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Automating CI/CD with GitHub Actions - Automating and streamlining the software development lifecycle through continuous inte... - #softwaredevelopment #developmenttools #opensource #github

Alex Band
9 minutes ago

Really loving the user contributed translations for Krill. #OpenSource #RPKI

A screenshot of the Krill UI in Chinese
13 minutes ago

RT @InteroperableEU: @Joinup_eu @EU_Commission @JHahnEU @AristiNat @stirdata @stephen_quest @LeontinaSandu @DigitalEU @vickalogirou @bernard_claes @EU_ScienceHub @VesFoteva And not only via our @EU_Commission proposal for an Act, but also by initiatives and events in #Semantics, #DigitalReadyPolicyMaking, #GovTech, #OpenSource, #InteroperabilityMaturityTools, etc. And have we already mentioned @Joinup_EU and our #InteroperableEuropeAcademy? 😃


ZOOM TECHNO 🛠️ La remédiation dans Canopsis

Cette fonctionnalité phare de la V4 vous permet de résoudre chaque alarme répertoriée en proposant une consigne manuelle ou automatique !

Les plus de la #remédiation :
✔️ Gain de temps dans l'exécution des consignes
✔️ Sécurisation de la résolution des alertes
✔️ Facilitation de l’observance des remédiations
✔️ Outil de management, de valorisation et de communication

La #supervision #informatique ne suffit plus ❌ Passez à l'hypervision #OpenSource 🚀

Simon Phipps
48 minutes ago

I will be speaking at a W3C-supported workshop on web technologies for applications next Tuesday in Paris 13. It's free and includes lunch. Please come!

#standards #Paris #OpenSource

Banner for Wed technologies for applications workshop and coding contest, 13 June, morning, Paris
Puzzle ITC
1 hour ago

Wir freuen uns, über unsere neue strategische Partnerschaft zu informieren: Puzzle ITC und das amerikanische Software- und Infrastrukturunternehmen CIQ gehen gemeinsame Wege, um #RockyLinux im deutschsprachigen Raum einzuführen und skalierbare Lösungen anzubieten.
#Partnerschaft #OpenSource

Drew Fustini
1 hour ago

Dr. Bao tells the RISC-V Summit Europe in Barcelona that the open source XiangShan V3 will target the performance level of ARM Neoverse N2! #riscv #opensource #openhardware

2 hours ago

Thema: E-Book

Book Reader
Lesegerät für 9 Dateiformate mit einfacher Oberfläche auf FBReader Basis.

Librera Reader
Lesegerät für E-Books in zahlreichen Formaten.

#1Thema2Apps #Android #OpenSource #App #fdroid

2 hours ago

Why do developers stick the imda at the end of their names in #GitHub? Can't they just get their own accounts and join an IMDA organisation? Or is this some you can't divorce your personal life open source contributions from your work open source contributions thing. #OpenSource

Erlug e.V.
3 hours ago

Nach unserem Linux-Tag treffen wir uns gemeinsam wieder heute Abend zum Linux-Stammtisch in Erlangen.

Los geht es ab 19 Uhr in folgender Kneipe:

Blaue Traube im Turnerbund
Spardorfer Str. 79
91054 Erlangen

Haltet einfach nach unserem Plüsch-Tux.

Jeder ist herzlich willkommen.
Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Erlug e.V.
Charly, Robert und Jean

#erlug #linux #erlangen #lug #opensource #stammtisch

3 hours ago

⭐️ 5 new #phishingkit #Yara rules added today on

Rules for phishing kits targeting #customers of:
📌 Apple
📌 Facebook
📌 Kuwait Post
📌 Optimum
📌 Qatar Post

#phishing #soc
#cybersecurity #opensource #scam #stalkphish #infosec

4 hours ago

Meta’s Zuckerberg grilled by senators over ‘leak’ of LLaMA AI model - The senators weren’t happy with the “seemingly minimal” protectio... - #richardblumenthaljoshhawley #publicpolicy #closesource #opensource #cybercrime #hatecriime #llama #gpt-4 #fraud #crime #bard #leak

OpenGL 3.1 is Now Available in Asahi Linux, Boosting Graphics Performance

#linux #opensource #apple #asahi #arch #archlinux


Firefox 114 Introduces Streamlined Bookmark Searching and Improved DNS Management

#linux #opensource #firefox

firefox 114
Pierre Mesure
7 hours ago

Twitter (16/5/2019):

The Swedish digitalisation agency chooses #opensource! Congrats, I hope it can inspire a durable change! Please be open about your challenges, your doubts and your failures along the way, it is the best way for you and the Swedish public sector to learn.

Pierre Mesure
7 hours ago

Twitter (25/4/2019):

Interesting thread about the new messaging app that the 🇫🇷 government released last week for its employees. #Opensource, based on e2e encrypted solution @matrixdotorg, it could be used by states and organisations willing to escape services from Google or Microsoft. @DIGG_Sverige?

8 hours ago

OpenZFS 2.1.12 is out now with support for #Linux kernel 6.3

#ZFS #OpenSource

#OpenSearch 2.8.0 is now available, with a host of new features & enhancements & experimental functionality! Read more: #opensource

OpenSearch 2.8.0
Joseph Zikusooka
12 hours ago

💡 TIP: Discard changes recently made to a file in your git repository

git checkout -- docs/README.rst

#ZikTIPs #git #developers #Linux #CLI #Opensource

Open Source JobHub
12 hours ago

Working to make democratic processes better on a large and small scale, Liquid Democracy is seeking a backend or full stack developer with a passion for open source software. Learn more on #OSJobHub #jobs #career #developer #FullStack #OpenSource #FOSS #HybridWork

Liquid Democracy logo
Eleventy 🎈 v2.0.1
13 hours ago

Sounds like @bridgetown might be switching to <is-land>!



13 hours ago
#smallpt is a #global #illumination #renderer. It is 99 lines of C++, is #opensource, and renders the above scene using unbiased #MonteCarlo #path tracing.

13 hours ago

These CC0 Books are maybe useful for many developers,

The #RayTracing in One Weekend series of #books
#Render #engine #opensource #pathtracer

13 hours ago


#Nextcloud (mehrere privat und beruflich)
#LibreOffice mit #Dmaths
#Xournal (++)

Und das natürlich unter #Linux bzw. googlefreiem #Android

Hoffe, ich habe nichts wesentliches vergessen 🤣

#OpenSource #Datenachutz #DSGVO
13 hours ago

Jak nastavit jako výchozí vyhledávač v mobilním #Brave?


#Xoogle #opensource #opensearch #librex
13 hours ago

Díky, ale raději zůstanu u Ten nabízí soukromí, anonymitu a mnohem lepší výsledky vyhledávání webů. 😊 Díky podpoře #opensearch jej lze nastavit jako výchozí vyhledávač do #Brave, Bromite a dalších prohlížečích na desktopu i mobilu.
👉Návody pro výchozí vyhledávač:
👉 Více o vyhledávači:
👉Česká instance:
👉Slovenská instance:

#Xoogle #privacy #opensource #LibreX

13 hours ago
14 hours ago

Well, a cup of hot coffee ☕ and some peeking .....

#linux #research #linuxkernel #kernel #opensource

"The world of AI is at an important crossroads. There are two paths forward: one where highly regulated proprietary code, models, and datasets are going to prevail, or one where Open Source dominates." - ClearlyDefined Community Manager Nick Vidal

#OSI #DDAI #AI #OpenSource

Eclipse Foundation
15 hours ago

Have you read our May community newsletter? This edition features a look at our vulnerability reporting process and an analysis of existing #supplychainsecurity practices. Read the full newsletter here: #opensource #SLSA

Eclipse Community Newsletter: Enhancing Open Source Supply Chain Security
Veit Schiele
15 hours ago

@leahawasser will give a talk at @pyberlin on @pyOpenSci. I would be happy if we could meet on Thursday evening. Sign up: #DataScience #OpenSource #Python

Danilo Poccia
16 hours ago

Announcing Amazon Keyspaces Multi-Region Replication 👉Automated, fully managed, active-active replication across the AWS Regions of your choice #AWS #Database #NoSQL #OpenSource

Lenz Grimmer
17 hours ago

The Sovereign Tech Fund is looking for developers who use #opensource and want to contribute back. They announced three challenges for you to work on #FOSS with up to 300k€ per project. The challenges will run up to 8 months in two 4-month rounds.

The STF is supporting the creation and improvement of developer tooling, the production security of FOSS components, and the documentation of critical open source infrastructure technologies.

Apply here before 2023-07-06:

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
17 hours ago

If, like me, you like to talk about Linux over and over again, annoying your friends and family and complete strangers on the process, I’m here to give you some ammo for these unwanted conversations, with 15 facts about the history of Linux, it’s mascot, the kernel, Linus Torvalds, and more (and I promise you probably didn’t know all of them already!):

#OpenSource #Linux

17 hours ago

#Firefox 115 Beta Brings Cookie Banner Reduction, Quick Actions in Address Bar, and Middle-Click Support on New Tab Button to Search Clipboard Text or Open URLs on #Linux

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Mozilla

Screenshot of the Firefox 115 beta web browser showing the website.

Baaamm. Jetzt auch frei verfügbar: Das Ergebnis von zwei Jahren Recherche rund um das Projekt #Phoenix von #Dataport #linux #opensource.

18 hours ago

How does the #OpenSource effect promote the cultural change within the Commission?

Our Alice Vasilescu explained it perfectly during the United Nation's 'Mind the Open Source Gap' session, in which she presented the 🇪🇺 Commission's Legislation Editing Open Software (LEOS) 👇

Clip from the presentation of Alice Vasilescu from DIGIT of the European Commission presenting the "open source effect"
18 hours ago

Help Protect Open Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office invites public comment on new proposals that would eliminate the ability for third parties to challenge junk patents #patents #OpenSource #legal #LinuxFoundation #EFF #government #USPTO

neon "OPEN" sign encased in a clear glass or plastic block

An #OpenSource library for #Android, #iOS and #LinuxPhone's providing wifi discovery and ad-hoc connection functionality for games would be so nice.

Mobile multiplayer should be easy and fun like back in the NDS / 3DS / PSP / PS Vita days, just connect to each other and have fun. Not the online bullshitery we are dealing with right now.

In brief: I do not think Phoenix is a second Munich failure, but the company behind it has proven over many many years that they have no understanding of #opensource. They wanted to build a Web desktop as a replacement to MS 365, for public administration, and they never complied with the basics. Instead, strange marketing and PR tactics were applied. Read all about it in Linux-Magazin Germany

julia ferraioli :cc_by:
20 hours ago

Oh hey! Tomorrow I'm giving the closing keynote at Tidelift's Upstream conference.

I'll be talking about the oft ignored element in the open source software supply chain: humanity 😱

Hope to see you there!

#OpenSource #SupplyChain #FOSS #BoostsWelcome #Upstream2023
20 hours ago

GNOME 44.2 Features Fixes, Fixes, and More Fixes #gnome #opensource #linux

If you do anything in #OpenSource, do you also use an open source messaging app on your phone?

I'll start. I use @signalapp

Open Future Foundation
1 day ago

🔎 As we carry on with our investigation into the status of #OpenMovement, we are sharing two more responses to our funding "Paradox of Open" essay along with our reflection on how to move forward — "Paradox of Open: Redux":

#OpenAccess #OpenEducation #OpenSource #OpenData #OpenWeb #DigitalRights #DigitalCommons #DigitalPublicSpace #OpenGLAM #Copyright

Simon Phipps
1 day ago

"We all have a point-of-compromise over proprietary software, and we all choose a different one. The most important aspect of #SoftwareFreedom is to be aware of it so that the choice is a conscious one."

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #FOSS #FLOSS

Maarten Aertsen
1 day ago

"Members of the European Parliament have kicked off the technical work on the Product Liability Directive, a legislative proposal to update Europe’s liability regime that dates back to the mid-80s [..]"

@euractiv_tech writing about #PLD negotiation in parliament, a topic I'm following due to potential impact for developers of #OpenSource software. A thread with some quotes from the article.

Foundation for Public Code
1 day ago

It's a good day to talk about the Governance Game - a hands-on approach to learning to learning how to govern public code codebases. Fun fact: our @ainali will be demonstrating
how to play at the next @OSPOAlliance On Ramp event next week. 16/10

#OpenSource #PublicCode #OSPO

Governance Game cards. One card titled: Calamity. Wild developer.  Public organization 2 went ahead and contracted a developer to add a new feature (add independent developer actor card)) without informing you. They make a pull request to add that feature to the codebase. How is that handled?
Aria Burrell
1 day ago

"We’d like to make a special thanks to community member Aria Burrell (AKA: “litui” on the community Discord) ... Aria set out to find a more financially accessible tool for developers in the community to use in place of the JLink."


#opensource #synthesizer @synths @synthdiy

"We’d like to make a special thanks to community member Aria Burrell (AKA: “litui” on the community Discord) ... Aria set out to find a more financially accessible tool for developers in the community to use in place of the JLink."


#opensource #synthesizer @synths @synthdiy

Josh Simmons
1 day ago

And this notice means that acceptances have gone out for submitters to the Community: Open Source in Practice track 👀

It'll take a bit for speakers to confirm, but my goodness.

We've got a great program in store for you! :blobcatnerd:

#FOSSY #OpenSource #FOSS

Josh Simmons
1 day ago

What an honor! I'm thrilled to share that I'm a speaker at the first ever #FOSSY by @conservancy this July in Portland.

I'll be talking about event #HealthAndSafety policies and what the pandemic can teach us about taking our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to the next level. (Feat. the @phpledge!)

I can't wait to see the full lineup for the conference :ablobcatrave:

Learn more and get your ticket at

#OpenSource #FOSS #PHPledge #PublicHealthPledge

A screenshot reading: Congratulations, your talk titled "Conflu, con crud, and COVID-19: the time for Health and Safety policies is yesterday" in the track "Diversity Equity and Inclusion and FOSS" for FOSSY '23 has been accepted!
2 days ago

We want a fair and open system for all. We support The Linux Foundation's Open Source Software Patent Defense. Join us by submitting your own comment:

#supportfreesoftware #opensource #FOSS

Open Source Initiative :osi:
2 days ago

🤝 Advocate for Freedom: Stand for the principles of Open Source software, ensuring that technology remains accessible and unrestricted. Join us in advocating for the benefits of Open Source licensing.

#OpenSource #Collaboration #OSI

Alice I Cecile
2 days ago

Another Monday, another #bevymergetrain. Despite the maintainers' best efforts to merge things as we see them we have 9 PRs in the backlog today! Follow along to see how the #opensource #rust #gamedev sausage is made.

Simon Phipps
2 days ago

When is it OK to attack someone for using proprietary software?

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom #FOSS #FLOSS

Schalk Neethling 🇺🇦
2 days ago

Motion Canvas, a TypeScript library for creating animated videos using the Canvas API, has been open-sourced. #OpenSource

Clayton Dewey
2 days ago

There's a monthly #CommunityTech meetup starting in the UK.

It's open to anyone and everyone interested in or working at the cross section of community building and tech work.

#PlatformCoop #NPTech #OpenSource etc

Clayton Dewey
2 days ago

A great collection of demos of different scroll-based animations

#CSS #JS #UX #WebDev #OpenSource

mark dorison
2 days ago

@mglaman joins me and Dave Look in episode 8 to discuss plans for Drupal Bridge and where it fits into the Drupal ecosystem. Listen in to Matt’s perspective on reducing technical debt and taking actionable steps to service the community. >>

#Drupal #Drupal7 #Opensource

Welp, my extended vacation time has come to an end. It's been a fun couple of months, but today, I'm stoked to start at #CISA, aka the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency. I'm very much looking forward to US #government service work.

While I've spent pretty much all of my career involved in #opensource, #public work in #cybersecurity, it's always been under the aegis of corporate sponsorship, so there was always some tension between giving away my work for free versus quarter over quarter earnings and profits and all that.

Now, I'm really leaning into that #socialist lifestyle and taking a break from capitalism -- let's see how this #publicsector life goes!

CISA is a very, very young bureaucracy; it was founded in 2018, so we're just now figuring out how this whole "America's Cyber Defense" business works, and I'm excited to be a part of that.

Unfortunately, although I'm now a government official, I can't fix your parking tickets or get you out of jury duty. Please stop asking.

2 days ago

Trying out self hosted #umami and #plausible #webAnalytics #openSource #googleAnalytics alternatives.

So far Plausible (which I have used as a paid service and like) won't start up, but got set up with Umami very quickly and it's working on three sites!

I like the idea of privacy-friendly non-cookie driven, reliable stats with a simple interface; both projects offer this.

My clients all use GA but very few understand it/use it fully, and with the sunset of UA and the horridness of GA4...

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
2 days ago

I've done a full write-up of using @openskynetwork's API to track Elon Musk's plane.

Everything is open source, of course.

#OpenSky #OpenSource #perl

R-Ladies Rome
2 days ago

💜 is hosting:
👉 Data Science Best Practices
Speaker: @siminaboca

When: June 12th, 2023 - 6:00 PM CET / 12:00 PM EDT

#rstats #datascience #health #rladies #womenempowerment #onlinelearning #opensource


OSPO Alliance
2 days ago

Our next OnRamp meeting will feature @ainali, Codebase Steward at @publiccode

Join us for an introduction to the #governance game

📅 June 16st, 2023
⏰ 10:30-12:00 CEST

Open to all / no registration / safe env

#OSPO #OpenSource

/ping @EclipseFdn @mmilinkov @gblondelle @paolo @silona @flzara @yakaceme

Speaker card with the same content as the post.
Kathy Reid
2 days ago

What a beautiful story of #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS #software from #ABC news from Kristine Taylor and Susan Chenery - and - Jamie Teh - @jcsteh and Mick Curran -, who both live with #blindness, created #NVDA software which is a desktop #ScreenReader - and ntinue to give it away for free.

Get the software here on @github


Davy :ferris:
2 days ago

Go watch with Chris Lattner talking about Mojo, a superset of Python. This looks like an awesome project and will incrementally be open-source.

#python #mojo #opensource

Ayo Ayco
2 days ago

Cozy reading library released 🎉

✅ Cache API
✅ Client-Side Routing (DOM Swap)
✅ Built with @astro :astro:

Every time you open an article on Cozy, it will be stored on your browser's cache (Cache API).

Clicking a "link" in the Library, will not fetch for it but use the cached article (via DOM swapping).

Read more about the project:

#webdev #frontend #opensource #foss

screen recording of cozy with new reading library feature
Martijn Faassen
3 days ago

If you take responsibility you will get it. So beware.

Giving up control to others is one of the most worthwhile things you can do to build community and ensure continuity.

Those who find it easy to take responsibility may find it difficult to give up the control to others.

Practice giving up control explicitly. If you want to have a vision shared you will need to give others a real stake in it, and it will change.


3 days ago

Alright, here's a response article to @martijnbraam's "Developers are lazy, thus Flatpak". I'll be addressing some of their claims by explaining why some of the design decisions make sense the way they are.

Edit: should there be a response article to mine, I'll respond it here (unless it doesn't address any of my points).

#Flatpak #Linux #FOSS #OpenSource

3 days ago

Super enlightening interview with the CEO of @Vivaldi

@hen and @jon discuss #privacy #security #FOSS #opensource #federation and a LOT more!

Watch it now:

tunes :ciberlandia:
4 days ago

Messin' and playing around with new tools.
Groovy... :blobcatrainbow:

@GIMP @gmic #gimp #gmic #natron #opensource #cyberpunk #glitchart #crt #analog

Checkerboard pattern being distorted and pushed in a CRT TV frame.
Team Idgara
4 days ago


My #students use #JAWS. I can't afford to purchase it, so when I share my screen with my students, I use #NVDA, which is #OpenSource. I'm not very proficient, though.

In general, the Hippocratic principle of "First, do no harm," applies to #updates. Or, at least. it /should/.

Another hot and sunny weekend in #Seattle ☀️

Did you hear #SeaGL extended the #cfp until end of June? So you are still on time!

Worried about the in-person venue? We got our health & safety policy to cover you here:

But you can always present on-line because this year we'll be hybrid!

#linux #floss #FOSS #opensource #techevent

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
4 days ago

Time for the weekly #Linux and #OpenSource news recap!

This week, we have #Ubuntu working on an immutable system using Snaps, Red Hat dropping the LibreOffice RPMs to use the Flatpak instead (also impacts Fedora), and a lot of cool @gnome projects being worked on!

Axolotat :verified_gay:
4 days ago

Hello ! I just created an awesome list of resources for staying up-to-date with the latest webdev frontend trends! Check it out and feel free to contribute if you've got something to add.

#OpenSource #GitHub #frontendEnd #dev #awesomeList