Darren Nevares :vm:
1 day ago

Honestly what made my #twittermigration easier was using created by because there are just some accounts that won't leave #Twitter and this gives me that stop gap for information and none of the drama.

#mastodon #mastodonmigration #newbie #welcome #mastdontips

Yusuf Toropov
2 days ago

Hello #new #Mastodon users! Welcome!

Three pieces of advice to help you adapt to the differences between this place and the bird site:

1 . Be sure to complete your bio and upload a profile image of some kind.

2. Follow maybe 200 interesting people right away. Otherwise the place will seem dead, because there are no algorithms to point content at you.

3. Make a point of using #hashtags about 20 times as often as you did on the bird site.

Have fun! This place is much better.


Geof Hughes 🖤
2 days ago

Mastodon is approaching Ten Million accounts. 10, 000,000!!! Many of these new accounts will not have any idea what Mastodon and the Fediverse is about. Please share with any #newbie #new people you come across, the answers they are seeking about Mastodon, the Fediverse and Everything (almost) all in one place:

Geof Hughes 🖤
2 days ago

#newbie #newhere part of the #birdsite exodus? Take a look here and watch the video:

r3f0x :loading:
3 days ago

💫 As someone who has always been passionate about cybersecurity, I'll be honest: I still have much to learn. That's why I'm excited to use this space as an opportunity to share my experience of learning about the cybersecurity industry 📚 I also plan to use this platform not only to share my thoughts and ideas but also to document and preserve my own journey of learning about the industry 📝

Throughout my journey, I will explore various topics related to cybersecurity, including both fundamental knowledge and specific threats and defence strategies. As I learn more, I will share my experience and knowledge with all of you. And I believe that by sharing what I have learnt, I will be able to help others who are also interested in cybersecurity, or don't know how to start their own personal ZeroToHero journey 🚀

Of course, I will be happy to receive any feedback and comments from readers who have more experience in this area than I do 🙌.

So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced cybersecurity professional, I hope you will join me on this journey of discovery. Together, we can all become better informed and better prepared to protect our digital assets from cyber threats 🌐.

#cybersecurity #blog #zerotohero #newbie

Sequin World
4 days ago
Jim Remsik
6 days ago

@nellshamrell I think I just started them too early. #newbie

Cendrine Marrouat - General
6 days ago

Questions for the pros. I have zero knowledge about this, so please be kind.

I keep seeing mentions of the GitHub website. How do you run the files uploaded there? Do you need specific software on your computer? Or can they be installed and run from a platform like WordPress?

#help #newbie #github

Judy Anderson
1 week ago

Trying to understand #explore (with no args). It does a good job of showing me interesting content. If I come back a small amount of time later, it shows pretty much the same stuff. If I come back a few hours later, it shows some new stuff interspersed with old stuff. What I want: primarily new stuff. If I come back a whole day later, I get nearly all new stuff. What I do: scroll quickly, looking at timestamps, and only looking at things with small numbers there. Tedious.

Sergio Bruder
1 week ago

@3dprinting Switched recently my ender3 S1 to klipper, got some great initial prints and started to fine tune it, now I think I’m printing too far away from the bed: already got 2 failed prints, doing something clearly wrong. Someone can point me how to properly level the bed, “paper test” it’s distance, save the bed mesh and how to properly retrieve it in the start code with klipper? #klipper #bedleveling #bltouch #ender3s1 #newbie

Rohan Singh
1 week ago

Excited to join the Mastodon community! Looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and learning about new topics. Let's start some interesting conversations! #Mastodon #Newbie #Community #opensource #data

Alvaro Montoro
2 weeks ago

My daughter asked me how to build a website. We started with the basics:

- What are HTML, CSS, and JS (bones, muscles, etc.)
- HTML tags (open and close like crocodiles' mouths)
- Basic structure of a webpage (an empty bread sandwich)
- Tags and attributes
- Tags learned today: html, head, title, body, p, and img.

Seeing her face when she first refreshed the web page was priceless.

This screenshot is her first web page

#html #webdev #code #newbie #proudDad

An html file with a preview next to it. The html code is:

<!doctype html>
    <title>how to make a website</title>
    <p>making a website is not hard</p>
    <p>I learned how to write a paragraph in html</p>
    <img src="computer.jpeg" width="300" alt="computer with a mouse">
Lydia Gil
2 weeks ago

¿Habéis visto que ya ha aterrizado por aquí el equipo de @icmabCSIC? Es de los pocos centros de investigación españoles que he visto en Mastodon. Bienvenidxs. 😉

#Newbie #ScienceMastodon #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus #scicomm #ComunicaCiencia #AcademicMastodon

Elle and Carl Carelle 🔞
3 weeks ago

Hey y'all!! Go follow @Emma_amelia and make her feel welcome!! She is an intermediate web designer and all around cool person. #newbie #welcometothefediverse #introductions

Miguel Guhlin
3 weeks ago

So, a company rep says to me, "Please remove the quote you attributed to me. I know I posted it in a public forum online, but my company has a policy against being represented in the media." What would you do? Keep it, anonymize it, remove it?

This quote captures my thoughts: “Journalism,” it was once said, “is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations.” Source:

#journalism #newbie #blogger #PublicRelations

Juan Luis
3 weeks ago

Making my first steps on Databricks, any tips?

#databricks #python #newbie

3 weeks ago

What's a good place to start finding clothes if you are a baby trans femme? #trans #newbie

Steve Delaney
3 weeks ago

@HyL @mariapopova @Halperta @XanIndigo Thanks, eh. Mind you, sometimes it is nice just to shout into the void. #newbie #how to

Tobias Struckmeier
3 weeks ago

Since years I wanted it but only when everything is perfect from the start.
Today I overcame perfectionism and launched my #yt channel today. #newbie

Zorn Oratist
3 weeks ago

Soooo... Recent transplant from Windows to #MacOS here. And I'm still unlearning/relearning. What is the standard way of writing to #NTFS drives from Mac? Going the 3rd party driver route? Which one has the community embraced? I am trying to update my data on an external hard drive I've had for a while. Thanks! #n00b #newbie

Jeff Morris ZA
3 weeks ago

@atomicpoet great post, Chris. Lots of work to do for results. As a #newbie I wonder about everyone's work disappearing for ever after a few days. All that effort gone.
I realise the cost of storage with private funding makes it imperative. Still sad that all the gems (and rubbish) are lost for ever.

1 month ago

Why does raising a PR always give me so much anxiety. Will this eventually go away and I'll turn into a YOLO type of engineer?!
#development #engineering #PR #newbie

1 month ago

Will mastodon have share links with other websites (like how it can post to FB or the bird site)? Not sure if it doesn’t because of the nature of mastodon (I’m not a tech person). #mastodon #newbie

so is there a thread-unroller for Mastodon/Fediverse the way there is for Twitter?

#newbie #help @feditips

1 month ago

There’s been a lot of drama with instances in the past few months. Is this normal for Mastodon? 🤔 #newbie

1 month ago

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it's possible to add #AltText to a profile image/banner, isn't it? #Newbie

Paul Taylor
1 month ago

So I've done it. Hello from Pop_OS! v22.04 #Linux #newbie

Sean Randall
1 month ago

Another #mastodon #newbie question. Almost any time I look at someone's profile, I can see their follow-er/ing counts. If I click those, I generally just se me. I know there's an option for people not to share their social graph, but is this a default? Do I have to go to their profile on their own instance? This behaviour has ffollowed me across several apps now and it is a confusion to my poor brain.

Grimethorpe Colliery Band 🎺
1 month ago

Great to see so many new folk here on #Mastodon - Welcome and Toot Toot to you all! 👋🎺🎶

It's a lovely positive place full of interesting people! Good tips for #MastodonBeginner:
- Set up an #Introduction post, tell us all who you are!
- Use lots of #Hashtags so people can find your posts
- Follow a few accounts with your interests and you'll start seeing great content of interest to YOU! Unlike the #Birdsite the content here is in your hands 🙂

#Welcome #TwitterMigration #Newbie #Music #Twitter

1 month ago

@supernovae Hey! Thanks! The server looks great! I am quite new to Mastodon. I am reading some guides now to understand how to use it properly.

#newbie #newhere

Jeff Morris ZA
1 month ago

@FediGarden Thanks for the list of country instances. I tried to follow the one in my country and all of a sudden I need a #Mastodon sign-in. What about the #Fediverse? #newbie Take it easy.

Fuck Elon :mastodon:
1 month ago


WashPo list:

And also use this tool, it will tell you who the people you follow have in common in their follows:

#TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus
#Newbie #Twitter

Jeff Morris ZA
1 month ago

@atomicpoet #newbie Well done Chris. Couldn't agree more. My experience in Nov 2022 exactly.
Compare the experience of signing up with #Birdsite?
I was lucky, finding #hachyderm where I am happy to find my way around slowly. We are not all hyper geeks.

Mrs. Guzik
1 month ago

Just trying this out. Starting over is hard. Having trouble finding people. #newbie #MastodonVirgin

Frederik Borgesius
1 month ago
1 month ago

Well, hello there. Must regroup and think of something clever to say #newbie #introductions

Jeff Morris ZA
1 month ago

@markwyner #newbie here. Where can I find the lively, friendly debate about #camelCase? It has been bothering me for some time that I see the last post of what has obviously been a discussion thread. This is just one example. of many.
And something else. Where can I find my posts properly organized? They just seem to disappear. Help please.

‼️🐘 Here’s a little tip for newbies here:

I know you might be just sticking your toes in and lurking but I highly recommend you post an introduction and fill-in your bio a little before you follow anyone. I think you’ll have a much better experience if people are interested in following you back.

#GettingStarted #newbie

Jeff Morris ZA
2 months ago

@feditips Great information for a #newbie. Thanks

2 months ago


please add hashtags to this. There are no algorithms here on mastodon. We want this available to everyone.

#introduction #newbie #sciencemastodon

E.g #CovidIsNotOver #covid19 #COVIDIOTS
#SarsCoV2 #CovidisAirborne

Sci-Fi Girl
2 months ago
Sci-Fi Girl
2 months ago
Sci-Fi Girl
2 months ago

@cautionwip @acbeers

Ooh, this looks really useful, thanks! 😃 I'll have to check this out! 😎

#Tips #lists #Mastodon #FediTips #Newbie


Brosephine Wires
2 months ago

Okay wtf— I directly linked one of his posts and when I click it I get an error message

Can anyone #help #mastodonhelp #newbie #instanceproblem #imBadAtHashtagsToo

@amberage can you help maybe?

Aaron Priven
2 months ago

Subscribed to my first Pixelfed feed (@swansinflight).

I still haven't goten my head around how ActivityPub works (subscribing to a Pixelfed server on Mastodon...) but I'm looking forward to pretty pictures.

#pixelfed #mastodon #activitypub #newbie

Ericka Simone
2 months ago

You see….. Mastodon pops because frankly, #mastodon isn’t for dummies. So what you have here is groups of fairly intelligent people who are intentional with both their social media use and time. As a result, you immediately avoid a lot of the toxic, basicbtch energy you get on twitter.

I am having such a great time on this platform and I haven’t even started to SCRATCH the surface yet.

Should be fun.


Amanda Lillywhite
2 months ago

One thing I like about the birdsite is that I can see what's trending in the UK or Europe and get an idea on what's happening in my part of the world.
I'm finding that my Mastodon experience on the Explore feed is increasingly dominated by the US and I would like to see more of UK and Europe.
Is the Explore feed affected by which instance you're on? Would I be better off switching to different instance?
#Mastodon #Fediverse #Instance #newbie #hashtags

Actually got out on my board for a little bit today. I built it in the middle of summer, then wiped out being a little too ambitious at the skate park and messed up my arm (I used to skate as a kid and forgot I was 30 now), then life and weather got in the way and I'm only just now getting back out there. Still cannot ollie to save my life, but I got a little more comfortable on this thing and I'm pushing forward on my resolutions. ❤️

By the end of the year, the bottom of this board will be ruined and I will be airborne (and ideally not in the hospital).

#skateboard #skateboarding #newbie #oldskater

My arm holding out a skateboard, the bottom of which is blue with an illustration of a dapper man with the top of his head removed and the words, "The Mind Unlocked" circling above.
Chris Shaw
2 months ago

Everyone does the fediverse differently, but I've decided to build a community, not an audience.

What does this mean? Well I always follow back so my following/follower counts remain roughly balanced.

Also, I don't subscribe to hash tags so that my home feed is exclusively my community.

And when I want to address an audience, I will use hashtags.

I've been doing this a month and it's working very well so far.

#uk #fediverse #community #iFollowBack #introduction #follow #newbie #mastodon

Assuming there will be a flood of new users now that “the site that shall not be named” isn’t working with 3rd party apps. It’s probably a great time to promote some of the better #newbie guides and best apps.

Some Mastodon 101 links I think are good:

Favorite iOS apps:

Feel free to boost and reply with your favorites.
#help #GettingStarted #Mastodon101 #iOSApps

Kieron James
2 months ago

#newbie question (sorry!) I’ve seen some posts which are much longer than 500 characters. Is it an instance setting that permits this or did I miss something very obvious?

#mastodon #admin #mastoadmin

El Duvelle
2 months ago

#Newbie recommendation - #MastodonTips

If you just arrived: before you start following people, it’s a good idea to:

fill up your profile info (yes, it seems like self-promotion, but you just have to do it once)
write up an “Introduction” post (using the actual introduction hashtag) ideally describing what you think you’ll post about
then, start following people: when they’ll go to check your profile because they got a follow notification, they can use these elements to decide to follow you and boost your intro post 👍

Welcome and have fun!!

Rick Turoczy
3 months ago

Maybe you're not into writing. I get it. So maybe "Launch a podcast" is on your 2023 to-do list…? If so, I thought this might be of interest. #podcast #newbie #event #online

Good Day/Evening. #WELCOME Glad to see all the new faces..

If you feel lost of what to do.. here is a short but great video explain what #Mastodon is

I am not looking for anything. Just to help everyone enjoy what #FOSS means to me.

#Newbie #introduction #twittermigration #twitterexodus #birdsite #new #newhere #mastodonmigration #MastodonTips

El Duvelle
3 months ago

(#newbie thread attempt)
Walk in the snowy #NewHampshire...
part 1: the forest


a dark tree line in front of a pale sky at sunset, surrounded by snow
tall dark trees in the snow with the sun glowing through them on the left

Unlocked without key! It’s not as easy as lock picking lawyer makes it seem :blobhaj_blanket:

#lockPicking #newbie

Unlocked lock with picks
Hobbits Wife
3 months ago

Ok so when exactly am I meant to feel better on #HRT ?? Think I feel worse now than before I started on it. Only one month in.


Sister Artemis
3 months ago

One of the things I have liked about Mastodon is the encouragement to put alt-text on images. But as others have noticed, the more the network of mastodonians grows, the proportion of images with alt-text goes down.

It's not hard - please please PLEASE add alt-text to your images, even if it's just a quick note, and better if it's more descriptive.

#AltText #newbie #accessibility

Vanessa Warheit
3 months ago

Why am I unable to share images from my phone to Mastodon? Anyone got ideas? It’s driving me to use the bird site which is really rather not do… #mastodon #help #newbie

3 months ago

Happy Christmas everyone!

If anyone has recently (or not so recently) travelled from the UK to Australia, please let me know.

I'm doing that very trip soon and need to pick an experienced person's brain.

#travelling #TripToAustralia #FirstTimeAbroad #newbie #flying #holidays

Mazal ​:blobcatpeek:
3 months ago

@malwaretech Marcus, you make a great case for No-QT. I'd like to support it with a seperate and totally benign use-case.

As a consumer of news—I'm not a journalist. I love #journalists. My whole #newbie #mastodon experience is made up of journalists (+ #lists)—I hope OP will consider:

When I am on the #birdsite I run through news, and QTs of news, as if on a coke-snorting bender. OK, yes QTs can give context and perhaps even nuance.. but all the 🔥​🔥​ hot takes 🔥​🔥​ give me a distinct feeling i had already consumed & digested any said article. I rarely linked through and actually read work of any said journalist, maybe a para or two—had to get back to ripping through those QTs!

Set aside for now the issue of harassing and trolling. Let's say my setup allowed me to ignore all that noise.. (it didn't, and I partook) but ignoring all that—I am still a very bad, dumbed down version of myself in the fastlane approach.

I've stated in a number of #introduction posts how mastodon forces me to slow down. Sometimes it frustrates me. But over here, and this is what I'd like the OP to grok: I actually READ the news. I jump to articles at least 6x as often; my bookmarks are actually meaningful; and LISTS! omg LISTS! Over there at least 1 in 4 (making that up i have no idea—but a lot!) bios are hostile to lists and will block you for inclusion.

Perhaps some of the non-features for journalists are inconvenient to work flow. But from POV of readers—wow. You have a smarter, engaged, joyful audience who actually reads your work.

3 months ago

It's a cold, rainy, dark winter's day, so here's a cheery painting of Snoopy decorating his house for Christmas 🥰 🌲 ☃️ #art #artist #artistsonmastodon #artshare #advent #AdventCalendar #winter #December #friday #NewHere #newbie #dog #Snoopy #christmas #Christmastree #Lights #painting

A small painting of Snoopy decorating his house with a Christmas tree and lights
Lené Gary
3 months ago

Has anyone used an app like Debirdify, Fedifinder, or Twitodon to find Twitter contacts here? Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks! :)

#Debirdify #Fedifinder #Twitodon #newbie #twittermigration

If you want to ask any questions here, either about the #helpthread above, or just general #Fediverse questions, I'll answer all the ones I can.

#Help #Newbie #FediTips #HelpThread #New #TwitterMigration #TwitterExodus

Raining columns of green matrix code against a black background
Chris Shaw
3 months ago

Everyone does the fediverse differently, but I've decided to build a community, not an audience.

What does this mean? Well, from now on, I'm going to follow back so my following/follower counts remain roughly balanced.

I'm also going to unsubscribe from hash tags so that my home feed is exclusively my community.

And when I want to address an audience, I will use hashtags

#uk #fediverse #community #iFollowBack #introduction #follow #newbie #mastodon