Meeple Mountain
6 days ago

Clan Warchiefs descend upon Northgard. Check out Tom's review of Northgard: Warchiefs from Studio H.

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Meeple Mountain
6 days ago

Even more, even badder Creatures to challenge your clans in the Northgard: Wilderness Expansion, from Studio H.

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Gerard Braad
2 months ago

Wanted to try #Northgard on #Android, but it got stuck on the first logo (Shiro Games) after popping up a "sign in:" error... I didn't sign in for anything, so it seems to fail loading something online?

May 29, 2023 - Day 149 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 165

Game: Northgard

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Mar 8, 2018
Library Date: Apr 7, 2019
Unplayed: 1513d (4y1m22d)
Playtime: 49m

Northgard is a real-time strategy game about Vikings. Slightly cartoonish Vikings, but Vikings all the same.

Having watched his father the King, and clan slaughtered, Rig the now-very-angry seeks vengeance, by way of taking several years to build one single village, to build a longboat, and set sail to Northgard, where his father's killer has gone to invade and colonise.

I get that the seasons are a necessary part of the RTS process of this game, but it took three years of in-game time to get to the point I could follow the guy across the ocean.

He could be dead by now, for all I know. OK, he probably isn't, but still.

In any case, build a building to process wood, assign villagers, build a scout building, train scouts, etc etc.

The game has its own charm, but on the surface it appears to be a pretty run-of-the-mill strategy game.

Not going to complain, but not itching to jump back in.

Northgard is:

3: OK

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4 months ago
Universal Reflections
5 months ago
The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
5 months ago

Yo ho, time to plunder 'cause I'm a viking down under!

Come join me and Mug in a few minutes for some music and #northgard !

Hop onto and redeem your first 🍺 , it's on the house!

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5 months ago

Hey adventurers!
Got a serious case of #Monday blues?
Join the Tavern's #live #streaming chat tonight, It's full of bad puns and good people, I promise!

The Tavern will open at 10 PM CEST (8 GMT) and I'll be playing #Northgard :blobcat_controller:

Afraid to miss it? Hop onto and drop a 💜 to be notified

First round is on the house 🍻 , as always!

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The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
5 months ago

OK NOW IT'S REALLY TI... to start #streaming!

I'll be #live on #Twitch in a few minutes, join me and Mug on

They're taking the vikings to #Northgard (-gard-gard-ga-ga-gard). If you got this #pun you won an extra round 🍺

Otherwise, come ask me what is this about!

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The Gamer's Tavern 🍻
5 months ago


Ok, now that I have you attention, tonight the Tavern will open at 9:30 PM CEST (7:30 GMT)

I'll be playing #Northgard, aka when #warcraft meets #vikings :blobcat_controller:

Afraid to miss it? Hop onto and drop a 💜 to be notified when I'll be #live

First round is on the house :beers: , as always!

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5 months ago
Mr Rikxx
5 months ago

Wartales, a new game from developers of Northgard has sold more than 600,000 copies and has 91% positive reviews on Steam.

#wartales #northgard

Luke Miller
5 months ago

Argh in a big update overnight #Northgard nerfed my Raven-clan build. It should be illegal for multiplayer balance changes to affect the single player game

5 months ago

Heute mal wieder Spiele gespielt, erst zu fünft #Northgard, danach noch zu dritt #TheLoop (Grundspiel ohne Erweiterung)

Beides sehr spassige, aber auch sehr unterschiedliche Spiele


uxellodunum :archlinux:
6 months ago

@whylamb I've played some #Stellaris and #Northgard on it. Starting some #SpaceHaven soon. The trackpads are great. Perfect? Nop, but great for on the go sessions, and the #SteamDeck is the only device that has them, so I figured to make use of them. Steam Input also makes it a breeze to customize controls and create radials where necessary.

Northgard: Uncharted Lands arrived ☺️

Not had chance to play yet but it looks fantastic, really happy with the quality of it all (despite the slight corner dent it received during shipping), though I will need to get some card sleeves to protect them a bit.

Having enjoyed the video game version of this, I’m hoping this holds up. Thinking I might try painting those larger figures one day 🤔

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Boxed board game Northgard, placed upon a grey cutting mat on the table.
Open boxed board game Northgard, showing the container that holds all the tokens and player pieces, along with two decks of cards yet to be opened
Close up of two plastic figures from the board game, Northgard. One is a Viking warrior and the other a bear.
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7 months ago
7 months ago

Das neue #Siedler ist eine Entscheidungshilfe: Wenn euch der Aufbaupart zu seicht ist, spielt stattdessen #Anno oder #Foundation. Wenn euch der RTS-Teil zu seicht ist, spielt stattdessen #AoE 2/4. Wenn ihr beides okay findet, spielt stattdessen #Northgard. (w t)

8 months ago

Finished the #Northgard Cross of Vidar story, and really like it! Especially chapter 7 and 8. Thanks @shirogames

Julien Lengrand-Lambert
8 months ago

Your typical #northgard experience. 80% of teams crashing at start

A game that just started with 6 out of 8 people crashing...
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9 months ago

🔴 Live - #multiplayer
🎮 #northgard
🏆 Conquest #2

Universal Reflections
9 months ago

🔴 Live
🎮 #northgard

Seems like #Northgard is back on tracks! Latest patch sorted out the Launch issues for #Linux & #OSX

Much appreciated the quick response from the Devs!

Anybody playing #Northgard in #linux or #mac seems like the most recent patch in #Steam broke the launching process of the game.

I've opened a bug report feel free to vote to bring some visibility, but I believe the team already knows about this.


New Link:

10 months ago

Help @shirogames 😱I cannot find the Cross of Vidar DLC for #Northgard over @GOGcom
When will it be available?

Nothgard: Uncharted Lands this afternoon with the siblings. Such a tense end game. Much yelling at dice, banging of tables, and meta strategy talk. Extremely good. 😂

This game is actually fabulous. Such a tight strategy game without expansions. Looking forward to exploring the expansions more!

#boardgame #northgard

A board game in progress with green map tiles and red, yellow, blue, and red pieces across the board.
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10 months ago

🔴 Live - #multiplayer
🎮 #Northgard
🏆 Join the conquest!

10 months ago

Shiro Games celebra su décimo aniversario – Northgard alcanza tres millones de jugadores
La desarrolladora y editora de videojuegos francesa ha crecido de forma constante gracias al éxito histórico de Northgard.

Shiro Games está orgullosa de anunciar que Northgard, el aclamado juego de estrategia vikinga, ha al
#Noticias #Actualización #Estrategia #iOS #Northgard #ShiroGames

Jan Brachat
11 months ago

@kaspi Brettspielumsetzungen von PC-Spiel oder Film sind echt immer Hit-and-Miss. Manche echt gut, andere einfach nur schrecklich.

Das #Northgard #Brettspiel zum Echtzeit-Strategie-Titel ist zum Beispiel erstaunlich gut, #Doom und #ThisWarofMIne eher nicht so.

1 year ago

#Northgard is an awesome game. It's like 0AD but better

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2 years ago

Live! With Pipsy | New game for ya'll #northgard | Will we be victorious? |