I polled over on insta before but I’m curious, OFMD peeps, how do you plan on watching the new season? Weekly as episodes are released, Or wait until all the episodes are available and binge the whole thing at once?
And if the second option, why?
#ofmd #ofmd2 #OurFlagMeansDeath

1 day ago

'Our Flag Means Death' Season 2 Review — Stormy Seas Ahead for Stede, Ed, and the Crew
#Collider #TVReviews #OurFlagMeansDeath

Ezra Tellington
1 day ago

If you're a creative type (#gamedev, #zinester, #writer or what have you) and a #OurFlagMeansDeath fan, I thereby invite you to the second edition of the #OurJamMeansDeath jam! It will take place in the beginning of November, a week after the last episode of Season 2

Queer Lit Cats
1 day ago
4 days ago

Show of the Day: Our Flag Means Death
The LezWatch.TV show of the day is "Our Flag Means Death," with 1 characters and an overall score of 56.50. - #LWTVsotd #OurFlagMeansDeath -

Brian Enigma
5 days ago

I feel lucky to have run across an #OurFlagMeansDeath meetup at the #rccc. Such great costumes!

Sami Kelsh is a tired bear
5 days ago

So I found out a few hours ago that #OFMDWeek2023 is a thing, and today's prompt was a favourite crew member, and while I absolutely refuse to pick one favourite, what happened was a short meditation from the Swede:

Lika tyst varenda dag
Obviously, he had a name. It was a good name. He loved his name, even.

... in which the Swede sings, and remembers.

#ofmd #ourflagmeansdeath #theswede

Fjord In Progress
1 week ago

This new Kelly Clarkson song, Lighthouse, is giving me very big #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath energy.

LCWebsXOXO [mod] #NYCCPirates
1 week ago

Akujin's Cosplay On A Budget panel from #OCMD is now available on Ko-Fi! Free for the PowerPoint but donations encouraged. (Video will be sent privately to those who purchase, as soon as it's available!)

#ofmd #ourflagmeansdeath @ofmd

1 week ago

Prepare to have your ship wrecked.

#OurFlagMeansDeath #OFMD

A promotional poster for Our Flag Means Death s2 (premiering October 5th on Max !), showing on each side of the title in pink font both Stede Bonnet and Ed Teach lying down on what looks like the wooden planks of a pirate ship covered with various items (coins, weapons, accessories...). They're staring at what is probably the sky, looking sad. Blackbeard's dark makeup ran down its cheeks, too.

For my evening friends!! Ch. 11 is up!! The boys get to go to Arches National Park and I just 🤭
#ofmd #OurFlagMeansDeath #ao3

1 week ago

LOOK AT HIM! HE'S GORGEOUS! 🥰 #OurFlagMeansDeath #RhysDarby spoilers

Rhys Darby as Stede Bonnet in Our Flag Means Death S2
Sami Kelsh is a tired bear
1 week ago

So it's Talk Like A Pirate Day, you say?

Here's an entire ten chapter story of pirates talking:

My Neighbour Umibōzu

... in which Stede and Ed find themselves in a mysterious Japanese fishing village, and there may be something a little enchanted afoot.

#ofmd #ourflagmeansdeath #gentlebeard #blackbonnet @gentlebeard

It's really a missed opportunity that the new season of ‘Our Flag Means Death’ starts on October 5th rather than today, Talk Like A Pirate Day.

#TalkLikeAPirateDay #OurFlagMeansDeath #TV

Pola G 🎨
1 week ago

I'm not surprised this just flew under the radar on x site, just going to share it again here - the repaint in the #WIP stage because I'm far from done with the insane foilage #DigitalPainting #Krita #OurFlagMeansDeath

Stede as The Painter in a Forest Clearing, Lying under an Umbrella, (Carl Spitzweg c. 1850)

I made a silly little thing 😂💖 #OCMD23 #OurFlagMeansDeath #OFMD

Photo of a flag I made at Our Con Means Death. On a black background, there's a heart made from white lace and sparkly pink pipe cleaners. It's surrounded by colourful, shiny seashells, flowers, mini pompoms and buttons. Pointing towards the middle from each corner, there are ice lolly sticks painted in green, blue, red and purple with quotes from Our Flag Means Death written on them.
2 weeks ago
Our Flag Means Death - Episode 2.02 - TBA - Promotional Photos
2 weeks ago
Our Flag Means Death - Episode 2.01 - TBA - Promotional Photos
2 weeks ago

Our Flag Means Death - Season 2 - Promos, First Look Photos + Premiere Date

#OurFlagMeansDeath #TV #Television #Photos

Our Flag Means Death - Season 2 - Promos, First Look Photos + Premiere Date
2 weeks ago

Saw this on the birdsite and thought I'd offer an explanation...

As someone who does video captioning, I have gotten a list of character names and descriptions along with the file a grand total of ONCE. A lot of the time I have to dig through fan wikis for spellings, and that's assuming those sources exist. Including a list of names & terms should be BASIC for making sure subtitles are accurate, but corporations can't be arsed.

#OurFlagMeansDeath #Captioning

Screenshot of a tweet showing an image of the "Our Flag Means Death" season 2 trailer, with the closed caption reading, "And more importantly, no more Steve." The tweet reads, "Ok, who put Jack in charge of the closed captioning?"
Onion Budgie
2 weeks ago

Ed is so RIDICULOUSLY pretty in this new trailer that I'm not quite sure how Stede is managing to keep it together without popping a gasket. #OFMD #OFMD2 #OurFlagMeansDeath

Onion Budgie
2 weeks ago

Official #OFMD2 trailer drops in an hour! There will (obviously) be spoilers galore! #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath :rainbow_flag: 🏴‍☠️

2 weeks ago

#OurFlagMeansDeath Season2 😭

2 weeks ago

Time to freak out! Trailer tomorrow? 🤡 #OurFlagMeansDeath #OurFlagMeansDeaathS2Spoilers

Picture of Ed from OFMDS2 with the text "Feels like a storm's coming" from HBO Max's twitter page
Onion Budgie
2 weeks ago

New photos from OFMD2! (The article itself doesn't tell us much we didn't already know.)

#OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath

LCWebsXOXO [mod] #NYCCPirates
1 month ago

I just checked and hurt my own feelings with this because Ed uses the same soft Stede voice when he says "fuck you Stede Bonnet" to the little cake topper effigy 😭😭😭 the exact same voice as "your crew's ok" and "wanna do something weird" and "cocaptains?" and "what makes Ed happy is you" and I am walking straight into the sea now

@OFMShitposting @ofmd #OFMDS2 #ourflagmeansdeath

This seems like an excellent excuse for me to point you towards one of my favourite fics ever, this absolutely hilarious and heartwarming yet criminally overlooked OFMD x Monkey Island crossover!
Even if you're not familiar at all with Monkey Island, do yourself a favour and read it anyway! Might just make all the truly absurd things happening in this fic even funnier tbh 😄

#OFMDfanfic #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath

Summary of "The Mêlée Island Solution" by johnsonthedinosaur:

Stede's journey to win back his life and love introduces him to new friends and hidden strengths. Meanwhile, Ed discovers unexpected allies as he attempts to recover from Stede's betrayal, and the crew tries to keep it together long enough to get back together. What will it take to reunite the co-captains of the Revenge and repair their wounded family?
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences 
Archive Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply 
Categories: F/M, M/M 
Fandoms: Our Flag Means Death (TV), Monkey Island 
Relationships: Blackbeard | Edward Teach/Stede Bonnet, Oluwande Boodhari/Jim Jimenez, Black Pete/Lucius Spriggs, Elaine Marley/Guybrush Threepwood 
Characters: Blackbeard | Edward Teach, Stede Bonnet, Guybrush Threepwood, Elaine Marley, Lucius Spriggs, Crew of the Revenge (Our Flag Means Death), Murray (Monkey Island) 

Additional Tags: References to Monkey Island, Crossover, you don't need to know anything about monkey island I promise, POV Multiple, Attempt at Humor, Humor, insult sword fighting, cursed voodoo skulls, stede accidentally becomes good at something, pirate welfare 

Language: English 

Collections: OFMD is a sitcom 

Published: 2022-05-08
Completed: 2022-06-18
Words: 48,438
Chapters: 5/5
Comments: 35
Kudos: 52
Bookmarks: 15
Hits: 1,186
Laura E. Hall
1 month ago

Sorry but this shot from the OFMD trailer has killed me right in the heart

(Presumed context: Blackbeard has stolen someone's wedding cake toppers because the groom one reminded him of Stede and he's painted the bride figure to look like himself, so that he can stare moodily at them?! Cat energy)

#OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath #OurFlagMeansDeathS2

Two wedding cake toppers. One is a groom in a fancy pink suit, the other is a bride which has been painted to look like the character Blackbeard).
1 month ago

Our Flag Means Death Season 2 | Official Teaser | Max
Premieres October 5, only on Max.
#OurFlagMeansDeath #StreamOnMAX #WarnerBrosDiscovery #TheOneToWatch #OfficialTeaser #Television #Streaming

Ron Gilbert
1 month ago

Our Flag Means Death is incredible. Can't wait for the 2nd season. It's as close as I want to get to a Monkey Island TV show.


Laura E. Hall
1 month ago

😍 🏴‍☠️ OMFD season 2 trailer is out! Coming October 5

#OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath

dusty nitrate (they/them)
1 month ago


OMG OFMD!!!! #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath

Season 2 starts Oct 5!!!

Clarissa C. S. Ryan
1 month ago


I look forward to the obsessive breakdowns

And the other kind of breakdowns too


1 month ago

can't wait to get wrecked by this show again!
#OurFlagMeansDeath #ofmd #blackbeard #fanart #mastoart #art

Clarissa C. S. Ryan
1 month ago

🏴‍☠️ Well, here we are! will be rendered utterly moot--one way or the other--in just a few weeks! #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath

(Article if you haven't seen it: --avoid if you want to know nothing in advance!)

Laura E. Hall
1 month ago

Our Flag Means Death returns for season 2 in October! 🏴‍☠️❤️

#OurFlagMeansDeath #OFMD

Onion Budgie
1 month ago

You can only choose one. The other will disappear from your life completely, FOREVER. Which one do you keep? 😇 😈 🏴‍☠️ #GoodOmens #GoodOmens2 #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath

2 months ago

This piece I worked on for months was made for the Kraken Zine (@TheKrakenOFMD on twitter), a zine dedicated to Edward Teach from OFMD

#OurFlagMeansDeath #blackbeard

a full illustration of Blackbeard in Stede's famous robe laying on a bed clutching the red handkerchief and lamenting his decisions. The pillows and bedsheets turn into the waves of the ocean and there's a lighthouse's base watching over them. From the ocean there's a bunch of tentacles coming out, they also creep around Blackbeard
2 months ago

**Hello all! **
In about two weeks, we'll host an OFMD prompt-week centred around the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues 🖤
It's open to all characters and all ships, and there are no limitations on the medium for your creation.

Check out for more info :blobcatheart:

Here's a group that'll boost submissions if you follow and tag it: @ofmdSinsVirtues

#OFMD #IzzyCanyon #OurFlagMeansDeath #OFMDart #OFMDfic #Fandom @izzycanyon #ofmdSinsVirtues

Black and white graphic:
Primary prompts


14th-20th of August
Black and white graphic:
Secondary prompts

14th-20th of August
2 months ago

🍿 I have a bunch of comfort shows:
- #DoctorWho (classic and modern)
- #StarTrek (all of it)
- #GoodOmens
- #OurFlagMeansDeath
- #Hannibal
- #TwinPeaks
- #Buffy
- #Community
- #Avatar: The Last Airbender

🎨 I have a second account for design-related topics.

👕 I make t-shirts you can buy @ and @


jules sappho🌈
2 months ago

A repost💚

This is my #OurFlagMeansDeath x #MonkeyIsland fan art!

I am a sucker for pirate stories, and those two types of stories hit that spot just right, so I had to make a crossover!

#PixelArt #MastoArt #ArtistOnMastodon #DigitalArt

The pixel art scene where Guybrush Threepwood and Governor Elaine Marley stand in front of the ocean on an old pier, it‘s a dark night with only a few stars on the sky, but instead of Guybrush and Elaine it‘s Stede and Edward from Our Flag Means Death. Stede has blond hair, a mint-green suit with a white blouse with a lot of tulle under the neck, high white socks and black shoes. Ed has long gray hair and beard and black leather clothes.
2 months ago

📺 Currently watching/recently watched/looking forwards to 📺

#Silo (loved the books)
#WheelofTime (longtime book fan)
#TedLasso (s2)
#OurFlagMeansDeath (October? 🙏🙏🙏)
#ALeagueOfTheirOwn (*hisses at Amazon*)
#StarTrekLowerDecks (caaaw!)
#Xena (holding s2 hostage until I finish my vid)
#TheSarahConnorChronicles (rewatch yay)

Support the writer's and actor's strike ✊ UNION STRONG

2 months ago

Hey, I'm Goodbyebird on Dreamwidth 👋

Spoiler phobe. Fannish leapfrog. Fandom oldie. Is on a boat a lot of the time. Intolerant of intolerance.

Make fandom not war ❤️

All about:
soft pirates
steerswomen and murderbots
further queering of aes sedai and aiel
prayer circle for will byers
moving images edited to music
tiny addictive squares
girl dinner
too much mcu but i’m watching it anyways.

Number 1 fandom is awesome ladies.

#introduction #yellowjackets #btvs #wheeloftime #ourflagmeansdeath

Ned Raggett
2 months ago

So, on a lighter note: this weekend for #SundayStreets here in #SanFrancisco over on Valencia, my sis's whaleboat rowing group (really!) the #EmbarcaderoRowingClub will have a booth. That's her in the photo, that's the flag she designed and yes, that's an #OurFlagMeansDeath riff. Swing by if you can! @inlucesco and @skinnylatte I don't know if this is either of your things, but you might know folks who are up for it!

KL! 🌈☠️
2 months ago

I'm putting my Protest Singer SMAU up on AO3 finally and I really think you'd like it. You should check it out. It has something for everyone!
#ourflagmeansdeath #gentlebeard #fanfiction

AO3 comment that says: One of the best written, and hottest, things I've ever read.
AO3 comment that says: Okay so I haven't seen Our Flag Means Death (I know I know, but I just really struggle with watching series) and anyways I am SO invested now! This is brilliant!
AO3 comment that says: This is such a wonderful AU/SMAU, I love the setting, the banter off- and online, and all the characterizations in this. Thank you so much for putting it up on AO3 :)

Pspsps here's one more important #MerchMonday update:

The cover of this digital version of a #TTRPG is SO lesbian Ed and Stede, it's just. It's just wow.

SOMEHOW, @wundergeek has sold just a few copies. This game deserves love! So I am asking that you spread this as far as you can, in any way you can, and buy it if you're a gamer! I mean how NEAT is this!!

#ofmd #ourflagmeansdeath #HavingAWeek #blackbeard #edwardteach #stedebonnet @ofmd

Screenshot of release announcement, with a cartoon game cover image.Two smiling women look at each other flirtatiously. One with long wavy black hair worn half-up and all black clothes, with brown skin and many tattoos. The other lady is blonde and wears a fancy teal suit with ruffles. Her hair is in a ponytail.

NEW RELEASE: There Is Only One Bed - a card-based RPG for two players about trope-y queer romance. There Is Only One Bed is played using Randy Lubin's Story Synth (a platform for developing, playtesting, and publishing lightweight card based RPGs on the internet). Purchase of the game will give you a link and password to the online version of the game, which you can use to create sessions and play online with others.
A Bee 🌈🏴‍☠️💖
2 months ago

we're #HavingAWeek and it's #MerchMonday !!

today i would like to plug one of my #ourflagmeansdeath #handmade #jewelry projects: a pair of sweetheart necklaces inspired by #OluwandeBoodhari and #JimJimenez's relationship :teal_heart: :orange: currently still available in my Etsy shop / #tealoranges

« link below »

A Bee 🌈🏴‍☠️💖
2 months ago

Edward Teach's #Blackbeard flag–rainbow and black variants–from #OurFlagMeansDeath available to purchase as #stickers and #digitalart #graphics !! / @ofmd #OurFlagMeansPride

« links below »

a promotional image for Blackbeard's flag graphics from Our Flag Means Death, by digital artist Alexis Bee: a horned white skeleton holding a large spear pointed towards a red heart with three circular drips. One has a rainbow pride striped background, and the other has a solid black background
Adrian Cockcroft
2 months ago

Proud dad moment - Rae’s hosting a panel at #ComicCon with a bunch of cool people to talk about production design and the shows that they’ve made. #DaisyJonesAndTheSix #DrunkHistory #OurFlagMeansDeath #RebelMoon #AmericanBornChinese #ABlackLadySketchShow #Euphoria #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce #WafflesAndMochi #Dave #DoubleDare2019

Guess what time it is!

Announcement time! Spread the word, gang!

#ThisIsHappening #HavingAWeek #ofmd @ofmd @OFMShitposting #ourflagmeansdeath

Promotional flyer with a photo of Ed and Stede from Our Flag Means Death on a teal background. We're having a DAY (struck through) WEEK! A ship-neutral OFMD fan event "OhmyGod, this is happening!" Only on Mastodon! #MerchMonday - July 24
show us what fabulous booty you're hawkin', or hype one 
of your fave artist's shops.
#TatTuesday - July 25
Show us your ink! 
#WIPpiesWednesday - July 26
Give a sneaky peeky at an art piece or fic in progress.
#ThirstyThursday - July 27
Post your fave pic or fic that'll send us all to Horny Jail.
#FitCheckFriday - July 28
Show your favorite cosplay or OFMD inspired outfit.  Use the #HavingAWeek hashtag.  Any server can join.  1 participant wins an OFMD sticker pack.  
 Bring a friend to Masto from a different social site = 2 entries to the prize drawing.
bloodwrites :veritrek:
3 months ago

New fandom instance just dropped #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath

3 months ago

It's sadly hard to find mutals here. I would love to connect with more people, who are interested in:

- #folkpunk
- #alternativerock
- #punk
- #fanfiction
- #books
- #urbanfantasy
- #sci-fi
- #psychology
- #DoctorWho
- #OurFlagMeansDeath
- #plants
- #DYIng
- #art
- #comics
- #cartoons
- #politics
- #disability / #chronicaldiseases
- #anxiety
- the works of #NeilGaiman
- #Disc World
- #veganism

I am trying to update my profile page a bit soon, too.

5 months ago

#Eurovision #Sweden thought it was Jim from #OurFlagMeansDeath

Catherynne M. Valente
5 months ago

I know I’m VERY late on this train, but I feel like my fundamental gender identity might be Blackbeard from #OurFlagMeansDeath?

6 months ago

I posted a blog entry! It’s about the show Our Flag Means Death and the way it explores masculinity and queerness. It’s an older bit of writing but I thought I’d share #WritingCommunity #LGBTQ #OurFlagMeansDeath

Ben Evans
6 months ago

Just to point out that "A General History of the Pirates" is now in the public domain, and a spectacular edition can be found here: - I feel like this might be relevant to some of you, especially those who loved #ourflagmeansdeath #pirates #ebooks #publicdomain

AJ Brennan
7 months ago

Hey all! I'm AJ (they/them), a scifi/fantasy fan, reader, and writer. Also love anime.

I'm in a billion fandoms and picking up more all the time. My list of books to read and tv shows to watch keep growing, but I also keep adding to the piles. I have no one to blame but myself 😅

Some hashtags to find me/get to know me by:

#StarWars #StarTrek #StarTrekDiscovery #StarTrekVoyager #StarTrekTOS #LowerDecks #StarTrekVOY #Picard #StarTrekTNG #StarTrekDS9 #DS9 #AllStarTrek #Babylon5 #StarTrekProdigy #OFMD #OurFlagMeansDeath #EEAAO #EverythingEverywhereAllAtOnce #MotherlandFortSalem #WWDITS #WhatWeDoInTheShadows #TheSandman #DoctorWho #RedDwarf
#Anime #Pantheon #TwinPeaks #ADHD #ScienceFiction #Fantasy #XFiles #Buffy #Paranormal #writing #WritingCommunity #MagicalRealism #isekai #neurodivergent #queer #QueerScifi #trans #transgender #nonbinary #nerd #geek #QueerBooks

Sky "Bunny" Stanton 🌈♾️🧠
7 months ago

Redoing my intro because it's been a minute...

Hi! My name is Sarah, and I'm a queer neurodivergent poet, musician, and AuDHD/OCD advocate.

The words queer and neurodivergent are doing a lot of heavy lifting in that first sentence, though! The longhand is "bisexual nonbinary genderfluid demigirl who is autistic, PDA, ADHD, OCD, GAD, CPTSD, and bipolar", but that doesn't fit on a business card. 😅

I'm Australian, and I used to live in China but now I live in San Francisco, ostensibly working on a novel but mostly just sucking up life like I'm a vacuum cleaner and it's lint.

Special interests and hyperfixations: #Creativity, #Writing, #Poetry, #SFF / #SpecFic, #Drag, #ClassicalMusic, #ChoralMusic and #Musicals, #ContemporaryArt, #History (especially #QueerHistory and #DisabledHistory), #Biology and #Zoology, #Food, #FiberArts, #MBMBAM and #TheAdventureZone, #TerryPratchett, #AceAttorney, #AnimalCrossing, #StevenUniverse, #OurFlagMeansDeath, #RuPaulsDragRace, #Psychology, #Neurodivergence, #Autism and #OCD, #DisabledRights, #SocialJustice, #Ducks.

Current projects: the NOCD Autism/OCD support group, "The 17%" support Discord for autistic folk with OCD (link in bio!), Tabitha and the Nightingale (YA queer/neurodivergent/disabled fantasy novel), and OCD: The Musical. 🧡

Fun fact about me: there is a recording somewhere of me very intensely discussing The White Witch of Narnia / Conan The Barbarian porn on the radio.

8 months ago


I am a dinosaur and purveyor of old-as-fuck fandom shit (and some newer stuff)!





+ other eclectic 20th-21st century genre and comedy media & music.

My Fanworks on AO3

#Fandom #Fanfiction
8 months ago

Since no one asked, my favorite #TV shows of 2022:

1. House of the Dragon
2. Andor
3. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
4. Station 11 (it counts!)
5. The Orville
6. Our Flag Means Death
7. Peacemaker
8. Resident Alien
9. The Sandman
10. She-Hulk
10. The Boys

#HouseoftheDragon #Andor #Station11 #TheOrville #Peacemaker #SheHulk #TheBoys #TheSandman #ResidentAlien #OurFlagMeansDeath #StarTrekStrangeNewWorlds

Rosie Claverton
8 months ago

#OurFlagMeansDeath has also galvanised me to finish my sapphic sailor book, because we need more queers on ships.

Rosie Claverton
8 months ago

Just reached episode 8 of #OurFlagMeansDeath - this show was definitely worth the wait.

I hadn't quite realised it was full of canonically queer pirates (I know, I know). I thought it was more baity, shippy things.

This is so much more than I had hoped for. It reminds me of the Torchwood feelings - "he didn't really mean that about the stopwatch...did he?"

I haven't felt this fannish about a TV show for ages. ❤️

Melissa Fehr
9 months ago

Eeeee! Our Flag Means Death is FINALLY streaming legally in the UK, and on iPlayer, too! This is such a wonderful, heartwarming show! #TalkItThroughAsACrew #OurFlagMeansDeath #ofmd #uktv

Vagina Museum
9 months ago


Since #OurFlagMeansDeath has come to the UK, who wants to hear about gay marriage in the golden age of piracy? #ofmd