Unser für November angekündigtes Buch von @lars_amenda über die Geschichte von Paris-Brest-Paris ... müssen wir leider verschieben. Es wird voraussichtlich im März 2024 erscheinen.

#PBP #ParisBrestParis #Sportgeschichte #Fahrradgeschichte

Ein Stapel Flyer mit dem Buchcover in blau-weiß-rot und einer historischen Zeichnung eines Fahrers in der Mitte, sowie dem Buchtitel
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
2 weeks ago

Monday in Dublin. Be there!

With Workers.
Against Racism.

#DublinRiots #Dublin #Ireland #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #AntiRacism #Antifascism

With workers.
Against racism.
Solidarity protest called by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions after last night's riots in Dublin.
Monday - 27 November - 1pm - The GPO
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
2 weeks ago

People Before Profit statement on last night's riots.

We send our full solidarity to the families and all those affected at Gaelscoil Choláiste Mhuire. And we stand resolutely against those seeking to exploit this tragedy to spread hate.


#DublinRiots #Dublin #Ireland #FarRight #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP

Cynical Manoeuvres by the Far Right.
People Before Profit.
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
2 weeks ago

This evening members of PBP Galway held a couple BDS actions in Galway.

We first attempted to enter Re/Max on Eyre Square in Galway to hand them a letter demanding they cease their selling of property in illegal occupied Palestinian land to Israeli settlers. But unexpectedly they had closed early today. So we stood in front of their location in protest instead. We will be back.


#Palestine #FreePalestine #BDS #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP

People Before Profit Galway activists standing outside Ré/Max on Eyre Square with Palestine flags
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
4 weeks ago

A full room in Áras na nGael for People Before Profit Galway public meeting on Palestine. Palestinian human rights activist & legal researcher Ramez Hayek gave a great talk on the history of Palestine and the occupation from Israel over the last 75 years.

#FreePalestine #Galway #Ireland #Gaza #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP

Adrian Curran talking to a full room in Áras na nGael for a public meeting on Palestine
A full room in Áras na nGael for a public meeting on Palestine
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
4 weeks ago

Repost from Adrian Curran on Twitter:

We had a packed People Before Profit Galway meeting last night.

Palestinian human rights activist & legal researcher Ramez Hayek gave an excellent presentation about the historic context of the horrors we're currently witnessing. Israel's ethnic cleansing & apartheid have been ongoing for 75 yrs.


#Palestine #Gaza #Galway #Ireland #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP

A full room in Áras na nGael for the public meeting on Palestine
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
1 month ago

We have a public meeting on tomorrow in Galway, with Palestinian human rights activist and legal researcher Ramez Hayek and Adrian Curran from People Before Profit in Galway

We'll be covering the historic context, the current situation, and what we can do locally as part of the global movement of solidarity for Palestine.

#Palestine #Galway #Ireland #Gaza #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP

Stop Israeli Oppression. Irish neutrality and anti-colonialism. Public meeting. Áras na nGael, 45 Dominick Street, Galway. Friday 10th November at 6:30pm. Hosted by People Before Profit.
Stefan Klar :beuel:
1 month ago

Für die #fahrradbubble in #Bonn :
Erfahrungsbericht #pbp2023

Wann: Dienstag, 21.11.2023, 19:30 Uhr
Wo: Laufladen Bonn; Bonngasse 13a, 53111 #bonn

Was ist ein #brevet?
Historie/Charakter/Unterschied zu Rennen
Audax #randonneurs Allemagne (ARA)
Termine/Strecken 2024
Geschichte und Charakter von #pbp
Vorbereitung, Training, Qualifikation
Erfahrungsbericht und Lektionen. Meldet euch bei Interesse unbedingt über den Link an, es gibt nur begrenzte Plätze.

Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Repost from People Before Profit on twitter:

Leo Varadkar, Micheál Martin - are you listening?

The Irish Government should take a proper stand against Israeli war crimes. Expelling the Israeli ambassador would be a start.

#palestine #gazaunderattack #ireland #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #FreePalestine

Colombia to Expel Israeli Ambassador - BREAKING
Ireland must be next!
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
2 months ago

My letter in the Galway City Tribune: Uisce Éireann should deliver safe water, not profits.

The company recorded operating profits of €250 million in 2022, and then consistently fails to invest in adequate wastewater treatment in Galway.

This directly affects the building of homes in the midst of a housing crisis.

#Galway #HousingCrisis #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP

Letter in the Galway City Tribune
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Conor Burke and I tried to get down to Galway City Library as soon as we heard far-right agitators were there to spread their hate. But they only stopped in for a photo op and left before we could confront them. Far-right fascists are not welcome in Galway.
#Galway #antifascist #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #SocialistParty

Video of Conor Burke and Denman Rooke in front of Galway City Library
The Women All Ride
2 months ago

@cbollert @detektorfm @mastobikes_de @fedibikes_de

Nicole Kraus, die zu #PBP spricht, war übrigens auch schon mal #AllRidewith bei uns im Blog - tolle Frau 💜

cbollert :dfm:
2 months ago

Die neue Antritt-Ausgabe ist da. Gerolf ist zurück und wir sprechen mit Jens vom TOUR Magazin über den vermutlich größten Rückruf in der Fahrradgeschichte, die Millionen Rennradkurbeln von #Shimano. Außerdem berichtet Nicole von ihrem #parisbrestparis. Seit heute in eurer Lieblingspodcast-App und natürlich von @detektorfm.

#fahrrad #podcast #antritt #pbp #brevet

cc @mastobikes_de @fedibikes_de

Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
2 months ago

Repost from pb4p on Twitter:
Like Darragh Adelaide says, far right grifters want to direct your anger away from the super rich and their Government pals and onto minorities. Ná lig dóibh.

📣 Join the cost of living and housing demonstration called by Cost Of Living Coalition Ireland.

📍Oct 7, Parnell Square Dublin, 1pm

#CostOfLivingCrisis #CostOfLivingIreland #Clondalkin #HousingForAll #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #IrelandForAll #RefugeesWelcome #FáilteRoimhTheifigh #gaeilge #Gaeilgeoir

Stefan Klar :beuel:
2 months ago

Ganz vergessen: am 23.09. war Saison Abschluss mit einem 200 Kilometer #brevet beim ARA Rheinland.
Sehr gut angekommen ist unser neuer Startort, die UNI Sportanlagen auf dem Venusberg in #bonn und die neue Strecke.
Wir freuen uns schon auf viele schöne Kilometer in 2024!
#Rennrad #pbp

Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
3 months ago

Last week I, along with Richard Boyd Barrett TD and others, had the pleasure of joining Andrew Mannion for his local election campaign launch as a People Before Profit representative in Ballinasloe.

Andrew is a great example of the young trade union spirit we need today. He was instrumental in organising workers in Ballinasloe Corrib Oil this past year and will no doubt continue leading that struggle for workers in our county council.

#PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #Galway #EcoSocialism #JoinAUnion

From left to right: Kieran Allen, Andrew Mannion, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, and Denman Rooke.
Denman Rooke, Andrew Mannion, and Maisie McMaster standing on a picket line at Ballinasloe Corrib Oil.
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
3 months ago

Hey Galway folks! In case you weren't aware, I'm running for Galway City Council next year.

This table quiz fundraiser is on next week!
Come on down and support your local eco-socialists!

If you'd also like to donate a prize to the pool, let me know
#Barbenheimer #PBP #Galway

L'Osservatorio Esteri
3 months ago

#Sondaggi #Irlanda
Sondaggio di Red C:

#SF|LEFT: 31% (+2)
#FG|EPP: 21% (-1)
#FF|RE: 16%
#SD|Centro-sinistra: 4%
#GP|G/EFA: 4%
#LAB|S&D: 4% (-1)
#PBP-#S|LEFT: 3%
#Aontú|Nazionalisti conservatori: 3% (+1)

Data rilevazione: 7-12 settembre
+/-: agosto

Intervistati: 1019


Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
3 months ago

Hey folks! We're running our first fundraiser for our local election campaign in 2024.

Let's get eco-socialists elected in City Council to stand up for ordinary working people, stands against landlordism, & properly fights for our climate that tackles our emissions. Let's elect People Before Profit.

Help get Socialists onto the Council!

€5 per person / €20 per table. Raffle and prizes on the night!

⏰ 7pm, Thursday Sep 28th
📍 The Sliding Rock, Newcastle

#PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #Galway

Barbenheimer table quiz & raffle at the Sliding Rock. 7pm Thursday 28th of September. €5 per person / €20 per table. Fundraiser for People Before Profit in Galway local elections 2024. Let's put socialists in Galway City Council to stand up for working people.
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
3 months ago

Repost from People Before Profit University of Galway:

We're set up at Socs Day in the Bailey Allen today. Great buzz around the place and loads of interest in ecosocialist politics on campus.

#PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #EcoSocialism #Socialism

4 People Before Profit activist at a table at University of Galway's Socs Day.

Heute vor 132 Jahren startete die Erstausgabe des Radrennens Paris-Brest-Paris über damals unvorstellbare 1196 km. Der französische Profi Charles Terront gewann mit einer Zeit von 71 Stunden, auf Schlaf verzichtete er. Das Rennen löste einen riesigen Fahrrad- und Radsportboom aus.

Kurzer Text von Drew Buch (auf Englisch):

#PBP #ParisBrestParis #Paris #CharlesTerront #otd

Stefan Klar :beuel:
3 months ago

ARA Nordbayern nimmt noch bis zum 30. September 2023 Bestellungen für Trikots entgegen:

Fahrrad Trikot ARA
Lars Amenda
3 months ago

Noch einmal Drew Buck und PBP: 2011 nahm er auf einem Peugeot aus dem Jahr 1900 mit entsprechender Kleidung teil. Und kam auch noch rechtzeitig ins Ziel.

Hier ein Blog-Post von 2013:

#PBP #ParisBrestParis #HistorischeFahrräder #DrewBuck #CyclingHistory

Lars Amenda
3 months ago

Bei PBP sind bereits mehrfach Teilnehmer:innen auf historischen Rädern gestartet. Der Engländer Drew Buck fuhr 2007 als bretonischer Zwiebelverkäufer (mit künstlichen Zwiebeln) auf einer RetroDirecte mit zwei Gängen. Für den kleinen Gang muss man rückwärts treten: "It's like a Michael Jackson moonwalk, you feel like you're going backwards while you're going forwards".

BBC-Artikel von 2013:

#ParisBrestParis #PBP #Fahrradgeschichte #HistorischeFahrräder #CyclingHistory

Lars Amenda
3 months ago

@bueltge Zu sehen ist Alberto Padavani (Italien) auf einem historischen Rad und im Wolltrikot. Leider hat er es nicht ins Ziel geschafft, aber mit einem solchen alten Eingangrad auf der hügeligen Strecke ist es auch bretthart.
#PBP #ParisBrestParis #PBP2023 #HistorischeFahrräder

Aurevoir #pbp

Tucker Teague
3 months ago

An American sets a new record for the #PBP. Of course, I can’t help but help but have a slightly cynical smile when I read about the French wondering who this American is and how is he riding so fast? 😜

Paris-Brest-Paris: Nick DeHaan wins, breaks the modern record time
#ParisBrestParis #cycling #France

Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
3 months ago

Repost from Adrian Curran on Twitter:

We were out around Inishannagh Park, Cluainín, Greenview Heights and Cuar Na Lus last night talking with residents. We met a lot of people who are angry and frustrated with the housing and cost of living crisis.

#PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP #EcoSocialism #EcoSocialist #Galway

Four People Before Profit Galway activists holding newsletters
3 months ago

@mkpaa I admire that you have the strength for #PBP so soon after the #TCRNo9! 😮

Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
4 months ago

People Before Profit Galway welcomes cancellation of plans for Tynagh gas plant

"Denman Rooke, candidate for Galway City East, said the science behind addressing future climate change shows us that we have to leave a majority of known fossil fuel reserves in the ground."

#PeopleBeforeProfit #PlanetBeforeProfit #PBP #EcoSocialism #ClimateAction #Galway

Multiple climate activists including People Before Profit members stand in protest outside a power plant in Tynagh, County Galway with signs. The signs read "Renewables now. No new gas", "No me gas plant", "Stop fossil fuels", "Only fools push fossil fuels", "No new fossil fuel plants", "Stop burning our future", and "Just transition for workers".
Henning Wötzel-Herber
4 months ago

Last maintenance for #parisbrestparis is done. Still not sure if I really should carry a rainjacket. But it might be useful for sleeping at the roadside in the middle of the night. Even at a low of 15 decrees Celsius. #pbp #pbp23 #x197

Lars Amenda
4 months ago

Die offizielle PBP-Website ist gerade down
Es gibt wohl ein wenig Interesse.

#PBP #ParisBrestParis #PBP2023


Sunrise riding East. After a few weeks when the bikeshed studios has been given over to print making, it’s nice to get back to pastelling. This is a quick ‘palette finder’ for a new PBP themed painting, #PBP #cycling

Cyclists  riding into a beautiful sunrise
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
4 months ago

We were out front of the Mervue shops today with a petition to save our Mervue bus stop.

The BusConnects plan seems to want to remove this stop to make it more profitable for a private operator to take on.

This is outrageous. Our public services should serve the community not private company profit.

The Mervue community is outraged at this decision and we will keep on raising this to the planners and the council until it's changed.

#Mervue #Galway #PublicTransport #PeopleBeforeProfit #PBP

Two People Before Profit activists behind a table in front of the Mervue shops. A sign reads "Save Our Mervue Bus Stop"
Tucker Teague
5 months ago

🚴🚴 🚴🚴 🚴🚴 🚴🚴
The Paris-Brest-Paris ride is one I've thought about for years. I'm so out of riding shape and getting older every year that I doubt I will ever get a chance but, maybe, someday, who knows.

If you've never heard of it, see the link below. I think it's one of the most amazing events I've ever heard of.
#cycling #bicycle #bicycling #randonneur #randonneuse #randonneuring #France #Paris #PBP

R. L. Dane
5 months ago


Ah, ok. I think that's about how long my #PBP #PinebookPro took, but that was a couple years ago, so I didn't remember well enough to be sure.

On par for shipping from Asia to the US.

I think I'll go ahead and order one, and try to use my current one. I hope some tinning compound will make it work better. It was a real pain. Also, my solder is thick enough to flow into large components like the DC barrel jack easily, but way too globby for things like normal resistors and caps

Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
6 months ago

I'll be joining other anti-war & pro-neutrality activists on Friday to protest the farce that is the govt's forum on security. This is a pro-NATO, pro-military stacked meeting with the sole purpose of dictating to the public that our long-standing neutrality must be removed.

#SntiWar #Neutrality #Peace #PBP #PeopleBeforeProfit #Socialism #EcoSocialism #Galway

R. L. Dane
8 months ago

@benjaminhollon @sotolf

Sorry, didn't feel like firing up Firefox on my #PBP. What's an AE?

Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
9 months ago

Galway Bay fm had me on briefly to chat about cycling and active travel safety concerns around the new Dublin Road BusConnects plans.

People Before Profit Galway welcomes a further application to the Dublin Road BusConnects, with the caveat that pedestrians, wheelchair users, and cyclists are provided for first and foremost.

#Cycling #CyclingSafety #PublicTransport #PBP #PeopleBeforeProfit #PeopleBeforeCars #EcoSocialism

Picture of Denman Rooke on the top left. To the right the text reads "People Before Profit Galway City East Rep on Galway Bay fm"
Denman Rooke 🇵🇸
10 months ago

Today I joined protestors at UHG expressing their outrage over the overcrowding in our hospitals. Let's be clear, this is because of govt policy of underfunding and understaffing our public hospital system to make it attractive for the private system to come in to "save" it.

As someone who spent a good portion of their 20s in the States avoiding healthcare due to the fear of immense debt, trust me when I say a private healthcare system is a failed healthcare system.

#PBP #Socialism

Galway City East rep for People Before Profit, Denman Rooke, stands with protestors at University Hospital Galway protesting the overcrowding of the hospitals in Ireland.

I dreamed I was sending post cards back and forth with a friend in fairyland and put together a play-by-post game in a fury today. The "cross it out" idea was inspired by WW1 British hospital postcards. #larp #ttrpg #pbp

Sample post cards from a fairyland correspondence game.
PresGas - RPG and Left Nerd
1 year ago

#introduction Hello! I am a #sysadmin for #linux systems and interested in #privacy #federation and #horizontalism (in an organizational/political sense). With a sprinkle of #psychology and #philosophy thrown in.

I am an #OSR gamer and run one #OSRIC based game in meatspace and one #1e #PbP.

My actual system is base OSRIC with some "secret sauce" OSR bits thrown in. Rounding out with a sprinkle of #Dragonsfoot Footprints articles and my own houserules wiki.

R. L. Dane
2 years ago

I think I read about it on the forum for the #PBP a couple years back. Did some sleuthing in #DDG and found it right away.

And boy, it's slow. Even dear struggles a little. :ac_laughter:

But uxn is still instantaneous, at least for my wee little day one sample programs (h.. e... l... l... o, egad, this is real work! lol)

(I know it gets better ^__^)

2 years ago

@adamd was just checking on a nightly build of plasma, the answer is still kinda none based on whats offered by the distro. hexchat works on landscape but no keyboard. srain does nothing. Konversation kinda works OK if you toggle between portrait to type and landscape to read.

hex is great on teh #pbp manjaro though so maybe one day

3 years ago

#pine amigos. anyone have a recent pbp usb-c dock with bad video? the forums are pretty sparse.

doesn't seem to wake up even on devices other than #pbp. tried 3 machines and 4 screens. @PINE64

usb and kind of ethernet work in only one usb-c plug orientation, hdmi works in neither

Manjaro ARM :manjaro:
3 years ago

We know you have been waiting patiently, but the wait is finally over.

Manjaro ARM 21.04 has just been released, with a slew of new images for your devices!


3 years ago

And here we have gta5 on the #pbp ! On the pbp! The flatpak arch64 of #moonlight is solid. #pinebookpro

Gta5 on the pinebook pro using moonlight. Solid fun.
dnkl :emacs:
3 years ago

Any #pbp users here running plain Arch (not Manjaro) that has working hardware accelerated video decoding/playing?

4 years ago

Dropping out of a play-by-post #ttrpg I was otherwise enjoying because the GM can't or won't curb another player who's consistently snide and sometimes nasty in their posts. It's just not fun for me.


#pbp #rpg #dnd

4 years ago
Changement de chambre à air