Dominik Janiec
3 days ago

@pecet #Stellarium Mobile, no i wersja pro, czy tam plus, max, czy jak - co by raz wesprzeć developera za świetne narzędzie no poznania #NightSky i co gdzie która gwiazda świeci nad głową 😏

Mark Maguire
4 days ago

Another beautiful (and bit cold) clear night. The stars are out. #StarGazing #LookUp #Stars #Mastodaoine #NightSky #CityStars

Tiny white points of light against a dark black night sky.
Mark Maguire
6 days ago

Beautiful and brilliant: starry, starry night. Look up outside if you can rn. #Stars #StarGazing #NightSky #Dublin #Ireland #Mastodaoine

Black night sky with tiny points of bright stars.
Florian Kriechbaumer
1 week ago

Milky Way arch over one of the many amazing rock formations of Wadi Rum, Jordan 🇯🇴.
You can see more of this amazing place on my blog:
#wadirum #jordan #milkyway #milkywayarch #nightsky #benropolaris #omsystem #visitjordan

★ Σταργαζερ ★
1 week ago

"These millennia-old sky #traditions aren't just random stories meant to entertain around the fire; they are often cornerstones of entire #cultures and #societies. We all share the same sky, and anyone from the same culture can identify the same constellations night after night. The loss of that access and #heritage is a loss of part of our #humanity."

#space #NightSky #noctalgia

The loss of dark skies is so painful, astronomers coined a new term for it | Space

Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
1 week ago

Right time, right place.

Aurora and meteor by the Frandy Tree.


#aurora #tree #scotland #nightsky #night #landscape #photography #perthshire #astrophotography

Brilliant colours; blue, purple and green aurora silhouetting the Frandy Tree, a large gnarled ash tree. A meteor zips past left edge of the frame.
Mike Bolam
1 week ago

This evening.. Once again we were treated to the most wonderful Aurora Borealis here in Galloway, South West Scotland.

#AuroraBorealis #Scotland #NightSky

A figure with arms outstretched greets the Aurora Borealis in Southern Scotland
1 week ago

18/09/2023 - Evening walk after tea. Just to stretch the legs and maybe see some stars. Turned out pretty wow as the night sky was in a proper dancing mood.

#EveningWalk #NorthernLights #Aurora #NightSky

Photo of the northern lights. A line of green columns turning to red/purple as they touch the stars.
John Gibson
1 week ago

Satellite train #Photography #nightsky

Photo of a satellite train flashing in a straight line across the Nebraska sky
Marvin Johanning
1 week ago

Quite an old photo (summer 2016) but still my favourite photo I've ever taken of the Milky Way. Taken at my parents' house in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. I haven't been able to take a photo as good as this one since!

This is not a stacked photo but a rather simple long exposure taken with my old Canon 1100D and its kit lens.

#photo #photos #photography #space #stars #milkyway #galaxy #nightsky #foto #fotografie #fotos

A photo of the Milky Way. The bottom of the photo is glowing slightly orange due to light pollution from the city. Part of a house and part of a tree can be seen as well.
Brian Jackson
1 week ago

I went back and tried to edit down my night sky capture of the evening of August 13-14, but with just the frames that contain meteors. I found 149 meteors that I captured through the night, and here they are in one image. It's still raw, but I'm excited at what it's looking like with most of the other distractions removed (planes & satellites). #MeteorShower #meteor #perseids #nightsky #astrophotography #StarTrails

Some shots of the Galactic Center I took up here in the gorgeous Berkshire Mountains. It was super fun putting all my new gadgets to work to get these shots! I’m super blown away at how much light this Sony 20mm f/1.8 G lens let’s in. These were shot at f/1.8, ISO 640, for 25 seconds. #photography #astrophotography #milkyway #galacticcenter #nightphotography #nightsky #stars #space #longexposure #night #galaxy #nature #cosmos #milkywaychasers #sonycamera #sonya7rv #sony20mmf18 #adobelightroom

Shaun Cuff
2 weeks ago

Not the best orbit for spotting the International Space Station this evening so hiked to higher ground to see it go over.

#NightSky #Space #Stars #IsleOfWight #ISS

2 weeks ago

What saddens me with #starlink and whatever comes next (#spacex alone plans a significant expansion) is that simple naked eye gazing at the #nightsky is forever chanced for all who come after us.

My parents grew up when potentially visible manmade objects were newsworthy (Apollo).

I grew up occasionally seeing a satellite (Iridium flares).

My kid will never look up and not see multiple satellites moving at any given time (even in light polluted areas). I see three right now.

@jtc #astronomy

Sharon Gascoigne
2 weeks ago

We had wonderfully clear skies at #FreshwaterBay on the #IsleofWight last night, so my husband headed out to photograph the #MilkyWay

The Island is a great place for #nightsky photography as we have little light pollution over the majority of the land and seacape.

A clear sky, full of stars over a coastline and a couple of large rock stacks. The sea is perfectly still, lights froma distant town in the far distance. Some colour left in the sky from the day time. A peaceful picture.
Jim Frost
2 weeks ago

The Milky Way rising in northern Morocco #Maroc #Morocco #NightSky 🇲🇦🌟

The Milky Way rising in northern Morocco
David Anthony
2 weeks ago

So all my moon shots were exactly useless 🌕🌝😁
#photography #unitedkingdom #essex #monochrome #moonshot #nightsky

2 weeks ago

How it's going...

Click to open complete image.

Wide angle photo of the nightsky with mily war. Pole for electricity and tree in the foreground.
2 weeks ago

How it started...

Electricity Pole in Front of Nightsky
Some Stars.
Almost Blue hour
Alex Pardoe
2 weeks ago

The mornings are getting darker, summer must be over now right? #Photography #Astrophotography #iPhone #NightSky

Photograph of a starry sky through a gap in heavy cloud.
Jim Frost
2 weeks ago

One from last week. A section of the Milky Way above northern Morocco #Maroc #Morocco #NightSky 🇲🇦

One from last week. A section of the Milky Way above northern Morocco
William Gunn
2 weeks ago

Just saw a train of satellites, moving West to East over the SF Bay Area, but there's nothing on the Starlink satellite trackers. Anyone got a guess? There were maybe 30 in the train, evenly spaced.

#starlink #satellites #astronomy #nightsky

2 weeks ago

08/09/2023 - After sunset visit to Carn na Drochaide. Evening walk up the hill to see some stars. Warm and clear sky. Reached the top by sunset, we sat down for a rest and tea and waited for the dark. A good place to be. Nice dark walk back along the west side. Twilight turned to night. We stopped again and had a brew and played a bit with the cameras. The Milky Way was as good as I've seen. Last sunset walk of the week, a really good one to finish on.

#EveningWalk #Hills #Stars #NightSky

Photo of track heading up the hill in the evening sunshine. Heather slopes, big hills beyond.
Just after sunset on Carn na Drochaide. View across to the big Cairngorm hills, Cairn Toul on the left, Ben Macdui on the right.
Dark now as we get ready to make the slow walk down. Cairn on top of Carn na Drochaide lit by headtorches.
Photo of the Milky Way. Just playing about with the camera settings. Not really sure what I'm doing but quite liked this one.
3 weeks ago

Messing around with my smartphone camera, I better learn how, my digital camera isn't always available.
The streak in the night sky is a plane, the camera shutter is open for up to 30 seconds, to see this

#NightSky #NightPhotography #stars

The tree top shows at the bottom, above is a clear night sky dotted with stars. A plane flew over and left a line where it passed
Florian Kriechbaumer
3 weeks ago

Have you ever used a drone for light painting? We used the dark skies and amazing landscapes of Mongolia as our canvas 🇲🇳❤️. #milkyway #mongolia #nightsky #dronelightpainting #drone #lightpainting #starryskies

Video of night sky with two photographers using a drone for light painting shapes
3 weeks ago

Waning Gibbous Moon
Sept 2nd, 2023 -86% Illuminated

📷 Canon 70D - Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lens - ISO 1250 - Aperture: f/13 - Shutter Speed: 1/400 Sec

#photo #photography #Lunar #Luna #Moon #WaningGibbous #NightSky gibbous #Canon70D #Sigma600mmContemporary

Waning Gibbous Moon
Sept 2nd, 2023 -86% Illuminated
3 weeks ago

🎵Blue moon, you saw me standing alone...🎶
Last night's residual clouds, combined with the low angle, gave the moon a haze. It almost looks like a water covered planet.
#moon #bluemoon #fullmoon (kinda) #nightsky #amateurphotography #nighttimephotography #sky #nighttime

Photo of a nearly full moon. The moisture and low angle of the photo gives the moon a blue tint.
Poetry News
4 weeks ago

Oh, Supermoon in the night sky
Your sight was a wondrous surprise
Viewed from far and wide
Your beauty defied
A sight not to be missed by our eyes

#supermoon #nightsky #stargazing #worldview #ode #poetry

Tanweer Dar (Tan)
4 weeks ago

New digital painting:

Moonglow Clouds

© 2023, Tanweer Dar

#Art #Artwork #DigitalArt #Krita #Moon #FullMoon #Sky #NightSky #Stars #Clouds #MastoArt

My digital painting of the night sky with a bright full moon in the centre. There are clouds illuminated by the moon, one of which crosses the bottom of the full moon. There are stars in the darkness of the sky.
1 month ago

#3GoodThings #ReasonsToBeCheerful

1. I see stars in the sky.

2. I absolutely love sitting on the front porch with my dog. She's super chill and just sits there with me with no inclination to leave the porch unless I tell her it's okay, even if I leave the porch.

3. Knowing the 10 hour version of Marconi Union's 'Weightless' will get me to sleep again tonight despite my overactive mind.

#stars #NightSky #DogsOfMastodon #Weightless #MarconiUnion #sleep #SweetDreams #music


Derick Rethans
1 month ago

Lost Rocket

A trail of an H-2A R/B rocket body launched in 2006 by Japan:

I hoped to catch some Perseids, but the clouds rolled in too soon. It's five stacked images, each with a 6 second exposore.

#Satellite #NightSky #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay Aug 14th

El Perro Negro
1 month ago

Lots going on in the night skies at the moment, but didn't manage to get any of the Perseids meteors yesterday evening, just the occasional satellite.

#nightsky #night #sky #astrophotography #stars

A night sky full of stars with a few satellite lines showing. At the foot of the image is a chimney and a weather station
Nonya Bidniss
2 months ago
A light pollution map zoomed out to the U.S. The country is divided almost right down the middle with almost continuous light pollution on the east side of the country while many areas on the west side of the country are minimally affected.
Brian Jackson
2 months ago

Oooh, look what I made with some #Python and the #4K sky cam stream recorded to my Synology NAS! The entire night of Aug 2, 2023 compressed to about a minute where you can see the movement of the stars, planes, satellites and I think one firefly!

#photography #night #nightsky #astrophotography

The Wee Owl Studio
2 months ago

⭐️New Listing!⭐️
I have added a new drawing to my space art listing, 4 to choose from now!
This one is The Pillars of Creation, towers of interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula.
Original mixed media drawing - Space Art via @Etsy
#FediGiftShop #ScottishArtist #MastoArt #CreativeToots
#Nebula #space #SpaceArt #NightSky #drawing

Original mixed media drawing - Space Art
This one is a drawing of the Pillars of Creation, towers of  interstellar gas and dust in the Eagle Nebula. 
Materials: Mixed media on acid free buff coloured paper
Width: 5 inches
Height: 7 inches
2 months ago

Saw the planet Mercury in the sunset-lit horizon for the first time in my life.

It’s the faint speck in the middle of this photo. His sister Venus is bright in the upper left hand corner.

Mercury became brighter as the sky darkened but this is only a photo with my simple cell phone and it will have to suffice.


#stars #planets #night #nightsky

A faint light in the middle of the photo is the planet Mercury, barely visible in the still-sunset-lit sky. Venus is bright in the upper left hand corner.

No planets can be easily seen now in tonight's southeast Michigan sky.

But Spica and Denebola stars can be seen with the naked eye in the southwest and western sky respectively.

#astronomy #NightSky #Michigan

Simeon Schmauß
2 months ago

The #ISS passing over Germany an hour ago

#nightsky #stars #space #longexposure #photography #astrodon

longexposure image of the nightsky with the ISS as a long streak from the top left to the bottom right. In the foreground is a wooden barn and big tree on a meadow. The stars are forming short streaks in a circle around the celestial north pole due to the long exposure. some motion blurred clouds are also visible in the sky.

"Heaven’s capacity has been exceeded, so now we all will just be erased."
487,081 CYMK dots; 67+ hours.
Also, the t-shirt pre-order is HALFWAY DONE! Get your order in before it's too late!
For sale @ Wendt.Art/product/heavens-capacity-pt-2
#PenPlotter #Stippling #Pointillism #NightSky #MastoArt

A pointillistic stippled cymk plotter drawing of a colorful night sky over a landscape of trees and boulders.
A zoomed out view on a shelf of a pointillistic stippled cymk plotter drawing of a colorful night sky over a landscape of trees and boulders.
A closeup of a pointillistic stippled cymk plotter drawing of a colorful night sky over a landscape of trees and boulders.
A man wearing a fitted white t-shirt depicting a surreal image of a flower with an eye in the middle of it.
Florian Kriechbaumer
3 months ago

Star trails over the landscapes of Wadi Rum, 🇯🇴. A small meteor photobombed the sequence, can you spot it above my head?

(90x 120s, F 2.8, ISO 1000, plus a separate photo for foreground and myself).

#jordan #wadirum #astrophotography #nightsky #omsystem #visitjordan #startrails

El Perro Negro
3 months ago

After debating with myself for 30 mins about whether to venture out into the cold to answer the call of nature I eventually left my tent. The sky was amazing. I guess then was not the time to start learning astrophotography but I put the camera on a tripod and a 20 second timer and pressed the shutter. I took a lot of blurry ones but this is the best I managed. Might have to learn how to do it properly 🤣

#astrophotography #nightsky #photography #landscape #landscapephotography

The night sky is full of stars. There is an orange glow lower down and the reflections in a mountain lake
Joe Vilas
4 months ago

Imminent death of Betelgeuse predicted, film at 11. ;) #astronomy #nightSky #stars #Betelgeuse
"it will be so bright that if you shut down all the lights in a city and have no clouds, you would be able to read a book"