Kineia3 🐺🎨
2 days ago

5 years ago VS now 💕

Very little art was dated around this time so it was hard to find! Had to look through a lot of old notebooks

I know younger me wouldn’t believe where I am now, and I look forward to seeing how much I’ve improved years from now!

Tho I was kinda cookin with those hybrid designs…diabloceratops dragon?? 👀

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4 days ago

I suddenly remembered that old grunge canvas I built forever ago. It‘s still super fun to draw on it and get messy!
I want to draw a whole story with it some time, but it‘s probably not going to be a fun one.

#ClipStudioPaint #DigitalArt #OCart #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #grunge #art #fantasy

very messy drawing. is that a couple? in a cave maybe? they seem to be im pain.
5 days ago
A guy sits near a single tree with fallen leaves. He stares at the blue skies
5 days ago

Threw some color on this super old lineart of Carmelo; my demon goat cake man.

Dressed up all vampire like.

#monster #characterdesign #goat #cake #valentine #vampire #oc #ocart

A goat like monster that has a slice of red velvet cake for a head. He's wearing a fancy vampire like outfit with his fangs showing.
6 days ago
6 days ago

New "Signs Point to Bobbie" episode! We're going to meet a new character soon... 👀

Check it out if you'd like a funny comic with a deaf MC!

#mastoart #comic #occomic #ocart #oc #originalcharacter #digitalart

6 days ago

A sorta reference for my Monster Husband; Saonxe.

He's been with me since 1998 and he'll always be around. I love him very much. <3

#monster #exo #terato #exophilia #teratophilia #humanoid #oc #ocart

A pale moss green man with raven talons on his hands and feet is twisting his body to the side with one leg lifted up; black ichor dripping from his mouth.
Morgan Bryn Lees
6 days ago

CW: blood (not sure if this counts as violent but erring on the safe side? sometimes that counts?)

I forgot I had this account for a little bit to be honest, so here's the art I've done recently!

Going clockwise we have Vethryn, my second BG3 character (drow Oath of Vengeance paladin with the dark urge) lying on his back in the sand soon after the nautiloid crash with scenes from the past around him; Vethryn again, in the same general style of portrait I've done for my other Bhaalspawn characters in the past; and then Ithenrael, my first and still favorite character I played through the original Baldur's Gate trilogy, in another try at the blood dream from the first game.

I'm now going to try and remember to check this site again XD

#mastoart #ocart #baldursgate #baldursgate3 #myart

An elf with white hair and light purple-grey skin wearing a paladin uniform lies on his back in the sand. Images in pools of blood radiate from around him.
An elf with medium-length choppy white hair, purple-grey skin and red eyes wearing bone-themed plate armor looks into the distance holding up his hand, which is covered with blood. There is also a smear of blood on his face. The symbol of Bhaal, Lord of Murder, is in the background behind him.
An elf with long white hair and light skin, wearing a black mage robe, wades through an ocean of blood. A wave with drops formed like the tears of Bhaal is crashing down on him from the upper right of the image. His hands, which he holds in front of him, are dripping with blood.

My most recent #drawing of Himeka Sagami for @Foro_TDE, with an small redesign, now she has become a part of the Nautilus crew and has had her old Digital Device destroyed in order to set free her Digimon partner, a Gabumon named Awilda, and build a real friendship bond with her.

The Nautilus pin was made by @mastertuki ^o^/

#KanaruArt #digitalArt #OCArt #OriginalCharacter #ArtistsOnMastodon

A young woman of blue long hair and red eyes is smiling looking at the camera and with her right hand close to her chest. She has a long-sleeved pale blue shirt with a pin of the Nautilus futuristic aircraft, which is also in the background.
1 week ago

The Piers brainrot continues with me turning him into a Swifthorn.

He makes a very good one.

#alien #monster #oc #ocart #latex #exophilia #terato #exo #teratophilia

A very tall alien creature decked out in latex is standing with his back facing the camera peering over his shoulder.
Branwen OShea (she/her)
1 week ago

Finished it!
A few of you thought my other cave diggers looked cute and floofy, so I wanted to show their terrifying size relative to a human. I drew the human side-eyeing me, hoping he has plot armor.😂

(Cave diggers are just one of the future ice age predators in my YA Sci-fi series. First book is The Calling.)

#FindingHumanitySeries #ocart #art #author #authors #amwriting #writing

Drawing of a future ice age predator about to attack a human. Predator is larger than a grizzly with massive claws, the shape of a wolverine/bear, and markings similar to an American Badger. The human is wearing an orange parka and has his arms up protectively. They stand on a snow field.
1 week ago

Oops my hand slipped 🤤 Gift for Kikirini who has preorders now for volume two of her awesome comic Kuro Shouri (where this guy shows up, just sayin' 😉).

#digitalart #artistsonmastodon #ocart #mastoart #digital #fediart #art #artist #comic

A digital illustration of a black male human character, giving a side-eye smile, seen from the thighs up, wearing, uh, some clothes, but not much. Showing off his sword, oh wait, that's not right. Well, he's got straps across his chest and bandages around his arms. You know what, this description isn't going well. He's hot okay? A hot guy with no shirt on, just pants and shoulder armor. And he is actually holding a sword, I wasn't lying there.
1 week ago

Finished up that Sullivan sketch to keep my hand going through the Freeze that's going on in my area right now.

The long Floof.

#fox #demon #oc #ocart #monster #artwork #furry #furryart

A very long fluffy green fox like monster with bright red eyes looks over his shoulder with his back facing the viewer.

Took me just about 2 months to finish this piece... Way longer than expected but I'm very happy with how it came out!!

#OC #OCart #furry #furryart #monkey #primate

A romantic illustration of two original characters holding each other as they dance in an elegant, outdoor courtyard. They are surrounded by the full moon, white lilies, petals in the wind, and castle towers.
1 week ago

I missed you aethy 🥺 please have potato shaped lad 🫴🥔
#art #sfw #oc #ocart #doodle #rkgk #chibi #cat #Kokois_ocs


名前: キャンディ・ベル
ニックネーム:キャンディケーン, スウィーティー, 砂糖

#アート #アーティスト #mastoart #mastoartist #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon #ocart #oc #mastodonart #digitalArt #digitalpainting #digitalartist #digitalartwork #artistic #digitalillustration #イラスト #イラストレーター #illust #fivenightsatfreddys #fivenightsofflirting #rebornica

1 week ago

Just thought I'd share my persona/OC here!
She's in my Five Nights of Flirting fanfic

Name: Candy Bell
Age: 17-18
Gender: Female
Height: 4'11"
Nickname: Candycane, Sweetie, Sugar

#art #artist #mastoart #mastoartist #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon #ocart #oc #mastodonart #digitalArt #digitalpainting #digitalartist #digitalartwork #artistic #digitalillustration #illustration #illustrator #illust #fivenightsatfreddys #fivenightsofflirting #rebornica

A thick wamen wearing a tank top and jeans while smiling and staring deeply in front of her.
2 weeks ago
A digital artwork of 2 guys walking
2 weeks ago

Tiefling portrait

I touched up my pastels sketch and really liked the result✨

#art #ocart #MastoArt #DigitalArt #fantasy #dnd #tiefling

Portrait of a male tiefling in 3\4 view. Tiefling has red skin, rams horns and yellow glowing eyes. His hair is short, dirty pink with blue highlights
Wiki Silence
2 weeks ago

I made a simple illustration of Kenzori on the iPad! He's so much fun to draw haha. Also, I think I finally found my rendering skills! 😁
#art #artist #artwork #illustration #DigitalArt #DigitalArtist #Digitalillustration #Drawing #OC #OCArt #OriginalCharacter #Dragon #DragonArt #DragonArtwork #mastoart #artistonmastodon

2 weeks ago

Was testing something with the shading colour choices, also I've been playing too much Arknights lol Anyway, it's Mythril in another AU. The fancy effects next to a rough character sketch amuse me.
#MKart #OCArt #OriginalCharacter #Sketch #MastoArt

A digital sketch of my original character Mythril done up to resemble an arknights unit's promoted art. She is floating in the middle of the image with her green hair billowing out behind her. Her arms are outstretched, creating a barrier that magic is trailing around as yellow darts fire back out. She's wearing a red dress and white jacket and her fins are replaced with scales growing out from her hands and feet.
Viy Sitante
2 weeks ago

The internet in the hands of local Astemarites can be a dangerous tool...

Then again, would you reject such a cute bear? :meru_grabby:

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #comics #comic #manga #sfw #OC #OCart #OriginalCharacter #blackandwhite #tone

Full page strip. Eight panels, black and white/toned. Please see the close-up panels after this one for better alt text, as the below is just the script.

The first panel is an introductory panel as two bears carry signs that say the title of the strip and the byline. "I love you beary much by Viy Sitante." The bears are dressed up like Astemar's alter egos. To their right is Magnus, head down on his arms and desk, nursing a beer bottle.

Second panel. 

Astemar: Bad day today?

Magnus: (groans)

Third panel. 

Astemar: Well, I have something to cheer you up.

Magnus: is it drugs?

Astemar: Better!

Fourth panel, technically paneless as it's a pan shot. There's a sound effect of "ta-daaa!" but it's Astemar saying it.

Astemar: It's you! I made it.

Astemar: I ran out of strips for your hair though...

Fifth panel. 

Magnus: ...Astemarie...why would you make me a bear?

Sixth panel. 

Astemar: Because you're...a bear!

Seventh panel. 

Magnus: ...Did you just learn what the hell bear means in le nouvelle parlance?

Aside text: I think I prefer the drugs, honey

Last and eighth panel.

Astemar: It was either the bear or the bunny--

Magnus yells GIVE ME THE BEAR, with another aside text where he calls Astemar a meanie.
Close-up of the first three panels of a full page strip. Black and white/toned.

The first panel is an introductory panel as two bears carry signs that say the title of the strip and the byline. "I love you beary much by Viy Sitante." The bears are dressed up like Astemar's alter egos. To their right is Magnus, head down on his arms and desk, nursing a beer bottle.

Second panel. Astemar comes in. Magnus does not react bodily.

Astemar: Bad day today?

Magnus: (groans)

Third panel. Astemar is looking for something behind her.

Astemar: Well, I have something to cheer you up.

Magnus: is it drugs?

Astemar: Better!
Close-up of the last five panels of a full page strip. Black and white/toned.

Fourth panel, technically paneless as it's a pan shot. Astemar is holding up a teddy bear that's been customized to look like Magnus, complete with dark strips standing in for arm hair, feet hair and brows, along with a gaudy button-up shirt with normal tie and pants.

There's a sound effect of "ta-daaa!" but it's Astemar saying it.

Astemar: It's you! I made it.

Astemar: I ran out of strips for your hair though...

Fifth panel. Magnus has finally turned to look at her and does not look pleased. He has not let go of the bottle.

Magnus: ...Astemarie...why would you make me a bear?

Sixth panel. Astemar looks pleased with herself, hugging the bear.

Astemar: Because you're...a bear!

Seventh panel. Magnus has not appreciated the wordplay here, looking even more displeased.

Magnus: ...Did you just learn what the hell bear means in le nouvelle parlance?

Aside text: I think I prefer the drugs, honey

Last and eighth panel, Astemar is still holding the bear close to her. She has a smartass grin.

Astemar: It was either the bear or the bunny--

Magnus yells GIVE ME THE BEAR, with another aside text where he calls Astemar a meanie.
Wiki Silence
2 weeks ago

I've wanted to design a DND character for a long time, so I decided to re-imagine my Gold dragon character I play as into how I draw adult dragons! His name is Kenzori Korario, I'm really happy with how he turns out! #art #DnD #Dragon #artistonmastodon #mastoart#art #artist #artwork #drawingart #digitalart #DigitalArtist #OC #OCartwork #ocdrawing #originalcharacter #ocart #AnimeArt

Wiki Silence
2 weeks ago

Made two more pieces of art on iPad, these are just practice drawings for me to try to render the art, So far I'm getting closer to my liking!
#artistonmastodon #mastoart#art #artist #artwork #drawingart #digitalart #DigitalArtist #OC #OCartwork #ocdrawing #originalcharacter #ocart #AnimeArt #furryart #procreate

Hika/Tam | HK★TMK
2 weeks ago

1st up on #DTIYS Prize chibis is's #OC, Anya!! I really love the magic circle inside the brim of her hat. What's your fave part of her design?

This prize is for a DTIYS I hosted on my Instagram!

#Art #AnimeArt #Chibi #OriginalCharacter #Witch #ChibiArt #OCArt #ちびキャラ #sdイラスト #ミニキャラ

Chibi art of a blue-themed witch with dark skin and hair. She has a blue hair-streak.
Chibi art of a blue-themed witch with dark skin and hair. She has a blue hair-streak, a duck-themed staff, and potion bottles on her belt.
Wiki Silence
2 weeks ago

I recently got myself an Apple Pencil! So I made some three art on iPad! I'm having a lot more fun drawing there now, haha!
#art #artist #artistonmastodon #mastoart #DigitalArtist #digitalartwork #illustration #OC #ocart #fanart #originalcharacter #AnimeArt #procreate

2 weeks ago

Nighttime beauty || oc

#art #ocart #MastoArt #DigitalArt #fantasy

Nighttime garden scene. There are a lot of purple hues, waning crescent moon in the sky, hand-like trees. Two people stand in front the bushes and look at the bright light emerging from the right figure hand
2 weeks ago

Threw colors on Angseth; the boy, the baby. You may pet him...once.

Dick out edition.

#taur #centaur #monster #monsteroc #oc #ocart #exophilia #terato #teratophilia #artwork #nsfw #erotica

A large taur bodied humanoid is laying on his back with a mischievous and playful expression.

His balls and sheath are exposed.
2 weeks ago

Threw colors on Angseth; the boy, the baby. You may pet him...once.

#taur #centaur #monster #monsteroc #oc #ocart #exophilia #terato #teratophilia #artwork

A large taur bodied humanoid monster is laying cutely on his back with a mischievous and playful look on his face.
Kineia3 🐺🎨
2 weeks ago

✏️ Pencil Icon Batch 4!

Available on my ☕️ for just 💲🔟

#furryart #furryartist #ocart #ocartist

Kineia3 🐺🎨
3 weeks ago


Would anyone be interested in something like this as a YCH?

( can have GIF and/or video versions )

#furry #furryart #furryartist #furryfandom #furryfandomart #furryych #ocych #ychart #ych #ocart #ocartist #ocartwork #furryartwork #furryoc

Some teeny dragon-mage au doodles of my boys 🥺 💕

Matteo being very impatient, and then excited when his magic reaches a *breakthrough*....for his kind of magic, anyways.

Ellis might not be able to utilize it, but he's not going to turn Matteo's bright little smile away for anything.

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #OcArt #Ocs #Art #sketch #ellteocs

Matteo bent over a low, tiered table and impatiently tapping his claws on the lower tier. His chunky, short dragon tail twitches with impatience as he taps his foot, hoping his magic will compound faster.
Matteo eagerly slapping his notes down for Ellis to go over, chattering away about his breakthrough, tail wagging behind him. Ellis seems perplexed and a little shy about Matteo being so close, but otherwise ambivalent, as Matteo's magic style is completely different from his own.
Dune 🐲
3 weeks ago

Fourth character in the list is Olle!

I like this guy a lot, he's pretty funny, very good company, but he's a TERRIBLE cook and an EVEN TERRIBLE driver, but hey, he's funny! That should make up for that. 🦁

#oc #ocart #mastoart #originalcharacter #conceptart #artist #digitalart #furryart #furryartwork #furryartist #lion #anthro

His name is Olle!

He's an anthropomorphic lion with yellow and cream fur. He has a shawl-like scarf around his arms, lots of rings and bangles and anklets, and has a mini-coconut/jade necklace. He has a salt-and-pepper mane, pushed back with a pair of sunglasses it runs free on his back, but the sides are braided into gold cuffs. He also wears tie-dye pants adorned with a berry bush pattern, "car" keys hang on one of the belt loops.

The background has a wide variety of seashells.
4 weeks ago

Any season is spooky season. It has nothing to do with me missing deadlines || OC. Rem and pals

#art #ocart #MastoArt #DigitalArt #fantasy

A guy standing in the entrance of a crypt(?), there are two werewolf figures appearing from the darkness of the crypt, one of werewolfs puts a paw over the guy. The guy has claws, wears sweater and being lit by light from above
4 weeks ago

Been drawing my favourite bisexual throuple that I wish I could make canon

#nsfw #nsfwart #nsfwartist #throuple #ot3 #mmf #lewd #lewdart #gay #gayart #oc #ocart #nsfwoc #smut #smutart #smutty #smuttyart

4 weeks ago

Pretty old commission with batty :3
#mlp #mylittlepony #ocart

4 weeks ago

Don't worry, I'm still a gay fiend.

I've recently gained a hyperfixation between my friend and I's secondary fursonas being a thing.

#art #furry #furryart #gay #nsfwfurry #yiff #yiffart #myart #oc #fursona #ocart

A Fangyy digital sketch. It features an anthro lynx squeezing an anthro werewolf between his thighs. Another sketch on the right displays the lynx's erect length smothering the werewolf's face.
Dune 🐲
1 month ago

Here's another character!! Her name is Roose!

She's pretty snarky, pretty mean, KIIIND of a corporate drone, but she's free from that life(ish) But yeah! unicorn fish girl

#oc #ocart #mastoart #originalcharacter #conceptart #artist #digitalart

A gal named Roose! She's an Equarine, a made up aquatic humanoid race with frills, grills and other fish-like traits!

She's wearing what seems to be a uniform for SecuroCorp a fictional security and surveillance company that I made up. She wears a grey and purple collared top. She also wears compression shorts under a purple skirt, which has an attachment belt for a glowing metal case around her back, and an id.

Aside from that, she has a unicorn-like horn on her forehead, and wears blue heeled shoes and grey gloves.

Her pale blue skin has markings, more dominantly shown on her left leg. She also has pink and blue frills on her back and around her ankles.

She has the company terminal open on her right hand, transporting it to her drone, called the "Data Bandit"

If you're curious or scared as to where the QR code goes, it's a rick roll LOL. It leads you right to the youtube video.
1 month ago
Elf portrait in 3\4 view to the left. Elf has reddish brown hair, one normal left green eye and muddy pink right, golden earring. There are swirls and leaves in the background

(Timelapse so far in replies)
If you remember this one you get a seniors discount LOL

Redrawing the original from 2019, here's a WIP <333

I need to draw Matteo and Ellis (and the rest of my ocs) in more genuine illustrations, I think

#ellteocs #wip #wipart #sketch #OcArt #MastoArt #DigitalArt

My ocs Matteo and Ellis walking through the woods and looking around. It's a monochrome sketch with light dappling through the trees and Matteo gazing up in confused wonder.
The same composition as the first image, with an updated style and more rendering done over parts of it. It's still a work in progress, but the characters are cleanly drawn in.

Doodled a cute lil ID for myself in preparation for Sheezy stuff on Nov 30th :3c I am eager n excited heheheh

#DigitalArt #MastoArt #ocart #ellteocs #ocs

My oc Matteo doing a pose gesturing happily at my info. I introduce myself as Teo, and list facts about myself such as my identity (super queer) my passion (oc artist guy) and my "job" on the site it will be posted to ( admin)
Void Queen θΔ
1 month ago

Funny Cloe eat a burger

#digitalart #furry #anthro #ocart #oc #glasses

jules sappho🌈
1 month ago

Some old #PixelArt of my #OCs: Francis, Lolly and Manon🥰

#OCart #MastoArt #ArtistOnMastodon #DigitalArt

Three pixel art portaits.
1. A tanned person with pink short hair, green eyes and a gas mask over their moth and nose.
2. A white girl with a blond 50s hairstyle and big steampunk goggles.
3. A black girl with dark curly hair and a blue cap.

Nimble Danger

This Nightmare is the embodiment of a pirate's fear of death at sea. Its Domain is a vast open ocean, where everything is in cannon range. Don't stop moving or it'll blast you apart!

It's my birthday today! Enjoy the art of my OCs.

#OC #OCart #illustration #artistsonaethy

Illustrations of my OCs in a vast ocean with clear skies. Far in the background is a Nightmare in the form of a giant octopus riding on a Spanish Galleon. The octopus is wearing a pirate hat, has two human skeleton torsos for eyes, and weilds a sword. Directly in front of the Nightmare is Brandon Lim, parrying a the giant sword the Nightmare is weilding with his own sword. The impact makes waves behind him. Further away is Arthur Rodriguez, shooting the Nightmare with a spiral of bullets, which the Nightmare is blocking with a tentacle. In the foreground is Emily, gliding across the water to dodge the cannonballs that the Nightmare is shooting. Emily is gripping her sword-staff tightly, grinning like a maniac as she watches the battle from afar.

Backlog stuff again, this time with a dual #drawing.

She's Dina Hartsif, who was my very first character for @Foro_TDE... in 2004 year (!). Dina is part of a race of messengers of Izanagi, the God of Life in the forum, and which was persecuted and used as material by necromancers, but because of a messed up issue with her mental health, she pacted to become a demon to save her life.

But now, the pact has been weakening, so she's recovering her powers as a messenger.

Dina is very special to me as one of my very first OCs ever, and I am proud of how much she has grown up over the years.

#KanaruArt #digitalArt #OCArt #OriginalCharacter #ArtistsOnMastodon

Drawing of a humanoid woman with brown hair and eyes, and a dark point on her forehead. She wears a purple carcaj, a golden necklace with fuschia ashes inside; a dark jacket sleeveless jacket with a pale pink blouse behind, and black skirt, with some boots. She has some demonic features: Golden horns and black feathered wings.

Drawing from August 21st 2023.
Drawing of that same humanoid woman with brown hair and eyes, but with some changes: Her forehead point is bright golden. She wears a purple carcaj, a golden necklace with fuschia ashes inside; Her clothes are mostly magenta and fuscia, with the same boots. She lacks any demonic features.

Drawing from August 21st 2023.
1 month ago

Some warm ups; here's a Sullivan.

#fox #monster #demon #oc #ocart

A rough sketch of an elongated fox like monster with slightly humanoid anatomy in the upper shoulders making him look uncanny.
1 month ago
A pale woman turns back and smiles. Hers hair swings and you can clearly see through her back - her skeleton and internal organs. You are near water at night, there are a lot of fog
Dune 🐲
1 month ago

The next guy is a tad bit colorful!

They're called Cabal, I honestly have zero idea how to explain this guy aside from the fact that they look really silly and that they look like a personified playroom lmao

#oc #ocart #mastoart #originalcharacter #conceptart #artist #digitalart

A fella named Cabal! It wears a purple poncho-like coat that ends tattered and blak. it has an assortment of toys and devices that keep it tethered. It has a tail-like appendage that resembles a paw at the end, with a yoyo attached to one of the fingers. The rest of the toys are a frog clock, a red toy plane with a banner, a yellow bow tie, a cat purse, a rubber ducky at the end of the zipper, and a red telephone that's shaped like a drill car. It also wears yellow rain boots, his background resembles child-like doodles.
1 month ago

Fashionable MC and Eir ✨ #theanimaisland #ocart

Digital illustration of two original characters hanging out together. The character on the left is a girl with a colorful, 90s inspired outfit, while the character on the right is a guy, wearing dark punk-ish clothing.
Kineia3 🐺🎨
1 month ago

✨ More Pencil Icons! ✨

Find them on my ☕️ sh 0p for just 🔟!

This batch featuring @kr00bs and @/jack_0_pumpkin_!

#furryart #furryartist #furryfandom #furryoc #ocart #ocartist #furrycommission #furrycharacter #occommission

Dune 🐲
1 month ago

I have this mock-up game idea with little concept art pages of the characters I drew from a while ago! They've been kinda dusting away so I thought I'd start sharing them here.

Here's one of the characters: Haywood! He's a rat! He's funsized! He steals a bunch of things! He's... kind of a smartass!

#oc #ocart #furryart #rat #furryartwork #furryartist #conceptart

Concept Art of a mock-up game idea I had, featuring Haywood, a spectacled brown rat, he has pink paws, nose, and tail. He's wearing a yellow/orange jacket with a "7" patch, a sunset patch, and a green/blue patch. He wears ripped brown shorts and compression socks.

He has a surveillance drone called the "Eavesdropper" and is equipped with an  anti-ballistic gel gun and a powerful militech jammer/cloaking kit for his missions.

The rest of the page has his name, a description, and an icon featuring the antenna of his jammer.
Wiki Silence
1 month ago

I made this illustration of the entire Orphanage Pokémon OC, Including the Orphan Keeper! This was supposed to be a practice drawing, but I kept going and ended u creating this. XD
#art #artist #artwork #artistonmastodon #mastoart #digitalart #digitalartist #Digitalillustration #OC #OCartwork #OCart #ocdrawing #originalcharacter #pokemon #pokemonart

1 month ago

"did you know, that vampires used to be devils...I wonder, wonder, who changed who?"

Celi is from my comic:

There was a small OC event last year on Twitter under the hashtag #OCGala2022 and I thought it'd be neat (at the time) to offer up Celi and stretch out some outfit drawing muscles. I'm still as rusty as I was then for x reasons, so I still can't tell if it looks decent. I'd uploaded the gif version, as that was the "official" version for the wing effect--but this site doesn't like it for some reason lol, so you'll have to go here, sorry:

The theme was “Vampire Masquerade.” 🦇

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #FediArt #art #illustration #OC #OriginalCharacter #OCart #OCs #comics #comic #vampire #masquerade #webcomics #webcomic #fashion #LegendaryBeingsAraAndCeli

Color picture. There are red curtains behind a young woman dressed very fancily. Her color theme is blue with gold accents and outfit hues from light blue to white. She's looking very confidently at us, almost haughtily with a small smile.

Her outfit is very complicated but we'll try to describe it: she's wearing some sort of head veil thing where the back is open to let her hair loose. Around her head is a crown of jewels.

Her large collar is both a collar and a cape whose very large brooch is locked on her chest. This brooch consists of a large gem in the middle with chainmail-esque beads around it, and a large golden chain coming out of the gem ending halfway through her midriff.

Her dress is long-sleeved, but open in a way where it becomes an additional cape for her lower half and also where if she moves wrong, we see underboob. Her midriff is exposed. She has on a weird skirt where one belt comes up to her hips, coming out of a large gem in the middle of her lower half. Out of this gem also comes out the rest of her skirt, adorned with golden lines. It's a short skirt as we see most of her legs in dotted black stockings. She then is wearing golden heels whose clasps are chains with blue gems at both ends.

In addition, her dress is one of those where the sleeves ends in gloves. As a result, she has on gloves with fake long golden nails.
Color picture. There are red curtains behind a young woman dressed very fancily. Her color theme is blue with gold accents and outfit hues from light blue to white. She's looking very confidently at us, almost haughtily with a small smile. Behind her is are outlines of devil wings, semi-transparent almost.

Her outfit is very complicated but we'll try to describe it: she's wearing some sort of head veil thing where the back is open to let her hair loose. Around her head is a crown of jewels.

Her large collar is both a collar and a cape whose very large brooch is locked on her chest. This brooch consists of a large gem in the middle with chainmail-esque beads around it, and a large golden chain coming out of the gem ending halfway through her midriff.

Her dress is long-sleeved, but open in a way where it becomes an additional cape for her lower half and also where if she moves wrong, we see underboob. Her midriff is exposed. She has on a weird skirt where one belt comes up to her hips, coming out of a large gem in the middle of her lower half. Out of this gem also comes out the rest of her skirt, adorned with golden lines. It's a short skirt as we see most of her legs in dotted black stockings. She then is wearing golden heels whose clasps are chains with blue gems at both ends.

In addition, her dress is one of those where the sleeves ends in gloves. As a result, she has on gloves with fake long golden nails.

I wanted to draw my ocs Milo(left) and Jasper(right) in their dragon forms 🥺 I might colour this sometime!

#dragon #oc #originalart #art #ocart #wip #kokois_ocs #sfw

1 month ago

Uh, yes. Some very intellectual and beautiful individuals :ablobfoxhypersnugowo:
When you have to choose between making a breathtakingly gorgeous art of your OCs vs. making a meme with them, the latter will always win, I promise 🥲

#ocart #myocs #DigitalArt #MastoArt #ocdrawing #digitaldraw

A digital drawing of a meme including my 4 OCs
Dune 🐲
1 month ago

drew my ocs because some of them haven't got any new art in a while. (a few of them even have this as their second piece of art!)

Might post the art i have of each of them one by one because these simplified versions don't do them any justice.

But yeah! Here they are! (Their names are in the alt text so just hover over them if you'd like to know more about them! although lots of it were simplified because I actually somehow managed to use up the character limit 😭)

#oc #ocart #mastoart #originalcharacter #furryart #furry

First row from the left:

Haywood, a brown rat with glasses a yellow/pink sweater, brown shorts and socks, is waving his arms around to avoid stepping on a mine.

Cabal, a mysterious little guy with no arms, a purple hoodie that trails down to a tattered cloak and yellow boots, is sat down, blushing with ":3" beside him.

Roose, a unicorn horned humanoid with blue/pink frills on her back and ankles is being tiredly lured by a cup of coffee hooked to a fishing rod (don't ask me how it's being held up :3)

Olle, a big lion guy with a braided salt and pepper mane, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, pale yellow shorts, adorned with lots of bracelets and anklets, is flexing his arm

Second Row from the left:

Bug (the little green robot) just lost to Aiden (human) in rock paper scissors, since he picked Scissors, while Aiden picked Rock.

Aiden has dark green hair, a silver necklace, and is wearing a maroon tank top, pale brown shorts, and tan shoes.

Noah, elf with white hair and blue/green streaks is waving hi to a little plant. She's wearing a pale red/green sweater.

Chapel, a rusty/bloodied figure with hollowed eyes is contrasting Noah with text that appears to be melted, saying "DIE." He has bloodied hands on either shoulder, and is wearing priestly robes that looks filthy with dirt and blood.

Lastly, Armada is looking grumpy off to the side, with a "Hmph." text next to him, he's wearing a black and red military outfit with gold trim. He has white feathers and a pink beak/feet.
2 months ago

Shark Boi and Vampire Boi

Artwork is from Oct 2017, but I'm still fond of it 😊

#ocart #mastoart #originalcharacter #fediart #copic #markers #oc #repostober #oc_tober

A traditional artwork made primarily with alcohol based markers of two OCs, one a mermaid shark with no arms with short white hair and a grumpy expression, the other a vampire with shoulder length straight brown hair, pointed ears, wearing a dress shirt and jeans. They're in a fairly cuddly position, but one looks more happy about it than the other.
2 months ago

New #comic is out! Check it out if you'd like a funny comic with a deaf MC! #webcomic #mastoart #oc #ocart

Viy Sitante
2 months ago

Originally thought of Max being serviced by Astemar and Magnus, until I realized this is more fun: *somebody* who can, you know, become a beast, and thus can service both of her two special idiots...


( Also decided to practice drawing Max as post-op~ )

#Kinktober #Kinktober2023 #nsfw #nsfwArtist #handjob #OC #OCart #OriginalCharacter #erotic #smut #DigitalArt #CreativeToots #MastoArt #FediArt

Black and white toned picture. Features two naked figures, Max and Magnus laying on a bed next to each other. Max's hair is loose while we see white sideburns and white hair at Magnus' nape. Max has his eyes closed, breathing heavily at receiving a very careful handjob from someone off-screen, both of their hands around Max's dick. He's sweating as much as Magnus is, if not more, given how his dark skin is glistening. His nipples have some scarring around them.

By the way, there's like weird black dark claws coming from the person off-screen? What's up with that? Magnus must not mind, considering that both his wrists are tied by one of these appendages, while the other one is curled nicely around his own dick, giving it a hand job. Magnus is also either looking at this person or at Max, seemingly appearing to be into this entire shebang.
2 months ago

I forgot that I had been reposting old #Halloween art since tis the season, so here's another entry from 2012! It's baby Tanare with her mother Dahlia :ChikaSmile:

This is still one of my favorite pieces. I even sell/sold it as a postcard, though never really selling well...Which often surprises me, I would have thought it'd be a best seller. I think it's pretty cute even years later!

#LegendaryBeingsAraAndCeli #repostober #OC #OCs #OriginalCharacter #OCart #witch #mother #daughter #cute #anime #manga

Color picture, art from 2012. A little girl is being held by her mother and said little girl is holding onto her mother's chest through her outfit. The little girl is dressed up as a witch, complete with orange wig and fake green nose. She has a little broom on her back and is holding a small pumpkin basket on one arm. She's happily pointing at a candy apple that her mother is holding. Her mother has on skull earrings, though that's really just normal for her outfit. Her mother is also smiling, seemingly about to talk about the candy apple.

The background is just night-time with some dusts or fireflies in tow.
2 months ago

Heart says "Hi!!" and wishes you a lovely and awesome day :blobfoxheartcute: :abunhdowohop:

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #digitalartist #digitaldrawing #ocart #characterart #myocs #ocdrawing

Digital artwork of my OC under streetlights, holding a bunch of flowers

Somniphobia incarnate...

Sybil cosplaying as Nia. And by cosplaying, I mean dressing how she would always dress but inspired by Nia. ww

#Sybil #OC #OCart

Viy Sitante
2 months ago

I don't understand how #shaving is a kink but I only added this to my prompt list only because this idea immediately came to me when I saw it as an option! :meru_omegalul:

This is so cute, I'm gonna get diabeetus :meru_habby:

#Kinktober #Kinktober2023 #OC #OriginalCharacter #ArtistsonMastodon #MastoArt #FediArt #CreativeToots #OCart #couple #romance #nsfw #nsfwArt #art #illustration

Color picture done in ballpoint pen and digital copics. Features Magnus and Astemar in what appears to be the bathroom, since Astemar is in a bathtub and Magnus is sitting on a bathroom stool next to said tub. There's a towel under him, however, since he clearly thinks the stool isn't worthy enough to touch his naked butt.

Her legs are dangling out of the bathtub,  one leg perhaps resting on Magnus' knee, as she's sitting sideways, wet as a dog, hair slicked back. We only see her shoulders and a bit of her chest. One hand is grabbing on the edge of the bathtub. Text and bubble next to her say: You don't need to do that...

Wonder why she's saying that? Oh yeah, because Magnus, decked out in just a bathroom and slippers, is shaving her legs. Both of her legs have shaving cream, some hair peeking out form underneath. One hand of Magnus is on her knee on one leg, while his other hand is shaving already a section on said leg. He's smoking a cigar because this man just can't not smoke, we guess. Next to him is some bucket filled with water and remnants of shaving cream. 

You know we're seeing his thighs too? Because he's sitting with his robe upwards a bit more? Salacious!
2 months ago

and Veril in his pjs
His butler is a wizard for being able to tame his hair I guess.
#art #chibi #oc #ocart #femboy

Dune 🐲
2 months ago

Silly welding rat guy!

#art #artwork #mastoart #furry #oc #ocart #rat

A brown rat with round glasses and red shorts looking at the viewer (yes you!) while he's welding a section of a weird space vehicle thing! He's sat down on a long rectangular crate with his tail lazily sitting between his feet. 

He has a tired expression on his face and he looks like he could take a break from whatever he's doing. Could probably take a nice shower.

Him doing this half naked is not going to end well for him.
2 months ago

[OC] Onyx :abunhdhappy:

When you're going to an early morning meeting and bae sends you love and best wishes :blobfoxheartcute:

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #ocart #ocdrawing #digitalartwork #characterart #OriginalCharacter

Digital artwork of my OC standing in a train and looking at her phone
Dune 🐲
2 months ago

they're probably watching nat geo.

(also hi! long time no see! here's a bit of art to get me back into drawing)

#art #artwork #mastoart #furry #furry #oc #ocart #elf #rat

An elf, seating in a relaxed pose on the couch, one leg over the other. She has grey hair streaked with blue and green. She's wearing teal lowcut shoes, off-white socks, jeans, an olive shirt with an open neckline. She also has little accessories here and there, even a mosquito patch!

She's eating popcorn and she's enjoying what she's watching.

Beside her, however, is an anthropomorphic rat, he's laid out on the couch in an unconventional position, his feet and tail are raised up in the air, while he's sprawled out with his head and hands on the red carpet.

He's wearing an orange jacket, with a red "7" patch, a sunrise patch, and a patch that has blue and green on it.
He's wearing look dark green shorts with a brown belt.

He's munching on Wild Harvest rat treats, he looks like he's had a little too much, and is more or less interested in what they're watching.

Around them is a dim upstairs room that's pretty empty aside from the couch, the carpet, the window overlooking the city outside, bunch of posters, a dead fish sign, and a neon sign with the text "Ballroom Blitz" in very jagged writing, and a logo next to it, with two dots and what looks to be a hill.

There's also staircase railings that lead downstairs.
2 months ago

I bet Heart choose that outfit for him but had no idea it'd be this lethal :blobfoxcamera:

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #digitalartist #ocart #myocs #characterdrawing #digitaldrawing

A digital artwork of my OC in a fashionable outfit
Viy Sitante
2 months ago

Don't bluff the one who can turn into a beast now, you hear? ​ :meru_teef:

Good luck, Magnus! :meru_habby:

(Magnus and Astemar, from a few months ago. Yes, she can do this. Ask me more. :meru_omegalul: )

#nsfw #nsfwArtist #nsfwArt #femdom #OC #OriginalCharacter #OCArt #teratophilia #monsterfucking #art #FediArt #MastoArt

Color picture. Astemar (still in her human form) is very, very embarrassed, covering her face at how her beast pseudo dick is out and about at full mast. Her older husband Magnus looks very pleased in the meantime as he's paying very good attention to her pseudo dick while he's laying on his stomach. He says "Time to properly break in this bad girl now, hmm?"
Color picture. Magnus has fucked around and found out, oops. By now, Astemar has transformed into her beast self and is kneeling behind him. As her body is enormous, we only really see part of her legs, her claws and arms and a little bit of her neck. Her face and hair, the only human parts, is hovering over him. That said, her face is distorted with doll-like eyes that are glowing mostly red, blue and yellow, with her toothy grin barely open. She's saying: "Is it broken in yet, dear husbaaand?" Her text is mangled, wavering to show her current mood.

A sweaty Magnus, meanwhile, is kissing the pillow as his face is utterly smashed in. He keeps mumbling muffled moans, as he grips at the sheet for dear life while moving his hands up and down from the sheer intensity of Astemar dicking him. His rear is up in the air, his lower half still on the bed.

Her claws, by the way, are digging into his thighs and rear, causing the skin to start bruise and go red.
2 months ago

Free art game woo! I want to post this early this year so that maybe I can actually finish something in time for Halloween! 

Pick Trick or Treat and post a ref of your OC. Then around Halloween I'll post the outcome, could be something good or bad! ;3c (But nothing NSFW so don't worry :D )

#oc #ocs #art #drawing #illustration #doodle #sketch #digitalart #characterart #originalcharacter #originalcharacter #characterart #OCart

3 months ago

Writing lots of things about these two……. Image description: Lineart drawing of my characters Diego and Sam standing under an umbrella, looking up as a bolt of lightning strikes in front of them, cutting across the page. #mastoart #illustration #lineart #ocart

Viy Sitante
3 months ago

My original characters, Kumiko and Ryuj, with flowers that represented them (where one of the flowers would be one they'd give to the other.)

Though the final product is different from my original color idea, I like how this turned out :D

#FediArt #MastoArt #nsfw #nsfwArt #nsfwArtist #OCart #OCs #OC #OriginalCharacter #pinup #DigitalArt #art #flowers #illustration #SomethingInTheAir

A reddish-haired woman with peach skin is kneeling and holding flowers in her arms. Her hands are twined as if held together by a ribbon. She's naked but not sexualized, and we only see her body from the side.

The flowers that are in her arms (with petals falling down) are forget-me-nots, lilies of the valley and apple blossoms. The text on the right top corner are the meanings derived from the flowers: good fortune, true love, and a return to happiness. These flowers are not for her, however, but for her lover.
A black-haired man with brown skin is sitting and holding flowers in his right arm. His left arm rests above the one knee that's resting upwards. He's naked but not sexualized, and the flowers cover his male parts.

The flowers that are in his arms are ranunculi, lilies of the valley and orange blossoms. The text on the left top corner are the meanings derived from the flowers: eternal love, dazzled by charm, and a return to happiness. These flowers are not for him, however, but for his lover.
Viy Sitante
3 months ago

I'm terrible at #intropost #introductions but I'll try my best! You should be forewarned, I'm also bad at CWs...but I also try.

🔞​ I'm a 18+ account! 🔞​

I'm Viy and due to being so busy in general, I usually have time to either

1) draw my OCs boinking in sketchy forms
2) pretend I'm a comic creator by doing few comics and more of the above

Hope to have fun around here!

#MastoArt #NSFW #nsfwArt #nsfwArtist #OCart #FediArt #art #OC #lewd #erotic

Two figures in front of a colorful red background interspersed with rabbit patterns and a large flower wreath.

The woman is wearing the Playboy bunny suit, colored mint green with a different bunny pattern. She's slightly turning to us, mostly seeing her from the back, as she has a bashful smile (possibly an expression full of nervousness?) while carrying a colorful egg-shaped container in her right hand. Her left hand is raising a chocolate bunny to the man in front of her. Both their eyes are closed.

Said chocolate bunny's butt is being bitten by said man, who's dressed like a Chippendale dancer. His own expression is nebulous, possibly equally as bashful as hers. His right upper arm has a tribal tattoo pertaining to his background.
The illustration is completely black except for the woman in the middle, who appears to be in the throes of ecstasy. Around and on top of her are black big serpent-like forms (in reality, tentacles) -- covering her eyes and her vagina. While her eyes are covered, we can determine her happy expression based on her mouth. The tentacles appear to be embracing her below her breasts, and we can see perhaps some teasing around her vagina, considering the fluids splayed on her thighs.

Above left, there's a sign saying "not for kids, for adults only" and at the bottom center, the text says "TENTALIA: story and art by Viy Sitante."
Color picture, with reddish beige and blue tones. A trans man is standing up in bed, looking back with a sort of sadness and longing, while a cis, hairy man is curling up from behind him. Second man doesn't know how the other one is looking at him.
Black and white picture with tones.

This was done for Kinktober and it's very sketchy as a result. Features two figures, both dark-skinned, but one has "white" hair and the other has "black" hair. Both are female, and they're just having fun in the shower, ya know? :v 

With the water hitting both of them, the one on the right is penetrating the other with a sex toy, holding onto her by her hips. The one on the left is trying to hold onto the walls with one hand and onto her lover's neck with the other.

That's it, that's all there is to it. Now go home!
🍂 w i l l o w 🍂
3 months ago

hello and welcome to me being obsessed with me and my friend's bg3 characters. i will now proceed to post nothing but them.

their names are dreslin (he/him) and drisarra (she/her) and they're rude awful and mean and i love them

#DigitalArt #MastoArt #BG3 #willowboneOCs #OC #OCs #OCart

Hawkblood • Laura
3 months ago

A piece I made of my OC Thyra two years ago! 💙
I really love this piece. I had great fun playing with layers for the water background and making the details for the braids. 💙🌊

#MastoArt #Art #Drawing #Painting #Artwork #Watercolor #Gouache #WatercolorIllustration #WatercolorPainting #Illustration #OriginalCharacter #owncharacter #ocart #Ink

A warercolor painting of my original character Thyra depicted as a goddess wearing golden accessories infront of a water background. The artpiece is photographed decorated and surrounded by seashells, gemstones and golden jewelry
Crab With Knife
3 months ago

A fun drawing of my OC April!

Tried giving her some cool tech wear type shoes and top.

But mainly she is a goth!

No idea why she is in a floating void of cubes, but we have fun here.

#Goth #Art #OcArt #Techwear #Surrealism #DigitalArt #MastoArt

My Original Character April sitting in a void with giant purple blocks. She has white hair and a black outfit. The outfit features reflective tape, a black beanie and shoes with large semi-transparent bottoms. She's looking off to the left at something.
3 months ago

Riley's friend Lucia is not the most graceful Splatball player of the team.

#NSFWart #illustration #comic #digitalart #drawing #oc #art #cartoon #mastoart #creativetoots #bsky #bluesky #anime #manga #OCart

3 months ago

I've been playing around with a new OC recently, I'm calling her Riley. I don't know much about her yet except she plays some sort of nude baseball/paintball mix, a sport I've started calling Splatball in my head ever since a patreon suggested the name.

Boosts are much appreciated.

#NSFWart #illustration #comic #digitalart #drawing #oc #art #cartoon #mastoart #creativetoots #bsky #bluesky #anime #manga #OCart

Sariel Snowings
4 months ago

Sneak peek of my piece for SPIKE ZINE🌹💉✨

(Nathaniel very kindly agreed to model for this one 🌿)

It’s a charity digital zine full of INCREDIBLE art from a bunch of amazing artists (trust me, every piece I’ve seen so far has been fantastic) AVAILABLE NOW!!! ⬇️

#MastoArt #CharityZine #Zine #FediArt #Spikes #Roses #BotanicalArt #Botany #XRay #AnatomicalArt #Anatomy #OCArt #OCArtist

A cropped preview of a bigger digital drawing in teals, purples and strawberry reds. It shows the upper body of Dr. Nathaniel C. Thorne, Sariel’s botanist OC, in front of Venus fly traps. He’s got vines full of thorns and roses growing out of his right top surgery scar, arms and torso. His left side has a panel showing an x-ray version of half his rib cage which has more vines wrapped around it and roses inside it. There are also roses growing out of his right eye socket. On the upper left corner there’s the Spike Zine logo.
4 months ago

If this is a dream, don't wake up.

#digitalart #ocart #lgbtart #mastoart #art #galaxy #fediart

A digital artwork of a beautiful purple, pink, and blue galaxy band across the night sky, illuminating two characters beneath it. Both of them are sitting together, embraced on top of a plot of snow, surrounded by a forest with mountains barely visible out in the distance. They are staring up at the stars, bundled up in warm winter clothing, smiling.
4 months ago

My OC Mythril done with #WashiTape I usually only do one or two designs on a piece, but I was inspired by some papercraft art to try adding more than usual.
It was fun! I may do it again.
#TraditionalArt #MastoArt #OCArt #OCArtist #OriginalCharacter #MakioArt

A traditional drawing of my OC Mythril done with copic markers and washi tape. Mythril is wearing her signature white, frilled dress and red dress overtop with gold accents, and her green gemstone necklace. Mythril herself is a girl who is part fish, with fin like ears, webbed fingers and toes, and fins on her arms. Her hair is green. Several washi tapes are used to portray her dress, hair, and fins.
A close up photo of the previous drawing showing the sharpie marker that was used for highlights and a few rows of washi tape to the side.
Maro @ Hiatus!
4 months ago

Teehee, Uploading my ref of my main lil creature for now! (I'll slowly be uploading art here for now~ or at least trying!)

Martin Pine!
A feral lil bastard creature.
And also a Puss in Boots self insert! >:3c
Main ship is Martin/Puss (and then Martin/Death but also Martin/Puss/Death lmao)

Oh and he has a work in progress #fanfic !
#pussinboots #selfinsert #characterreference #Oc #ocart #ocxcanon #marotovara #martinpine

5 months ago

Sinarel for Mehmista | Aelnusinia for segaskull | Ayelia and Tori for MANGOCITRUS and loupowell98 | Luki for ChronicallyKiki
#ArtFight2023 #TeamVampires #ArtFight #OriginalCharacter #MastoArt #OCArt

A digital drawing of Sinarel, an orc cleric OC, and the venus fly trap that grows out of his shoulder. Sinarel is standing with his arms shrugging while the plant tells a bad joke. Sinarel wears white robes embellished with gold and green swirls and leaf ornaments. The text reads:
"Knock Knock"
"Not another knock knock joke...."
A digital drawing of Aelnusinia, an OC with long, blonde hair wearing a black robe with two long horns that curve inwards and form a glyph above then in red. She has red eyes and is wearing glasses and holding a skull with red sigil drawn on it. The entire image is shaded in bright reds.
A digital drawing of Ayelia and Tori. Ayelia is a fairy OC with green hair tied back in two braids and a green dress with knee high boots and bright yellow wings. Tori is a werewolf with short brown hair wearing a jersey and knee pads in white, yellow, and black. Ayelia is holding a volleyball and looking upwards in confusion while Tori tries to teach her how to serve it.
A digital drawing of Luki, a Viera OC from ff14. She has orange, messy hair with two short ears at the top and is dressed in a bright purple vest with an equally bright yellow shirt underneath. She is holding a can of pop that is squape flavoured - a joke on the square grape texture in the game.
5 months ago

Turning this into an art fight thread!
Meriel for Raichana | Lucian for ungarmax | Corbin for morpheus_ | Kate for dogstarlite
#ArtFight2023 #TeamVampires #ArtFight #OriginalCharacter #MastoArt #OCArt

An illustration of Meriel, a fallen angel OC with short brown and pink hair and leathery wings. She is wearing a white dress with a frilly brown petticoat underneath and a brown shawl-like cropped shirt over top. She is grinning with her eyes closed.
An illustration of ungarmax's OC Lucian. He's sitting in the white void with bright green squares framing him. Lucian has dark blue skin with white freckles across his face and a long tail with white hair at the end. His hair is white and goes to his mid back. Lucian is wearing a green plaid shirt over a grey t-shirt and jeans with runners. And glasses. He's smiling at a small device with a video feed, where his sister is waving at him on the screen. Lightning bolts of yellow and purple spark from the machine, suggesting its magic nature.
A digital drawing of Corbin, an OC with small fuzzy tufts like a seaslug, long white hair tied in a pony tail and wearing a nice suit with gloves and glasses. He has his eyes closed and is posed holding a floating candle wick. The light from the candle impacts the shapes of the background.
A digital drawing of Kate, an OC with short red hair, wearing glasses, a white robe like sweater with orange decals that look like vines and flowers and a long black sweater dress. The background has a single bar with a similar pattern and colour to her sweater.
5 months ago

「10th anniversary of Koori」

Finally! My OC Koori had her 10th anniversary on June 29th. Now I finished her redraw!
#ocart #ocartwork #digitalart #digitalartwork

Ciel 🌿🌧💫
5 months ago

Not much to say but they got games on their backpack #DigitalArt #OCart #CharacterArt #ProcreateArt #MastoArtist #ArtistOnMastodon #MastoArt

A digital drawing of my original character CL1ER (pronounced "Clear"). They are a rabbit android from space. Their head is a pink computer monitor with a blue screen showing an ellipsis. They're wearing a large black t-shirt and black sweatpants that have a blue stripe and a cyan stripe running down the side. They have a backpack on. The backpack is effectively also a computer. The character is standing and looking back at us over it's shoulder.
5 months ago

#Cinnaview master thread.

#characterinterview for my #ocs in #cinna

#oc #ocart #art #digitalart #comic #webcomic

(Note: I am taking interview requests for these characters. If you have a question, just @ me, and start off with "Question for <insert character name here>")

"What is your opinion of Lucina?" (4/10)

Image 1: Question for Lucina. “How do you want others to perceive you, and how do you view yourself?”

Lucina responds with a cheerful, but professional disposition.
“I like to think of myself as someone who sets a good example for my employees. I always make sure I never ask too much from my team, and I hope in return they take notice and try to put their all into the tasks I do give them. I hope others can recognize a good leader when they see one, but as I always say “If you can’t take care of the task yourself, don’t expect anybody else to,” a motto I think more management should keep in mind.”

The interviewer responds, “Now, which employee group might you be referring to?”

Lucina, matter-of-fact, states “Now see, questions like that could make you disappear, but I like to think my principals are above the pitiless punishments of my fellow employers.”
Image 2: Question for Valentina. “What is your opinion of Lucina?”

Valentina responds, “Hmm, well, I honestly think she’s the greatest citizen Topaz Valley has got. She’s the next best person I know, after my partner of course, and she’s the best sister-in-law a gal could ever ask for. I admire her in many ways, and I wish I could have half the work ethic she has. I just don’t know how she does it. To put it simply, she’s an upstanding citizen.”

The interviewer asks someone off camera, “Does she know?”

“Know what?” Valentina asks
Image 3: Question for Sierra. “What is your opinion of your sister, Lucina?”

Sierra responds, “Honestly, I love her, I really do. She’s been my best friend since we were kids, hell, she’s been there for me more than our own mother. I’d do anything to help her and I wanna see her succeed, but she needs to, like, get laid, or start doing weed, or something. Like, have you talked to her? Yeah, I could never really bring her to parties, lol.”
Image 4: Question for Manny.  “What is your opinion of Lucina?”

Manny pauses “...Is she going to see my answer?”

“No, these are all private,” the interviewer reassures.

“Yeah, she’s pretty cute.” Manny responds with the largest grin.

Creé a Paet para una campaña mastereada por @1n1g0 en D&D 5e, en su mundo homebrew recién creado, #Zanarok, hace ya más de 3 años. En un principio, y durante los más de 2 años que duró la primera parte de esa campaña, Paet fue una multiclase de pícaro y hechicero de la tormenta. Esto estuvo motivado por varios hechos fuera del juego:

- Quería centrarlo en la creación de armas mágicas, siguiendo un suplemento que compramos entre todo el grupo de rol.
- No se admitían artífices en la campaña, por ser demasiado high-tech para la ambientación.
- Las estadísticas las determinamos lanzando dados, pero de forma que el primer número obtenido fuera la Fuerza, el siguiente la Destreza etc. Tuve mucha suerte, lo más bajo que conseguí fue un 12 en Sabiduría. Por lo demás, podía llevarlo por la ruta mecánica que quisiera.

Decidí que quería jugar un hechicero elemental, que juntaba su facilidad innata para la magia con su alta destreza para crear armas mágicas poco ortodoxas. Me lo imaginé como un "alma libre", curioso y con afán de explorar y comerse el mundo. Empezábamos a nivel 3, así que le di su primer y único nivel de pícaro un poco por las habilidades y expertises y un poco por hacerlo más apropiado para el combate a melee y voilá. Su estrategia habitual era pegar a melee con el cantrip Booming Blade o lanzar hechizos de daño, así en general.

Esta es la primera parte mecánica, contaré un resumen de su historia en otro momento.

Aquí lo veis en su gloria de nivel 5, si os fijáis, sus dos ojos son morados, por influencia de su magia de tormenta... :dragonthink:

#mastoart #oc #ocart #dndart #characterart #dnd

Ilustración digital de Paet, un semielfo de piel cobriza y pelo rojo brillante recogido en un moño desenfadado, con ojos morados brillantes. Lleva un estoque elegante en su mano izquierda y chasquea los dedos de la mano derecha, produciendo una espiral de rayos mágicos. Lleva una capa azul clara.

Aprovecho que he terminado esta #ilustracion de Paet, el personaje de #DnD que más tiempo llevo jugando, para abrir la veda de mis toots hablando de mis personajes! Este en concreto ha tenido muchas idas y venidas a nivel no sólo narrativo, sino mecánico, y lo que me parece bonito de ello es que un aspecto y el otro se han ido comunicando y alimentando.

Hablemos del presente, que es lo que refleja este dibujo. Ahora mismo se trata de un pícaro swashbuckler con un nivel de brujo hexblade (un pequeño pecado de munchkineo de muchas builds, pero os juro que lo hice por el flavor narrativo y por el drama). Pero, ¿cómo ha llegado hasta aquí?

Lo dejo para otro post :dragoncool:

#zanarok #dndart #characterart #oc #ocart #mastoart

Ilustración digital de un semielfo espadachín de piel cobiza y pelo rojo brillante, vestido en tonos oscuros. Tiene un ojo marrón claro y el otro morado/lila. A su lado hay nueve retratos abocetados de ese mismo personaje con diferentes expresiones faciales.
11 months ago

#comicconcept #Cinna
Updated #ocart and #characterdescription for the main characters of the webcomic I'm making, Cinna.
Still staying quiet on the plot for now, but y'all will find out soon enough😉

#lucinart #art #digitalart #webcomic #oc #ocs

Character description for Lucina Santos-Salvadore
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 32
Height: 5 foot 4 or 163 centimeters
Ethnicity/Nationality: Mestizo Mexican and Afro Colombian ancestry. American.
Hair and eyes are shades of orange and brown.
Hometown: Topaz Valley (fictional)
Occupation: Head of Housing Commission

Character color themes are Orange and Grey
Character description for Valentina Thomson
Pronouns: She/Her
Age: 30
Height: 5 foot 2 or 178 centimeters
Ethnicity/Nationality: Scots-Irish ancestry. American.
Hair is shades of pink. Eyes are shades of grey.
Hometown: Fort Tourmaline (Fictional)
Occupation: Deputy(Later Sherrif)

Character color themes are Pink, White, and Blue
Character description for Sierra Santos-Salvadore
Height:5 foot 2 or 158 centimeters
Ethnicity/Nationality: Mestizo Mexican and Afro Colombian ancestry. American.
Hair is shades of purple. Eyes are drawn closed, but are golden and yellow when open.
Hometown: Topaz Valley (Fictional)
Occupation: Barista

Character color themes are Yellow, White, Purple, and Black.
1 year ago

Val's power, the Eye of the Pit!

(ran out of room, full image description in comments)

CW: Eye Contact, Body Horror, Demonic Imagery

#drawing #art #MastoArt #BodyHorror #Horror #HorrorArt #Vampire #DigitalArt #digital #oc #ocart #OriginalCharacter

ALT TEXT: A bloodshot eye rips out of a palm stretched towards the camera, with razor sharp tentacles reaching out to grab an unseen victim. Val's eyes are bright red and glow from behind her glasses, and a powerful red light emits behind her, as if she intends to drag you to hell herself.

It's about time for a #reintroduction

I'm Val (or Pine or Ni), a freelance #illustrator who mostly draws character focused #art in fantasy settings. My favourite thing is drawing peoples #TTRPG & #dnd characters and #ocs

I love #plants anything #fantasy, #tea, #storytelling (#books, #videogames, you name it), #brids, and the #ocean among other things.

I'm currently working on a little queer fantasy comic - more on that soon!

#introduction #TtrpgArt #DndArt #oc #ocart

Snippets of four illustrations, a phantom theif like character in front of a starry background, a tiefling with a spear lit up by a lighting strike behind her, a blacksmith in her workshop, and two merfolk underwater
fluffyfied :hammyblush:
1 year ago

Hi! I'm a 30-ish year-old hobby artist from Germany who draws furry and manga art.
When I'm not busy analyzing fancy materials with electron microscopy I doodle my OCs or fanart. I specialize in wholesome happily-ever-after romance. :hammyblush:

Here I talk about daily stuff and like to share my art with other art- and/or OC-enthusiasts. :blobcatcoffee:

#mastoArt #furryArt #OCArt #introduction

A 5-striped rainbow collage of my artwork. From left to right:
Reddish Pink: Bust of Scorpia of the series SheRa getting decorated with flowers by someone outside the image. She's looking lovingly in that direction.
Yellow: My OC Tamir sleeping contently. 
Greenish Turquoise: My spaniel dog furry OC Lois posing in a fancy frilly dress.
Bluish Turquoise: My OCs Liam and Jan hiding under one jacket and a lot of hyacinth flowers from rain. They are smiling happily at each other.
Purple: Bust artwork of the drag queen Angeria wearing her Mirror Mirror outfit from RuPaul's DragRace season 14. Blue to purple colored glass shards are flying around her and creating a headdress and are decorating her black and partial see-through dress.