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#tinnitus… blows

assuming this truly is permanent… i’m not a fan

someone tried to tel me it’s from my 5G cell phone and the new wifi cube to which i transitioned. that my ears are ringing from electronics being nearby, EMF (?) exposure…

and completely ignored the part where i’ve had high BP for at least three years now…

unresponsive to meds, and related to persistent #anxiety, #stress, plus #ptsd

so, i guess… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ i can’t even…

#eldercare #caregiver #caregivers #caregiving #exhausted #health

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New Substack Post:

Accepting My Differences & Limitations as Self-care
Part 2: Neurodivergence & Dysregulation

"Just observing what was happening in my body and making some connection as to why or seeing what might help make my life easier (no matter how weird it might look or feel) made all the difference in how I show up or take care of myself."

#autism #adhd #amwriting #essay #disability #writing #trauma #cptsd #ptsd #photo #photography #mentalhealth

Read here:

Background photo: a sandy path cut through tall man-sized reeds leading to the ocean on the horizon. There's a perfectly clear blue sky above. At the very top there is writing that says: "" and underneath that reads "Accepting My Differences & Limitations as Self-care Part 2: Neurodivergence & Dysregulation"

#today well actually last night, we went to Station Hope by the Cleveland Public Theater

This is a link to the a part of the closing ...

"We pray to see #tomorrow, but we HOPE to see the day after tomorrow and how that it's better than today"

I found this entire event helpful for my #ptsd

David Wakeham
19 hours ago

Feeling completely broken and absolutely useless today.

OK, more so than usual.

Feel free to send cute animal pictures.

Or better yet let #auspol know being disabled doesn’t make you a second class citizen. Nor should we have to decide if we medicate, eat or pay the rent.

#disability #RaiseTheRate #PTSD #ABI #PeripheralVestibularDysfunction #invisibleIllness #Inclusive #ChronicIllness #ableism #prejudice

23 hours ago

Fireworks and shotguns going off. Holidays in the woods with #PTSD means inside, meds and ambiance on tv in every room to maintain some semblance of peace.

Olivier Blond
1 day ago

We sometimes wonder whether Sunday evening alone might trigger traumatic memories linked to a former job ⏲️
#PTSD #ActuallyAutistic

1 day ago

Those in the psych and med feilds don't like it when you question them or make your own decisions.

I got forcibly medicated and called "anxious and paranoid" during a #Cataplexy episode in a psych stay for grief. I dared tell her that was incorrect and asked "Do you even KNOW what #Narcolepsy IS?!" once I regained control of my limbs and mouth and refused to go in the strap-down room.

#Psychology #ThisMedicalNicheIsFucked #CPTSD #PTSD

1 day ago

If a person without a diagnosis experiences 11 deaths of people in their close circle in 5 years' time would be diagnosed with extreme grief, shock, and maybe even PTSD
but its an"episode" or a new diagnosis if you already have a diagnosis

#Psychology #CrazyPants #Disability #PTSD #CPTSD #ThisMedicalNicheIsFucked

Jim Parsons
2 days ago


Not hard to imagine #Health
#XR #MR #VR apps in service of guided therapy for #OSI #PTSD #Addiction #Anxiety #Depression #MoralInjury etc. (now)

• yes, #Apple Dev focus on broad revenue & income is important

• positive health outcomes for individuals, patients, families = priceless

• as for niche verticals?
– warehouses full of $10K LaserWriters before Desktop Publishing (PageMaker & Quark)


Oct 2019 (90 sec)

3 days ago

I've now gone about four days without a #war #trauma #lucid #PTSD nightmare. This is the longest period of stress-free sleep I've had in nearly 20 years.

I fall asleep and awaken about 5-7 hours later, slightly refreshed but having had no dream recall or sensation of having been in danger. May 26, 2023 #militaryveteran #childhoodtrauma #abusesurvivor

Jennifer Wojcik
4 days ago

Y'all, microdosing psilocybin is a fucking miracle. I feel so much better. Every day is better. I can think clearly. I'm active.

I can plan for the future.

This was literally something that wasn't possible 6 months ago.


Timothy Andrew
5 days ago


Well said. I think #RustinCohle is obviously suffering extreme #PTSD from the loss of his daughter and experiences deep undercover. I think that’s an interesting angle to consider.


5 days ago

Die Ausbildung für psychologische Psychotherapeuten wurde neu geregelt. Die Frage, wie die Finanzierung im neuen System geregelt wird, ist bisher ungeklärt.

Erste Institute schließen, die Ruhestandswelle kommt. - Bitte zeichnet die Petition, damit das Thema im Bundestag behandelt wird.

Wir brauchen dringend gut ausgebildete Therapeutinnen und Therapeuten.

#notjustsad #psychotherapie #autismus #adhs #depression #ptbs #ptsd #trauma$$$.a.u.html

6 days ago

Flowers, Flags, and Songs;
“Never thought it would happen…”
Memorial Day.

#Haiku #Haikoot #MemorialDay #PTSD #BrothersInArms #ForWhomTheBellTolls #Loss #War #Casualties #Memories #Farewell

Butch Rage
6 days ago

Es bricht mir das Herz, wenn mal wieder "hurt people hurt people" argumentiert wird. Zu nah dran an: niemand ist je an irgendwas Schuld, wir sind alle Opfer unserer Umstände. Aber vor allem: survivor's guilt dekonstruieren ist extrem schwere Arbeit und dauert ewig. Wir haben Narrative unserer Täter verinnerlicht und viele von uns glauben daran, dass wir das, was passiert ist, verdient haben. Das wir schlechte und demnach bestrafte Menschen sind. Das ist eine Form von antraumatisiertem Determinismus, der durch hurt people hurt people fortgesetzt wird: wenn dir was passiert ist, bist du jetzt broken und wirst anderen was antun - das ist nur eine Frage der Zeit.

Ja ja, es braucht immer mal wieder schlagkräftige Aussagen usw, i get it... Gibt aber Themen, die aufwendig(st) formuliert und in aller Komplexität besprochen werden müssen. Das ist eins davon.


1 week ago

don’t ruin the Day;
Memories, best left untouched.
let sleeping Dogs lie.

#Haiku #Memories #MentalHealth #PTSD #Haikoot

Colin Macleod
1 week ago

A remarkable speech in Parliament by Labour MP Charlotte Nichols about psilocybin, mental health, and her own experience of PTSD:
#ptsd #cptsd #ukpolitics #mentalhealth

following a bunch of folks so lemme do a quick and dirty #intro post ...

hi. i'm camille (
@fyrfli). born and grown jamaican. married into the us military because world of warcraft turns out to have been the best dating service we found. i constantly marvel at how chancy our meeting was and how we've managed to weather everything from my ongoing culture shock, his white rural us origins, and both of our growing awareness of the inequalities in this world.

we've got two huskies and an eskie as 'babies'. we're both game nerds.

i'm into
#tech, #writing, #books, #photography, #crafts like #WaterColourPainting and #BodyButterMaking

i know how to
#code with #html and a little #css, a tiny bit of #javascript and #python. and i've got too much schooling (#InterculturalCommunication and #ClinicalSocialWork) that will likely never amount to much of anything.

i am effectively disabled with
#GAD and #PTSD and currently struggling with severe #insomnia

with all that said ... i am an eternal student, hungry for information on everything.

1 week ago

Sooo... how do we get large companies to shift resources away from AI that will steal creatives' jobs, to building the technology from Black Mirror that will let me block people in real life? TIA

#AI #blackmirror #socialanxiety #tech #PTSD #audhd #actuallyautistic @autistics #autistic #adhd #anxiety #neurodivergent

1 week ago

When I was about 7, I was climbing in a fallen oak tree. I fell about 15 feet bouncing off tree branches on my way down. When I finally hit the ground, I landed on a hornets nest. A big gray one. The hornets were pissed & started stinging me. I struggled to get up. I was screaming. A neighbor pulled me out & took me inside my house. My parents took me to the hospital. I was stung 200-300 times all over my body. I have #PTSD to this day when I hear a buzzing bee. I’m lucky to be alive. #BeeDay

Laura Lis Scott
1 week ago

Sometimes the most innocuous remark or trivial act can knock me reeling into an emotional abyss

This meme draws me out of it and I have to laugh (usually)


#cptsd #triggers #dysregulation #ptsd

Grumpy cat scowling. 
Caption: I was having such a good day … until you ruined it

I love my wife. Deeply. She is a good person. That being said she was raised in a den of wolves where everyone destroyed each other over a basic fight. Not an excuse for her words, just background on her as well. I don't let her get away with it much either. And especially not today. Just an hour ago I was telling her about my severe headache, and she said "The world doesn't revolve around you". I very maturely said no it revolves around her, and has for 3 days. And that I was going to throw my "depressive pity party" somewhere else and she could rot. Not kind words, and I really should be better then that. But like I said, I've had enough. Not only did I not sleep (and still haven't), but those words.....
I know what it looks like, trust me. But it's not that simple. It is verbal abuse for sure, but we've also barely escaped the toxic enviroment that led to her being this way. She is working on it too. But today, she's not getting away with it. Not after the roomie BS to boot, on top of my migraine I can't kick. And the fact she is, for the 3rd day in a row, asleep and me with the kids has me fed up.
Thank-you to all letting me share my voice, and letting me be seen today. Just that simple act saves lives, as many of us know. Like I said, I'll be okay.
#badmentalhealthday #depression #anxiety #abuse #ptsd

Our next #CLE (continuing legal education) program will be on June 20th, live via zoom. Get more details at the link above.
Cost is $50 for attorneys seeking CLE credit, donations of any amount for all others.

Also, please help us get the word out about this by boosting! Thanks!

#MoralInjury #PTSD #TBI #Military #USArmy #Army #Navy #USMC #Marines #AirForce #USAF #USMilitary #Peace #AntiWar #Law #Lawyer #Attorney #Legal

Kriszta Satori
2 weeks ago

BBC News - #Ukraine war: #PTSD a growing problem for health ministry

One Brave Peasant
2 weeks ago

An evil thing the army did to me. It's different now but bear with me. They explained PTSD with a video from WWI. Troops that had survived artillery in the Somme for several days had developed violent tremors. This, they said, is PTSD. I carried that and when I encountered trauma I compared myself to those videos and it was very negative. Trauma is complex, I know that now. But that's how they trained us.

#ptsd #military #Canada #regret

Butch Rage
2 weeks ago

Okay zu Einzelpersonen hab ich natürlich sehr enge, emotional intime Beziehungen, die auch teilweise schon lange bestehen.

Aber trotzdem: ich bin in den letzten Jahren zwar besser darin geworden, Leuten öfter und spontaner zu sagen, was ich an ihnen mag und was sie gut machen/können, aber jeez, die finden gefühlt jedes mal was neues und das ohne, dasz es aufgesetzt wirkt. Ich komme überhaupt nicht hinterher 😅🙃
Und die sind so richtig selbstbewusst und chill mit Konflikten und sich gut ausdrücken, und mit sagen, was sie brauchen und möchten....und ständig in der Gruppe, ohne, dasz es viel Vorbereitung oder Privatsphäre dafür braucht, Gefühle auszudrücken.... Warum sind wir dagegen alle so hart und mackerig zueinander???

Trauma Mäuse, we gotta do better....

#emorunde #ptsd

Kaona (she/her) 🇨🇦
2 weeks ago

It’s been a rough week. One hospital visit, another med change and lots of PTSD nightmares. I’m finally back on Seroquel though, and tapering off Abilify. Fingers crossed that it starts helping with my mood and such soon. #Depression #TreatmentResistantDepression #PTSD #Seroquel

She finished the workbook for me this morning. Here's her review:

"It would have been much better if you replace all occurrences of 'psychologist' with 'Ellie Mae', then it makes sense"

#ptsd #today #dogsofmastodon #wisdom

Ellie Mae a brindle boxer with a grey muzzle laying on the back porch. She is reading  The PTSD Workbook. She's not impressed.
2 weeks ago

"Looking for lists of people with #depression, #anxiety, #bipolar disorder, #PTSD, or #OCD? [...] lots of companies who would love to sell it to you. They can even include #names, #emails, home #addresses, #income, #ethnicity, and details about people’s children.[...] One company offers records on the #mental #health of 10,000 people starting at $0.20, with a discount if you buy in bulk."

#privacy #DataBroker #DigitalSelfDefense

T. T. Perry
2 weeks ago

"Biomarkers of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from Emotional Trauma: A Systematic Review"

#PTSD research showing that the biomarkers of trauma are the same for emotional trauma as other more well-accepted forms of "PTSD-level" trauma such as war trauma.

It's still in press right now.

I Like Books
2 weeks ago

I did not create this, I found it. It is not meant to be comprehensive nor can it provide a diagnosis.

edit to add that I forgot to explain that I posted the same photo twice because the alt-text was too long to fit into one.

#Meme #CPTSD #PTSD #MentalHealth

No photo just text


(first part of a two part share)

Things I didn't know were symptoms of C-PTSD

Getting overwhelmed in crowds

Getting upset or angry at a loud alarm

Ordinary nightmares (that have nothing to do with the circumstance, just stupid nightmares much more often than the average person)

Getting sharp pains in your back/neck/collarbones that make it hard to breathe (due to hypervigilance/constant high anxiety)

Learning that "high anxiety" does not mean "generalized anxiety" like other people have with panic attacks and not feeling that they can accomplish thing. PTSD anxiety just means this frenetic energy that makes you want to talk/think/do things (even as an introvert) to avoid stopping.

Feeling *constantly bored* like you have to chase after something, even if you're just at home: I spend hours on tumblr, pinterest, watching tv, reading books, making art, never just laying there alone...because if you stop...the darkness is there.

Thinking up stories before bed. This is a symptom of high anxiety because you're trying to calm down and fall asleep in a "safe world" where people are looking out for you and caring for you.

Trouble falling asleep (which is distinct from insomnia) because turning off electronics etc. doesn't help since your heartrate/fight or flight response is engaged
No photo just text


Things I didn't know were symptoms of C-PTSD

(second part of a 2 part share)

Periods of racing heart (mine has gotten to 120bpm for five hours) that make you feel like you're waiting for something to happen

Exaggerated startle response. When I was a kid I used to hide behind corners to surprise my sisters. Two years ago my friend his under my desk to scare me. I literally screamed, fell out of the chair and started crying. She was laughing because she thought the joke went well, and then got concerned because I kept crying.

Purposefully "tanking" a bad day with sad music/tv/movies/books because it "was already ruined anyway"
Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago


Been following this space closely over 7 years.

#MentalHealth chatbots are a #privacy and ethical nightmare 😱 but there’s no shortage of institutions, researchers, #BigTech captured academia and #SiliconValley #VC's willing to prey on at-risk vulnerable populations.

"The Problem With Mental Health Bots” | WIRED

#Health #DigitalHealth
#AIEthics #EthicalAI
#Healthcare #OSI #PTSD
#MoralInjury #CPTSD
#MedMastodon #AI

Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago

My #HealthTech founder lens is squarely focused on individuals, families and patients specific to #MentalHealth #OSI #PTSD #FirstResponders and most of all – #privacy and #data agency that accrues to humans FIRST

For 7 years I've watched #SiliconValley #BigTech #VC's fuck up every opportunity to employ #AI #ML #BigData in service of “doing the right thing” to produce positive #health outcomes. At *every* opportunity they've exploited vulnerable populations in service of greed.

2 weeks ago

I've been expanding upon my Shared Moments series. A new fic in it that is between books 2 and 3:

I'll discuss my writing process and themes below.

This in between book (Book 2.5: Trials and Vines) is the story of Asami being a hot mess, Varrick being put on trial for him masterminding terrorist acts, Raiko being a jerk and nearly getting impeached, and Korra and Asami working through trauma together.

So I've written each chapter in a way to try to simulate through the way I write the sentences and stitch together paragraphs Asami Sato's state of mind. I'm playing with writing styles and thinking through various ways to present each chapter to be honest and true to Asami's character. And to show well and honestly the actions and reactions of the rest of Team Avatar and other people involved in the scene. Book 2.5 is Asami's point of view because Book 3 will be Korra's mostly (with Asami's point of view every few chapters). I'll do similar techniques in Book 3, 3.5, 4, and 4.5.

Part of the storytelling means me digging deep into the PTSD of WAR. Because that's what Book 2 was! Or should have been, so then I rewrote an AU that WAS an actual war - a world war because Unalaq's plan affected the entire world and nearly everyone ought to have been impacted.

War has a major impact on people. There are massive consequences to that. Book 3 sort of deal with it but the depths of the PTSD isn't fully examined until end of Book 3 and all through Book 4, and it's mostly Korra's PTSD that is examined with a fine-tooth comb in the original series.

We never really see the depth of Asami's trauma. (ffs, her father tried to KILL her in Book 1, and in Book 4, she tries to tell him to never talk to her again only for him to apologize and suddenly she's all for forgiving him? Where is the growth and her dealing with that? Come on, show let us see that so it's not a sudden jump.) So that's where us fanfiction writers come in - we fill in the gaps that didn't make it into the original show.

Asami's trauma mirrors Korra's. And one of the core aspects of Asami -- as I see it -- is that she WILL do the right thing no matter what the cost is to her life, and the right thing is saving the most lives as possible, is trying to build a more connected world, is supporting Korra's mission of harmony and balance. Asami cares DEEPLY for others to the detriment of herself. The show is pretty blatant about that -- even when she's angry at Mako in Book 1 for him lying to her about the kiss, she still cares for Korra by saying 'I Like Korra,' which signals that she's not angry at the Avatar only Mako. She even goes on to show support Korra, help Korra despite the pain of her loss, and put aside her feelings to be present for Korra.

So I dig into that deeply. I want to show that side of her.

Which is why I started this series in the first place.

I also wanted to dig into these themes more deeply:
1. Consequences of War
3. The Problem of Borders
4. The Problem of Capitalism, Profits, and Monopolies
5. Consequences of Weapon Building
6. How to Heal from Trauma
7. How to Build a Healthy Relationship
8. What Does a Just, Caring, Harmonious, and Balanced Community Look Like?

All of these themes appear to some extent in the original, but the show didn't dig deep enough. In fact some of it was glossed over or done too simplistically.

For example, Kuvira's rise to power -- we see the bandits raiding, but why? Who is funding their strangely well planned attacks? The show hints it's Kuvira forcing towns to join her empire by supplying bandits, but it never confirms it. Then there's the escapees from the 'reeducation camps' later in the season - they hint at some gruesome and horrifyingly genocidal things in those camps, and yet the show only sort of covers it. It's not brought up again.

So I'm fixing that. We're going to go there, and we're going to examine it. And see how it impacts the characters, how they heal from it, and how they fix it and try to build a better world.

It's the story I wished we could have had had the creators been given more room and space (and been more willing to do their research) to dig deeper.

Did I bite off more than I can chew?


But I'm ridiculously determined and stubborn like Asami is.

#AO3 #LegendOfKorra #War #PTSD #BuildingAJustWorld #Storytelling #Writing #FanFiction

2 weeks ago

I'm having a hard time finding people to follow on here, so if you meet one or more of the following, lmk (or favourite!)


and if your political and social leanings are very much on the left

That's... tip of the iceberg, really, so even if it's an adjacent thing still let me know.

Yahia Lababidi
2 weeks ago
A Person
2 weeks ago

I wouldn't say that I have #PTSD, but if I had it, photos like this would trigger it. I'm rocking in my chair right now thinking about what to write. #bicycling #bicycle #BeSafe #FilmPhotography #analog #Kodak #Tmax400 #StreetPhotography #photography

A bicyclist tries to thread the needle between a vending machine worker unloading drinks from an illegally parked truck and the line of cars filling the traffic lane

She was doing really well tonight. It's been a tough week. Then one text sent me spiraling

I don't like this I don't want to live this way

Now I'm listening to a beautiful song by Beyond The Black, Forget My Name

I love the opening verse


🧵 👇

So we have this very strange/complicated thing going on at work. So I made a video because it's so fucking complicated. It's long, head the CW.


This is how it made me feel :(

Jennifer Haban of Beyond The Black in one of their videos. She's dressed all in black, it's winter, she is on the sandy beach by the ocean, kneeling with her hands pressed into the cold, hard sand.
Yahia Lababidi
2 weeks ago

Thinking how dictators, like #Turkey’s #Erdogan, are like abusive parents — I recall I’d cringe when #Egypt’s Mubarak would refer to himself as ‘our father’.

Like abusive parents, they humiliate & oppress their ‘#children’ behind closed doors, shaking their confidence & gaslighting them, then put on a fake smile & share fake #news with the world that all is well & we are one big happy #family

Do not be deceived, listen👂

#abuse #trauma #ptsd #family #psychology #politics #turkeyelections

@thepoliticalcat @cdcrabtree

Not sure if he's a coward or just a little bit entitled. Whatever else he is, he's fucking stupid and I'm inclined not to allow the OMFG I have #ptsd defence.

@skaly I'm definitely going to be checking this out. I deal with #ptsd from my military experience and have been using writing to try to express myself so interested to see the way you did it, especially as it was so helpful to your healing.

Grafito Editorial
3 weeks ago

Practicas de tiro.

PTSD. Un cómic de Guillaume Singelin que da en el blanco. #cómic #acuarela #dibujo #PTSD

Practicas de tiro en el cómic PTSD

I’ve set some aggressive #filters to weed out #USNews from my feed. Still, some of the rubbish is getting through. I’m now going to have to add the type of weapons used in the violence over there.

I left that damn country for a reason. Don’t clutter my feed with the shit that causes #PTSD.

(Angry because Americans want CWs on everything but their news about violent acts of mass murder)

3 weeks ago

@adamcr I've endured many traumatic events/situations in my life, like as a toddler being picked up & pulled away with at least a few bullets flying near me &being homeless with my spouse for about a year among others & for me & those I know- changing words absolutely doesn't help victimized people, if anything it makes things even worse because as we try to dodge the topic in question & it's subsidiaries online & in person for times we must to get through things & other times when we want to talk about it to help heal ourselves- we can't do either as easily as when they're left as is.
#Trauma #PTSD #Guns

Stephen Wendell
4 weeks ago

Have you all seen this #DnD #Documentary? Well made, nicely dramatic.

In the pandemic segment, with the world in quarantine when everyone starts coming online to play D&D, I might have got a little misty. #TrueImpactOfDnD

#RPG #autism #neurodiversity #socialization #ptsd #addiction #alcoholism #therapy

4 weeks ago

I'll have to finish this story later; I need sleep. But I think you see where this is going, right?

The album took just over a year to complete, and I realized about 4 months in that something with this lady. The signs were there from the beginning, but I was too blinded by her attention and compliments and delusions of grandeur to see it clearly. 😭

#CovertNarcissist #Narcissist #Narcissism #PTSD #Therapy #MusicProduction #MusicIndustry #NPD

4 weeks ago

She asked me to produce--on the advice of a performance coach who encouraged her to hire women as much as possible for the project, since women are sorely underrepresented in the #MusicIndustry. As her producer, she said she would split profits with me, promising to talk to her lawyer, because she "couldn't afford to pay much" up front, especially with how much studios and session musicians can cost.

#CovertNarcissist #Narcissist #Narcissism #PTSD #NPD #Therapy #WomenMusicians #MusicProduction

4 weeks ago

We weren't really "friends" but acquaintances in a #SongWriting group that we were both active with. She #LoveBombed me (or Friendship Bombed me, rather), complimenting my #MusicProduction skills and songwriting, and my general taste in music. It's embarrassing how much she buttered me up, and since I had low self-esteem, I fell for it easily. She asked me to produce her album, which I was super excited to do.

#CovertNarcissist #Narcissist #narcissism #PTSD #NPD #Therapy

4 weeks ago

My latest song is about a relationship (friendship/client) I had with a covert narcissist (NPD). It's taken me a long time to forgive myself for falling for her bullshit. This video does a good job explaining how a covert narcissist operates.

#CovertNarcissist #Narcissist #narcissism #NarcissisticPersonalityDisorder #NPD #CovertNarcissism #PTSD #Therapy

dr jamesbicycle
1 month ago

DSM-5 (DSM-TR) (TR is "text revision")
The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders contains the diagnosis of "other specified trauma- and stressor-related disorder" which I'm encouraging practioners to call "trauma spectrum symptoms" or "symptoms of post-traumatic stress but not full PTSD".

Words matter. They should communicate clearly. Jargon can create problems.

#ptsd #trauma #mentalHealth #mh #dsm #dsm5 #dsm5tr #apa #psychiatry #psychology

1 month ago

Smoky tendrils wrapped the horrors Mistie couldn't quite remember.

Flickering shadows crept through the mirror to bring her past to her present.

Secrets are twin sisters.
Whether fraternal, or identical, depends on the shadows dancing in the mirror.


1 month ago

Surviving isn't easy.

Abuse often starts before awareness of self and others.

Abuse is normalized.

Survivors know no other life.

A few escape.


Philippa Willitts 🏳️‍🌈 :BA:
1 month ago

In case this is useful to anyone else with #PTSD, I've put a reminder in my Google Calendar at 2.50pm that the emergency alert is going to go off at 3pm. I'm hoping it will help with my startle response to have been reminded a few minutes before it goes off.

T. T. Perry
1 month ago

Denial of trauma is the core of the lesson. Cultural masculine attitudes about toughness are near the center of this principle. The ritual of toxic masculine toughness is that men and boys inflict pain, deliberately, on a person while simultaneously denying that the pain is real or worthy of concern. This teaches boys and men to devalue their physical and emotional well-being. "We don't care" - message from the world.

#ToxicMasculinity #Feminism #Trauma #PTSD #Epistemology

T. T. Perry
1 month ago

Woke up from #PTSD nightmares again. My message from the battlefield is that one of the lasting harms of trauma is that it teaches us to believe damaging things about ourselves and the world. Trauma and its effects are about epistemology and how we come to learn a culture's values.

Evan Light
1 month ago

If you suffer from anxiety or PTSD, please do check out this site. Your life can be immensely improved! The science backs it up!

I'm a patient. I did my homework before hand. You can read plenty on "stellate ganglion block" and "ptsd" on Google scholar. It's use for anxiety is cutting edge but there is evidence there as well.

Note: insurance doesn't tend to cover this procedure for anxiety/PTSD. Costs can vary between $500-$1500 per side. Many people only need one side not two.

#neurology #ptsd #anxiety #sgb #stellateganglionblock

Jack (they/them)
2 months ago

Still adjusting to the fact that when I am going through really tough and painful stuff my wife is more concerned about how that is hurting me than how it may inconvenience her.

For two decades of my life the vast majority of people I had any kind of close relationships with treated me like shit because of my mental illness/disability and acted like I should be grateful for it because they were putting up with having someone like me in their life, and because of a massive amount of internalized ableism, I truly was! Looking back I see how fucked up it was, but because from childhood that is how almost all of my familial, platonic, and romantic relationships were I really just accept it was normal/correct and that anyone who accepted the burden of being in my life was doing me a huge favor and therefore beyond reproach.

Finally getting to a place where I could see just how cruel it is for people to treat me like that and working up the courage to cut those people out has been incredibly hard and painful, but now for the first time in my life all the people I consider close to me actually treat me like someone they value as a part of their life.

It hurts to look back on, but all the painful and tough things I’ve dealt with were made so much worse by feeling like no matter how much they hurt me that was never as important as how they effected other people, and therefore I had to prioritize making up for how it effected them over caring for myself. I still have to deal with a lot of challenges in my life, but having people in my life whose main concern when I am struggling is that they are doing what they can to lighten the burden on me instead of the other way around makes such a difference.

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2 months ago

fascinating talk: "Psychedelic Medicines for Depression with Dr. Charles Raison"

includes the line "and you know, the chatGPT might be the one in the room with you while you're on your experience.." (this is presented as a horrifying possibility, rightfully so. but it's also hilarious..instead of an elder to be with you & guide you on your spiritual journey with a psychedelic mushroom, capitalism gives you...a chatbot. very on the nose.)

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They Call Me Dr. Breaux
2 months ago

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This is simply a continuation of tactics and unofficial policies that have been in place since the Revolutionary War era.

Black veterans were more often denied VA benefits for PTSD than white counterparts, newly surfaced study shows

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For anyone in the #UK - especially if you, or anyone in your family, are #autistic, have #PTSD or young children:
📢 A siren warning sound will blast from your phone unexpectedly on the evening of 23rd April to test the government’s new ‘emergency’ alert system. It applies to Wales too, even though it's not mentioned here. Please warn others about this.

England, Northern Ireland and Scotland

The alert will say:

This is a test of Emergency Alerts, a new UK government service that will warn you if there's a life-threatening emergency nearby. 

In an actual emergency, follow the instructions in the alert to keep yourself and others safe.

Visit for more information.

This is a test. You do not need to take any action.
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I recommend you a very good comrade and competent therapist, who is involved in #solidarity #healthcare for #migrants, #activists and many other vulnerable groups.

A self-paced course with extras - slidescale price - all surplus goes to those who actually need it.

Enroll and spread the world!
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I realised I did not use any kind of hashtags here, which might make it difficult to find each other, so here is a hashtag post: #autistic #adhd #celiac #hypermobility #epilepsy #chronicpain #migraines #dysautonomia #ptsd #queer #trans there are probably others but that's what I can think of right now with 5 hours of sleep

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excellent lecture!: "Indigenous Philosophy & Approach to Extraordinary States (inc.Psychosis)" by Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona

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