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@heiseonline Wer sich da Mühe machen will sollte das lieber in #OpenStreetMaps eintragen. Das findet seinen Weg dann schon zu Google. Wenn man das dann überhaupt noch braucht und nicht eh die präziseren Karten von OSM nutzt.

My code tried to convert all the differently hand-written opening hours into the format used by #OpenStreetMaps. That way they could be more reliably processed by a computer and, for instance, show which warm spaces were actually open near to someone.

17 hours ago

Für diejenigen, denen das nicht bewusst ist und denen, die es so mit der Fremdsprache haben wie ich:
#Google ist schon immer durch #unbezahlte Datenlieferer reicher geworden.
Und jetzt soll kostenloses Fussvolk losgeschickt werden um weiter #closed Source zu produzieren!
Es gibt frei zugängliche Alternativen, wie #openstreetmaps die es zu unterstützten gilt!
Macht euch nicht zum Handlanger der #Datenmonopolisten.

via @gegenglueck

5 days ago

@heiseonline dann doch lieber bei der gemeinnützigen #OpenStreetMaps , als beim Datendieb und -händler.

2 weeks ago

Just found out about Organic Maps, a map/navigation app for iOS and Android:

It is based on the date of OpenStreetMaps, open source and privacy respecting.

Looks like it could be the alternative to Apple Maps and Google Maps I was looking for! :)

#maps #opensource #ios #android #openstreetmaps #app #privacy

@Phate6660 #CompleteStreet is an app that let's you edit #OpenStreetMaps by doing "quests". You can only do quests within a certain area around you (which is why I will NOT be sharing screenshots) and you get little awards for doing different things!

Chris Renfrow
3 weeks ago

Hey #openstreetmaps community! When defining landuse areas is it generally frowned upon to couple nodes in highways with nodes in the landuse area? Because there is a lot of this going on in my region and it makes editing highways (with iD) rather tedious.

3 weeks ago

Just discovered the #streetcomplete app for #openstreetmaps today and what a treat! It's an app on F-Droid (and probably elsewhere) that lets you make contributions and edits to missing data on Open Street Maps.

This app is a super simple way to contribute to OSM and #FOSS right from your home.

Ruth Mottram
3 weeks ago

I'm no longer sure who it was on here, but some one recommended organic maps app as a privacy friendly alternative to Google maps, built on #openstreetmaps I've been trying it out the last 3 days and it is really brilliant. So 🙏 to whoever it was.

#privacy #OrganicMaps #Degoogle #degooglify

Chris Renfrow
3 weeks ago

Okay, the nice little down-time habit of making #openstreetmaps contributions has now become a small obsession. Whoops! At least a handful of local crosswalks and sidewalks are now immaculately defined, complete with curb types!

Chris Renfrow
4 weeks ago

I've taken to making #openstreetmaps contributions as a sort of chill downtime activity. Something soothing about improving building outlines, adding sidewalks, marking crosswalks and bicycle infrastructure, etc.

#osm #mapping

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
1 month ago


> [T]he power of volunteers in free software communities, such as those working on #OSM development and #mapping, can exceed what #governments and #corporations merely pretend to provide.

Agree that #OpenStreetMaps is quite incredible, and their offline app, #OSMAnd really does feel like magic when one uses it. Its a real shame there are no ethical devices in #Australia to install OSMAnd onto.

1 month ago

#OpenStreetMaps seen in the wild on a regional bus. Actually a lot of public services here in #Denmark use open street maps.

screen showing an open street map map
1 month ago

:ablobcatattentionreverse: :blobcataco: :ablobcool: #StreetComplete #OpenStreetMaps #Gamification #ProudOfMyself

Alexandre B A Villares
1 month ago

#Python #matplotlib explorando dados © contribuidores do #OpenStreetMaps

Mapa de caminhos em São Paulo proximo à av. Paulista em cinza, em turquesa prédios.

# Draws ways and buildings from data © OpenStreetMap contributors

import networkx as nx
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

import osmnx as ox
ox.config(log_console=True, use_cache=True)

bgcolor = '#343434'
edge_color = '#CCCCCC'
bldg_color = '#008888'
point = ox.geocode('Avenida Paulista, São Paulo, Brasil')
dist = 2000

bbox = ox.utils_geo.bbox_from_point(point, dist=dist)
fp = ox.geometries_from_point(point, tags={'building':True}, dist=dist)
G = ox.graph_from_point(point, network_type='walk', dist=dist, truncate_by_edge=True, retain_all=True)

fig, ax = ox.plot_graph(G, bgcolor=bgcolor, node_size=0, edge_color=edge_color, show=False)
fig, ax = ox.plot_footprints(fp, ax=ax, bbox=bbox, color=bldg_color, save=True)
Karsten Schmidt
1 month ago

Just donated $100 to the amazing Organic Maps project: Trackerless, fully offline, OSM based, open source mapping for Android/iOS. Great UX & routing, super fast & good coverage even of hiking paths, elevation lines & public transport layers...

From their website: "Organic Maps is one of a few applications nowadays that supports 100% of features without an active Internet connection. Install Organic Maps, download maps, throw away your SIM card (by the way, your operator constantly tracks you), and go for a weeklong trip on a single battery charge without any byte sent to the network."

#OpenSource #OpenStreetMaps #Mapping #Hiking #Privacy

Playing with #openStreetMaps on #Python but I'm struggling to get nodes from a single street using #osmnx, any tips?

I managed to get a "walk" network of São Paulo and tried this nice #isochrone tutorial:

But getting nodes from a single street eludes me...

(next challenge will be to get Z/elevation ... ooff)

cc @natera

Update: Some progress — I converted the network to a geodataframe and filtered it by the "name" column, it feels very awkward yet and I'm not sure what I'm doing.

1 month ago

Engineering Working Group

¿Qué hace este grupo?

* Gestionar el desarrollo de software pagado por el OSMF.
* Publicar convocatorias de propuestas sobre tareas de interés y aceptar propuestas sobre otras tareas.
* Ofrecer una plataforma para la coordinación de los esfuerzos de desarrollo de software en todo el ecosistema OSM.
* Gestionar la participación de OSM en programas de tutoría de software.


Descripción de lo que hace el Engineering Working Group.
1 month ago

Давно не залезал в #Google #Maps. Что с ними случилось? Почему они такие... пустые? Помнится, несколько лет назад та же проблема была с картами Apple. И я так понимаю, Apple одумались и все откатили назад. теперь очередь Гугла?
На скриншотах одно и то же место в
#Google.Maps, #Yandex.Maps и #OpenStreetMaps.

ferrie = differentieel :mfrl:
1 month ago

@jeroensmeets heb je wel eens van #OpenStreetMaps gehoord, Jeroen?
dat is een #OpenSource map die je privéleven NIET in kaart brengt om je advertenties voor te schotelen - misschien eens naar kijken en jezelf beschermen tegen diefstal?


1 month ago

I am trying to stay away from g**gle stuff as good as I can. #openstreetmaps is my go to for maps, or offline maps based on openstreetmaps.👍

1 month ago

***Werbung*** Am Tag 2 des #cccamp2023 zeigen wir euch im Haecksen-Village, was man mit #Geodaten #OpenStreetMaps und #QGIS cooles machen kann. Kommt vorbei!

David Nolte :Blobhaj:
1 month ago

I looove me some open street maps, but what makes me come back to proprietary apps is the lack of photos and ratings of places etc. Is there any idea/project that tries to integrate these based on the wiki/open source spirit?
#osm #openstreetmaps #organicmaps #gis

1 month ago

I'm interested in an extremely small square of land

I wish I could have a software to create the tiny ste of tiles I need that I could run locally 😐​

#OSM #OpenStreetMap

Andrew Wedlake
1 month ago

I hear that it’s Open Street Maps birthday today. I try to acknowledge it by using Organic Maps almost every day.

The more we put into it, the more we get out.


2 months ago

I am looking for a FOSS solution to create a map of my last holidays with different type of customizable markers, a route and if possible the option to highlight certain areas of the map (e.g. opacity).
Does anyone have suggestions?
Something similar to but for free and without tracking etc.

Please repost!

#osm #map #maps #journey #traveling #foss #openstreetmaps

Sami 🔻
2 months ago

Estoy empezando a añadir sitios a #OpenStreetMaps y la verdad que ha mejorado muchísimo.

Antes (hace 3 o 4 años) era un mareo añadir nuevas cosas, tanto que varias veces lo intenté infructuosamente, pero la verdad es que ahora lo acabo de intentar y ha sido super fácil.

Os invito a animaros y a añadir sitios guays que conozcáis ✌🏿

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 months ago

@Mary625 @not2b @ned @funcrunch @jenniferplusplus @Dasy2k1 @dragonfrog
What we propose, at times, can prevent access to certain websites that use services that violate people and violate antitrust.

A physical letter can work wonders. Also we have taken to suggesting that people use cheques if there bank starts to do bad things. For maps there is #OpenStreetMaps.

Being big is not necessarily the problem — being unethical, #technoFeudal fascists thatare societal cancer is the issue.

Nieuw blogpost: "Netbeheerders hebben moeite om de energietransitie bij te houden" Leestijd: 2 minuten En dat weten ze al 20 jaar dat dit eraan zat te komen! De Volkskrant bericht op 3 augustus 2023 over de opstoppingen in het Nederlandse […]

#Dodewaard #energienet #Enexis #hoogspanningsnetwerk #Liander #OpenStreetMaps #Volkskrant

Lees verder:

220kV donaumast in Friesland | Michel van Giesbergen CC BY-NC-ND
Glaskappen ingezoomd Michel van Giesbergen | CC BY-NC-ND
I Like Books
2 months ago

@oldrawgabbit people are responding that the only way to prevent this is to never use technological devices

no, an option for privacy is to just turn things off when not in use

other options are to use more private devices

"When beginning the journey of restoring digital privacy, some people get overwhelmed with all the work involved, and perhaps give up. Don’t let that be you. Understand that you don’t need to do everything right away. Instead, start small and go step by step at your own pace. With each step in the process, you get more security and control over your personal data, which is a small victory."

"In the modern age of digital data exploitation, your privacy has never been more critical, and yet many believe it is already a lost cause. It is not. Your privacy is up for grabs, and you need to care about it."

#AntiCapitalism #AntiCapitalist #Privacy #DuckDuckGo #Google @Tutanota #Firefox #Tor #DeepL #OpenStreetMaps #FDroid

NEW ROADS OPEN ROUTES FOR AUTOISTS, Oakland Tribune, November 20, 1921

The early 20th century meant the #development of #Oakland for #cars and for #HomeBuilding. The #bicycle was mostly forgotten, except as a toy or a piece of sports equipment, and #neighborhoods were laid out and #developed privately, by for-profit corporations rather than a civic body meant to benefit the citizens of Oakland. #PublicTransit was deprecated, except as a vehicle for #RealEstate sales. #AutoRow, on Broadway, and the car plants were churning out cars, and #debt to the people of Oakland, and the #newspaper was a marketing organ for these industries... This is all described really well in #MitchellSchwarzer 's book #HellaTown, which I recommend. I like old #maps, knowing how #roads came to be, and I've always been curious about the term "Little Skyline," which shows up in articles from this time. This article explains the route, and tells the story...

#georeference #OpenStreetMaps #history #Piedmont

Oakland Tribune, Oakland, California · Sunday, November 20, 1921


Georeferenced onto an OpenStreetMap map

Went to add #Montenegro bus routes on #GoogleMaps and promptly found out they don't allow regular users to add such info.

Sent an email to the Mayor offering help. But being the stubborn engineer that I am, I couldn't sit around and wait.

Remembered #OpenStreetMaps exists! And a lot of work had already been done! Furthermore, I found that the official website for the capital, in its "Map" section, uses the OSM API, not GMaps!

God I love open, community-driven projects. ❤️

Brennan Stehling
3 months ago

@dougburns Since you have already done most of the work, these features could also be great for a hiking app which also could use #OpenStreetMaps for more detailed hiking paths and points of interest. I don't golf, but I would use a hiking app on my watch.

Bud Freindrickson
3 months ago

hmm, webfinger, cardav caldav being a PITA to get all green on my #nextcloud. Once I do, I should be able to have my #nextcloud user posting on the #fediverse via the social app.

It's probably something to do with #caprover nginx, its always caprover's nginx.

the instance now has #OpenStreetMaps, #Peertube search, #mastodon search (link accounts.)

I really need to master making my own caprover installs, then I know I can make sure all the things are set up tighter than these app defaults are.

3 months ago

Suddenly feeling an urge to download the #CommonCrawl and scrape out as much JSON-LD as I can find.

Surely this has been done before.

Surely I don't have to start downloading terabytes of crawl data.

#jsonld #internetarchive #openstreetmaps

Rik @ bikescape
3 months ago

@ellie You’re doing it right. There’s just very few bike racks in #OpenStreetMaps. You can check your work by viewing it on

4 months ago

Any #OpenStreetMaps folks on here?
I'm trying to get the FULL list of country names from

♻️ boosts welcome

4 months ago

Is there any other Fediverse project that allows easy location integration with either Open Street Maps or Google Maps besides Hubzilla and Friendica?
#OpenStreetMaps #Location #Maps #OSM #Fediverse #askfedi

4 months ago

Ok, I m a y just have used up 50% of my #FairPhone 's battery charge on updating #OpenStreetMaps data via @streetcomplete on a long walk with the family.

But that was totally worth it:)

#GoogleMaps chwali sie, ze wprowadza do map funkcje zwiazane z eksplorowaniem parkow, w tym oznaczanie POI typu miejsca kampingowe czy szlaki

Mam dla Was newsa, w #OpenStreetMaps takie dane sa od dawna, a do tego Polska nie musi czekac rok, zanim szanowny Pan Google laskawie nam udostepni funkcjonalnosc 🤣

#OSM #OpenSource #mapy

Michal Bryxí 🌱
5 months ago

Is it possible to contribute to #OpenStreetMaps from the phone? I have tons of #GPX that when overlayed over current maps shows tons of inaccuracies / new paths.

The few times I am forced to use #GoogleMaps I am amazed how shitty it is.

Slow to load, a data hog, annoying automatic zoom, can't change language w/o a Google account, & (especially in #Japan) so much inaccurate information. Also noticed the search seems selective (is it because companies pay to be highlighted?)

Besides the lack of restaurants/cafes (which I'm fixing by adding spots regularly via #OSM) the app I use, #OrganicMaps is much better.

#OpenSoucce #DeGoogle #Maps #OpenStreetMaps

Future Sprog
6 months ago

Anyone using #OpenStreetMaps in Aotearoa NZ for driving directions?

I would like to speak to someone who understands routing as I have some wild thoughts. (Not actually wild.) (Very much in demand.)

6 months ago

It never ceases to amaze me how bad Google Maps is for walking/hiking, the app is so car driver focused... #OpenStreetMaps is 10 times better

"The OpenMapTiles project is a set of scripts and tools that download data from OSM and NaturalEarth, load the parts you care about into a database and generate tilesets. It also has the most bonkers Makefile I have ever seen."

Hold my beer. 🍺

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FOSS #OpenStreetMaps #OSM #OpenMapTiles

David Trueman
7 months ago

@javensbukan @CyclingGuide
The beauty is that the app is free and open source and it’s all based on #OpenStreetMaps which the community maintains. I’ll be looking for volunteers to help me make sure the #Halifax deployment is the very best it can be.

7 months ago

#FoxTrotGPS in #Debian works great for me on the #pinePhone, with a collection of wifi predown-loaded #OpenStreetMaps. I dont use tracking, so cant speak to that. My use is largely similar to yours Thanks for your review. I get voice and #SMS messages in #Dino, with an #XMPP-#telephony bridge account from Got super high quality pics from raw files when I had the patience to wait for each to rendor (GIMP converted later). @mobian

8 months ago

The volunteers mapping South Africa’s power grid using OpenStreetMaps

A man in a red jacket, holding a GPS device and a map, standing on a gravel road stretching out to the distance Slater explained in a virtual interview with TechCentral how maps have been created of just about everything that can be mapped. Even Eskom’s national electricity grid and those of other utilities around the world have […]

A man in a red jacket, holding a GPS device and a map, standing on a gravel road stretching out to the distance
9 months ago

How does it differ from #OsmAnd app?


10 months ago

@stux what if we use #OpenStreetMaps instead?

So regarding :django: #django ...
My talk at #DjangoCon US 2022 was recently uploaded!

The talk is about #AyudaPy an open source platform that helped a lot of people during the #covid #pandemic and it was made using #python #django and #openstreetmaps

Any feedback about the talk or the project is more than welcome :D

Olivia Appleton
10 months ago

It's time for a re-#introduction!

I'm a #MastersStudent in #ComputerScience. In my spare time, I develop #OpenSourceSoftware such as
- a library to talk to #ManifoldMarkets from native #Python
- a #PredictionMarket manager using the above
- a transpiler from a subset of Python to #OpenStreetMaps's OverpassQL
- bug fixes to many other projects, including #mypy, #base58, #attrs, #cpython, and more

I'm also a hobbyist editor on OpenStreetMap.

#Bi, #transfem, and happily dating my enby sweetheart

#Introduction time! 👋🏻

Born in #CountyDurham now live in #Warrington

#ChemicalEngineer ⚗️ working in #nuclear ☢️

Run #MapsForge #OpenStreetMaps map server

Drive an #EV 🚗🔌 interested in #RenewableEnergy ☀️💨🌊

#AvGeek (#aviation enthusiast) ✈️

#Capybara fan 🐹

Other niches include #roads and comms infrastructure and #TVPres (idents and suchlike) 🛣️📡📺

Watch quite a lot of sport eg #cycling #Formula1 #biathlon 🚲🏎️⛷️

Diagnosed with #autism as an adult 🧠

Practising #Catholic

Olivia Appleton
11 months ago

It's time for a re-#introduction!

I'm a #MastersStudent in #ComputerScience. In my spare time, I develop #OpenSourceSoftware such as
- a library to talk to #ManifoldMarkets from native #Python
- a #PredictionMarket manager using the above
- a transpiler from a subset of Python to #OpenStreetMaps's OverpassQL
- bug fixes to many other projects, including #mypy, #base58, #attrs, #cpython, and more

I'm also a hobbyist editor on OpenStreetMap.

#Bi, #transfem, and happily dating my enby sweetheart