Nick Barlow
1 day ago

Some #baking today: carrot cake cupcakes and brown butter brownies, both for sale at the Run For Gem event happening after Colchester Castle #parkrun this Saturday. We'll be raising money for St Helena Hospice and Brain Tumour Research. Please come along if you can to run, walk, or just cheer people on and eat cake.

Approximately 20 carrot cake cupcakes cakes with icing on a cooling rack in front of a red bread bin.
A slab of recently baked brownies on baking paper with one taken from the far corner and placed on top.
3 days ago

#workoutoftheday #running

➡️ #fartlek : 45s run + 15s walk (x30)

I went 200m further compared to the same session last week.

#parkrun #fitodon

Running map & stats

Distance: 4,62 km, 
Calories: 296
Pace: 6'32''
Duration: 00:30:12
Two modern buildings across the river. The sun is shining
Cargo boats crossing the river
Running path passing under a bridge
5 days ago

#parkrun gorgeous morning for my 50th parkrun yesterday. Cleveragh park looking gorgeous in the last of tbe Autumn colours.

Me with my hands in the air coming up to the finish of parkrun
Four runners wearing sligo sanctury runners t-shirts.
Nick Barlow
5 days ago

After Colchester Castle #parkrun this Saturday there's the Run For Gem raising money for St Helena Hospice and Brain Tumour Research. Even if you're not running or walking and happen to be around Castle Park, there's also a cake sale which will hopefully include some of my baking, so come along if you can!
More details here:

5 days ago

Find the days where I uploaded #parkrun photos to #Flickr

6 days ago

In January or February it's time for some new #parkrun clothing?

6 days ago

#OrangeDay is now trending across Mastodon

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6 days ago

Nidda #parkrun #Frankfurt - #⃣229

📅 25.11.2023 ☁️
🏃 73 parkrunner/-walker
🆕 7 Erstlaufende | first-timers
🗺️ 8 Touristen | tourists (🇩🇪, 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, 🇮🇪 & 🇿🇦)
⏱️ 10 neue | new PB's
🏆 1 Meilenstein | milestone
🦺 9 Helfende | volunteers

🌳 #LoveParkrun & #HappySaturday

6 days ago

25 uses from 24 accounts #toptag

Nick Barlow
6 days ago

Colchester Castle Park was closed today so instead we went to Castle Park #parkrun in Bishop's Stortford. No hills, but also not much of a castle, more a mound. Definitely wintry weather today, but lumbered on round and think I've earned my lazy afternoon.

A Strava map of a run at Castle Park Parkrun in Grange Paddicks, Bishop's Stortford.
Dietenbach parkrun
6 days ago

Dietenbach parkrun #️⃣ 108
📅 25.11.2023
⛅ Wetter / weather: sonnig und kalt
🏃 Teilnehmer / runners: 47
⏱️ Neue Bestzeiten / new PB: 11
🌍 Besucher / visitors: 3 (#Schorndorf, #Leeds 🇬🇧)
⭐️ Neue Teilnehmer / first-time runners: 6
🏆 10. run anniversary: 1 (Nikolas)
🦺 Helfende / volunteers: 10
⭐️ Neue Helfende / first-time volunteers: 2
#parkrun #running #laufen #mastodonlauftreff

Läufer am Start
6 days ago

Did my dancing marshall bit at #parkrun this morning. Wasn't for entertainment just keeping myself warm.

Man Of Rust
6 days ago

No #parkrun for me today but I hope all the #runnersofmastadon had a fab time 😁

Ed Chivers
6 days ago

Good #parkrun this morning, quite a chilly morning, 2°C but bright sunshine. Made it round in 30:40 and decamped off to the local Costa for coffee and breakfast.

Richard Bloomfield
6 days ago

Was good fun volunteering for #BushyParkRunDublin #ParkRun this morning. A lovely crisp, dry, but cold morning, with lots of lovely cheerful runners!

Display board showing Bushy Park Run number 267
6 days ago

Winter came to #Germany last night, but #Freiburg had none of it...

@dietenbachparkrun in the box under good running conditions and even in the sun...


Florian Pigorsch
6 days ago

@cpamoa good decision! I'm planning to visit Riemer #parkrun on 2023-12-16 (I'm in Munich for a christmas party)

1 week ago

#parkrun Photographer - where's the snow btw?!?

1 week ago

@qugart every #parkrun needs this!

1 week ago

#workoutoftheday #running

➡️ warm-up: 1 km walk
➡️ #fartlek 45s run + 15s walk (x30)
➡️ cool-down: 2 km walk

Focus is always on form. Mind persuasion was enforced the whole time: short strides, light as feather, even if I've always felt more like an elephant 😁. I'm doing it right most of the time.

What I still have to fix instead is the tendency to jump over puddles or other obstacles always with my right foot first. I should start with my left foot 50% of the time.

#parkrun #fitodon

Run map & stats: 4.41km in 30min10s
2 weeks ago

Next Saturday I'm going to unlock another volunteer #parkrun badge...

2 weeks ago

Nidda #parkrun #Frankfurt - #⃣228

📅 18.11.2023 🌫️
🏃 56 parkrunner/-walker
🆕 3 Erstlaufende | first-timers
🗺️ 1 + 2 Touristen | tourists (🇩🇪 )
⏱️ 11 neue | new PB's
🏆 1 Meilenstein | milestone
🦺 9 Helfende | volunteers

🌳 #LoveParkrun & #HappySunday

2 weeks ago

Great year for @dietenbachparkrun - none of the least attended #parkrun was in 2023, while all of the best attended runs where this year (No 1 as the exception)

Paul Martin
2 weeks ago

Visit number 22 to Hafan Pwllheli #ParkRun this morning. Milder weather (13°C) than recent weeks, but with a gusty wind. Great on the outward leg but it became a headwind on the return leg, with the addition of needle-like fine icy rain.

The parkrun sign for Hafan Pwllheli: yellow text on a blue background. It sits on damp yellow sand with a little shingle. Beyond is the shoreline, a stretch of calm sea and then the mountains on the other side of the bay. The sky is overcast.
Runners assemble on the sandy beach. There's a fair bit of seaweed in the foreground.
This is at the turnaround point. The wind has whisked up a few waves, which crash noisily on the shore, generating lumps of foam. The sky is overcast and the sea surface is a blue-green grey.
The two timekeeper volunteers sat on a crate on the beach. They are facing away from us, towards a runner approaching the finish. The base of a yellow cone in the bottom right of the picture is partially buried in the sand. The beach has seaweed on its higher side to the left, and slopes down to the water's edge at the right.
Nick Barlow
2 weeks ago

For those doing Colchester Castle #Parkrun on 2nd December, here's the info for Run For Gem taking place afterwards:

Nick Barlow
2 weeks ago

Wet morning at Colchester Castle #Parkrun today. First time running there since my knee started hurting while doing it in September. Made it round without anything going wrong this time, and was actually my second run of the week!
And the next run there on 2nd December will be followed by the charity Run For Gem raising money for Brain Tumour Research and St Helena Hospice (with cakes on sale too!)

Dietenbach parkrun
2 weeks ago

Dietenbach parkrun #️⃣ 107
📅 18.11.2023
⛅ Wetter / weather: besser als erwartet 😁
🏃 Teilnehmer / runners: 50
⏱️ Neue Bestzeiten / new PB: 13
⭐️ Neue Teilnehmer / first-time runners: 6
🏆 50. run anniversary: 1 (@flopp)
🦺 Helfende / volunteers: 9
#parkrun #freiburg #running #laufen #mastodonlauftreff

Robee? Na! 🌈
2 weeks ago

Up for #Parkrun, this annoying cold I’ve had all week has peaked and now on its way out… so running in the rain sounds a great idea!?

france running GIF by
Thomas Michael Semmler
2 weeks ago

as the weekend approaches, I am once again reminded that I've been wanting to go to the local parkrun for over a year now, but somehow I never made it. It's not like I don't wanna run, I am running 3 times a week, but for some reason, attending the parkrun is always.. inconvenient somehow.

But I am determined to attend this weekend.

#running #parkrun

Katie Steckles
2 weeks ago

Finally found time to type up my list of favourite things from last weekend's #mathsjam @BigMathsJam:

- Everything running to time
- Andrew's joke:
- Scroggs' reaction when we called him over to see @virtuosew's kumihimo braiding setup:
- The sealed box
- @WoollyBenguin's amazing talk
- "A dalek is maths because it has domes", from @TeaKayB's talk about maths in museums
- Me and @andrewt collecting drawing hacks (post on @aperiodical soon), and characterizing one of them as "Draw a closed loop; draw the rest of the fucking owl" (see:
- Lovely physical demos from Hugh Hunt (π in collisions, live from the engineering lab at Cambridge) Jørn from (using a micro:bit to train an audio recognition model, live) and @supersciencegrl (physical models of molecules that shouldn't exist)
- How much people just joined in with things: taking part in table activities, baking stuff, and bringing stuff for the tables at the back
- Playing the world's worst game of darts with James Grime, which we eventually gave up as a draw
- People #volunteering and learning how to do stuff quickly, which made everything so much easier
- People asking me questions, many of which were "have you seen this cool thing?"
- The sheer unbridled joy of the #MathsJamJam
- Doing the local #ParkRun with a bunch of cool people, and it being such a lovely course with nice sculptures and a forest and a lake
- @gavan's great t-shirt that said "Rage Against The Machine Learning"
- Loads of people buying books off me and getting them signed 📚👍🏻🖊️
- Andrew's awesome sketch notes:

Robee? Na! 🌈
3 weeks ago

Good morning! I am up for #Parkrun and remembering that time I took Apple to court because my watch broke of its own accord and they refused to replace it free of charge. It’s this kind of smugness that gets you off to a good start to the day.

Robee? Na! 🌈
1 month ago

Good morning! Up for my 100th #Parkrun! Weather looks great 😬

Weather in Newport showing 9 degrees with drizzle
1 month ago

Getting back to #running after #injury.

#workoutoftheday #parkrun #fartlek
➡️ 3km walk (warm-up + cool-down)
➡️ 30s run + 30s walk (x30)

The goal is focusing on form, paying attention to stride length and how my right foot lands.
Running felt good without calf tightness/pain.

Today was session 1️⃣. Next ones at 2x/week as follows:
2️⃣ 1km run + 1km walk (x4)
3️⃣ 40s run + 20s walk (x30)
4️⃣ 2km run + 1km walk (x3)
5️⃣ 45s run + 15s walk (x30)
6️⃣ urban trail 8km [a mix of running and walking]


Running map & stats: 4,26km in 31m 24s
Park alley with autumn colors: side trees are looking leaves.
A man walks in front
Two white circus tent on a big parking lot
A boat sailing the river
Robee? Na! 🌈
1 month ago

Up for #Parkrun! It’s actually just stopped raining and looking like this is it for the day! Unlike last week… fingers crossed…

wet episode 2 GIF by Will & Grace
◄ Simon ✠ Arthur ►
1 month ago

I am heading out to Higginson #parkrun in #Marlow tomorrow. Meeting up with some work colleagues. I'm hoping to get a 12-month PB 🏃💨 #FetchEveryone

Nick Barlow
1 month ago

Forgot to share yesterday, but visited Great Dunmow #parkrun with a couple of friends for a rather muddy run. Nice little trip, not too much rain until the end, and a nice breakfast at an old pub next to the park afterwards. Knees still recovering so not too quick, but was good to be back out there.

A Strava map of a run at Great Dunmow Parkrun.
1 month ago

Home again after my first ever #parkrun at Queens Park in #glasgow. It was an awesome (and surprisingly dry) event, and I really liked the sense of community around it.

Speaking of community, I also joined #veganrunners this week, and met so many likeminded people, firstly during the event, then for #vegan brunch at the Glad Cafe. Meeting so many people with whom I have so much in common is an amazing feeling… same again next week?

1 month ago

Home again after my first ever #parkrun at Queens Park in #glasgow. It was an awesome (and surprisingly dry) event, and I really liked the sense of community around it.

Speaking of community, I also joined #veganrunners this week, and met so many likeminded people, firstly during the event, then for #vegan brunch at the Glad Cafe. Meeting so many people with whom I have so much in common is an amazing feeling… same again next week?

Stephen Greenham
1 month ago

@RobeeShepherd Me too. Accuweather says it should stay dry for #parkrun I just need to find the energy to get out of the door!

Robee? Na! 🌈
1 month ago

Up for #Parkrun! Looks like the rain has just stopped, hope it stays stopped!

Cup of tea in a mug with a bbc micro printed on it
John Ager
2 months ago

I'm 69, I've just run a 5k parkrun and I'm off to run with Freddy (8) around Ropner Park in Stockton, Teesside. Remind me, what's your excuse for not running? 🤣 #parkrun #running

2 months ago

I like this concept: #ParkRun … but there are unfortunately not many events in Denmark 🇩🇰

I wonder how difficult it would be to arrange such in my town…

#running #parkrun

2 months ago

"A nine-year-old boy has set a new 5K Parkrun world record for his age.

Louis Robinett ran the distance in 17 minutes and 40 seconds at the Poole Parkrun, in Dorset, on Saturday."



2 months ago

#workoutoftheday #parkrun #injury

Again I had to stop at barely 4 km because of the pain on my right calf. Now I'm limping. The same happened 6 months ago, but this time I felt the tightness increase with every km. It wasn't a sudden pain.

I'm not seeing the end of this 😭!
Luckily tomorrow I have an appointment with the podotrist. I hope that I'll walk normally and that I will be able to do the running test.

So activity for today was
1️⃣ 4 km #running
2️⃣ 3,5 km walk


Running map & stats
4 km in 27'17''
Graffiti portraying two angry anthropomorphic animals playing the violin and the guitar
An alley in the park with some workout equipment and a playground
2 months ago

Ist gerade wirklich eine recht gute Lebensphase - und letzte Nacht tatsächlich über fünf Stunden am Stück geschlafen.
Wenn das Knie jetzt noch bis zur Nordsee "heilt", müssen wir auf sehr gut upgraden ;)

Jetzt aber zum Bäcker zwecks #parkrun Picknick - Jubiläum ist vorbei und natürlich dürft auch weiterhin kommen. Um Neun geht es im Dietenbachpark hinter dem Baseballplatz los!
#Freiburg #RunHappy #parkrun

Alex | O0_
2 months ago

As MN8 proudly declared on #totp
"I've got a little something for you..."👺​
Sweet dreams my new #Cupofteasocial friends and those of the wider #fediverse
1st day of #mastodon in the bag; follow me for more quality toots such as this...
Bit of an art crime to consider this worthy of #MastoArt but it's gone 3am and I'm up in five hours for Catton #parkrun 's 10th birthday...🎂​

5km Albert Parkrun ~26:44 #running #parkRun

📷 by @alexhelvetica

Me in fox hood running at Albert park
Me in fox hood running at Albert park
Selfie with me (in fox hood) and Alex
Me in fox hood running at Albert park
2 months ago

We’re both running our 250th #parkrun at Colwick tomorrow. We’ve been together since 1999 & have trained and run 3 marathons side-by-side as well as countless half marathons and other races. We do run separately, but together we have raised around £50k for the MS Trust over the years. I have #MultipleSclerosis and my running is a bit more limited these days, but we’re still running and tomorrow the party will be at the back! We’ve got 350+ volunteering days between us too! #LoveParkrun #running

Two people in blue MS Trust vests at the London 10 miler in Richmond Park in 2018. We look overjoyed and are mugging for the camera.
Kaity A
2 months ago

Last year, on Friday the 14th of October 2022, my beloved @ada asked me if I would go to parkrun with her on that Saturday.

At that time, I was extremely unfit, having spent most of my life in the computer chair.

My resting heartrate was around 100bpm, getting up from rest usually spiked me up to 125, and then back to around 112.

Walking small distances to/from the car had me puffed out. Going anywhere without the car was unthinkable.

I owned 3 vehicles. One small car for my spouse so ze could drive around, one SUV for long distance driving, and a Tesla for my daily driving.

That first parkrun (or parkwalk) just about destroyed me. I managed to do the whole 5k, but by the end I could barely stand. Avg heartrate was 132bpm peak at 145.

Tomorrow will mark the end of the first 12 months. It will be my 43rd parkrun (with 2 volunteers). My resting heart rate is now down to about 78bpm, and walking around is not just normal, but easy and fun. A typical 5k walk will have me at 105bpm avg with 120 peak.

However, these days I will usually walk a few Ks to and from parkrun, then push myself at run/walk intervals. Doing it this way, my avg rate is now about 135bpm and maxing at around 165.

I have sold 2 of my cars, getting around by walking and public transport is not a problem.

I'm looking forward to being able to run 5k completely over the next 6 months. I feel like its almost within my grasp. Then 10k over the next 12.

If anyone has been thinking about taking up exercise, I can thoroughly recommend parkrun. It's fun, everyone is friendly and encouraging. You can go as slow as you need to.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me!


2 months ago

Hello, lovely #ParkRun people. The anti-trans mob are gearing up to start turning up in numbers at #ParkRunUK events and disrupt them. They turned up at Heaton Park yesterday and they've been at the Mole Valley one as well.

Might be worth speaking to your organisers to warn them! Info about why this is happening in the replies.

2 months ago

*️⃣ 40' #juggling
*️⃣ 4 km #parkrun
*️⃣ 3 km walk

The plan today was to do an 8 km run. However after 4 km my calf started to tighten and that's now the sign I use to decide to stop. Continuing in this state jeopardizes my training week and I want to avoid it at all costs.

The good news is that I could hold the mills mess trick with 3 balls for 5 rounds, yay! I've been practicing it for a very long time.

Scottish have been spotted becuz of rugby world cup

#running #fitodon

Running map & stats:
4 km in 28min
Scottish supporters in kilt admiring one of the pedestrian bridges the Citadel park before the rugby match against Romania this evening.
The Deûle river
Nick Barlow
2 months ago

Volunteering at Mersea Island #parkrun this morning. Lovely day for a ride on the Vespa down here.

A view of Cudmore Grove at Mersea with a Parkrun teardrop flag in the foreground. Grassy meadows run down to the sea.
2 months ago

@KathyReid that was my choice after #parkrun this morning!

2 months ago

Turns out, if you run more and do varied training, you can get faster. Set a PB at #Greenway #Parkrun this morning, and only 30 seconds off my 5km PB.


Centennial parkrun (7am) and St Peters parkrun (8am) are 5.2km apart. In theory you could run both these parkruns officially in a single day.

Are there any other parkruns lined up like this? Are there instances where you could run 3?

#running #parkRun

2 months ago

#workoutoftheday #parkrun

1️⃣ #fartlek #running : 45s on + 15s off (x30) - 4,4km
2️⃣ single-leg calf raise 3x10/leg
3️⃣ band-assisted push-up 3x8
4️⃣ band-assisted deep squat narrow stance 3x10
5️⃣ bench dip 3x10
6️⃣ 4km walk

My calf was tight this morning and yet I am reckless enough to still go for a run 🙄. I skipped it last week and I don't plan to further do it. I took it easy though.

My soleus was injured because of bad balance and bad balance is due to weak pelvic floor. [1/2]


Park run map & stats: 4,33km in 30min
A boat called Ragnar crossing the river
A cute graffiti of an animal with a guitar
A spot in the park with resting amacs
Nick Barlow
2 months ago

Another #Parkrun volunteer day for me today, this time barcode scanning at Markshall Estate. Nice day, and got to see a friend pushing her son round in a pram for the 100th time - so he's got his century up while he's still only two! Now doing some baking so I've got some cakes and biscuits to share at the 300th Colchester Juniors event tomorrow morning.

Joel Chippindale
2 months ago

This was my 26th #Parkrun in the last year.

There are two things that have really suprised me about my first year of going to Parkrun

1. I thought it would get easier over time but it has not. Sometimes I run a bit faster, Sometimes I run a bit slower. It is always hard work

2. Running in a park with 200+ other people is a lovely way to start the weekend. Even if the run itself is hard, I always come away feeling better about the world and have not once regretted going

Keep on running!

Today was a little wild in the #running world. Ran the Beaverton 5k this morning. Chip time was 29:28 -- SUB 30! Finally! I knew I could do it on a less hilly course. A good run!

Afterwards I hustled to my car and drove out to my local #parkrun and ran another 5k because I'm nuts. Got there 6 minutes late but they let me go anyway. Official time was 40 something but my watch says it was more like 35ish. All before 10am!

#parkrunusa #pdx #Portland #Oregon #beaverton

Map of my 5k run course for the Beaverton 5k.
Lisa Grimm
3 months ago

Very hot at #Parkrun today. Was already a mess just after the slow jog there.

#RunnersOfMastodon #DublinRunners #LoveParkrun #FairviewParkrun

Pale white lady in running gear in the park

> Your time was 00:24:58.

Aimed for a sub 25min 5km. Cut it a little close 😅

#running #parkRun

3 months ago

#workoutoftheday #parkrun #strength

➡️ #jogging 5,43km

Strength (x3):
1️⃣ band-assisted push-up x8
2️⃣ band-assisted deep squat narrow stance x10
3️⃣ single calf raise x10/leg
4️⃣ banded bicep curl x10
5️⃣ one-leg semicircle with eyes closed x20/leg
6️⃣ banded lats pull-down x10

It was hot so I decided to keep a slow jog for at least 5 km and then do some strength training with my band.
I also felt a weak pelvic floor and I couldn't do banded pull-ups as planned.

#running #mastolift #fitness #fitodon

Running map & stats: 5,43 km in 38'
A walkable and cyclable bridge standing over the river. Trees surrounding
Sheeps pasture and their watchful beautiful white-furred boss
Ducks going in opposite direction after a dispute

I had to do a #parkrun this morning, since I've eaten WAY too much #pasta this week…

…because I've been testing out recipes for this new website a friend and I have just launched. Over 37 million recipes for #pesto. Oh yes.

Today was also my 25th #parkrun. I went hard (2nd fastest 5km on Strava - 24:33). Too hard given the state of my body at the moment and wasn't very well at the finish line. #running

Photo of me running in park run
Alex Kidman
3 months ago

Warming up for #parkrun, saying hello to Parkrun sheep. As you do.

A sheep.
Benjamin Han
3 months ago

1/ This weekend's 16.3-mile report (total time/pace):

* 5K #Parkrun: 24:19/7'50", slower by 24 seconds than last.
* Half #Marathon: 1:54:50/8'46", faster by 5 minutes than last.

All-time-best are still:

* 5K: 23:51/7'41"
* Half Marathon: 1:51:48/8'32"


3 months ago

Today was my 50th parkrun volunteer anniversary! And as the Run Director it was nice to see the largest group of participants ever for a regular Sonsbeek parkrun event (speciale are always better visited).

And after organising a run, in the afternoon we had the pleasure of a 17km humid run ourselves! It wasn't nice weather, so we bought an ice-cream to cool down 👍

4 months ago

Hi! I’m new to Mastodon and mainly posting about #running #cycling and #dadjokes - particularly #parkrun and #Peloton classes.

I also like #music (particularly #classicalmusic but I’m no expert), #movies and #Television shows.