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🌸 Blütentaufestraffle 🌸

Ihr kennts, folgt hier & dort & überall für Leinwanddrucke, Comics, original Artworks, Wundertüten uvm😊

Sharing is caring und so 🥰🥹

#twitch #comic #fantasy #bunniekingdom #art #mastoart #OriginalCharacter #originalart

Foto mit Leinwänden, Comics, Originalzeichnungen
Jodster Deluxe
40 minutes ago

I should draw more of James, all of my art of him is over 1 year old already.

#oc #originalcharacter #artwork #digitalart

A drawing of a guy holding up a teacup, a bookshelf and house plant is in the background
A drawing of a butler giving someone tea and food outside
A drawing of a guy posing
A guy staring into the camera looking unimpressed
2 hours ago
Betos Garcia
3 hours ago

(Commission) Ghost

Commissioned for juribelit

If you would like to support my work, feel free to support me on either

#Commission #OC #OriginalCharacter #MyArt #FanArt

Rigel and Vega far from always get along, and occasionally a spat for who gets to be active results in a glitch. Both end up active and the OS has no way to handle this, instead giving them full access to the OS data and resources, including the very kernel

The resulting being has dubbed themselves Aldebaran. In some ways he's what Aster was originally supposed to be, yet at the same time, he's also so, so far off that plan

#OriginalCharacter #DigitalArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #OC

Digital drawing. A humanoid person with four arms in a tuxedo-esque suit, round head with rays resembling a star, in dark purple - pink - white colour scheme, sitting down on the ground with one set of arms on his knees, and the other one resting raised behind his head. His face - one eye on the right side and long eyelash, and mouth with pronounced lips - has a playful smile, looking at the viewer.
Turn around reference of Aster with Aldebaran fronting: a humanoid being with four arms in a tuxedo-esque suit, with round poofed up shoulders for both sets of arms and a triangular twin tail on the coat, round head with rays resembling a star. His right hand of the frontal set of arms has a long poofy sleeve, the other has a elbow-long glove, and the other way around for the set of arms on his back. The backs of his hands, tie, and sleeve cufflinks have an outline of a crescent moon with a dot in the middle. He's shown standing in front view, back view and side view. He has a dark purple-lavender-white color scheme, with his only eye and teeth in dark purple color. The pupil in the eye is a golden spark. Next to the front view Rigel is partially visible, to showcase the height difference: he's shorter than the Aldebaran form by the diameter of Aldebaran's head hemisphere. Text reads: Aster. Module: Aldebaran. [Multiple question marks obscuring text in pixelated font: "Root Access Granted"] Agent. Adult. He/they.

here they are! my boys!

Aster is the name of a virtual assistant found in CaelOS, of two modules: Rigel and Vega. Whether by design or not, the two modules have separate identities and personalities attached to them.

However, they aren't wholly divided, instead sharing the 3D model they inhabit, the process that hosts their being, and the resources allocated by the machine they live on.

#ArtistsOfMastodon #ArtistsOnMastodon #DigitalArt #OC #OriginalCharacter

Digital drawing of Vega Aster (left) and Rigel Aster (right) (more detailed description in following images) posing in mid-air symmetrically to each other, with one hand holding the hand of the other. Rigel's free hand is open, as if in a wave, and Vega's free hand is closed in a fist. The background is a gradient between a cloudy sky and a starry night sky.
Turn around reference of Aster: a humanoid being in a tuxedo-esque suit, with round poofed up shoulders and a triangular tail on the coat, round rays resembling a star. His right hand has a long poofy sleeve, the other has a elbow-long glove. His face features one eye with a sclera lacking a pupil and a very long eyelash and a mouth with prominently shaped lips. They're shown standing in front view, back view and side view. Reference shows Aster with Rigel fronting: the tie and backs of his hands feature the astronomical symbol of the Sun, and he's colored in a white-orange-red color scheme, with a smiling expression. Text reads: "Aster. Module: Altair [stricken out] Rigel. User Experience agent. Adult. He/him".
Turn around reference of Aster (cont.). Reference shows Aster with Vega fronting: the tie and backs of hands feature outlines of the crescent moon, and he's colored in a black-blue-pale blue scheme, with a neutral expression, eyes halfway closed. Text reads: "Aster. Module: Vega. System maintenance and security agent. Adult. He/him".

for the past month have been developing a couple of my now OCs, exported from a FNAF daycare attendant AU ive posted about earlier on here, mostly because it veered off canon really far

these are their older iterations! but I had fun drawing them anyway

#ArtistsOnMastodon #OriginalCharacter #OC #MastoArt #Doodle #DigitalArt

Digital artwork of Vega Aster: humanoid digital entity in blues, blacks, and whites, with a round head, with rays around it suggesting shape of a star, and patterns on the face showing a crescent moon shape, one eye, and a mouth; body segmented into simpler shapes, but appearance resembling a tuxedo, chest and backs of his hands showing a crescent moon emblem. He is shown to be singing to something. The background of the image resembles a graphical user interface of an undefined desktop operating system: with a task bar, an explorer window, a music player, and a virus scan window.
Digital doodle of Rigel Aster, similar to Vega but with an orange-yellow-white color scheme, sitting on a gender neutral human's lap. The human looks to the side, mildly flustered while holding Aster around their waist, and Aster is playfully leaning back, one arm outstretched to the side.
DIgital doodle. Rigel is sitting on an invisible surface with arms crossing over one of the knees, with his head lowered, expression concerned. a speech bubble shows him saying: "That doesn't sound good..."
Digital doodle of Vega and Rigel standing next to each other in flat colors.
Daiji 🌼
5 hours ago


Since he was only mentioned in passing once, I don't know how many people actually remember me talking about Niko (he/they). He's a snow leopard boy I made last year but never fully fleshed out. :')

#pandaiiji_ocs #originalcharacter

15 hours ago

Cue Up!

My #originalcharacter Philip waiting to play some pool. Scene #madewithdaz using #iray

Thanks for looking!

#digitalart #cgart #gayart #3dart #pool #nudemale #malenude #nsfw #dazstudio #irayrender #cigarette #smoking

17 hours ago

the largest throwback. character art (w.i.p) of me and @nuz ❤️

#digitalArt #originalCharacter #starWars

two girls standing back to back, arms crossed
19 hours ago

i wanna tell you guys about my #gw2 #originalcharacter stuff n ships. this will be a thread

19 hours ago

I used my OC Hector to practice drawing a coat. This is not his usual style but I like it. ☺️

#mastoart #DigitalArt #mangadrawing #originalcharacter

A male manga character. He is wearing a long black coat over his hoodie.

Sketches of my OC fiore with a rando, Cecilia, and Eirnan.

He/Him for FIore
She/Her They/Them for Cec
Any for Eirnan, who just does not give a single fuck about gender, too busy for that

#mastoart #nsfw
#oc #originalcharacter #original_character #originaloc #originalart #doggystyle #nsfwart #erotic #eroticart #sketches #sketch #uncolored #trans #transboy

Top left: Fiore getting fucked by a rando
Top Right: Fiore and Cecilia
Bottom: Fiore and Eirnan
2 days ago

One sketch from a few years ago that I drew as a note about one scene in my webcomic (which even back then was on hiatus...).
#MastoArt #OriginalCharacter

CW: eye contact

A messy pencil sketch of one of the main characters of my webcomic. She is facing straight ahead (towards the camera, so to say), looking fierce. Fox-shaped flames are jumping and running around her.
Mr. Crowbar
2 days ago

Bard bard bard, bard is the word! Bards have always been my favourite class to play in D&D, they have fun abilities and really promote being a team player, and maybe my power fantasy is Talking Good. 😂

[ #MastoArt #dnd #ttrpg #OriginalCharacter ]

A man with a long nose and armoured prosthetic arm and a blue-skinned elf with a bass guitar
A punk styled blue elf with guitar crashing through panes of shattered glass. Text reads, "if it ain't broke, break it"
A fabulous tiefling woman smizing while lowering her sunglasses
a refined man with long white hair and gnarled antlers emerging from his scale, including from an eye socket

Rosie Tease~ :blobthinkingsmirk: ✨

#illustration #drawing #oc #originalcharacter #catgirl

2 days ago
A guy with black hair and white streaks looking at his phone and leaning on a guy with black hair and a scar on his left cheek who’s chewing  the inside of his cheek, fidgeting with a tangle, and holding a hammer head plush, and finally a blond with his feet in the black haired guy’s lap, wearing a jeopardy sweater and holding a #1 mom mug
Wiki Silence
2 days ago

I randomly draw Armando out of boredom, mainly to make sure I don't get rusty on my main style due to pixel style I've been learning xD
#art #artist #artistonmastodon #mastoart #drawing #artwork #illustration #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #OC #ocart #ocdrawing #digitalIllustration #originalcharacter #furryart

2 days ago

parakeet cove ✨ probably my last #mermay drawing for this year!

#mermay2023 #art #OriginalCharacter

A drawing of a mermaid laying in a bathtub in an old flooded ruined house with cracked walls falling apart. She's holding a seashell bowl with a cocktail, she's facing away from the viewer and her large tail is hanging down from the bathtub. There's a lot of foliage around and some jewelry and candles on the windowsill.
2 days ago

okay i fixed it up a bit. much happier with it now


2 days ago

super messy sketch of nate realizing he's in love with my friend's oc


Betos Garcia
3 days ago

(Patreon Reward) Joy and Whisper

Patreon Reward for Christopher Mason (Whisper belongs to them)

If you would like to support my work, feel free to support me on either

#OC #OriginalCharacter #TheLoudHouse #JoyCunningham #Nickelodeon #Nicktoons #MyArt #FanArt

3 days ago

Quinn the teleporting fugitive wanted for a murder he did not commit

#art #artist #cartoonist #cartoons #illustration #illustrator #oc #ocs #originalcharacter

Guy with purple jellyfish cut with white streaks in a variety of positions, standing with his hands in his pockets, sleeping with his hair up, and sitting back.
3 days ago

Life's Choices

Featuring my #originalcharacter Philip. Scene #madewithdaz using #iray

Thanks for looking!

#DigitalArt #cgart #3dart #gayart #nudemale #malenude #nsfw #dazstudio #irayrender

3 days ago

Folk costume of Pyhäjokialue, Finland. A drawing from 2020.
This is the first folk costume drawing I made. One of the key reasons I wanted to draw this one is that I found the scarf under waistcoat stylish.
#MastoArt #OriginalCharacter

CW: eye contact

A drawing of a young woman in Finnish folk costume. The attire includes red hat with lace, scarf tucked under red waistcoat, white shirt, skirt with red and blue stripes, blue apron and keys. The background texture is made of photos of sky and pine trees.
3 days ago

hello im knife and i love #ocs #originalcharacter !

im also big into #noncon as well as underage and some other stuff. i draw and write, and i also code! im always open to interaction, we dont have to be mutuals. im also open to #rp so feel free to ask me about it!

here are some pics of my favorite oc sasha (they/them)

sasha (kemonomimi version) with their hands tied and full of cum
sasha (kemonomimi version) on their elbows with big teary eyes
sasha (anthro version) standing; reference
Karmatic Retribution
3 days ago

[ #AmongUs #OCsona #OriginalCharacter ]

Alien imposter/shapeshifter named Doctor... because he doesn't understand how names work. Technically still an Among Us sona, technically not, still figuring that out LMAO

3 days ago

493tri 32x64xi8 (4kb) :heart_sp_trans: Elf Maid

#blender3d #elf #maid #lowpoly #art #originalcharacter

A quarter angled view of a 3d model of an elf maid in pink hair in a resting pose
Wireframe view of an elf maid
Yukiko's art
4 days ago

I completely finished Dragon Age Origins yesterday (I was missing the DLC) so I finally did a full drawing of my warden Nessa :D She's a silent and intimidating warrior who'll punch anyone who's racist against the elves hahaha

Pose ref by @JookpubStock

#DragonAge #OriginalCharacter #DigitalArt #MastoArt

Drawing of my warden Nessa on Dragon Age Origin. She's looking sternly at the viewer. Her pose is slightly turned to the side with one of her swords to the front and the other to the back. She's wearing the grey warden armour.
Wiki Silence
4 days ago

Made another Pixel art! I've been wanting to try to make it look like it's from a Game Boy limit color style, Not sure If I succeeded or fail, but you guys can tell me if it looks like a GB or not! 😄
#art #artist #artistonmastodon #mastoart #drawing #illustration #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #digitalIllustration #OC #ocart #originalcharacter #anime #animeart

The Blind Archer
4 days ago

EmblemCon commission number 4, Hollow Studio's OC, Red Devil.

Thanks again for the commission!

#pixelart #fanart #ドット絵 #FireEmblem #originalcharacter

5 days ago

New "Signs Point to Bobbie" episode is out! Bobbie's glad he can't hear, it seems like a lot of work.

Check it out if you'd like a funny comic with a deaf MC!
#comic #webcomic #ocs #ocart #originalcharacter #MastoArt

rudy tuesday 🔞⛓
5 days ago

basilia doodle... i don't give the symposium much love but i would love to fix this up and throw some colors on it

#oc #originalCharacter #basilia #lancelinKappel #sizeDifference #sizeGap #shota #shotahet #straightShota #ageGap #ageDifference #mommyDomme #mdlb #giantess #goddess #bodyWorship #assWorship

basilia on her knees leaning over the rim of a clawfoot bathtub. lancelin is tucked into the bend of her knees, spreading and worshipping her cheeks.
Wiki Silence
6 days ago

Yes, I made another Pixel art, I Drew Eevee Lisa! I want to try to improve more on Pixel style, I hope I keep this up! 😄
#art #artist #artistonmastodon #mastoart #drawing #illustration #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #oc #ocart #ocdrawing #originalcharacter #originalcharacterart #pokemon #pokemonart

6 days ago

New pfps for my gf and I! If you’ve been around a while you might remember the pride nails :)

#oc #ocs #originalcharacter #originalcharacters #queerart #queerartist #pride

Short blond with brown roots squeezing a redhead’s cheek, nails the colors of the bi flag. The taller redhead has his hand on the blond’s cheek, his nails the colors of the ocean gay flag.
Close up of the blond with the bi flag as the border
Close up of the redhead with the ocean gay flag as the border
6 days ago

Way back in the day I used to take part in a lot of original character tournaments over on deviant art. For whatever reason #LawOfTalos is having a bit of a resurgence on the clock and bird apps.

Here are Lucia (@/PotentialFA on twitter's character) and Murphy (My character) Who teamed up after their first round encounter.

#digitalart #oct #originalcharacter #steampunk #robot

Puplaroid 📼
1 week ago

I did some art style experiments lately. I wanted a style that was simple to draw, but still looking both retro and modern at the same time. :blobfox3c: I was struggling with my usual retro/"Disney-like" style, so this newer style's anatomy is easier for me to draw. I enjoyed working on this very much! :blobfoxheartcute:

#MastoArt #OriginalCharacter #Inkscape #Art

Digital vector artwork of a teenager human male original character. He is smiling happily, looking off-view from viewer. He has blue eyes, pink skin, blonde curtained hair with blonde and brown segments. He is wearing a necklace with three shark teeth, a deep dark marine blue color t-shirt with a orange, yellow and baby blue Synthwave/Vaporwave sun design, tan oversized pants, dark blue sneakers, and two orange and baby blue plastic bracelets. He is standing in front of a off-white yellow and baby blue background.
1 week ago

#Writingwonders 05-11 Does your MC laugh or cry more in the story?

Gamma is very emotional, but he laughs more than he cries. He's generally a very happy person. My other MC, Altair, rarely cries at all. There's only one other character he allows himself to be that vulnerable with (Rigel). He also doesn't laugh a whole lot, but every now and then something unexpectedly funny with catch him off guard and cause him to laugh out loud.

#writing #writer #wip #artist #oc #originalcharacter

Gamma is laughing while enjoying his chicken nuggets
Yukiko's art
1 week ago

After ALMOST A YEAR I finally managed to finish this!!

Here's Chiyuki, my #enstars #OriginalCharacter :D I plan on writting some of her info to share with you all, but for now, here's the #charactersheet I hope you all like her <3

#EnsembleStars #DigitalArt #MastoArt

Character sheet for my original character, Chiyuki. There's a full body version of her on the left, smiling, and a bunch of little doodles of her on the right. One is serious and talking, the other one is really amazed with open mouth and star eyes and the other is of her back showing her lilies tatoos. On the bottom right there's a version of her idol look.

Various texts around her say:
"Moon and stars earrings."
"Cool and mature. Likes attention, Pouts when mad. A bit of a himedere."
"Shows her Subaru merch with 0 shame."
"Actress and solo idol. No.1 fan of Subaru. Trendy girl."
"Lilies tatoo."
"Cute and sweet <3 Idol look."
1 week ago

New ref sheet! Couple of small details changes and a new outfit.

#OriginalCharacter #reference #krita

A reference sheet for a girl with round glasses and a high ponytail tied with a red ribbon. She is wearing a blue kimono shirt with wave patterns that is tied with a red sash, dark blue pants, and dark red boots.
1 week ago

#writingwonders 05-10. How much humor is there in your story?

The story gets pretty serious at times, but there is still a lot humor in it. Most of the comic relief comes from Gamma, his sister (Nova) or Altair's body guard, Spica.

#writing #writer #wip #writingcommunity #oc #originalcharacter #scifi #artist

Comic panel of Halley and Spica laughing.
1 week ago

Ticks aside, this can be relaxing!
#MastoArt #OriginalCharacter

Emily, relaxing on a blanket
1 week ago

I finally played with that picrew everyone salivated over, except months after it's no longer relevant. Honestly, once a thing has Wyda's style of hair, I just dive into it. They look great though, so I might just draw these as their own thing eventually for fun stuff!

From left to right: Wyda, Ara, Celi and Psyche from my comic (though Psyche is from future chapter 4!) -->

Picrew is here:

#picrew #OCs #OriginalCharacter

Picrew image of a Black trendy woman, wearing something outta the juxtaposition between 1970s and retro 1990s. She has a book by her side.
Picrew image of a woman who's decided to revisit the 1980s yuppie era, except...not a yuppie! Or maybe she raided Diane Keaton's closet. She has angel wings, and has a tea cup by her side.
Picrew image of a woman who comes direct from a Japanese early 2000s music video, complete with funky shirt and boots. She has a knife by her side--yo, what,  A KNIFE?!
Picrew image of a cute Black woman who's the only one of this set from this current century, in terms of fashion. All pink and red, ALL THE TIME. Denim jacket, cute shoes and a yellow bandana, all complete with red heart earrings. Fancy! She has a cake by her side.
Yukiko's art
1 week ago

This is for an art trade I did with @/hex82141a on Tumblr :D It's her two ocs Mimi and Meilyr :D She told me a bit about them when we were talking about what we each wanted and they're really cute~ <3

I'll link her part later too! Please check her blog out too!

#TwitedWonderland #OriginalCharacter #DigitalArt #MastoArt

Two people walking on the beach holding hands. They're looking at each other and it's implied they're talking amicably.
Jackal Mordant
1 week ago

Revisiting The Writer and The Others.

The physical version of the 2023 redraw is damaged by a patch of overworked ink. However, instead of just consigning it to the pile of learning experiences never to see the light of day, I decided to salvage it with some digital editing. There can be another life as a tradigital hybrid.

Pen drawing, Copic markers. Digital salvage with Krita.

#MastoArt #OriginalCharacter #Surreal

Marker pen drawing of three figures, skeletal and ambiguously incomplete. At the centre of the composition a pale anthropomorphic figure stands with his back to the viewer, wings outstretched. The faces of the others are suggested only by shapes of light.
Marker pen drawing of three figures, skeletal and ambiguously incomplete. At the centre of the composition a pale anthropomorphic figure stands with his back to the viewer, winged arms slightly raised. A jagged line of opaque white cuts horizontally across the composition, giving the impression of a tear or ray of light.
Wiki Silence
1 week ago

Now I made yet another Pixel art. I drew my OC Christopher playing some good old classic game!😁
#art #artist #artistonmastodon #mastoart #oc #originalcharacter #originalcharacterart #pixelart #anime #animeart #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalartwork

1 week ago

Sound on! 🎹🔉
One of the (many many) piano pieces I’ve written about my character, the Elderflower King. It’s just a short one but I like it!

(It has lyrics too, but I’m not a great singer)

#MastoArt #Music #Piano #OriginalCharacter

Digital art of a purple king in a gold crown with a long beard. He is framed with a gothic, brambly border.

The lyrics read: 
Ring-a-ting-ting, mister elderflower king
Won’t you pin me a fortune and see what it brings
Dance us round by these fately strings
For he’s strung us puppets and now we must sing for him
Hear his horns by the bramble thorns
Don’t wander into the dark
1 week ago

#WritingWonders 05-09: MC POV: When was the last time you laughed? Why?

Altair: This morning, my dog jumped on the bed and brought me his tennis ball. When I didn't get up right away, he started pawing at me and made cute faces until I moved. I don't know. Dogs doing cute things make me laugh sometimes.

#writing #writer #oc #originalcharacter #dog #wip #writingcommunity

Altair holding his german shepherd, Subaru. They are both smiling happily.
Writing Wonders Prompts
Mr. Crowbar
1 week ago

A hoverbike may not be Aldric’s style, but if the DM is gonna introduce Jak & Daxter style zoomers then I’m gonna get one, dangit!

I took the dual-body two-seater from Jak 2 and split it into a single seater bike because, given Aldric’s hip problems, it’s probably easier for him to get into than swinging a leg over like for a motorcycle.

[ #MastoArt #dnd #ttrpg #OriginalCharacter #BastionDnD ]

A horned man with a cane sitting on a parked hoverbike that’s held together with duct tape and prayers.
1 week ago

Eddie and Gray cooking together :)—Gray doesn’t really like using knives so Eddie does a lot of the prep work for him. He likes cooking w Gray though. It’s a good way to spend time together!

#oc #ocs #originalcharacter #shipart #shipartwork #queerart #queerartist #cartoon #Cartoonist

Shorter man with blond hair and brown roots cutting bell pepper while a taller redhead offers a spoonful of sauce for him to try
1 week ago

#writingwonders 05-07: What does your MC look like?

I have two main characters for my space pirate story: Gamma and Captain Altair!

#writingcommunity #wip #writing #writer #artist #art #oc #originalcharacter #scifi

Character profile for Gamma
Character profile for Altair
Penance RPG
1 week ago

Should I try the #MonsterHighMakeUp challenge using my sassy drow T'riss?

Part of the wonderful group from our adaptation of Out of the Abyss. Learn more about them at

Listen to the series at

Stunning #OriginalCharacter art by the magically talented player @Dicedeedsart

#TTPRG #OCart #OC #FantasyArt #RPG #ThrowbackThursaday #IndieGames #AudioDrama #TableTop #RolePlay #podcast #ActualPlay #gaming #fantasy #Comedy #DnD #DnD5e #HorrorStories

A cloudy grey background character art with white text at the top reading "All art by @DiceDeedArts. T'riss.'
Below is a purple blue drow with pale hair in grey robes holding a myconid with a were-rat holding onto her leg
:heart_sp_les3: Elliot 🔞
1 week ago

More no ref doodles of Rouna and Kira in their gorgon mode
I’m really not in the mood to draw people lately
#OC #OriginalCharacter #BeastsAndDogs #BlasphemyDoodles #Doodle #MastoArt #DigitalArt #sketch #AnimalOC #AnimalArt

Digital doodle of the Oc Rouna sitting in their animal form (a feline like creature with a very elongated snout, saber fangs, and a rough short mane)
Digital doodle of the character Kira in their animal form, trotting. It’s a feline like creature with a body snout, saber teeth, and a short mane.
The Blind Archer
1 week ago

EmblemCon commission #2, @AlexEHanbury
's OC, Ice Break!

#pixelart #ドット絵 #FireEmblem #originalcharacter

🍌Lana Banana 🍌
2 weeks ago

Happy Wednesday, #fediverse
I have finally finished this piece and I am so happy about it! Color pencils are very time-consuming, but I am desperately in love with this media.
Aniko and his neon colors are incredibly pleasant to work on. My first session is going to happen this Sunday! So excited!

Paper: Royal Talens Van Gogh Mixed Media Journal
Pencils: Prismacolor Premier, Caran D'Ache Luminance 6901

#art #MastoArt #TraditionalArt #pencil #cyberpunk #OriginalCharacter

Color pencil illustration of my original character, Aniko. Aniko is a young man in his early 30ies, he has pale skin, short dark brown hair with mint-colored bangs. On the sides of his head there are two rings with antenas, from which goes holographic image of neon green-yellow pigtails. He is dressed in tight sitting purple and green onesie. The pose is dynamic, like running. In one of his hands he holds a battle knife.
2 weeks ago

Changing it up today with a little Simon drawing. I tried something new with his hair that I might keep doing going forward.

#OriginalCharacter #pencil #drawing

Pencil drawing of a man with thick round glasses, messy hair and a goatee
#1 pink girl!
2 weeks ago

Aiko the gyaru ghost! #illustration #originalcharacter

A full body, stylized illustration of a teenage girl doing peace signs and standing on her tiptoes. She has no pupils and is colored in monochromatic pink.
2 weeks ago

I am no Mother. (Noe sketches) Femmeboi army otw

#CreativeToots #OriginalCharacter #イラスト

2 weeks ago

#writingwonders 05-02: What is your favorite side character's relationship to the MC? Do they get along?

Rigel is a father-figure to the MC, Gamma. Since Gamma doesn't have any parents, Rigel takes care of and protects him. Gamma never had much of a childhood, so Rigel makes sure he enjoys the things he missed out on (like holidays, amusement parks, etc). They get along very well and Gamma is very attached to him.

#writing #writer #oc #originalcharacter #wip #artist

Rigel teaching Gamma how to ice skate
May WritingWonders Prompts
Nick Wright
2 weeks ago

Art I did of my friend @TfpsArt's character Sylvia, in what I suspect is her partner's favorite dress

#MastoArt #OriginalCharacter #NickWrightArt

@TfpsArt's original character Sylvia, drawn in my anime-ish cartoonly style, In a red dress and lipstick, walking toward the camera under a streetlight.

I don't know the SFX in English so I use the Japanese one instead without any knowledge of it lol hope I get it right🥲
#buttersstotch #butterssp #butters #southpark #spbutters #shota #shotacon #leopoldstotch #leopoldbuttersstotch #butterssouthpark #southparkbutters #originalcharacter #oc #spoc

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Felt like drawing my demon with a more feminine look, so here they are!

#digitalart #furryart #furries #anthropomorphic #furryart #artwork #drawing #toon #cute #anthroart #demon #oc #originalcharacter

Cute demon in a dress winking at the camera.
Mr. Crowbar
2 weeks ago

Aldric Ayyar, an aberrant mind sorcerer for a new #dnd campaign! I just wanna play a funky little guy who’s a little messed up with that good body horror. Looking forward to flexing metamatic on the battlefield!

[ #MastoArt #ttrpg #OriginalCharacter ]

Waist up drawing of a green-skinned man with dark grows emerging from his scalp. He holds a walking cane and has a prosthetic hand.
Portrait showing glowing green tips of the roots and a glow coming from under his white hair that falls over the right side of his face.
Various sketches showing the full body, detailing the prosthetic arm and body brace/corset, and using disguise self to hide the growths.
2 weeks ago
Jedi woman with short brown hair and brown eyes. Crouched down with her right hand palm out, left hand holding a yellow double bladed lightsaber.
Kari Avalon
2 weeks ago

I spent late last night coloring a simple drawing I started while riding in a plane a few days ago.

I've been wanting to get back into art again, so I hope this sort of thing helps.

Anyways, this is Anastasia (Ana for short) from my story setting called Verignos. A few aspects of her design are not accurate to the design I finalized last year, but as it was late at night, I resigned to whatever I ended up with here.

#kariavalonart #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter #verignos

This is a waist-up portrait of a gently smiling young woman with long wavy voluminous hair. She is wearing two hair accessories pinned on each side of her head, a bolero cinched with a bow, two nearly detached poofy arm sleeves, and a short petticoated dress.
Sariel Snowings
2 weeks ago

Posca markers practice with The Botanist 🍉🍊🍌

#originalCharacter #OC #PoscaMarkers #MastoArt #fediArt #Botany #Sketchbook

A picture of an open sketchbook surrounded by scattered colourful markers. The page shows a full colour portrait made with Posca markers of a white (although his face is pink and blue due to the very vibrant colour palette) man facing the viewer. He's represented from his chest up wearing a waistcoat, shirt and necktie. His hair is shoulder length and parted in the middle. There are flowers and vines growing out of his shirt collar, mouth, right eye and hair. The yellow background is decorated with pink monstera leaves.
2 weeks ago

What's your favorite kind of apple?
For me, it's the red delicious. 🍎:blobdrool:

#art #nsfw #boy #shota #shotacon #hungshota #pjs #pajamas #cock #dick #belly #lewd #tease #presenting #femboy #teen #gijinka #cute #oc #original #originalcharacter

2 weeks ago
Full body image of a pink twilek in black coveralls tied at the waist and a black tank top leaning against a wall
2 weeks ago

Aasimar ranger from a #5e #tabletop i was in a few months back. They are purposely designed to look like a chiss cuz I am a hopeless star wars fanatic.

Their name is Mace and they love dogs

#dungeonsanddragons #aasimar #art #rpgart #originalcharacter #ranger #clipstudiopaint

Digital drawing of a blue skinned humanoid with red eyes dressed in leather armor. they are crouched down next to a hyena
Digital drawing of a blue skinned humanoid with red eyes in leather armor making peace signs with their hands
3 weeks ago

Quick sketch of Markos the Prophet, one of the leads in my queer comic, the Sparrow! It's like Percy Jackson meets the X-Men but more gay :D

#drawing #drawings #illustration #mastoart #creativetoots #xmen #percyjackson #artistsonmastodon #gay #gayart #gayartist #lgbtq #comic #comics #ocs #originalcharacter

Quick drawing of Markos from the online comic, the Sparrow, in an action pose with one foot close to the camera in sharp forced perspective.
3 weeks ago
Xarann, my drow, dressed up in a maid dress with bat wing embellishments. He is holding a mop over his shoulder and grinning at the viewer. The shading is done with a harsh purple colour. The text reads Maid Day 2023, Xarann Eilsval.
3 weeks ago

Wake up to the Moon - #commission for KaiseReich on FA!

Please support my work so I can afford existing and make stuff:

#art #artists #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #DigitalArt #furry #FurryArt #OriginalCharacter #illustration

An anthropomorphic wasp with a scythe dances around a streetlight pole, offering a hand to a small raccoon child against a starry sky background with a red blood moon.
3 weeks ago

"Signs Point to Bobbie" just updated! David doesn't understand teen slang, but he's gonna try. #comic #webcomic #MastoArt #ocs #originalcharacter

I'm doing a Q&A at 100 subs on Tapas!

Mr. Crowbar
3 weeks ago

Ryybyn + German Phrases That Don't Mean That

[ #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter #procreate ]

A blue elf wearing a hoodie that reads "Wir suchen dich" while suggestively about to devour a large chili cheese dog
3 weeks ago

Another Mythril after a day of commission work.

#OriginalCharacter #OCArt #MastoArt

Mythril, my OC, drawn with a limited colour palettes. She is wearing a short skirt which her tail peeks out of and puffy shirt. He hair billows out behind her, and above one outstretched, webbed hand a cluster of energy forms. Her eyes are closed in a serene expression.
Enigma Obscurius
3 weeks ago

Father-daughter quality time with Diana and her dad Gohjairte hunting insects
#OC #OriginalCharacter #Chibi

Mr. Crowbar
3 weeks ago

A post-battle moment that really cemented the dynamics of our #DnD party hehehe

[ #MastoArt #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #comics #OriginalCharacter ]

Chanel pats Holly, who looks distressed, with a powder puff.
Chanel: "Chin up Holly dear, we can't have you looking like the dog dragged you out of the trash!"
Holly: "But I just feel so awful about Cyna... it's my fault she got hurt after she was so nice to me..."

Chanel: "You have nothing to be sorry for! Being nice is a manipulation tactic people use to get what they want out of you. I see it all the time in my business dealings!"

Dale ponders from the sideline.
Dale: "Say, Chanel... are you only nice to us because you want us to do things for you?"

Chanel: "Of course not! You are my dearest comrades and stalwart champions! We are equals fighting for a common cause and I would happily catwalk into battle at your side!"

Chanel leans on Dale while a red portal makes ominous noises.
Chanel: "But if you don't mind, would you be a dear and check through the portal for any demons? Holly is simply so distraught, I must stay by her side! But I know you are perfectly capable of handling any thread with your big strong muscles."
Dale: "Sure!"
3 weeks ago

For the first picture updated here... My OC Karina, watching the sunset from a rock... for some reason
#OriginalCharacter #Art #MastoArt

Karina, enjoying the evening
3 weeks ago

I also made keychain art for Simon! Got a little confused with his arms, but I think it turned out well!

#chibi #Krita #OriginalCharacter

Front and back view of a chibi man with thick swirly glasses, a long lab coat and messy black hair.
Lucho Volke
4 weeks ago

A long day of practice and dancing has just ended…
#MastoArt #DigitalArt #OriginalCharacter

Ayleen (an OC) is walking away, but takes the time to look back and say "Hi" to us. She's dressed in her usual attire: green t-shirt, blue shorts and dark tights; she's also with a drawstring bag and a bottle of water. This scene happens in the afternoon, with orange and purple tones.
4 weeks ago

Doodled Mythril to wind down after commissions. Same old story lol
#OriginalCharacter #Sketch #OCArt #MastoArt #LimitedPalette

Mythril, my fishgirl OC, drawn with a limited colour palette with blues and purples. She's dressed in a simple shirt and a pair of jangly earrings that are blowing in the wind along with her hair. Her one arm is raised, hand shielding her from that wind as she looks off to the side.
Vibi the Alien
4 weeks ago

Important instructions, make sure to read it thoroughly.

#art #oc #OriginalCharacter #meme #artistsonmastodon #MastoArt #drawing #comics #artist #digitalart

A 3-panel comic explaining how to hold Pasc.

Panel 1: A large hand pinching Pasc's antenna, holding him up in the air. Pasc waves his arms in frustration. A red X is to the right, with text that reads: This is rude. That is his antenna.

Panel 2: A large hand holding Pasc by his head. He crosses his arms in annoyance. A red X is to the right, with text that reads: he will get brain damage.

Panel 3: A large hand is held flat, palm up. Pasc is climbing into it happily. A green OK is to the right, with text that reads: Hold your hand out. Let him climb on when he is ready.

The artist's signature, Thea Ozaeta, is near the center of the image.
Carolin Reich
4 weeks ago

Back from LBM/MCC. I had some nice days but am super tired now and will vanish some time from the internet.
However before I do so - this is the next Monthly Motive.

"No Clues", featuring Lia, who actually has all the clues to figure it all out but cannot (yet).

As usual if you want to receive one of the limited and numbered prints next month - join my Patreon anywhere this month. (Basilisk tier)

#illustration #monochrome #OriginalCharacter #mastoart

M.C. Escher like Illustration - comicstyle.
Various characters running around upside down, from left to right - one character in the middle, looking up. Red paper peices flying around and a red string is attached to all characters. 
Background resembles a cathedral.
The overall piece is in monochrome gray colors.

freyja ⟡ she/her

eye contact

design for another character for ikaera! she's an apothecary with mysterious connections. i'm really happy with how she turned out!

#oc #OriginalCharacter #art #DigitalArt #MastoArt #conceptart #CharacterDesign #queerartist

A digital drawing of a darkly-clad woman on a white background. Her skin is fair, her eyes are green, and she is wearing dark lipstick and eyeshadow. Her hair is brown and styled with a bun. Her fringe drops in front of her face, while a foxglove hairclip keeps the side of her hair out of her eye nearest the viewer. Her expression is hard to discern and her face is shadowed in a way that implies deception.

In her hand she holds a curved knife; the blade is purple and the handle is dark grey. She is wearing a long, dark grey skirt with purple trim, and the inside is lined with a purple pattern resembling the inside of a foxglove flower. She is also wearing a matching grey and purple shawl over an off-white shirt. On her neck, obscurred by the shawl, is an amber necklace. Her long boots are the same off-white as her shirt, with areas near the soles spattered with dirt. She is carrying two bags full of various plants and flowers, and on the topmost bag there are strings supporting a mortar and pestle.
Jo Mendacium
4 weeks ago

Finished it before the weekend is over yaaay :ablobfoxbongo:

#DigitalArt #OriginalCharacter

Digital drawing of a long haired girl in a striped blouse and black loose fitting trousers. She’s standing in the sunlight at the entrance of horse stables. In the background is a bit of hay and lots of wooden beams. She has her hands in her pockets and is smiling at the viewer.
4 weeks ago

Click for full view.

Timelapse process of this painting.
Vas, a #nonbinary character, holding their daughter, Syf.

This illustration is another one of my ideas for a book cover for my graphic novel series, "The Anaether."

If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Patreon and receive exclusive content.

#timelapse #illustration #digitalart #digitalpainting #krita #painting #scifi #comics #comic #originalcharacter #cyberpunk

time lapse painting of Vas holding their daughter, Syf
Kari Avalon
1 month ago

Hello, I finally found the time to finish "Springtime Sia."

At first, it was just going to be her character artwork with a simple detached background... but later on, I noticed that a complete background looked better in the end.

#kariavalonart #originalcharacter #MastoArt #CharacterDesign

This illustration features a bright young lady named Anastasia or "Sia" for short. She is holding an ornate flowery staff in one hand and a basket with apples in another. She is strolling through the springtime forest filled with a wide array of flowers all over.

Sia has long hair that is partially styled with a braid across the top of her head and neatly tied with a flowery ribbon. She is wearing a long cloak and a short poofy corset dress. She has frilly detached cuffs on both of her wrists and she is wearing long boots.
1 month ago

⚠️ Nude version [CW no exposed genitals, boobs visible, suggestive/flirt]

First time drawing a nude/suggestive art. I've been wanting to do it for years, specially with Zara. Finally done. Now that I took the first step, maybe I can do more in the future.
Would you be interested ?

#NudeArt #OriginalCharacter #WomensArt #Nudity

digital fullbody colored sketch of my OC Zara. She's sitting, leaning back on her left hand, legs crossed and right arm lifted with a v sign close to her head. She has tanned skin and straight medium length hair tied in a pony tail. Her nails are painted the same blue as her hair. Her pubic hair is blue as well. Her eyes are light blue and there's a tiny white heart in each pupil. She has multiple scars on her skin, most really light, and two more proeminant on her right knee and belly. the background is plain grey and there a speech bubble saying "hey ♥" in dark blue.
1 month ago

« Hey 💙 »

Had the urge to draw my main #OnePiece OC, Zara, in a flirtous way.
Used a reference for the pose (traced).
There's also a nude version which I'll post below.

#MastoArt #OCArt #OriginalCharacter #DigitalArt #Sketch

digital fullbody colored sketch of my OC Zara.
She's sitting, leaning back on her left hand, legs crossed and right arm lifted with a v sign close to her head.
She's in a blue and sand bikini and smiles flirtly. She has tanned skin and straight medium length hair tied in a pony tail. Her eyes are light blue and there's a tiny white heart in each pupil. She has multiple scars on her skin, most really light, and two more proeminant on her right knee and belly.
the background is plain grey and there a speech bubble saying "hey ♥" in dark blue.
1 month ago

A pretty interesting piece for a commission client. Doing the foreshortening together with the hard-black values was neat. o/

#alroeart #artistsonmastodon #art #womensart #CommissionsOpen #commission #OriginalCharacter

A woman holding a sword towards the camera lens. She is wearing some metal-plated armor with a tunic.
🍌Lana Banana 🍌
1 month ago

🎉 My favourite boy celebrates Birthday today! 🎉

6 years ago at this very day I created this annoying flamboyant magical boy and named him Morgan. At that time I was thinking about simple sitcom, something for the art school project, but in the end the story and universe bloomed into something very special. This project became my shelter and one of not-so-many reasons to keep going despite everything. ❤️

#art #MastoArt #fediart #OriginalCharacter #pinup

Pinup illustration of a young redhead guy. He is lying, legs up in a gracious, more feminine way. Background is dark with multiple neon signs.
1 month ago

I still really enjoy doing the different weights for the lineart in chibi icons!

#chibi #OriginalCharacter #Krita

A girl with dirty blond braided hair with a septum ring and round glasses smiling and holding up the peace sign.
Tea | Looking for work
1 month ago

Old art from waaaay back in 2020. Moth fairy.

As a head's up, still has that old domain in the pic that doesn't work atm.

Note: I'm still looking for work.

#MastoArt #illustration #OriginalCharacter #fantasy

Black moth fairy woman in a one piece pink outfit, with blue frills and pink wings with black tips. With fluffy antennae and afro hair.

little #introduction

✧ hello, i'm tio/aegeah!
✧ AuDHD, #trans #queerartist from the UK
✧ i make #art / #DigitalArt
✧ i'm a #conceptart graduate, with my main focus being on #CharacterDesign

my main aspiration is to one day work in indie games as a character designer or general concept artist!

things i like: #ffxiv #ffxivart #oc #OriginalCharacter #pokemon #fireemblem #nier #crossstitch

i was previously on twt @/Aegeah if you'd like to see my other work before it gets uploaded here 💜

2 months ago

… wish dragon? Afraid you summoned the wrong magical eel, unless your wish was getting wet

flattered but I’m talking rain, darling

#MastoArt #dragon #OriginalCharacter #DigitalArt

Cartoony drawing of an oriental dragon done in minimal greyish blue tones and mear white yellows
2 months ago
3 months ago

I finally finished Mizuki! Tried super hard on this >_< Been working nonstop for almost a week! #art #AnimeArt #illustration #elf #fantasy #FantasyArt #OriginalCharacter #Design #CharacterDesign

elf girl on white background, with mostly dark blue and gold dress and holding a staff with moon and star motifs
same elf girl but on an oceanside cliff at night
Aprel 🌘✨
3 months ago

this is the full #ReferenceSheet of my #fursona. their name is д̸̮͔̰͈̑̿̋р̶̨̬̓͗ў̵̲͉͋̂̕г̷̟̭̑̊̔ 🐇🍃

#furry #FurryArt #fursona #MastoArt #art #feral #anthro #creature #monster #OriginalCharacter #wolpertinger #jackalope #rabbit

a reference drawing of a fursona in three forms: anthro, feral, fairytale. it's a wolpertinger, a rabbit with gold antlers and wings. the rest of their coat is beige with brown and ginger spots, the eyes are green with yellow inside the pupils, the non-feral versions have sharp black claws. 

the anthro version has a woven desaturated green shirt that is mostly holes, and stirrup leggings that also have holes on them. they have long brown hair. they have a glowing moth friend.

the feral version is just a wolpertinger!

the fairytale version is kind of sphynx-like (or a bit griffin-like) in body shape? it's quadrupedal but the front paws are actually hands. the head is rabbit-like but with long hair that have twigs, leaves, berries tangled in it. their antlers and wings are bigger compared to the other forms. they have four moth friends with them!
Kari Avalon
3 months ago

Late last month, I decided to update another character design of mine. This time it's of my character named Askr Rivire. I think he looks better now compared to before.
( ・∇・)

#kariavalonart #cosmocrystal #artonelico #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter

This is a full-body character illustration of my character Askr Rivire. He is glancing away from the viewer with a slight frown on his face. He is standing with one arm on his hip.

Askr has casually upswept dark teal-colored hair and seafoam-green eyes. He wears a turtleneck, a vest that is belted on his waist, and a long overcoat with a capelet. In addition, he is wearing long pants that are bunched together into his knee-high boots. His hands are also covered with fingerless gloves.
Kari Avalon
3 months ago

Hi, I had fun designing a new appearance for my character Shia Plines (詩亜・プリネス). (╹◡╹)

This is what she appears like after certain events occur in the story.

#kariavalonart #cosmocrystal #artonelico #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter

This is a full-body character design illustration of my character named Shia Plines. She stands confidently while smiling at the viewer.

She has long reddish brown hair with a small section tied by a green bow on her left side. On her head is a brown and green poofy hat pinned with a big pink ribbon on her right side. She is also wearing a bare-shouldered green, yellow, white, and brown thigh-length dress with balloon sleeves that goes up to her elbows. Her dress is cinched together by a waist belt. Her hands meanwhile are gloved with puffy cuffs.
Her legwear of choice is knee-high square-heeled boots that follow the same color palette.
3 months ago

These are my reyvateil OCs Asher and Liora Rosenfeld! They were featured on some albums I did with friends a while back.

You can find our music here!
(I’m sorry I redrafted this like 5 times because I kept forgetting stuff ㅠㅠ)

#alroeart #OriginalCharacter #artonelico #cosmocrystal #art #MastoArt

A brother and sister standing side by side. 

The brother has dark, long hair and more cause clothing.

The sister has a military uniform and shorter, curly brown hair.
Kari Avalon
3 months ago

To help me ease back to drawing after moving to my new home, I decided to draw my reyvateil character Shia Plines (詩亜・プリネス). It has been a while since I drew her! In this scene, she is scrutinizing her strange singing hymmnodragora…

#kariavalonart #cosmocrystal #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter

This illustration depicts a mildly disgusted teenager scrutinizing a turnip-like sentient plant called a hymmnodragora singing slightly mournfully over this situation.

The girl’s name is Shia Plines. She has warm brown hair that goes up to her neck. She ties a small section of her hair off with a green ribbon. She is wearing a green and yellow oversized rabbit hoodie dress, puffy shorts, long dark stockings, and boots. She is also wearing green gloves to handle the plant specimen she gently extracted from its place.

The garden she is in is warm and sunny. There is a lot of foliage and trees. Another hymmnodragora stares blankly towards nowhere in particular.

Knowing that Bandit, Bluey's father, is an archaeologist, who says these two don't get to know each other sooner or later?

Yes, I have seen the show and I loved it (remember that I am an educator), how could I not draw my Anpuankhses in the style of Bluey after this? 😋

#Anpuankhses #Furry #Furryart #Bluey #OriginalCharacter #Wolf #Jackal #Kemetism #Egypt #Mythology

A pic of my character Anpuankhses as a Bluey character. He's a black wolf with a long mane and egyptian outfit. He's smiling in the desert, looking at the viewer.
4 months ago

Making a new #introduction post to pin on my profile.

Hello! Dis Dude Draws! Tags you can expect to find me using:

and occasionally #FanArt. I love webcomics and superheroes, but have always found a love of gore and horror as well.

Have a nice stay! Expect Gore/Body Horror/OC Brainrot past this gate.

DNI: AI image generators, NFTs. Please do not use my art for AI training or NFTs.

CW: Eye Contact, demonic imagery, mild body horror.

A dwarf has dropped his crossbow and hides against the walls of the fortress fortifications. On the other side, a massive monster with orange scales peaks inside, trying to find him.

Dwarf Fortress Fanart.
A woman in a suit with a briefcase at her side walks through a dark room. Multiple demonic eyes stare out of the darkness after her as she reaches for a gun on the cabinet nearby.

On the cabinet also sits a bible, a moldy box, and a red eyed cat that casts no shadow, staring holes into the viewer.

Original Character Art. Woman is Val.
A woman in a suit and glasses extends her hand towards the camera, out of which pours a writhing swarm of teeth covered tendrils and a glowing eye. Behind her is a glowing red portal, and her eyes shine with a fury as if she plans to drag you to hell herself.

Original Character Art. Woman is Val.
A simpler drawing for a DnD OC, a Harengon ranger named Lytheprong. The Harengon wears leather armor, a simple grey tunic, and has a velociraptor skull mask on her face.

A doll is hanging form her belt, and she points a bow at an off screen target.
Renasdoodles :d20:
4 months ago

Experimenting with my new character for a Blades in the Dark campaign. Meet Cricket
#art #BladesintheDark #originalcharacter #DigitalArt

Portrait of a person in a hood and scarf raising an eyebrow
4 months ago

Introducing my OCs! (1/2)

I have a lot of OCs and I rarely talk about read this if you'd like to know more about (most of) my main characters! :artaww: #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter #DigitalArt

Null 🐌
4 months ago

Spending my recovery time by slowly adding new work to my gallery. 😎

Lore and more over on the pieces' page:

[ #MastoArt #FediArt #FurryArt #AnthroArt #WorldBuilding #OriginalCharacter ]

Waist-up illustration of a feline character, arms raised as to preform a kind of magic. Their expression is intensely focused. Around him abstract forms begin to manifest.
Three illustrations in one. First, a waist-up shot of the same character featured previously, glancing to one side as though caught somewhat off guard. Next is a shot of an arm wrapped in a bandage-like material marked with lines and symbols. Lastly, a paw-hand partially wrapped in the same material with a distinct eye-like symbol over the lower palm.
Nick Wright
4 months ago

Happy #YearOfTheRabbit!

I'll admit I thought the whole #BunnySuit thing was a bit silly at first, but then I got an idea for it that I was genuinely excited about, and it ended up being the most ambitious art I've done in a long time. Hope you enjoy!

(sensitive: sexy bunny suits, eye contact, rude gesture)

#Art #MastoArt #DigitalArt #TreadingGround #NickWrightArt #OriginalCharacter #RoseCrowley #NateAshborne #AyaWalsh #BexCamden

Art of my original characters Rose, Nate, Aya and Bex, drawn in my anime-ish-cartoonly style, all wearing sexy black bunny suits. Rose has her best face forward as her butt is turned to the camera and she's looking at you flashing a peace sign / bunny ears gesture. Nate has his arms crossed and is looking skeptically at Aya, who is embarrassed and hiding behind him. Bex is jumping in the air with a mischievous grin and flashing two middle fingers.
4 months ago

✨ more art more art ✨

Star Wars OC - one of my characters from SW: The Old Republic.
#starWars #originalCharacter #digitalArtist #MMO

waist up digital drawing of a sith woman with long red hair and a pink lightsaber held in front of her
4 months ago

✨️art post art post!✨️
Star Wars OC - one of my characters from SW: The Old Republic.
#starWars #originalCharacter #digitalArt #artist

woman smiling while leaping into battle, holding two lightsabers, one in each hand.
4 months ago

Way back in 2010 I made this OC Bronze for a deviantArt group, which was how I met my partner Michelle. So here's our old OCs together for a 13 year anniversary. I have a lot of old art up of him, he's come a long way:
#MastoArt #OriginalCharacter

A drawing of my original character Bronze sitting on a stone ledge looking lovingly over at his partner Tan.
4 months ago

Not sure why I finished this one but here we are

Onesie bonding

#MastoArt #OriginalCharacter #DigitalArt #cuteart

Cartoony illustration of an oriental dragon wearing a giraffe onesie, striking a rearing pose with a smile. A much smaller dragon (also wearing a onesie of a bunny) rides on top of their head.
5 months ago

Graphite Husk - #commission for @thehuskyk9 on twitter, one of my monthly supporters!

Please support my work so I can afford existing:

#art #artists #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #DigitalArt #portrait #furry #furryart #OriginalCharacter #illustration

A graphite-like drawn portrait of an anthropomorphic husky dog wearing glasses and a hooded sweatshirt.
5 months ago

A cute D&D style Mikael, who's outfit was inspired by HavingHorns on tumblr JP is also there as a tiefling.
#DeadCityComic #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter

A drawing of Mikael from the webcomic Dead City in a renaissance style outfit, in monochrome colours. A small head of JP from the same comic is shown blushing off to the side.
:heart_sp_les3: Elliot 🔞
5 months ago

Results of the poll said animal #oc, therefore: time to introduce you my best boy... Scylla the sea monster! Aka a BIG, friendly lizard 🦎
Juvenile Scylla is sadly orphaned through the hardships of life in an apocalyptic ocean, where real monsters lurk the waters. Thankfully, a little amphibian volunteers to be a single dad to the 4m long fictional mosasaur... I'll post the dad too, if you want! 🦋
Story: #WhichMonsters
#BlasphOCs #Character #art #MastoArt #OriginalCharacter

Digital colored reference sheet of an animal character seen in three full body drawings, one from the side, one from the top, one from the bottom, plus a front view, a chibi and several headshots. The animal is very similar to a mosasaur, but the head is smaller and more asking to a monitor lizard; it has four flippers, arms and two small tentacles. Its color palette is dark blue with white, light blue-grey and bright pink markings. It has weird antennas over its pink big eyes. Its names Scylla: the text reveals more details about them: warm blooded "reptile", tongue is used to smell and is very long, big eyes and superbe night vision, antennae have electroreceptora and can glow pupils dilate when it's dark, nostrils dilate to breath when out of the water, not very agile but powerful, high stamina and fast in short bursts, round boi :), teeth are serrated and tilted inwards + pharingeal teeth, venom fangs (usually folded) inject ot ooze venom through bite, tentacles can stretch, 32 feet/10m long -- will go up to 14m, 11.000 PSI bite force (will go up to 16.000); "Scylla", patient, kind, affectionate, introverted, meek, cautious, diligent and responsible, fearful, fears loneliness, creative; 16 years old ISFJ.
Juvenile version of the same creature: a lot smaller, shorter, rounder, chonky. Has different, lighter blue shades, with some spots and stripes, and no pink except for eyes, antennae, tentacles
The same animal but as a mature adult. The skin and markings are darker, the pink is brighter. The text highlights these details: it has crests and a dark backfin, a flat snout, bigger head, brighter dewlab, bigger front flippers, sturdier body, some slightly visible spots and rosette, a row of osteoderms on the flanks, bigger lower fluke; 14meters, 14.000 kg. It has many scars.
Jo Jitsu
5 months ago

I've also written a few kids books, a YA #Arthurian #timetravel #fantasy, a #graphicnovel #comic I'd love to publish Chapter One- The Magician is on #webtoons here:
Shown 2 covers. Chapters are inspired by #tarot #majorarcana

I've done a #kink #dailycomic with these same #originalcharacter for #kinktober it's a #feminist #romantic #comic VERY #nsfw & very #funny & #kinky
here are a few safe for work pics.
To see the rest click here:

Painting of a woman with her arms up holding an infinity symbol popping out of a giant top hat in a heart shaped/bunny ear cloud, doves float around her holding aces of each suit. The shadow of someone dark is behind her.
Painting of a woman sitting in a Bergere chair, with bolts of fabric all around her, a ruler on her lap, and a porfolio with the words 'My yoke is easy & my burden is light' written on it.
comic of a woman sticking a cork in a man's mouth. She is clothed, he is naked but has a tattoo around his buff midsection like a champagne bottle. She is saying 'he's a corker'.
Comic of a costumed dancing couple. She is dressed as a glam bee in a gown, & he is dressed as Superman, his hand down her gown and we see 'buzzing' coming from there, a rose is in his mouth dripping.
5 months ago

Hi everyone! I'm Yui, an illustrator who occasionally draws portrait and character design.

Thanks for welcoming and Merry Xmas!

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Girl with long black hair and two platinum highlights wearing glasses and red ribbon headband on her head, lying on the red floor full of Christmas deco and props e.g. gift box, light wires, Christmas balls, Poinsettias and stars. She has content and calm expression while looking at the camera. She's wearing red dress with  black tank top.
Kari Avalon
5 months ago

I spent some of my yesterday drawing my character Sia.

Since it’s now the 25th, I’d like to wish you a nice and peaceful winter day. ❄️☕️

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This is a digital illustration of my character named Sia. 

Sia is gently smiling at the viewer. She is seated on a rock outdoors while holding a warm beverage in her hands. She is surrounded by a snowy landscape and soft snowfall.

As it is cold, she is wearing a hat over her long brown hair with a yellow ombre, an oversized hooded cardigan, gloves skirt, leggings, and boots.
5 months ago

Here is a portrait of my FFXIV character. o/
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A miqote from Final Fantasy 14. She is wearing a beret with the wool coat item.