#Oxford “The introduction of 20mph speed limits in all residential areas in Wales and the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London has shone a spotlight on the issues drivers are facing” #backlash #safestreets #twentyisplenty #waroncars #climate #airquality #london #wales #oxford #urbanism

Paul Ryan (Wisteela) ✅
17 hours ago

BBC News - Fireball in Oxfordshire turns sky orange after lightning strike
#oxfordshire #oxford

Massive explosion near #Oxford, #England.
- Visegrád 24

1 day ago

#Oxford Gloucester Green market: loving the name of LSD promotions :) The main thing I noticed as a regular visitor to Thursday markets since before LSD is that food stalls have expanded and pushed out the things I'm more interested in, ie #antiques / #fleamarket. What's left now is hardly worth visiting if you're not after the food.

Ben Waber
2 days ago

Last was an incredible talk by Joseph Stiglitz on measuring what counts in economics at #Oxford. Stiglitz delivers important insights as always, and the follow up panel with Avnish Gungadurdoss, Beata Javorcik, and Rodney Scott provides excellent commentary as well. Highly recommend (12/12) #economics

Matt Hoskins
2 days ago

I haven't posted much for a while as I've been busy with a house move. I'm now living on the outskirts of Oxford - here's a view of some of Oxford's spires/towers which I took from the Hinksey Heights nature trail last week...

#Oxford #DreamingSpires #Panorama

A panoramic view overlooking the centre of Oxford and its many spires/towers. In the centre is the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. To its right is Tom Tower and then Christ Church Cathedral. To its left is Radcliffe Camera (the dome) and All Saints' Church, then Carfax Tower, Sheldonian Theatre and Exeter College Chapel.
Jonathan Matthews
3 days ago

Well, that was *a hike*! I tried some new (to me) paths around #Oxford, #Wheatley, #Shotover, #ForestHill and #StantonStJohn. Most of them were nicely kempt, but some were absolutely dire - broken stiles, invisible paths, etc!
I wonder if there's any way to fix them ... #ukhiking #walking #england #uk #oxfordshire #hiking #hike #walking

A screenshot of a health tracker showing:
- Active energy: 1,473 cal
- Flights climbed: 15 floors
- Steps: 25,069 steps
- Walking distance: 17.1 km
Claire Barnes
3 days ago

Bless @internetarchive for saving the interesting website of the late #AnnSwinfen, to which she was adding until her sudden death in August 2018. Here's her introduction to #medieval #records & to the business of the #bookseller, supplying both affordable #textbooks to students & fine illustrated #manuscripts to wealthy patrons:

#HistoryMystery #HistoricalFiction #14thCentury #Oxford #bookshop #novel #books @bookstodons @medievodons @histodons

Front cover of 'The Bookseller's Tale', Oxford Medieval Mystery 1, by Ann Swinfen. The young bookseller is shown in his shop, a variety of books in coloured bindings on display behind him. He is showing one volume to wealthy customers, their retainers peering curiously from behind. The image is surrounded by an exuberant floral border; the golden initials of the title are embellished with foliage and flourishes.
Claire Barnes
3 days ago

Thinking of #14thCentury #Oxford thanks to the splendid #MedievalMurderMaps, I'm delighted to see that the #OxfordMedievalMysteries are on sale again. These evocative #novels by #AnnSwinfen are set in 1353-4, the adventures of a young #bookshop proprietor as life & business began to normalise after the #plague.
Buy from & support your favourite #IndieBookshop, so that they too may live to write a #Bookseller's Tale!
#medieval #book #reissue @medievodons @bookstodon

The six books of the Oxford Medieval Mysteries by Ann Swinfen, with covers evoking medieval illuminated manuscript design. 1. The Bookseller's Tale. 2. The Novice's Tale. 3. The Huntsman's Tale. 4. The Merchant's Tale. 5. The Troubadour's Tale. 6. The Stonemason's Tale.
Claire Barnes
3 days ago

#Oxford residents & alumni, what are your favourite #14thCentury aspects of your #HistoricCity? Any quirks to highlight after seeing the #HistoricTownsTrust #map, or the new overlay from #MedievalMurderMaps? Ghostly, evocative, thoughts on green space & a #15MinuteCity?

#medieval #maps #HistoricMaps @trishgreenhalgh @HLaehnemann @OxMedStud @dancingtreefrog @medievodons @histodons

Part of the centre of Oxford, from the High Street to modern Broad Street, showing 14th century murder spots & the weapons of choice - detail from the Medieval Murder Map linked above.
Extinction Rebellion Oxford
4 days ago

Join a coalition of local groups on Saturday 30th Sept 2023 11am-12 at The Plain, #Oxford to call for #SafeStreetsNow.
We seek an end to dangerous roads and dangerous driving. We want safe streets for all road users.

Protests will be happening all across the country - find your nearest location here:

Safe Streets Now
Every day, five people are killed on UK roads, and more than 80 are seriously injured.
Parents live in fear for their children as they walk to school or play outside. Communities are cowed by dangerous drivers tearing through residential areas.
There is a different way to do things. There are places in the world where no vulnerable road users die under the wheels of a vehicle. The horrific deaths and serious injuries on UK roads are not inevitable.
Join us at The Plain, Oxford, between St Clements and Cowley Road at 11AM on Saturday 30th September to demand: 
PEACE from the threat of antisocial driving
SPACE to walk, cycle and play without fear
JUSTICE for the victims of road violence
We stand together, across the country. Stand with us, to demand Safe Streets NOW!
Charité Berlin
4 days ago

Better together! Prof. Heyo K. Kroemer, Vorstandsvorsitzender der #CharitéBerlin, konnte bei seinen Gesprächen mit Rektorat und Vertreter:innen des Klinikums und der Medizinischen Fakultät der University of #Oxford wichtige Einblicke in Strategie und #Forschung gewinnen. Zentrale Erkenntnis: Oxford, strategische Partnerin der @BerlinUAlliance, und die Charité, haben gemeinsam ein großes Potential, um an der Lösung der drängenden Fragen unserer Zeit zu arbeiten.

#medizin #MedMastodon #science

Prof. Heyo K. Kroemer bei seinem Besuch in Oxford.
Prof. Heyo K. Kroemer mit Vertreter:innen der University of Oxford.
4 days ago

oh wow. The #Oxford tag is more interesting today than it has been for a while ...

Claire Barnes
4 days ago

@dancingtreefrog These #maps are based on those of the #HistoricTownsTrust which also has an excellent new website. Here's the HTT post:

Terrific material for a #whodunnit, #HistoricalFiction, or #BoardGames!

#14thCentury #map #medieval #Oxford @medievodons @histodons

Map of Oxford c.1400 from the Historic Towns Trust, marked with the 14th century murder sites by the Medieval Murder Maps project: a screenshot from their website.
Claire Barnes
4 days ago

Thanks @dancingtreefrog - the new website #MedievalMurderMaps is a delight! Interactive descriptions of each incident from the #CoronersRolls, plus clear & informative posts on #medieval life.
🙏 to the authors for wonderful imagery, & careful inclusion of source refs.

#14thCentury #murder #maps #HistoricMaps #OxfordUniversity #Oxford #London #York #coroner #medievodons @medievodons @histodons

Screenshot from the blog index, 6 posts with relevant contemporary images. They're entitled 1. Alehouses, Taverns & Inns; 2. Games, Music & Sports; 3. Medieval Marketplaces; 4. Knives, Swords & Stones; 5. Accidental Deaths; 6. Rightful Death.
Peter Nimmo
5 days ago
Lewis (Kevin Whately) and the eponymous Morse (John Thaw), in a publicity shot in front of an Oxford University building for the TV series
Marc Abrahams
6 days ago

"8:30pm Tuesday 17th October, The Bullingdon, #Oxford — The Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded annually to celebrate unusual and seemingly trivial achievements in scientific research. Tonight, Dr Tom Crawford shares some of his favourites – from constipated scorpions to obese politicians – and delves deeper into the comedic world of ‘award-winning’ research."

Carsten Agger
6 days ago

Creepy till cameras in Coop. #oxford #brookes #coop

Jonathan Matthews
6 days ago

A good hike over to a village outside #Oxford for coffee, and back again, this morning.
I'm lucky to have a client right now that's happy with me selling them my afternoons but not mornings.
Getting out and having a decent walk every day really improves my #MentalHealth better than anything else I know!

A screenshot of a step counter (18,002 steps) and walking distance tracker (12.1km).

Just got some great news! I got accepted into the Introductory Ladino class of the Oxford School of Rare Jewish Languages!

Bad news --- the class is at 12:45 pm UK time which will be 6:45 am in Oklahoma!

Oh well, it will be worth it. I'm very excited to learn more about #Ladino, a Spanish dialect spoken by Jews in many parts of the world, thanks to the Spanish expulsions of Jews many centuries ago.

#JewishLanguages #Mazeldon #Jewdiverse #JewishEducation #Oxford

Tim Brookes
1 week ago

A great #Oxford weekend for the Endangered Alphabets Project—a homecoming of sorts. Thanks to the dozens of people who organized, attended and supported the events, which represented the first public appearance of my #book Writing Beyond #Writing and which prefigured the #Kickstarter campaign to fund our #Endangered #Alphabets #sudoku book. Stay tuned for more information about both!

Bob the Traveler
1 week ago

Archibald Sayce, born OTD in 1845, held a chair as Professor of Assyriology at the University of #Oxford from 1891 to 1919 #travel #England #history

Prof Prachi Srivastava
1 week ago

It was pure joy to be back in #Oxford - the first time in four years - for the #UKFIET Conference.

I spoke on the need for epistemic humility as we move forward to question accepted knowledges, and asked the question, ‘Why is epistemic humility provocative?’

My ideas stem from my paper for the #UNESCO Education and Research Foresight Working Paper Series and on work I am continuing with #NORRAG now.

#GlobalEducation #Education #Knowledge @academicchatter

Picture of Oxford college spires in the sunset
UKFIET Conference projected with wooden clock on the wall inside Examination Schools, Oxford
1 week ago

icymi-#science, August 1, 2023:
researchers from #Oxford, #Harvard, #Cambridge, #GUST, #MIT, #Imperial, and the #AlanTuring have discovered a deep connection between the sums-of-digits function from #numbertheory and a key quantity in genetics, the #phenotype mutational robustness…Because this rate is known, scientists can compare the percentage difference in the sequence between two organisms and infer when their latest common ancestor lived.

1 week ago

Patrick crea la versión más especial de #Queen en La Voz: “¡Menudo rollazo!” /

#PatrickAmos from #Oxford gets picked on the Spanish #Voice TV show!

…ei dad o Gwm, Glyn Ebwy

Rob Jess
2 weeks ago

Brilliant video on the old train stations of Oxford:

#Oxford #Trains #History

Rob Jess
2 weeks ago

I find it hard to believe that the addition of one more platform at Oxford train station will be enough to prevent it running at/over capacity.

I wonder if there would ever be interest in a station at Grandpont (close to where the original Oxford station was, but maybe slightly south at Hinksey Sidings as there is more space there). This would offer more space for future platform expansion, and there could be a light rail link between the two stations.

#Oxford #Rail

Chris Glass
2 weeks ago

Drove up to Oxford to shake up the day and work alongside Tom. Even with all the gnats swirling around piles of trash we had an excellent and productive afternoon. It’s nice to work in a place with lots of light and humor, something I hope to do with more regularity.

Extra bonuses included a somewhat healthy lunch outside, seeing little bits of projects Tom’s been working on throughout the studio and enjoying the tree filled drive.

#collage #keyboard #Oxford #studio #tomart #work

Tidbits of collage on a keyboard
Ben Waber
2 weeks ago

Last was an excellent talk by David Bilchitz on the fundamental rights and the legal obligations of business at the University of #Oxford. Bilchitz sets out a compelling approach for systematically determining corporate societal obligations, drawing from truly global legal traditions. Highly recommend (10/10) #law #ESG


I know all about the ruling elite behind #Brexit all attending #Oxford together in the late 80s.

The started the Brexit planning from 1988, because when they espoused "We want our country back", the "We" wasn't "Us" the electorate, they meant "THEM", the ruling class.

For completely different reasons, this too aligned with #Russia's geo-political interests, so was actively encouraged, supported & funded by a more than willing #Putin regime. 🤷🏾‍♂️

3 weeks ago

Bau von E-Minis: BMW investiert 700 Millionen Euro in Großbritannien

Der Münchener Autohersteller BMW investiert Hunderte Millionen in seine Werke in England. Dort sollen künftig zwei Elektro-Modelle der Marke Mini hergestellt werden. Dafür gibt es Fördergeld der britische Regierung.


#BMW #Mini #ElektroAuto #Oxford #Verkehrswende #Klimawandel

3 weeks ago

@GrimmReality I see no relevant reason to add this word to the current English language.

#merriamwebster #oxford

Apereo Foundation
1 month ago

#OSS in #HigherEd

A team of #UCDavis and University of #Oxford researchers have developed an innovative tool: #SparkMaster 2. The #OpenSource software allows scientists to analyze normal and abnormal calcium signals in cells automatically.

Using #Python, an open source programming language that has grown in popularity, they were able to utilize many existing tools and libraries to create the unique features they wanted.

#EdTech #HigherEd #HigherEducation

1 month ago

Il y a cinquante ans mourait J. R. R. Tolkien (3 janvier 1892 — 2 septembre 1973), écrivain, dessinateur et philologue britannique.

Passionné par les langues, spécialiste des épopées en vieil anglais, influencé par les œuvres de William Morris et la mythologie grecque, il élabore un "legendarium" autour d'un univers, la Terre du Milieu, qui change la face des littératures de l'imaginaire avec la parution du "Hobbit" (1937) puis du "Seigneur des Anneaux" (1954-1955). De nombreux autres écrits paraissent à titre posthume avec l'aide de ses enfants et petits-enfants, tels "Le Silmarillion" (1977) et "Les Enfants de Húrin" (2007).

Il est aussi l'auteur de plusieurs beaux contes et poèmes souvent méconnus, comme "Feuille, de Niggle", "Roverandom" et "Mythopoiea", ainsi que de peintures et de dessins, notamment des illustrations pour le "Hobbit" et "Roverandom" ou encore ses "Lettres du Père Noël".

En tant que philologue, il passionne ses étudiant-e-s et contribue à renouveler l'étude de l'épopée "Beowulf".

Une biographie sur Tolkiendil si ça vous dit.
#fantasy #jdr #littérature #écriture #anglais #Oxford #Tolkien #JRRTolkien #TerreDuMilieu #MiddleEarth #imaginaire #épopée #Beowulf #enfance

Photographie de Tolkien en 1972. Tolkien est assis dans un siège, une pipe à la main. Les cheveux gris dégarnis, les sourcils un peu broussailleux, glabre, il est vêtu d'une veste de tweet à motif gris-beige à carreaux, sous laquelle on devine un veston de soie verte à boutons dorés. Il regarde devant lui d'un air pensif. Autour de lui, on devine un manteau de cheminée et une bibliothèque.
Cory Doctorow
1 month ago

Her enablers are who's who of corruption-loving lickspittles: #McKinsey, #ErnstAndYoung, #BostonConsultingGroup, and the Spanish BigLaw firm #UriMenendez.

Isabel cultivated a public facade of philanthropic giving and public spirited activism, serving as head of the Angolan #RedCross. She attended #Davos and spoke at the #LSE (she was also invited to #Oxford, but her invitation was subsequently rescinded).


1 month ago

Some excellent cloud shenanigans in #oxford this evening.


Facility: #GarrisonPlace
Operator: #Oxford SC Master LP
Type: #RetirementHome
Unit(s): Facility-Wide
City: #FortErie #Ontario
Public Health Unit: #NiagaraRegion

Type: #Respiratory
Causative Organism: #COVID19
Onset Date: 2023-08-14
Classification: Confirmed

Óli Gneisti (English)
2 months ago


While it was wonderful to handle letters by #JRRTolkien, they do not give much insight into his #fantasy writing. In fact the subject of most of the letters is Tolkien the status of #Icelandic or #OldNorse literature, especially the #Sagas at #Oxford.

I have attached a fraction which gives an idea about the nature of these letters.


Part of a handwritten letter. I am not a great transcriper so I have highlighted the words am not sure about [like this]:  Dear Nordal,  Here are a few notes. I am sorry I cannot make them fuller or more lively; but I am absorbed in examinations. I assume you have at hand the new English syllabus' - Oxford University, Examination Statuses [any date] date 1931 [onwards]. I am sorry I have not a copy to send. See also my [article] in 'Oxford Magazine' May 29th 1930 on the Oxford English School, in [which] I first attacked the then [existing arrangements]: the present syllabus is the realization of the proposals there put forword. Icelandic has not technically quite such a central plase as I then proposed: but it has in practice.
Extinction Rebellion Oxford
2 months ago

After our first attempt at #DirtyWater Wave 4 was washed away by Storm Antoni last weekend, we returned to Medley and Donnington Bridges in #Oxford today. This coincided with the release of a report that 90% of England’s most precious river habitats are blighted by raw sewage and farming pollution.

Pink "Unite for clean water" banner hung from Medley Bridge in Port Meadow, Oxford
"Sun, Swim and Sewage" Banner hung from Donnington Bridge in Oxford.
Anja Kreysing
2 months ago

Ort ohne Heimweh - das Video /
eine audiovisuelle Installation von Thomas Gerhards, Werner Rückemann und Anja Kreysing Galerie Zeitbogen, Oxford Barracks Münster, Roxeler Strasse 340. Bis 17.9.2023, best view: Abends/Dunkelheit
#ort #ohne #heimweh #installation #av #video #sound #soundart #granularsynthesis #videoart #sculpture #art #fineart #collaborative #erinnerungskultur #nazi #nationalsozialismus #kaserne #brtitish #barracks #oxford #muenster #germany #deutschland

The Secret Life Of Plants🌱
2 months ago

#vegan ist nicht teuer, im Gegenteil.

#Vegan, #vegetarisch, #pescetarisch oder #Mischkost: Um herauszufinden, welche #Ernährung am besten dafür geeignet ist, #Deutschland #nachhaltig und #gesund zu ernähren, hat das #Umweltbundesamt den Experten Marco #Springmann vom Environmental Change Institute der Universität #Oxford beauftragt.

In seinem Bericht von Mai 2023 empfiehlt der Wissenschaftler, der sich auf die Untersuchung von Ernährungssystemen anhand gesundheitlicher, ökologischer und wirtschaftlicher Dimensionen spezialisiert hat, pflanzenbetontere Ernährungsweisen. Dies würde nicht nur das Klima schonen, sondern auch die Pro-Kopf-Kosten für Ernährung senken
#plantbased #ernährung #landwirtschaft #verantwortung #wissenschaft #tierindustrie #klimawandel #methan #klima

Anja Kreysing
2 months ago

Ort ohne Heimweh, eine audiovisuelle Installation von Thomas Gerhards, Werner Rückemann und Anja Kreysing in der Galerie Zeitbogen, Oxford Barracks / Flackkaserne Münster, Roxeler Strasse 340. Bis 17.9.2023, best view: Abends / Dunkelheit
#ort #ohne #heimweh #installation #av #video #sound #soundart #granularsynthesis #videoart #sculpture #art #fineart #collaborative #erinnerungskultur #nazi #nationalsozialismus #kaserne #brtitish #barracks #oxford #muenster #germany #deutschland

Short video from an audiovisual installation with sound, 4 tiny videos from a barrack mess hall, cardboard boxes, lights, old windows
2 months ago

re-watching "Shadowlands" and it's so amazing how much of a film I can remember 100000% but how much of it also unspools like a stranger, I don't even remember forgetting so many scenes!
But I did love the scenes set in The Eagle and Child, aka "The Bird & Baby" to which I pilgrimaged whilst in #Oxford last month but sadly it has closed.

I'd hoped to raise a glass to Col Lewis, Jack, and Tolkien.

#writers #writing #books @bookstodon #bookstodon #booklover #book #lover

a tourist stands at the street corner where the storied Oxford pub, The Eagle and Child, home to The Inklings, stands shuttered.
Extinction Rebellion Oxford
2 months ago

On Saturday, 5th August, join XR Oxford and allied organisations to protest about the shocking state of our polluted waterways. In this 4th Wave of the #DirtyWater campaign we will be reaching out to the public in #Oxford, seeking support in the campaign against water companies that continue to pump raw sewage into our rivers. Join protesters, drummers, and singers as we give warnings about the health risks of our polluted waterways and challenge Thames Water to clean up their act.

Poster for Dirty Water Campaign Wave 4
Saturday, 5 August
12:00-14:00 at Cornmarket St, Oxford
15:00-18:00 at Medley Bridge, OX2 0NL
15:00-18:00 at Donnington Bridge, OX4 4LB

Cyan backdrop with a blue fish leaping out of water.
2 months ago

🐍 #MicroPython workshop TOMORROW 📢

If you are in the #Oxford 🐂 area we have Simon Prickett running a hands-on #MicroPython workshop with the #raspberrypi Pico W, LCD displays & #Redis streams!

Just bring your laptop this Thursday and let's have fun with hardware!

An LCD display with a Pi Pico board, connected to the internet, showing an IP and some options that can be selectable with physical buttons.

🛴🔌 Unless anyone objects, I'm going to suggest we map these things as

network=Voi… #OpenStreetMap #Oxford
#openstreetmap, #oxford…

2 months ago


#EAS for Franklin, #ME; #Oxford, #ME: National Weather Service: A FLASH #FLOOD WARNING is in effect for this area until 9:15 PM EDT. This is a dangerous and life-threatening situation. Do not attempt to travel unless you are fleeing an area subject to flooding or under an evacuation order. Source: NWS Gray ME** DO NOT RELY ON THIS

Sam (Ethical Revolution) 🌱✌️
2 months ago

💭 Something to chew on when thinking up the next dish…

A major study of 55,000 people’s dietary data finds that a #vegan diet has 30% of the environmental impact of a high-meat diet. 🤔

Every meal you choose #PlantBased could reduce #climate impact up to two thirds! 💡 👀

Article by Keren Papier & Michael Clark (University of #Oxford) for @TheConversationClimate / @TheConversationUK

3 months ago

There's an irony in this now, @openrightsgroup

that the contact for #oxford ORG is behind a #datawall !

A screenshot of trying to access the org oxford twitter account. It's the Sign in to Twitter page, overlayed with Sign in with Google, just for extra confusion (and surveillance)!
3 months ago

learned something from BBC radio #oxford today:

COWS hate #CountryMusic, according to research involving a Scottish herd and an ice cream firm.

Country tunes were played to 45 cows at a farm in Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, to see if the music would increase the amount of milk they produced. #science (ish) #dairy #cows

Rob Jess
3 months ago

Just a reminder that I'm currently looking for work, preferably located around Oxford or Reading. I'm interested in anything that is at the interface of Engineering and Biology/Medicine.

(sorry for posting about this so much, hopefully I will find work soon)

#ScienceJobs #EngineeringJobs #Oxford #ReadingUK #Bioengineering #UK

3 months ago

Former head of #Oxford Inorganic #Chemistry Lab died aged 100: He is still represented there with a lovely hexagonal blue plaque, which is why I was aware of the connection. #science #LithiumIonBatteries

3 months ago

Can you give me tips what to see or try for one day in Oxford, UK? I know I could search for it on Tripadvisor but it’s more fun here. #uk #tripadvisor #trip #oxford

Ben Waber
4 months ago

Next was a fantastic talk by Isaiah Andrews on modeling scientific communication at #Oxford. The central idea here is that communicating a scientific result to non-experts is challenging and fraught with peril - simply "reporting" the data isn't really an option because it's inaccessible to non-experts. IMO this is equally applicable for internal corporate analytics, and the methods introduced here are very instructive. Highly recommend (3/7)

Ben Waber
4 months ago

Next was a fantastic talk by Lily Hu on the problems with variables in algorithms and social science more broadly at the #Oxford. This is a deep dive into the impossibility of defining a "neutral" variable or algorithm, and how one has to think very carefully about how to define and analyze variables in systems, and ensure that one communicates those decisions transparently. Highly recommend (3/8) #AI

Cory Doctorow
4 months ago

I'm at the #HowTheLightGetsIn festival in Hay-On-Wye. Today (May 29) at 12PM, I'm on a panel called "Danger and Desire at the Frontier":

I'm at #Oxford's #Blackwell's tonight (May 29) at 7:30PM with @TimHarford:

I'm in #Nottingham tomorrow (May 30) for a 6:30PM event at Waterstone's with Christian Reilly (MMT Podcast):

Then it's #Manchester, #London, #Edinburgh, and #Berlin!


Ashley Porciuncula
4 months ago

Hello! I'm part of a local group of filmmakers working on improving our skills together.

🏛️ We are looking for interesting or unusual filming locations. Businesses, outdoor spaces, restaurants, homes, etc. In exchange, we can take professional photos, include you in marketing, buy from your business, etc.

If you wouldn't mind a small film crew coming into your space for a day, say hello! 👇

#Bristol #Bath #Portishead #Cardiff #WestonSuperMare #Cheltenham #Gloucester #Swindon #Chippenham #Oxford

Stock photo of people filming on a street.
Ben Waber
4 months ago

First was a riveting talk by Carina Prunkl on noise in algorithmic judgements at #Oxford. Noise can come in a variety of forms - human ratings, shifting distributions, #bias in development, etc. This talk and accompanying active discussion deeply probes these issues and what they mean about how we choose how to develop systems that use #AI in decision making (2/6)

Ben Waber
5 months ago

Last was a thorough talk by Bledi Taska on how #RemoteWork has spread across jobs, companies, and geography at the #Oxford Martin School. This is great work on understanding the demand side of remote work, and necessary for organizations to understand as they weigh talent tradeoffs moving forward (10/10)