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Watching Prime Minister's Questions and trying to read the flair on their lanyards, as one does. Without much success.


Member of parliament standing to speak with buttons on their lanyard
Blurry closeup of buttons on lanyard.
2 weeks ago

Sunak at PMQs today: the cost of living crisis is "the number one challenge for countries up and down the family".

I wonder if he is rattled by the tone of the SC Rwanda judgement?


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2 weeks ago

Good line from Starmer at PMQs

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Tweet from Pippa Crerar @PippaCrerar reporting on PMQs:

'Keir Starmer says if he had £1 for every govt reset the cost of living crisis would’ve been over long ago. 

“(Sunak) likes to think of himself as the man from Silicon Valley. His big idea is to keep turning his government on & off at the wall & hope to see signs of life”. #PMQs'
2 months ago

Now that #RishiSunak takes credit for stopping a #MeatTax that never was proposed, it's time for #KierStarmer to up the ante.

Starmer should use #PMQ to challenge Sunak to explain what secret plans for a meat tax *were* under consideration or admit that he lied.

BBC article.  The text says:

Where did the meat tax idea come from?

Rishi Sunak was questioned on Today this morning about why he said he had ruled out a so-called "meat tax".

Asked by Nick Robinson where this proposal had come from, the PM said the government's Climate Change Committee had called for ministers to "implement measures" for "accelerated change in diets".

As pointed out by the i paper's Paul Waugh, the Climate Change Committee in its report calls for "low-cost, low-regret" action to reduce meat consumption - not a proposed meat tax.

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#Starmer to #Sunak at #PMQ's

"The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, aka 'Inaction Man'" 😂😂😂

Sir Keir Starmer - Rishi Sunak

"Tory and Labour are two cheeks of the same arse" — a Scottish MP just stated during Prime Minister's Questions session in Parliament.

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4 months ago

I really do dislike #Sunak as much as I dislike #Johnson

He is as weak as dishwater. Terrible performance at #PMQ again.

Make no mistake #RichSunak is just a parody Boris Johnson in a better suit.

Still calling Starmer names at #PMQ rather than answering questions.

Still intent on breaking international law.

Still lacking transparency and covering up his financial interests.

Still incompetent.

Someone please ask Rishi Sunak during Prime Minister’s Questions wby if being a member of both the EU and UK single markets is so beneficial to Northern Ireland, that this golden opportunity should not also be available to Scotland, or indeed the rest of the UK? #Brexit #UKpolitics #PMQ

Mike Ely
10 months ago

You know what's even more fun than NOT watching the stupid repetitive annual dog-and-pony show that is the #SOTU? Imagining the President of the United States deal with a weekly equivalent of the Prime Minister's Questions. #PMQ

Rasta™ OLD
10 months ago

I think I have a photo of almost all my #Tshirts (that weren't destroyed) @mattdagley . But most are not indexed. there's 50 years of Navy Tees.
You may recognize Tuffs Cove #Dartmouth from the olden days of sail and Shannon Park.. #Selfie #TBT #Navy #PMQ #History #Portsmouth #UK
#HMCS #Annapolis
I must find the others and name them, should be one for all major events we participated in. *Oceans Of Mystery*, Edmund Fitzgerald, Irving Whale, Ocean Ranger, GTS Katie / Fisheries, there's a lot

Ocean Safari
Portsmouth England 
(Wrapped around an image of Nelson's flagship HMS Victory)
and below, the ship HMCS Annapolis (A Canadian warship, then working the East Coast duties, including this exercice off Europe and UK)
a young man wearing a T shirt, laying back on a balcony overlooking Tuffs Cove, Dartmouth in the 1970s. Three smoke stacks are visible at Nova Scotia Tuffs Cove Power plant, and the North End of Dartmouth to the left of it. 
I was wearing a pull down *bib hat*, flat top, wedge shaped, my normal style. 
I have glasses on, and I'm on vacation, since I have started sideburns and a chin patch (not allowed when on duty) and I looked a little thinner, not much different weight but I had a 28 inch waste in this photo.
Linda Sgoluppi Artist
10 months ago

PMQ's should be interesting today. However.....

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There’s pointlessness, and then there’s Prime Minister’s Questions, where democracy goes to kill itself, Wee Ginger Dug writes.

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10 months ago

Chelsea are buying lots of talented youngsters. What do they do with them all?
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Kasia :verified:
11 months ago

watching #PMQ (my personal type of torture)

man, the speaker is bad isn't he

@markjacob It's infuriating. Almost as bad as #PMQ's where I can't remember the Prime Minister ever actually answering a question.

Clara Listensprechen
1 year ago
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Just sat through a CSPAN re-run of Prime Minister's Questions and I can't help but think that Theresa May must be jockeying for some higher position in the current PM's administration...she's certainly making all the right Tory noises.

But it also sounds like Scotland has a legitimate beef despite all that hard talk of UK unity and I don't care how the last referendum up there didn't succeed in its call for independence because of the Brexit factor which put Ireland in a similar economic fix. When last I looked, N. Ireland was pushing not only to separate itself from whatever UK fancied by "making Brexit work" but was also sweet-talking Scotland into entering with Ireland as a pro-Euro bloc besides.

Theresa May failed at the backstop and any elevation of May to administration would certainly hammer the wedge of separation in deeper.
1 year ago

@inkstainedmags they might have meant use #cw. #politics or certain aspects of it (esp. daily commentary on who did what) is usually best served in #cws, and there is certainly a long tradition of it on #mastodon. I personally appreciate people who put #brexit #QT #PMQ in cws, i find it absolutely exhausting otherwise. Understood that ‘everything is political’ to an extent. it is about finding balance and being mindful of others.

Ghost of Tom Paine
1 year ago

The refreshing part of watching #PMQ's in #Westminster these days is not hearing the blustering Billy Bunter verbiage of #BorisJohnson . It was always performative BS without a shred of substance. Even Dominic Raab today engaged with the questions like an adult rather than an attention seeking comic steps.


At PMQ's Sunak exactly the same shit as Johnson, word for word, excruciating. Another waste of time as a Prime Minister, it's time for change and to rebuild our country devastated by these imbeciles



Not sure Liz Truss responding to Ed Davey Qu about constituent carer being unable to afford to wash their incontinent child with warm water with 'we have implemented the energy price guarantee' is really reading the room.... #PMQ's


Pierre Huyghebaert
3 years ago

"À propos de la vidéo de cette #performance, quelqu’un·e nous a d’ailleurs dit : « on devrait la montrer à tou·tes les profs »" [...] "leur rencontre aux #BeauxArts de Lyon, de leurs questionnements sur la #binarité des rapports de #domination, de leurs stratégies d’ #écriture « contre »-académique mais aussi d’espoir, beaucoup."
#NinoAndré était une étudiante de l'atelier de #printmaking où j'intervenais, baptisé #PMK par mon collègue, Print make kings. Avec une autre étudiante, elles ont transformé l'acronyme en #PMQ avec Queens à la fin puis #Queer.

5 years ago

Chancellor's Questions starting in a couple of minutes. #PMQ #Merkel