2 weeks ago

@playdate Looks like a blast. Now I patiently wait for my preorder to arrive. You got me hooked on this device at #PAXWest 🤓👾.

3 weeks ago

I've been playing on loop the intro song to #ShellGames upcoming VR game 'I Expect You To Die 3'. The vocals are so good. Oh and I really enjoyed the demo at #PAXWest

3 weeks ago

SideQuesting takes PAX West 2023 [Gallery]
J.J. takes on Nintendo Live and PAX West in these photos
#Gallery #PAXWest #gallery #NintendoLive #pax #PAXWest #Photos

Galaxy of Gover
3 weeks ago

Some shots from Pax West, featuring some of the #ttrpg things I saw. The Larian studios booth was cool, loved the Acquisition’s incorporated show, and my friends picked me up this “Root” book in an attempt to get me to run it for them haha.

A mind flayed statue in front of grassy wall. It is floating and has its hand outstretched. It has long tentacles on its face.
Six people playing dungeons and dragons in costume on stage. There is a big  acquisitions incorporated logo on the front. A screen behind them shows a scene of a forest.
A photo of a woman posing with two actors that are dressed as Baulders gate three characters. One is dressed as Lae’zel and the other as Astarian.
A photo of a book that says Root core book. There are anthropomorphic animals on the cover.
3 weeks ago

#PAXWest was excellent. Played a bunch of very cool games, hung out with my internet friends, and ate homemade Russian street pies!

Everyone had a great time. We'll be back next year with a larger group!

The Tech Owl
3 weeks ago

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend! I've enjoyed it since there were videos of Glamrock Freddy and OG Freddy being at #PaxWest! #fnaf #fivenightsatfreddys #gaming #cosplay

Megan Fox
3 weeks ago

Hey, so a trans friend of mine (not a dude) got told to use the men's at the recent #PAXWest, by venue staff, and- what the fuck?

Also speakers getting mis-gendered apparently?

Is PAX regressing? This used to all be not a thing, really?

3 weeks ago

Alright. #paxwest is over so I can once again remove the social media service previously known as twitter from my phone.

3 weeks ago

So apparently the Tabletop area at #PaxWest is kind of hidden, making it hard for casual con-goers to discover. 😭
But today is the last day to peruse the tabletop games and find your new favorite game, that even grandma and your little nephew can enjoy!

Seek out the treasures hidden in Summit Hall, across from the Paramount Theater, where you can find the Tabletop Co-op at Booth 89, and get your grubby hands on your very own copy of FlapJack Flipout!

#Tabletop #pax #IndieGame #TabletopGames

Game cover w/pancakes, menu, & skillet
Tim Ellis 🦝
3 weeks ago

Finally got my @playdate. It's a little bigger than I expected though! 😏 #PAX #PAXWest #playdate

Photo of a man using a giant playdate game console (it's really just a TV inside a mock playdate). The console has a crank on the side.
4 weeks ago

Last day at #paxwest

Someone playing Oregon Trail on an old Macintosh at PAX

#PAXWest #retrogaming

Someone playing Oregon Trail on an old Macintosh at PAX
The Daily Juice
4 weeks ago

Yoshi-P confirmed in an interview at PAX West that Final Fantasy XVI will be receiving a PC port along with 2 paid DLCs.

#finalfantasyxvi #ff16 #finalfantasy16 #paxwest #squareenix

Lookee what someone gave me today at PAX West/Nintendo Live today as a tip :shiba_excited: :shiba_love:

I like being able to afford food and bills, but tips like this are so nice :espeon_love:

3 days down, 1 to go. I hope you all sleep well so we can all enjoy tomorrow to the fullest. I'll be around playing my violin~

#Musician #Violinist #Seattle #PAXWest #PAXWest2023 #NintendoLive

A pin of Mario rinning with rainbow sparkles behind him with text on top reading, "Nintendo Live 2023 Seattle"
Tim Ellis 🦝
4 weeks ago

Some liminal spaces at the new Seattle Convention Center "Summit" building. #liminalspaces #Seattle #PAX #PAXWest

A large empty stairwell inside a convention center.
A large, featureless hallway, devoid of any people. Concrete floor. White wall on the left, concrete wall on the right.
A set of three escalators in a large convention center, without any people. To the right are large floor-to-ceiling windows looking out on the city at night.
4 weeks ago

I went to #PAXWest and #NintendoLive this weekend and y'all I was thriving it was so much fun 😭 I also got so many compliments for my ditto cardigan which made how hot it was to wear worth it lmao

My partner and I posing with costume actors of Tom nook and Isabelle at the animal crossing photo op in Nintendo live
4 weeks ago

The folks at @playdate where kind enough to talk about their SDK… despite my son trying to play the dev unit. Pulp is pretty interesting and looking forward to experimenting with it. #PAXWest #playdate

4 weeks ago

It wasn’t until I visited the @playdate that it finally hit me. This great handheld was made by my favorite SFTP app on Mac. #PAXWest #playdate

Giant display handheld console at PAX West 2023.
Panic booth with games like Arco, Time Flies, and Thank Goodness You’re Here at PAX West 2023.
Booth info panel describing the company Panic with some nicely added humor.
4 weeks ago

I went to #PAXwest for the first time yesterday!​ Saw a lot of cool games! The most exciting one for me is Fae Farm. Love the cozy and fairy aesthetics and can't wait to play it with my friends. I also bought a cute purple cat dice set and a couple of cat themed TeeTurtle shirts (yes I love cats :neocat:​)

PAX West badge
Andy Baio
4 weeks ago

How about a thread of indie videogames at #PAXWest that caught my eye? Let’s start with the obvious: every single game at @panic’s booth is great. The British slapstick Thank Goodness You’re Here!, the monochrome life-of-a-housefly simulator Time Flies, the gorgeous musical food toy Nour, nostalgic Ecuadorian playground soccer narrative Despelote… Not to mention all the Playdate games, which had a constant queue of eager fans. My best of show, easily.

4 weeks ago

It was the recipient of the Major Fun Award (which is kind of a Big Deal) and featured in…Popular Mechanics??!! (I don’t know; I wasn’t really paying attention on that one.)

I have it on good authority that there are limited copies available, so get it before it’s sold out!

#PaxWest #Tabletop #TabletopGames #PAX #PartyGames #PopularMechanics #MajorFunAward #FunForAllAges #IndieGame #IndieGame #ADHD

4 weeks ago

So #PaxWest is nearly halfway over. Have you had a chance to visit the Tabletop games in Summit Hall, across from the Paramount Theater?
It’s where my favorite game, FlapJack Flipout is available to play and buy, in the Tabletop Co-op Booth 89.

You’re a short order cook vying for a job at the local diner. Best your opponents with your superior pancake-flipping skills and ability to keep all your orders straight. It’s fast-paced & perfect for parties.

#TabletopGames #Tabletop #PAX #PartyGames

Art design showing pancakes, skillet & menu

You're not supposed to be allowed into the Bring Your Own PC area unless you have a seperate badge for it, but I sweet-talked one of the enforcers to escort me in to get pics of these incredible custom build PCs!


Lots of copper pipes and glow, I don't even know how to describe this one, I'm sorry!
Bubbling liquid everywhere with tubes sticking straight up and glowing green
The bubbling liquid one again but glowing blue to demonstrate its changing colour

Reminder for #PIGSquad folks at #PaxWest - meet up with us at 5:15 outside the Seattle Indies Expo! We'll take the group photo around 5:30.

If you're not a "regular" or are merely PIGSquad-curious, you're welcome to join us! No Pax badge required.

This giant wooden novelty gameboy with an LED display was playable! Most people found it super awkward but I actually got pretty far! The challenge was that the closer you got to the screen the harder it was to be able to see it properly.

#retrogames #paxwest

The giant gameboy with the Super Mario Bros DX overworld on the LED screen
A pic of someone playing it to help convey the size of the unit
💖 Kino 💖
4 weeks ago

Friday and Saturday were fun at #PAXWest!

There were more indie booths than I remember seeing before. I didn’t see as many visual novels as previous years, anyone else? One visual novel that I tried that I liked a lot was Sucker For Love, where I believe we can romance some eldritch type gods. Another fun game was Time Flies, which is where you are a fly and you 70 seconds to live and you must choose what you do before you die. #IndieGame

A purple and green sign at a booth that says Sucker For Love with a sub title of Date to Die For. There’s a monitor on the sign that shows the demo was complete. The monitor text reads “Thanks for playing! Coming soon”. There’s a hopeful and sparkly anime illustration underneath the monitor.
A large sign reads “Time Flies” in stark black and white with a lot of white space. The main character, a fly, is near the title text. The art style is thin, pixels black lines. The bottom of the image is the back of two convention goers heads who are playing the game on monitors in front of them.
AggroChat Podcast
4 weeks ago

Hey Folks! We are down a Grace this week and Bel apparently can't read numbers.

This week we discuss:
-- #GoodbyeVolcanoHigh
-- #PAX West 2023
-- #Starfield first impressions
-- #ArmoredCore6 credit roll and final thoughts.

AggroChat #448 - NASApunk Adventures

#VideoGames #Games #RPG #OpenWorld #Bethesda #FromSoft #PAXWest #Fallout #Skyrim #AggroChat #Podcast

jello ツ
4 weeks ago

‘Bloodlines 2’ now being developed by The Chinese Room* seems like good and, if not bad, at least weird news. The worlds and writing in their previous games are great, but will they tone down the game from action RPG to something TCR are more familiar with? Otherwise this might go horribly wrong, still.

* And a lot of staff from other Sumo Digital studios, I presume, because it doesn’t make sense otherwise.

#VampireTheMasquerade #VtM #Bloodlines2 #PaxWest

Huh, #Bloodlines2 still has un-life in it? Now due in Fall 2024 after a new studio took the helm? #PAXWest

The Art of Nintendo Power exhibit at #PAXwest was super neat!

That's an actual oil on canvas Castlevania that was done for the cover!


A lineup of art displays, Zelda 2 is most visible closest to the camera
The Line Art used for Mario Kart displayed around the cover it was used for
Framed oil-on-canvas of Simon Belmont swinging though Castlevania with his whip
mark burge
4 weeks ago

Hello there #PAXwest

The Pokémon booth at pax west 2023
The Faefarm booth at pax west- made to look like a  rural farm setting.
Tim Ellis 🦝
4 weeks ago

Today at PAX I will be Trapanicus the black and grey, wizard of forest, suburb, and city.

Master of rot and refuse, dexterous prowler of the night, distributor of chaos, champion of the alley behind your house. #PAX #PAXWest #wizard

Photo of a man in a black & silver wizard robe, wearing a raccoon mask,holding a wooden staff, standing next to a Moai.
Close-up photo of the top of the Raccoon wizard's staff, showing a tiny raccoon coming out of a grey trash bin.

Saw a ton of cool stuff at #paxWest yesterday, but my favorite moment was when I stumbled through the veil and spent untold centuries wandering the space between universes

A large, featureless section of convention center. White walls, concrete floor, absolutely no signage or human beings

So many cool things from my first day at #PAXwest yesterday.
I got to play the new Yakuza/Like A Dragon game that's coming out in November,
I got to see the new Atari 2600+,
I got to play a PlayDate!

Title screen from Like A Dragon Gaiden (formerly known as the Yakuza franchise)
The PlayDate handheld game system
The upcoming Atari 2600+
Jakub @ Unbound Creations
1 month ago

Are you at #PAX ?

Come to our booth in Summit hall, in the PAX Rising section (#2225). Our #IndieGame will literally blow you away!


Andy Baio
1 month ago

Mega64 20th Anniversary panel at #PAXWest! I love these weirdos.

Rocco Botte and Derrick Acosta from Mega64 speaking in front of an audience at PAX West 2023
Andy Baio
1 month ago

Nearly forgot to mention: it's not official #PAXWest programming, but Mega Ran and @mc_frontalot are playing at Vera Project tonight for Ran's bday. Great performers, always a nerdcore blast, highly recommended.

Mega Ran B-Day Bash with MC Frontalot, Richie Branson, Shubzilla x Bill Beats. September 1, 7pm at The Vera Project
Albino From About
1 month ago

Day one of #PAXWest has me feeling like:

Tim Ellis 🦝
1 month ago

Time for my annual "pester @AsherVo about Close Castles" post. You make it to #PAXwest this year, Asher?

Photo of a PAX West 2023 4-Day badge with a small pin on it from a game called "Close Castles"
1 month ago

@LoadingReadyRun If you're at #PAXWest this weekend, LoadingReadyRun has a bunch of this new hoodie design on hand, in a huge range of sizes, and they will happily engage in commerce to get one into your hands.

If you're ordering online, and your size is sold out, leave your email for a restock alert. After #PAX, the unsold merch will get shipped back to the warehouse, and within a couple weeks, it should be added back into stock for the webstore.

1 month ago

Speaking of things that are happening again (already?!):

Today is Day 1 of #PaxWest and you can buy my favorite indie tabletop game, FlapJack Flipout! It's a fast-paced dexterity/memory game that's fun for all ages and a great ice breaker game at family gatherings and parties.

Check it out in the Summit Tabletop/Flex Hall, booth TT89, where the Tabletop Co-op is representing all sorts of fun indie #TabletopGames

Gif of Bill Murray and two random guys in a car as they are being pulled over for reckless driving. Text below quotes Bill Murray saying, "Too early for flapjacks?"
1 month ago

Hello #paxwest

1 month ago

Landed in #Seattle for # #PAXWest. Took one step out of the airport, it started raining. 😄 #PAXWest23

Also yeah I’ll be posting a lot but will endeavor to make them, like, good.

For anyone up in Seattle who wants to see me live, I'll be playing around PAX West this coming weekend for as long as my body will last each day~ :shiba_excited:​ :espeon_love:​

#Music #Musician #LiveMusic #Violin #Violinist #PAX #PAXWest #Seattle #VGM

Andy Baio
1 month ago

If you’re at #PAXWest this weekend, @ami is playtesting her next game on Sunday and will be on an indie tabletop panel Monday! (I’ll just be hanging around playing videogames, so suggestions for stuff to play/see welcome!)

Promo flyer for Pink Tiger Games at PAX West in Seattle. Sunday 2-5pm, Ami will be playtesting her next game on Summit Level 3 in the Unpub area. Monday 11am-12pm, she’ll be speaking on the “Self-Publish or Find Publishing for Tabletop” panel in the Blue Morpho Theater
1 month ago

I e been to plenty of (comic) cons, but #PAXWest will be my first game centric con.

Yes, I’ve seen all the horrible accounts of bad hygiene. But it sure is… something to see most “how to PAX!” guides either open or include “fucking shower you degenerates.” Like, seriously. #PAX #PAXWest23

Jacob Burgess
1 month ago

Am I going to see you at #PAXWest?

2 months ago

I should post that I'll be at #PAXWest2023 #paxwest if you are a #indiedev showing a game..

Hit me up :)

6 months ago

I want to attend a #PAX next year, need to save for it. Hope to take Amtrak from Chicago, but might fly, we'll see. I love trains.

Saw some posts in r/PAX that #PAXEast leans a little more towards indie games—which would be my preference—while #PAXWest leans a little more AAA. Does that seem right?

However, I have friends in Seattle, so West could be much cheaper. What else should I know about while planning (been to a lot of comiccons, but not a gaming con)? Tips? Experiences?
10 months ago

We first met Zach Barth at #PAXWest in 2012 when he was pitching his new #indiegame release #IroncladTactics

A decade later as he hangs up his #indiegamedev hat his complex challenging works - what some might call music for musicians have earned their own genre name: "Zachlikes"

Today #IGR look at #TheLastBBS a collection of amazingly tricky and loveable nostalgic minigames from #Zachtronics bundled up with metanarrative glue and gosh darn we liked it.

As told by @infinitywaltz

#gamereviews #videogames

Coty Beasley
4 years ago

Are game publishers basically VCs? 🤔


Coty Beasley
4 years ago

Folks, is going to be big.

#PAXWest #stadia

Ian D. Horner
4 years ago

Just finished exporting the clips for this #PAXWest Late Night Dub Fight, and I am *very* excited to see how our cast deals with this profoundly weird lineup.