Andy Marfia ๐Ÿ“ธ
2 months ago

We made it to 6 sites today! Drove down to the Pullman National Historic Park (so cool), then visited sites in Beverly and Ukrainian Village. I'll share photos eventually. I need to go back to Pullman on a nicer day. #OHC2023

One of my favorite weekends! @chiarchitecture Open House Chicago. At HKS Architects!

#OHC2023 #architecture #chicago #sculpture

Birds Eye view of Alexander Calder sculpture Flamingo from the eleventh floor of the National Building.
View of Washington from the eleventh floor of the National Building.
Andy Marfia ๐Ÿ“ธ
2 months ago

Chicago friends: Open House Chicago is this weekend and I highly recommend it. Have you ever walked past a building, looked up and thought "I wonder what's inside?" That's basically this event in a nutshell.

Some photos from past years.

#Chicago #OHC2023 #photography #urbanphotography #architecture #WindowFriday #fensterfreitag

A color photography taken inside the Railway Exchange Building during Open House Chicago 2011. Pictured is a large round window overlooking Grant Park. A man is seen snapping a picture from the right corner.
A black and white photograph taken from the 11th floor balcony of the Prudential Building during Open House Chicago 2015. Pictured is a women looking over the edge with part of Millennium Park, the Chicago Cultural Center, and other buildings along Michigan Avenue in the background.
A color photograph in the lobby of the Old Main Post Office during Open House Chicago 2018. Pictured is a symmetrical photo of the art deco lobby taken from floor level.
A color photograph in First Church of Deliverance in Bronzeville during Open House Chicago 2017. This photo looks to the alter down the center row of pews. The church is painted a vibrant greet and a large cross is seen on the ceiling, lit with multicolored lights.