Alexander Spoerr
3 days ago

Ändert es eigentlich faktisch etwas an #Diskriminierung, wenn #Farbige heute "People of Color" genannt werden? #PoC. Übrigens keine neue Erfindung sondern ein Begriff auf der Kolonialzeit.

3 days ago

LiveUnderflow mit einer recht anschaulichen Einordnung des Hackers Jean Pascal Pereira und dessen teils gewagten Aussagen bzgl. seiner Exploits von u.a. Google Chrome, HospitalRun und Motion im vergangenen Leeroy Interview.

#CyberSec #Liveoverflow #Leeroy #Hacking #Fuzzing #CVE #PoC #UAF

The dark #history of #bookbans and burnings

In the US, 2023 has been the worst year for book bans since records on ban, with the #LBGTQ+ community and #POC people of colour being disproportionately targeted. Here, we look back at the long, troubling history of #literary #censorship

Jeannette Ho
4 days ago

HOME: an exploration of being & belonging in resistance:

"A new collection of essays, personal narratives, and multimedia...from 12 library and archive workers."

up//root is "a publishing collective that exists to center the works, knowledge, and experiences of BIPOC within the context of the library and archives community."

#librarians #archivists #bipoc #poc #black #latino #latinx #native #indigenous #AAPI #AANHPI #africanamerican #Diversity

@inch Kannst du dich bitte proaktiv als Zeuge bei der Polizei melden? Das wäre zielführender glaube ich. Beste Grüße, ein Mensch mit Pigmentierungsvordergrund aus #Leipzig (der sich bewusst nicht #POC nennt)

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
2 weeks ago

UPDATE: Philadelphia police officer Mark Dial WAS out on $500,000 bail. Dial shot Eddie Irizarry through the window of his car on August 14 and lied to the public saying, Irizarry was out of his car and lunging at him with a knife. The district attorney wanted bail revoked saying, it is a direct violation of the Pennsylvania Constitution. Bail is not granted in Pennsylvania for murder cases.

BREAKING NOW: This afternoon, a judge revoked bail and former officer Mark Dial is now behind bars for the murder. It's about time that the two-tiered justice system made such a ruling. It's time for more of this. Keep fighting.

#SocialJustice #PoliceViolence #StopKillingUs #MentalHealth #InvisibleDisabilityRights #POC #equality

2 weeks ago

Bei meinem Projekt hat sich eine Recherchefrage ergeben, die POC betrifft. Allerdings habe ich das unbestimmte Gefühl, dass allein die Frage schon verletzend sein könnte. Bin nicht sicher, würde sie daher also lieber vermeiden, dann könnte es aber sein, dass ich einen Logikfehler in der Geschichte habe.
Ernsthafte Ideen & Empfehlungen zum Umgang damit? Gern von #POC in der Schreibbubble?

2 weeks ago

@DeanObeidallah #GOP are #fascist #antisemitic #transphobic #antidemocracy #climatedeniers who #hate #women #children #families #POC the list is really too darned long. They #hate #america and #Americans writ large. #DoGood #BeKind #Vote #Persist #Persevere #Earth depends on the actions we take each and every day. #Peace and #thankyou

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
2 weeks ago

Hashtag Intro.
Click here 🧠 to expand.
The Proverbial list Evolved:

#InvisibleDisabilityRights #IDR
#LandBack #Indigenous Kahnawá:ke Nia:wen kowa

Behind and beside: #CivilRights #MentalHealth #EndRacism #LGBTQIA #BLM #WomenRights #EqualPay #StopViolence #StopAsianHate #POC Eater of clean foods Anti-AntiSemitic #EndBigotry for #everyone
#BeYou #BeKind #BePatient
#UnityConquers #TearDownTheWall :solidarity: ✊🏽

Focus: :ir:
#DisabilitySolidarity #DisabledCommunity #EndAbleism #StopAbleistHate #DisabilityAdvocacy #passionate #DisabledVoicesUnite #CrossDisabilitySupport #inclusion #ListeningEar #Here4All #NeurodivergentThinking #neurodiversity
#ConcussionAwareness #TBI #ABI #AnoxicBrainInjury #BrainInjury #SpineInjury #fibromyalgia #LimbDifference #ActuallyAutisic #OrthopedicDisabilities #SticksAndStones #BrokenBones #NaturesPharmaceutical #DisabilityAcceptance #EndAbleistHateCrime #StopAbleistSlurs #DisabilityEconomicJustice #CripTheVote #DisabilityLobby #HumanInterest #NonPartisan #research #Education #Knowledge
#UnityConquers #TearDownTheWall
✊🏽 :solidarity:

Un peu de moi?
Je ne parle pas couramment Français. I like using #HashtagsNobodyWillEverSearch
#FilmMaking #Writing #poetry
Ex-#musician #Songwriter Passé
💐⚘🌺🏵 #GardenCreator extraordinaire. #FlowerGardens #PhotorealisticImagination
Et Bien plus encore.

🙏, ✌️, 💛, :solidarity: #accommodation for "👥👩🏽‍🦯👤👨🏽‍🦽" with #InvisibleDisabilities
Just like many of us, this list is incomplete and still evolving. (he, him)

Please read the ALT text.

Image is a screenshot from a video I took somewhere - sometime.  I don't remember right now.

A golden sun paints the horizon orange, as shadows fall across the earth below. Above the leaden clouds make way for light, just as darkness falls upon the day.

A quote in white text is superimposed below the sun reading:

“People fail to get along because they fear each other; they fear each other because they don't know each other; they don't know each other because they have not communicated with each other”
Martin Luther King Jr

The Pyramid Scheme That Is Racial Capitalism

Black People Are Both The Focus Of Racist Hate And Of Capitalist Predation.
#news #UnitedStates #captalism #socialism #racism #poc #bipoc

Cindy Weinstein
2 weeks ago

"“Insofar as the women,” Wenner responded, “just none of them were as articulate enough on this intellectual level.” #JannWenner of #RollingStone on who is intellectually articulate enough to capture his imagination and who isn't. No #women, no #POC make the cut. Unreal.

# (gifted)

2 weeks ago

so - die wilde #xpath idee ist als #poc #proofofconcept durchgehackt. das ging schneller als erwartet. bevor ich das ordentlich mache und einen artikel für die heimatseite schreibe ist jetzt #infrastruktur dran...

3 weeks ago

It will never not confuse me when other Black People proclaim "But Black People Don't do X!" ...

Right when I'm in the middle of ~doing X~ and normally *showing that I am proficient in that particular skill*

[Depending on the company I usually resist the urge to state "Hmm. Ain't I Black?" ]

🤨 😑


3 weeks ago

Today I:

Went to Youtube.

Typed in 'Why play ttrpgs?'

Was presented with a bunch of videos title "Why Black People Don't play RPGs"

Me: Wdafuqnow?


Chris Winters
3 weeks ago

There's a #Republican master plan for America, and it isn't pretty, especially for #LGTBQ+ people, but also for all #POC people of color, #women, and anyone who wants the clean air and water many of us have enjoyed for 50+ years to persist.

Ron Bowes
4 weeks ago

Published a detailed #AttackerKB writeup for the #Juniper J-Web vuln from a couple weeks ago - CVE-2023-36844 (and friends). It's largely based on the public #PoC from Watchtowr, but I took it a step further and showed how to break out of the BSD jail to access the OS.


Ron Bowes
4 weeks ago

I love this type of vulnerability - two parsers disagreeing with exactly how something should be parsed. They're so difficult to find, but so fascinating to examine!

#infosec #poc #exploit #cybersecurity

4 weeks ago

@piratenpartei Auf den ersten Blick lustig, aber: #CumEx, #Wirecard, #Brechmittelfolter an #PoC bis zum Tod - passt nicht so wirklich zu den #Piraten.

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #35/2023 is out! It includes the following and much more:

➝ 🔓 🏌🏻‍♂️Golf gear giant #Callaway data breach exposes info of 1.1 million
➝ 🔓👕 Forever 21 data breach affects half a million people
➝ 🔓 🤦🏻‍♂️ #LogicMonitor customers hit by hackers, because of default passwords
➝ 🇺🇸 ⚖️ Lawsuit Accuses University of Minnesota of Not Doing Enough to Prevent #DataBreach
➝ 🎬 🔓 #Paramount discloses data breach following security incident
➝ 🏥 🔓 #Healthcare Organizations Hit by Cyberattacks Last Year Reported Big Impact, Costs
➝ 🇺🇸 🌎 #Microsoft joins a growing chorus of organizations criticizing a #UN cybercrime treaty
➝ 🇺🇸 🦠 U.S. Hacks #QakBot, Quietly Removes Botnet Infections
➝ 🇷🇺 🇺🇦 #Russia targets #Ukraine with new Android #backdoor, intel agencies say
➝ 🇷🇺 🕵🏻‍♂️ Unmasking #Trickbot, One of the World’s Top Cybercrime Gangs
➝ 🇨🇳 👀 ‘Earth Estries’ #Cyberespionage Group Targets Government, Tech Sectors
➝ 🇨🇳 Chinese Hacking Group Exploits Barracuda Zero-Day to Target Government, Military, and Telecom
➝ 💸 🇪🇺 Pay our ransom instead of a #GDPR fine, #cybercrime gang tells its targets
➝ 🇺🇸 🇨🇳 #Meta: Pro-Chinese influence operation was the largest in history
➝ 🇪🇸 📸 Spain warns of #LockBit Locker ransomware phishing attacks
➝ 🇵🇱 🚂 Two Men Arrested Following #Poland Railway Hacking
➝ 🇰🇵 🐍 #Lazarus hackers deploy fake #VMware PyPI packages in #VMConnect attacks
➝ 💸 #Classiscam fraud-as-a-service expands, now targets banks and 251 brands
➝ 💬 🎠 Trojanized #Signal and #Telegram apps on Google Play delivered spyware
➝ 🦠 📄 MalDoc in PDFs: Hiding malicious Word docs in PDF files
➝ 🇧🇷 👀 A Brazilian phone #spyware was hacked and victims’ devices ‘deleted’ from server
➝ 👨🏻‍💻 🔐 #GitHub Enterprise Server Gets New Security Capabilities
➝ 🚗 💰 Over $1 Million Offered at New #Pwn2Own #Automotive Hacking Contest
➝ 🩹 #Splunk Patches High-Severity Flaws in Enterprise, IT Service Intelligence
➝ ⛏️ 🔓 Recent #Juniper Flaws Chained in Attacks Following #PoC Exploit Publication

📚 This week's recommended reading is: "Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime―from Global Epidemic to Your Front Door" by @briankrebs

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1 month ago

on an unrelated note
Do you remember the guy from the #collegehumor series "If google was a guy" [1] who had a staccato style of asking rather strange questions [2]? In his memory #blacktwitterapp only for #BIPOC|#POC?


1 month ago

So I have fallen into the rabbit hole that is #blackmastodon and while there are cool people to follow, backtracking their social graph is riddled with accounts no longer active or deleted. It saddens me that #mastodon seemingly fails at being a welcoming and engaging platform for #BIPOC / #POC

Joe Hill
1 month ago

@JoshuaHolland Or, to put it perspective, 3X what a #POC gets for voting in the wrong precinct or shoplifting.

Joe Hill
1 month ago

@GottaLaff How do you figure? He got 1/2 of what prosecution was seeking. Math doesn’t add up for any sort of “enhancement.”

It’s criminal that these #Crackers aren’t getting sentenced like they were #POC who voted in the wrong precinct.

SOC Prime :donor:
1 month ago

Heads up! #Hackers actively exploit a critical CVE-2023-36844 #RCE bug chain affecting the Juniper Networks' SRX firewalls and EX switches. Detect exploitation attempts with a curated #SigmaRule from SOC Prime Platform. #CVE #PoC #DFIR #ThreatHunting

I tooted a bunch of things this morning, the only things anyone interacted with had #hashtags or were #memes.
Nobody even responded to the toot about the math proof which was thought to be impossible.
Seriously, folks. Two #teenage #Girls from #NOLA (or that area) solved a proof that mathematicians have been trying to solve for over 2000 years, and NOBODY BATS AN EYE?
Should I have mentioned these two young women are #black, #AfricanAmerican , or #PoC ? Would that have made it worthy of a response?
I've got to say, I AM DISAPPOINT!

Here's the article again, because EVERYBODY MISSED IT.

1 month ago

#AutonomesFahren: Die #KI in selbstfahrenden #Auto​s erkennt #Kind​er auf der Fahrbahn um 20 % schlechter als Erwachsene. Weiße Menschen werden 7,5 % besser erkannt als #PoC. Das geht aus einem Vergleich von acht Systemen mit 8000 Bildern am #KingsCollege London hervor.

Im Hintergrund zu sehen sind zwei Mädchen, die eine Straße überqueren. Im Vordergrund ist ein zweizeiliges, orangefarbenes Banner mit weißer Schrift: "Autonomes Fahren: Kinder und People of Color werden schlechter erkannt". Darunter ist links ein kleineres, einzeiliges, hellblaues Banner mit weißer Schrift: "Bild: Mary Taylor / Pexels".
1 month ago

Late #ShoutOuts to Wellburn Grocery, Island Farms, Thrifty Foods & many community donations for us poor #POC kids to try & start being #entrepreneurs ! We appreciated all the help. We told everyone we were trying to run a kids only managed seasonal small business. I had my first official business meeting with local government happen when I was 10 yrs old.

Erika Sumner
1 month ago

I’m not sure people realize how fundamentally predatory artist contracts in the #musicindustry have been & remain (#DeLaSoul & Tommy Boy, #TLC, etc), particularly for #women & #POC.

The Netflix documentary Ladies First: a story of women & hip-hop does a good job of laying it out.

SO I have to say congrats to #ArianaGrande & #DemiLovato who just dropped their predatory mgr

Ron Bowes
1 month ago

Posted a writeup and Metasploit module for a SonicWall GMS vulnerability from back in July (CVE-2023-34124), which kept getting back-burnered by other analyses. The exploit chains together 4-5 different vulnerabilities (all from the same patch), and making a generic exploit required bypassing a fairly aggressive XSS filter that didn't allow most special characters. It's a pretty neat issue with a neat exploit, IMO! And thanks to @fulmetalpackets for his help with this one :)

#cybersecurity #vuln #poc #metasploit #cve_2023_34124 #cve202334124

1 month ago

Do not try fucking #whitesplaining with me.
Have you seen my face?
Does it look like I could ever pass as anything close to white? I cannot look white AND don't want to!

I don't want or need white ppl giving me unwanted advice when they have ZERO racial lived experiences.

Sit the fuck down. Learn by listening. Not every conversation needs your opinion. Especially, when it's #POC experiences that you don't have & never will as someone who can't look close to white.

Shut the fuck up.

1 month ago

With my nonbinary Korean fellow activist friend, from Vancouver, at VGH. We met over 2 yrs ago on remote frontlines & were one of very few Asian activists with boots on the ground at protest camps in BC. They're an amazing human being. We worked on deescalation training, accessibility solutions & nonviolent defense tactics together.

#AsianMastodon #Teochew #Chinese #Korean #POC #Asians #POCactivists #environmentalists #AsianActivists #Unity #friends #StrongerTogether

My Korean friend & me - selfie taken by them. Black and white photo.
Sanitätsgruppe Süd-West e.V.
1 month ago

~~~ Crémant. Cava. Booty Bounce~~~

Am gestrigen Freitag ging es für uns zu einem Sanitätsdienst nach Frankfurt am Main. Dort sicherten wir ein Hip-Hop-Event der besonderen Art ab. Mehr erfahrt ihr auf unserer Webseite:

#HipHop #Cremant #Cava #bootybounce #POC #BIPOC #queer #trans #awareness #Rap #Party #Konzert #FFM #partyagainstthepariarchy #ffmevents #frankfurtopenair #flinta #saferspaces #Demosanis #Demosanitäterin #SanitätsgruppeSüdWest #Frankfurt #Sanitätsdienst

2 months ago

#TourismVictoria won't ever tell you the ugly truths.
I'm working with some #POC to develop a #decolonization tourist map & guide to the real Victoria.

2 months ago

It’s funny how the only #poc are the most actively engaged in my #gender #media & #diversity class. #blackmastodon

Brent Ashley
2 months ago

I came up with a new word - Proofuction:

A system that goes directly from proof-of-concept to production can be said to be in proofuction.

#dev #poc #production

🌈 Gangster Maddy Stylo 🦄
2 months ago

@HeavenlyPossum A fact is, that #PoC.s are de facto underrepresented in leftist circles. And that has a good reason.

But Leftists are still "to white" to accept and think about this. That's why the Left in #Europe is mostly a pro-Colonizing left.

Niger perfectly visualizes that: You can be free, you shall be free, everyone ..... but wait wait, no not with #Russia and only #Democracy, and only business with Europe. And and and.

Black people recognise the real mindset of white leftist very quickly. That's why nobody takes Europe serious and Putin can score easily.

Gabriele Pollara
2 months ago

The hardest challenge in stewardship remains.... the people (#doctors)!

You provide point-of-care measures of bacterial infection (Biofire & PCT measurements) for patients with respiratory infection, and.... no difference in antibiotic consumption. 🤷

#AMR #AMS #antimicrobialstewardship #microbiology #IDMastodon #infectiousdeseases #medicine #antibiotics #diagnostics #ED #POC

2 months ago

'Sealioning' BS is NOT tolerated with me.
See paradox of tolerance for educational purposes.

POC folks like me & many others, are worn the hell out from constant emotional labours for folks who don't really give a shit about us but enjoy exploiting us & our voices - when it benefits them.


#AsianMastodon #POC #StepUpWhiteFolks

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
2 months ago

"Disability ID and Disability Deaths" Conclusion: "Justice for Elijah McClain"!
CONTENT WARNING (CW): the details and videos of this event may be disturbing to some.
The winds of change began to blow in the summer of 2020. A petition compiled over 2 million signatures, seeking justice for Elijah McClain. On June 10, 2020, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis told the public, Atty Gen Phil Weiser would be investigating the death of McClain. Also that June, protesters shut down a section of Interstate 225, demanding accountability for his death. In the series of peaceful demonstrations, protesters were also targeted by police. During those protests, when heavily militarized police arrived, the legendary chant began, "WHY ARE YOU IN RIOT GEAR! WE DON'T SEE NO RIOT HERE". Finally, there was momentum in the battle for some form of justice.

In September, 2021, over two years after the crime, a 32 count grand jury indictment charged the five first responders for their actions. The forensic pathologist who was part of the grand jury investigation, concluded the cause of death was "homicide". The individuals named in the grand jury indictment were: officers Randy Roedema, Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt, and paramedics Jeremy Cooper and Peter Cichuniec. All five were charged with "Manslaughter" and "Criminally negligent homicide" among other charges. Roedema, Rosenblatt and both EMTs were additionally charged with "Second-degree assault" and "Crime of violence". The trial of officers Randy Roedema and Jason Rosenblatt, being tried together, was scheduled to start on July 10 but, was postponed, with no new date set at that time.

The indictment was followed by a series of other events. In September 2022, well after the grand jury indictment, Adams County announced, the original 2019 autopsy report had been amended. It now stated the means as "COMPLICATIONS OF KETAMINE ADMINISTRATION FOLLOWING FORCIBLE RESTRAINT". However, the cause of death was still listed as "UNDETERMINED", rather than "homicide". Interestingly enough, in November 2021, the city of Aurora agreed to pay the family of Elijah McClain, $15 million to settle a federal civil rights action.

Next week, the first of the three trials is set to begin, as paramedics Cooper and Cichuniec have a court date on August 7. Nathan Woodyard, the first Aurora officer on the scene, will stand trial alone beginning on September 18. The judge that pushed back the Roedema and Rosenblatt case, expressed hopes for a rescheduling by October. Three years will have elapsed since Elijah McClain's death, before any proceedings against police will begin. That fact alone underscores other findings of "implicit bias" in regard to racial and disability justice. Unfortunately, that problem is not limited to Colorado.

It's reported that over 1100 people were killed by police in 2022, other reports say, "half of people killed by police have a disability". It seems to be a dangerous time if someone decides another is different, especially if that someone has authority. People with disabilities are not a "new thing", and represent about 26% of the US population. Why should it be necessary to teach those sworn to "serve and protect", basics like: understanding, accommodation, proper communication, and preservation of dignity, when it comes to invisible disability? Can things like human decency, actually be taught with "adequate training"? Considering Elijah and the story of Christian Glass, is it any wonder many individuals with invisible disabilities, are afraid to call police for help? How many such crimes are covered up or not reported? Will an ID card really change anything? More importantly, why did so many have to suffer, before anyone heard them call... "I'm just different. I'm just different, that's all".

OutOfExile_IDR © 2023

Elijah McClain's last words: CW
"I can't breathe. I have my ID right here. My name is Elijah McClain. That's my house. I was just going home. I'm an introvert. I'm just different. That's all. I'm so sorry. I have no gun. I don't do that stuff. I don't do any fighting. Why are you attacking me? I don't even kill flies! I don't eat meat! But I don't judge people, I don't judge people who do eat meat. Forgive me. All I was trying to do was become better. I will do it. I will do anything. Sacrifice my identity, I'll do it. You all are phenomenal. You are beautiful and I love you. Try to forgive me. I'm a mood Gemini. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Ow, that really hurt! You are all very strong. Teamwork makes the dream work. [after vomiting] Oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to do that. I just can't breathe correctly."




PART FOUR – Christian Glass:

Half of People Killed by Police Have a Disability:

Six minute video analysis of Elijah McClain's:

Full 3 hour video including multiple officers body cam footage and Elijah McClain's mother attempting to get answers:

Adams County Sheriff – no charges in the death of Elijah McClain:

Adams County coroner amendments autopsy report: includes video of the incident

Timeline, analysis of body cam footage in Elijah McClain case:

Police mock the death of Elijah McClain:

Accused killers plead not guilty:

Protesters targeted:

"Hundreds of Officers That Have Been Labeled Liars. Some Still Help Send People to Prison":

Example of Aurora PD's racial profiling:

Legal analysis by Wolfberg and Wirth:

Wikipedia page containing a link to the 911 call and police body camera:

#Justice4Elijah #ActuallyAutistic #BLM #InvisibleDisabilityRights #EndAbleism #POC #EndRacism #change #disability #accommodation #understanding #DisabilityCommunity #SpeakUp4Change #DisabilitySolidarity #MentalHealth #DisabilityRights #decency #dignity #SocialJustice #EndBigotry #PoliceViolence #NoJusticeNoPeace #StopKillingUs #ICantBreathe #TearDownTheWall
@disabilityjustice @disability @actuallyautistics

Photo taken during the 2020 protests, demanding justice in the death of Elijah McClain. Activists carrying signs march in the streets. In the foreground two protesters are carrying a huge sign with a picture of Elisha and text that reads:
"JUSTICE FOR ELIJAH MCCLAIN – 1996-2019" at the bottom, above his final words appears text reading: "@JusticeForElijahMcClain".
OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
2 months ago

Disability ID and Disability Deaths – How Police Killed Elijah McClain
CONTENT WARNING (CW): The details and linked videos of this event may be disturbing to some. Image-eye contact.

Even with the positives disability designator IDs might bring, it's unlikely a card will prevent authorities from abusing and killing people with invisible disabilities. Aside from a change in attitudes, there are still far too many, long-overdue reforms needed. Many instances of police induced death involving the disabled, including people with autism, brain injury, and hearing impairments, were blamed on the victim. Most were, in fact, a direct result of: Ablest attitudes (ignorance), use of excessive force, and unacceptable treatment attributed to inadequate training. Utilizing invisible disabilities to scapegoat victims and bury the case, is another tactic often employed but, "inadequate training", is not what has killed so many people with disabilities.

Mentioned in part three of this piece, the history of one particular force, is a prime demonstration of a "pattern and practice", that has destroyed lives and families of people with invisible disabilities. According to other investigations, Aurora Colorado's pattern of policing, has raised concerns of implicit bias towards the disabled, POC and other marginalized people. Perhaps, one of the most famous examples from that city, is the death of a 23-year-old black man with autism and anemia, Elijah McClain. That case, sparked outrage from both the disabled and black communities, and with the first of three homicide trials set to begin in August, now is not the time to forget what happened to Elijah. The demeaning and despicable treatment he was subjected to, is not uncommon in "policing" of the disabled.

August 24, 2019: Elijah McClain, a massage therapist, violinist and "gentle soul", was walking home from a convenience store not, far from his home. Because of his anemia, which often made him feel cold, he was known to where a ski mask. On his way home, someone in a house he passed called police to report an unarmed, "sketchy" individual. Minutes Later, Aurora PD's Nathan Woodyard saw Elijah walking to his home and stopped. Within 9 sec. of exiting his car, Woodyard had his hands on Elijah McClain. Just seconds later, officers Randy Roedema and Jason Rosenblatt showed up, also engaging with Elisha. As he explained he was an "introvert" and was "just walking home", one of the officers responded, "Relax, or I'm going to have to change this situation".

The officers had McClain against the wall before taking the five feet seven, 143 lb man to the ground. One of their body cameras was detached and landed in the grass, capturing an officer slowly walking out of view. With Elijah and police no longer being filmed clearly, one officer can be heard claiming, "he just grabbed your gun dude". Within four seconds of the allegation, Elijah can be heard choking as a result of police applying the carotid restraint, restricting his airflow. FOUR SECONDS?! One of the officers later told investigators that McClain "briefly" fell unconscious and the officers released their grasp on his neck. The chokehold was implemented only one min. and four sec. after the first officer exited his vehicle. The three officers involved, Woodyard, Rosenblatt and Roedema, all claimed their body cameras "fell off " in the "struggle" with this small statured young man.

The video footage is very difficult to listen to. Elijah McClain can be heard gasping as he pleads with officers to stop, saying, "I can't breathe". Elijah continues to plead, saying his name and that he was "just going home". Through his sobs, came the words myself and many others with invisible disabilities, will never forget. "I'm just different. I'm just different, that's all". It's hard to hear the police on the audio of one body cam but, Elijah's words are clear… "I'm so sorry. I have no gun. I don't do that stuff. I don't do any fighting. Why are you attacking me?". As officers ignore his pleas, they seem to spin tales of their "struggle" with a 143 pound person. One repeated the accusation that McClain tried to grab officer Roedema's gun, and that they "had" to use the carotid hold.

About six minutes after the initial contact by police, Elijah McClain can be heard vomiting for the first time. One of the officers commands him to "STOP" to which McClain apologized saying, "I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to do that. I just can't breathe correctly". In the next few minutes, McClain gets sick "a few more times" while officers held him facedown on the ground, telling him repeatedly to stop resisting. Reports say he was also handcuffed and still wearing the ski mask when he was sick, and as a result, was struggling to breathe. He may have been trying to roll on his side or remove the mask to breathe better, as police seemed to be acting out a show of "resisting arrest" for the body cam audio.

Police can be heard threatening him, "Don't get up. It's not gonna be good for you, I'm telling you right now". Another officer standing over him said "You keep messin' around, I'm unna bring my dog out here", saying he would let the dog attack Elijah. Approximately 11 minutes after the initial contact by officer Woodyard, the cameras capture police saying, "When the ambulance gets here, were gonna go ahead and give him some ketamine". This is also when they claimed "whatever he's on, he has incredible strength." Another concurs "yeah, crazy strength". It's alarming that police and individuals of such character, have authority to mandate the administering of this powerful sedative.

The timing of the accusation that Elijah McClain attempted to grab the firearm, only seconds after body cams were removed, is highly suspect. Again, McClain was 143 lbs, being held by three much larger men. While one of the officer's body cam was still attached, another can be heard telling him to "move" his camera. I don't believe the body cams dislodged, and firmly believe these accused murderers doffed them. The Maclean's attorney said police intentionally removed their body cameras "to support a false allegation that McClain reached for a gun". Though it is not clear on the video, there is absolutely, no doubt in my mind. The same is true, regarding their claims for body cam audio that Elijah was "struggling". If he was struggling, it was likely for air and survival.

The report from paramedics, Jeremy Cooper and Peter Cichuniec claimed that when they arrived, Elijah was displaying signs of "excited delirium". The snap "diagnosis" was made, despite never touching, talking to, or checking Maclean's vitals. Were these paramedics scapegoating in an effort to protect their fellow first responders? After incorrectly estimating his weight, the paramedics administered 500 mg of ketamine to McClain, a dosage for someone nearly 60 to 70 pounds larger. For those who believe in forcibly drugging people, the proper ketamine dosage for Elijah's weight, is about 325 mg. Approximately 23 minutes after Nathan Woodyard stopped "to talk" to McClain, the officers responsible were informed, Elijah, had no pulse. Less than a week later, he was declared brain-dead on August 27, 2019, and died, three days later on the 30th.

According to–CPR news: "After McClain’s death, Dr. Stephen Cina, a contractor forensic pathologist for Adams County, completed the autopsy on Sept. 3, 2019. There were two Aurora police officers and two representatives from the Adams County District Attorney’s office in attendance". I'd be interested to hear that conversation, considering the findings of the autopsy. The Adams County corner ruled the cause of death as "undetermined" saying that, "a therapeutic amount" of ketamine was found in Maclean's system. The report, reeking of scapegoating, speculated about drug use and undiagnosed mental illness, while seeming to conclude nothing but suppositional "ifs".

Excerpt from Dr. Cina's report: "The manner of death may be accident if it was an idiosyncratic drug reaction,” . “It may be natural if (McClain) had an undiagnosed mental illness that led to excited delirium, if his intense physical exertion combined with a narrow coronary artery led to an arrhythmia, if he had an asthma attack, or if he aspirated vomit while restrained."... "It may be a homicide if the actions of officers led to his death (eg. carotid control hold…)”.

That's a lot of "Ifs". I can't help but wonder "IF", the presence of officers and DA personnel "may" have influence the doctors findings. In conjunction with the corners "undetermined" autopsy determination, Adams County DA Dave Young said, he would not bring charges against the officers. This seeming manipulation of justice, by those who controlled it, was met with outrage.

Another slap in the face, illuminating the culture of APD, occurred in October 2019, less than two months after Elijah's death. Several other officers returned to the scene, taking pictures while they joyfully reenacted the cardioid hold, used on McClain. In July, 2020, after the photos were made public, three officers were fired and one resigned. It's remarkable that they were fired for mocking and taking pictures, while the officers that killed Elijah were still patrolling the streets. The shouts of "Justice for Elijah", became louder as it seemed this heinous police action was being ignored. Once again, protesters took to the streets.

Protests, investigation, Arrests and trials. Conclusion – "Justice for Elijah" below.

OutOfExile_IDR © 2023

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Image of a collage of four photos. 
In the top left Elijah McClain is playing the violin wearing a dark blue shirt. He was known to spend his lunch break at a nearby shelter playing his violin for "lonely kittens.

Top right: Elijah with a subtle smile, wearing his glasses and a blue, white and red checkered shirt.

Bottom left: Elijah close up wearing glasses and earbuds as he's looking thoughtfully.

Bottom right: A photograph of protesters carrying signs and shaking their fists in the air, demanding  "JUSTICE FOR ELIJAH MCCLAIN".
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This is a non-emergency! Everything is okay :blobfoxessnuggles:​

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FUCK YOU, #SAANICH - you've only made me want to fight harder 🤬

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My very furious email screenshot to Saanich Council

hey #blackmastodon #blacktwitter #poc Please tell me about some instances that have been anti black, or have unfavorable moderation toward black people. I want to know this cause I am planing a project but I need to have a wider list of these instances so I can block them

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It occurs to me I'm grateful #Venus and #Serena are pretty much through with pro #tennis. #climatechange is gonna cause some poor player to pass out on the court and possibly die.

It will have to be someone who is not a #PoC for anyone to care a famous tennis player died of #heatstroke.

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im swan #introduction and i am a trans viet writing stories about the traumatic/erotic in the form of operatic #interactivefiction. i also make #art (mostly for #gamedev and i am a pianist and a composer, and an eggcellent cook.

i am fluent in japanese, and i am also studying vietnamese and mandarin. i love manga and fanfiction. i am obsessed with fantasies and fictions.

i'd like to meet some more #trans #poc interested in the same types of things!


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An illustration of an abstract mermaid figure with a cherry blossom theme.
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New Account, so here is my #introduction !

My name is Anais Rim. I'm a CIS Heterosexual Male. I'm a #writer and a #speaker and I lean politically left.

I'm a #LGBTQ / #transgender / #neurodivergent ally, and have attended #pride rallies on and off for decades. I also support the rights of #POC and #Indigenous peoples.

Basically, could humanity just be a little nicer to each other?

I look forward to exploring Mastodon and the community here!

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We just published our detailed analysis of CVE-2023-2868 (#cve20232868 / #cve_2023_2868), a shell command injection vulnerability in the #Barracuda Secure Email Gateway appliance, including a proof of concept. Big props to @cfield for putting all this together!

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13/ Content Warnings are available to mask post content. How to use CWs depends on your own prefs, consideration for others, possible rules on your instance, ever-evolving cultural etiquette… You might #CW for:
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Important: some folks post challenging content w/o CWs, for ex posts by #POC on #Racism

Don’t demand others CW their posts. You can always unfollow


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Trying to capture key info off twitter before it is gone. This is a list of #POC #scifi authors/books from a really good thread in 2022:

Nnedi Okarafor (Binti)
Namwali Serpell (The Old Drift)
Rivers Solomon (An Unkindness of Ghosts)
Octavia Butler
N.K. Jemisin
Nalo Hopkinson
C.T. Rwizi
Wesley Chu


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Lizzo will donate $50,000 to a lucky music student at the University of Houston, her alma mater.

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Lizzo at a concert in Houston.
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Two years after officially becoming a federal holiday, here are all the places around #Houston to celebrate Juneteenth.

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Michael Lewis sells a shirt to Qiana O’Leary, Ph.D., during the Celebrate Freedom - Juneteenth Family Fun Day event Saturday, June 10, 2023, at Emancipation Park in Houston. “There’s a lot of heritage and history with Juneteenth,” Lewis said. “It’s really to enrich our younger generation, and bridge the gap with the older generation.” Over the weekend, there are even more events to celebrate the federal holiday.