Friendly reminder: It's easy to forget there are many more people in the world that write code and are *not developers* than there are professional software developers. Scientists, journalists, lawyers, activists, med. doctors, writers, educators, artists, designers, and many others, can create computer programs!

This paper from 2012 shows an 2005 estimate (for 2012) that there are almost 4x more people programming ("end user programmers") than professional programmers

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Cropped image of mentioned article showing part of the introduction and the graph of 2005 estimate for 2012 of the number of self-described programmers (13M) and professional programmers (3M)

The image is for the people in the back...

(from this wonderful blog post about #Python #packaging: #pypi #notadeveloper

Python users are not software engineers

Many of the users who write Python code are not primarily full-time software engineers or “developers”. They are not particularly interested in this aspect of their job. They’re using Python as a tool to get their job done. They’re not interested in the details of how the tool works, or even how complicated things are under the hood.

As Thea (Stargirl) Flowers said recently:

    The reason there are so many tools for managing Python dependencies is because Python is not a monoculture and different folks need different things.
9 months ago

#IRecentlyGrumbled about struggling with the TreeView stuff but wait, TreeViews are deprecated as of #Gtk 4.10 so I tried to get my head around GListModel and ColumnView and I can report a small success as I have managed to create an example working.

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- I'm currently working on a PhD at Unicamp
- I should be tooting less and concentrating, but… ask me about drawing with #Python! Check out #py5 and #pyp5js, they bring in the drawing vocabulary from #Processing & #P5js
- I’d like to collaborate on open resources to teach programming in a visual context & I keep a list of tools for teaching Python with visual output at
- I make a new drawing with code everyday & I put the results at

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I found myself in the 11th hour yesterday kludging together an #agate container using an alpine base image with glibc shoehorned in, because the precompiled agate binary doesn't run at all against musl c.

Now that it's a new day, I'm thinking about rolling up sleeves and learning how to use build containers to make a proper agate binary to run in a real #alpine base image to cut my image size in half.

I can figure it out, but a handy primer would be appreciated.🤗

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I know this is a fringe group here but starting #NotADeveloper