17 minutes ago

We need consensus on this: The #4opens is a social retelling of #FOSS and #opensource to bring focus and power back to our community that we lost to the #dotcons for the last 20 years.

David Bisset
37 minutes ago

Rule Number One: "Own Your Own Content"

Rule Number Two: "Build products and APIs that do not rely on single commercial organizations that are not open source and you don't own and control." #Apollo #opensource #Reddit

Andrew Block
40 minutes ago

nothing like doing a mentoring and coaching session at 3:30am. Helping others knows no time zones #OpenSource #collaboration #guidence

David Bisset
45 minutes ago

Interesting. "Tremor" is an #opensource #React library to "build dashboards fast". Looks slick and neat.

ADMIN magazine
2 hours ago

Avert threats early with crowd security. @thomas Joos explains how this strategy works with the @CrowdSec cloud service #security #CrowdSec #cyberattack #data #collaboration #OpenSource #cloud #tools

Photo of a Molkky set, a lawn game that is a combination of horseshoes and bocce
2 hours ago

How to Upgrade to openSUSE Leap 15.5 from Leap 15.4

This guide shows you the step-by-step process to upgrade to openSUSE Leap 15.5 from Leap 15.4 to enjoy the latest features and improvements!

#linux #opensource #opensuse

MyST Markdown
2 hours ago

MyST Markdown now includes a tag to create pretty, easy-to-read callout boxes for proofs and theorems in scientific articles. 🔢

#OpenScience #OpenSource

2 hours ago

decided to give microos desktop a try after watching presentation by @sysrich and received first system update today

#linux #desktop #foss #opensource #os #microos #opensuse #fediverse #alttext

view of linux microos desktop showing list of apps and displaying details for firefox web browser
2 hours ago

Since many people are joining #Lemmy these days, I just created #LemmyMatrix, a tool allowing people to generate #uBlockOrigin and #uMatrix rules for Lemmy known instances.

It's available through #Codeberg #pages:

#FLOSS #FOSS #OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Libre

Code review is an important aspect of software development, especially for open-source projects. However, it can be a time-consuming and expensive process, which can discourage contributions from developers. In a recent survey, it was found that it takes more than 4 days on average to review a pull request. To address this issue, a ChatGPT-powered code reviewer... #cloud #opensource #softcorpremium

2 hours ago

If you are a hobbyist game developer who is interested in communicating with others: What platform would you prefer to gather up? There seems to be a bias towards a burning board among those who I asked till now, but thats a bit old fashioned. Lemmy could be more modern, but misses some features. I'm not convinced bout Mastodon/Matrix for such a thing, but that could be me.

#UndergroundGame #Indiedev #gaming #games #art #community #fediverse #indiegame #opensource #politics

Leaving Apple & Google

In our latest newsletter:

- discover our Roadmap for 2023
- welcome /e/OS 1.11!
- discover what’s new at

Read more about it in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇫🇷 🇪🇸 🇮🇹 at:

#mydataisMYdata #degoogled #smartphones #opensource #privacy #Sustainability @e_mydata @murena

2 hours ago

Finished my series about Underground Games. In it, I advocate for non-commercial game developers to define as a scene that is emancipated from the commercial orientated #indiegame scene - as things are, we are pitted among prototypes and (semi)professional productions; we can't find each other and can not be found.

Tuned for your thoughts and responses.

#gaming #indiedev #opensource #floss #UndergroundGame #art #fediverse #games #digitalArt #politics #freesoftware

2 hours ago

I'm a bit late on this, but the @tidelift state of #opensource maintainers report 2023 is a 💎

Great stuff 👏

Check it out here 👇

2 hours ago

der Vertrag zwischen Dataport und Bechtle zur Vertriebspartnerschaft für die "Open Source" Desktopsuite Phoenix zeigt ganz gut, wie Nachhaltigkeit und Nachnutzbarkeit von öffentlichen IT-Projekten durch einen öffentlichen IT-Dienstleister verstanden werden.

Gemeinwohlorientiert ist das nämlich nicht. #opensource #digitaleVerwaltung #OZG

CarK :python:
2 hours ago

Who wants to join me in developing a web service which uses #LLM|s and #KnowledgeGraphs to debunk #climate-related desinformation?

(I mean, if these technologies are around anyway, they can also do something useful)

#AI #GPT #MachineLearning #NLP #KnowledgeRepresentation #RDF #OpenSource

2 hours ago

calling linux experts on fediverse, which can be safely uninstalled? trying to free up additional storage space @sysrich

#linux #desktop #foss #opensource #os #gnome #microos #opensuse #fediverse

list of add ons for linux microos desktop operating system. six items total and includes: openh264 (790.0 kB), freedesktop platform (575.2 MB), two versions of gnome application platform (864.0 MB) and two versions of mesa (424.2 MB)
Nick @ The Linux Experiment
3 hours ago

#Debian 12 "Bookworm" stable will be released in a few days, and since just reviewing it "as-is" isn't super interesting, I decided to reconsider my preconceived notions about Debian as a Linux desktop.

I always felt it was outdated, and that it made it basically unsuitable for a desktop, but nowadays, that is definitely not true anymore.

So, let's look at why Debian 12 is definitely worth a try for your Linux desktop:

#Linux #OpenSource

3 hours ago
LibreOffice 7.5.4 office suite is now available for download with 83 bug fixes.
leah wasser
3 hours ago

i'm super excited to present to the #python berlin users group this morning. I will be talking about
peer review and our packaging guide! Anyone can join online via the meetup link!! #openscience #opensource

Veit Schiele
3 hours ago

Final preparations for the Meetup tonight with a talk by @leahawasser on @pyOpenSci. I would be happy to see you. Sign up: #Python #OpenSource #DataScience

3 hours ago

KDE's #sustainability initiative KDE Eco featured on the "KDE For Activists" page alongside many other excellent #FOSS projects!

KDE. Made for activists, by activists.

Made for you, by you!

KDE is developed by a community of passionate people. We develop KDE for everyone, from kids to grandparents and from professionals to hobbyists. Join us:

#KDEEco #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #FEEP #SustainableSoftware #Ecology #Activism

@kde @carlschwan

The following text is shown on a green background: "KDE Eco: KDE supports the FEEP and BE4FOSS programs to help free and open-source communities produce more environmentally friendly software. The projects provide communities with guidelines and support to optimize software to be more energy efficient and have a longer life-span. Okular Awarded Blue Angel Ecolabel In 2022, KDE's popular multi-platform PDF reader and universal document viewer Okular became the first ever Blue Angel eco-certified computer program! Blue Angel is the German version of the U.S. Energy Star label."
shrimp eating mammal 🦐
4 hours ago

I hate dev diaries #foss #opensource #dev

GaryH Tech
4 hours ago

NEW VIDEO - My New Studio is now Done... Ish!

#FreeBSD #Unix #OpenSource #GaryHTech
4 hours ago

Is your service ready to become open?

Join Radek Vokál, Roberto Carratalá, Stef Walter, Simon Steinbeiss and Tomáš Tomeček for #DevConf_CZ 2023 opening session, Friday at 9:30am to deep-dive the world of #OpenSource Services.

Register to attend:

KDE has set up a new website, "KDE for Activists" that helps people effectively organize rallies, privately communicate with fellow community members, and safely manage your own grassroots movement using Open-source tools.

#KDE #Activism #OpenSource #Privacy

Charlie North
5 hours ago

I’m interested in an #OpenSource version of #ChatGPT. I heard about a #ChatBot that was an open source project and “gamified” to help train it? Unfortunately I can’t find it. Does anyone know of such a project? Thanks.


Godot User Group Berlin
6 hours ago

Our next meetup is on Wednesday 21 June 2023 18:30 to 20:00 at @xHain_hackspace and our Discord server! 🌳

The topic is yet to be decided, but we will have fun! Afterwards we will hang out at xHain, code together and maybe get a drink at ScuBar. 🦩🍻

#Berlin #GodotEngine #OpenSource #GameDev #Meetup #Hackspace #Makespace #Godot4

Meeting area of hack+makespace xHain with tables, chairs, sofas, a lot of LED lights, some unicorn plushies, a stage with a projector screen and a computer screen. Both screens show the same image: a Windows desktop screen with the logo of the Godot User Group Berlin as background image.
6 hours ago
Thierry Carrez
6 hours ago

"To be seen in a positive light by their employer, the [corporate-employed maintainer with bad incentives] winds uphaving to do essentially anti-maintenance work: make the program 'do something new and exciting', that it didn't do yesterday." #opensource

#WEBINAR 📅 (Re)découvrez Canopsis 23.04 !

Vous souhaitez voir la 1ère solution d'#hypervision #OpenSource du marché en action ? Vous ne pouviez pas être présent au webinar du 27 avril ?

➡️ Rendez-vous jeudi 29 juin 2023 à 10h00 !

Nous vous présenterons Canopsis 23.04 et ses 6 nouvelles fonctionnalités :

📊 Widget de #métrologie
🎟️ Module de #ticketing
📥 Import de référentiels
🔗 Gestionnaire de liens

Pour en savoir plus et vous inscrire, rendez-vous ici 👇

7 hours ago

#SauvonsNextINpact parce qu'on a besoin de médias indépendants, pointus, qui ne succombent pas à l'économie de l'attention.
Si vous bossez dans le #LogicielLibre ou l'#OpenSource #NextINpact cherche des entreprises mécènes.

Avoiding vendor lock-in and increasing digital autonomy for the public sector

#EBSCODay #libraries #opensource #oss

Rob Jess
7 hours ago

Thinking today about how IKEA should make/use open hardware and open source software for their smart home electronics. It could help make electronics in the home more sustainable. Making it easier to repair them and giving them a longer lifespan.

#IKEA #OpenHardware #OpenSource

7 hours ago

For #PeerTubeCompanion development purpose, I needed to fetch all known #Piped instances available regularly.

I just published the little script I use on #Codeberg:

I serve the generated file through a web server and call the script each hour with cron.

#FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

7 hours ago

#KDE Gear 23.04.2 #OpenSource Software Suite Is Out Now to Improve Dolphin, Kdenlive, Yakuake, K3b, Konsole, Gwenview, Spectacle, and Other KDE Apps

@kde #Linux #OpenSource

Screenshot of the KDE Plasma desktop environment showing various KDE applications on top of openSUSE Tumbleweed.

Woo hoo! A new version of #Bibisco has just been released! (Version 3)

Bibisco is an amazing #OpenSource #novel #writing software (specializing in the snowflake method) and really excels at helping the author hone their #CharacterDevelopment and #WorldBuilding for their stories.

Seriously, if you write #fiction (no matter the genre) you need to check this out!

🔴 #Nextcloud #Calendar v4.4.0 est sorti !
➡️ Bouton enregistrement popup de paramètres des agendas
➡️ Prise RDV : Création salle Talk et autres améliorations UI/UX
➡️ Série d'améliorations graphiques dont 2 apportées par Arawa 😊
#LogicielsLibres #OpenSource #DigitalWorkplace

8 hours ago

Hey, did you know that #Termux, the awesome #opensource terminal emulator and #Linux environment for #Android, is actually pretty accessible for #blind users? It's definitely usable... The main quirks are:
The terminal area is just one big focusable area with all the text, so you'll probably want to set your screen reader to read line by line or paragraph by paragraph. And you'll likely need to use the clear command frequently.
The output doesn't get read aloud as it comes in, you have to manually read it.
Other than that, it works pretty well though typing commands with the on-screen keyboard can be a bit clunky. But you could easily set up SSH and connect from your computer, then use your phone as a server if the tools you need work with termux, and most mainstream packages do. I have been using it for a while so I'm happy to answer any questions

NLnet Labs
10 hours ago

@bblfish @ietf @w3c @NGIZero Well, we used to be related about 20 years ago. We independently develop #OpenSource software funded by the Internet industry:

10 hours ago

🔧 Adapting systems, fulfilling legalities, or finding the right tools – public administration OSS strategy has to take into account many aspects.

The next Open Source Observatory webinar focuses on solutions and pathways for #OpenSource in public administration. Join us and discover how collaboration between public and private sectors can foster innovation and meet local needs.

📅13 June, 13:00-15:00 CEST

Register here 👉

The visual contains the text: "Open Source Observatory Webinar, 13 June: Open source strategies: mapping the public sector's needs"
Ferdinando Simonetti
10 hours ago
11 hours ago

Thema: E-Mail

Voll ausgestatteter E-Mail-Client. Saubere intuitive Oberfläche.

K-9 Mail
Voll ausgestatteter E-Mail-Client.

#1Thema2Apps #Android #OpenSource #App #fdroid

I use :vim:
13 hours ago

What’s everyone’s favorite #OpenSource #RSS #FeedReader? I’ve used #FreshRSS for a few months but it’s too bloated and buggy in my opinion :AntennaPod: :rss: :fosstodon:

14 hours ago
17 hours ago

A list of companies that provide resources to #opensource projects.





Are there others that I missed?

For my lifestream this week (Thu 6/8/2023 8pm eastern) I'll be focusing on #Sandstorm again, this time getting into the nitty gritty of starting to execute a chill baseline of fundraising infra before putting a full campaign into motion.

Next week (Thu 6/15/2023 8pm eastern) we'll talk about #MovementTechnology. What it is, why it's important, and share our experiences working and organizing within movements.

#streaming #OpenSource #Owncast

Lyre Calliope
17 hours ago

For my lifestream this week (Thu 6/8/2023 8pm eastern) I'll be focusing on #Sandstorm again, this time getting into the nitty gritty of starting to execute a chill baseline of fundraising infra before putting a full campaign into motion.

Next week (Thu 6/15/2023 8pm eastern) we'll talk about #MovementTechnology. What it is, why it's important, and share our experiences working and organizing within movements.

Follow @streaming to get notified when I go live!

#streaming #OpenSource #Owncast

19 hours ago

Open Source Business Challenges and Reality, Rui Ueyama (creator of mold linker)


19 hours ago

First Look: #Cinnamon 5.8 Desktop Environment Released with Touchpad Gestures, Global Dark Mode, Styles, and Much More

#Linux #OpenSource #LinuxMint #ArchLinux

Screenshot of the Cinnamon 5.8 desktop environment on Arch Linux.
omg! ubuntu
22 hours ago

Intel Release New #OpenSource Monospace Font - And It Looks Pretty Awesome #intel #fonts #developer

the alphabet written in a light blue font in the stylised Intel One Mono font
Jordi Moreno
22 hours ago

Mira, avui us deixaré una llista de 4 llibreries d'icones gratuïtes, lliures i de qualitat pel que hagueu de menester:

- Tabler Icons:
- Feather Icons:
- Iconoir:
- Box Icons:

Bona nit.

#opensource #icones

Markus Eisele
1 day ago

Legends of #Linux Trivia
Red Hat is offering three nifty badges for Linux lovers and badge collectors alike. Successfully complete a single Red Hat quiz to earn the badge of your choice below.
#redhat #opensource

julia ferraioli :cc_by:
1 day ago

For anyone tuning into Upstream today, you can see my slides and notes at:

#Upstream2023 #OpenSource #FOSS #SupplyChain #SociotechnicalSystems

Andras Bacsai
1 day ago

🛠️ I've made a “magic bar” for! 🧙‍♂️

You can do anything with it: create or edit resources, jump to views, search for anything, etc.

And it is keyboard accessible! ⌨️

It helps a lot to have a clean & simple UI - do not need to add a button/view for everything.💯

#buildinpublic #opensource

Menu item in a webapp
Command palette in a webapp
Leslie Hawthorn
1 day ago

Been awhile since I had occasion to visit the @osi website and was delighted at the new look and feel. Much easier to find things, too. Kudos to @ed, the board, and the many team members who are evolving OSI's web presence and services to the #opensource community.

Terence Eden
1 day ago

🆕 blog! “Can you follow your own getting started guide?”

I was trying to install a new open source project and was having a hell of a time. Nothing seemed to be working despite me following the tutorial to the letter. I was getting the most bizarre error messages and was on the verge of quitting to become a goat farmer, when I threw one […]

👀 Read more:

#documentation #OpenSource

Binary code displayed on a screen.
Eleventy 🎈 v2.0.1
2 days ago

Sounds like @bridgetown might be switching to <is-land>!



Open Source Initiative :osi:
2 days ago

"The world of AI is at an important crossroads. There are two paths forward: one where highly regulated proprietary code, models, and datasets are going to prevail, or one where Open Source dominates." - ClearlyDefined Community Manager Nick Vidal

#OSI #DDAI #AI #OpenSource

Lenz Grimmer
2 days ago

The Sovereign Tech Fund is looking for developers who use #opensource and want to contribute back. They announced three challenges for you to work on #FOSS with up to 300k€ per project. The challenges will run up to 8 months in two 4-month rounds.

The STF is supporting the creation and improvement of developer tooling, the production security of FOSS components, and the documentation of critical open source infrastructure technologies.

Apply here before 2023-07-06:

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
2 days ago

If, like me, you like to talk about Linux over and over again, annoying your friends and family and complete strangers on the process, I’m here to give you some ammo for these unwanted conversations, with 15 facts about the history of Linux, it’s mascot, the kernel, Linus Torvalds, and more (and I promise you probably didn’t know all of them already!):

#OpenSource #Linux

2 days ago

How does the #OpenSource effect promote the cultural change within the Commission?

Our Alice Vasilescu explained it perfectly during the United Nation's 'Mind the Open Source Gap' session, in which she presented the 🇪🇺 Commission's Legislation Editing Open Software (LEOS) 👇

Clip from the presentation of Alice Vasilescu from DIGIT of the European Commission presenting the "open source effect"
julia ferraioli :cc_by:
2 days ago

Oh hey! Tomorrow I'm giving the closing keynote at Tidelift's Upstream conference.

I'll be talking about the oft ignored element in the open source software supply chain: humanity 😱

Hope to see you there!

#OpenSource #SupplyChain #FOSS #BoostsWelcome #Upstream2023
2 days ago

GNOME 44.2 Features Fixes, Fixes, and More Fixes #gnome #opensource #linux

If you do anything in #OpenSource, do you also use an open source messaging app on your phone?

I'll start. I use @signalapp

Open Future Foundation
2 days ago

🔎 As we carry on with our investigation into the status of #OpenMovement, we are sharing two more responses to our funding "Paradox of Open" essay along with our reflection on how to move forward — "Paradox of Open: Redux":

#OpenAccess #OpenEducation #OpenSource #OpenData #OpenWeb #DigitalRights #DigitalCommons #DigitalPublicSpace #OpenGLAM #Copyright

Maarten Aertsen
2 days ago

"Members of the European Parliament have kicked off the technical work on the Product Liability Directive, a legislative proposal to update Europe’s liability regime that dates back to the mid-80s [..]"

@euractiv_tech writing about #PLD negotiation in parliament, a topic I'm following due to potential impact for developers of #OpenSource software. A thread with some quotes from the article.

Foundation for Public Code
2 days ago

It's a good day to talk about the Governance Game - a hands-on approach to learning to learning how to govern public code codebases. Fun fact: our @ainali will be demonstrating
how to play at the next @OSPOAlliance On Ramp event next week. 16/10

#OpenSource #PublicCode #OSPO

Governance Game cards. One card titled: Calamity. Wild developer.  Public organization 2 went ahead and contracted a developer to add a new feature (add independent developer actor card)) without informing you. They make a pull request to add that feature to the codebase. How is that handled?

And this notice means that acceptances have gone out for submitters to the Community: Open Source in Practice track 👀

It'll take a bit for speakers to confirm, but my goodness.

We've got a great program in store for you! :blobcatnerd:

#FOSSY #OpenSource #FOSS

What an honor! I'm thrilled to share that I'm a speaker at the first ever #FOSSY by @conservancy this July in Portland.

I'll be talking about event #HealthAndSafety policies and what the pandemic can teach us about taking our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives to the next level. (Feat. the @phpledge!)

I can't wait to see the full lineup for the conference :ablobcatrave:

Learn more and get your ticket at

#OpenSource #FOSS #PHPledge #PublicHealthPledge

A screenshot reading: Congratulations, your talk titled "Conflu, con crud, and COVID-19: the time for Health and Safety policies is yesterday" in the track "Diversity Equity and Inclusion and FOSS" for FOSSY '23 has been accepted!
3 days ago

We want a fair and open system for all. We support The Linux Foundation's Open Source Software Patent Defense. Join us by submitting your own comment:

#supportfreesoftware #opensource #FOSS

Open Source Initiative :osi:
3 days ago

🤝 Advocate for Freedom: Stand for the principles of Open Source software, ensuring that technology remains accessible and unrestricted. Join us in advocating for the benefits of Open Source licensing.

#OpenSource #Collaboration #OSI

Alice I Cecile
3 days ago

Another Monday, another #bevymergetrain. Despite the maintainers' best efforts to merge things as we see them we have 9 PRs in the backlog today! Follow along to see how the #opensource #rust #gamedev sausage is made.

Simon Phipps
3 days ago

When is it OK to attack someone for using proprietary software?

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #SoftwareFreedom #FOSS #FLOSS

Schalk Neethling 🇺🇦
3 days ago

Motion Canvas, a TypeScript library for creating animated videos using the Canvas API, has been open-sourced. #OpenSource

Clayton Dewey
3 days ago

There's a monthly #CommunityTech meetup starting in the UK.

It's open to anyone and everyone interested in or working at the cross section of community building and tech work.

#PlatformCoop #NPTech #OpenSource etc

Clayton Dewey
3 days ago

A great collection of demos of different scroll-based animations

#CSS #JS #UX #WebDev #OpenSource