Simon Kidd
8 hours ago

Looking south down Hudson River across Dykman marina towards the George Washington bridge. September 2023.

#silentsunday #sundaypixliquid #sonntag #sunday #sunset #hudsonriver #newyorkcity #Photography

Looking south down the Hudson river towards the George Washington Bridge. In the foreground is a marina with zodiacs, a catamaran and keelboats moored in the distance. The clouds tinged red by the setting sun.
SHUT Breaking News
19 hours ago

Anitta Steals the Show at Global Citizen Festival 2023 with Strappy Black Sandal Heels: Brazilian singer Anitta wowed in a black velvet jumpsuit and strappy sandals at the Global Citizen Festival 2023 in New York. #BTS #NewYorkCity #Redcarpet

21 hours ago

[Norrie] Nets are facing a (possibly major) shooting issue this season: After trade deadline: 35.4% from 3 (Rank: 20th) Take out Joe Harris and Seth Curry, drops to 34.2% (25th) Like the off-season moves, but it’s hard to tell a lot of stories where this gets so, so much better

#basketball #Brooklyn #BrooklynNets #NationalBasketballAssociation #NBA #NBAEasternConference #NBAEasternConferenceAtlanticDivision #Nets #NewYork #NewYorkCity

[Norrie] Nets are facing a (possibly major) shooting issue this season: After trade deadline: 35.4% from 3 (Rank: 20th) Take out Joe Harris and Seth Curry, drops to 34.2% (25th) Like the off-season moves, but it's hard to tell a lot of stories where this gets so, so much better
Bob the Traveler
22 hours ago

Reed Crandall, who died OTD in 1982, was an illustrator and penciller of #ComicBooks; he was best known for the 1940s Quality Comics' Blackhawk and for stories in EC Comics during the 1950s #travel #NewYorkCity

Bob the Traveler
22 hours ago

The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts opened OTD in 1962 in #NewYorkCity #travel #history

22 hours ago

[Gross] #Isles getting to some scrimmage time on Day 3 of camp. Isaiah George remains paired with Ryan Pulock, as has been the case the first two days. Expectation is George returns to junior team, but he’s looked solid here. And in development camp. Good with the puck.

#hockey #IceHockey #Islanders #NationalHockeyLeague #NewYork #NewYorkCity #NewYorkIslanders #NHL #NHLEasternConference #NHLEasternConferenceMetropolitanDivision #Uniondale

[Gross] #Isles getting to some scrimmage time on Day 3 of camp. Isaiah George remains paired with Ryan Pulock, as has been the case the first two days. Expectation is George returns to junior team, but he’s looked solid here. And in development camp. Good with the puck.
22 hours ago

[Stephenson] Faceoff drills with Coach Peca. What’s interesting about this is, Nick Bonino is a lefthanded shooter, messing around taking draws righthanded.

#hockey #IceHockey #NationalHockeyLeague #NewYork #NewYorkCity #NewYorkRangers #NHL #NHLEasternConference #NHLEasternConferenceMetropolitanDivision #Rangers

[Stephenson] Faceoff drills with Coach Peca. What's interesting about this is, Nick Bonino is a lefthanded shooter, messing around taking draws righthanded.
Bob the Traveler
23 hours ago

Hilly Kristal, born OTD in 1931, owned the CBGB club in #NewYorkCity, which opened in 1973 and closed in 2006 over a rent dispute #music #travel

Bob the Traveler
1 day ago

The Knickerbockers Baseball Club, the first baseball team to play under the modern rules, was founded OTD in 1845 in #NewYorkCity #travel #history

Bob the Traveler
1 day ago

See where the last Ottoman Sultan, who died OTD in 2009, lived in a modest apartment in #NewYorkCity #travel #history

1 day ago

On this rainy dreary day, want to cuddle up with a good book? How about with a podcast about a good book? I had fun talking with
#AuthorsAlcove about Major Deegan's less-than-spectacular military career, Kosciuszko's anti-slavery advocacy, Pulaski's gender identity and so much more! #history #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #historian #historylover #infrastructure #urban #histodon @histodons

Bob the Traveler
1 day ago

Ertuğrul Osman, the last Ottoman Sultan, died OTD in 2009. See his modest apartment in #NewYorkCity: #travel #history

1 day ago

From @nydnraiss — “sources say MSG Network is considering different fill-in voices for Walt Frazier, who wants to do fewer road games. Two considerations: Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson.”

#basketball #Knicks #NationalBasketballAssociation #NBA #NBAEasternConference #NBAEasternConferenceAtlanticDivision #NewYork #NewYorkCity #NewYorkKnicks

From @nydnraiss — “sources say MSG Network is considering different fill-in voices for Walt Frazier, who wants to do fewer road games. Two considerations: Jeff Van Gundy and Mark Jackson.”
Punkrock History
2 days ago

In memory of Hilly Kristal, who owned the legendary New York club CBGB, born on this day in 1931, New York City

Photo by J. R. Rost

#punk #punkrock #HillyKristal #cbgb #omfug #bowery #newyorkcity #history #punkrockhistory #otd

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
2 days ago

🥥 #NewYorkCity deploys robot cops that cost approx $9 per hour to use.
"No bathroom breaks, no meal breaks," no donuts, no bribe-taking -- yet. 🥥

BluePeony :bow_blue:
2 days ago

#Prosecutors unveil 'doozy' #evidence at #Trump #fraud trial: 'Money flowing from one pocket to the other' - Raw Story

> Prosecutors on Friday unveiled a piece of evidence in former President Donald Trump's civil fraud case The Daily Beast reporter Jose Pagliery described as "a doozy."Included among the many examples of allegedly fraudulent accounting practices by the Trump Organization, argued prosecutor Andrew Amer,...


"Investigators found that Trump duped insurance companies by lying about his stash of cash," the publication writes. "They claimed that the Trumps inflated the value of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan by an estimated $178 million by incorrectly declaring funds as 'stabilized income' when it wasn’t."
“There was rampant fraud in preparation of Trump’s personal financial statements,” Amer argued to the court. “The defendants used those fraudulent statements repeatedly and persistently with banks and insurance companies in transactions seeking financial benefits.”
BluePeony :bow_blue:
3 days ago

Imo thisbis one of the greatest masterpieces written. If you ever have the opportunity to attend a performance GO!! You won't regret it.

Metropolitan Opera | #Verdi’s Requiem


⏳Artist: #TimothyGoodman in City: #NewYorkCity NY USA 🇺🇸 2023 - Title: "My generation" (Meine Generation) - #Streetart #Art #Mural #Mastoart #Artwork #AllenGinsberg

Streetartwall. On a black advertising space a mural with a lettering written in white has been painted. In white capital letters it reads "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by Social Media."
Info: The mural existed only 24 hours. Out of respect for the American writer Allan Ginsberg, the artist was persuaded to paint over it. Ironically, as a result of a photo of his mural in the social media.
Original-Quote from Allen Ginsberg:
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked, dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry fix angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the starry dynamo in the machinery of the night.
5 days ago

Spent a wonderful evening with a room full of New York historians! So honored that my book Naming Gotham won the 2023 APHNYS award for Excellence in Promoting Local History! #history #newyork #nyc #NewYorkCity #historians #histodon #awardwinning #books @histodons

Oscar 👨🏻‍💻🐶📲
1 week ago

Empire State Building #newyorkcity #silentsunday

Empire State Building
1 week ago

Finally found details about today's March to End Fossil Fuels in #NewYorkCity. Meet at noon at 56th/ Broadway. March south at one to 52nd Street. Head East to 51st/ 1st Avenue where the march ends around 4:30 at the U.N.
#protest #pollution #march to #end #fossil #fuels #NYC #UN #biden the #climate #president #haha #environment #earth #globe #world #crisis #nature #emergency #fires #floods #draught #heat #waves #polar #ice #cap #melting #coral #fish #animals #humans #dying #save #our #planet

Map of the march to end fossil fuels Sun Sep 17 in New York City. Gather at 56th/ Broadway at noon, march at one down to 52nd Street, head east to 51st and 1st Avenue where the march ends at the U.N. around 4:30.
1 week ago

Man I Love NYC! Those pink shoes! And the bored New Yorkers paying him absolutely no mind. #subway #dog #dogsofmastodon #NamingGotham #NewYork #NYC #NewYorkCity

White and Brown Great Dane riding a NYC subway car. Dog is wearing bright pink doggie-version of  croc shoes. Picture shows a number of bored travelers paying no attention to dog.
Tucker Carlson's Nuts
2 weeks ago

🥥 When I first got to #NewYorkCity in 1971 I was constantly befuddled about determining my location until a kind person pointed out this fact about avenues and streets to me.
I hope it came across as an attempt to be helpful.
YOU are welcome. Debra.
PS: Eye forgot to express how much I like this image, and the flood of good memories it brought back. 🥥

Doctor Memory
2 weeks ago

The #NewYorkCity Department of Education's ability to deliver even extremely good news in the most insane way possible is going to be the death of me, I swear.

(My child just cleared the waitlist and got offered a slot at our #1 choice for a high school... four days after the school year started. This is no way to run a railroad in my opinion, but I'll take it.)

Carl Sullivan
2 weeks ago

Was very moved by seeing the annual Tribute in Light commemorating the 9/11 tragedy during my flight into LaGuardia airport last night.

#September11 #911 #NewYork #NewYorkCity #Photo #NYC #WorldTradeCenter

Two streams of blue light emerge through the clouds at night over lower Manhattan in the annual Tribute of Light memorial for the victims of Sept. 11, 2001.

Once again disappointed in #EricAdams as he tries to claim that immigration "will destroy #NewYorkCity". Seriously?

We had *massive* immigration back when Ellis Island was processing floods of new people (including some of my immigrant ancestors!). It helped us turn NYC from a middling, up-and-coming town to "the Greatest City in the World". Adams needs STFU and take #immigration out of his goddamn mouth. #USPol

Cory Doctorow
2 weeks ago

Roaming is the story of three young #Canadian women meeting up for a getaway to #NewYorkCity. Zoe and Dani are high-school best friends who haven't seen each other since they graduated and decamped for universities in different cities. Fiona is Dani's art-school classmate, a glamorous and cantankerous artist with an affected air of sophistication.


Bruce Mirken
2 weeks ago

"When neo-Nazis are praising your #immigration record, you may have gotten it really, really wrong." -- Mehdi Hassan on #NewYorkCity's awful mayor, #EricAdams.

Having come from #SanFrancisco (where people famously leave their hearts, as the classic song commemorates) here to #NewYorkCity specifically because of love (to be with my sweetie, who I met online), this just feels amazingly appropriate.

Found on a sidewalk in Boerum Hill, #Brooklyn.
#graffiti #StreetArt

Sidewalk graffiti written in black, reading: I found my 💘 in NYC, @PersianPoet
2 weeks ago
Color photo taken from a sidewalk late in the day looking down Canal Street in New York City. In the foreground lit up by lights is a large metal cart with lychee fruits piled up on it, small signs and scales, and two vendors. The street beyond is full of traffic and the sky overhead is gray.
Sumana Harihareswara
3 weeks ago

Tuesday, Sept 12th, 9-10am: meet #NYC's new Public Realm Officer in #Queens.

"Ya-Ting Liu will share her vision and priorities within this new position. She will also share projects that her team is currently working on – from creating new public spaces, removing longstanding sidewalk sheds, and improving our outdoor dining program."

Free in-person event. Registration available, not clear whether it's required. No COVID precautions mentioned.


🌈 Artist: #RAHMBOW / #RahmBowen in City: #NewYorkCity 25, Cooper Square, The Standard Hotel, NY USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Beyond the Horizon of Time" (Über den Horizont der Zeit hinaus") -(📷 by Jaime Rojo) - #Streetart #Art #Mural #Mastoart #Artwork #BlackMastodon #Pride #LGBTQIA+ 🏳️‍🌈

Streetartwall. A beautiful mural of seven black women was painted on the street wall of a hotel in a pop art style with African influences. The seven stylized, slender figures are each in a color of the rainbow flag - meant to represent the entire spectrum of the LGBTQIA+ community. Two each, right and left, are shown off to the side. Two are looking at us, around another frontally in the center. A standpipe in the middle of the wall was cleverly integrated.
Adrianna Tan
3 weeks ago

The Innocence Project is hiring a digital engagement specialist in New York City

“The Innocence Project works to free the innocent, prevent wrongful convictions, and create fair, compassionate, and equitable systems of justice for everyone.”

#GetFediHired #NewYorkCity #CivicTech #Racism

Philly ABC
3 weeks ago

2:00-7:00pm, September 17th
Prospect Park– Lincoln Road/East Lake Drive, east of the Terrace Bridge
$10 registration, participants encouraged to get sponsors (includes vegan BBQ)

Cash App: $NYCABC


3D text that reads “Running Down The Walls” with a cat sitting on top of the “R.” The cat is saying the words “Fundraiser for political prisoners!” Lower on the graphic, text reads “5K run, walk, bike, hang. Sunday September 17, 2023. 2-7PM. Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Fundraiser for political prisoners. $10 entry. Larger donations welcome. Vegan BBQ to follow. Hosted by NYC Anarchist Black Cross.”
ES Michelson
4 weeks ago

Dear Friends,

Read (or watch) this story about the Billion Oyster Project.

Landscape designer Kate Orff rises to the challenge of adding back resiliency to the built environment around #StatenIsland #NewYorkCity in the form of an artificial oyster reef.

#ClimateDiary #resilience #solutions

👍 Artist: #TristanEaton in City: #NewYorkCity ,10th st/1ave, NY USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "You look Fabulous!" ("Du siehst fabelhaft aus!") - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Artwork #Sign #DragQueens #LGBTQIA+ #YouLookFabulous !🌈

Streetart. On a street pillar in New York is a yellow sign that a hairy male arm, with red painted fingernails and white pearl necklace attached. The hand makes an Okay sign (A fist and thumbs up). A black lettering around it says "You look Fabulous!".
Info: This sign was first made about 13 years ago. It is made in honor of the many great drag queens out there. It is more than up to date.
1 month ago

🚨 #PSA #NewYorkCity !

#Free #KN95 #masks have been added to #NYC's #PublicHealth #VendingMachines in #Brooklyn.

It is hosted & serviced by #SUS (#ServicesForTheUnderserved), & also has #naloxone (#Narcan), #hygiene kits, & #SaferSex kits.

This is tremendous news - #CovidIsNotOver, & the more people who have access to good masks to wear in public, esp indoor spaces, the safer we ALL are.

For more info, see

#MaskUp Lovely Peeps - take care of yourselves & each other.

1 month ago

Back in New York City taking pictures of my favorite places. 1. The Empire State Building. 2. The Green Market at Union Square #photooftheday #photography #photowalker #newyorkcity #artphotography

Empire State Building, New York
Green Market, Union Square- New York

Short...For all with heartache...
💔 Artist: #FrankApe (Brandon Sines) - in City: #NewYorkCity USA 🇺🇸 - Title: "Take your broken heart, make it into art." - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Comic #CarrieFisher

Comic Drawing. A simply drawn, furry comic figure that looks like a man in a monkey costume (only without ears and hands), stands in front of a sculpture made of two halves of a heart stacked on top of each other. The text around him is the saying, "Take your broken heart and turn it into art."
That phrase, in truth, was a piece of advice that Carrie Fisher had given Meryl Streep some time ago.

Why have over 13,000 rent-stabilized apartments in #NewYorkCity been sitting vacant for multiple years? And wouldn't getting them back on the market help the #homelessness crisis?

😎 Artist: #DeeDeeWasHere / #DeeDee in City: #NewYorkCity USA 🇺🇸 2023 - Title: "Endless Summer Of The Damned" (Endloser Sommer der Verdammten) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Pasteup #Summer 🔥 #GoodMorning ☕🥐

Streetartwall. A pasteup of a woman in pop art style is pasted on a gray wall in New York. The background is a red sky with faint birds and a yellow steppe landscape. On it is a portrait of a woman in a long blue coat, a red turtleneck sweater and a black skirt with boots. Her head is that of a white manikin or robot. She stands casually in the heat and has a sad look.
1 month ago

#USNews picks of the day (continued):


➡️ @wbaltv11 - Local television station in #Baltimore, Maryland


➡️ (main) & (photos) - PBS/NPR news on TV & radio for #Boston

➡️ @universalhub - Independent local news service for Boston

➡️ @leominsterchamp - Local news for #Leominster, Massachusetts


➡️ @KCStar - Newspaper in #KansasCity, winner of 8 Pulitzers


➡️ @THECITY - Non-profit online news site covering #NewYorkCity


1 month ago

Hey Mastodoners (is that a thing?) I just found out that my book Naming Gotham won an award for history excellence!! It's not public yet so I can't share the details, but wow! I am over the moon thrilled. #NamingGotham #AwardWinning #History #histodon @histodons #bookworm #historyteacher #newyork #newyorkcity (photo of some lovely #NYC #streetart just for fun)

Image of a cartoon black man superhero leaping off into the sky.  He is the wearing a red outfit with blue boots, cape, and gloves. His sunglasses have blue lens with white star. This is the superhero from the School House Rock song  "Verbs--That's What's Happening"

One of the weirdest things about having moved to #NewYorkCity is that the wind, and the clouds, can blow in basically any direction. Sure, it's most usual for them to come from over Jersey, heading eastward. But right now they're going northwesterly, and that's not that unusual.

In #SanFrancisco, I can't recall *ever* seeing the wind not coming off the Pacific, usually with @karlthefog dashing toward Oakland.

I know I was complaining about noise a bunch last week. Things could be so much worse, though. I was just cranky. I'm fairly sure I don't actually have #hyperacusis — and my heart goes out to those who do. All my sympathy. Trying to live in #NewYorkCity with hyperacusis sounds difficult, and I salute those who do. (Though, as the article says, there are noises even in rural places.)

Sumana Harihareswara
2 months ago

Some #COVID notes and URLs from my clipboard: I have finally found #NYC wastewater numbers with low enough lag time that I can use them to help me make decisions. Unfortunately current prevalence is on an uptick.

Quick free PCR testing still available in #NewYorkCity and have somewhat recent roundups of metformin and Paxlovid as effective treatments to prevent #LongCOVID.

dance along the edge 💬
2 months ago

🎨 Will Eisner

“Subway: Night Riders” from New York: The Big City (1986)

#SilentSunday #WillEisner #NewYork #Subway #NewYorkCity #NYC #KitchenSinkPress #ComicBooks #Comics @comics @comicstodon

An empty nighttime NYC subway train except for a conservatively dressed businessman in a suit and hat sitting with a briefcase in his lap shuffling papers with an umbrella at his side. Suddenly from an adjoining subway car a drunken, boisterous fellow bursts through the door and lurches towards the businessman then begins to serenade him with a tune.
Holding onto the train pole the drunk concludes his song then begins to run out of steam, leaning on and sliding down the pole. He then moves directly in front of the businessman, and holds onto an overhead hand grip while peering at the businessman intently. He then sits down next to the businessman and tells him a story, alternately looking cheerful, in a rage, and weeping uncontrollably. All through the drunk’s overwrought display the businessman sat there stoic and emotionless. Finally exhausted, the drunk leaned against the businessman and passed out.

OTD (in irony) in 1994, Mayor Rudy #Giuliani tried to convince GOP leaders to hold their 1996 convention in #NewYorkCity to minimize the role of the party's radical right wing, saying "it would diminish that influence in the party, and that would be very, very good for the way the #Republican convention would be presented nationally."

A Giuliani associate running for Senate, Republican Charles Millard, asserted the #GOP is "gaining a reputation as a home for #rightwing radicals..."