Alex 🔧🔮🌎:honk:
4 hours ago

Innovation in America is being held back by #Microsoft #Office (especially Word).

Years of my life wasted with botched auto-numbering and styles! 📚
17 hours ago

The Document Foundation announced today the general availability of #LibreOffice 7.5.4 as the fourth #maintenance update to the latest LibreOffice 7.5 #opensource and free #office suite series to fix more bugs, crashes, and other issues.

#Libreoffice #Apple #Mac

You can get the free #office suite LIBRE OFFICE via Apple App-Store.

Yes, you have to pay a small fee for it. Once.

BUT ... you get automated UPDATES and you help the community behind this great office suite!

Get Libre Office via Apple App-Store! …


Mike (Multiverse of Badness)
1 day ago


I can confirm that a new #coding chair can change your life..

I've had this sucker for 3 days I'm not nearly as sore all the time. Took a shot because I ordered it online, but the seat looked a lot like the one I tried out personally.. but this chair was half the cost so I had to take my chances! Ain't nobody can afford $500 after taxes for an #office chair!

It's even $10 cheaper now than when I bought it.. a bit disappointed about that but I love it still!

1 day ago

Be an Microsoft Power User with this lifetime license PLUS 6 courses on Excel, PowerPoint, Word and more along with a lifetime of Office Pro Plus with today's highlighted deal via Neowin Deals. #Office #Microsoft

Matt Maison
1 day ago

‘It’s Not My Responsibility’ to Save the Office Economy

"Hundreds of WSJ readers responded to our story about why many workers aren’t returning. Their arguments for and against in-office work all or most days of the week were varied, and turned on debates over productivity, child care, work-life balance, even identity."

#CRE #Office #WSJ

Martin Holland
2 days ago

The Next Crisis Will Start With Empty #Office Buildings

Commercial real estate is losing value fast.

#pandemic, kids are back in school, retirees are back on cruise ships, and physical stores are doing better than expected. But offices are struggling perhaps more than most casual observers realize, and the consequences for landlords, banks, municipal governments, and even individual portfolios will be far-reaching. In some cases, they will be catastrophic. But this crisis, like all crises, also represents an opportunity to reconsider many of our assumptions about #work and cities."

#WFH #WorkFormHome #HomeOffice #RealEstate

2 days ago

The trick is keeping smart employees is making it smart for them to stay.

It's that simple. Give good benefits, good raises, and give more time off, and they won't leave.

If you fail to do these things, they all leave after a few years.

#employment #work #office #antiwork

Alexander Vollberg
2 days ago

Im #Office treffe ich oft die Familienväter an, die vor ihren Familien "fliehen".
So ganz im 21. Jhd. sind wir noch nicht mit den #Remote Arbeitsplätzen angekommen.
Evtl. sollten Firmen CoWorking Spaces in den Orten ihrer MA anmieten, wenn diese nur der Familie entfliehen wollen.

Wie bekommt man seine Mitarbeiter:innen aus dem Homeoffice zurück ins Büro?

Diese Frage stellen sich viele Unternehmen – und Salesforce versucht es mit einer besonderen Variante.

Es gibt 10 US-Dollar pro anwesenden Bürotag – würdest du das Angebot annehmen?

Zum Artikel: 👉 #Homeoffice #remote #office #salesforce

Salesforce hat eine besondere Idee, um seine Mitarbeiter:innen zurück ins Büro zu locken. (Bild: Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock)
Jack 👾
3 days ago

#office work is such a scam. Going to a place to work is like paying a parking, lunch, coffee, toll, time tax.

I just saw "Work hard, play hard" in a #dating profile, and I barfed all over my #keyboard.

In other news, I've set up my #office, so I'm using a mechanical keyboard now. 👍

#MechanicalKeyboard #barf #datingprofile #nonsense

3 days ago

I am watching the company working to force employees back to the office.

I realize it is *not* a blunder, it is a very intentional move.

They want the people that will demand balance and proper pay to self-select themselves out, so they can keep the people that just shrug and say "I'm just glad I have a job".

This is why HR is doing a full-court press defending this policy.

#office #CubeFarm

Paul Puschmann
4 days ago

A day in the #office and I forgot my at home 😕

Air Pods Pro are not enough.

Aaron Millican
4 days ago

Going back to the office after Covid 19 has been a challenge for everyone. I enjoyed working from home for a couple of years, but I also enjoy working in the office. Read my article to find out why.

#office #officelife #officework #covid #tech

4 days ago

How out of touch are the company executives, you ask?

So out of touch, that they keep sending email blasts about how excited they are to see everyone back in the office soon, while everyone is updating their LinkedIn profile looking for remote positions.

#office #CubeFarm

4 days ago

I realize cleaning up my office was a good idea, but I cannot find my lined index cards.

#organize #office

Tormod Halvorsen
5 days ago

While AI might be fun some day, right now I'd settle for #Outlook managing to figure out that when I use the built-in ”Copy to Calendar” option in an email with clearly labelled “Event description”, “Date”, “Start Time” and Teams link in plain text - maybe pre-populate those values in the "New Meeting" dialog? Jeeze…

#Microsoft #Office #O365 #StillNotSmarterThanClippy

It's summer, aka #office #overcooling season. Always a good time to remind folks of one of many studies on office cooling and #gender

Aaron Millican
5 days ago

#tech people 👨‍💻 👩‍💻

Have you went back to the #office? What do you like/hate about it?

#officelife #covid

5 days ago

Work and Relax (23/52/2023):
Fascinating how #working in the #garden is #relaxation while #working in #office is #stress. May be feeding fish and enjoying blossoms makes it. Or the fact that you can stop at any time you'd like. Or being outside and having fresh air. Or that you see a real thing changed when you done. Questions on the illusions produced by human brain raise, so I should stop confusing myself, and continue "work" :-)

garden bed in construction at the left, flowers and fish on the right
Tech news from Canada
6 days ago
Georg Greve
6 days ago


Some more time to think today.

Shot of mountain view with laptop in front, mirroring myself.
1 week ago

"When is the next Sunday batch window?"


#office #CubeFarm

Kyle Memoir
1 week ago

My non-MS #Office office suite vendor has just sent the first bit of #AI output aimed at #consumers that I've seen (and known about, it should be added; doubtless I'm unknowingly seeing others regularly).

We are in for some ride with this #technology #computing #humanity

A promotional item for a new AI feature in Softmakers Office automation software. The kicker is that at the close of the text, the vendor notes that the promotional text itself was written by AI. I would never have known had they not said so - it's professional level technical writing/marketing.
1 week ago

When ending a video call with coworkers, do you wave goodbye?

#office #work #worklife

1 week ago

how "urgent" is your #meeting , really, if you have postponed 7 times over 2 weeks?

#office #CubeFarm

John Earle
1 week ago

Covid inquiry: How did the Cabinet Office know Boris Johnson’s documents are ‘irrelevant’ – if it didn’t have them? | Vox Political

#Covid #inquiry #Cabinet #Office #Boris #Johnson #WhatsApp #diaries #notebooks

Heinz D.
1 week ago

SoftMaker Office kommt mit einer neuen Version auf den Markt.

Das Office ist kompatibel mit allen gãngigen Betriebsversionen.

Wer es nicht kennt, SoftMaker stammt aus Nürnberg und ist wie Libre Office ein sehr guter und günstiger Ersatz für MS Office.

#softmaker #office

1 week ago

Working from the office had its advantages. I miss that sometimes.
#wfh #it #office #officehumor

ts thank you ☕
1 week ago

#Lenovo makes *shit* products - in case you’re looking for a new computer 💻
#tech #technology #work #office

1 week ago

You know the meeting habits in your #office are bad when someone IM's 30+ people demanding everyone joins a meeting that doesn't exist.


Big Cajun Man [aw]
1 week ago

The Death of the Open Concept Office Space?

To paraphrase Twain, "Rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated"
#OpenConcept #Office

#Collabora #Office kann bedingte Formatierungen *clap*


Screenshot aus Collabora Office mit bedingten Formatierungen
1 week ago

#Synology at #Computex is presenting some new #HAT3300 drives as well as some new #AI features coming in their #Office and #MailPlus platforms!

The Joker
2 weeks ago

"Mommy," Little Johnny asked, "do all fairy tales begin with 'Once upon a time'?"
"No, dear," she replied. "Sometimes they start with 'Darling, I'll be working late at the office tonight...'"

#jokes #joke #fun #funny #fairytales #office #onceuponatime

Me: Delete everything in this folder
Outlook: Okay
Me: There are still things in this folder. Delete everything in this folder.
Outlook: Okay
Me: Show me this folder
Outlook: There are more items in this folder on the server
Outlook: Okay
Me: ...
Outlook: There are more items in this folder on the server

#Office #Office365 #Outlook #bullshit

2 weeks ago

「Microsoft 365」と「Office」が明日から値上げ − 急げ!Amazonでは一部製品がセール中|気になる、記になる…

Jörg Hänsel
2 weeks ago

Konnte heute drei Tasks von meiner ToDo-Liste abarbeiten, vor denen ich ziemlichen Respekt hatte:

- [x] Nextcloud Office (Collabora) auf eigenem Server installieren
- [x] Nginx Proxy Manager installieren und Reverse Proxy einrichten
- [x] App in der Nextcloud installieren und konfigurieren

Hat schon etwas gedauert. Bin leider kein Server-Profi. Freue mich aber am Ende riesig, dass ich jetzt ein eigenes funktionierendes Cloud-Office habe.


#Nextcloud #Office #Collabora #FOSS

Ok. Wat als... Gangbare Edu software #opensource Zoals #teams #office etc. #opensource is. Ik heb een VPS om te testen. Nu draaiend #mattermost

Brian M
2 weeks ago

Dear Microsoft
If Excel knows that I'm missing a parentheses at the end of my formula, JUST ADD IT!!

#Excel #Microsoft #MSOffice #Office

3 weeks ago

Let's tell the world about #LibreOffice and free software! Our Spanish-speaking community was at the recent esLibre Conference, and helped to spread the word: #opensource #community #office

LibreOffice community members at esLibreConference

@benjamineskola @marcan that's just one of many #CCSS (Commercial Close-Source Software)...

Besides #Adobe, #Apple themselves as well as a shitload of others (from #AVID to #Serif [#Affinity Suite] and from #Microsoft [#Office & #VisualStudio] to #BlackMagicDesign [#Resolve] as well as #Autodesk) do deliver CCSS for #macOS.

Software makes Operating Systems &
Operating Systems make Hardware.

3 weeks ago

#office today is pretty great :blobfoxcofecute:

…yes I travel with a #keyboard 😅😂

Laptop at an outdoor table in a backyard with a wooden fence
3 weeks ago

#LibreOffice 7.6 is coming up! Our community is beavering away on the new features – and you can help to test the first Alpha release: #opensource #office

LibreOffice 7.x branding banner
Dan Keck
4 weeks ago

Today my desktop Outlook app showed me the option to switch to "the new Outlook." It appears to be the web version of Outlook wrapped in a window, instead of a native Windows app.

After a little while, I switched back. Microsoft gave me a feedback form, and I filled up the comments field.

(Details in reply.)

#Microsoft #Office #Outlook

1 month ago

By request, more #Office & #Productivity picks of the day:

(All of these are FOSS)

➡️ @cryptpad - Online office suite with maximum privacy

➡️ @libreoffice - Offline office suite

➡️ @inkscape - Vector drawing software

➡️ @ONLYOFFICE - Online office suite

➡️ @kicad - Electronics design software

➡️ @octoprint - Web interface for 3D printers

➡️ @nextcloud - Create your own personal cloud and cloud services

➡️ @openproject - Project management software

➡️ @thunderbird - Email & comms software

meanwhile in commercial property:

#workingfromhome & #hybridworking (unsurprisingly?) are having a growing impact on the market for #office space....

Vacancy rates are growing, with demand dropping for space that is unattractive or unwelcoming for those who choose only to spend a few days in the office.

Also a split has emerged between the value of offices that might be ripe for repurposing as #residential spaces & those (with large open-plan floors) that would be more expensive to convert.

1 month ago

#Office & #Productivity picks of the day:

(These are all FOSS)

➡️ @bitwarden - Password management software

➡️ @XWiki - Wiki software aimed at businesses

➡️ @CollaboraOffice - Online fork of LibreOffice

➡️ @Carnet - Note-taking app synced with personal clouds, alternative to Google Keep

➡️ @joplinapp - Another note-taking app that can be synced through clouds

➡️ @hedgedoc - Collaborative markdown note editor, web-based and self-hostable

➡️ @synoforum - Unofficial forum for Synology NAS owners

At the end of #office day (we have hybrid work as default) coworker from other department went into our room. They said something about good, positive day and optimism. They looked at people in our room and finally at me.
"It's really good, you are here today and yet we didn't have any #network outage."

This way I learned they think I have some kind of #curse on me, which causes network failures in my presence... :blobcatjoy:​

#it #geek #admin #sysadmin #failure

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 month ago

#Microsoft has cracked the #Steam “early access” model by charging companies to beta-test their #Office#AI” integration

1 month ago

Today’s #office is downright lovely - and comes with snacks!

How is everyone’s #Tuesday so far? 💕

A laptop on table looking out over a tarmac and planes
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

“…as per my last email…”

#ChatGPT #humor #accounting #money #office #profanity #NSFW

a ChatGPT translation of profanity-laced memo re-worded into corporate speak.
1 month ago

Decided to move my #office outdoors today! The weather is beautiful! #wfh

(Eye contact in pic)

Girl with blue hair sitting under a canopy with a palm tree on a google meets call
1 month ago

News for KDE's personal information management software 📧 🗓️ 🛫 : Kalendar's contact editor gets overhauled and shares more with KOrganizer, Itinerary supports more travel documents, Akonadi improves database handling, and more.

#email #calendar #office #travel

The new Kalendar contact editor, with the edit contact form in the foreground, and the info of a contact displayed in the background.
A menu that shows emojis you can add to your messages.
Kleopatra showing several certificates and their expiration dates.

@black_intellect In fact, I'm convinced that #Microsoft's board hasn't yet axed #OneTimePurchase versions of #Windows ["#Server"] and #Office due to existing #distribution and #licensing agreements.

Otherwise they would've pulled an #Atlassian long ago and made all their products #cloud + #subscription - only...

1 month ago

@fasnix @digitalcourage Richtig. Es gibt genügend rechtlich korrekte Alternativen, wie z.B. #Linux #Debian basiert als Betriebssystem, #LibreOffice als #Microsoft #Office Ersatz und #Jitsi, oder #BigBlueButton als #Teams, oder #Zoom Ersatz. Alles sicher und #datenschutzkonform. Einfachste Lösung: #MXLinux

GM Raphi
1 month ago

my tiny home office and music corner :) all cleaned up for GMing #Shadowrun tonight!
#music #office #gaming #ttrpg #battlestation #sr5

left to right bass, guitar, acoustic behind monitor #2, on the wooden desk two monitors, a tablet, one of the monitors is sitting on a stand, Razer keyboard and mouse showing bi flag color LED lighting
Daryl White
1 month ago

Another #cat #office update, showing that the tuxedo has decided to use the cat tree in my office. Shown in proximity to the chair from yesterday. Note the chair hasn't moved.

#CatsOfMastodon #FelineCoworkers #OfficeCat

Black and white tuxedo cat perched at the top of a cat tree in a home office next to a window. Also shows an empty brown leather office chair next to a desk and the cat tree.

In previous posts, the office chair was occupied by cars even though the cat tree is so close by.
1 month ago

Our new office building has a playtest lab named 'Taiga' so you know I had to do it...

#anime #toradora #office

Nameplate for an office conference room named "taiga" with a cutout of the yelling 'palmtop tiger' chibi-tiger from Toradora added to it
Simon Phipps
1 month ago

#Microsoft agrees to stop bundling Teams with #Office in an attempt to avoid a formal @EU_Commission #antitrust investigation.

2 months ago


Microsoft365 ist nicht datenschutzkonform einsetzbar.

Denkt bitte daran, wenn Ihr noch MS365 an der Schule einsetzt oder den Einsatz sogar noch ausweiten wollt, dass Ihr dann trotz besseren Wissens die SuS einer Dauerüberwachung durch einen der größten Monopolisten aussetzt.

Hört auf, MS365 an Schulen zu benutzen.

Siehe Beschluss der Datenschutzkonferenz vom November 2022:

#FediLZ #MS365 #Microsoft #Office #Office365 #DSK #Datenschutz

Stuart D Neilson
2 months ago

On a related issue, Magda Mostafa was interviewed for a recent #ScientificAmerican article on #OpenPlan #office design:

“You #design better for the #center when you learn from the #margins,” says Magda Mostafa of the American University in Cairo, an architect who focuses on design for #autism.

Fixing the Hated Open-Design Office -

Daryl Baxter
2 months ago

New #Office setup finally complete.

2 months ago

KDE Gear ⚙️ 23.04 has landed! Today we are focusing on the new arrivals 🛸 to Gear. Many of these apps are ready to work both on computers and phones, like Tokodon, a cool Mastodon client; or the tube 📺 apps, AudioTube and PlasmaTube; the Kasts podcast app; and many more

Also don't miss all the new features in Kdenlive, NeoChat, Dolphin, Gwenview, Itinerary, Kalendar....

#apps #FreeSoftware #office #music #videos #chat #Mastodon

A view of KDE's Plasma desktop, showing a variety of Gear 23.04 apps, such as Elisa, NeoChat, Itinerary, PlasmaTube, and Tokodon.
Okular, KDE's PDF reader, now has a sidebar which can be moved around!
Filelight graphically shows you the state of your disk (and other storage devices). In this image you can see the new sidebar with a textual description too.
KDE's screenshot Spectacle, shown here displaying the option of annotating a screencap directly as it happens.
2 months ago

Wenn #Nextcloud funktioniert ist es eine wahre Freude damit zu arbeiten - virtuelle Dateien sind echt der Hammer und wenn die Upload Geschwindigekit stimmt ist der Ortswechsel absolut kein Problem mehr fürs Arbeiten

#Homeoffice #Office

Mattias T :donor:
2 months ago

#Microsoft released Microsoft 365 Copilot about of a month ago and I am extremely skeptic of it.
Who is the use case for this application?
Take this paragraph for example:
"Microsoft 365 Copilot has real-time access to both your content and context in the Microsoft Graph. This means it generates answers anchored in your business content — your documents, emails, calendar, chats, meetings, contacts and other business data — and combines them with your working context — the meeting you’re in now, the email exchanges you’ve had on a topic, the chat conversations you had last week — to deliver accurate, relevant, contextual responses."

I know that #Google got into the hot seat a couple of years ago when they scanned users mailboxes and created calendar booking automatically for hotel and flight mails. This sounds a lot like the same thing.

Even if they say that the data stays with you;
"Copilot LLMs are not trained on your tenant data or your prompts. Within your tenant, our time-tested permissioning model ensures that data won’t leak across user groups. And on an individual level, Copilot presents only data you can access using the same technology that we’ve been using for years to secure customer data."
I don't feel so reassured.

Does anyone feel that they can safely activate this feature on their customer, on in their own environment?
Having the AI read sensitive documents or other sensitive data all for the sake of AI assistance.

#infosec #msp #ai #M365 #office #copilot

2 months ago

@Radical_EgoCom I would also settle for #nationalizing useless, downtown #office space and converting it into housing.

We've established that working from home is better for people and the environment.

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
2 months ago

Are you using @libreoffice and Thunderbird together in your daily workflow? What tips do you have for combining the powers of both apps?

We're doing a little team-up and we'd love to get your feedback.

#LibreOffice #Thunderbird #OpenSource #Productivity #Office #Linux

2 months ago

Question: Are you using LibreOffice and @thunderbird together in your daily workflow? What tips do you have for combining the powers of both apps? #LibreOffice #Thunderbird #OpenSource #Productivity #Office

Jay Robbie
3 months ago

@thunderbird, I'm enjoying the updated Thunderbird 112 Beta UI, but I was wondering if you could give us the option to disable the tab area and/or the new top menubar depending on how we configure our UI. If I choose to use the left-most vertical menubar, the other areas seem redundant and take up space. Otherwise, I like the new direction! 👍

#Email #Mail #Mozilla #Thunderbird #UI #UX #Outlook #Office #Office365 #Microsoft365 #OfficeSuite #Alternative #PIM #Tasks #Events #Calendar #Contacts

Screenshot of Thunderbird 112 Beta emphasizing UI / UX menubar elements
3 months ago

The office of the future (continued) - You might not see your corner office, but you'll feel it. #future #office #vr #xr

A business woman wearing head-mounted virtual reality goggles sits on the floor of a corner office with a window overlooking the city.
3 months ago

The office of the future (continued) - casual friday. #future #office #xr #vr

A pile of casually dressed people laying on the floor of an office, all wearing headmounted mixed reality goggles.
3 months ago

The office of the future (continued) - mixed reality goggles have solved the WFH/Office conundrum. Workers can now be on site while continuing to experience a virtual work-from-home environment. #futureoffice #office #future #vr #xr

the office of the future - business women lying on the floor of an empty office, all wearing headmounted mixed reality devices.
3 months ago

It is the year 2030, open space offices have evolved way beyond "desks" and "chairs". Mixed Reality Headmounted Devices have enabled the perfect balance between cost-cutting and in-office collaboration. Behold - the office of the future! #virtualreality #vr #xr #office #future

Several businessmen are lying on an office floor, all wearing head-mounted mixed reality goggles.
3 months ago

Was ist für euch essentielle Büro-Ausstattung? Was darf nicht auf dem Schreibtisch fehlen?


3 months ago

I thought long and hard, about shelves above my office desk. It was a good idea, can't you see?
I gained one square foot of desk space, for another cat to fill.

At one point, I had three cats, at the same time, on my desk.. but someone couldn't keep his paws off the others, and rippled the Space Time Continuum, NNM (No Names Mentioned), but you know it was Teddy.

(Just so we're clear, this is Maya, the Princess)
#Blackcat #CatsaOfMastodon #Mastocats #Fedicats #Office

A cat hangs over a shelf

⚪ Ein... weil @Gargron heute heiratet ... Lieblingsfoto. Glückwunsch! 🎉
🟤 An... because @Gargron is
getting married today ...
Favorite photo. Congrats🎉
📷 and Art by Artist: #JeanLecointre in Loc.: France 🇫🇷 - Title: "Kissing chairs" - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Love #Kiss #Office #Photography #Fotografie #Artwork ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. Color photo collage with two office chairs and a table.
The two red chairs stand
with their backs to each other. Out of the fabric comes a female and male face about to kiss.
With quirky 2D compositions, the camera-shy pioneer of digital photomontage confounds the collective imagination. Long before the Internet era, Jean Lecointre began scanning images with a surveillance camera. Today, he photographs and crafts surreal works from them for the press or his own books.
Jonatan Hildén
3 months ago

I was compelled…
MS #Office classic themes in Finnish #AlignmentChart

Pre 365 MS Office Themes Alignment Chart:
- Lawful good Aamunkajo
- neutral good Matkapäivä
- chaotic good Infuusio
- lawful neutral Folio
- true neutral Office
- chaotic neutral Taivas
- lawful evil Sanomalehti
- neutral evil kuvapiste
- chaotic evil Olennainen
Jonatan Hildén
3 months ago

Just the Finnish names of pre 365 MS #Office themes

All the Ms Office themes showing letter sample Aa and theme colors and theme names. The names are bizarre direct translations from English.
Elan Hasson
3 months ago

Hey #Mastodon!

I'm redoing my #home #office and need some #inspiration!

Let's see some pics and videos of your setups!

Please #boost for visibility.

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
3 months ago

However, it is acceptable to bring Purim treats to be shared with the entire #office.
Purim treats may be put on the table in the #BreakRoom.

Chag Purim Sameach to EVERYONE! Chanan Kaplan



3 months ago

This is my current home office setup. It’s my happy place. #homeoffice #office #studio

Nicolas Vivant
3 months ago

Amis de la fonction publique d'État, si on vous pose la question...

En #France, les suites collaboratives #Microsoft #Office 365 et #Google #Workspace sont proscrites dans les services de l'État.

Les bases réglementaires :

→ Note de la CNIL (27/05/2021) :

→ Circulaire 6282-SG (05/07/2021) et note (15/09/2021) :

→ Ministre de l'Éducation Nationale, en réponse à une question écrite (2022) :

#droit #juridique #numerique

@emilygorcenski Most corporations' IT is already unfixably f**ked and incapable to comply with BDSG & GDPR due to using #Govware (i.e. #Windows & #Office, espechally #Office365) from #PRISM collaborators (like Microsoft & Apple) which due to being incorporated in the #USA or having a subsidiary there are also subject to #CloudAct which inherently makes compliance legally impossible.

#NotLegalAdvice but I'm shure @maxschrems & @noybeu will agree.

🇺🇸 JewWhoHasItAll
4 months ago


Just a friendly reminder of our #office #standards on #personal #appearance and #hygiene.

We aim to present ourselves to our clients with the highest standards of #professionalism, and that includes washing our faces each and every day.

Thanks for all your hard work. Don't forget to buy tickets to the company Purim party!

Dudu Gershon-Klein