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#OpenVerse è un #MotoreDiRicerca multilingue per oltre 700 milioni di immagini e file audio con licenza #CreativeCommons: Con Openverse, gli utenti possono trovare, condividere, remixare e attribuire facilmente le opere con licenza CC in tutto il web. #SearchEngine @informapirata @wikimediaitalia @lealternative

Esplora più di 700 milioni di opere creative

Un'ampia libreria di foto, immagini e audio gratuiti, disponibili per un uso libero.
Tutto il contenuto di Openverse è protetto da una Licenza Creative Commons oppure è di pubblico dominio.
4 months ago

This week's HeroPress Tip of the Week is titled "The very best place to get Free Images for your website." I'll show you how to use #Openverse and how it integrates into #WordPress

Alex Enkerli
5 months ago

@LibraryBen Glad the #OpenVerse is listed along with #TroveAustralia. Plus, there's a section on #PublicDomain works.

It'd be useful if they could help clarify licensing & use issues. For instance, they mention that people can license Getty Images for research and education. Unfortunately, there's quite a bit of confusion between those "royalty-free" images, openly-licensed ones, and fair use (fair dealing).

At the risk of sounding cynical, if Ithaka wanted to sow confusion...

Paul Chambers
6 months ago

Just saw this looking through #Openverse for tonight's hashtag game. I guess that is a game hint for tonight, too.

"Introverts march in the streets" by Fibonacci Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
"Introverts march in the streets" by Fibonacci Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
Paul Chambers
6 months ago

If you haven't heard about the #OpenVerse, it has more than 700 million creative works

An extensive library of free stock photos, images, and audio, available for free use.

No log in or registration required.

It's part of the WordPress project.

Tim Nolte
6 months ago

@redcrew did the #WordPress release notes actually mention that media other than images were supported from #OpenVerse ? I'm seeing a Git commit in WordPress Core that only mentions images.

And actually, I did a search through the WP 6.2 source code and can confirm that the only API endpoint being called is for images.


Jérôme Herbinet | Open Source
6 months ago

#Openverse est un moteur de recherche open-source pour les contenus libres développés dans le cadre du projet WordPress. Il recherche des contenus sous licence Creative Commons et du domaine public à partir de dizaines de sources différentes.
#CreativeCommons #ImageBank

Paul Chambers
6 months ago

The apple of his eye doesn't fall far from the apple tree

#Trump #TrumpIndicted #StormyDaniels #IvankaTrump

🔗 Report: Ivanka Trump “Loves Her Dad” but Is Keeping “Her Distance” Because Hush Money Is Bad for Her Brand

🔗 The #MelaniaTrump and Ivanka Trump Rebrand Is Nigh

🔗 Ivanka Trump 'No Longer' Talking Dad Out of Hard Situations

📷 Public domain images via #Openverse

"Ivanka Trump - Caricature" by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
"Melania Trump - Caricature" by DonkeyHotey is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0. To view a copy of this license, visit
Nick Bohle 🇪🇺
6 months ago

@hgg Jeder hofft auf das #Fediverse, doch es nur das #Openverse. 😂

Mark Dunk
7 months ago

Openverse: An Open Source Creative Commons Search Tool • TechNotes Blog

#tcea #openverse #search #schools #education #teaching #learning #k12 #edtech

7 months ago

This just in: die #Openverse-Integration in #WordPress 6.2 wird Bilder jetzt doch in der Mediathek lokal in WordPress speichern! 🎉

7 months ago

Ich habe mal wieder was für @krautpress geschrieben. 🎉

Dieses Mal geht es um das anstehende #WordPress 6.2 und die geplante Integration der #Openverse Bilder-Datenbank.

Europäischer Datenschutz, anyone? 🇪🇺 🥲

7 months ago

#Design #Resources
Openverse · A giant collection of open-licensed stock photos, images, and audio

#UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #Content #Openverse #Photo #Image #Audio #PublicDomain #CreativeCommons

Paul Chambers
7 months ago

I've seen toot posts about Openverse so I check it out.

It's more than 600 million creative works of free stock #photos, #images, and #audio, available for free use.

All #OpenVerse content is under a #CreativeCommons license or is in the #PublicDomain.

Tim Chambers
7 months ago

@ivory @icecubesapp and other #Mastodon apps...and #Mastodev folks for the webUI:

I would love to see any/all of you add the #Openverse service from #automattic of 600 million+ copyright-free images into the clients. I could be in addition to how the Smartphone apps have integrated in animated gif services for inserting imagery into posts.

I can the "Add image" icon could show you local photos as one option but the OpenVerse UI in the other.

7 months ago

Fediverse, I present to you... The #Openverse!

Tim Chambers
8 months ago


Hmmmm. It would seem that with this robust API to 6 million searchable tagged Creative Commons open licensed images, that this sort of #Openverse integration could be integrated into #Mastodon clients and webUI too…. cc: @ivory @icecubesapp #Mastodev
8 months ago

Znáte Openverse?
Jde o bezplatnou knihovnu stovek miliónů fotografií, obrázků a zvuků.
#WordPress #openverse #opensource

9 months ago

Alguien conocía #OpenVerse?

Increíble motor de búsqueda de materiales en #CreativeCommons :ablobangel:

Carlos Solís
9 months ago
I didn't expect #Automattic, the company behind #WordPress and now #Tumblr, to help the #FreeCulture movement so much: I just found about their #Openverse website, their compilation of #CreativeCommons -licensed multimedia.
Ted Curran M. Ed. 🆒
10 months ago

@brasst I would look less at the platform it was on, and more for the specific license applied to the music you want to use. Might want to check out some #copyleft licensed music via #Openverse And/or simply play a CD and plead ignorance?

Madison :verified_trans:
10 months ago

#introduction time! I'm a #pansexual #lesbian #trans woman living with my wife in the Salish Sea area.

I help run a bunch of community tech projects with @mpuckett259 (, I'm an organizer for #PyCascades (, I'm a sponsored maintainer of the #Openverse project (, and I'm just generally a huge nerd for open source 💖

I love baking, my dog & cats, video gaymes, and being a stereotypical trans girl. 🏳️‍⚧️


C'est embêtant car le site était bien foutu, l'interface, l'ergonome et les images étaient souvent de qualité et il y avait une bonne "curation" je trouve.

Il y a toujours le bon vieux Wikimedia Commons :

Pour la recherche d'images sous licences libres il y a ce moteur de recherche : ( #Openverse )
Mais les résultats sont un peu disparates je trouve ^^

J'ai récemment trouvé celle-ci :

#OpenVerse : ce moteur de recherche vous permet d'explorer plus de 600 millions de contenus libres (images ou sons) publiés sous licence #CreativeCommons ou dans le domaine public, en provenance de nombreuses sources :
À connaître !

1 year ago

The WordPress open source project has taken over stewardship of rebranded it OpenVerse. Intriguing ...

"CC Search (with the new name Openverse) is now part of the WordPress open source project. Both Matt and I are long-time supporters of Creative Commons. I hope that this will provide a long-term, sustainable challenger to closed source photo libraries and further enhance the WordPress ecosystem."

#CC #CCSearch #WordPress #OpenVerse

Amber Group Announces Q3 2022 Launch of Openverse, the Gateway into the Metaverse

#PressRelease #ambergroup #openverse