May 11, 2023 - Day 131 - NewPlay Review
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Game: Not For Broadcast

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Jan 30, 2020
Library Date: Nov 20, 2021
Unplayed: 568d (1y6m21d)
Playtime: 24m

Not For Broadcast is, apparently, a "propaganda simulator". When I bought this, I thought it was a mid-1980's TV studio broadcast simulator, which is, technically, true.

What I learned, very quickly, is that I don't want to play a TV studio broadcast simulator. Nor would I want to work in one.

I love the craft of making TV. I've spent hours upon hours listening to a podcast about showrunning.

Live TV? No. Too many moving parts that I had to pay attention to, and I ended up more stressed out than I was when I sat down to play.

It's a well-produced game, and reading up on it afterwards, it has an interesting storyline, but playing it through would just feel like hard work. It's times like this I wish you could gift a Steam game to someone who'd actually enjoy it.

Will I play Not For Broadcast again?

1: Nope.

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Mr Rikxx
6 months ago

Not For Broadcast a propaganda simulation game released on Steam VR, and Meta Quest 2.

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Not For Broadcast
8 months ago

holy shit when I tabbed into steam I was not expecting to see this
#NotForBroadcast #VR
8 months ago

Not For Broadcast: Immersive, erzählerische Propaganda-Simulation erscheint im März für Xbox – Trailer
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8 months ago

Not For Broadcast ist eine immersive, erzählerische Propaganda-Simulation, die im Kontrollraum eines Fernsehstudios in einer Dystopie der 1980er Jahre spielt.
#Xbox #InsideXboxDE #NotForBroadcast #Repost

3 years ago

L'épisode 2 de #NotForBroadcast prend un... tournant on va dire. Nice job, !