14 hours ago

@anaerin Thank you! This makes 3 options I have so far. The Fediverse is a wonderful place. I never expected this sort of response. thank you all

#TTRPG #Map #Maps #3DPrinting #blind #JPG #PDF #TactileMap #TextDescription #AltText

22 hours ago

As a #blind GM the bane of my existence when preparing for my #TTRPG of choice is figuring out the #map. Does anyone know of any resources out there that would allow me to take a visual map on a #jPG of #PDF and turn it into a #tactileMap or a #textDescription. I would gladly accept something like #altText but in great detail. I am also open to suggestions for alternative methods. I've run into this with quite a number of games. Boosts are welcome and hoped for. #mapConversion #3DPrinting #embossing

Evaristo Ramos ✍️
2 days ago

Bom dia! Depois de algum tempo eis que...

Aturá Camuirá - A Olho da Morte #03

E finalmente o nosso protagonista e Célia se encontram, o que vai resultar disso? Agora que sabemos que ele deseja a flauta, será que ele apenas irá pegar e ir embora? E Célia, como reagirá? Descubra lendo o capítulo "Tsunami", terceiro de Aturá Camuirá!

Lembrando que todo feedback é bem vindo e que estarei publicando páginas semanalmente no blog, ok? Ah! E se puder compartilhe em suas redes sociais ou onde mais quiser, isso me ajuda bastante também!

📕 PDF no Archive:

📕 PDF no Google Drive:

📖 Issuu:

📃 Blog:

Lembrando que aquele retoot é bem vindo também, assim como seu feedback!

#quadrinhos #comics #historiaemquadrinhos #hqbr #webcomic #pdf #pdfgratis #gratis #quadrinhoonline #online #leitura #livro #ebook @comics

2 days ago

For a client project I had been given individual PDFs whereas the project requires a single, multi-page #PDF. I wasn't sure what the best way was to combine multiple PDFs into one under #Linux, I hadn't run into this issue in years.

A quick search showed `pdfunite` as a recommended tool, as it might even be pre-installed on your system. I checked my #Fedora #Silverblue install and, yep, it's there. One command later and I've got my combined PDF, no sweat.

Linux is just so awesome.


Screenshot of part of the `pdfunite` man page, shown in a GNOME terminal window.

Pregunta para gente que use #ios:

Busco un buen lector de #pdf y de #epub (no tienen porque ser la misma app), ¿podéis recomendarme alguno?

No me importa pagar, pero no quiero suscripciones.

Guardar #PDF en la base de datos en una columna de texto, convertidos a #base64

Jan :rust: :ferris:
3 days ago

@liv The following might be overkill for you, but here is it anyway 🙂

#gotenberg | A developer-friendly API for converting numerous document formats into PDF files, and more!

You can self-host it in a docker container and use the exposed API to e.g. convert #HTML to #PDF

#Converter #FileFormat

Carsten Raddatz
3 days ago

Migrating away from diigo: handling PDF files. sync-diigo-to-folder (Github), no dice

4 days ago

New #weather #bot feature (when I can make it happen): now pushing any #PDF weather briefings that appear, when I can determine where they live. @nwswakefieldva_bot just picked up a new one! #WX #VAwx #NWS

Bot picking up Weekend Storm System briefing from NWS Wakefield VA
4 days ago

Liebe Universitätscommunity, hat jemand zugriff auf dieses #PDF und könnte mir das zukommen lassen?

#medibubble #science #wissenschaft #piracy #ICanHazPDF

4 days ago

#WEB 上の #PDF のファイルで外国語で書かれた文章を日本語に翻訳して読みたい場合、どうするか、色々やってみた。

#DeepL でも PDF は扱えるが、無料枠の範囲である必要がある。

Microsoft 365 Personal で word が使えるので、 PDF ファイルを読み込み、一旦wordファイルとして、翻訳させると、翻訳できるので、この方法が使えることを確認した。

 #Google翻訳 も PDF は扱えるのでやってみたが、ずっと翻訳中になり、途中で止め止めた。


5 days ago

How do I add a signature to a pdf file on Ubuntu 22.04? #2204 #pdf

BRN 123
5 days ago

The International Student Edition is exactly the same as the North American/USA version.

Biology 13E

Read more 👉

#Science #PDF

Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
5 days ago

setting up a new Mac (or just hate that printing to PDF takes precisely 73,815 mouse clicks)? must-have feature: Command-P-P to print PDFs from the keyboard:,the%20Save%20as%20PDF%20menu. #macOS #PDF

Daniel, sehr müde.
5 days ago

Anybody else who runs into troubles importing #epub or #pdf (both without #DRM) on their #ReMarkable2 via Browser-Interface on Linux (Debian / PureOS with latest Firefox, all addons deactivated)? Interface says "File format not supported".

Import via native #Windows app works fine.

:rss: 窓の杜
5 days ago

#forest_watch_impress #PDF #VLC_media_player #Adobe_Acrobat #CubePDF #PDF_XChange_Editor #オフィス_ドキュメント #ドキュメント #Windows #Mac #Webサービス

Choan Gálvez 🐐
6 days ago

Amiguis, entiendo que para anotar cosas leyendo #PDF en la tablet y sincronizarlas con equipos diversos #zotero es una opción razonable. Pero, ¿con qué lector de PDF para #Android lo combinaríais?

6 days ago

#Followerpower#PDF|s schwärzen. Mit welchem Programm/App mache ich das am Besten unter #Linux? Überhaupt: Womit bewältigt *Ihr* die vielen Möglichkeiten, mit denen PDF|s unter Linux bearbeitet werden können? (Das ist eine Frage an Praktiker.innen, nicht an Nerds. Denn: Ich #FrageFuerEineFreundin)

1 week ago

Tip of the day: Beyond messaging and email, #PDF is one of the most common formats for communicating information between people. In applications that support printing to #PDF — and there are many — you can print a paginated #PDF directly to #DEVONthink. #pkm #productivity #tipoftheday #workflow

1 week ago
1 week ago

Hi 👋
I'm looking for an #android app to view and especially SEARCH inside #pdf files.

Got any suggestion ? :amethyst: 🙏

Edit : found Librera 👍

Adrian Roselli
1 week ago

Firefox will be adding the ability to stuff alt text into images and annotations within PDFs.

They have just shared a Figma of the #UX specs:

If #accessibility UX is your deal, weigh in! Or if #PDF #a11y is your deal!

Contribute to the browser that is not a surveillance tool! Nor the one you are forced to use by the other trillion dollar company!

BRN 123
1 week ago

The Raven & Johnson's Biology, 13th Edition (PDF) author team is committed to continually improving the text, keeping the student and learning foremost.

Read more 👉

#Science #PDF

Ⓥ Gregory Trolliet ⏚
1 week ago

Fin·ne·s connaissheureuses d'#inkscape, pourquoi lorsque j'imprime depuis le logiciel directement (document configuré en A4) les longueurs sont à peu près correctes sur mon papier, mais le document exporté en #PDF, puis imprimé depuis Firefox ou qpdfview me donne une version plus petite? Est-ce que je peux faire quelque chose pour corriger ça?

#help #design #svg #sizeMatters

Johan van der Knijff
1 week ago

A view of the European #ebook backlist - analysis of the number of ebooks on the European market from the EU-funded #ABELab project. Includes breakdowns by category and distribution file format, and shows the evolution of file formats between 2012 and 2022:

#epub #pdf #epub3

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Ho sviluppato un software #Python per rinominare file #PDF basandosi sul loro contenuto, utilizzando OCR e un file di configurazione .json. #Opensource!

2 weeks ago

Ho sviluppato un software #Python per rinominare file #PDF basandosi sul loro contenuto, utilizzando OCR e un file di configurazione .json. #Opensource!

2 weeks ago

What are your #PDF reader #software recommendations for #Windows? Adobe loses by default. Foxit has been gathering too much bloat and my final straw was them adding a ChatGPT thing for no good reason in the latest update, so I'm looking for alternatives now.

2 weeks ago

Just discovered by accident that the #Firefox #PDF viewer disagrees with rules below a thickness of (maybe?) 0.5pt, and enthickifies them when printing. Saving the document and printing from a non-browser PDF viewer seems to work as usual though.

#FeatureNotABug #WhatTheChuffinHeck

Mothgirl Radio Tower
2 weeks ago

Something on my mind that I posted to bsky but is probably more interesting here. #tech #google #pdf #browsers #chrome

Leonardo Saravia
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Mit Version 18.4. wurde in #InDesign eine Programmbibliothek aktualisiert, die für manche Dokumente zu folgendem Fehler in #PAC führt “Unexpected error: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt”. Dies hat vermutlich keine Auswirkungen auf die #PDF an sich, verhindert aber das Prüfen mit PAC. In diesem Fall empfehlen wir, das Update auf InDesign 18.4 oder 18.5 nicht durchzuführen bzw. auf die InDesign-Version 18.3 downzugraden.

Aus den axaio #MadeToTag release notes.

2 weeks ago

Evince won't open; authorization error #pdf #evince

Kevin Lossner
2 weeks ago

This public page in an online course lists some of my favorite resources for working with #regex in #translation with #memoQ, #Trados or #Phrase or solving mysterious issues with text or handling #PDF files.

The site has other public pages with book and article recommendations and free configured resources for greater productivity in memoQ.

#xl8 #l10n #TranslationStudies

icons for tools taught at the #memoQuickies Resource Camp
2 weeks ago

Search all text typed in specific "not installed" font and replace it with a specific font #libreoffice #fonts #pdf

My Actual Brain
2 weeks ago

I have a PDF that is mostly text and charts. It is readable, but it is pretty low res. I tried to extract each page as a png and use AI to upscale the image, but it did not make a difference.

Do you know of any other ways to improve the text outside of OCRMYPDF? Its like 176 pages, and I do not want to copy and paste this much text.

#pdf #linux #MachineLearning #AI
2 weeks ago

Pour créer les #PDF sur, nous utilisons le logiciel #PrinceXML, édité par le créateur de #CSS. C'est un outil très efficace et agréable à utiliser, mais non libre.

En conséquence, pour améliorer les outils libres de création de PDF dans l'avenir, cet été nous avons contribué 100 € à #DomPDF et 100 € à #WeasyPrint (développé par @courtbouillon).

On cherche aussi un⋅e développeur⋅se (payé) pour passer 1-2 jours sur DomPDF pour améliorer sa gestion de la mémoire :)


Christof Schöch
3 weeks ago

@PaolaCorti @lambo – Sounds great! – Probably not cooked according to the recipe that will be proposed here, but our first attempt at an "open textbook" on Computational Literary Studies can be found at, with the collaborative writing process described in a postscriptum, here: – Feedback very welcome! – #Zotero #Gitlab #Wiki #Markdown #Quarto #HTML #PDF

ricardo :mastodon:
3 weeks ago

Beware of #MalDoc in #PDF: A New Polyglot Attack Allowing Attackers to Evade Antivirus ⚠️

Arne Babenhauserheide
3 weeks ago

Love Country — Freiheit?

Wir haben den Fischjungen aus dem Zirkus befreit. Seine Cousins haben Schwimmhäute!

Und ich hoffe, der Prof meinte nicht ernst was er sagte. Es war ja nur ein gespielter Streit, richtig?

#Mitschrieb als #PDF:

#cthulhu #pulp #pnpde #mitschrieb

random #Linux Tip:
if you have to sign digitally many #PDF documents, then follow the next steps:
1. create a new certificate with #certutil command:
certutil -S -s "CN=[ your full name ],O= [ Business or School ],OU=[ Deparment or position ],L= [ Location ],ST=[ State ],C= [ Country code ],E= [ your email ]" -g 2048 -d sql:$HOME/.pki/nssdb -n [ new name of certificate ] -x -t "Cu,Cu,Cu" -p 405-555-5555 --email [ your email ] -m 1234
2. List the created certificate:
certutil -d sql:$HOME/.pki/nssdb -L
3. Use #Okular and go to: Settings > configure backends > PDF
4. In the section: Certificate database, choose Custom and enter this path: $HOME/.pki/nssdb
5. Apply and Restart Okular, and then you'd see the available certificate in the option of step 4 to sign digitally.

@irina @fwam Well, then I just refuse tofollow a shitty standard.

#OpenDocument works with everything and #OOXML doesn't.

I also use #PDF if I want a consistent layout or something people should just fill out like a form.


If we always oriented #tech on a shitty standard, we'd have #SquareWheels on cars because circles are harder to make accurately....

See the [allegedly Ford] quote of the "faster horses"...

@fwam @fosserytech nah.

#LibreOffice works fine.
I jist refuse to accept #OOXML bloat and expect either #PDF-Forms or #OpenDocument.

@5SpeedFun some #Xerox #WorkCentre may be good options.

You'll likely fknd something like the #6515VDNI used for way under $300 (those got sold for like €350 about 10 yrs ago new)....

They just work, eating #PostScript as well as scan/mail/fax & print to/from #PDF on USB, eMail and SMB shares...

Not to mention their drvers support everything from MS-DOS, Solairs and AIX to macOS 7 and up and OFT Windows from 95 up and Linux...

The latter one doesn't even need extra drivers, just plug & play.

3 weeks ago
c't Magazin
3 weeks ago

Thunderbird erlaubt kein Öffnen-Mit

Ich möchte, dass der Mail-Client Thunderbird PDFs mit einem externen Programm öffnet. Ich finde aber keine Option dafür.

#ctTippsundTricks #EMail #PDF #MozillaThunderbird #news

Kroc Camen
4 weeks ago

I need to split / rearrange / delete pages from a PDF and I'm pretty sure that my iMac G4 from ~2002 is the only thing capable of doing this out-of-the-box and without intermediate conversion to/from some other format; I don't think this is possible on Windows with *any* software other than Acrobat Pro. LibreOffice doesn't count because it converts, losing layout data! #mac #pdf

Steve England
4 weeks ago

Is there a decent alternative on #Mac to #Adobe Reader for filling in the #pdf forms that provides (particularly #Bristol City Council ones).

It seems to be the worse kind of #bloatware and asks me to upgrade to do simple things. (Ghostscript or Preview to the rescue most of the time)

Philip Kiff
4 weeks ago

@wtfpdf @kmur Yes, these are great: densely packed with all kinds of reference info - including lots of tables on specific things that I'm only barely starting to learn about (!). Kudos to Peter and the PDF Association.

I did notice with some disappointment that the sheets themselves are not PDF/UA compliant, which means that they aren't fully accessible to all users. Hopefully that is something they can fix in a revision. 😬
#PDFUA #PDFAssociation #PDF #Accessibility

4 weeks ago

I've reposted this news, but it is really, really neat. Free cheat sheets on the PDF format by Peter Wyatt! #pdf #PDFAssociation

Що першим ділом треба зробити з новим телефоном? Правильно, видалити або заблокувати купу передвстановленого туди лайна, після чого підключити #fdroid і поставити що треба.

Ще трошки доведеться тягнути з play, але не будемо про сумне.

Взагалі все це сумно, бо думати про новий телефон я починаю лише тоді, коли старий розвалюється в руках. І це завжди вольовий вибір між просрати гроші на це чи потерпіти ще кілька місяців-півроку-рік і потратити на щось корисніше.

З потрібного:
#k9mail (людський #email)
#conversations (#jabber/#xmpp)
#fennec (варіант #firefox)
#librerafd (читалка #pdf тощо)

1 month ago

Parallel Lexing, Parsing and Semantic Analysis on the GPU (2021) | #compilers #pdf

Hey .NET devs, what is the best/simplest way to create a pdf file today ?

I have used Rotativa/Playwright in the past, but I'd rather avoid embedding a web browser with my app if I can

#dotnet #pdf

BRN 123
1 month ago

His research has been presented at both annual and regional meetings of various professional associations including the American Academy of Accounting and Finance and the American Accounting Association.

Read more 👉


Martin Owens
1 month ago

This week's #inkscape update video is out and it's all about CMYK #PDF text!

Please continue to share these videos on all your social media locations and a big thanks for all the help getting this project out there.

John Nephew
1 month ago

End the summer with an orgy of digital consumption! For one week only, we are offering 50% off every digital product in our web store, if you order $50+ worth. Please share the word! #ebooks #pdf #ttrpg #sale #discount

Arne Babenhauserheide
1 month ago

@gorobar The good solution would be #texlatex#pdf, I think.

Making good Charactersheets with LaTeX isn’t that easy, though.

You could start from this:

#pnpde #pnp

1 month ago

Bonus question:

How would you approach generating (randomly) filled #ttrpg character sheets? (or outputting any "beautiful" document while generating content data)

I played around with #JavaScript in #Scribus #PDF which technically works, but I can't make it look anything close to good.

Generate the content from any programming language and then render into #latex->#pdf ?

1 month ago

Does anyone know an (ios) #pdf app with a decent reader mode for the 2 column PDFs of scientific publications ? #readers #science #help

BRN 123
1 month ago

We also have the Understanding Social Problems, Eleventh Edition, test bank, and other instructor resources for sale.

Read the full article: Understanding Social Problems (11th Edition) – eBook


1 month ago

John Warnock, the CEO and founder of Adobe passed away. I wish his family well and hope that their memories are full of joy.
I had the sheer luck of being tapped to work on Acrobat after two and change years of working on PostScript printers. Acrobat was very much John's brainchild and even though it had its own management structure, John was very much interested in what was going on and shaped changes in the application. Some of the Mac engineers had a routine of going to the cafeteria together: me, Nathan Graham, Mike Pell, and Alan Wootton. Sometimes we had Mike Diamond who was on the Windows team.
From time to time, as we were finishing up, John would come to our table and keep someone behind for a one-on-one. This happened often enough that we called get it "getting Warnocked". Usually John had seen something in the app that got him excited and wanted it to be better and would do an end run around the actual process to get what he wanted. Often his instincts were good, but engineering suffered as a result. But, hey, you don't say no to the CEO.
I was formally brought onto the team to work on full-text search, but was immediately grabbed by the main Acrobat team to work on the product and fix bugs.
At one point, I had an awful medical incident that cost me a 3 week hospitalization. Afterwards, I was home for a month recovering and working part time. At this point, I was getting search working on the Mac and tried to catch up with Carla Orthlieb who had a big head start on the product. While I was recovering, I was messing around with molding and casting as a hobby and had an idea to make "comedy lobotomy scars". Jeremy Weiss, a friend from college who was in med school, sent me suture kits and detailed instructions for tying sutures. I made the scars from clay, made plaster molds, and cast the prosthetics in latex and tied in sutures. Karin Jurcevich, our administrative assistant, used to work at a makeup counter at Nordstrom's and brought in a makeup kit and we worked to apply the scars and make them look realistic. On company time.
This was of course the day that John had been trying out the early Mac search release and came by my cube to Warnock me. As we were talking I was watching his eyes. They kept flicking from from my eyes to my forehead to my eyes to my forehead. I ignored him, and waited for the awkwardness to reach its apex and I interrupted him and pointed to the scars and said, "John, they're not real. It's a joke. Since I was away for a couple months, I thought it would be hilarious to come back with lobotomy scars." John took out his glasses and looked closer and started laughing. "I thought it was plastic surgery!" John had a good sense of humor and didn't mind when his employees were weird as long as they produced results.
Farewell, John. #Acrobat #pdf #adobe #memory

heise online
1 month ago

Offen für alle, aber Details verschweigen – zum Tod von John Warnock

John Warnock war einer der Gründer von Adobe. Als "Vater" von Postscript veränderte er das Druckwesen erheblich. Nun ist er im Alter von 85 Jahren gestorben.

#Adobe #AdobeIllustrator #AdobeReader #Apple #Nachruf #PDF #Xerox #news

Bill Seitz
1 month ago

@jarango could he take #PDF with him?

Martin Owens
1 month ago

This week's #inkscape update video is a continuation of the #pdf #cmyk output progress and various crash fixes for 1.3.1

Also it's raining (or was) in Boston. 😅

1 month ago

@rriver 選択メニューからテキストオブジェクトだけ表示することができるはずなので、それでテキストだけアウトライン化するとか…ですかね?
あとは #PDF とかに書き出すなら、書き出し設定でフォントを埋め込むとかアウトライン化するとかがあったような…( #PDF の設定にはなかったかな… #SVG だったらそういう設定はあったような…(うろ覚え返信ですいません :tony_astonished:

Devin Prater :blind:
1 month ago

Canva PDF's are not accessible, according to The Accessibility Guy:

Just don't use PDF's. That solves literally everything about them.

#accessibility #pdf #canva

1 month ago

@stonehead Hi! I'm glad you asked because I'm sure there are many more people wondering about the same thing! :)

Yes, there is always a risk when you download something from open sources. However, you really cannot trust official sources as well. A good example is Sony's rootkit scandal. [1][2]

Doing basic internet "hygiene" will prevent you from most viruses, though. Having a decent virus scanner will do wonders [3], and the rest comes down to common sense. Be very careful with executables, keep your software (like PDF readers) up to date, look for settings to turn off scripts and perhaps consider sanitizing your PDFs before opening them. [4][5]

An interesting point on the aforementioned website is the following:

"With budgets getting tighter, we understand the appeal of free antivirus software. While there have been great changes in free subscriptions, the most notable being they now offer real-time malware protection, they are still minimal compared to a full antivirus security suite.

There are some exceptions, but most free antivirus programs don't offer web protections. This means they won't stop malware from downloading if you accidentally click on a malicious link. They will snatch it before it has a chance to infract your computer, but we feel better than a threatening file doesn't get that far into the process."

I hope this helped you on your way, and if not, do let me know! :)


[3] (go to the product's websites manually to avoid tracking through links)


#pdf #security #virus #script #macro #worm #epub #software #antivirus #rootkit #sanitize

1 month ago

@SwiftOnSecurity And his most insecure file format to the strongest parser developers, spec writers and file forensics folks! #pdf

Andre Louis
1 month ago

This is the joy of reading a badly created #PDF as a blind person. If you can see the iconography you're fine, but this is how I perceive this information. Imagine how useful it would have been to have it in a better format:

Using SD card recording and audio interface functions at
the same time
In addition to SD card recording, a computer can also be used to record a backup.
To record a backup to a computer using 32-bit float format, the recording mode (bit depth) must be set to
“Float (32bit)”.
Setting the recording mode (bit depth)
1. Press .
2. Use and to select “REC”, and press .
3. Use and to select “Mode”, and press .
4. Use and to select “Float (32bit)”, and press .
SD card recording and audio interface functions can be used with 32-bit float format at the same time only if
“Float (32bit)” is selected.

Does anyone know a real-life situation where scanners, #PDF software, or some OCR feature quietly altered a scanned PDF document? E.g. your document stated "666" but after it was scanned/OCRed/compressed, it became "866".

I vaguely recall reading about one such example before but so far have only been able to find the Xerox 2013 case (

2 months ago

Okay, so. I have a #PDF and a #DOCX file. And I’d like to compare them. And since I’m a programmer, I don’t want to compare them visually, but with a #diff. But how?

Like this.

alias pdfcat='gs -q -sDEVICE=txtwrite -o-'
alias doccat='pandoc -t plain'

pdfcat a.pdf > a.txt
doccat b.pdf > b.txt

git diff --no-index --word-diff a.txt b.txt

And since we’re using --word-diff, it doesn’t matter that the two files use _wildly_ different line wrapping.

#Unix #Linux #terminal #CLI

Screenshot of some text of a German contract in a terminal. One of the sections has basically the same text, but some dates changed. The dates from a.txt are displayed in red, the ones from b.txt in green.

Looks like I never shared „Mountain Temple“ here! Done this ages ago for my (now horrendously outdated – as is tradition 👌) #PDF #portfolio* ^__^

This has changed quite a bit in color over the years, I like this one with it's #evening #glow 🌅


#JfmlArt #art #illustration #creative #DigitalArt #FediArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #landscape #fantasy #voyage #travel #hiking #mountains #fox #birds #vectorart #beautiful

*Which is available here:

Vector illustration of a wintery mountain scene with a temple in the distance and a person with a scarf and bagback walking towards it. There's an arctic fox sleeping on a big boulder and crane following the wanderer.

Estou realmente muito impressionado com #PyMuPDF "import fitz"

Está parecendo a biblioteca atual mais poderosa para manipular #PDF com #Python

(Em breve vou postar o meu #fanzine impositionator-tabajara usando PyMuPDF WIP:

Make a PDF A3 zine combining 8 pages from a source PDF

WIP: I'd like to have an option for the 9th page to be a poster in the backside.
License: GNU GPL V3
(c) 2023 Alexandre Villares

Based on
(c) 2018 Jorj X. McKie

PyMuPDF (the fitz engine)

python input.pdf

[start of ASCII diagram]

| 0d | 7d | 6d | 5d |
| 1u | 2u | 3u | 4u |

|                   |
|        9s         |
|                   |

[end of ASCII diagram]

N = page 0-based 
u = normal orientation
d = upside down (rotated 180)
s = big poster (rotated 90)
imagem exemplo do layout de zine no A3 paisagem:

na parte de cima da primeria fola as páginas 0 (capa), 7, 6, e 5 do zine, de cabaça pra baixo. Na parte de baixo páginas 1, 2, 3 e 4.

Na segunda folha o poster (página 8, a nona página, ocupando a folha toda, girado 90 graus).
Inverse Phase
2 months ago

It was requested by @hopeconf that we spread this #2600 #news, so I'm doing the thing. :blobthumbsup:​

#magazine #subscriptions #pdf #epub #amazon #kindle

Image text:

For years we've been struggling to find a decent method of offering PDF subscriptions to 2600 subscribers. At the same time, our many Kindle subscribers have had to deal with random Amazon policies that did everything from deleting their back issues to most recently canceling all magazine subscriptions on that platform.

We're happy to announce that you can now subscribe to either the PDF or EPUB3 (Kindle compatible) formats and keep control over your subscription, back issues, etc. There are no copy restrictions. Our only challenge that we hope you'll be able to help us with is getting the word out - Amazon doesn't allow us access to the 5000 subscribers it's canceling in September.

All of the details are on the main page of the website or you can go to and click on subscriptions.
Adrian Roselli
2 months ago

For any #accessible #PDF experts, these two Firefox issues for the new ‘add image to PDF’ could use more help than my limited expertise can offer:

• Images imported to PDFs are not tagged

• Support adding alt text to image annotations in PDFs

#accessibility #a11y

2 months ago

An #iOS #Safari tip that might deserve to be better known? In Safari if you take a screenshot, you can tap it and switch it to “Full Page” mode which will create a tall #PDF of the entire page that you can then save or share via Signal/etc.

I use this all the time when sharing articles/blog posts, to save people a click, deal with paywall, they can read it on the subway without network later, etc. (Don’t forget to include the link! Also don’t forget to fave/bookmark the toot in Mastodon so you can find it again! Full-text search in Mastodon works for toots you have favorited or bookmarked.)

2 months ago

Found a cool little #zine “A self defense study guide for trans women*” at the #library today.

“This study guide was created out of the stories of lived experiences from a handful of trans women (White, Black, Indigenous, and Asian), who used strategies like these to survive the 90’s / 00’s.”

Love that it’s #creativecommons. You can also find it #free from the publisher or #pdf at

From & TransFighters

#trans #selfdefense

Cover of a zine titled: “A self-defense study guide for trans women and gender non-conforming / nonbinary amab folks.” With the text “Because the stuff that works for other people doesn’t work for us.” and an image of the transgender symbol with a hand in the middle. Written by TransFighters, Oakland. Based on generous community members’ advice.
3 months ago

"Making a positive change: PDF to HTML
The Government Digital Service (GDS) states “Compared with HTML content, information published in a PDF is harder to find, use and maintain”."

Consider the needs of the people you are publishing the information for. Engage with them early to explore alternative options that may better meet their needs.



3 months ago

Secure PDF Viewer app version 17 released:

See the linked release notes for a summary of the improvements over the previous release and a link to the full changelog.

Forum discussion thread:

#GrapheneOS #privacy #security #pdf #android

Hello #fediverse

I'm not trying to promote stuff on my account too much, but I just remembered I have a #free #pdf of #poetry on my music web store and thought I'd drop a link, since I ended up deleting my Instagram account before I ever posted this image.

(books are old, hence forgetting about them completely)

Free / pay what you want at

(also book 3 doesn't exist yet)

(book 2 is $2AU, but if you want book 2 for free just msg me)

(ok thats all)

3x white cards on a bright yellow background. 

3x emojis: nail-polish, pig, banana

3x book titles:
  1: "Herds of rhino, and buzzing insects"
  2: "Make animal noises with me"
  3: "This is my potassium get in line you piece of trash"

All by Michael Gale

free/pay what you want at