Adrian Segar
2 hours ago

Who’s responsible for association culture? The association staff, or its membership?

Does your association’s tail wag your membership’s dog?

#culture #assnchat #association #nonprofit

A service our nonprofit has been using for years ( is shutting down.

This service curated articles & media about selected topics which we could then use to populate an online newsletter. We also were able to embed that newsletter in a frame on our primary website.

Any suggestions about comparable services? Thanks for any feedback.

#Nonprofit #Curation #Marketing

Minds on Design Lab (MOD-Lab)
7 hours ago

Looking to partner with a branding agency for your nonprofit? Before you do, read this article to learn more about the different levels of branding effort.

#nonprofit #marketing #branding #design

8 hours ago

One of the few #VideoGame #developers in #CapeBreton has #TeamedUp w/the #MembertouHeritagePark in #Membertou #NovaScotia to create an #InteractiveExperience
#GreenRobotStudios founded in 2017, is a #subsidiary of VMP Group. #VMPGroup based in #SydneyNS has worked w/ #nonprofit groups & established companies to #ShareStories of Cape Breton for almost two decades. 
Their newest #endeavour is called Travel Back in Time to #Kuntewiktuk

#Canada #Innovative #collaboration

I think I broke my #nonprofit grant database…

Minds on Design Lab (MOD-Lab)
12 hours ago

Good read. If you produce original content, are you thinking about including an AI policy?

Wired is taking a cautious approach to generative AI, publishing an official AI policy that defines what the publication plans to use the technology for - and what it won't be doing.

#nonprofit #nptech #marketing #outreach #socialgood #socialimpact #AI

1 day ago

More than 70 #auctions—international & domestic #selling potentially sensitive #NativeAmerican #cultural items. #AssociationOnAmericanIndianAffairs is #educating buyers to avoid #corrupt & potentially #PoorInvestments into what is likely #stolen #IndigenousArt & #CulturalBelongings .
The #nonprofit serving #IndianCountry warned #collectors about upcoming auction of Indigenous cultural items, at least 1 it believes to be #fake & most were likely stolen from #NativeLands

2 days ago

I'm working with a mentee. They are having a rough go at it and are very economically challenged. They are actively job searching.

Currently, all they have is a cell phone. I'd love to be able to get them a computer - a #Chromebook would be more than enough.

Does anyone know of a non-profit that helps get tech to socio-economically challenged folks?

I'd appreciate a boost!

#Technology #nonprofit #apple #money

Grant Dryden 🎙️
2 days ago

I was honored to speak with James Jones, founder of the Quality of Life Group, on my #podcast. If you don’t know James, he is a highly empathetic IT leader with a heart for helping others. His #NonProfit provides support for the disabled by providing them with equipment to improve their mobility.

Please give our chat a listen, I know James very well and his life journey is one we can all learn from!

#accessibility #disability #leadership #empathy #diversity

2 days ago

Critical Thinking Cat is scooting while thinking about critical thinking games.

✔️ Register by tomorrow.

📆 Submit a pitch by March 19
💰 $10,000 in cash prizes
⭐ Topic: Critical Thinking


#Caturday #VideoGames #CriticalThinking #indie #GameDesign #GameDev #Nonprofit #EdTech @stopTDV @psychology @sociology

A retro-mod design.

"For Caturday: Scooting... while considering a critical thinking game idea."

"Submit your pitch by March 19th"

Critical Thinking Cat is perched on a scooter, head cocked sideways, thinking about critical thinking game ideas. The sun is overhead.
2 days ago

What are you doing this Caturday?

✔️ Register by tomorrow.

📆 Submit a pitch by March 19
💰 $10,000 in cash prizes
⭐ Topic: Critical Thinking


#Caturday #VideoGames #ProSocial #CriticalThinking #Progressive #GameDesign #GameDev #Education #Edutooter #Communication #Students #Teachers #FollowFriday #PublicHealth #Prevention #Nonprofit #EdTech @stopTDV @edutooters @communicationscholars

A retro-modern design.

"For Caturday: Lounging... while considering a critical thinking game idea."

"Submit your pitch by March 19th"


Critical Thinking Cat is lounging while considering an idea for a critical thinking game.
Minds on Design Lab (MOD-Lab)
3 days ago

Is your nonprofit ready for a branding overhaul? Our latest article breaks down the differences between small, medium, and large branding efforts to help you decide.

#nonprofit #branding #smallmediumlarge

Sandra Gibbons
3 days ago

Nonprofit friends: where are some good resources on starting a nonprofit? I’ve only worked at an already established one the last 1.5 years, but I need to learn how to get one started.

Any tips or resources are very appreciated!

#nonprofit #philanthropy #work #toot

3 days ago

❓ Can you design a non-violent video game about critical thinking?

📆 Register by March 19th
💰 $10,000 in cash prizes
⭐ Topic: Critical Thinking


#VideoGames #ProSocial #CriticalThinking #Progressive #GameDesign #GameDev #Education #Edutooter #Communication #Students #Teachers #FollowFriday #PublicHealth #Prevention #Nonprofit #EdTech #StPatricksDay

Critical Thinking Cat on a green background. 

Above: "Meow, man ... Meow."
3 days ago

'Two years after the #rallies and #vigils , #HateCrimes against #AsianAmericans continue. According to the #nonprofit #StopAAPIHate , a total of 10,905 #hate incidents against #Asian #American and #PacificIslanders have been #reported between March of 2020 — when the #pandemic shutdown began — and Dec. 31, 2022. Of those incidents, 69% were against #AsianWomen , with #ChineseAmericans being the most #TargetedGroup .'

#AsianMastodon #StopAsianHate #StopRacism #AntiRacism

4 days ago
Ann F
4 days ago

Nonprofit and association peeps,

I'd like to invite you to join an open LinkedIn group on #AI, specifically, #GenerativeAI and the #nonprofit and association community. We don't have answers, but we're asking a lot of questions!

Some of the topics will be:

What kind of #transparency requirements should we apply as a sector?

What are the potential outcomes of widespread adoption of generative AI?

How can we address the issue of bias-in, bias-out?

What should we know and do about #security?

What do we need to do as a sector to be able to lead instead of react?

If these sound like important questions, please join us! Right now, we're very loosely shaped, getting people into a room to start talking.

It's an open group, but be respectful, no selling, and generally be the person Mr. Rogers and/or Dolly Parton would like you to be.

Join us for discussion and probably some debate, too!

Texas Observer
5 days ago

Despite being exposed as bogus, some #Texas right-wing organizations keep coming back from the dead. No one knows who is funding them.

Texas Observer Special Investigative Correspondent @stevanzetti uncovers the gory details in his new report:

#Dallas #nonprofit #news #USpol #politics #extremism #Republicans #TXlege

georgia bullen
5 days ago

Just a friendly reminder that if you are so inclined, you can support our work @sprblm_ by donating: or by buying swag:

#donate #nonprofit #swag

Daniel Lakeland
5 days ago

Hear me out on this idea... Banks are doing two things... one of which is they're holding our money and facilitating transactions. The other of which is lending out money trying to make a profit... There is NO reason these should be intertwined in the modern world.

Make banks be #nonprofit, reinvesting profits into financial technology development, #infosec, facilitating transaction integrity, and/or charity purposes. When it comes to investment, we have money market, mutual funds, and ETFs

5 days ago

@thekimmy ok I work fully remote and it is all phones but its INCOMING only absolutely NO sales at all. I take donation calls for PBS which is super seasonal with 4 main drives per year but they have tons of other non profit clients, lots of bogus religious ones I cannot stomach, but aspca st jude operation smile mercy ships wwf some really worthy causes. You can pick and choose your hours and clients. Pay is absolute crap except at pledge drives then its nuts and you can work every hour you can stay alert. ACD Direct is the company if you are still reading this : ) #remotework #nonprofit work

6 days ago

"On the #LatestEpisode of #TheMaple 's #NorthUntapped #podcast , we spoke to Dru Oja Jay from #TheBreach about why #BillC18 will likely end up #subsidizing the #profits & #debt #repayments of #corporate #media giants like #Postmedia & why the #government should instead focus on providing such #revenues to #nonprofit #news organizations dedicated to #PublicInterest #journalism ."

Chris Ostertag
6 days ago

Tip when applying to work at non-profits: leadership salaries are public. Might be worth checking before you roll up asking for more than the CEO makes. #job #nonprofit

Do you teach game design?

If so will you please share this info with your students:

A game design challenge run annually by a nonprofit charity since 2008.

▪️ Topic: Critical Thinking
▪️ Registration: by March 19th
▪️ Prizes: $10,000 USD
🌐 Contest website:

Download & Print a contest flyer [PDF] here:

⭐ Thank you in advance for sharing / boosting this information!

#GameDesign #GameDev #IndieDev #CriticalThinking #PublicHealth #Nonprofit #Education #Prevention #Videogames @stopTDV @gamingagainstv

#News (among many types of #information) is not supposed to make a profit anyway, so why propose #LinkTax to further enrich the existing monopoly on #Canadian #newspaper's? As proposed in this article, #local, #NonProfit ownership of #media should be the solution to help it better serve the communities. Ultimately, it's up to us to maintain our access to information, not faceless businesses.

The Xylom
1 week ago

We're participating in College Media Madness!

Dozens of student journalism outlets from across the United States are engaging in friendly competition to see which newsroom can raise the most money from March 12 through April 3, 2023, when the confetti falls.

Help us reach the top of the leaderboard by tapping our logo and making a tax-deductible donation:

#science #environment #nonprofit #journalism #news

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
2 weeks ago

An #introduction is obviously in order! Hello #fediverse! We're a small-but-mighty consumer privacy advocacy and #education #nonprofit organization based out of San Diego, #CA. Since 1995 we've been fighting for stronger privacy rights and creating accessible educational materials about the privacy rights you already have.

We'll be sharing materials and our #advocacy work on this timeline, please consider a follow and boosting to help us improve #privacy for all

2 weeks ago

A printable flyer [PDF] for sharing the Critical Thinking Game Design Challenge with schools & other groups is now available to download.

⭐ Please share with school design programs, indie dev groups, and anybody else who wants to help make a difference through video games (and/or wants to win the prize money).


@edutooters @academicchatter @communicationscholars @stopTDV @gamingagainstv
#VideoGames #GameDev #CriticalThinking #Tech #Programming #EdTech #Gaming #Media #Education #Nonprofit #Knowledge #ScientificThinking #Prevention #Gaming #CatsOfMastodon #RetroGaming #Indie

A retro-styled rocket flies in front of a large yellow moon. 

"Critical Thinking Game Design Challenge Launched!" 

"Submit your pitch by March 19th. $10,000 in prizes."

"What will YOU make this Spring?"

"Visit the website for rules and registration."


Critical Thinking cat, an illuminated light bulb overhead, looks directly at the viewer while sitting on the URL for the website.

"Gaming Against Violence is an evidence-based prevention program from Jennifer Ann's Group"
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 weeks ago

Throwback Thursday to the time I was named one of the CNN 10 Visionary Women

“Success begets success. You have to see it before you can be it, and so the only way that you can convince women that supporting women is a good deal is to support other women.”

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday #CNN #founder #memories #women #nonprofit #leadership

Attending the second certificate in proposal writing class today to expand my #nonprofit knowledge and work toward the CFRE.

@ProPublica just published a really interesting piece about the intersectionality of deforestation and pandemics. Portland-based non-profit Health in Harmony is at the heart of it.

#Science #Rainforest #Deforestation #Pandemic #Virus #Portland #PDX #HealthInHarmony #NonProfit

🎉 The critical thinking video game design challenge is now accepting your game pitches!

⭐ You have until March 19, 2023 to submit a pitch about a video game for adolescents about critical thinking.

▪️ $10,000 total prize pool.
▪️ Finalists notified March 30.
▪️ Finalists will have from March 30 - June 30, 2023 to develop their games.

❤️ Presented by the nonprofit org Jennifer Ann's Group [@stopTDV] whose focus is on helping teens have happier, healthier lives! Their Gaming Against Violence [@gamingagainstv] program is an award-winning approach to engaging & empowering young people.

Details, rules, and more:

#CriticalThinking #GameDesign #GameDev #Prevention #PublicHealth #IndieGame #IndieDev #Nonprofit #Videogames

That weird queer
2 weeks ago

I’ve finished transferring my follows over from my other accounts, so folks probably would like another #introduction. I'm Greyson, a 30something androfemme #nonbinary queermo living in the PNW with my partner of over a decade (#T4T) and our void cat, Pringles. We have a very happy life with our chosen family, both here and across the world. I am blessed to have many friends from many different backgrounds who've helped me grow my worldview since leaving my home state of Pennsylvania.
I work in HR at a housing #nonprofit because we need to eat and I’m tired of wrecking my body for minimum wage. Obviously, this account represents only my own views and not those of my employer (past or present). Also maybe consider not being a snitch, if that was on your mind.
In my spare time, I play #VideoGames as a survival cope for living in this capitalist hellscape as a #neurodivergent #queer. I tend towards #CozyGames and #RPG. I have a #PC as well as a #PS5 and a #NintendoSwitch. I used to have an #Xbox, which was my long-time platform, but it gave up the ghost recently. Currently getting into #GenshinImpact and #CoralIsland.
I'm also a reader, though I'm currently on a break due to recently changing jobs and lacking the mental bandwidth. I read over 50 books last year which is a personal adulthood record. Mostly this is in #audiobook format, as it's easier for me to cruise through them at work or doing chores. But I have to do most non-fiction in physical for retention. I track over on #StoryGraph (though I'm in the middle of converting my records from physical to audio).
I'm also into #crafts. I know a lot about #CandleMaking, am mediocre at #sewing, and love #gardening. Unfortunately, being bound to an apartment means that I'm mostly into watching other people craft right now and tending my growing army of houseplants. Show me what you're working on!
I'm also in the process of converting to #Judaism. My partner and I have gone on much of our spiritual journey together and both had the distinct feeling upon investigating Judaism that we were coming home. I'm very excited about this, as I've been lowkey fascinated by Judaism since I was a child, but I'm trying to be cool about it. I know it's kind of A Thing right now for all us transes to convert to being #Jewish but my partner and I ending up here in this moment is coincidental (though, to be fair, the parallels are there for anyone who looks with interest in seeing them). Again, trying to be cool about it.
Here's a picture of my very #trans self in my worksona cosplay:

A white person stands in a dull multi-stall bathroom. Their hair is a shoulder-length brown undercut with loose waves. They're wearing a blue geometric-designed vogmask, a grey speckle-y sweater over a blue and white striped button-down, and darkwash jeans. In their left hand is their phone; the other hand is placed on their hip.
2 weeks ago

What is Critical Thinking?

📚 "Critical thinking is a kind of thinking in which you question, analyse, interpret, evaluate and make a judgement about what you read, hear, say, or write.

"To become a better critical thinker, you therefore need to learn how to:

[1] Clarify your thinking purpose and context;
[2] Question your sources of information;
[3] Identify arguments;
[4] Analyse sources and arguments;
[5] Evaluate the arguments of others; and
[6] Create or Synthesise your own arguments."


@edutooters @academicchatter @communicationscholars @stopTDV @gamingagainstv
#VideoGames #GameDev #CriticalThinking #Tech #Programming #EdTech #Gaming #Media #Education #Nonprofit #Knowledge #ScientificThinking #Prevention #Gaming #CatsOfMastodon #RetroGaming #Indie

A modern background with modern styled shapes and symbols.

On the right is Critical Thinking Cat, who has an idea.

On the left is the question "What is critical thinking?"

In the middle are a series of hollow shapes embeded with these critical thinking steps: (1) Clarify; (2) Question; (3) Identify; (4) Analyze; (5) Evaluate; (6) Create.

At bottom-left is the URL for CriticalThinking.Games
Science & Design
3 weeks ago

New merch from a new partner! Buy @ddosecrets gear, support their mission!

Hoodies and shirts available now 👇

Distributed Denial of Secrets is a journalist 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to enabling the free transmission of data in the public interest.

#nonprofit #opensource #merch #support

Merch offered on Pictured is a dark hoodie with the DDoSecrets logo embroidered with grey thread, and three t-shirts - one black with a full-color logo, one red with a muted pink logo, and blue with yellow/gold print.
Texas Observer
3 weeks ago

We've updated our masthead with fresh photos of our team. Thanks to photographer Jordan Vanderhaar for these great new headshots. We also added Nikki Kobiljak, our new office manager who's keeping the place from falling apart—We appreciate you Nikki! 🤠

#JournoLife #journalism #nonprofit

3 weeks ago

Announcing the 2023 Life.Love Game Design Challenge: Critical Thinking

🌐 https://CriticalThinker.Games

Game pitches accepted starting March 7th, 2023. $10,000 in prizes for non-violent critical thinking games.

❤️ This is our 16th annual game design challenge.

To learn more about critical thinking and the game design challenge visit our website and follow our account here!

@stopTDV @gamingagainstv #CriticalThinking #GameDesign #GameDev #Contest #IndieGame #IndieDev #Education #Prevention #Violence #ACEs #Nonprofit #PublicHealth
@edutooters @publichealth @communicationscholars

A retro-modern design. On the left, a mod TV cannot contain the large exclamation mark issuing from the TV screen. On the right, a mod cat has a large question mark over its head. This is the critical thinking cat and is thinking critically about the messages coming from the media.
Deborah Elizabeth Finn
3 weeks ago


As someone who has spent much of my professional life in #nptech (i.e., #nonprofit #technology), I have to acknowledge that my experience is congruent with what you are saying.

Often, there's a problem with the #OrganizationalCulture of the sector. Moreover, the culture of #philanthropy looms over it, requiring only positive news.

@sagies @philosophy @ethics @psychology

3 weeks ago

Thanks to all of the members who voted for the OpenStreetMap US board! The results are in:

#OpenStreetMap #OpenStreetMapUS #nonprofit

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
3 weeks ago

Literacy liberates — a portion of all my book-related sales (merch, coaching etc) benefits Chicago Books to Women in Prison (teeshirt purchases help ship books to state prisons in AZ CA FL IL IN KY MS & OH & All federal prisons).

#comics #GraphicNovel #literacy #prison #reading #readers #writing #books #Bookstodon #nonprofit #LGBTQ #Transgender #nonbinary #queer

Tee shirt with quote from Art Spiegelman, "Comics are a gateway drug to literacy." 

Teeshirt purchases help ship books to state prisons in AZ CA FL IL IN KY MS & OH & All federal prisons.
Minds on Design Lab (MOD-Lab)
3 weeks ago

RSS is back! Is RSS back? Did it go away? In any case, there has been some chatter among our colleagues and peers inspired by Twitter chaos about brining content back to blogs and such AND use of RSS to keep up on things. Some of us started to use a tool not mentioned in article but a good one, NetNewsWire, to get back into RSS. It’s a great way to keep up on more substantive content being produced out there.

#nonprofit #nptech #marketing #rss #socialmedia

Tim Reierson
4 weeks ago

Asking for recommendation for secure group chat.

Are there any end-to-end encrypted, easily accessible platforms for group chats? This would be for peer-to-peer support, highly sensitive conversations.

#VibrantEmotionalHealth a USA #nonprofit which administers its #CrisisLines network #988Lifeline is using #Facebook to host a support site for pandemic survivors and responders. This is wonderful, except for the platform.

Before advocating to move this off a #Meta - owned site, I'd love to have an alternative. #Discord does not use E2E encryption at this time, is my understanding, just encryption. Thanks.

Rod Faulkner
4 weeks ago

I'm proud to support in its mission to provide access to capital to under and unbanked individuals and communities across the globe.

Kiva is an easy way to make a real difference in someone's life. Will you join me in helping Gina in Hopkinsville to pursue their dream?

#giving #nonprofit #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #BlackFediverse

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
4 weeks ago

Update: LAST DAY TO ORDER. All shirt orders must be placed prior to 11:59pm EST FEB 25.

Literacy is liberating! I've made it my purpose to invest a portion of all my book-related sales (books, merch, training etc) to Chicago Books to Women in Prison. Your purchases help ship books to state prisons in AZ, CA, FL, IL, IN, KY, MS and OH, & all federal prisons.

#Books #Bookstodon #Bookwyrm #prison #nonprofit #literacy #amReading #reading #writer #writing #PayItForward #tee

Tee shirt featuring quote from Fredrick Douglass: "Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."

Headline: Reading is freedom
Body text: Your soul, spirit and mind are unlimited when transported via the written page.

Teeshirt purchases help ship books to state prisons in Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio, as well as all federal prisons.

At right is woman yelling into a megaphone toward a pink burst: "final days to order"
Amy 🌸 🌻
4 weeks ago

Me: What's your deadline and exactly what data's required for your reporting?

Them: [inserts dissertation]

Never change, #nonprofit world.

Joshua Wood
4 weeks ago

I have enabled full-text search on #FederatedPress. This means that as a local user, you can search for text and find results from your past posts/interactions!

This is also a good time to mention that we are quite underfunded for our upcoming server hosting bill for February. If you can afford to pitch in, please do. Monthly contributions are especially helpful. (We need to raise around $270 each month currently). 💰👇

#Mastodon #Journalism #NonProfit

As part of our mandate to do good things for Canada's internet, our annual call for CIRA Grants applications opens next week on Thursday, March 2nd.

Do you have an internet project that needs funding? Before applications open, make sure you're up-to-date on what's new for 2023:

#funding #philanthropy #nonprofit

Time for an #Introduction on my brand new, personal Mastodon server!

👋 Hi! I'm Justin Cox, #writer of words, editor of the @writingcooperative, #tennis-playing, #tv loving, #nonprofit consultant living in #orlando, #florida.

I love #donuts, the #gilmoregirls, and #starwars and will often write about all of those in my weekly newsletter.

My little #mastodon instance is new to the #fediverse. Please boost this post so I can connect with all the amazing people here. And please say hello!

Texas Observer
1 month ago

A sneak preview of the March/April 2023 issue of Texas Observer magazine, which just went to press. We're so excited to share our cover story by McHam Investigative Fellow @josephinelee!

Become a member, support #nonprofit journalism, and get our magazine 6 times per year:

(You can get our digital edition for just about $0.99/month!)

(🎨 Cover art by Henry Knutsen)
#journalism #extremism #politics #news #USpol #extremism #Fascism #ReproductiveRights #Music #Texas

The cover of the May/April 2023 issue of Texas Observer magazine shows a cartoon image of a young person in an army outfit much too big for them, including an America First helmet slipping down over their face. The child is holding an assault rifle and wearing a vest festooned with buttons like "All Guns Matter" and "I Heart Capitalism". The cover story is "Christian Nationalists Are Coming For Your Kids" by Josephine Lee. Other headlines include OBGYNs: Overworked, Under Threat, Moving Out. Clarence Brandley: Death Before Justice. A Symphony Dies, A Philarmonic Is Born. Where the Bodies Lie. A Pageant For Golden Age.
The Xylom
1 month ago

Every day is a good day to support nonprofit science journalism. Give a tax-deductible donation or become a member now:

#nonprofit #environment #news

Paranoid Factoid
1 month ago

A very good blog on the distinction between commercial vs nonprofit/decentralized #socialmedia, like in the #Fediverse.

Author focuses on brain hacking and #dopamine reward systems, which was all the rage to discuss ten years ago, but was then forgotten. She argues, #nonprofit social media utilizes the same reward pathways as do commercial sites. So, we - as a community - must resist abuse of reward pathways to induce addiction.

Masthead and opening of blog article.
Texas Observer
1 month ago

The Texas Observer is #nonprofit, member-supported #journalism

If you want us to keep reporting about the #environment, and appreciate our participation in the fediverse, please join us:

#PetsOfTheTexasObserver #turtles #Newstodon

A photo of a large pet turtle, seemingly sleeping on an open copy of the Texas Observer. Text: Mahmoud is very concerned about the water quality in his habitat. He's reading our series on Texas rivers." Another bubble reads "Become a member!"
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago

Do you use #Mac or #Linux software installed with the `brew` command from @homebrew? Please remember that it’s a #NonProfit project run entirely by unpaid volunteers. They rely on your donations to pay for software, hardware and hosting.

Please consider a regular #donation through one of the following:
#GitHub Sponsors:

#Homebrew #macOS

Ken M
1 month ago

What's fascinating about how some folks in the #nonprofit sector talk about AI/ML is that it's framed within the capitalist desire to do more with less...meaning AI/ML is a tool to keep austerity/scarcity alive & well in the NP space.

Ken M
1 month ago

“The McKinseys and the Deloittes have no expertise in areas they’re advising in” this makes me think about #nonprofit consultants who have worked a year or two at nonprofits but have all the answers as consultants.

1 month ago

There’s a new instance for NGOs, etc. check it and contact @josh for more. #nonprofit#. #ngo

1 month ago

Currently researching online magazine/journal publishing platforms and email marketing solutions suitable for non-profit organisations.
Anything from Wordpress plugins, to a full CRM, to a hosted, managed solution.
Any recommendations from the federation?
Even happy to be suggested better search terms to use!
#NonProfit #OnlinePublishing #EmailMarketing #Publishing #Marketing #MagazinePublishing #Magazine #Journal

1 month ago

From #MEAction:

"#MEAction is now hiring an Activist and Volunteer Coordinator! Please help us spread the word!

You can be located anywhere in the United States; #MEAction is entirely virtual."

More details here:

#MEcfs #PwME #Hiring #Nonprofit #RemoteWork


Photo of a woman wearing a mask and using a bullhorn next to this text:

We are hiring an activist and volunteer coordinator.
- Can be located anywhere in the US.
- Looking for a community organizer who has experience with multiple, diverse groups of individuals and a variety of campaigns.
- Experience working in chronic illness and previous volunteer experience is a plus!
Noel Lopez
1 month ago

#Facebook, #Twitter and other for-profit #SocialMedia sites intentionally boost #Toxic / #Negative content and #Misinformation / #Disinformation. This is harmful to #Democracy and all #SocialJustice movements. #Mastodon does not do this because it is #OpenSource and a #Nonprofit.

"Facebook and Instagram’s business model incentivizes the company to boost harmful and inflammatory content."

"Facebook essentially amplifies the worst of human nature."

@esther #NonProfit in the #USA doesn't mean #sustainable or #charity - it only means it's #TaxExempt!