We are partnering with the
#PAXTogether Intersection (PTI) to bring the PTI Game Library to #PAXUnplugged2022. Here are four simple ways YOU can support the PTI Game Library!

➡️ Donate a game to the library’s collection
➡️ Demo a game with your organization
➡️ Run a game session (your game, or one you love)
➡️ Donate on Ko-fi

Learn more at

1. Donate a game: Creators can donate a copy of your tabletop board or roleplaying game
2. Demo your game: Organizations can run a demo of their tabletop board or roleplaying games.
3. Run a game session: Individuals can run a session of a tabletop board or roleplaying game your created, worked on, or just love!
4. Donate your money: We're accepting donations via Ko-fi to help purchase materials for the library and provide financial support for creators to attend PAX Unplugged. Full details at the link in our bio!