Jack Brewster
1 day ago

Could anyone in the #pugetSound #southSound #Olympia area make use of a #free working 2009 #MacPro (flashed with 2010 bios)?

Shipping out of the area would probably be prohibitive, but I’ll chat with anyone who might be interested.

1 day ago

My incredibly toxic former boss, who has sent me and other state employees into counseling because of her cruelty, bullying and ineptitude, is running for Port Commissioner in #OlympiaWA. She looks good and progressive on paper and I fear she’s going to get in. I wish I could tell people how much of a nightmare she is without losing face. #olywa #olympia #waelex

@PaRADikaldies @HolgerHartwig @Radlerin @Dadmin @Hilde @per_bike_berlin @epfi @mastobikes_de @usi

Presseerklärung des Reichsverkehrsministeriums zur Einführung der allgemeinen #Radwegebenutzungspflicht mit der RStVO 1934, also kurz vor #Olympia 1936:

"Zeigen wir dem staunenden Ausländer einen neuen Beweis für ein aufstrebendes Deutschland, in dem der Kraftfahrer nicht nur auf den Autobahnen, sondern auf allen Straßen durch den Radfahrer freie, sichere Bahn findet."

Diese Einstellung lebt!

2 weeks ago

Important notes about my plans to see the Wimps at the Tractor Tavern tonight:
1) I'm not your dad
2) I'm not the landlord shutting you down
3) I'm just a man with no plans trying to spend some time at night getting out of the house
#Seattle #Olympia #IndieMusic #KillRockStars

Jack Brewster
2 weeks ago

I was not expecting #thunderstorms today in #olympia.

Erik Schlicksbier
2 weeks ago

Okay, gebraucht habe ich diese #Schreibmaschine wirklich nicht. Die #Olympia hat fast die gleiche Schrift wie meine Adler Record. Aber für 2,50€ kann man sie ja auch nicht liegen lassen … 🤷🏻‍♂️

Sie hat aber einen breiteren Wagen als die Adler, die immerhin A3 konnte …

Foto der Schreibmaschine
Emmen Work
2 weeks ago

Productiemedewerker Vleeswaren – Olympia – Emmen

Bekijk hier de vacature:

#vacature #emmen #olympia

3 weeks ago

Neben den europäischen Finalspielen stehen dieses Wochenende auch die #London7s an. Diesmal nur die Männer und auch steht der Gesamtsieg für #Neuseeland quasi schon fest, aber es gibt noch die #Olympia Quali für die Top4 (bzw. Top5 da Frankreich automatisch qualifiziert ist) und das kleine Knockout Turnier zwischen #Kanada, #Kenia, #Uruguay und #Tonga um Platz 12 in der nächsten Saison.
Den Livestream gibt es wie gehabt auf

#Rugby #worldsevensseries

Hey, do y'all like #typewriters? I haven't been online much because I've suddenly come into 2 beautiful #Olympia typewriters and have been writing letters to friends far and wide. The one on the right is an English QWERTY layout with the smaller Elite typeface (similar to Times). On the left, a Spanish QWERTY layout with the larger Pica typeface (similar to Courier).

Two Olympia typewriters side by side on a desk, one green and the other white.
Die ukrainische Regierung will sportliche Wettkämpfe gegen Russland boykottieren. Ukrainische Athleten sehen darin ein falsches Signal und warnen davor, die Bühne des Sports der russischen Propaganda zu überlassen.
Ukrainische Sportler sehen Boykott internationaler Wettkämpfe kritisch | DW | 16.05.2023
4 weeks ago

We have recreated Édouard Manet's 1863 masterpiece, Olympia, using AI technology for photorealism. You may see it and read more details about our recreation on our Reddit post.édouard/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

#fineartnude #nudeart #aiart #ainsfw #manet #ÉdouardManet #artnude #olympia #eroticart

Jack Brewster
4 weeks ago

In line (a long one!) at Left Bank bakery in #Olympia. If you live near here and you’re not in line yet, what are you even doing not using today as a perfect excuse to buy their lovely treats?!

Photo of the Left Bank display case, taken from outside, showing lots of French-style and other baked goods.
1 month ago

Am Freitag startet mit den #Toulouse7s / #France7s das vorletzte Turnier der diesjährigen #WorldSevensSeries.
Es wird wieder einen Livestream auf geben:

Fr., 12.5.: 09:50-21:30 Uhr
Sa., 13.5.: 09:05-20:30 Uhr
So., 14.5.: 08:50-18:30 Uhr

Auch wenn die Sieger bzw. Siegerinnen der Season quasi schon feststehen, bleibt es spannend, da sich die Top4 Teams direkt für #Olympia 2024 qualifizieren und da ist noch einige Bewegung in der Tabele möglich.

1 month ago

Internationale Sportverbände sind uneins darüber, ob Sportler*innen aus #Russland und #Belarus bei den Olympischen Sommerspielen in Paris 2024 ihr Startrecht zurückbekommen sollen. Die Politik mischt in der Debatte kräftig mit und das IOC versagt dabei, Einheit zu schaffen. Eine Einigung auf gemeinsame Regeln ist jedenfalls nicht absehbar. #Olympia

„Es gibt kein Grundrecht darauf, bei Olympia eine Bühne zu bekommen.“ Yevheniia Kravchuk, ukrainische Abgeordnete beim Europarat
Islamische Zeitung
1 month ago

Ist Sport ein muslimisches Konzept?
Events und Fitness bestimmen unsere Idee von Sport. Längst ist die Begeisterung dafür der islamischen Welt in eine globale Industrie integriert.

(iz). Die Fußballweltmeisterschaft in Qatar oder Muslimas, die mit Kopftuch an sportlichen Wettbewerben teilnehmen, die Faszination des Sports haben sichtbar die
#DasGuteLeben #Kultur #KulturTraditionen #Bewegung #Islam #Krper #Olympia #sport

Emmen Work
1 month ago

Receptionist / office manager - Olympia - Emmen

Bekijk hier de vacature:

#vacature #emmen #receptionist #officemanager #olympia

It's Going Down
1 month ago

Join us for a discussion with Jarrod Shanahan and Zhandarka Kurti about their book States of Incarceration: Rebellion, Reform and America's Punishment System in #Seattle, #Olympia, and #Portland.

Three years have passed since the George Floyd rebellion and its militant rejection of structural racism, austerity, and the disposability of life under capitalist society. The authors hope to contribute to ongoing discussions about the political significance of the rebellion for building class power. As American society and the world over is increasingly torn between a far right dystopia and a liberal status quo, articulating an emancipatory vision and praxis of the new world that we want to build becomes more important than ever.

May 5th, Seattle University of Washington
May 6th, Pipsqueak Infoshop in Seattle
May 8th: Olympia, Lamplighters
May 10th: Portland, Alder Commons

You can read more about the book here:

1 month ago

Pour toi qui aimes les courts : - Ready to learn some French? 😎

My teen daughter writes and makes some mini series... 🎥

She will love to get your advice on her work!

Still on YouTube yes... 🫣 but she is using /e/OS daily! 😉

#olympia #series

Ready to learn some French? 😎

My teen daughter writes and makes some mini series... 🎥

She will love to get your advice on her work!

Still on YouTube yes... 🫣 but she is using /e/OS daily! 😉

#olympia #series

1 month ago

04-28-2023 - Arts Walk and Luminary Procession #OlympiaWA #ArtsWalk #OlyWA

Downtown #Olympia came to life this year for Arts Walk with thousands of people attending making it the busiest we've seen it in years. It really felt like a return to normal. We were stopped and asked by a group of non-locals who were surprised at the number of people, inquiring about events. There's nothing quite like visiting a new place and unexpectedly discovering what seems like a whole town celebrating.

Positive vibes were found everywhere even on outlining streets with open storefront doors and everyone getting some much needed sun. Music, entertainment and artistic expression could be found about every 3ft for essentially the entire downtown area. Arts Walk this year was certainly a huge success.

During the Luminary Procession the Olympia Police department initially failed to shutdown southbound traffic on Capitol Way S. This created a dangerous situation where the Procession traveling north on Capitol Way S. had traffic passing by with only a double yellow in between. Some people were in oncoming lanes and some parents appeared to be unaware that oncoming traffic wasn't being stopped. Several people addressed this concern with Olympia Police officers in front of Burial Grounds as it was occurring.

Right side of image, Artist gallery of paintings in the street. People looking at a painting of Tucker Carlson. "Will Made These Things" written next to paintings. Left side of image, person wearing what is believed to be a swimsuit thong, butt showing, carrying a pink Dark Lord backpack.
A small futuristic remote RC vehicle navigates the streets, with onlookers frequently wondering who's in control. Crowded street corner seen in background.
Musicians playing guitar and keyboard in front of @lantern.oly Lantern Records, local storefront event posters fill the window behind.
Street performer juggling pins, people and children surrounding, clapping, smiling.

Did a write-up of last Saturday's Olympia Earth Day Market Ride, with a shoutout to local transit agency Intercity Transit for actually PAYING STAFF TIME to organize annual bicycle community (not just commuting) challenge and events like this. #EarthDay #EarthDayMarketRide #BikeOLY #Olympia #OlyWA #BikeTooter #FromWhereIRide #BikeLife #BikeJoy #BikeLove #cycling #IntercityTransit

2 months ago

04-23-2023 - Downtown #OlympiaWA #OlyWA

It may have been another gray weekend but we <3 #Olympia and the Olympia Farmers Market @olympiafarmersmarket (Insta) is a family friendly place to support local businesses with entertainment and great food.

The well-maintained 1913 133-foot Adventuress can also be visited just a short walk away, but we're not sure what their schedule is.

Balloon artist greeting children, smiles, different colored balloons and balloon animals.
Three band members on stage at the Olympia Farmers market playing music. Two guitarists and lead singer. Unknown band.
Side shot of the Adventuress, family seen visiting with stroller. Ship closed sign seen but many interested people still show up.
Two Adventuress members seen providing maintenance to a mast at a dizzying 90ft (roughly) height, wearing safety gear. The total height of the Adventuress is 110ft.

Hey hey hey, guess who's hiring! WSDOT Active Transportation Division seeks outstanding admin support to join our awesome team. You'll receive copious appreciation for your organizing skills; we know how vital this position is. Deadline midnight, May 8. Position based in Olympia, WA; flexible/hybrid schedule available. Bilingual? That's a preferred qualification! #TranspoJobs #ActiveTransport #AdminAssistant #hiring #jobs #OlyWA #Olympia #TranspoJobs #WSDOTActive

Sollten #Olympia #SportlerInnen aus #Ruzzland , die gegen das #Kriegsverbrecherregime in #Moskau sind, teilnehmen? Alle, die #Landgericht gelesen haben, wissen, wie schwer es diese auch nach dem Ende des #Putin Regimes haben werden. Alt-Nazis haben das bewiesen.

Grafik zeigt Putin und Lukaschenlo als in Blut laufende Olympia 2024 Fahnenträger mit Blut an den Händen. Lukaschenko läuft, zum Kind verkleinert, an der Hand Putins. 

© Grafikvorlage vor Verfremdung IMAGO/NURPHOTO, Quelle: Die Rheinpfalz 21. April 2023
Gordon W
2 months ago

Young people are flying the nest with nowhere to land | The Olympian
#Homes4WA #olympia #waleg

Tim Chapman-Wilson
2 months ago

Beloved 💚 #mosstodon family -- I'm compelled to post a link to this modest but spectacular house now for sale in charming #Olympia #Washington, the #moss capital of *the world*

Features easy-access porch roof for lazy summer eve cocktails & moss-lounging. Most other surfaces already knee-deep in quality #pnw moss. Also - omg - rumored backyard sightings of feral #kittens will surely address all your #caturday posting needs. Reasonable finder's fee (no bitcoin).


A modest small one storey grayish white house for sale in Olympia, Washington, with an adorable living roof, and windows that are for some reason boarded up. It is a lovely sunny winter's day. The sky is blue above with some wispy white clouds. A few leafless trees are visible around the house. 

Picky viewers might note the slightly uneven line of the entirely moss-covered porch roof of the house, which tilts downwards just a little bit to the right. 

Even pickier viewers might note that the house in general appears seriously dilapidated, and that the right side of the porch actually appears to be only 2 ft from the ground, but on the other hand the rest of the house does not appear to be in danger of actually falling down imminently, and of course everything is relative and I am sure this is only what they call a mild cosmetic fixer at worst. 

It should be noted that a large and worrying expanse of cognitively dissonant and entirely unconscionable closely mowed golf course-like green lawn is visible in front of the house, and obviously any purchaser of this property would immediately need to get rid of this foul eyesore and turn it into a lush vegetable garden and/or productive food forest. No, I'm serious about that actually.
Eureka! Fakten
2 months ago

Die Reiterwettbewerbe der Olympischen Sommerspiele 1956 von #Melbourne fanden in #Stockholm statt. Grund: das australische Quarantänegesetz hätte eine halbjährige Quarantäne für die teilnehmenden Pferde bedeutet.

#Olympia #Sport

Kit Best
2 months ago

Just saw a ruffed grouse from my bathroom window 🙀 #BirdsOfMastodon #Olympia

2 months ago

Im Juni 1936 stellte Bergmann mit 1,60m den dt. Rekord im Hochsprung ein. Kurz danach schlossen die Nazis sie wegen angeblicher schlechter Leistungen von #Olympia aus. Offiziell hieß es, sie sei verletzt. Der Ausschluss kam, als das US-Olympiateam auf der Überfahrt gen Europa war und die Teilnahme nicht mehr aus Protest absagen konnte.

1937 emigrierte Gretel Bergmann in die USA. Erst 2009 erkannte der dt Leichtathletik-Verband ihren Rekord von 1936 an. Bergmann starb 2017 mit 103 Jahren.

2 months ago

Sie war die “Alibi-Jüdin” der deutschen Olympia-Auswahl 1936: Athletin Gretel Bergmann wurde #OnThisDay 1914 im schwäbischen Laupheim geboren. 1933 wurde sie aus antisemitischen Gründen aus ihrem Ulmer Verein ausgeschlossen, ging nach England und wurde 1934 britische Meisterin im Hochsprung.

Die Nazis drohten ihrer Familie mit Repressalien und zwangen Bergmann zur Rückkehr nach Deutschland: Als Jüdin in der deutschen Auswahl für #olympia sollte sie NS-Deutschland gut aussehen lassen. 1/2

Gretel Bergmann in Trainingskleidung beim Hochsprung.
🌳 Fritillaria 🌳
2 months ago

I walked innocently into Rainy Day Records in #Olympia so my daughter could look for something, and walked out with this solid oak CD rack they were selling for $40. It’s nearly as tall as I am, and our collection doesn’t even fill up 1/2 of it. We are trying our best to amend that.

Wood CD stand filled with CDs. Sorry, nothing more interesting, but there is a drawing of Godzilla and Hedorah on the wall above it.
Für Deutschland gewinnt Alexandra Ndolo Silber bei der Weltmeisterschaft 2022. Doch danach verlässt sie den Verband und tritt nun für Kenia, das Land ihres Vaters, an - und will dort einiges verändern und bewirken.
Degenfechterin Alexandra Ndolo: "Du gehörst zu uns" | DW | 08.04.2023
#Fechten #AlexandraNdolo #Kenia #Olympia #OlympischeSpiele #Paris2024


Besonders schön:
Strecksprung, Pferdchensprung, Standwaage, Hocksprung, Rad, Pirouette, Arabeske, Salto, Überschlag.

(Fragt mich nicht. Ich habe gerade keine Ahnung, wovon ich rede.)

#Cartoon #MastoArt #Sport #Olympia #Vogel

Cartoon von braincolor: Ein Turmfalke balanciert auf einem Schwebebalken. Titel: Turnfalke
2 months ago

Im Mai stehen dann noch die #Toulouse7s (letzte Turnier der Frauen) und #London7s an. Von der aktuellen Tabelle her wird Neuseeland sowohl bei den Männer wie auch den Frauen die diesjährige Serie gewinnen, auch wenn es rechnerisch noch anders möglich wäre (#AllBlacks führen mit 21 Punkten vor Argentinien, #BlackFerns mit 16).

Spannender wird es hingegen wer jeweils unter den Top4 am Ende landet (bzw. Top5 wenn Frankreich dabei ist), da dies die #Olympia Plätze sind.

#Olympia 2036 nach #Berlin. Echt jetzt? Was soll das werden? 100 Jahre Jubiläum, weil's so erfolgreich war?

Könnten die Damen und Herren #Giffey und #Wegner mal ein Geschichtsbuch aufschlagen?

Himmel, das ist wirklich ein Duo - der eine hängt an der Vergangenheit, die andere will davon am liebsten nichts wissen, in Kombination einfach nur gruselig.

2 months ago

#France #Concert #Olympia

dimanche dernier en concert à l'Olympia, l'artiste norvégienne "Girl in Red" a demandé à son jeune public de lui apprendre une phrase en français.

Réponse unanime et immédiate de la salle : « Macron démission ! Macron démission ! ... »

il n'y a plus de musique elle a sa guitare autour du cou et le micro à la main, montage de différents plans (montage de vidéos des spectateurs)
🌳 Fritillaria 🌳
2 months ago

My youngest and I went prom shopping at the local vintage clothing store, and I found this amazing a-line skirt, stitched with little mirrors, black embroidery thread, and silver bugle beads, all over a lovely burgundy cotton fabric.

No, I’m not the one going to prom. 😉

I realized how many nondescript skirts I’ve bought lately, and with 60 skirts (really!!!) I don’t need more. So any new skirt has to be amazing, and this skirt is amazing, especially for $18.

From Dumpster Values in downtown #Olympia.


As described in text, a photo of the fabric pattern, and the store tag in the upper left corner.
Heute im Bundestag
2 months ago

Guten Morgen👋

Ab 9.00 Uhr⏰ berät der Bundestag erstmals über den 15. #Sport|bericht der Bundesregierung. Debattiert wird dabei u. a. über eine künftige 🇩🇪 #Olympia-Bewerbung sowie die Förderung des Breiten- und des Spitzensports.🏅#Ehrenamt Details⬇️

kernpanik 🐾
2 months ago
A calico cat, resting under a white marble bench.
Alan McConchie
3 months ago

@thepudding This map also looks pretty accurate for the #Vancouver dividing line: It fits my perception that people in #Seattle or northward usually mean #VancouverBC, but around #Tacoma and certainly #Olympia you are more likely referring to #VancouverWA. And yes, I know Vancouver, WA is the original one, don't @ me. #PNW #Cascadia

A map of US counties colored according to whether someone is likely referring to Vancouver, Washington or Vancouver, BC.
It's Going Down
3 months ago

Don't miss this book tour of 'We Go Where They Go: The Story of Anti-Racist Action (ARA),' hitting the Pacific Northwest.

#Vancouver, #Seattle, #Olympia, #Portland, #Corvallis!

Book Launch, 'We Go Where They Go' tour, hitting Vancouver, Seattle, Olympia, Portland, and Covallis March 9th - 13th!
Olympia Indivisible
3 months ago

#waleg Thank you LD22 Representative Bateman!!
“The longer we postpone building that housing at a sustainable level, the more we’re going to see home and rent prices increase,” said Rep. Jessica Bateman, D-#Olympia, the lead sponsor. “We have to make it easier to build nimbler, smaller housing options for people, duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes.”

An attractive duplex building in Denver, CO.
Ashley Gardini
4 months ago

When I learned about Édouard Manet's "Olympia," the analysis focused on the parallel's to Titian's "Venus of Urbino" and the shocking nature of portraying a sex worker as the reclining nude. That was about it.

Being about to talk about Laure, the model for the maid, and the social commentary Manet is making by including a black model in this role, makes for such a fuller discussion I'm able to present to students today.

#ArtHistory #Art #Manet #Realism #FrenchArt #ÉdouardManet #Olympia

Realist painting of a reclining female nude on a plush white bed. She wears a pink flower in her hair, a black ribbon necklace and a gold bracelet. She is a sex worker. Just behind the end of the bed is a black maid presenting a large bouquet of red and white flowers. The maid wears a light pink and white dress and headscarf. There is a black cat standing on the edge of the bed.
Painted portrait of a black woman sitter. She wears a colorful headscarf, earrings, a necklace and a white top that sits just of her shoulders. The painting is painted with loose brush strokes. The figure sits against a brown background.
The Deer Whisperer 🦌⚓
4 months ago

The State Capitol in Olympia, Washington:

#Photography #Architecture #Olympia #WashingtonState

Washington State Capitol
Dan Dean
5 months ago

A long time ago there was a #punk house in #Seattle called the #goathouse. Tons of bands played the basement – #ModestMouse, #MurderCityDevils, all sorts of #Olympia #KillRockStars bands. I can't find any video of this online, and it's a bummer!

This was yesterday in our downtown. #kingtide in #olympia. (And I was late, over an hour past high tide.)

🌳 Fritillaria 🌳
6 months ago

This is my reward for not buying a bazillion fun things for myself for Christmas.

#MassiveAttack #BuyLocal #RainyDayRecords #Olympia

Massive Attack “Mezzanine” cd case. Cover has a picture of a big scarab beetle on it.
Harold Schmidt
6 months ago

@lauravivanco @yasminegalenorn I’ve followed #washington,#wa,#pnw,and #seattle. Might be others like #tacoma or #olympia.

Going up to #olympia in #washingtonstate #washington soon with the boyfriend for a week, anything I should do or see in the area while I'm there? :)

True Slicky
6 months ago

Hello Mastodon!

Not sure if I'm part of the #twitterexodus as I had closed my accounts years ago, recognizing what a dumpster fire it was back then. I feel incredibly validated now that Musk has proven me correct, but also displayed to the world what a complete moron he is.

I'm 44 & live in #Portland #Oregon. Grew up in #Olympia #Washington. Have been in the #PNW my entire life.

what will I post about?

#SeattleMariners to be precise

🌳 Fritillaria 🌳
7 months ago

Knitters in the Olympia area, or passing through, should make a stop at Jorstad Creek on Plum Street in downtown Oly.

This tiny shop is packed with hand-dyed yarns, and a lot of homespun yarns, too. The main atteraction is a wall of colors, with skeins in every weight.

The shopkeeper talked enthusiastically about all the dyers and their current color passions, the spinners, and the sample knitters. It was as if they were all in the shop with us.

Though it’s the size of a large closet, I could have stayed there for another hour. Contrast that with much larger shops that I pop into and out of in a matter of minutes.

I left with this gorgeous DK weight wool and silk yarn in burnt sienna. The yarn is 85% Polwarth wool, a cross between the merino and Lincoln breeds of sheep.

The yarn is expensive, but you’ll never regret it.

#knitting #FiberArts #Olympia

A balled skein of rusty orange wool, with a large tag. The tag has a block cut picture of a cat with a ball of yarn. The cat looks rather grumpy or suspicious.
It's Going Down
9 months ago

"Our hearts still shatter for the taking of a life – one who could just as well be one of us or any of our friends, family, neighbors." #Olympia #TimothyGreen

Another angle. Look at that little brass bell #typewriter #Olympia
Back of a typewriter with the carriage moved to the left