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kaiserkiwi :kiwibird:
1 hour ago

Ich bin auf Arbeit ja nicht nur Full Stack #Webdev, sondern auch Teamlead. Eine meiner Aufgaben (die ich mir selbst gegeben habe) ist, meinem Team teils die Fundamentals von Dingen zu erklären.

Einfach weil heutzutage (Durch Bootcamps, Tutorials und sonst was) viele in den Beruf gehen und direkt mit #Sass, #Symfony / #Laravel, #Vue / #React etc. anfangen. Ohne #CSS, #PHP, #HTML und #JavaScript im Kern richtig kennenzulernen.

Und jedes Mal, wenn ich eine solche Session hinter mir habe, fühle ich mich einfach gut. Meist egal wie es mir vorher ging, danach ist einfach eine positive Grundstimmung in mir.

Wenn ich irgendwann mal keine Lust mehr habe, selbst beruflich als Webdev zu arbeiten, werde ich definitiv versuchen irgendwo als Lehrkraft reinzukommen. Ich kann mir echt vorstellen, dass das etwas ist, mit dem ich glücklich und alt werden könnte.


Christian Mayer
2 hours ago

Why would anyone ever use the #Yii #PHP Framework again when you can have #Symfony? #webdevelopment

3 hours ago

Ce qu’il faut savoir sur le Forum PHP 2023 à Paris.

Le Forum PHP, l’évènement de l’AFUP, revient les 12 et 13 octobre 2023 pour un deuxième épisode à l’Hôtel New York de Disneyland Paris.

Les dernières infos sur le grand rassemblement de la communauté PHP.#PHP

I remember when "real" #programmers made fun of #PHP for its things like "magic #methods"

Well today I learned about #Python's "#dunders"

Rémi Eismann
6 hours ago

One day, one decomposition
A026424: Number of prime divisors (counted with multiplicity) is odd

3D graph, threejs - webGL ➡️
2D graph, first 500 terms ➡️

#decompwlj #maths #mathematics #sequence #OEIS #javascript #php #3D #numbers #prime #divisors #graph #threejs #webGL

Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A026424 in 2D (log(weight), log(level))
Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A026424 in 3D (threejs - WebGL) (log(weight), log(level), log(jump))

You know what’s happening this Thursday?

The first alpha release of #PHP 8.3 is happening!!!

Minions partying
Greg Bulmash
13 hours ago

Guest blogged for @getpostman's channel, walking through the Quickstart Guide I wrote on building an API with #PHP and #Laravel and then querying it with a Postman collection.

16 hours ago

I wish I started with #php back - I'd be much further with stuff like DBM and just overall awareness of how sites actually function. And it's really fun too! Feels like a great choice for my career moving forward and also building REAL everyday software in my spare time. Note that I am still really grateful for the beginning I had and I've build lots of cool stuff and a career on top of JS but I feel like I always wanted to become more of a "Software Engineer" than "Lang Engineer"

Julio J. 🀲
17 hours ago

Yesterday night I added proper hashtag support and autolinking to my #ActivityPub server. I'm still thinking about the best way to handle mentions since the twitter-text-php package supports the @\username format but I need to support @\username@\server

#PHP #FediDev

20 hours ago

PHP UK Conference (

Did you know the PHP UK Conference 2024 CFP is open?

Why not submit your talk paper and be in with a shot of speaking at next year's event.

Enter your submission here -

#phpukconference #phpuk #php

Bastian Waidelich
23 hours ago

I tried to implement the #DynamicConsistencyBoundary example described by Sara Pellegrini with #PHP and it is quite promising:
#DDD #EventSourcing #DCB

PHP Weekly
1 day ago

jolicode/castor | DX oriented task runner and command launcher built with PHP


#php #programming

Paul Williams
1 day ago

A #PHP conundrum. An intermittent problem that images called through an API (that I wrote in 2014) aren't loading when the client is within our network, sometimes, though never happening for me, and nothing in the logs that suggest a place to start looking. It's been on my list for months, and I have tried everything I can think of. Others have only one or two of a list of images not loading. Was working fine until I updated to PHP7 (I think! Intermittent so unsure!) So odd...

1 day ago

I recently had some troubles setting up php-fpm and nginx on two different containers in Kubernetes. Finally, after lots of trial and error, I have figured it out. In order to avoid that hassle in the future I wrote a short blog post about it, which might also be useful if you end up in a similar situation.

#php #nginx #kubernetes

Rémi Eismann
1 day ago

One day, one decomposition
A026351: a(n) = floor(n*phi) + 1, where phi = (1+sqrt(5))/2

3D graph, threejs - webGL ➡️
2D graph, first 500 terms ➡️

#decompwlj #maths #mathematics #sequence #OEIS #javascript #php #3D #numbers #floor #phi #graph #threejs #webGL

Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A026351 in 2D (log(weight), log(level))
Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A026351 in 3D (threejs - WebGL) (log(weight), log(level), log(jump))
Stephen Rees-Carter
1 day ago

I'm going to do a series on debunking the various "PHP and/or Laravel is Insecure" claims. Because they are getting pretty ridiculous... 😒

What claims would you like me to debug? 🕵️

#PHP #Laravel (Pls boost for reach)

Amber Weinberg
2 days ago

Another one of our sites went live! I'm super super proud of this one, as it goes to a good cause.

#wordpress #js #html #development #webdeveloper #php #acf

Examples of desktop, tablet & mobile designs for
2 days ago

After taking some personal time to bolster my skills, I am currently looking for a new fulltime #webdev job opportunity.

I specialize in #WordPress & #PHP as well as #CSS & #JavaScript and I always have an eye towards #accessibility.

I'm incurably curious and love learning new skills.

My website has my history and tons of other info:

Primarily looking for fully remote-- or hybrid in the Boston area.

Boosts for reach are appreciated. #FediHired

Il y a environ 3ans, j'entamais le dev d'une appli web, en #php (#slimphp) + #reactjs.

1h de-ci de-là, en train ou chez moi.

Demandeur : asso de petanque du village.

Buts :
- gérer adherents, joueurs, équipes, tournois...
- abandonner le tableur
- utilisable sur des appareils mobiles

D'abord seul, un collègue me rejoint un temps avant de me laisser par manque de temps. Seul de nouveau.

En #autohebergement sur #yunohost.

Le projet est maintenant viable malgré des évolutions à venir.


PHP Weekly
2 days ago

PHP recap for week 22/2023

#php #programming

Get RSS feeds and support this bot with the premium plan:

Julio J. 🀲
2 days ago

OK y'all, thanks for the encouragement, I opened a PR with the changes and it's now merged and tagged 🥳

#PHP #OpenSource

Symfony Station :symfony:
2 days ago

Visit our extensive selection of Symfony and PHP tools, resources, and helpful links. And while you are there please sign up for our "newsletter" to get the latest news communiques and original content delivered to your inbox. :symfony: :php: #Symfony #PHP

illustration of a spaceship's bridge
Stephen Rees-Carter
2 days ago

SQL Injection and Parameterisation modules are now live on! 🥳 Plus 6 new challenges, taking you through the types of SQLi attacks.
Can you beat them all? 😈

I'll send out an email with all the details tonight/tomorrow to subscribers. 🤓
#Laravel #PHP

🔍 Sneak peek into our next meetup's agenda with @dresdenjs on June 8th! Learn about implementing Hexagonal and Layered Architectures in PHP and React for sustainable web applications. Plus, a fresh look at using Flash in current browsers #PHPUGDD #JS #PHP

2 days ago

💻 A Week of Symfony #857 (29 May - 4 June 2023)
#symfony #php

Joaquim Homrighausen
2 days ago

WonderCMS BS5 local inclusion plugin 😊

More to come.

(now, if the forum would only let me register a profile ...)

#wondercms #foss #oss #opensource #cms #php

What year do you think the last commit in this repo is from? #php #security

I've been writing #php since I was a kid and it really was love at first sight. Its accessibility did mean that inexperienced hobbyists like me wrote a LOT of PHP code, and a lot of it got used for Important Stuff (TM) that it really aughtn't have.

All this to say, I came by this snippet for a once mega-popular #cms and it was like I was transported to 2008. The multiple md5s make me think of 3DES and the old 4XOR joke.


function EvoCrypt($pass)
  return md5(md5(md5(md5(md5($pass)))));
Jobs for Developers
2 days ago

Purple Technology is hiring Experienced PHP Developer

🔧 #php #laravel #react #reactnative #graphql #rest #cypress #aws #cicd #kubernetes #mvc
🌎 Brno, Czech Republic
⏰ Full-time
💰 $100k - $210k (Estimate)
🏢 Purple Technology

Job details
#jobalert #jobsearch #hiring

Rémi Eismann
2 days ago

One day, one decomposition
A025584: Primes p such that p-2 is not a prime

3D graph, threejs - webGL ➡️
2D graph, first 500 terms ➡️

#decompwlj #maths #mathematics #sequence #OEIS #javascript #php #3D #numbers #primes #PrimeNumbers #graph #threejs #webGL

Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A025584 in 2D (log(weight), log(level))
Decomposition into weight × level + jump of A025584 in 3D (threejs - WebGL) (log(weight), log(level), log(jump))
Firefly III
2 days ago

📢 A new version Firefly III Data Importer has been released. Version v1.3.0 is out. Check out the release notes and download. #opensource #oss #newrelease #php #software #personalfinance #selfhosted

Kevin Williams
3 days ago

Created the next design for my "Good People Write Good Code" sticker series. Here are the Ruby, Python, PHP and TypeScript flavors.

Available as stickers and assorted merch on my @kartedrop Redbubble shop -

#stickers #design #ruby #python #php #TypeScript #programming #coding #developer

Circular sticker design with the phase, "Good People Write Good Ruby" in red.
Circular sticker design with the phase, "Good People Write Good PHP" in purple.
Circular sticker design with the phase, "Good People Write Good TypeScript" in a two tone blue.
Circular sticker design with the phase, "Good People Write Good Python" in blue and yellow.

The @phpfig PSRs should also define the names of the packages that include the interfaces, as well as the name used to indicate implementations of the PSR.

i.e., PSR-17 would include psr/http-factory and psr/http-factory-implementation, so I don’t have to go searching for these names every time.


PHP Weekly
3 days ago

Eyeloupe - The elegant Rails debug assistant (inspired by Laravel Telescope)


#laravel #php #programming #rails #ruby #webdev

@TheEvilSkeleton #nextcloud #fedora package has been broken on #fedora38 due to conflicts with #php

I swapped to using a pod, and things are so much better.

And thats on a #server use case, there are dozens more desktop packages for each server package. Imagine how much effort can be redirected!

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
3 days ago

@programming_quotes Other than that much-circulated quote, I can’t find much significantly-known work by Mr. Ribbens online.

However, both #PHP and #Perl continue to evolve and be used worldwide, with both thriving past the core involvement of their creators, however “incompetent” or “perverted” Mr. Ribbens thinks they are.

Bottom line: talk is cheap no matter how much it’s passed around. Jon should try shipping code instead of pithy quotes.

Programming Quotes
3 days ago

PHP is a minor evil perpetrated and created by incompetent amateurs, whereas Perl is a great and insidious evil perpetrated by skilled but perverted professionals.

— Jon Ribbens

#languages #perl #php

Alex 🍜
4 days ago

Guten Morgen #fediverse
Wir sind das größte regionale Städte-Wiki und momentan auf der Suche nach einem erfahrenen Mediawiki #devops Admin der uns helfen kann unser Setup bei Hetzner auf stabilere Beine zu stellen 🧑‍💻

Wir brauchen immer mal wieder Hilfe z.B. bei einem Update #php #mysql #mediawiki und sind an einer langfristigen Zusammenarbeit gegen Bezahlung interessiert. Am besten als selbständiger Freelancer oder auch als externer Dienstleister. Bitte teilen!

4 days ago

@dgoosens @Crell @ilutov
I can't keep up with all these new features #PHP has got the last years!
I'm realizing now that the guys who wanted no further development and to stay at v.5.6, were right 😀

Stephen Rees-Carter
4 days ago

Content Security Policies may seem like a daunting task, especially when adding one to an existing project - but they don't need to be! Report-Only mode gives you full visibility without any risk, and you can increment policies over time. 🤓 #PHP #Laravel

Symfony Station :symfony:
4 days ago

Explore today's @symfonystation Communiqué of Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Fediverse, and Cybersecurity news. #Symfony #SymfonyCasts #PHP #Drupal #Cybersecurity #Fediverse #Mastodon #CSS :symfony: :elephpant_purple: :drupalicon: :fediverse: :php: 🇺🇦

Illustration of a spaceship on the rocky surface of an alien planet
Symfony Station :symfony:
5 days ago

Explore today's @symfonystation Communiqué of Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Fediverse, and Cybersecurity news. #Symfony #SymfonyCasts #PHP #Drupal #Cybersecurity #Fediverse #Mastodon #CSS :symfony: :elephpant_purple: :drupalicon: :fediverse: :php: 🇺🇦

Illustration of a spaceship on the rocky surface of an alien planet

Fellow #webdev folks, can I get a hand #LookingForWork? #FediHire #FediHired #GetFediHired

Looking for a front-end web development position. The more focus on accessible, well-formed HTML and CSS, the better.

Part-time or full-time, either works. Part-time must have flexible schedule.

Must be either remote or in the SLC, Utah area.

My background: #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, static websites, #jQuery, #Bootstrap, Mustache/Handlebars, and also LAMP stack, #JAMstack, #WordPress, #PHP, and SQL.

TIL: there is Static Analysis Results Interchange Format (#SARIF):

Wondering what the benefits could be for #PHP if #Psalm and/or #PHPStan supported this.

Larry Garfield
5 days ago

Let's be controversial: In modern #PHP, you should never type-hint an array.

Florimond Manca (en)
5 days ago

I think I got at the point in my #programming career when I crave for dumb programs.

Happy statements, some code repetition here and there. Few abstractions. No mixins. No metaclasses. Nothing too surprising, really.

For some reason, this happens as I’ve been spending some time away from my main language. #PHP is a somewhat simpler language than #Python anyway, so that may be why.

Amber Weinberg
6 days ago

We've had another gorgeous #WordPress launch - if you're in #NYC, #DC, or #Miami you should check them out

#html #php #js #css #webdev #development

Screenshot of the Silver Mirror homepage - large serif type next to an oval shaped image of a person with nice skin

As a consequence of using a single monitor setup, I'm generally trying to have my code lines as narrow as possible, so I can avoid as much as I can doing horizontal scrolling. Luckily #PHP formatters are pretty OK with having, say, one array item or function parameter per line, the splitting options are very liberal and IMO it keeps being pretty legible. I just hope this is considered "good" (or "acceptable" at least) practice. :D

Astra Kernel :verified:
6 days ago

🪲 PHP developers and other developers, can you identify what is the issue in this code?

(No comment like "PHP". Save it for some other time 😀. This can happen in any language)

#php #CodeIgniter #programming #development #developers #laravel #infosec

namespace App\Controllers;

class Home extends BaseController
    public function index()
        $db = db_connect();
        $request = \Config\Services::request();
        $json = $request->getJSON(true);
        $where = [];
        if(isset($json['username']) || isset($json['password'])) {
            $where['username'] = $json['username'] ?? null;
            $where['pass'] = $json['password'] ?? null;
        $query = $db->table('users')->getWhere($where, 1, 0);
        $row = $query->getRowArray();
        if(!$row) {
            return "not found";
        } else {
            return json_encode($row);
Andrew Woods
6 days ago

you know what i was just thinking about? programming syntax and international developers. Between PHP and jQuery, how do european and british developers deal with the $ symbol? I imagine the $ is not directly on your region-specific keyboard. Does your IDE map the € or £ to the $ when you code? Do you just use second keyboard with a US layout? You’ve gotta use the $ symbol hundreds of times a day, so it needs to be easy

#PHP #DevLife #UK #EU

Marcus Bointon
1 week ago

Yay! I'm going to be speaking at the international #PHP Conference in Munich in October.

Patrick Masson
1 week ago

...and the #OpenSource skills for those ^^ (and other) #EdTech, #HigherEd, #jobs

#Python, 2,023
#Linux, 932
#Java, 600
#Wordpress, 394
#PHP: 369
#Moodle, 362
#MySQL, 239
#Drupal, 234
#GitHub, 204
#Apache, 110
#Kubernetes, 75
#Sakai, 49
#CAS, 8
#uPortal, 2

PHP Weekly
1 week ago
Julian Lam
1 week ago

@thomasfuchs @nattiegoogie Sheesh, people love to rag on #Javascript so much and turn a wilful blind eye towards all the effort put to improve the language.

Wouldn't you agree that ES6 is nothing like the JS of yesteryear, just as #php 8 is nothing like the php 5.4 shit I had to write when I first entered the industry?

People still love to rag on php though 😺

now we have the ability to properly type properties and with @Crell & @ilutov 's property hooks RFC, that I hope will pass (,
I wonder if, at some point, it will become possible to declare properties in an interface....
Or am I the only one who thinks that makes sense ?

Am I the only one that does not understand this does not at least trigger a warning ?

I mean, I would expect $baz should have been declared nullable (`?string`) to be correct... Or am I missing something ?

1 week ago

🌟 Symfony 6.3.0 has been released! Many thanks to all contributors 😍
🆕 Have a look at this blog post summarizing all the major changes in this new version:

#symfony #php

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
1 week ago

Bathing in the #Stripe docs these days and they have just an avalanche of low-level information & #API docs but what I really need is a high-level "these are the general steps you'll take" which then lead into those detail pages.

#PHP #programming

Terence Eden
1 week ago

I sent a small PR to fix a #MastodonAPI library for #PHP
Thanks to @eleirbag for merging it.

1 week ago

🚀 We just released our newest package spatie/laravel-blade-comments

This one can add a comment before and after each rendered Blade include, making it easy to see which HTML is rendered by which view

#laravel #php

#Psalm was all, like, “I found some MissingParamType issues. I’ll be happy to fix the types for you.” So, I ran it with `--alter`, and it proceeded to change `mixed` parameter types (that conform to an interface) to `stringd`.

That’s not my typo; there is a “d” on that end of that type name.

I have no idea what Psalm thinks it’s doing. #PHP

1 week ago

We just extended the nomination deadline for this round of elections to June 10th. Do you want to be more involved in the #PHP community and help us pushing new interoperability standards?
This is your occasion!!

What is a #CID?

It’s some kind of identifier that AT Protocol appears to use, but I can’t find a definitive resource on what it is or how it’s defined, and it appears to be related somehow to cryptocurrency (maybe?).

To make matters worse, there doesn’t appear to be any #PHP libraries that will parse or create CIDs.

There’s this one, but it doesn’t appear to support all CID codecs (not sure I understand that correctly)?

Trash Robot
1 week ago

i had a dream that someone edited the code on my page in such a way that the css code was in the main text and then when i loaded it this morning i thought the dream was coming true and that someone had edited the page, but it was just taking time for the images to load.

but then i went and edited the code to make it true and screen shotted it and put it on mastodon.

an important point in the #dream was the yellow font. so this is a yellow font pointing at itself via self-replicating #css code. we use the five elements of #cybermagic for the full replication, and these are:


replicate the set with a box cutter, a ruler, and a sharpie using piles of #cardboard #trash.

screen shot of web browser pointed at which shows CSS code of itself.
Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

🆕 blog! “Rewriting OpenBenches in Symfony”

I once described my ideal coding environment to a colleague as "telneting directly into prod and damn the consequences!" I jest. But only a little. When I build for myself I treat best practices and coding styles as harmful. Chaotic evil but, hey, it's only myself I'm hurting. Anyway, my wife and I run a […]

👀 Read more:

#OpenBenches #php #Symfony

The Open Benches logo.
Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
2 weeks ago

Just noticed that PHPCPD (Copy Paste Detectory by @sebastian was archived. (Thanks Sebastian for the many good years of this tool!)

What's everyone using these days for scanning for code duplication? 🤔


Julio J. 🀲
2 weeks ago

My first #fediverseBot is finally live! posts news from the 🇺🇾 newspaper directly from their RSS feed. As bots go, it's really simple but the reason I'm so happy is that's running from my own implementation of an #ActivityPub compatible server made with #Laravel and #PHP. There's still plenty of work to do, but for now, the basics are there and I wanted to test it in the wild.

1 month ago

[Quote Repost]

The latest installment of our PHP Annotated digest is now available! Discover the most exciting things that happened in the #PHP world in April.

3 months ago

Explore JetBrains 2023 Annual Highlights, Learn #Rust for Free With JetBrains Academy, @Unity DOTS Support in @JetBrainsRider, and Secure Your #PHP Code With Taint Analysis by @Qodana.

3 months ago

[Quote Repost]

💡It only takes 1 intruder to exploit a vulnerability in your project and breach your system.

Qodana for #PHP now allows you to detect taints in your code and prevent major incidents.

Read on to learn more 👇

11 months ago

We've got the Monday Merries thanks to industrious community members, such as...

Federico Dotta (@apps3c) who wrote #PHP rules to catch #SQL injection, #XSS, and broken access control in general PHP as well as in the #YII framework! Thank you, Federico!

JetBrains Academy
1 year ago

At some point in your professional career, you may want to share your programming knowledge with others. 🧑‍🏫

With the EduTools plugin, you can now create your own educational #PHP courses inside @PhpStorm! Learn more in this blog post 👇