crono 💀
5 days ago

Tra #OriAndTheBlindForest e #HollowKnight sto apprezzando molto di più il primo. Bene elogiare e analizzare mondi dove tutto è destinato a morire nonostante le scelte del giocatore, ma per una volta, davvero, diamo il benvenuto a storie di rigenerazione, ricostruzione, ricostruzione. Storie dove i piccoli gesti di piccole persone lasciano segni sensibili nel mondo.

Guardare le acque purificarsi e nuotare in esse senza paura, dopo aver sperimentato il loro aspetto tossico, è sublime.

crono 💀
5 days ago

Due cose:
1) ho scoperto che su Xbox Game Pass c'è Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.
2) appena potete, vi prego, giocate a #OriAndTheBlindForest. Ho gli occhi che lacrimano per quanta bellezza sprigioni.

1 month ago

An absolute treat of a piece by for my birthday, (naturally) featuring

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and pieces over today, it honestly means the world

#Furry #FurryArt #Ori #OriAndTheWillOfTheWisps #OriAndTheBlindForest

A cartoon art piece of an anthropomorphic white albino creature with black sclera and slowing white irises, four arms and hooves and gauze wraps on both left upper-arms, named Inji. The character is holding another character of the same species with a water-inspired design, named Rudi. Rudi is smiling wide and looking into Inji's eyes while placing a party hat on his head. The background scenery looks like clouds.
Philip Drobar 🎮🎬
2 months ago

"Ori and the Blind Forest" and "Ori and the Will of the Wisps" are tow of my all-time favourite video game soundtracks.

Thought I'd share a clip of this fantastic track from the first game.

#SoundTracks #OST #VinylRecords #vinyl #GarethCoker #OriAndTheBlindForest #OriAndTheWillOfTheWisps #VideoGameMusic

A video showing a vinyl record being put on a record player. The track played is from the game "Ori and the Blind Forest".
rainey 🌻
2 months ago

A testament to my low skill level: I'm playing #OriAndTheBlindForest on easy mode and I'm still getting my derrière handed to me on a silver platter. And that's before I encounter enemies!


3 months ago

29 - Más tiempo en lista de pendientes

Symbol: *Se va a mirar a Steam...*
Pues #OriAndTheBlindForest <3

Dogma: *Hace lo mismo que Symbol...*
#Arma: Cold War Assault. Lo pillé de alguna web que lo regalaba, y teniendo Saints Row 3, Portal 2, Nosgoth y Dark Souls pues mira. 🙄

Captura de Ori and the Blind Forest
Captura de Arma: Cold War Assault
3 months ago

Holi! Soy Carmen (o Menchu, como prefieras) y estudio #informatica .

Me encantan los #videojuegos como #HollowKnight , #Cuphead y #OriAndTheBlindForest aunque también me gustan otros como el Minecraft, R6, CSGO, etc.

También me gusta mucho la #literatura (actualmente estoy con empezando con #BrandonSanderson y #JoeAbercrombie ), el #ajedrez , los #juegosdemesa , el #magicthegathering y el maravilloso mundo del #rol .

En cuanto al mundo de la informática, me apasiona desde que soy muy peque y me puedo tirar horas #programando o configurando una distro de #linux .

Y creo que con esto estaría ya toda mi #presentacion / #introduction :)

3 months ago

Finally, my most detailed piece. Fanart of Ori. This painting took me almost 70 hours. #Ori #oriandtheblindforest #digitalpainting #painting #art #MastoArt #FanArt

Ori and the spirit tree light, standing in verdant forest, full of flowers and swirling colors.
3 months ago

I thought I'd post this here. Here's Inji, my own spirit character. Generously drawn by MuckieMotay, with help from my sweetheart @XaviBunn


#furry #furryart #ori #oriandthewillofthewisps #oriandtheblindforest

A white-coated bipedal character with hooves, black sclera, glowing white eyes, large canine-esque images emanating from the lower half of sides of their head and a cat-like tail. The character possesses four arms, the upper arm of the right pair of arms covered in bandaging. The top pair equipped with welding gloves, holding and looking intently at a blue and purple, smoking ore within a tool resembling tongs and pliers, tongue out. The bottom right arm holds a hammer, the bottom left arm closing a boiler. The character resides in a dimly lit room, with faint red highlights, pipes trailing in the background.
3 months ago

I thought I'd post this here. Here's Inji, my own spirit character. Generously drawn by MuckieMotay, with help from my sweetheart


#furry #furryart #ori #oriandthewillofthewisps #oriandtheblindforest

May 30, 2023 - Day 150 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 166

Game: Ori and the Blind Forest

Platform: Steam
Release Date: Apr 28, 2016
Library Date: Mar 12, 2023
Unplayed: 79d (2m18d)
Playtime: 26m

Ori and the Blind Forest is a Metroidvania platformer, and it's utterly gorgeous.

The prologue broke my heart a little bit. I don't know quite what else to say about this. The sound design is also wonderful, immediately drawing me into Ori's world.

It seems that Ori's goal is to restore life to the forest, but I haven't played enough of the game yet.

However, I wanted to keep playing, which is a significant change since the start of the year.

One of the odd things about playing so many platform games over the past few months is that, in something that has genuinely surprised me, I do seem to have improved at my platforming skills.

It's still a struggle, and I'm not going to be playing anything on hard mode (or probably even normal), but on easy mode I find that platformers go from something that just provides me with endless frustration, to a challenge that feels rewarding.

Ori and the Blind Forest is captivating, and is:

5: Excellent

#OriAndTheBlindForest #Metroidvania #Platformer #MastodonGaming #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay


#Beautiful :blobaww:

(I already knew #GarethChoker from #InmortalsFenyxRising, so #Ori is a #nobrainer ..
Great #composer

Feels weird to have a #microsoft logo in my #NintendoSwitch game tho :crazylaugh:

#NintendoSwitch #GameAlcea

Guess at that pricetag I can nolonger ignore #OriAndTheBlindForest

I might have to research #immortality after all ...

6 months ago

Episode 70 is out!

In this episode, @deKay, Kendrick and @asktoby put their lips to their microphones and aurally kiss them with such delicious topics as Starfield being exclusive, #CallofDuty on the Switch, #Counterstrike 2, the #Evercade EXP, and games like #VostokInc, #Pikmin Bloom, #LikeADragonIshin and #OriAndTheBlindForest

#videogames #podcast #waffle #ugvmpodcast

Xurxo Diz Pico
6 months ago

Pois como no #MetroidDread sigo atorado no xefe final como sabedes, e aproveitando que estaba a 5€ na eShop a pasada finde, comecei a xogar ao #OriAndTheBlindForest para explorar un chisquiño.

7 months ago

Been trying to game a bit more lately and just completed #OriAndTheBlindForest - such a cute little game, really beautiful and quite challenging!! Reminds me of SNES platformers when I was growing up. Moving straight onto its sequel #gamer #gaymer #videogames #switch

Dan Johnson
8 months ago

Other than demos, I just finished a quick replay of #OriAndTheBlindForest which still slaps (that music ♥), ducked back into #WorldOfGoo for an evening, finally got the memo on how good #Wildermyth is, and am itching for the next #NoMansSky expedition news while I make plans for a new #SeattleBuilt PC.

I still need to get back to #GodOfWarRagnarok and #MilesMorales, too.

Spoiled for choice, and personal/ & professional #GameDev work is also steaming along!

Jessica CM
8 months ago

It makes me so happy whenever someone brings up playing one of the games that I've supported as a community manager.
Age of Empires, Ori and the Blind Forest, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, and all the others will always have a special place in my heart. ❤️
#AgeofEmpires #OriAndTheBlindForest #Solitaire #CommunityManager

Dan Johnson
8 months ago

*cracks open #OriAndTheBlindForest 7 years later*

*biiiig sniff*

<8 hours later, roll credits> Yep, still good.

Tom Voorhees
8 months ago

#OriAndTheBlindForest is a fun game but you have to be really good at puzzle platformers I was playing on easy and I still had trouble check out my #Twitch stream oh and I'm a #SmallStreamer so please boost this post.

#Metroidvania #MoonStudios #SmallStreamersConnect #SmallStreamersUnite #SupportSmallStreamers

Tom Voorhees
8 months ago

Will be going live on #Twitch at 12:30 AM CST. Will be continuing my blind playthrough of #OriAndTheBlindForest a #Metroidvania game by #MoonStudios I'm a #SmallStreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.

#SmallStreamersConnect #SmallStreamersUnite #SupportSmallStreamers

Tom Voorhees
9 months ago

I may be going live on #Twitch at 12:30 AM CST the reason I say may is I am currently not feeling too well if I do go live I will be continuing my playthrough of #OriAndTheBlindForest a #Metroidvania by #MoonStudios I'm a #SmallStreamer so please boost this post and if I do go live raids are greatly appreciated.
#SmallStreamersConnect #SmallStreamersUnite #SupportSmallStreamers

Tom Voorhees
9 months ago

Will be going live on #Twitch at 12:30 AM CST. Will be starting a new #Metroidvania called #OriAndTheBlindForest by #MoonStudios I'm a #SmallStreamer so please boost this post and raids are greatly appreciated.
#SmallStreamersConnect #SmallStreamersUnite #SupportSmallStreamers

Buenas tkzoneros, hoy me gustaría hablar de una pequeña gran joya indie, el otro día me hice con la segunda parte de oferta que me hizo mucha ilusión, #OriAndTheBlindForest es una aventura de plataformas clásica, pero con un estilo visual y artístico precioso, nos hace reflexionar sobre el medio ambiente, y aunque es super friendly y bonito habrá partes dónde nos querremos tirar de los pelos, porque sí, el nivel de dificultad aumenta.

Es un juego que recomiendo 100% por la parte visual, la música es una barbaridad, y los niveles van aumentando la dificultad, da para unas cuantas horas y para hacernos pensar bastante.

Mi nota: 9/10

La segunda parte se llama por cierto #OriAndTheWillOfTheWisp aún no lo he jugado pero ya os contaré

La lechuza, uno de los principales bosses del juego Ori
Imagen de Ori
Imagen de Ori con catarata de fondo
A.E. Alexander
10 months ago
tone groan
11 months ago

Finally finished this masterpiece.
#Ori #OriAndTheBlindForest

ori and the blind forest closing image
Guruprasad :kubuntu: :arch:
2 years ago

Ever since I started playing #ImmortalsFenyxRising a month or so ago, the game's home page visuals and the theme #music have reminded me of those of the #OriAndTheBlindForest and #OriAndTheWillOfTheWisps. Today I purchased the theme music audio to use as a ringtone on my phone and that's when I found that Gareth Coker composed the music for all these games! ❤️

6 years ago

Beat ORI AND THE BLIND FOREST (definitive edition). Great platformer, all Metrovaniaheads ought to play it, but I stand by my original opinion, it doesn't have a lot of personality outside of "pretty" and "somber."
Do not play this game for Mother's Day.
#games #oriandtheblindforest #moms #owls