #DSScalendar #PriestlyCalendar #EnochCalendar #Calendar #BiblicalCalendar #TorahCalendar #Torah #Bible #DeadSeaScrollCalendar #Scripture #Zadok #Enoch

ProBorsch 💙 🇺🇦
6 months ago

The Vegetarian Red Borsch recipe is a pearl of Ukrainian cuisine.
This borsch is light, healthy, and has a firming and detox effect.

Vegetables and porcini mushrooms are great hot meals for your dinner or lunch.

Directions you can find here:

#ProBorsch #borsch #mushroom #soup #foodporn #recipe #food #beetroot #onion #newyear #Christmas #porcini #borscht #vegan #ukraine #ukrainian #tasty #yum #yummy #cooking #cooker #chef #prep #kitchen #healthy

James Morehart
7 months ago

Columbus KTC HAPPY LOSAR from All of Us at KTC!

Tashi Delek (Auspicious Good Wishes) to one and all for the Year of the Rabbit - Losar. February 21, #losar #newyear
May all beings benefit!

Scottish Lass
8 months ago

Steak pie night 😋. Making up for forgetting at #NewYear 😊

Scottish Lass
8 months ago

Just paid for my most expensive supermarket shop ever 💰. Ready for #BurnsNight Fridge stappit fou. Not one but *two* #Haggis, one that looks big and great for stabbing 🔪, one a bit shy (the poor wee craitur is gluten free 🙄 ) , All the trimmings, #Neeps, #Tatties. Fully loaded. And a huge steak pie to make up for forgetting to get one at #NewYear. Ooft, not leavin the hoose for weeks.

8 months ago

Happy Lunar New Year!

#NewYear #Rabbit #Digitalart #Bunny

Drawing of a white chibi rabbit holding a carrot on a red background
Josh Lee
8 months ago

My new website is live! And my first new post in... (checks notes) ... a really long time:

(CW: bird site)

#jekyll #blogging #newyear

Joey deVilla 🪗
8 months ago

If you need a “mulligan” on your New Year’s resolutions, or the New Year itself, you’re in luck — the Lunar New Year starts today. 恭喜发财 / gōng xǐ fā cái / kung hei fat choi / congrats and best wishes, and Happy New Year!

#Rabbit #YearOfTheRabbit #LunarNewYear #ChineseNewYear #NewYear #KungHeiFatChoi #GongXiFaCai #Bunny

8 months ago

Wondering how Scottish I can get in one image without adding a thistle. Ok so it's not Hogmanay but it is New Year for some.
#haggis #IrnBru #TheRig #NewYear

Haggis, neeps and mashed potato, a drink and Scottish set TV series.
8 months ago

Bonne et heureuse année ! \o/

Année du lapin en Chine, année du chat pour d'autres pays asiatiques.

Si tu es né en : 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 (KiD !) ... c'est ton année et donc tu es lapin/chat !

#Chine #NewYear #NouvelAnChinois #lapin #chat

Lapin stylisé façon calligraphie chinoise
8 months ago

Simon wishes everyone a very happy new year! He was hoping being a cat dressed as a rabbit would be good for everyone celebrating 🥳 #cats #NewYear

Roland Schuhmann
8 months ago

Das #JahrdesHasen fängt an ...

Eine gute Gelegenheit, die #Etymologie des Wortes 'Hase' nachzulesen - am besten natürlich hier:

#China #Neujahr #NewYear #yearoftherabbit2023 #yearoftherabbit2023


David Hull 胡大衛
8 months ago
スパックマン クリス
8 months ago

Last picture of our #Shogatsu dinner. Crab, sashimi, home made roast beef, salad, some other Japanese foods my wife likes, and of course, sake.

#cooking #NewYear #JapaneseFood

several dishes of food on a large tray. Includes crab legs, two bowls of roast beef and salad, two plates with different assortments of sashimi and other Japanese food. Also some Japanese sake and dishes of dipping sauces.
Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
8 months ago

Free relaxing game?

Yes, please!

Get a free copy of the chilled Haven Park in the GOG New Year Sale

#Free #HavenPark #GOG #Sale #Gaming #NewYear

GOG's New Year Sale 2023 advert featuring a clothed rabbit laying on a red couch.
8 months ago

ha ha happy new year

#comics #NewYear

8 months ago

Big things on the horizon.

As part of my #NewYear resolutions, I am working on expanding my professional career.

A #Website relaunch is underway via #WordPress that will act as a project portal.

I will soon be launching a #Patreon and collaborative #Discord primarily for #TTRPG development.

Finally, I will be working on posting three times a week on #Substack with #Discussion and #ShortStory submissions.

More info to come, but I would be honored if you all would join me on this journey.

👑 Kingsley :mastodon:
8 months ago

🤔 🙄 Confederate"Rebels" [traitors they tried to overthrow the govt like #Jan6] claims that it was about Southern state rights". We all know it was it was about the preservation of slavery.

Thread. 👇🏾

This attempt to rewrite the South's position in the Civil War as not about slavery is... bizarre.

#blackmastodon #BlackTwitter
#blacklivesmatter #BlackFediverse

8 months ago

To celebrate the #NewYear, GameGrooves is slashing prices by 50%!

From #MarioKart to #Pokemon, from #Zelda to #Castlevania, from #Persona5 to #Celeste, there's a cover album for everyone!

David Hull 胡大衛
8 months ago

Important clarification thread from @BryanSauvadet on Twitter:

Don't forget that this year we celebrate 🐇 in 🇨🇳 🇰🇷 🇰🇵 🇭🇰 🇹🇼 🇸🇬 🇲🇳. But it's 🐈 in 🇻🇳 and 🇳🇵. The 🇻🇳 zodiac is similar to the 🇨🇳 one but with arrangement, replaces 🐂 with 🐃 and 🐇 with 🐈. Why ? ⤵

The Sino-Viet name for the year of the 🐈/🐇 is Mão/Mẹo 卯 which is similar in pronunciation to the 🇻🇳 word Mèo for cat.

#NewYear #LunarNewYear #YearOfTheRabbit #YearOfTheCat #恭喜發財

A cartoon meme. Two rabbits in the first frame: "IT'S THE YEAR OF THE RABBIT!!!" one cat looking back at them in the second frame: "We don't do that here"
Andy Paciorek -Uncanny Noir 💀☕
8 months ago

Ok ... So this is how my #NewYear'sResolution to buy less #books has worked out so far
😶 📚


4 books  
The Art of Animal Anatomy.
Found Photography
Anders Petersen photography
Lewis Carroll photography
8 months ago

Manifesting successful experiments for 2023! 😵‍💫

#cartoon #academia #science #newyear #2023

Author Help
8 months ago

Is your #NewYear's resolution to dust off that book you wrote and finally get it out there?

Book a free consultation now.

@authorindiespeak @writingcommunity
#authors #author #writing #WritersOfMastodon

A man at a laptop, in a video meeting with a woman.
Dr. Christian DeFeo
8 months ago

A work colleague of mine said to me, "It feels like #Christmas never happened". Hard to disagree. #newyear

mark henick :verified:
8 months ago

Feelings of sadness or disappointment after the holidays aren't uncommon—but pay attention to how long those feelings last. ❄️
#mentalhealth #sad #depression #blues #holiday #newyear #psychology #psychotherapy #counselling #socialwork #psychiatry #medicine #health #wellness #wellbeing

rethwyll ✨
9 months ago

I sat down for a sec after spending six hours taking down Christmas decorations and I guess I just live in this chair now. 😮‍💨 #NewYear #ThisIs47

9 months ago

Setting some goals for myself for the new year:

#100daystooffload #goals #newyear

9 months ago

#NewYear - new opportunities!

Maybe @ff3 can help you reach your goal(s) faster by giving you a better overview of your #finances and your good and bad #habits.

It took us a while to add some more #tutorials to our #wiki. Not only #ssl, #redis & #docker are now included, the big player this year can probably be #firefly3 for you.

Knock yourself out with this little tutorial for Docker or for #archlinux

Also available in #german

Nicki Lygo
9 months ago

A rather belated Happy New Year to you all! I’m just emerging from my first ever bout of Covid, so the year can only get better, right? 😉

I don’t really do resolutions, but I do have the distinct intention to notice the beauty in normal, everyday things. Wishing you all a year of good health and true happiness! ⭐️


A view down a misty country lane just after sunrise.
Christina Stokes
9 months ago

Happy New Year! I’m back from my break. I hope everyone is having a wonderful 2023! I kicked it off by somehow getting ketchup in my eye! Good times!!!
#infosec #newyear #cybersecurity

rethwyll ✨
9 months ago

Clambering painfully back up on the “make good choices” train again in the new year and damn these seats are rickety and uncomfortable — no wonder I’ve fallen off so many times! #NewYear #Resolutions #IWillBeMyBestSelfEvenIfItKillsMe

Jon McLaren
9 months ago

This is your friendly reminder to update the copyright text in your website footers.

Update it for the last time by grabbing and printing the current year.
In HubL: {{year}}

In JavaScript: document.write(new Date().getFullYear());
In PHP: <?php echo date("Y"); ?>
In Shopify's liquid: {{ "now" | date: "%Y"}}

#JavaScript #newYear #php #webDevelopment #HubSpot #WordPress #Shopify

9 months ago

happy (soviet) new year from keanu reeves and friends! (i love this)

#USSR #keanu #NewYear


I don’t own a Peloton. I had never even heard of Tunde before reading her book.

I was given an ARC of the audiobook and this STUNNING cover sucked me in. I’m so glad I read this.

Tunde touches on some really hard subjects like grief & loss but gives all of us hope for the other side.

This book is PERFECT to read/listen to for #NewYear encouragement!

#Bookstodon #Books #AmReading #Tuesday #Inspiration #Hope #DecolonizeYourBookshelf #MentalHealth

Bright yellow book cover with Black woman in a denim button up shirt. The woman has a large smile in red lipstick and hoop earrings.
Kreig Durham
9 months ago

In #2023, I hope to be more hopeful. The past few years have been a maelstrom of despair for many of us. This year, I want to add #hope to the mix. Not naive optimism that ignores reality, but recognition that there is hope for the future, even when things look bleakest.


9 months ago

Waiting for the mist to clear, wondering what sun will rise :blobbybara:

I challenged myself to explore gray nuance in this piece and am quite proud with how it turned out!

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Digital illustration of a cat in a clearing. It's a gloomy, misty winter morning, but on the horizon, the clouds are painted orange by the warm rising sun. Three skinny trees rise from the clearing. In the distance, birds are flying by.
Karen E. Lund 💙💛
9 months ago

@Alex_Verbeek Walk at a local park & beach hosted by two small environmental organizations.

Met this fine gentleman.

#NewYear #NaturePhotography #Walking #WhiteTailDeer

A white-tail deer is browsing grass. Head-on view using zoom. His head is in profile and an ear tag, indicating he has had a vasectomy to control the population, is visible with number 2145. He has shed his antlers.

We call them "diBlasio earrings" after NYC's former mayor who instituted the vasectomy program.
Leah Elliott
9 months ago

Hey everyone #newHere in the #NewYear,

have you heard about my webcomic "Contra Chrome"?

Aimed at non-techies, it takes an entertaining look under the hood of the world's most widely used browser and examines how Google’s ad-based business model has turned Chrome into a threat to privacy and democracy.

Take a look and download for free in seven languages!


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Cover of my comic “Contra Chrome.”
Subtitle: How Google's browser became a threat to privacy and democracy.
You can see the narrator in the middle of three panels, arranged like the logo of the Chrome browser. Inside these panels are motives from the comic: browser tabs, icons, and websites with tiny feet crawling like insects.
European Commission
9 months ago

#NewYear, same resolutions: a 2023 of solidarity and peace. 🕊️

Честита Нова година!
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
Šťastný Nový rok!
Godt Nytår!
Frohes Neues Jahr!
Head uut aastat!
Καλή χρονιά!
Happy New Year!
Bonne année!
Athbhliain faoi mhaise!
Sretna nova godina!
Felice Anno Nuovo!
Laimīgu Jauno gadu!
Laimingų Naujųjų Metų!
Boldog új évet!
Is-Sena t-Tajba!
Gelukkig nieuwjaar!
Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!
Feliz Ano Novo!
An Nou fericit!
Šťastný nový rok!
Srečno novo leto!
Gott Nytt År!
Hyvää uutta vuotta!

Illustration of a dove holding a golden olive branch on a white background, circled by 12 other olive branches reminiscent of the 12 stars of the European Union's flag. Numbers in the middle of the circle read "2023".
Dream A Little :startrek:
9 months ago

Happy New Year from me and my five pups. From left to right, tallest to smallest. Dreamer, Maze, Jet, Connor, Casper. #HappyNewYear #NewYear #2023 #DogsOfMastodon #dog #Kromfohrlander #DanishSwedishFarmdog

9 months ago

I don’t know if this goal is achievable. Why? Either I wasn’t awesome or I was too awesome😉 😂
#Newyear #resolutions #HappyNewYear2023 #humor

Photo of small, plastic children’s dolls with rounded, cone shaped bodies, pinkish round heads, and blond plastic hair. Smiling.

A blog going thru some of the great things I did during #2022, kind of a great year for me, if I do say so myself... 😉

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This is day 2 of #100DaysToOffload

Alex Verbeek
9 months ago


A beautiful tradition of starting the new year. ☕️

Read it here ➡️

What did you do on the first day of the year?

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AnyDesk Software
9 months ago

Here's to an amazing 2023! 🥂 #Thanks for being with us throughout 2022, and #cheers to another year together 😉
May 2023 bring you nothing but #amazing things! Happy #NewYear 🎉 🎆