Mary Ellen
4 days ago
Finnegan, an orange cat, doing a great big yawn
Mary Ellen
1 month ago
Finnegan, a sweet orange cat, lying on his side on a bed with a blue comforter.  His eyes are half-closed, and he is smiling and purring.
Mary Ellen
1 month ago
An orange cat named Finnegan curled up sleeping on a blue comforter. A person's finger is very gently booking his life pink nose. He is smiling.
Mary Ellen
1 month ago

These kitties are 13 years old today! The catnip pickle was a big hit. #CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon #CalicoCatsOfMastodon

An orange cat and a calico cat, both enthusiastically sniffing a catnip-stuffed toy pickle
Mary Ellen
1 month ago

Warm croissant, anyone? #CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon

An orange can named Finnegan curled up in a perfect croissant shape, with his paw over his cute little face
Mary Ellen
1 month ago
An orange cat curled into a perfect circle on a dark blue comforter
Mary Ellen
1 month ago
Finnegan, a sweet orange cat, gazes at the camera. He is lying on a bed with a blue comforter, with his front paws curled. He is purring and loves you.
Mary Ellen
1 month ago
An orange cat in full loaf position on a blue comforter on a bed. He is doing a great big yawn.

Purring so sweetly while keeping me warm and quiet #CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon

A sweet orange cat lying on his human's legs, all stretched out, with his butt to the camera
franny gaede
2 months ago

happy #caturday from lucas, who has relaxing down to an art form.

#CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon #FluffyCats #MaineCoon

a very comfortable orange, fluffy cat, sprawled on top of a green sofa

Oh, to be a little cat snoozing on a bed. #CatsOfMastodon #Caturday #OrangeCatsOfMastodon

An orange cat curled up in a ball, hugging his hind legs, sleeping soundly

Oh, Finn, buddy... I have to pee so bad. #CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon #OrangeCat #Caturday

An orange cat melted on a human's lap

Finnegan and his pile of paws #CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon

An orange cat, lying on a fuzzy blanket. His paws are adorably piled up

Finn has the right idea for dealing with the time change #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon

An orange cat, sound asleep, with one front aw wrapped around his face. His adorable pink toe beans are peeking out.

How am I ever supposed to go back to work?? I want to stay home with Finnegan forever.

#CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon #OrangeCat #PurrsDay

An orange cat named Finnegan lying on his human mom's lap. Her arm is around him.

Finnegan is ready for another strenuous afternoon of taking care of me (by napping on my lap) #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon

disastrous effect
4 months ago

you would never know he's an overly sensitive, demanding asshole while he's asleep. hmm let's not examine that description too much

#catsofmastodon #orangecatsofmastodon #orangecat

an orange male cat sleeping on a blue blanket

Perfect curl, Finn. No notes. #Caturday #OrangeCatsOfMastodon #OrangeCat

Finnegan, a soft, squishy orange cat, curled up in perfect shrimp pose on a bed. He is lying on a fuzzy beige blanket with his face tucked under his leg, happily snoozing.
5 months ago

Happy 2023, everyone. Starting the new year with my buddy on my chest. #CatsOfMastodon #orangecatsrule #orangecatsofmastodon

Closeup of orange cat lying on photographer’s chest

Look at that happy little face! #Finnegan #OrangeCat #OrangeCatsOfMastodon

An orange cat snoozer, smiling, on a couch
7 months ago

I have made a cat account for Colin so I don't spam everyone with cat content here.


Eric is too stupid to manage social media.

#CatsOfMastodon #OrangeCatsOfMastodon #catodon #Cats #Cat #catsadon #OrangeCat