AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
2 days ago
Comic Crusaders
1 week ago

REVIEW: The Enfield Gang Massacre #2 (of 6)
Guns, Horses, and Outlaws. What does that sound like to you? It sounds to me like a cowboy story. This was good. I enjoyed it very much, I'm not a huge cowboy fan but I'm glad I had a chance to read through this comic. Essentially done by two people with color assistance from a third artist,...
#Chris Condon #cowboys #Image Comics #Jacob Phillips #Norman Rockwell #Pip Martin #Western

Ed Suominen
1 week ago

Yesterday I was explaining genetic algorithms to some friends and thought the explanation might be entertaining for some of you to read. The form I’ve used is “differential evolution,” see, e.g., my “ade” project via #Python #pip but this applies to conventional GA and evolutionary computing generally.

Say you have a machine with 20 knobs that all have to be adjusted very close to the exactly correct settings for the output to light up brightly. Anything else is dim, at best barely visible. 1/

2 weeks ago

Fuzzy bastard #1. #Pip, in his carrier and in his new favorite piece of furniture in the cabin. #CatsOfMastodon #Cats

Face and neck of our fuzzy orange shorthaired cat, Pip, leaning hard against the metal bars of his cat carrier. He's pressing so hard against the bars that one of his eyes is squinched shut.
Interior of a small cupboard with a slanted bottom shelf (probably once used for selling produce at a farm stand). At the bottom left is a a curled-up orange shorthaired cat, his mouth open in a mew.
John Earle
2 weeks ago

PIP review delay claimants missing out on £24 million a month

#universal credit #UC #personal independence payment #PIP #claiming disability living allowance #disability #mental health #DLA #claim DLA #employment and support allowance #ESA #work capability assessment #appeals #appealing #training #attendance allowance #AA #department for work and pensions #DWP

John Earle
2 weeks ago

Consultation on slashing support group launched by DWP

Anyone who agrees with this is a grasping simpleton with little to no idea of how draconian it already is
Attacking of the most vulnerable begins
#UC #PIP #MentalIllHealth #DLA #ESA #WorkCapabilityAssessment #Appeals #AA #DWPCrimes

Seve_py :vim: :python:
2 weeks ago

I wish pip would check for compatibility issues before installing new libraries. It’s frustrating to deal with broken dependencies and errors after the fact. #python #pip

Kevin Bowen :xfce:
2 weeks ago

If one is going to be futzing around with #python on their system, I think the best way to inoculate/isolate one's user-space from the system is to install #pyenv

I used to completely pollute my installations by mucking up #pip installations with installing distribution python packages and end up struggling to get them working together properly.

pyenv is a great prophylactic if one doesn't need the #conda environment.

3 weeks ago

pip3 broken on ubuntu for me #apt #2004 #python #pip

3 weeks ago

It seems the latest #Netscape #ESR on the #raspberryPi you can have #subtitles on the main window and not the #Pip. Life just got a little better.

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
4 weeks ago

Exclusive: Disabled people are ‘set up to fail’ by the DWP in target-driven disability benefits system, whistleblowers reveal


4 weeks ago

pip install wxPython gets the cores at 95 C #compiling #pip #wxpython

1 month ago

#Pip was very talkative this morning (sound up).

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Orange shorthair cat lying in the sun on a white-carpeted floor looking up at me and talking when I talk to him.
Seth Michael Larson
1 month ago

So proud of this announcement and excited for the future of #Python and #pip! 🥳

But we're not stopping there, I'm drafting guidance for other #opensource projects to join the #CVE program and manage their own vulnerabilities. Stay tuned! 🚀

Felix Palmen 📯
1 month ago

Python issue solved the "redneck repair" way, installing *everything* to /usr/lib64 (on a 64bit system) instead of *just* the architecture-dependent stuff. Now, python works and finds all its modules... 🙄

After porting lots of extra python tools (cause #pip won't do it for proper packaging with staging), it seems I finally have a working #meson in my #FreeBSD #Linuxulator userland 🥳

Nevermind all these extra modules install to /usr/lib. Well, it works, I don't care 😂

Doing a full rebuild of all the #Linux ports now just to be sure (cause I also changed stuff in my USES). If all is fine, branch will be updated 🙏

1 month ago

poetry всем хорош, но когда нам нужно сменить процессор для определенных библиотек (например pythorch) — начинается головняк.
Конечно, можно опять воспользоваться pip. Например вот так:
pip install torch --index-url
а потом что-то вроде этого:
poetry add $(pip list --format=freeze | grep torch | tr '\n' ' ')
Но выглядит как-то костыльно. Может есть лучший способ?
#pip #poetry

OwOtaku, the
1 month ago

Setting up a new computer. Felt like sharing instructions on setting up pip autocomplete:
#pip #python

Brian LeRoux 💚
1 month ago

bit of a long shot but has anyone here seen Python's pip hang for a really long time when even just printing a version? we're not even sure where to start debugging this

#python #pip #wtfpy

Haha, I love this #pip option name:

--break-system-packages Allow pip to modify an EXTERNALLY-MANAGED Python installation

1 month ago


I am creating my first package currently, and I am actually not having any problems with #PIP while using virtual environments and requirements.txt I actually have no problem.

It's not that I hate or enjoy it, I am just not having any problems.

@Python #Python

1 month ago

Post-catnip stupor. #Caturday #Pip #CatsOfMastodon #Cats

Light beige sofa with a colorfully embroidered cushion on the right. Next to the cushion is an orange shorthair cat, Pip, lying on his back with his limbs all akimbo. One of his paws is touching a yellow, fish-shaped catnip-filled toy.
1 month ago


An easy way to prevent this in future is to use #poetry (or #pipenv) to install and "lock" your #dependencies (rather than using #pip directly), and check the resulting lockfile into your RCS like any other source file.

If you screw up, `poetry install --sync` will fix it, including downgrading or removing packages to get back to that known-good state. And if you screw up your lock file, restore it from an earlier point.

Juan Luis
1 month ago

I blogged a thing!

🐍 Best resources on Python packaging 📖 on @thepracticaldev

#python #packaging #pip

1 month ago

Actual photo of me and the fuzzy incarnation of my mental health. #Pip #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Photo of me - a white, glasses-wearing person with pulled-back brown hair - and my orange shorthair, Pip, in front of a lighted lamp and a blond wood bookcase full of paperbacks. Pip is craning his neck, looking at something exciting (I have no idea what, probably a piece of fluff he initially thought was a bug).
1 month ago

You know your #cat is totally healed after ingesting random crap when he starts actively looking for new random crap to ingest. (At least this time it was organic matter, not plastic.) #Pip

Juan Luis
1 month ago

This feature I contributed to pip has saved us today ❤️

If you launch `pip install -vv` or `export PIP_VERBOSE=2` you can see more detailed messages when there is a conflicting dependency. Look for `INFO: Will try a different candidate, due to conflict:` in the logs.

#pip #packaging #python

1 month ago

#Dayenu's been so gentle with #Pip as he recovers, but last night was delighted that Pip wanted to play again. 😸​

1 month ago

Huge, normal poop in the litter box this morning!

#Pip #Pipdate

1 month ago

Guess who woke us up at 4:50am, rocketing around the bedroom?

#Pip #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Orange shorthaired cat lying upside-down on a beige sofa, with his front paws together and his eyes squinted shut in sleepy bliss.
1 month ago

We had to pry #Pip out of his nest, but once he smelled the food his appetite came back and he ate a bunch. #Cats

1 month ago

The patient, looking much like his usual self. #Pip #CatsOfMastodon #Cats

Orange shorthaired cat in a beige-carpeted cat nest. His head is pulled back so his chin rests directly on his chest, making him look a little frumptious.
1 month ago

#ShabbatShalom. May you find refreshment and joy this Shabbat, even as much as that felt by #Dayenu and #Pip in watching water run down the drain. 😸​

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Shabbat

Photo of the backs of two cats, the one on the left (Dayenu) a fluffy dark tabby, the one on the right (Pip) an orange shorthair. Both cats are avidly looking into a white bathroom sink. The orange cat actually has his head and front paws in the sink.
2 months ago

#Pip just settled down on the arm of love seat where I'm working, leaning against me. 🥺​🐈​


When working with flakes, pure mode prevents #devenv from accessing and modifying its state data. Certain features, like running processes with devenv up, won't work in pure mode.
1- would you prefer devenv over #poetry for #pip on #nixos and why?
2- would you rather have devenv as #flake registry or use #cachix and why ?

Martin Owens
2 months ago

If I have a python/C++ project using meson and a pyproject.toml file and I want to build a wheel WITH debug symbols. How would I do that?

My current wheels build without the symbols making debugging much more difficult.

Update: I added , '--debug' to the setup array under [tool.meson-python.args]

#python #meson #cpp #pip

از دست #pip #python نایی ندارم.

Is the #Python #pip install message "error: externally-managed-environment" something new?

I don't remember seeing it before and it looks like I had pip installed some stuff in my system's Python before, yeah, I know this can be risky, but still, I'm surprised.

Also, I learned about #pipx just recently (then installed #pypeek using it, seems great) so I wonder if this message was added by pipx...

2 months ago

Hey #python and #pip experts.

When installing a new package with pip, is it somehow possible to know which packages are direct dependencies of the package we're installing, which are dependencies of dependencies, and which are dependencies of those inner dependencies?

I have an internal package with more than 100 dependencies installed and there is a version conflict in one package. So I'm wondering if I need to check their source code one by one or is there maybe a tool for that 🙈

@gotofritz 100% with you. Not sure if I managed to verbalize it the way it was intended with regards to dependency tracking. Last time I checked (my view might be outdated here) #pip freeze only tracked first order depdencies (meaning, deps your project explictly depends on) as opposed to what #poetry or #pipenv are able to accomplish with their lockfiles, effectively tracking your entire dependency tree (though you can still do that using pip-tool.)

2 months ago


I also recently used it in my pwn project. I wrote the @3dprinting #bot for #Mastodon.

The bot gets the notifications from the API and stores it in a local database. The user can implement these functions and use my decorators. The functions are then called for every notification.

So you don't need to loop. You just say what you want the bot to do with every single follow, mention, etc. So it is just so simple for less technical users. I could also make opinionated decisions and design the bot how I want it, and users don't need to worry about how the bot actually works.

This also allowed me to turn the bot into a package and allows the user to update it with #pip without needing to change their code as only the backend changes.



Узнал здесь о резолве зависимостей в #pip , столкнувшись с этим на практике.

Вместо одного файла, pip загрузил мне 18 (ВОСЕМНАДЦАТЬ КАРЛ!!!) версий целевого пакета. Всего более 150мб.

Зачем работать с метадатой пакетов, если можно тупо качать все версии подряд, пока какая-нибудь из них не подойдет?

Авторы pip могут пойти нахер. С этого момента пользуюсь только #poetry

2 months ago

Parliament will finally debate #PIP and how the #DWP manages it. MPs must be there.

2 months ago

@dozymoe @davidism

To then install the version using #SQLAlchemy? That would be cool.

#Python #Pip

2 months ago

Right, so the backtracking pip dependency solver ( penalises you for having overly permissive dependencies in your Python package, which is a good thing in every other way.

And it seems like you can't turn it off in your package configuration, so either you make all your users use pip install --use-deprecated=legacy-resolver, or you have to arbitrarily restrict your dependencies just to allow your package to be installed? 🤦‍♂️

#python #pip

3 months ago

I'll be sitting here feeling anxious and depressed, and then #Pip will enter the room and I'll be like, "Oh, that's right, I have a Pip!"

Crisis averted.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Orange short-haired cat lying on a blond wood table. His back is to the viewer, his head turned to face me, his eyes half-squinted in pleasure. There are also catalogues and a page-a-day calendar visible, as well as a grey sculpted candle-holder of three cats in a circle.
Ariel Richtman
3 months ago

Has anyone had any luck configuring #Git to be a bit more intelligent about lockfile merging?

Feels like it gets stuck if anything contiguous in the lockfile has changed which is painful when merging different dependency updates.

#Dotnet #Terraform #Python #nuGet #Pip #cSharp

Chicken :cqlgusu:
3 months ago

Our Voices Collide
✍️ fic by #Pip

🧜‍♂️ #TheUntamed #MoDaoZuShi
🧜‍♂️ #LanWangji / #WeiWuxian
🧜‍♂️ 5k, Explicit, merpeople AU
🧜‍♂️ WY captains a ship of outlaw refugees
🧜‍♂️ LZ is an injured merperson who wants to not be in the ocean
🧜‍♂️ WY POV
🧜‍♂️ LZ is sexy & mysterious & a bit alien
🧜‍♂️ Good monsterfucking


NSFW #FicRec

4 months ago

quelqu'un sait pourquoi sur deux ordis qui ont la même version de #python je peux installer borgbackup 2.0.0b5 sur l'un mais pas l'autre avec #pip ?

le message d'erreur est super clair :
exited with code 1

Bias 🔞
4 months ago

#FicRec: "Don't Let Moments Pass Along" by #Pip (thank you to @lookitmychicken for the rec!)


Fandom: #MDZS #CQL
Ship: #Wangxian #SubWeiWuxian
Tags: #NSFW #Painplay
Info: 5,917 words, E

Quick summary: Wei Wuxian's substitute physical therapist is SO hot. They get together.

Favorite line:

Wei Ying drapes his arms around Lan Zhan’s neck. He wonders what people say after having sex. Good game? Nice job?

“Thanks,” Wei Ying decides, and pats Lan Zhan’s shoulder.

Justin 🇻🇦
4 months ago

Is there a language that handles dependencies well?

Python's virtual environments are a bit awkward but everything mostly works, I haven't played with Java build tools much, Javascript is a trainwreck. I've been happy with Dart, but haven't gotten into the weeds much. Same with rust, cargo seems nice, but I haven't played with it enough to know the pitfalls yet.

#programming #dependencies #python #java #javascript #dart #flutter #rust #cargo #pip #npm #yarn

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
4 months ago

IDEA: A #pip / #pipenv wrapper that reports back to you what it is going to install before it installs & reports the security rating/states/download counts, so you can decide if you really want to install it.

I think I just need to parse the output from
and feed it into package info API calls.


Linux Uprising
5 months ago

How To Fix pipx: Fatal Error From pip Prevented Installation / No Module Named pip

5 months ago

If anyone is having issues with installing xmlsec package via pip on mac there is a version mismatch between the supported <1.3.0 version of libxmlsec1 installed via brew and what is supported by python-xmlsec. There is a workaround that can be found here:

#python #pip #libxmlsec

5 months ago

Is there a setting to make `pip` hard-fail when trying to install outside a virtualenv?

#pip #python #virtualenv

PyPI Organizations is an awesome step forward.
Well done!

The next step I would really like to see happening is package name namespaces like `org-name/package-name` instead of just `package-name` support on PyPI and in pip.

#Python #PyPI #Pip #PackageManagement

I've been fighting with #conda and #mamba all day long, and let's just say I'm this close to never using either ever again.

I'm usually an apologist when it comes to #Python packaging, but really that's just because #pip and #virtualenv are serviceable enough for 90% of use cases. mamba does a pretty good job of papering over the unusable mess that is conda, but it's still lipstick on a pig.

In terms of the brokenness of python packaging tools, I think it's

conda > virtualenv > mamba = pip

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
5 months ago

Why is the user experience for #npm and #pip so awful when you have to deal with private repos?

Both tools like to make it impossible to install anything when a credential expires/repo is unreachable and you get useless error messages and have to spend hours googling/ asking 6 people before you find which config file (local? global? other?) has the ref to the private repos

David Zaslavsky
6 months ago

@linuxuprising Good, I think (hope?) this will save a lot of people a lot of trouble. I have found my own Python usage to go a lot smoother once I got comfortable with putting everything in virtual environments.

#python #pip #debian #ubuntu

Erinosaurus :infinity_rainbow:
7 months ago

Got my #PIP award review papers. Thought I had another year on it. Just the thought of having to deal with it has left me a sobbing mess & feeling sick.

#MentalHealth #bipolar #ActuallyAutistic #disabled #disabilityPayment

Did you ever use `--prefix` flag with `pip` ? #Python #packaging #installer #pip

Preslav Rachev
8 months ago

For a client, I am considering upgrading their entire #python dependency management from #pip to Poetry. Regardless of how many libraries we have pinned, with pip, there is always a chance that some transitive dependency will get updated to an incompatible version, and cause hours of bug-chasing.

Are there any underwater Poetry traps that I should be aware of?

9 months ago

everything everywhere all at once IT edition 😜 #npm #rust #pip #vim #vscode #debian #java #github #gitlab #go #golang #js

At 5AM the brain does not function enough to figure out that I have to disable #IPv6 in a VM to make #pip work properly. #python

Ratul Maharaj
10 months ago

Yesterday when hearing about the rise of malicious #pypi packages on the #realpython podcast, I had an idea for a package I’m calling`pre-pip`.

It’s a way to run some custom #python code before a #pip command. This could potentially be used to check if a package is on a known list of bad packages before installing it or to automatically upgrade pip before a pip install.

Seems there are lots of possibilities here.

#prepip #fosstodon #opensource #rich #click #precommit

Terminal window showing pre-pip python package
Louis Lang
10 months ago

Detected a new #typosquatting campaign that appears to be starting on #pypi. The package `ttensorflow` was recently published. Malware tucked away in an innocuous file named `version`. #python #pip #malware #opensource