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A really good 1970s London Weekend special, about the British Teddy Boy movement and how it was surviving and thriving as late as 1979. Featuring Crazy Cavan, Carl Perkins, old Tailor's shops, and plenty of interviews with the Teddy Boys and Girls, conducted by a young Janet Street Porter

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It's the #Saturday after #FollowFriday and time for a new batch of stickies to be been added to

There's now a 'New this week' section with accounts to follow on Handpicked #Curators, #EarthDay, #Anime, #AudioFiction, #Baseball, #Libraries, #Learning and #OldBritishTelly!

Thanks to @tchambers

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And I mean who would not find this oddly human-faced Humpty disturbing? It’s pure nightmare fuel. #80sAdvertising #OldBritishTelly

Humpty Dumpty from a 1983 British TV advert for Kinder Surprise.
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That Kinder Surprise advert I just reblogged is apparently from 1983. I vividly recall it. It was profoundly disturbing (especially for something marketed at kids) but somehow I had parsed that in my head as a Cadbury advert. #80sAdvertising #OldBritishTelly

Jonathan Wright
7 months ago

I remember Take Hart with fondness from my youth.

Perhaps even more so, I recall Vision On. This has to be the first time I became aware of the existance of #SignLanguage.

#VisionOn #TakeHart #TonyHart #SylvesteMcCoy #PatKeysell #Deafness #SignLanguage #OldBritishTelly

Logo for the TV series "Vision On", a British TV programme for deaf people, broadcast in the 1960s and early 1970s.  The logo consists of the programme title "Vision On", upended and a mirror image of the same. The logo resmbles a small insect similar to an ant, with antenae, large eyes, and large feet.