Michael Reeder LCPC
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Episode 2 has dropped.

See post I am responding to.

I am also sending this out to lots of psychology/counseling sources as the series is a good way to gain insight into your Neo-Pagan clients.

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Something we Pagans don't talk about a lot is the people who convert away from paganism back to Christianity. I've seen this happen a few times, even famous public pagans. Everyone has their own reasons, but conversions force us to examine the drawbacks of our community. Disregarding predators and literal cults, there are push factors within our spaces.

One is that there are no rules or guidelines, and a steep learning curve. Yeah, there's thousands of books out there, and only a handful are wrong, but none of them are 'the right way,' which makes it difficult to even choose. Most end up studying several traditions, and they still might not find the right fit. People lose faith when they aren't getting any confirmation of their practice. A good portion of newcomer questions boil down to: "Am I doing this right?"
They might not get an answer, and this is another push factor; our sparse and disconnected communities. Most of us are only solitary because there are no Pagan groups nearby. It can be lonely, and hard to keep up during difficult times, if you don't have someone to share it with.

Fortunately, most of these converts retain our Pagan ideal that people can practice whatever religion they want, as long as they're not a dick about it. And the rare ones who go all 'fire and brimstone' are usually victims of cults or bad actors, and their anger and suffering deserves our human empathy and understanding.

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Laura Perry
2 days ago

Sunshine through the window on the Minoan altar. Though the Serpent Mother is an obvious "resident" on this altar, many other members of the Minoan pantheon are also represented.

#Pagan #Paganism #Polytheism #AriadnesTribe #Minoan #MinoanSpirituality #InclusiveSpirituality #Altar

A Pagan altar covered with a yellow cloth topped by a Minoan Snake Goddess figurine, a footed offering stand, a vase, a palm frond, three seashells, a green glass paperweight, a white marble bowl full of herbs, a footed bowl of salt with used incense charcoal, a wide bowl with a wad of linen thread in it, a black tray with incense ash, and several small trinkets. On the wall above the altar are two reproductions of Minoan frescoes from Akrotiri.
Baa Baa Brighouse
4 days ago

Sign ups for our ‘The Wheel of the Year’ – Samhain Yarn Box are now open!

The Samhain Yarn Box will include 200g (two skeins) of beautiful hand dyed, sumptuously soft yarn inspired by the festival. We’ll also include some gorgeous themed gifts to celebrate the seventh festival of ‘The Wheel of the Year’.

#samhain #halloween #spooky #autumn #fall #october #theweheeloftheyear #pagan #paganism #yarn #knitting #crochet #indieyarn #indiedyer #handdyedyarn

Picture shows eight individual pictures of different yarns . Each picture features two skeins of each colourway. The colourways are a range of different pastel colours with speckles.
Se Ⓐnstapa
5 days ago

🔮 Angela's Symposium dives deep into the enigmatic world of Baphomet and the Templars! 🏰

🎥 New Video Alert: "The History of Baphomet and the Templars Explained"

🤔 Ever wondered if there's a historical connection between Baphomet and the Templars? Angela's Symposium unravels the myths, legends, and facts!

👇 Don't miss out! Watch now and join the conversation.

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Mago del Trueno :mastodon:
5 days ago

Feliz Mabon! Bendiciones!!!

El equinoccio de otoño marca la fecha en la que Magos y Brujas se reúnen para agradecerle a la Tierra una temporada de cosecha abundante. A esta serie de festejos se le conoce como Mabon.
Los paganos nos reunimos en torno a una mesa atestada de comida. Tras una temporada de cosechas buena, compartimos los frutos de la tierra con la comunidad desde hace varios siglos, a lo largo de una semana.

#mabon #wicca #paganismo #bruja #witch #paganism #Magic

Sampath Pāṇini ®
6 days ago

Pre American Enlightenment, the product of societal norms, infrastructure, markets, and laws meant existence under monarchies, totalitarians and fascists was not great.

That's why the hard fork of USA: the Product was a game-changer, an experiment in real-time FAFO:

#democracy #Enlightenment #Renaissance #Paganism #FirstPrinciples #ProductManagement #ecosystems #SystemsThinking

Alexander Hay
6 days ago

A fascinating #BBC compilation of clips from the 1960s onwards. Expect some cool #Music, fascinating traditions, #Swords, #Vikings, #Magic, #Hauntology, #Occultism, and a bit of nudity! Guest starring the #MariLwyd, and what can be best described as a ritual punch-up between two villages.

How many of these old rites remain?

#Folklore #UK #Paganism #Scotland #Wales

Sara Kathleen
6 days ago

Autumn Equinox, my favourite holiday. May you find your balance between giving and receiving, between work and rest, between caring for others and caring for your self. May you find your balance in the dark, may you find it in the light, may you find it in the middle. 💚🐦‍⬛

#pagan #paganism #druid #nature #landart #mandala #natureart #altar #naturelovers #naturemandala #naturephotography #stonecircle #WheelOfTheYear #equinox #autumnequinox

A closeup  of bright yellow, smooth, almost waxy looking leaves lined up
A small nature altar. A tiny circular wreath make of yew in the centre. Around it is a ring of small stones, with another ring of larger stones around that. Then there are rays, like the sun, coming out from the centre made of alternating large green leaves, more stones, and rows of bright yellow leaves.
My feet beside the small nature altar I built on the bare ground beneath a yew tree. A tiny circular wreath make of yew in the centre. Around it is a ring of small stones, with another ring of larger stones around that. Then there are rays, like the sun, coming out from the centre made of alternating large green leaves, more stones, and rows of bright yellow leaves.
Angry Tea Lady
6 days ago

Today for the #autumnequinox I will celebrate with my simple but indefectible ritual: a nice and warm #pumpkinsoup 🥰🥰

I received all my stuff so I had already done another part of the ritual : burning incense and cleaning my new home 🥰🥰

#autumn #equinox #pagan #paganism #soup #pumpkin #cleaning #equinox2023

1 week ago

White Pagans / Heathens will define their religion according to its ethnicity and refer (often derogatorily) to anything outside of those bounds as "mixing," and still not understand how that's fundamentally racist.

White Pagans / Heathens will balk if you tell them that not being "folkish" is not enough to not be racist. They ask what more could they possibly do?

The answer to that is to actually embark on a spiritual path that has a point besides its ethnic origin...

#paganism #heathenry

Mago del Trueno :mastodon:
1 week ago

Para aquell@s que dicen que los magos y Brujos son malos... pues ustedes digan que tan malos nos vemos... 😉

Tengan un gran Día Mundial del Orgullo Pagano, abrazos y bendiciones a todos en este día mundial del paganismo.
#paganism #wicca #paganprideday #bruja #magia #DiaMundialPaganismo

Michael Reeder LCPC
1 week ago

Polytheism Today
Episode 1

It occurs to me that the podcast series linked above (& discussed in the post I am responding to) might be a good source for any mental health professionals interested in understanding your Neo-Pagan clients.

It's rare, but I once saw a client chart with something to the effect of "says she talks with a goddess" written in the same session in which a psychiatrist increased dosage of an anti-psychotic medication. I hope that was not the reason by itself...

#psychology #counseling #socialwork #psychotherapy
@psychotherapist @psychotherapists @psychology @socialpsych @socialwork @psychiatry #mentalhealth #psychiatry #healthcare
@PolytheismToday #Pagan #Paganism #Pagancommunity #Neopagan #Wiccan #Wicca #Heathen #witchcraft #witch #polytheism #religion #spirituality
@TheRatCantRead @DaywalkingRedhead @crazypedia @inclusiveWicca @TheWildHuntNews #occult #theology #theaology

Atlas Obscura
1 week ago

Der Maibaum (The Maypole) in Oregon, Ohio

A focal point for the German American Festival-Society symbolizing the "Spirit of Unity' and fellowship for the Toledo area.#holidays #festivals #parks #publicart #paganism #cultures #midsummer #section-Atlas
Der Maibaum (The Maypole)

Please don't support Ocean Keltoi or Wolf the Red. They have a history of being abusive to other pagans/Heathens. They've ended up backstabbing most of the smaller pagan/Heathen communities that they've collaborated with.

This expose document has been circulating on Twitter for a while, but it's about time it's shared in the Fediverse.

Please boost for visibility, we need to get the word out about these abusive pagans.

#Heathenry #pagan #paganism #OceanKeltoi #WolfTheRed

Jürgen Hubert
2 weeks ago

Near the outskirts of modern-day Berlin, the Devil once tricked a community of pagans into worshiping him.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #Devil #paganism @germany @folklore

Part 1 of German folk tale "The Devil’s Lake". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
Part 2 of German folk tale "The Devil’s Lake". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
2 weeks ago

1 of ?

Polytheism Today Podcast

From Angela Raincatcher's Substack at

Premiering September 22
What’s on order for our first season — dates, topics, and guests!

1 of ?

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2 weeks ago

If you're interested in witchcraft through a scientific lens, you may have a good time at the Pre-Brew with the Critical Thinking Witch Collective during the autumn equinox from 4-6:30 PM EST. I've been attending their events over Zoom as much as I can since 2021 and it's always a blast.

You can register for free at:

Also scroll down to check out the Crit Witch Con event. Tickets can be purchased and there are also scholarships if needed!

#witchcraft #paganism #SASS

A poster saying: The Witches' Pre-Brew. Saturday, September 23rd at 4-6:30 PM EST. Games, Social Time, Memories from last con, Organizer Q&A. Critical Thinking Witch Collective, conjuring community since 2021.
2 weeks ago

Since there's a lot of interesting cultural and religious variations present here, I'm curious: which holiday do you celebrate at the end of October/early November?

I'd also love to hear *how* you celebrate, if you choose to share!

#Paganism #Halloween #October #DiaDeLosMuertos #IlGiornoDeMorti #Pagan #Samhain

2 weeks ago

These people that talk about how to "use" a deity in your craft. Don't know if they amuse me or make me angry.

How do you think about that?

#paganism #witchcraft #magic #deitywork

3 weeks ago

Random Inquiry: I know a lot of communities are growing and flourishing in the Fediverse by now, including the Pagan side, but how are things going so far for our *non-theistic pagan* friends?

We tend to get ignored within pagan communities so how do things seem round these parts of the woods for you all?

#pagan #paganism #pagancommunity #lhp #lefthandpath #nontheisticpaganism #secularpaganism #naturalisticpaganism

3 weeks ago

Recently did some work on this alternate altar that lives in our bedroom.

Some bones foraged from our land, some foraged back in Michigan by an old friend. The human teeth belong to the same friend (one of their baby teeth & wisdom teeth, given as a gift).

The altar in our public space is a really wonderful artistic display, a story of us, blending a lot of cultural elements that we share and some that we only share because we're sharing a life together. It's full of offerings to this land, but also pulled tarot cards, sculptures, gifts from friends, palo santo & copal incense, stones and offering plates from my side of the family. Bundled pine, bundled sage, and blessed rosemary. It's public, interactive, and beautiful.

This altar, though, is very personal. Some elements have been in my possession for years, before I began this journey into spiritual practice, before I knew what their purpose was (or my own). Some elements have been added over time: the fossilized lizard tail and heart, for example, I found after opening the first studio I had on this land. The rat femurs I also found on the land, while cleaning trash when we first moved in, and all of these little things that have found me I've felt compelled to venerate and offer back to the space. The display in our living space is public: it invites guests to add to it, and sometimes they leave offerings for us there, too. But this space is in our private area, and it feels like it contains little secret pieces of us and the land. Things that people only really see if they spend enough time here to become privy to them.

To me this parallels the reality of working with such a space: many people come and enjoy the superficial aesthetic beauty of the land and the home, for a time. But they don't truly understand what it is we're doing here, or what it really means to be here. They have respect, but lack full awareness and veneration. But there are some who know what this land means just by virtue of having been here -- some needed to come often to feel it, some stepped foot on it and knew instantly that it was special. But that kind of awareness isn't common, and it's something that we hold very dear. We keep very close to us those who share our recognition of this space as liminal, as straddling time and place, of its constantly repeated history, playing out over and over each moment, and the responsibility we have to honor the spirits that exist here.

#LandWordship #Altar #Paganism #Musings #Siin #Bones #Animism

An altar of scratched and scuffed wood, featuring a raccoon skull, shards of glass, rat femurs, sheep teeth, deer jawbone fragments, coyote bone fragments, human teeth, two beach stones, a red bead necklace, and a fossilized lizard tail and heart.

The Orphic Hymns are fascinating because obscure daimons are often elevated to a much higher status than in more "mainstream" sources. For example, they credit the Nereids (sea nymphs) as being the first ones to reveal rituals sacred to the Orphics involving Persephone, Bacchus, Apollo, and Kalliope.

Source: Orphic Hymn #24 For The Nereids, Dunn Translation

#OrphicMysteries #OrphicHymns #Religion #Paganism #Polytheism #Omnism #Spirituality

3 weeks ago

This is a great time of year to ID trees in my region, since they still have their leaves but also seeds or berries, which are sometimes key in identification. I started keeping a list of all the plant species I find in my local area when I did my druid studies in 2016. Near the end of summer, I hike around and try to add a couple more trees each year. For me, this is a religious activity, but it's also very scientific, because I keep records of where and when I find things.

I've often thought that there is a lot of overlap between environmental science and paganism. Like, I think any environmental scientist could call themselves a pagan if they wanted, because their study of the earth makes them closer to it. They have an inherent respect and honor for the natural world, and I consider this a core tenet of #Paganism.

The Biggest problem in the human history: #Religion
All of them, have small details that are useful for all.
All of them, point to what they cannot control,
while they are the ones which define the desire of the creator,
Since the creator already define what each would be in His creation,
That assume all irregularities that each human being can be.
And for that we are already blessed, don't need to say it again!
- God Bless You.
- He did, that is the reason I am here, like you. You are already blessed, so you don't need to define what the creator already defined to everyone, including all animals and the planet it self. All of them are blessed !!!!
The problem is not in the probability of God existence, but in the ability to understand events that touch human sensibilities, where they point to a moral / ethic behavior as a "sugested", to know how to makes simple choices that any human can have in their life experience, since that is the main problem of human irregularities associated to their own behaviors. To talk about God without talking about humanity it would be absurd. Now that I already talk about the importance of behaviors, where stories try to teach some values that "touch human sensibilities", that are part of what any "normal" non-irracional living being, should be in the process on how to behave with others. All religion books talk about this kind of "problems", and the problem is not in the teachments they share, but in the need to consume compulsively the same content.
You know, you can see this behavior in all kind of subject. #Science.. scientists have different interpretations between all, but when it touch the "subject" that they have more control ( they know a lot ), they behave emotionaly agressive. Not all, but can happen, which could mean that, that scientist men/woman, fall in love with that subject.
The same for futebal fans or players. We know by the news, fans are agressive to each others in the condition that denies their belief that are associated to their club.

The same for #politics. When discusting politics, people change their own way of talking, just to "defend" what they fall in love.
The subjective data that points to the teachments, is the lesson we can extract from each book, but as we can see, the majority of persons that fall in love with their own religion, try to create what their religion points in reality, which is "stupid" because religion books care to teach each individual by their own time and ways. So in this aspect, God is super angry with humanity that impose their will to many others, by the same condition of those who love to any subject, which is to spread it and to see in reality the content of any of those books as the expression of others, as a concept proof..
All groups who consume their loved book in a compulsive way, they feel that, the description of their sacred book, must exist in reality, or else, they get insane or mad, violent, etc, because reality is NOT what the books try to point to. #psychology at it's worst.
Is this aspect, we can see examples like Hinduism that have a strong religiousity, and therefor they could feel offended by something that denies Hinduism, which is in some principles, the "first" religion group who did develop knowledge that aims to care others bodies and minds. Even with this good principles, they have terrible ones. I like to pick the best and leave the worst behind! Maybe Daoism was the "first" since it is older that Hinduism I believe, but those times are "clean". Even #China don't know about their own history in that aspects, associated to Tai Chi, Qi Gong and many other knowledge of simplicity in our reality. ;) In any case, it doesn't matter what is the "first" but the main intention to create a healthier community.
Then we have a Abrahamic Religions that where the ones, like the Nordic #Paganism, which wish to compete between all others, to demonstrate who is the best and where is the absolute truth. All of them develop #violence at all level of society. Their main intention is not to produce the "paradise" in reality, but punish those who deny them. Today, only one (Christianity) did change for good, while there is one that become even worst, where all their community have the obligation to know the sacred book in a very hard way. (they are bad even with their own) Which means they didn't learn the meaning of Respect. Sadly!
They are the danger, not their religion. Because, again. Is about how deeper we ambrace the content we read, not about the content, not even about the person. "Love can have this little issues"
When we fall in love with a woman, we see that we have the ability to make her happy, while anything that can remove her that happiness can be a reason to show our animality against the one's that break her happiness. By the same condition, but without a 3 person interference, if she is sad, we suffer for that.
As you can see, even in love relationships, there is pain included, even when we are doing the best to care, while everything that denies is the representation of the "danger".
With or without our will, God exist, even if humanity disapear, God still exist. So, what is the point to obligate others to be in some religion, if any men or woman that talks alone, he/she is talking with God?
Curiosity: In the Qu'ran book, violence is only declared as something that is necessary, when their own religiosity is forbidden. And all other "killing messages" are in fact, way to say "kill in the heart", so you don't feel the need to be with them, not to kill them in reality, but you know, they fall in love with that book and they consume it compulsively, so they need to see the content of that book, as an expression of reality. Anyway, if you think, all other religion groups had the same behavior when their own religiosity was "in risk", by some other group who deny their religiousity freedom. This is "stupid" because the existence of others #style in their own religiosity doesn't deny other style. Competition is healthier for the self only, not to any body else, within the relation of the self.
You know, #God gave me a #mission that have a Eternal License, and I share that license to all of you. I really hope you like it as much as I do! :D
The beauty of history is that countries were built to create the "house" of the group who feel safe within the ways they treat each others. #Tribal and #indigenous is more common than you think, but in any case, when everyone feel safe at "home" they start leaving their "home" which is the perspective of that community evolution is "strange" while to all other communities, is "another person that is not the same of 'us'", which create the first problem of discrimination, because a new culture is trying to be free outside the territorry that was made for them, so they can feel freedom inside their own. With muli-culturalism, we deny our history. So the "problem" can start again.
Isn't funny?

3 weeks ago

This week on the blog I'm taking you to the world of Slavic mythology, presenting one of my favourite ancient deities - Veles, the god of forests, animals, and the underworld.

To learn about him, visit

#mythology #slavic #paganism #veles

A statue of the pagan Slavic god Veles, presented as a mature, bearded man with horns on his head.
Jürgen Hubert
3 weeks ago

The pagans of old worshiped their gods at the ancient fane of Rhetra.

#Germany #folktale #folklore #paganism @germany @folklore

German folk tale "Rhetra". Drop me a line if you want a machine-readable transcript!
4 weeks ago

A lovely copper-gilt wooden statue of #Epona that was recovered from the depths of a well.

#GaulishPolytheism #polytheism #paganism

A wooden statue of Epona riding a horse "Amazon style," badly damaged and broken in ten pieces. It has patches of green patina from copper and silver leafing that was originally hammered on. Epona's head is held high with a kind expression on Her face. Her hairstyle is some kind of plaits tied back in a bun.
Se Ⓐnstapa
4 weeks ago

The left-hand path is often misunderstood and misrepresented. In this video, Dr Puca explores its four biggest misconceptions:

1. Is it dark magic?
2. Is it only for Satanists?
3. Is it all about the self?
4. Is it dangerous?

She also explains what the left-hand path really is and why it's a valid and powerful spiritual path for those who are drawn to it.
Watch the video to learn more about the left-hand path.

#LeftHandPath #Satanism #Paganism #occult

Laura Perry
1 month ago

Home-baked bread from last night's celebration of the Feast of Grapes (it went very nicely with the wine). Today begins the ten-day celebration of the Mysteries, Ariadne's Tribe's Minoan version of the Eleusinian Mysteries. Good times!

#HomeBaking #MinoanSpirituality #AriadnesTribe #Paganism #Polytheism #InclusiveSpirituality

A round loaf of crusty, seed-covered artisan bread sits in the crock it was baked in.
1 month ago

Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts is a Classicist /Greek Historian looking for modern Hellenic Polytheists who worship #Hades and #Persephone for research on how modern polytheists approach texts from antiquity.

Survey for Hellenic Polytheists! – Dr Ellie Mackin Roberts

#Polytheism #Classics #HellenicPolytheism #Paganism

Mar del Valle
1 month ago

Thrown into the fire
Oh don't leave me till it's over

[Vaults - "Orphan" ]

Illustration for "Rojo y Oro" - "Red and Gold" -, young adult book written by Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Ilustración para "Rojo y Oro", novela juvenil escrita por Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.

#illustration #MastoArt #paganism #mythology

Black and white art-nouveau illustration with several panels. The center panel - the biggest - depicts a young white woman embracing a young man, protecting and comforting him with her arms. Both of them have their eyes closed. They are wearing tunics, she has short straight hair, and his hair is black and full of thick curls.
The side panels show aligned hooded faces emerging from the black background, all of them diferent - men, women, gender-unclear, old, young, children, a skull - and looking at us.
The lower panel shows the three black heads of Cerberus, the hell-hound of Hades.
Ilustración en blanco y negro de estilo art-nouveau con diversos paneles. El panel más grande es el central, que representa a una joven blanca abrazando a un joven, protégiendolo y reconfortándolo. Ambes tienen los ojos cerrados. Visten túnicas, ella tiene el pelo corto y liso, y él una espesa melena de abundantes rizos negros.
Los dos paneles laterales muestran dos líneas de cabezas encapuchadas emergiendo del fondo negro, todas distintas (mujeres, hombres, de género indeterminado, jóvenes, ancianes, un cráneo), que nos miran a los ojos.
El panel inferior lo componen las tres cabezas negras de Cerbero, el perro infernal de Hades.
Se Ⓐnstapa
1 month ago

Calling all Pagans! 🌙✨ Ever found yourself pondering the mysteries of an apocalypse in our future? How does this ancient concept resonate with you in today's world? 🌍

Give YOUR voice in this vibrant research- whether you see the apocalypse as a symbol, prophecy, or something entirely unique.

Contribute to the understanding of our community's views on this profound subject. Your perspective is a vital piece of this puzzle! 🧩🔮

#pagan #paganism #survey

Se Ⓐnstapa
1 month ago

🗽 Are you looking for a reason to be in #NewYork in 2024?
✨ 💫 This might be it ✨💫
🧙‍♂️ 🧙‍♀️ 🧙‍♂️ 🧙‍♂️ 🧙‍♂️
#Paganism #Esoterica #Religion #Witchcraft #pagan #witch #magic #magick #conference #Mysticism #history #Academia

Se Ⓐnstapa
1 month ago

✨ Calling all practitioners and enthusiasts of #ChaosMagick, contemporary #paganism, #witchcraft, and #shamanism! ✨

Do you have any burning questions on Chaos Magick, its origins, practices, or anything else that you'd like Peter J. Carroll to address? Here's your chance to ask!

Join Dr Angela Puca’s Patreon

or subscribe to her Newsletter

to be able to submit your questions for consideration.

🌟Let's explore the chaos! 🌟

Se Ⓐnstapa
1 month ago

✨ Explore the Hidden Wisdom of the I-Ching with Dr. Angela Puca and Chinese esoteric author Benabel Wen live on Angela's Symposium! ✨

Together, we will delve into the ancient #Chinese #divination system's relevance in contemporary times, its connections with #psychology, and its relationship to other esoteric practices.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to engage with two experts in the field.

🌟 Embrace the age-old wisdom with a modern twist! 🌟
#Iching #paganism

1 month ago

#Bales2023FilmChallenge August 22: #folklore on #FolkloreDay

On May 1 an ancient procession goes around #Padstow, #Cornwall. How ancient, no one really knows. Locals may describe it as a pagan fertility rite but even their generational memory draws a blank and no living soul can put an age on it. #AlanLomax's Oss Oss Wee Oss (1953) is probably the best known visual documentation of the #ObbyOss festival ☞

#film #cinema #documentary #paganism #CineMastodon @film

Children re-enacting the adults' 'Obby 'Oss procession on a Padstow hillside.
Se Ⓐnstapa
1 month ago

Left-hand path and its History, Traditions, and Practices.
#leftHandPath #esotericism #magick #paganism

1 month ago

I'm trying to suss something out, maybe some other folks from #deutschland or more involved in #paganism could help me understand.

I was in a club off the Reeperbahn on Friday and a dude came in and we danced near each other until I noticed that he had a pendant on a necklace that I'm quite sure was a Sonnenrad / Black Sun. I didn't really get Nazi vibes from him, especially since he was using a wheelchair and was dancing / and chatting with our group, which was composed of a trans Jewish person, and people who are Kurdish, Palestinian, Mexican, and Filipina. Not exactly in a friendly neighborhood for fash, not hanging out with people the fash associate with...

Researching the Sonnenrad Symbol, though, it seems pretty exclusively tied with literal Nazi stuff. As opposed to, say, Thor's Hammer which could be a #heathen symbol or a white supremacy thing.

I almost asked him about it but decided instead to bail.

Am I mistaken here? How do we navigate the use of fascist-adjacent symbolism?

Does your spiritual/religious practice bring you joy and improve your life overall?

Bonus Question: Which religion/spiritual practice do you follow? Please comment your answer.

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Jürgen Hubert
1 month ago

Old pagan symbols can sometimes appear in new and unexpected places.

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The Crown of Radigast:  One of the remaining traces of the idol Radigast is a window frame in the church at Gadebusch, which is located inside the tower above the door. The legend states that this is the Crown of Radigast. This window frame has the form of a wheel and is made out of iron which allegedly has a high silver content.  (See Francks altes und neues Mecklenburg. Lib. I. cap. XXIII.)  The Schwerin Cathedral has a similar iron window frame. Windows of this form are called rosa orientalis, Rose of the Orient.  Source: Studemund, F. Mecklenburgische Sagen. 2., verb. und verm. Aufl. 1848. p 8.
2 months ago

The terms "hard" and "soft" polytheism are relatively new in paganism. Scholars of ancient polytheism started using the terms in the early 2000s to differentiate these large disparities in ancient belief systems that before were lumped together. Naturally, pagans follow academics, and I believe it was Greer from ADF that first popularized the terms in modern paganism.
These words were meant to be a quick summation of how you see the gods, just a general idea. Instead of having to write out a whole essay on how you specifically think of the gods as beings, you could just slap this handy label on it.

They are not meant to be diametrically opposed, and therefore constantly debated.

They are not meant to be an entire identity.

You are not meant to choose either/or, it is a spectrum, and you might only lean one way.

Our labels are just simple, quick ways to connect with others. Because modern polytheists are so widely diverse, we have these little phrases we use to more easily talk to each other, no more than that.

#Paganism #Polytheism

Pagans of all types and stripes are welcome to follow and interact with me, so long as they're not some kind of bigot: Polytheistic pagans, monotheistic/duotheistic pagans, henotheistic pagans, atheist pagans, etc. all have a place at my feast table.

I also welcome folks who identify outside of the pagan umbrella! Interfaith solidarity is huge for me, especially in times like these. It's often through interfaith dialogue that we all realize that we share more similarities than differences, even if we hold those differences to be quite important. But, at the end of the day, we're all just people out searching for answers on a quest for Truth.

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🐇 Rabbit rabbit! 🐇
🌝 Blessed Full Moon! 🌝
🌾 Merry Lughnasadh! 🌾

May you never hunger, may you never thirst.

Want to learn more about celebrating this magical #sabbat that was so important to our #ancestors ?

Lots of lore and more on my blog today (the Seasonal Lore in my Quick 🔗s ). Or go directly to:

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"Wishing you joyful harvest and a blessed Lughnasadh" is the caption on a photo of an altar that features sunflowers, an apple, a loaf of bread, crystals, a lit candle, and wheat sheaves.
2 months ago

#Introduction I think my orig. server died. So now I'm here starting from scratch.

British, 50-something, gay, prob nonbinary, disabled, with the following interests:

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2 months ago

Hopping on the #AskMeAbout bandwagon, because I think it's brilliant, and hopefully opens up conversations & connections


#Permaculture or #RegenerativeAgriculture - though there are people here on Mastodon who are much more educated than me on these things

All kinds of #Art, but particularly #Tattooing and #PerformanceArt

Anything relating to exodus from capitalism and the abusive aspects of our modern society

#Spirituality, #Meditation, or #Paganism - I love to learn more as I converse with people about these quite broad topics!

Question for Pagans who are into stones and crystals. Is there any traditional magical significance to marble? Thanks! #Paganism #Witchcraft

Matti in SL
2 months ago

Apparently the tweety-bird lost more hit-points this weekend and consequently there's an influx of new users here. Welcome!


#Paganism and #Witchcraft
#Cooking (especially #Vegetarian, although I'm technically not any more)

Se Ⓐnstapa
2 months ago

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3 months ago

Sat with this for a while today. One more session planned to shade it fully, but I'm happier now with this result than I was with the first sitting.
Tattooing oneself is tricky for a variety of reasons, but is a really great way to put a microscope to your shortcomings and progress.
#Siin #SacredTattoo #SolarWorship #Paganism #Inkwork #HandWorkTattoo #OccultTattoo

On the side of a person's right calf, just below the knee, is a tattoo of a bull. Stylized, with asymmetrical horns and a solar design on its forehead that descends into a sigil that looks like two V's intersecting. The tattoo features some sparse dotwork embellishing on the top of the head and the solar rays. The bull has a ring in its nose.
Se Ⓐnstapa
3 months ago

Curious about the origins of the Triple Goddess? In an eye-opening journey, @drangelapuca reviews the myths and illuminates the origins of the Triple Goddess - Maiden, Mother, Crone. Discover the profound impact of scholars on this remarkable concept.

Intrigued by spirituality, #Paganism, #Wicca, or simply love exploring history's mysteries? This video is a must-watch! Get ready to challenge your beliefs & gain new insights into the enigmatic realm of the #TripleGoddess.

3 months ago

Unfortunately my last piece of reportage on Baltic pagan communities is paywalled, but the previous one is free to read!

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3 months ago

Something of a short follow-up, exploring the astonishingly low interest in church weddings in Estonia – only 6 percent take place in church. (Apologies if any errors – wrote this one in the early throes of illness!)

(Now, the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church is deciding to (temporarily) stop accepting applications from people wanting to register marriages in church from the new year

#Estonia #Paganism #Baltic #Religion #Latvia #Lithuania

Se Ⓐnstapa
3 months ago

🌟 Dr Angela Puca, @drangelapuca an expert in the academic study of esoteric practices, is now on Mastodon!
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🌟 Follow Dr Puca on Mastodon today and stay tuned for her captivating content on Angela's Symposium.
🌿Together, let's unravel the mysteries!🌺
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3 months ago

I guess now that I'm figuring out this platform I should do an #introduction

I'm a #pagan #witch and #druid who just married my husband, @CaptainSharky, late last year. We also have two rescue #cats. My pronouns are she/her and I have a #history degree and work as a substitute teacher. I'm also a #barbershop #chorus singer (though I'm on break from that right now) and a #501st volunteer costumer.

My spouse and I regularly attend conventions and enjoy #anime #cosplay #videogames #gaming #boardgames #dnd #jeeping #hiking and #zumba. I also enjoy #manhwa #manga #reading #curlyhair care and #weightlifting. I'm also a #furry!

I consider myself a #gaulishpolytheist, French-American Folk Practitioner, and #cottagewitch. I'm an #AODA (Ancient Order of Druids in America) Candidate, a #GCC (Gnostic Celtic Church) Novitiate, and an #ADFdruidry (A Druid Fellowship) member.

#witchcraft #folkwitch #frenchfolkwitch #paganism #druidry #teaching #education #costuming #colorado #starwars

📸 CW: direct eye contact, prop weapon

A collage of photos. Top left is of two individuals wearing Star Wars Snowtrooper costumes in the snow, top right is of an art badge depicting a cartoony deer with the name "Leena", bottom left is of the two Snowtrooper individuals with their helmets off posing with Hayden Christensen, middle left bottom is multiple photos of a chorus performance and attire, middle right bottom is of a handfasting wedding, and the bottom right is of two gray cats.
Sara Kathleen
3 months ago
Photo of my shoes, standing beside a big circle made of 100+ pinecones. Around the circle are branches of birch leaves. Inside the circle are 4 ferns pointing in the cardinal directions, with 4 pinecones in the centre of those. The earth is brown and bare, under a woodland canopy.
Rat (she/her)
3 months ago

While I'm waiting for my follows to finish importing, I thought I'd do an #introduction for this new instance.

Hello, everyone! I'm a cisgender, #bisexual woman who works in a tech-adjacent field. I do web content writing/editing for nonprofits and I'm trying to learn more about #accessibility.

I'm also still #CovidCautious and tend to post about that, as well as #LGBTQ and #queer issues, especially related to #ComingOutAsAnAdult, and about #ClimateChange and #AntiCapitalism. I enjoy #vegan #cooking and #baking and #hiking as well as #music, and I'm learning more about #SlavicPaganism and #paganism in general.

I'm excited to get to know you all. Please feel free to say hi!

Se Ⓐnstapa
3 months ago

Discover the Intriguing Connection between Sleep Paralysis and Spiritual Encounters! 🌌🛌 Uncover the fascinating phenomenon in our latest YouTube video, where we explore the mysterious realm of Sleep Paralysis and its profound impact on spiritual experiences. Don't miss out on this eye-opening journey! Watch now and unlock the secrets within.
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Mar del Valle
4 months ago

Everytime I rise I see you falling
Can you find me space inside your
bleeding heart

[Placebo - "Passive Agressive"]

Illustration for "Rojo y Oro" - "Red and Gold" -, young adult book written by Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Otra ilustración para "Rojo y Oro", novela juvenil escrita por Iria G. Parente and Selene M. Pascual.

#illustration #MastoArt #paganism #mythology

Ilustración en blanco y negro.
En el panel superior izquierdo hay un adolescente delgadísimo con el cuerpo cubierto de cicatrices, se atraviesa una mano con un puñal mientras sonríe malicioso.
En el panel central vemos el rostro de ojos cerrados de un joven de cabello rizado y negro, parece triste, derrotado o muerto. Sobre su cabeza hay una luna.
En el panel derecho hay una anciana blanquísima y sonriente. 
En el panel inferior hay dos jóvenes idénticas de perfil sobre un fondo de hiedra. Una parece abrazar delicadamente a la otra por la espalda mientras la otra se resiste débilmente y derrama una lágrima. 
Todes llevan túnicas griegas. 
Black and white illustration.
The left panel shows a very thin teenage boy with his body covered with scars, he is piercing one of his hands with a dagger while he smiles maliciously. 
The middle panel shows the face of a young man with his eyes closed and his curly black hair crowned with ivy, he looks sad, defeated or dead. Over his head there's a big moon.
The right panel shows a very old and very white woman smiling.
The panel below shows two identical young women over a background of tangled ivy. One of them is embracing the other, the other struggles weakly while a single tear runs down her cheek.
All the characters are wearing greek tunics.
Laura Perry
5 months ago

It's launch day! The revised and expanded second edition of Ariadne's Thread is now available. Ancient spirituality for the modern world.

Ariadne's thread beckons across the ages. Will you follow where it leads?

#minoan #MinoanSpirituality #AriadnesTribe #paganism #polytheism

Book cover of Ariadne's Thread: Awakening the Wonders of the Ancient Minoans in Our Modern Lives by Laura Perry. The cover is blue and features an image of the Ladies in Blue fresco from Knossos showing three fancily-dressed Minoan women from the waist up.
5 months ago

"Dawn of the new pagans: ‘Everybody’s welcome – as long as you keep your clothes on!’"

A reminder that #Beltane is but a few days away. Time to celebrate the coming of summer with a good burning.

Modern #paganism is a broad church (sic), ranging from yoghurt-knitting Wiccans on the one hand, to anti-religious, pro-science psychonauts like me.

Stories and Folklore
5 months ago

22nd April, Today we commemorate the last British #Pagan King, and last king of the #IsleOfWight Arwald.

On this day in 686, Cædwalla, King of Wessex invaded the #Jutish kingdom of Wihtwara, the land of Whit [ ᚹᛁᚻᛏ ] (Spirits / Supernatural Beings).

Arwald had sent his two son to his kinsfolk, the Meonwara to keep them safe.

Due to their superior size, the army of Cædwalla were victorious. However, not without many casualties. #Folklore says that Arwald dealt Cædwalla a near fatal wound that never healed and would ultimately take his life many years later. The story says, that the last curse, uttered using the last of the old magic was from Arwald's lips as he struck Cædwalla.

After the battle, Cædwalla sent his men the commit genocide on the island. A memory that still runs deep on the Island, even to this day.

The two princes were also betrayed after they had been forced to convert to #christianity -- Cædwalla had them killed.

This is not the of the story, the sister of Arwald was the wife of the King of #Kent and was the great great great Grandmother of #AlfredTheGreat. One could argue, the line of Wiht is behind the whole of the British royal family.

#OldEnglish #histodons #medievodons #AngloSaxons #AngloSaxonSaturday #paganism


This is a drawing I made of King Arwald in the early medieval style. On his shield is said "Protector of the Deep Magics" and on this robe is said "I destroy intolerance" in old English runes.
the happy leftist
6 months ago


Hi, I'm the happy leftist (she/they/it/slut). I don't exist according to Prager U. Here to laugh, be silly, make friends, be lewd and spread leftist propaganda. I come bearing gifts. #memes #porn

Also #anarchism #socialism #antifa #ACAB #BLM #LGBTQ #queer #bisexual #NonBinary #genderfluid #xenogender #neurodivergent #ADHD #ExMormon #agnostic #pantheism #polytheism #paganism #mythology #occult #spirituality #tarot #poetry #SciFi #horror #language #linguistics #philosophy #absurdism

A devil offering you two apples labeled memes and porn
Mage of Aquarius⛢:verified:
6 months ago

The Singularity Is Here: Pluto in Aquarius Reflections On Changing Artistic Directions

On pivoting from more traditional esoteric paganism and polytheism to technopaganism and transhumanism

#ai #aiart #aiartist #chatgpt #agi #paganism #polytheism #esoteric #chaosmagic #discord #discordianism #celticpolytheism #TerenceMcKenna #technopagan #transhuman #singularity #eschaton #astrology #pluto #aquarius #plutoinaquarius


The Singularity Is Here: Pluto in Aquarius Reflections On Changing Artistic Directions

On pivoting from more traditional esoteric paganism and polytheism to technopaganism and transhumanism