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📨 Kola Ogunkoya is a Nigerian Afrobeat musician who uses the term "Afro Gbedu" to describe his style of music, which includes Jazz, Highlife, Jùjú, Funk and traditional Yoruba music.

Gbedu literally means "big drum" and is a percussion instrument traditionally used in [...]


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Kola Ogunkoya
Organic Afrobeat
In Benin fliegt ein Depot mit Schmuggelbenzin aus Nigeria in die Luft. Die genauen Umstände sind noch unklar. Dutzende Menschen verbrennen.#Benin #Nigeria #Schmuggel #Afrika #Politik
Benin beklagt 34 Tote: Tödliche Explosion in Treibstofflager
Palm Oil Detectives
11 hours ago

@wiletha Palm oil company and #RSPO member SIAT uses "sustainable" #palmoil, yet pays farmers in #Nigeria €1.23 Euros per hectare per year for their land that was taken illegally from them. Fight #corruption and #Boycottpalmoil in the supermarket


At least 35 people, including a child, killed after a blaze at an illegal fuel depot along Benin's border with Nigeria.#Africa #Benin #Nigeria
Dozens killed in Benin after fuel depot explodes into flames
LM Little
13 hours ago

@Minocampbell3 Finished reading Purple Hibiscus. Whoa, what a tale of power abuses and violence hiding behind religion! An amazing first novel! Thanks again for the reminder.
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Ken Thompson
22 hours ago

A Spell of Good Things, by Ayobami Adebayo. You are a highly capable and independent young Nigerian doctor, which is maybe why the patriarchy feels the need to insert itself in your life in subtle and not so subtle ways. 4 of 5 library cats 🐈 🐈 🐈 🐈.

@bookstodon #nigeria #books #women

Book cover featuring a person behind a red veil
22 hours ago

At least 20 students abducted in a new attack by gunmen targeting schools in northern #Nigeria

Nigerian activist, actor and filmmaker Ego Boyo has been on a quest to up industry standards, for three decades.#Features #ArtsandCulture #Longform #Africa #Nigeria
The Nollywood pioneer seeking perfection in African storytelling
it's kat!
2 days ago

popping in for #jukeboxFridayNight with some nneka (in case you hadn't heard). she's fierce as fook.
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('soul is heavy' - 2012)

The late star, 27, died in mysterious circumstances after a label feud and that has led to outrage across Nigeria.#Africa #Nigeria
In Nigeria, grief spills to the streets over death of Afrobeats star Mohbad
2 days ago

Terror in Nigeria: Studierende aus Universität entführt

In Nigeria gibt es immer wieder Entführungen - diesmal hat es Studierende getroffen. Islamisten wollen so die Bevölkerung einschüchtern, doch immer öfter stecken auch Banden dahinter, die Lösegeld erpressen wollen.



Meinungsfreiheit @ Amnesty
2 days ago

Radiojournalist ermordet: In #Nigeria ist der bekannte Reporter #HamisuDanjibga tot aufgefunden worden. Wie der Sender Voice of Nigeria erklärt, sei Danjibga entführt und ermordet worden. Die müssen Täter ermittelt und vor Gericht gestellt werden!

Kriszta Satori
2 days ago

BREAKING NEWS: An unspecified number of female #students have been #abducted by gunmen at the Federal University, #Gusau in #Zamfara state, northwest #Nigeria
In the early hours of Friday, three private female hostels were invaded by the kidnappers in Sabon Gida community near the university. Local journalists told the #BBC Hausa that the gunmen began shooting indiscriminately before attacking the students' hostels around 3am.
v #BBCHausa

Laceys House
2 days ago

Thousands marched across #Nigeria on Thursday over the mysterious death of Afrobeat star Ilerioluwa Aloba, who was admitted last week in a #Lagos hospital for an unknown illness #Africa #news

2 days ago

Nigerian jùjú singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist King Sunny Adé (born September 22, 1946) #KingSunnyAde #juju #musician #BOTD #Nigeria

Nigerian jùjú singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist King Sunny Adé
Grace Taiga is one of three Nigerians who stand to make money if the court orders Nigeria to pay the landmark award.#Features #OilandGas #Africa #Europe #Nigeria #UnitedKingdom
Revealed: Ex-Nigerian gov’t official to share in $11bn gas scandal damages
Erasing 76 crimes
3 days ago

Dozens released on bail: Will this turn out to be the latest example of homophobic Nigerian police making mass arrests of LGBTQ Nigerians, then failing to follow up in court?

#LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTrights #humanrights #LGBTQrights #Nigeria #Africa

3 days ago

The governor of Lagos has promised to coordinate an investigation into the 27-year-old's death, including exhuming his body for an autopsy.
#MohBad #NIGERIA #nairamarley #samlarry #PROTESTS

4 days ago

Sorrow Tears and Blood are police regular trademark

"Everybody run run run (Eh-ya!)
Everybody scatter scatter (Eh-ya!)
Some people lost some bread (Eh-ya!)
Someone nearly die (Eh-ya!)
Someone just die (Eh-ya!)
Police they come, army they come (Eh-ya!)
Confusion everywhere (Eh-ya!)
Seven minutes later
All don cool down, brother
Police don go away
Army don disappear

Them leave sorrow, tears and blood (Them regular trademark)"

"Sorrow Tears and Blood (run, run, run)"
(Fela Kuti. 1977)

#MMRplaylist #pouetradio #Africanbeat #JujuMusic #Nigeria #FelaRansomeKuti #acab

Rachel Strohm
4 days ago

Interesting piece on the complicated politics of land tenure in #Nigeria, although I would have liked to hear more about how this is affecting smallholders as well as large-scale farmers

Queer Lit Cats
5 days ago
Tucker Carlson's Nuts
5 days ago

🥥 I'm NOT saying this is a #scam, but Eye'm also not saying it's NOT a scam:
Started getting toots from people in #Nigeria with lovely photos of car interiors and info about people there getting cars from the US.
Then an invite to inquire about getting one of those cars sent BACK to the US.
Dude, FYI, the trust was irreparably dinged by all your royalty who used to send us emails regarding the freeing-up of their seized funds if only we'd send them some of our favorite #dollars. 🥥.

Disaster Alert
5 days ago

🚨 Green flood alert in Nigeria

On 14/09/2023, a flood started in Nigeria, lasting until 19/09/2023 (last update). The flood caused 4 deaths and 2304 displaced .

More details:

#flood #Nigeria

Kriszta Satori
5 days ago

A New Lines Magazine investigation:
#Nigeria ’s War With #Boko #Haram May Have Killed Thousands of Innocent People

Some 25,000 are #missing , many believed to be victims of #extrajudicial killings and clandestine mass burials by the army
#Borno #Maiduguri #BokoHaram

Tim K Shenk
6 days ago

@DoctorsWithoutBorders is responding to an enormous #diphtheria outbreak in northern #Nigeria.

Diphtheria can kill half of people who are infected if they don’t receive proper treatment. Even with treatment, diphtheria is still fatal for 5%.

Responding to the outbreak has proven challenging due to a worldwide shortage of diphtheria antitoxin caused by dwindling production capacity. #news #press #globalhealth

LM Little
1 week ago

@Minocampbell3 #AmReading Purple Hibiscus thanks to your reminder of her first novel and this interview Americanah and Half of a Yellow Sun were excellent reads.

#Bookstodon #LiteraryFiction #Nigeria #author

#BREAKING: A military #coup is currently unfolding in the #Congo 🇨🇬. The country's president is away from home and in New York while the military seizes control of key installations in the capital. - Sprinter

#Africa #Niger #Mali #BurkinaFaso #Nigeria #Egypte #Morocco #Benin

Aviation & Travel
1 week ago

#BurkinaFaso 🇧🇫, #Mali 🇲🇱 and #Niger 🇳🇪 join together to create the Alliance of #Sahel States. Its military power will defend its sovereignty and fight against terrorism. 🎖️
#Africa walks towards freedom.

#France #Nigeria #ECOWAS

Graham Downs
1 week ago

I had no idea #Nigeria was struggling so much with their #electricity. This is terrible. And it makes me realise that as bad as #loadshedding is, it's not this bad yet.

Thoughts and prayers (yes, I know) are with the people of Nigeria. :(

Nigeria hit by widespread blackout in 'total system collapse' #PowerGrid #nigeria

Jack of all trades
1 week ago

Levels of power being generated fell to zero megawatts early on Thursday.

Some supplies have been restored but only a tiny fraction of normal consumption in Africa's most populous country.

Less than 50% of Nigeria's population has access to a regular power supply, with most people dependent on generators, inverters and other sources of electricity. Most homes and office buildings are not solely dependent on the national grid for power supply.


David Njoku
1 week ago

Nigeria has a population equivalent to all of Western Europe. Now imagine if ALL OF WESTERN EUROPE lost power for a few hours.


Steve Herman
1 week ago

Total collapse of the electrical grid in #Nigeria has caused widespread blackouts across the largest economy in #Africa.

Thursday's outage affects all of Nigeria's 36 states and the capital, Abuja.#Politics #Africa #Nigeria
Nationwide blackout across Nigeria after power grid collapse
Local communities help in search operations after the boat carrying over 100 people capsized in the Niger River.#Africa #Nigeria
Nigeria boat accident death toll rises as dozens remain missing
Annette C. Boehm
2 weeks ago

I just published a new post on my book blog, about Wole Soyinka's novel Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth. #nigeria #literature #fiction @bookstodon #bookstodon #book

The 32-year-old Strickland, who made a stir with controversial comments, wins unanimous five-round decision.#Sports #Africa #AsiaPacific #Australia #NewZealand #Nigeria #UnitedStates #US&Canada
Sean Strickland upsets Israel Adesanya to take UFC middleweight title
Splits within the armed group have led to factions setting up bases across northern Nigeria and the Lake Chad region.
Rivalry among Boko Haram factions compounds violence in northern Nigeria
Nigerian opposition supporters say the tribunal's ruling was expected but were nevertheless waiting for a surprise.
Opposition supporters saddened as tribunal upholds President Tinubu’s win
The Nigerian presidential election tribunal upholds victory of Bola Tinubu, elected in March 2023.
Nigeria election tribunal upholds President Bola Tinubu victory
Government workers in Nigeria are striking over the rising costs of living worsened by the removal of petrol subsidies.
Nigerian unions strike again to protest soaring costs after subsidy removal

Horrible. Potentially ten years in prison for the people *attending* a wedding.

CBC: More than 60 people are in jail in Nigeria in connection with an alleged gay wedding last week, which is illegal in the country, the police and their lawyer said on Monday.

#LGBTQ #2SLGBTQIA #GayRights #QueerRights #Equality #EqualRights #Nigeria

The 13km-long (8-mile) first phase, which was delayed for decades, opens its services in step to ease commuting.
Metro rail service starts in Nigeria’s Lagos, set to ease traffic
Charlie McHenry
3 weeks ago

Nigerian court remands dozens in prison over alleged gay wedding - This is outrageous and must be stopped. I remind my mutuals that “Nollywood”, Nigeria’s film industry is a very big deal in the country. So let’s make sure to boycott Nigerian films and TV series currently offered on streaming services like #Netflix #Nigeria #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #humanRights

Kriszta Satori
3 weeks ago

RLM Arts poster catalog, p679: "Ken Saro-Wiwa" (1996)

Saro-Wiwa, a cultural worker and environmental leader, fought for Nigeria's Ogoni people in defense of their land and rights, challenging the Royal Dutch Shell Co. and military dictatorship. With eight others, he was hanged in 1995 by a military tribunal. Their spirit lives on.

Poster with his inspiring words:
Use code EDUCATE for 25% off thru 9/5/23.

#MastoArt #EnvironmentalJustice #Nigeria #FossilFuels #LandBack

"A two-color (black and sienna brown) portrait poster on a cream background, showing Kenule Beeson (Ken) Saro-Wiwa, a black man with short cropped hair, a mustache, and necklace, looking forward to the left. Amidst decorative patterns, and outlined by the names of the Ogoni Nine, are two pieces of hand lettered text:  In addition to a paragraph biogaphy of Sar-Wiwa, the poster also shows part of the closing statement at his tribunal: ""I have devoted my intellectual and material resources, my very life, to a cause in which I have total belief and from which I cannot be blackmailed or intimidated. I have no doubt at all about the ultimate success of my cause, no matter the trials and tribulations which I and those who believe with me may encounter on our journey. Nor imprisonment nor death can stop our ultimate victory.""
The popular Nigerian rapper was a late bloomer but has since come into his own and made an impact in multiple fields.
The Nigerian rapper with a coat of many colours
Steve Herman
3 weeks ago

I'm on Channels TV in #Nigeria momentarily to talk about all the Trump trials and tribulations. Livestream:

Flipboard News Desk
4 weeks ago

Nigerian police arrested more than 60 people celebrating a gay wedding in one of the country’s largest crackdowns on homosexuality. The West African nation enacted the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act in 2013, which has faced international criticism despite domestic support. Gay people can face up to 14 years in prison if charged.

#Nigeria #LGBTQ #Africa #HumanRights

4 weeks ago

🤬More than 60 people arrested at a gay wedding in southern #Nigeria

Arrests of gay people are common in Nigeria, where the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act carries up to 10 years in jail for gay individuals. #LGBTQ

The Conversation Africa
4 weeks ago

Cannabis is a heavily criminalised plant in Nigeria. It can get its growers, traders and users long prison sentences. The National Drug Law Enforcement Act prescribes an imprisonment of not less than 15 years for possession and use of cannabis. Yet its very illegality ensures high prices and makes it lucrative to grow.


Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

#BBCNews - #Nigeria 's ex-#oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke #charged with #bribery in the UK
By Nkechi Ogbonna

1 month ago

Overall an amazing Women's World Cup. Think about all of the countries who achieved great things: #Jamaica, #Morocco, #Nigeria, #Colombia, and others who proved just how much progress the women's game has made globally in the last several years. This has been probably the most competitive women's tournament that has ever taken place.

The next World Cup will be in 2027, and I have no doubt the game will be elevated even higher still.

@wwc #WWC #WWC2023 #FIFAWWC #WorldCup #MastodonFC

@evan It depends on the culture & person. I usually fist bump 🤜🏾🤛🏾 my friends, but I also do handshakes 🤝🏾 too.

In #Japan 🇯🇵 & some places in #Nigeria 🇳🇬 (amongst my Yoruba tribe), bowing is how you greet someone. Sometimes we do the #Wakanda 🙅🏾‍♂️ salute for fun (only to other folks from #Africa). 😂

If my friends are super geeky & into #StarTrek, then we do the Vulcan 🖖🏾 greeting.

Laceys House
1 month ago

A Week of #News In #Africa that you can all ignore because NONE of you NOT even #Africans care about the news ALL over Africa just in your own little BOX. #WestAfrica #news #Africque #Mali #BurkinaFaso #Niger #Niamey #Nigeria #ECOWAS #Ghana #Ghananews #newpapers #Mali #benin #togo #Senegal #SieraaLeone #TheGambia 👉🏽

1 month ago

For The Record: this chart is less than a year old:

I believe that #Nigeria intervening in #Niger is a fool's errand when we have so many problems (which have gotten worse) in our backyard.

What is worse is that ALL our security issues have economic undertones.

Charity begins at home.

2 months ago

I knew that Chloe Kelly's penalty to put England through against #Nigeria was an absolute rocket, but it turns out that it was in fact the fastest ever recorded at the Women's World Cup, clocking in at 111kph. This was even faster than any goal recorded in last season's #EPL! 😮

@wwc #WWC #WWC2023 #FIFAWWC #MastodonFC #Lionesses #England #ENGvNGA #ChloeKelly

2 months ago

How We Used Machine Learning to Investigate Where #Ebola May Strike

ProPublica spent months teaching a computer to analyze past Ebola #outbreaks linked to #deforestation.

What we found reveals a weakness in the way that governments and #PublicHealth experts are preparing for future #pandemics.

#MachineLearning #Disease #Outbreak #Pandemic #Nigeria #Africa #Spillover #News #Research

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

Acc to TRT ' #Niger 's junta revokes military deals with #France

The military junta has also recalled the country's #ambassadors to France, the #US and neighbouring #Nigeria '

Coup leader says he will not bow down to pressure to reinstate deposed government, intensifies standoff with ECOWAS.
Niger coup leader defiant as Nigeria cuts power, ECOWAS threatens force
Steve Herman
2 months ago

Reuters: Power supply from #Nigeria to #Niger on the 80MW Birnin-Kebbi transmission line now down to zero.

Steve Herman
2 months ago

AFP: #Nigeria cuts electricity supply to #Niger in response to coup.

Sheesh! There has been lots of flooding in the news lately (from the #UnitedStates 🇺🇸, #Pakistan 🇵🇰, #Nigeria 🇳🇬, #Japan 🇯🇵, #Australia 🇦🇺, etcetera), but I am surprised see #China 🇨🇳 on the list in #Beijing of all places.

I guess that reveals how little I know about the city overall.

👉🏾 Beijing records heaviest rainfall in at least 140 years, causing severe flooding and 21 deaths

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

#BBCNews - #Niger #power #blackouts blamed on #coup #sanctions

The power shortages are a result of #Nigeria cutting supplies to its northern neighbour, Niger's electricity company #Nigelec says.

The West #African trading bloc #Ecowas has imposed sanctions on Niger over the coup but has not said if these include #electricity supplies.

Ecowas defence chiefs are meeting in Nigeria to discuss the Niger crisis.

Nigeria's draw against Ireland enough to take them through; Australia knock Olympic champions Canada out.
Nigeria, Australia seal Women’s World Cup last-16 spots

Geographic definitions of the #Sahel region vary. Commonly, it stretches from #Senegal on the Atlantic coast, through parts of #Mauritania, #Mali, #BurkinaFaso, #Niger, #Nigeria, #Chad and #Sudan to #Eritrea on the Red Sea coast.
Now add to this map, the latest military coups (incl. Wagner/Russia or not):
- Burkina Faso (since January, 2022)
- Chad (since April, 2021)
- Guinea (since September, 2021)
- Mali (since August, 2020)
- Niger (since July, 2023)
- Sudan (since October, 2021)


Map of the upper part of the African continent, showing countries commonly understood as being part of the Sahel region.
2 months ago

Holly shit what a save #Nigeria #worldcup