Woodside shares of NT Chief Minister Natasha Fyles attracts attention of federal senator David Pocock. "This is the Labor chief minister who's been pushing fracking in the NT and pushing for the development of something that is not in line with the NT being habitable," said Pocock
#FossilGas #NorthernTerritory #Fracking

Lee 🌏
1 month ago

#Fracking in the #NorthernTerritory #Australia continues a rich #colonial history of putting toxic fossil fuels projects where poorest and most marginalised people live #Auspol

Mike Riversdale
1 month ago

Driving across the Northern Territory can feel like you're in the middle of nowhere when in reality your skirting around the middle of nowhere.

And much like there's no darkness without light, there's no feeling of nowhere without the odd roadhouse every couple of hundred kilometres.

#roadhouse #building #red #land #nowhere #NorthernTerritory #Australia #photography

Victoria River Roadhouse pumps and building with red ground, white clouds, and a deep blue sky
Mike Riversdale
1 month ago

At a mere 20,000 years old it blows my young and fleeting mind at who the people were and how Namarrgon, the Lightning Man, has survived all that time.

#aboriginal #Bininj #Mungguy #art #history #Burrungkuy #NorthernTerritory #Australia #photography

Ancient Aboriginal art at the Anbangbang gallery focused upon Namarrgon, the Lightning Man, and his compatriots
Mojo ♻️
1 month ago

#Methane bubbles in #groundwater cast doubts over #Beetaloo basin #fracking approval. Experts warn the #NT government has ‘significant and critical gaps in the knowledge base underpinning fracking approvals’ #frackoff #Santos #gas #northernterritory

Mike Riversdale
2 months ago

They assure you that rangers check the waterholes for crocodiles however I relied on the "safety in numbers" approach to crocodile death mitigation together with the assumption they'd go for the juicy young ones first.

#NorthernTerritory #Australia #waterhole #waterfall #crocodile #NotTodayThankYou #naturePhotography

The two waterfalls of Florence Falls Waterhole, Litchfield Park (Northern Territory, Australia) with steep red rock sides and the deep water hole itself.
2 months ago

The Uluru Statement is a simple invitation from the Heart of First Nations People. So when you go to the polling station tomorrow, please vote with your Heart!

If you are still unsure about the Voice Referendum. Please reach out. Happy to have a chat about it.

#Uluru #UluruStatement #NorthernTerritory #VoteYes #VoiceReferendum #VoiceToParliament #IndigenousRights #Reconciliation #TogetherForChange #SutherlandShire #ShireSaysYes

2 months ago

⚡️ Tragic collision between a four-wheel drive and a truck near a small town in the Katherine region of the Northern Territory results in multiple fatalities. Recovery process underway as authorities work to identify and recover victims. NT Police urge motorists to avoid the area and seek dash-cam footage from witnesses. Delays expected on Stuart Highway. #NorthernTerritory #RoadSafety

The Streets of Melbourne
4 months ago

My goodness!

This was the view from this morning, fully equipped with a gorgeous #sunrise at the top (warm!!) part of our huge continent, in the #NorthernTerritory.

Specifically #Darwin, #Australia.

This pic was shot by my sister, who is on holidays with hubbby, taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful part of the world.

Temp in Darwin today; 25 degrees Celsius (77F)… in mid-winter.

Forecast for Sunday; 33C (93F).


#northenterritory #CUintheNorthernTerritory #NT
#aesthetichedonist #Australia #downunder #makesmehappy

5 months ago

One of the two abandoned carriages that used to be a mobile school. Although I’m using #urbex this is the least urban environment, as it’s near a very remote Indigenous community at Epenarra, Northern Territory, Australia. #AbandonedWorld #decay #LostPlaces #AbandonedPlaces #ruins #NorthernTerritory #AbandonedSchool

An empty aluminium carriage left in a field of dry grass and acacia bushes
Inside the carriage with abandoned sinks and other rubbish. Some sunlight beams stream onto the floor
Holes in the wall, instructions for making art written directly on the wall
Through a set of four windows past wasp nest on the ceiling and out the other side to blue sky
Ellane W
5 months ago

Today in #Australia : original Gingernut biscuits from #Victoria, #SouthAustralia, and #NewSouthWales . Apparently each state's recipe evolved, and no one wants to change! I wonder what #WesternAustralia, #Queensland, #Tasmania, #AustralianCapitalTerritory and #NorthernTerritory versions are like? The ingredient and nutritional profiles are interesting: VIC is a lot less salty than the others, lol

6 months ago

An abandoned ant hill, a desert sunrise, the Frew River, a lone mulla-mulla flower. #Epenarra #Wutunugurra #BarklyRegion #NorthernTerritory

An abandoned ant hill with a gaping hole so you can see all the little cells inside
Wide flat land in soft sunrise  purples and oranges with dark horizon in foreground
A low, wide river on a bright sunny day with red stones and a few dark green trees
A single pink flower coming up out of rusty red rocks
6 months ago

A few shots from #Epenarra / #Wutunugurra in the Barkly region of the Northern Territory: a stick insect, a sunset, a morning walk to school, and Sturt’s desert rose. #Barkly #NorthernTerritory

A grass-like stick insect on the ground at a doorway
Clear sunset sky over a dark horizon of shrubs and an abandoned car
Elongated shadows of two people on a red dusty road in a desert community
Looking into a Sturt’s desert rose, deep pink in middle, pale pink petals
6 months ago

Sunset from the Greyhound bus leaving Alice Springs for Wauchope. #NorthernTerritory #StandUpComedy

Dark lower edge, tiny trees silhouetted on the horizon, a darkening sky above
7 months ago

is #USA #military occupation part of why the #NT doesn't get to be a state?

it's kinda like #Aussie #Guam … or given how many military yanks are there … pretty much just Guam

We should have stayed with #France - at least their #Pacific Islands get to vote for #president

#NorthernTerritory #AUKUS #Whitlam #GoughWhitlam #auspol

Peter Dutton and His Dog Act.

[“What we’ve seen over the last couple of days from Peter Dutton in central Australia is absolutely opportunistic, political game-playing, and using the most vulnerable people here in the heart of our nation as a pawn in that game. It’s quite frankly, a dog act.”]

Please note: I love dogs, but "dog act", in it's colloquial meaning, certainly fits.

Flys in, wanders around ignoring anybody with positive things to say, spouts his talking points to a complacent media, and flies out.

Implicit in his statements is the claim that aboriginal people are committing these crimes which creates a tension in the average person, demanding response. This has been a Conservative go-to for 200+ years.

If he has been given information regarding child abuse while in the Northern Territory, he must, by law, report that information to the authorities. He has ignored that inconvenient requirement.

A dog act indeed.

#Dutton #NorthernTerritory #AusPol

Tim Richards
8 months ago

New at my Patreon... Visiting the Northern Territory's capital Darwin in 2022, I joined a food & street art walking tour. Here I write about tropical eats and huge murals:

Food of the north

#Darwin #NorthernTerritory #Food #StreetArt #Tour #Art

Delicious small dishes on a platter.
Peter Barnes
8 months ago

Wangi Falls in flood

Litchfield (Purlugutj) National Park.
This shot was a little tricky, as the huge spray from the right-hand fall was blowing directly towards the camera location, and I was shielding and wiping and shooting. The plunge pool had overflowed its normal banks, as you can possibly see from the dark, roiling surface, and water was flowing rapidly over most of the low ground and walking tracks, and wasn’t far beneath the raised walkway (notionally closed after flooding damage).

#photography #landscape #nature #waterfall #Wangi #NorthernTerritory #art #ArtMatters #AYearForArt

The twin waterfalls at Wangi, in Litchfield National Park. Most of the frame is occupied by the rugged and largely bare sandstone cliff over which the two falls flow. A few trees cling to the edge above the falls, while the slopes on either side are more heavily vegetated. Below the falls the plunge pool, normally fairly calm, is overflowing with black swirling water, rushing away from the torrents falling down the cliff.
The smaller, left hand fall is a dense white thread cascading between the sandstone crags, but the much larger right-hand fall is a thick gush at the cliff’s edge, falling unbroken for the first fifteen metres or so, then exploding into wide, white cascades and a backlit fog of spray where it hits the first sloping rock ledge.

Australians in less-populated states: When your #insurance premiums increase, this is what you're paying for
#SouthAustralia #NorthernTerritory #Tasmania #ACT

Jonathan Wright
10 months ago

Those tooters that live in #Australia, more specifically #NorthernTerritory ...

What are the plusses and minusses of living in that part of the country?

Apart from #Darwin, are their other great towns to live? Not too big and noisy, but not zillions of miles from anywhere.

I ask, as it's recently been somewhere I added to my list of possible places to move to.

I'm currently in the UK.

10 months ago

"Alice Springs crime-wave meeting shut down after emotions run high

High emotions have seen a huge #town meeting shut down in #AliceSprings.
It was organised by local business owners who are considering launching a class action against the #NT #Government over the town's youth crime wave. But the meeting was stopped after just 20 minutes as #Indigenous affairs correspondent Carly Williams reports from Alice Springs."
#classwar #australia #northernterritory #northernterritorypolitics #ntpol #ntgov #poverty #homeless #humanrights #fascism #racism #capitalism #statism #costoflivng #lutruwita #tasmania #eattherich #fuckthesystem #lol #lmao #lulz

Tim Richards
10 months ago

This seems a good overview of what's going on in the NT. Fingerprints from both sides of politics all over the neglect that's led up to it.
Grog bans return: what is going on in Alice Springs and how did we get here?

#auspol #NT #NorthernTerritory #AliceSprings #Australia

10 months ago

"… much of the land-clearing may have been completed in anticipation of stricter future controls …"

Learning a lot about how people behave when you tell them they shouldn't do something now, but that they only really won't be able to do it at some future time.


#LandUse #Environment #NorthernTerritory #LandClearing #Policy

Abstract of the linked paper "The effects of a moratorium on land-clearing in the Douglas-Daly region, Northern Territory, Australia"

Der verrückteste Pub, den ich je besucht habe.
Der Daly Waters Pub in der Mitte des Northern Territory in Australien. Wenn ihr in der Nähe sind, solltet ihr euch das Beef & Barra Barbie gönnen.

Als soundtrack: "Wo mir sin is Kölle" von den Höhnern

The craziest pub I have ever visited. If you are in the area, you should treat yourself to the Beef & Barra Barbie.

#adventure #travel #pub #reisen #australia #photography #northernterritory

Hier hat George Lucas das Design für Jabba the hut geklaut.😂

Eine Höhle am Uluru

Here George Lucas stole the design for Jabba the hut.😂

A cave at Uluru

#uluru #ayers_rock #australia #northernterritory #landmark #nature #naturephotography #redcenter photography #standingstonesunday #silentsunday

“Federal senators and environmental groups are calling for an urgent inquiry into land clearing in the Northern Territory, where hundreds of hectares of tropical savanna have been razed – in some cases without a permit.”

Federal senators call for inquiry into land clearing for cotton in Northern Territory #ClimateEmergency #ClimateCrisis #Australia #NorthernTerritory #LandClearing #Cotton

Professor Mark Osborn
11 months ago

An introduction to Nightcliff Gardener's disease (melioodosis) or (as I know it) the #bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei.

One to be aware of if you live in or visit the #NorthernTerritory #Australia and you can find out more about it in this story in ABC news:

#microbiology #bacteria #pathogens

Agar plate of the attractive but dangerous bacterium Burkholderia pseudomallei
Peter Barnes
1 year ago

Some more Jacana shots:
1. In flight, demonstrating how its ridiculous feet fold up neatly for flying
2. Strolling over a water lily leaf without sinking
3. A bright red combed individual standing on a clump of water plants
4. A nervous Jacana endeavoring not to feature on today's menu (highly unlikely, in reality, the crocodile generally wouldn't bother, and the jacana could fly away unless it was ridiculously close)

#photography #birds #waterbirds #NorthernTerritory #Ngurrungurrudjba #jacana #crocodile

A comb-crested Jacana in flight over Ngurrungurrudjba billabong. Despite the apparent impossibility of flying with its enormously elongated toes, in flight they fold back very neatly, and it looks like the bird has very long legs with two knees.
An insouciant comb-crested Jacana strolling over a lily pad, its toes barely getting wet.
A comb-crested Jacana standing on a clump of water plants
In the foreground is a comb-crested Jacana, walking over a lily pad. Not far away, further back in the picture, is a floating crocodile, luckily  facing away from the Jacana.
Peter Barnes
1 year ago

Comb-crested Jacana, pouncing
Ngurrungurrujba, Northern Territory
(Irediparra gallinacea)

#photography #birds #waterbirds #NorthernTerritory #Ngurrungurrudjba #jacana

A comb-crested jacana is pictured in the act of pouncing on some underwater prey. The jacana, a bit smaller than a chicken, is standing on water plants with the aid of its extraordinarily large feet, with toes extending both back and forward for more than the length of its body. One foot is raised from the water, water dripping, and its body is stretched out with its beak not far from the surface.
Adam Yates
1 year ago

#FossilFriday This is a fossil mud lobster, Thalassina emerii, from a beach near Darwin, Northern Territory. Hundreds, probably thousands of these have been collected over the years and they are a common item in rock shops and curio shops. They aren't very old - late Pleistocene at the oldest but have the distinction of being one of a select few species that were named first for the fossil and later being found to be still alive.

A tan-brown nodule of rock containing the fossilised skin of a shrimp-like crustacean. the abdomen curving from the left to the underside is particularly recognisable.