tfw I'm trying to publish a new feature that I quickly put together, but I had decided to upgrade #pnpm before doing my dependency upgrades and #vercel can't deal with lockfile version 6.1 yet 😸 🔥

I'm thinking about how I could a good #cli for #hsml
I may orientate on existing CLIs like #Rust, #deno or #pnpm

so e.g.

hsml compile # compiles all .hsml files to .html inside current folder and recursive below
hsml compile ./example.hsml # just compiles the given file
hsml fmt # formats
hsml fmt # just formats given file
hsml parse ./example.hsml # parses the given file and std::out as json AST

But I'm not sure if this fulfills all need or if I need to change something

Michal Bryxí 🌱
4 weeks ago

Looking at #YarnBerry being at v4.x now and realising that I don't have (or explicitly know) any project that migrated up from v1.x.
Do people actually keep using #yarn or did everyone migrated away to #pnpm or such?

#Node #WebDev #Tooling

Braw :blob_cat_melt:
1 month ago

People who are working with #npm #monorepo's, if I have a package (eslint config) in the monorepo that is used as `devDependency` in other package from the same repo, and that other package is going to be published. Does this `devDependency` has to be published too? Or can it stay private? I really don't see sense publishing it, but also couldn't find information whether npm cares about devDeps...

Also tagging #nx #lerna #turborepo #pnpm #javascript, in case you guys maybe know the answer.

Axel Rauschmayer
2 months ago

“Flat node_modules is not the only way” by @zkochan
[How pnpm manages node_modules]
#NodeJS #npm #pnpm

Ian VS
2 months ago

#Storybook 7.0 has been officially released, with an obligitory hype video:

Read the announcement for the deets on all the goodies like:

- First-class @vite support
- Zero-config Sveltekit
- Zero-config Next.js
- Improved #TypeScript type safety
- Full #pnpm support

Ready for review
2 months ago

📢 Da hat sich einiges an Themen angesammelt, die wir besprechen müssen. Mit dabei unser geliebtes MS Teams, #zsh, #pnpm, #java 20, #chezmoi, #fdroid und #inkbook. 🤯

🛠️ Thematisch machen wir einen deep dive zum Thema #javascript build tools.

🦸‍♀️Im Konsum besprechen wir dann mal noch fix die ersten drei Phasen des MCU (und das ist der kurze Teil der Folge).

🎉 Ach, und wir haben einen Rabattcode für die #enterJS (auch in den Shownotes) 😇😈

Just realized I misspelled the "packageManager" key in my package.json when I migrated to pnpm. There is still no way to use semver in that key after all. People started putting their ^ at the start because it doesn't fail the regex used in vscode, but this doesn't work at all and will just make corepack fail. #pnpm #npm #vscode #node

Ratul Maharaj
2 months ago

#TIL that you can run `npm version patch` to do a patch (or minor, major etc) version increment which will update your package.json file and create a new git tag. Very cool.

#javascript #typescript #opensource #foss #fosstodon #npm #git #github #pnpm

looks like #github is having a time™ the one time I actually feel like messing around on my projects. I just learned where to put my userconfig for #pnpm to globally disable dependency postinstall scripts and it's not letting me push to my dotfiles repo

mkdir -p ~/.config/pnpm
echo "ignore-dep-scripts=true" >> ~/.config/pnpm/rc

#opsec #node #security

Just quickly checked and #pnpm has an option to disable postinstall scripts by default:
Now I just gotta add running my own (git hook setup, codegen) as a manual step to my docs :P

Edit: I just continued reading and there is a specific setting just for dependencies that is even better for my usecase. Now I really wanna migrate all my projects to pnpm.

Kevin Renskers
3 months ago

So far I've used good ol' #NPM for all my JS/TS projects. Lately I've been eying #PNPM, mostly because installs are much faster, although the disk space savings are nice too.

However, I am not 100% convinced that it's the best decision as it's yet another thing that the whole team has to install. One more barrier before you can get the code up and running as a new dev on the team.

Is it worth it? I'm 50/50, can't really decide.

Chris Manson
3 months ago

Pro tip time 🧑‍💻⏱

Now that we have automatic unstable releases for embroider packages you can update all of your dependencies in a pnpm monorepo with the following command:

pnpm -r update @embroider/test-setup@unstable @embroider/addon-shim@unstable @embroider/addon-dev@unstable @embroider/webpack@unstable

This can be super useful to test the upcoming release on a branch in your CI or staging environments 🎉

#emberjs #embroider #javascript #pnpm

99 problems and a #JavaScript package manager ain't one! #npm #yarn #pnpm

3 months ago

Do you use pnpm in your projects?

I just made my first GitHub action that combines 3 common steps into one line, saving you over 10 lines per workflow file!

(in some cases, you could convert 50+ lines to 5!)


#JavaScript #pnpm #ci

3 months ago
Daniel Zenzes
4 months ago

Am 22.06. darf ich auf der #enterjs in Darmstadt erzählen, wie wir unser Projekt auf #pnpm umgestellt haben. Wird ein Praxisbericht mit einigen Dingen, die wir gelernt haben.

So I finally figured out how to deal with some mystery slowness during file extraction in #orogene, and managed to get full extraction working and it is:

👉🏻 4x faster than #pnpm
👉🏻 4x faster than #yarn
👉🏻 3x faster than #npm

...and these are just some initial numbers! There's still some stuff I'm sure I haven't tried to do yet that could bump that further.

On my machine, this means it can fully resolve and install a react app in 11 seconds.

v v exciting results so far.

#rust #rustlang

wish #pnpm had ‘bt’ command which would run build and then test scripts...

Doug Parker
4 months ago

Why is it so unreasonably hard to get #PNPM to generate a damn lockfile? Even if I don't have any dependencies, I still want a lockfile!

Elly Loel ✨🌱
4 months ago

I've been hearing about PNPM for ages now but never had the opportunity to use it on a project.

Before I do though, I want to know what are the pitfalls or reasons not to use it?

:javascript: #JS #Node #NPM #Yarn #PNPM

Jatin Sharma
4 months ago

Hello Devs,
Which one you like the most?

#npm #yarn #pnpm
#developers #webdevelopment #javascript

Rush Stack
4 months ago

🎈 Do you use a #pnpm workspace in your Rush repo? We just published the 1.0.0 release of "Lockfile Explorer", a new tool for troubleshooting version conflicts. Thanks William Huang from TikTok for contributing this cool app! ✨

Florian Geierstanger
5 months ago

TIL #pnpm command line tab-completion, setup with `pnpm install-completion`

Lucas Homer
5 months ago

Okay the #vue dev tools are very nice and I'm enjoying #nuxt and #pnpm and it's thanks to @elk 🤌

5 months ago

New Misskey v13 with rewriten backend released but avoid it. Build issues with new installations and possibly other issues with upgrades as well

If you still want to proceed here's the link to v13:

#misskey #opensource #foss #fediverse #misskeydev #social #network #socialnetwork #microblog #activitypub #typescript #vue #pnpm #vite

5 months ago

#yarn は v2 が出てきたあたりから #npm に戻って以降使ってないな…
そしてその出戻り経験もあいまって #pnpm とかを試す腰がすんごい重くなっちゃってる自分 :tony_smiling: 💦

After struggling efficiently using (and updating) #pnpm on a system where nvm was being used for #nodejs version management, I finally found the best way to get everything working without a headache. I ditched nvm, now use (written in #rust) and installed pnpm with #corepack (from the fnm-installed node).

Ian VS
5 months ago

The latest #storybook 7.0 beta has a handful of small #pnpm fixes that I worked on over the last few days. Thank you to those who reported problems.

`pnpx sb@next init` to try it out.

Ian VS
6 months ago

If you had trouble with #pnpm and #storybook in the past, give the new 7.0 beta a try! It wasn't easy, but we worked hard to make sure pnpm is fully supported without hoisting or workarounds.

Use `pnpx sb@next init` to add Storybook to a project, or `pnpx sb@next upgrade --prerelease` to upgrade an existing Storybook project.

Let me know if you experience any issues.


Just got to know about #pnpm as I am trying to run a project that requires it.

If anyone has migrated to pnpm from npm have you faced any challenges, can one use them side by side, as most of my projects are based on #npm I dont what to jump into pnpm straight away.

Ian VS
6 months ago

The #Storybook 7.0 beta has been announced:

I and the rest of the team have been working hard to ensure that it works seamlessly with #PNPM, #ViteJS, #Svelte, and more. There's a ton to love in this release.

The holidays are a good time to experiment with new things, so give it a whirl today. And feel free to let me know if you have any trouble, I'm happy to help out.

Daniel Zenzes
6 months ago

I really enjoyed adding #turborepo and #pnpm to our stack. Everything is so fast now 🤩

NaNdy Stalick
6 months ago

I want to contribute a new #eInk display to #NodeJS but the #pnpm workspaces flow has me baffled.

#MonoRepo blues!

Steven ⬢
6 months ago

It would be great to get this feature in pnpm too, so I created an issue here:

#npm #pnpm #Node.js

Daniel Zenzes
6 months ago

Immerhin zahlt es sich aus, Zeit in #pnpm zu investieren. Tolles Tool und mein bevorzugter Package Manager aktuell

Daniel Zenzes
7 months ago

Schöner Talk, der erklärt, wie #pnpm funktioniert und wo es sich von #npm und #yarn unterscheidet.

Ian VS
7 months ago

My PR to tackle the final challenges when using #pnpm and #vitejs in #storybook is green in CI and has at least one approval. :its-happening:

It's if anyone wants to follow along and try it out once it's released in the next 7.0 alpha.

Daniel Zenzes
7 months ago

Darf gerade einige Frontend Projekte von #yarn auf #pnpm umstellen. Für meine Usecases ist es ein echter Gewinn: Installation von Dependencies läuft richtig schnell und alle packages haben saubere dependencies im Monorepo.

Ian VS
7 months ago

Great to see so many friendly faces on the #storybook monthly roadmap meeting! We're covering topics like prebundling, first-class #nextjs support, and first-class #pnpm support. These happen every month on the first Monday in our discord:

Screencapture of discord video chat, showing the agenda chart for the storybook monthly meeting and 13 participants.
Daniel Zenzes
10 months ago

Habe letzte Woche ein paar Projekte auf #pnpm umgestellt, die schon mit npm schnell gebaut haben. Sieht gerade so aus, also ob pnpm da trotzdem abermals schneller ist.

Der als Alternative zu npm und Yarn ausgelegte Paketmanager setzt auf ein Content-Addresseable Filesystem, um bei Updates nur veränderte Packages zu übernehmen.
JavaScript-Paketmanager pnpm vermeidet doppelte Packages
#JavaScript #YARN #npm #paketmanager #pnpm