Keith Ammann
1 week ago

#PAX Unplugged has FINALLY announced this year's dates: Dec. 1–3. #TTRPG

1 month ago

April 21, two representatives of victims of #Colombian #BloodCoal are coming to the Netherlands to file case, together with #PAX and #SOMO, against #HumanRights violations related to coal mining in their country. Every year, the #Netherlands imports hundreds of thousands of tons of blood coal from #Colombia. KAPPEN MET KOLEN is organizing an action with them AGAINST blood coal and human rights violations and FOR #ClimateJustice! See #ClimateDiary

David Chartier
2 months ago

Got a question about #PAX on my gaming account. If anyone has insight, can you reply over there?

2 months ago

I want to attend a #PAX next year, need to save for it. Hope to take Amtrak from Chicago, but might fly, we'll see. I love trains.

Saw some posts in r/PAX that #PAXEast leans a little more towards indie games—which would be my preference—while #PAXWest leans a little more AAA. Does that seem right?

However, I have friends in Seattle, so West could be much cheaper. What else should I know about while planning (been to a lot of comiccons, but not a gaming con)? Tips? Experiences?

2 months ago

Our first day at #PAXEast was a blast and we got to talk to so many devs and try out a bunch of awesome games!

Here is a roundup of the #games we tried at our first day of #PAX!

3 months ago

While we did announce it elsewhere, we forgot to announce it here!

I am excited to say that #SteamDeckHQ will be covering #PAX East this year!! This is our first time as an outlet covering an event, so we are extremely excited about the opportunity.

This is a huge step forward for us as an outlet to grow and fortify our legitimacy. There will be pictures, videos, and articles to cover the event!

Thank you guys for all your support. 2023 is going to be a HUGE year!

5 months ago

@WeakCookies But I don't smoke, instead dry-herb vape. I looked at the best vape solution on the market for ease of use, being a new user, and being incredibly discrete. Turns out it was #Pax. The pricetag, about $200 and I laughed so deeply. Yes, I just got started and $200 doesn't even make me bat an eyelash, I love this so much! So, vaping. I also enjoy tinctures too. But I've never even considered anything else in the dispensary. It seems so alien and strange and... I'm not there yet.

5 months ago

Yes, I'm using #Microsoft #Excel to figure out how to reconfigure my #Ikea #Pax closet to house my 3D printer. Their planner wasn't as clear as I needed it to be.
Eventually my wife suggested removing the doors. Which solves a lot of problems regarding placing, but also a lot more practical while working and/or checking the printer.
Wife trumps Excel 😂

Screenshot of part of an Excel spreadsheet with cells from 1 to 70 filled with pin numbers corresponding my Ikea Pax closet. Colorcoded for every item I need to place considering limiting hinges for doors.
5 months ago

#pax #rail #Amtrak #ConnectUS #OhioHUB

Here is the Amtrak vision for passenger rail improvements in the "Midwest".

In Ohio, where this thread focuses, the proposal is for improved service Cincinnati to Chicago, presently 3/wk in the middle of the night, Pitt/Cleveland/Toledo, presently daily, & CIN/COL/CLE "Hub", extending on to Buffalo, where the 3C corridor does not currently operate.

Daniel Solis
6 months ago

Four #Marvel games I've been working on as art director/graphic designer will be appearing at #PAXUnplugged this weekend. I'm really proud of how different we were able to make each of them look, even with the same IP across them all.

While you're at the WizKids booth, give Marvel: Remix a try and receive a Squirrel Girl card when you purchase the game!

Hope you enjoy all these games!

#pax #BoardGame #tabletop #CardGame

Squirrel Girl promo card for Marvel Remix
PAX Unplugged: Dec 2-4 | Philadelphia, PA

Try and buy Marvel Remix or Marvel Rock Paper Heroes

Try Marvel Age of Heroes and Marvel Damage Control
Ember Heartshine
6 months ago

FYI: #PAX is dropping its #COVID19 vaccination requirement for attendance effective #PAXEast 2023. If you're even tangentally in contact with a high-risk group, it may be time to reconsider attending. I'll not be #PAXEnforcing for the first time in 12 years. I work in #oncology; the risk is just too high.

Marco Frattola
11 months ago

Pax melior est quam iustissimum bellum. #pax #grimo #ikea #furnitures

Pax Grimo Komplement