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Reasons for rootDir #Nx build errors:
- Missing package.json in buildable or publishable library
- The name property in package.json of a buildable or publishable library is not the same as its import alias (TypeScript path mapping)
- Build targets of dependencies are named differently

🌊 #Nx 17 standardizes generator options and adds the nameAndDirectoryFormat and projectNameAndRootFormat options accepting:
- as-provided: generates files relative to the current working directory and ignores the project option
- derived: uses the project option generates files relative to the workspace root directory

The `project` and `flat` options are deprecated in favor of the `directory` option and --project-name-and-root-format=as-provided

🌊 #Nx 17.0 adds the `NX_PARALLEL` environment variable to ease reusing Nx commands between different environments

As an example, let' say we have defined a `ci` script in `package.json` that runs the command `nx run-many --targets=build,lint,test`


🌊 #Nx 17.0 removes the deprecated `npmScope` setting from `nx.json`.

Instead, Nx detects the npm scope from the `name` property of the root `package.json` file. Any npm-scoped name will do, for example:
- `@my-org/source`
- `@my-org/root`
- `@my-org/workspace`

🌊 #Nx 17.0 removes the deprecated `defaultCollection` setting from `nx.json`. This means that `nx generate library my-library` now prompts us to select from alll packages that have a `library` generator.

Alternatively, we specify the package in the command: `nx generate @nx/angular:library my-library`

🌊 #Nx 17.0 is out and `nx workspace-lint` has been removed

⬇️ Read this thread for migration guidance

🌊 Starting with #Nx 17.0, individual tasks can be configured as cacheable or not with the `cache` setting

🌊 #Nx 17.0 adds the `nxCloudUrl` setting to `nx.json`. Useful for Nx Cloud Enterprise

2 months ago

🧠 Understanding the Elixir Machine Learning Ecosystem
βž₯ AndrΓ©s Alejos

#Elixir #Axon #Nx #XGBoost #MachineLearning

I'm attending #Nx Conf virtually on September 26th. Sign up for free at

Virtual badge for Nx Conf 2023
3 months ago

inmedica susijunge su kardiolita, mano gyd. istaigos ir seimos gyd. nebera inmedica systemoje,o kardiolitoj dar nera 🀬🀬🀬 #NX

4 months ago

I am reading the first beta of Machine Learning in #elixir and trying it out a bit. Still wondering what would happen if #nx and #julialang would have a love child. :awesome: How would it look like?

4 months ago

Does anybody have any suggestions about how to make a #monorepo perform well given what I have said? Any good tools to use or should I just not do it? #Lerna #NX #Turborepo etc.? Stack currently Jekyll, but will be moving to something Node/Deno flavoured.

🎭 The first beta versions of the official Playwright Nx plugin have been released
#Nx #OpenSource #Playwright #Testing

4 months ago

nieko nespΔ—ju #nx

Here is a .NET Nx workspace set up using nx-dotnet, #Nx, and #GitHub Actions

Separate top-level folders in the repo or use a single #Nx workspace for both the JavaScript frontend and the .NET backend to get massive CI benefits.

Aaron Martin-Colby
5 months ago

For anyone looking into #nx or #turborepo for their #monorepo, a huge difference is that Turborepo has somewhat better support for Yarn Plug'n'Play.

I'm excited about the @nx/dependency-checks ESLint rule introduced in #Nx 16.4. I submitted bugs that were patched in Nx 16.5 while writing this article.

Use it as a replacement for `updateBuildableProjectDepsInPackageJson` when maintaining peer dependencies for buildable or publishable Nx libraries.


🌊 #Nx deprecation ⚠️

The `nx workspace-lint` command is deprecated in Nx versions 15 and 16 where the command is a no-op. The command is removed in Nx 17.

1. Remove usage of the `nx workspace-lint` command from your scripts and CI pipelines.
2. Use standalone project.json configurations, not workspace.json or angular.json.
3. Ensuring that Nx package versions are in sync is supported by manually inspecting the output of the `nx report` command.

🌊 #Nx deprecations ⚠️

- Nx CLI support for workspace.json and angular.json is deprecated
- Nx Console no longer supports angular.json

Still using workspace.json or angular.json? Run `nx g @nx/workspace:fix-configuration` and then delete workspace.json or angular.json

Still using Angular CLI? Run `nx init` to add Nx

🌊 #Nx Pro Tip πŸ’‘

Visit the fresh changelog page on for feature highlights, deprecations, and breaking changes in Nx releases.

Nx Changelog

I contributed examples to the #Nx documentation for running tasks based on Nx project tags using the `nx run-many` command Thanks to fellow Nx Champion Jay Bell for support in figuring this out and thanks to @agentender for helping with documentation commits.

Test all projects with a type:ui tag:
nx run-many -t test --projects=tag:type:ui

Test all projects with a type:feature or type:ui tag:
nx run-many -t test --projects=tag:type:feature,tag:type:ui

#TIL The `--all` option for the `nx run-many` command is deprecated as it is no longer required. Instead, we specify `--targets` but no `--projects` #Nx

#TIL The `--only-failed` option for the `nx affected` and `nx run-many` commands was removed back in #Nx version 13.3. Here's why

New #Nx article on enforcing architectural boundaries by Nx Champion Nacho Vazquez Calleja

6 months ago
#Parasolid history its begun 70 years ago! What??? What WTF? this statement is wrong and this isn't the year but the version :) Romulus was released 1978 and its impossible, maybe studies begun years before #Unigraphics #NX #CAD Parasolid the core of many CADs and also of #Plasticity

Yay πŸ₯³ I can officially announce that I am recognized as one of the first #Nx Champions featured with @SantoshYadavDev and 10 other Nx #community experts at #OpenSource

7 months ago

One thing is for sure, there are many #CAD programs that use ##Parasolid, but I have never ever seen complex surfaces modeling done with that applications like what I see done with #Plasticity, only in #NX I see something complex.

Axel Rauschmayer
7 months ago

Nx 16 [β€œsmart, fast and extensible build system”]
#ES_Next_News #ECMAScript #JavaScript #Nx

#Nx 15.7 introduced first-class #Deno support. Now, with Nx 16.0, the @nx/deno preset has been added, an `oak` option has been added for the `framework` option, and edge functions have first-class support with the @nx/netlify and @nx/aws-lamda packages. Deno Deploy is also supported

#Nx 16 was released on Friday, April 28th. Packages that previously had the @nrwl npm scope now have the @nx npm scope. For example @nx/angular, @nx/cypress, and @nx/react. Of course, this is handled automatically by Nx migrations when running the `nx migrate latest` command. For compatibility, the `@nrwl/*` packages are available in v16.x but >=17 will only be published using the @nx npm scope

Mark Techson from the #Angular is as excited as you should be about the `ng new greenfield-app --standalone` command finally being available. It has been available in #Nx for a while but still great news.

Mark Techson presents the
"ng new great-app --standalone" command for Angular CLI.
Adam Cook
8 months ago


Big shakeup in the #TestAndMeasurement space!

It will be interesting to see how #LabVIEW evolves...

This acquisition reminds me of when #Siemens bought out UGS (makers of the #NX #CAD software suite).

9 months ago

To #Linux users, who often complain about the lack of commercial #CAD software, there are some as we know like #Varicad and others but a new one arrives in April and one of the best applications I've had the opportunity to use go and buy it, trust me! It's #Plasticity and has the same engine of #Siemens #NX (Parasolid) and works truly very well.
Images below are from Siemens Web.

Parasolid sample
Parasolid sample
Parasolid sample
Parasolid sample
9 months ago

#Development #Overviews
The most popular build tools for front-end developers in 2023 Β· Key features and benefits of the top build tools for web development

#WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Workflow #Collaboration #Automation #Tool #BuildTool #Compiler #Bundler #TaskRunner #JavaScript #TypeScript #Esbuild #Lerna #Nx #Parcel #Rollup #Rome #SWC #Turbo #Vite #Webpack

Finally the official Nx console for Jetbrains IDE has arrived:

Just in time for my first Nx project 😎

#jetbrains #nx

Nrwl released the first beta of their first class #Deno plugin for #Nx

How do you generate a library with many tags in NX?

This command: `nx g @nrwl/angular:library todos --tags=tag1,tag2`

generates these tags in the project.json:
`"tags": ["tag1 tag2"]`

I would expect two strings in the tags array.

From my package.json:
"@nrwl/angular": "14.8.6",
"@nrwl/cli": "14.8.6",

#NX #Angular

10 months ago

Since the hashtag is totally empty for me on here, I'll start it:

Anyone on the #fediverse want to talk to #turborepo, let me know :D.

#vercel #monorepo #nextjs #frontend #programming #nx #moon #bazel #etc #etc

CK's Technology News
11 months ago

Incident management system using #nx, #nodejs, #react


Ian Homer
11 months ago

Really must give #nx a go, been on my must try list for months now ....

Nitrux 2.6.0 Takes Bold Steps: Drops apt, Adds Flathub and Pipewire

#linux #opensource #kde #nitrux #kdeplasma #nx #debian

Nitrux 2.6.0
Marc Widmann πŸ‘
11 months ago

Green Book - Eine besondere Freundschaft ... ist ein sehr besonderer Film. Empfehlung!

At work I own the entire architecture of and write the code for an application with two features thus far:
- search and discovery in cross-organizational data
- scoring value models (evaluating subjective data to identify trends in a particular subject area)

I have #NestJs, #React, and a few other #TypeScript projects in a monorepo managed with #Nx. I also spend a fair amount of time in Python for configuring ETLs and utilizing the amazing tools written by my data scientist colleagues.

David Burns
1 year ago

I've just asked my first question on #StackOverflow in what feels like forever! If you're a #nrwl #nx pro, could you help me here? I have a workaround which is running 2 separate commands but feels like nx should know what to do here properly

#monorepo #build

Dan Dean
1 year ago

Aaaaand now I'm building an #Nx dependency graph plugin to create a dependency graph inside of a gigantic Flow monorepo with a bespoke module system.

It's absolutely bonkers how flexible and extensible is.

One cool thing about this is that I'll be able to just delete the plugin once we make the migration from Flow to #typescript, but improved monorepo tools are not blocked on a TypeScript migration.

Dan Dean
1 year ago

Hacking away at a custom #nx monorepo configuration and I continue to be blown away by how powerful it is.

I now have #nx bolted onto a gigantic pre-existing Flow monorepo with auto-generated `project.json` files, providing CLI access to every project's targets.

Next thing is to figure out how to get the dependency tree working so we can use `nx affected` to streamline CI runs.


Speaking at Modern frontend live tomorrow, come join to learn how to migrate to Nx.

#tech #Nx #Mono-repo

Speaking at Modern frontend
Colin Gourlay
1 year ago

Announcement on #GitHub about a new #DotNet Virtual Monolithic Repository

I'm a big fan of the #Nx build system - the tooling for #Angular is lovely but the .net support (or certainly how I want to use it) is limited.

Hoping this might take my #AzureDevOps CI/CD pipelines in an interesting direction.

Definitely something to keep an eye on.

Announcement here:

#DevOps #MonoRepo #TrunkBasedDevelopment #ContinuousIntegration #ContinuousDeployment #ContinuousDelivery

1 year ago

@vertigo Gosh darnit this is the second reference to this piece I've heard in the last week. It was put up during some podcast or something as one of the most complicated prog rock pieces ever done - primarily due to the constantly changing time signature in the intro and of course Hackett's guitar solo.

I just put it on in the background as I'm typing. Thanks for the reminder. :). #nx

1 year ago

@mdhughes I've officially been earwormed, you monster. #nx

1 year ago

@inlovewithpda I HAVE 3 OF THESE!

Ahem. I mean, yes, I know these units. See - I believe one of my 5600's still has the original rom on it, I may be able to image it, let me know. #nx