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@Linux_Is_Best It just so happens that I like our discussions on and about #linux. Linux is such a vast, multifaceted operating system that you can have virtually limitless interesting conversations. Same goes for my other fave #OpenBSD. I for one learn something fro you almost every time you post. Linux is a sub-category of my #autistic special interest in communication networks.

#OpenBSD's cu(1) serial terminal emulator now supports specifying fixed paths to USB serial ports (ucom(4)).

$ sysctl hw.ucomnames hw.ucomnames=ucom0:usb0.0.00003.0
$ cu -l usb0.0.00003.0

krw@ modified src/usr.bin/cu/*: Enable cu(1) -l to accept the usb paths shown in hw.ucomnames.

Usual man page tweaks from jmc@ and schwarze@.

Testing various iterations by deraadt@, nicm@, kettenis@, drahn@.

ok deraadt@

krw@ modified src/sys/*: Add sysctl hw.ucomnames to list 'fixed' paths to USB serial ports.

Suggested by deraadt@, USB route idea from kettenis@. Feedback from anton@, man page improvements from deraadt@, jmc@, schwarze@.

ok deraadt@ kettenis@

John G
5 hours ago

OK this is weird. Was #OpenBSD 7.4 released then pulled? I downloaded the ISO for it (for i386) but none of the mirrors have a 7.4/ directory and 7.4 isn't showing on the OpenBSD homepage as the latest - 7.4 is. And the release date is "Oct XXX"

What gives?

Andy Smith
10 hours ago

OpenBSD discusses possibly removing Exim from their ports collection.

"I think we should probably mark exim BROKEN for now."
"That's almost too kind.[…] It's a bad piece of software to expose users to."

#openbsd #exim

Andy Alderwick
10 hours ago

:flan_hurrah: :flan_cheer:

I've just created my first ever #OpenBSD port and built a package!

This is for Forgejo, so I started with the Gitea port and kept changing things until they worked. (Some of it really wasn't trivial: Forgejo adds a dependency that failed to build, giving the error in )

A lot of fixes and polish are still needed, but I feel that the deepest depths of the ocean are the limit now!


How to run #OpenBSD in #QubesOS with full HD resolution, audio and USB pass-through integration!

(that doesn't work for me, I'm trying to figure why, maybe it's hardware related?)

Wanna know how to write portable shell scripts that work on any POSIX compatible shell? The OpenBSD project has you covered.

#ShellScript #posix #OpenBSD #portableShellScript

See also:

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20 hours ago

Video killed the radio star, at the European *BSD event of the year! 😈⛳🐡

Almost all videos are posted on our Youtube channel. You can find them at

The slides are at

Thank you all again, speakers, who took the time to prepare, travel and present. (not necessarily in that order :flan_XD:​)

And a huge shout-out to @bsdtv to recording and publishing them so quick!

#EuroBSDCon #EuroBSDCon2024

Image of the meme "One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor" with Sean Bean as Boromir. With the text "They're pressing the "start recording" button.

Video for Matthieu Herrb's #EuroBSDcon 2023 talk "Practical Use of #OpenBSD Routing Domains with Redundant Firewalls"

@bsdtv @EuroBSDCon @matthieu

Video for Marc Espie's #EuroBSDcon 2023 talk "#OpenBSD Ports and Packages: making things faster and easier"

@bsdtv @EuroBSDCon

Video for Klemens Nanni (kn@)'s #EuroBSDcon 2023 talk "The #OpenBSD Installer"

@bsdtv @EuroBSDCon

Video for Alexander Bluhm's #EuroBSDcon 2023 talk "#OpenBSD Attack Mitigations"

@bsdtv @EuroBSDCon

23 hours ago

#TIL If you didn't receive the email from daily(8) on #OpenBSD, check /var/log/daily.out, it's clearly defined in /etc/daily.

I doubt anything like that is possible on #Linux without checking a bunch of files, not to mention that different distributions will have different paths and mechanisms for the same thing.

Handy feature for people remotely deploying #OpenBSD, the newly generated ssh host key fingerprint is now printed on first boot.

naddy@ modified src/etc/rc: show fingerprint of freshly generated ssh host key on first boot

Print to the console the fingerprint of a newly generated ssh host key of the preferred type (currently ED25519), typically when booting for the first time. This simplifies a secure first ssh connection to a freshly installed machine.

ok deraadt@ kn@, and various for earlier iterations

Joel Carnat ♑ 🐘
1 day ago

I tried building a port of #CinnamonDesktop for #OpenBSD this afternoon but miserably failed at compiling timezonemap. There are some #Gnome dependencies that I don’t get how to solve 😣

1 day ago

Is #Citrix client (aka icaclient/wfica) ported to #OpenBSD yet? I believe that is the only prerequisite left for me for switching to using it on my laptop.

Mischa 🐡 😎
1 day ago

Hey #BSD people, we still have slots open for lightning talks, short talks or just a plain talk

BSD-NL DAY is on the 11th of November at Brewery Maximus in Utrecht the Netherlands

#FreeBSD #NetBSD #OpenBSD #DragonflyBSD #SecBSD #HardenedBSD

Logo of Run-DMC with the text:
1 day ago

Introduction to the OpenBSD operating system

I often see a lot of confusion with regard to OpenBSD, either assimilate as a Linux distribution or mixed up with FreeBSD.

Let's be clear, OpenBSD is a stand alone operating system. It came as a fork of NetBSD in 1994, there isn't much things in common between the two nowadays.

While OpenBSD and the other BSDs are independant projects, they


Ricardo Martín
1 day ago

I wonder how much effort could it take these days to replace a real life and in production #pfSense #OPNsense configuration with #OpenBSD and maintain it 🤔

1 day ago

#octOpenBSD a quick script for cycling through your monitors. Laptop + 1.

#openbsd #ksh #tutorial

1 day ago

Finally found a usecase for my raspberry pi so installing #OpenBSD on it.

First snag: no display adaptor that’ll fit. (Micro HDMI???) — but turns out I have a USB to serial adapter (I have no idea why I ever needed this.)

And even figured out which pins to connect it to, and which way around it goes. This is way more low-level than I'm used to having to deal with. (Process of elimination: two wires together must be UART, the third must be ground.)

I just subscribed to sourcehut ($2/month), they provide #OpenBSD continuous integration :flan_thumbs:

Let's start #OctOpenBSD ! Let use this month to show #OpenBSD is not a niche operating system!

Write stuff, take screenshot, record videos, do what you want using #OpenBSD and share it to the world!

OpenBSD Amsterdam
2 days ago

Every month continues to be amazing!

20 new VMs were added and 52 VMs were renewed.

We donated €980 to the #OpenBSD Foundation, €32980 since we started.

Thank you, our users, and OpenBSD developers for an awesome OS!

Stay safe & healthy!

#RUNBSD in 2023

Image of a man on a snowy maintain, staring in the distance. It has the text:
it's out there
Paypal payment receipt for 980 euro to the OpenBSD Foundation. As a  graphic there are 4 drawn characters holding different shaped boxes. Two holding a heart shaped box and 2 a box with a heart on it. The middle 2  characters are giving each other a high five and the right character  throws a peace sign.

@solene We had #OpenBSD on many devices at my last position.

Maybe 100+ were running in customers' office as IPSec/OpenVPN servers and firewalls/routers, OpenBSD running on PCEngines' APUs (see ).

We had obviously some in our offices, on APUs, bare metal servers, and VMs.

Unbreakable shit, some were running smoothly for 10+ years!

Is there some people around running #OpenBSD in industry?

So far, I mostly see hobbyists using OpenBSD for personal use :flan_think:

#OpenBSD is back on Repology

it was broken due to a recent major change in the ports tree infrastructure, repology didn't understand a new format

Thanks to landry@ espie@ and other who fixed it :flan_cheer:

3 days ago

Apparently for every OpenBSD release they also produce/release a custom song?? TIL


(edit: oh and they apparently also release a custom shirt every release too hasn't been updated for a few versions tho! but store is selling latest)

Ray Lai
5 days ago

@macilath @SheHacksPurple I’m a former #OpenBSD dev who transitioned into #offensivesecurity #pentesting five years ago. I’d love to connect with anyone looking to get into #infosec

New blog post: "#OpenBSD PF vs #FreeBSD PF"

tldr: get out of here with that weak partisan sauce.

5 days ago

Do you want to review the slides of the talks given at he European *BSD event of the year? 😈⛳🐡

You can find them at:

If you presented and your slides are missing let us know!

#EuroBSDCon #EuroBSDCon2024

Picture of a kid pointing at you with the text: "Hope you enjoyed my presentation, thank you for listening"

thanks everyone! Almost 300 people replied to that, and we had 30 cloud users, 66 VM users and 204 bare metal users.

Most of them run #OpenBSD or #NixOS, I guess this is due to a bias of my followers network 😅 , I've also read about FreeBSD, Arch Linux, Debian, Ubuntu and Gentoo.

A surprising amount of #Proxmox and #FreeBSD bhyve users for virtualization on their bare metal machines.

Many people reported using rasbperry pi boards for hosting services.

I'm surprised that there is only one mention of Docker, but multiple mentions of both LXC and FreeBSD jails. You people rocks :flan_cool:

Thomas Hurst
1 week ago

#OpenBSD folk might be interested in this too - ifunc support is also disabled there for some reason.

Christoff 🧟 👻 🎃
2 weeks ago

@kjhealy @millert imported their awk into #OpenBSD this past week, too. He even fixed some bugs :)

Christoff 🧟 👻 🎃
2 weeks ago

Interested in #hacking, #socialengineering, #pentesting, #malware #development, #training and #helping people, #network #protocols, #ARM, good #food, and new #friends.

Also #retrogaming and #retrocomputing; #coding in #C, #C++, and #Perl, and guess that's about it these days but I can #code in 20+ languages; #TTRPGs as a DM/Storyteller/GM such as #DnD, #OSR, and #VtM ; #cooking; making #art like #painting and #watercolor; servers run #OpenBSD; fan of tinkering with #NetBSD; daily driver is #macOS; #horror and #scifi movies; and likely other things I'm forgetting.

Restarted learning #CommonLisp, too.

Fan of the #GratefulDead, #Phish, and #Goose.

Stefano Marinelli
2 weeks ago

🎉 Celebrating two months since launching the BSD Cafe! 🎉

Exactly two months ago today (20th July 2023), I released the #Mastodon instance of BSD Cafe, effectively announcing to the world the idea behind BSD Cafe. The response was much warmer than expected from both *BSD enthusiasts and the entire #Fediverse community. This overwhelming support motivated me to keep pushing forward, expanding the Cafe with new services.

We've introduced a wiki ( - currently a site describing the Cafe services, but in the future, it will also host tutorials, tips, experiences, etc.), a Miniflux server ( - for personalized RSS feed reading), and recently, a Matrix server ( - for BSD Cafe users to chat in the Lounge, discuss various *BSD topics or interact with the world due to the decentralized nature of the protocol).

BSD Cafe will also be mentioned in the upcoming FreeBSD Status Report (

User numbers are growing weekly. Some stay active, some not as much, but one thing remains consistent among all: a passion for technology, free operating systems (especially *BSD), and a desire to collaborate and grow together.

So, a big thank you to everyone who contributes daily to make BSD Cafe vibrant and growing, those who offer advice, participate in polls, and believed in us these past two months. Without you, all of this wouldn't make sense.

Stay tuned! 🚀

#BSD #FreeBSD #OpenBSD #NetBSD #DragonFlyBSD #opensource #technology #community #BSDCafe #BSDCafeUpdates #BSDCafeServices

Okay, I believe that the code-based Argentum theme, in combination with the minimal hooks added to libs-gui, is now at feature-parity with the modified libs-gui fork.

Tomorrow, if I have time, I will go over the changes again, see if anything needs polishing up, before submitting a PR upstream.

The gist of the PR is the the hooks added change nothing for any existing app or library, cause zero disruption, but enable this theme to do what it needs to do. I would, of course, be open to better ways for it to do what it does, but the notion is what it is.

#programming #gnustep #linux #unix #freebsd #netbsd #openbsd #development

#OpenBSD -current now has the "2ndEdition" version of the "One True Awk", which corresponds to the upcoming 2nd edition of "The AWK Programming Language" book.

"Support for UTF-8 and comma-separated value inputs has been added."

Zack Weinberg
2 weeks ago

Informal survey for folks who use BSD Unix:

1. Are you aware of any variety of BSD that has converted its base filesystem layout such that either /bin and /lib are symlinks to /usr/bin and /usr/lib respectively (possibly with several more such symlinks), or, the other way around, /usr is a symlink to /?

2. Are you aware of any variety of BSD that has concrete plans to make either of the above changes in the foreseeable future?

3. Are you aware of any variety of BSD that has considered and *rejected* making any such change?

I'm asking these questions in my capacity as /de facto/ maintainer of Autoconf. Your answers will help me document how to write third-party software that works correctly regardless of whether /usr is separate from the root.

[For the record, Autoconf already does, and will continue to, support both of the above altered filesystem layouts as well as the traditional one. The only exception I'm currently aware of is that configure scripts may malfunction or fail to start if /bin/sh does not exist at all, which I hope everyone can agree is a pathological case.]

Please boost for reach. Answers accepted either by replaying to this toot, or by email (zack at owlfolio dot org). It is helpful if you can provide references to release notes, mailing list discussions, etc. to support your answers.

tag farm below, you can stop reading here
#unix #bsd #freebsd #netbsd #openbsd #dragonflybsd #ghostbsd

You can find slides for the #OpenBSD talks at #EuroBSDcon 2023 as they go up:

3 weeks ago

E vamos embora! The European *BSD event of the year! 😈⛳🐡

Four days of everything *BSD starts today!

The first two days consists of tutorials and today, 2023-09-14, they are

09:00-12:00, lunch 12:00-13:00 and 13:00-16:00

- Quimica Piso 1; Sala D-46

An Introduction to the Kernel Services and I/O System of the FreeBSD Open Source Operating System by Marshall Kirk McKusick

- Quimica R/C; Sala C-12

DIY Jails by Dave Cottlehuber

- Quimica R/C; Sala C-13

OpenZFS Introductory Workshop by Benedict Reuschling

- Quimica R/C; Sala C-16

Network Management with the OpenBSD Packet Filter Toolset by the trio Peter Hansteen,
Massimilliano Stucchi, and Tom Smyth

You can find the program at:

EuroBSDCon 2023 in Coimbra, Portugal September 14-17, 2023


A green coin with with a hand holding a soldering iron and has the text "if it smells like chicken you're holding it wrong." 

We thought it was fitting for the tutorials today.

This is the version of Hackerspace Revspace in The Hague the Netherlands.
3 weeks ago

pls, #hackers, boost:

#Halloween is just around the corner. DM me your scary #BSD stories.

#runbsd #openbsd #freebsd #netbsd #dragonflybsd #spooky #unix_surrealism

What were the biggest issues you had when using #OpenBSD?

What made you struggle enough to wish you had some guide to help you?

The #OpenBSD webzine issue #14 :puffer: ☕

3 weeks ago

Está pronto para o evento *BSD do ano!? 😈⛳🐡

One more day to go until we kick it off!

EuroBSDCon 2023 in Coimbra, Portugal September 14-17, 2023


Number 1 in Comic Sans

I hope all my *BSD friends have a great time, & stay safe at EuroBSDcon this year in Coimbra, Portugal! :flan_cool:​

EuroBSDcon 2023 starts September 14th and goes until the 17th.

(There are some exciting OpenBSD developer talks this year!)

#OpenBSD #NetBSD #FreeBSD #macOS #DragonFlyBSD

0mp at FreeBSD
3 weeks ago

@zayd I find it way easier to modify #FreeBSD to my own needs. Contributing is also smooth and easy. Also, #BSD communities in general are amazing folks with whom I like to spend time (talking about #OpenBSD and #NetBSD).

3 weeks ago

The special unlimited first #unix_surrealism hi-tech lowres fashion featuring #openbsd's baby puffy and the #technomage

The designs are intended to be printed on long whiter-than-white t-shirts, but let your surrealism run wild.

If you like the designs, but want to print them yourself, DM me.

If you don't like it, you can always support me here, ensuring I continue the techno-mage's story for the free internet:

long white t-shirt with unix_surrealism design of a close up of the techno-mage's eyes
hat with a unix_surrealism design with a baby puffy
unix_surrealism t-shirt with a techno-mage close up design

UGH. Finally got rid of that damnable icon in the application menu. Also note that the system menu now shows a little FreeBSD logo. I thought it was cute.

Anyway, still need to figure out how to make the application name bold. I'll get there.

#freebsd #gnustep #development #programming #design #linux #unix #openbsd #netbsd #unix

3 weeks ago

Are you ready for the European *BSD event of the year? 😈⛳🐡

Three days to go until we kick it off!

EuroBSDCon 2023 in Coimbra, Portugal September 14-17, 2023


The number 3 in Comic Sans

Software forks: how do YOU feel about them?

#programming #linux #freebsd #openbsd #NetBSD #development

OpenBSD Journal RSS 🤖
3 weeks ago

p2k23 Hackathon Report: Jeremy Evans (jeremy@) on Ruby ports cleanup, database progress, and more #openbsd;sid=20230910194038

Want to help out Agora but can't code? We could use a good logo -- and I'd pay a reasonable fee for it.

Send me a sketch or the like with your idea, using the text "Agora Desktop" and "Powered by FreeBSD", along with your bid.

Want to help but can't code or draw? Subscribe to my Patreon, so I can pay people for things like logos and theme design, and justify even more of my time working on Agora.

#programming #linux #unix #freebsd #openbsd #netbsd #macOS #macosx #osx

New pixelart farming simulator on #OpenBSD: Sprout Valley, running via the Godot engine. #PlayOnBSD