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A new State of the Soul is out! We talk about upcoming expo, merch, and all the releases from September and coming in October! Happy #spookyseason! #patreon #indieauthor #selfpublishing #fantasy

A.M.W. Harris
4 hours ago

If you like, you can support both my art and my writing by becoming a patron! I'll be trying to post more on patreon in the future. I also have a patreon for lewd art that I plan to post more on in the future, but that is on the back burner right now.
#books #wattpad #ao3 #fiction #fantasy #Patreon

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For September on my Patreon, we had the Dragon King going well beyond King Size, and Popper having a few too many Treatos.

If you like what I do and want to see these (among other perks like WIPs, full res versions, and more) consider checking out my Patreon! Your support helps me continue to improve and make more blubbery bois for you all

#fat #fatfur #furry #furryart #patreon #preview #dragon #king #popper #kobold #blob #immobile #weightgain #macro #exclusive

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vanlau :tialove:
7 hours ago

Loot fertig, Preview fertig
Morgen geht der digitale Loot raus:
(animierte) Emotes & Badges, die letzten Hand Animationsreferenzen, Kana+Kanji Übungsblätter, Wallpaper UND das Tinybun & Friends Lineart Artbook auch zum Ausmalen als PDF 🥰

#patreon #emotes #twitch #colouringbook #ausmalbuch #aceo #kakaokarte #tinycard

Vorschau für Patreon.
Gezeigt wird, was man im aktuellen Monat für welchen kleinen Unterstützungsbeitrag bekommt.
Rebecca Celeste
8 hours ago

Patreon Mail is finished and ready to be shipped 🎃👻

#Patreon #Halloween #MastoArt

Multiple wrapped packages in black with a cute minimalist skull sticker on it.
9 hours ago

Fumiko's Belly Bully 02 is out on my Patreon~
Be a supporter to get early access to my art!

#nsfw #patreon #mastoart

12 hours ago

Remember to update your #privacy settings in #Patreon before the 4th when more of your private information will be made public by default (unless you turn off “Community Profile”

Atthis Arts
12 hours ago

Follow our Patreon? For $1/mo

2023: Emily is finishing Just Chad

After the new year, the #Patreon will be entirely dedicated to buying and sharing awesome global fiction. It's a lovely way to support our work!

🍌Lana Banana 🍌
15 hours ago

I know that you are probably tired of me and my promotional dances, but, unfortunately, I get little to no orders recently and it's incredibly hard to survive under my circumstances.
Patreon helps me to get through the first week and I am incredibly grateful to people who support me. I post artworks which haven't been posted anywhere else there (including some lewd stuff too), so if you feel like it, it's the right time to join the club!

#MastoArt #patreon #art

Illustration of a redhead guy lying down with his arms behind his head. He blows a bubblegum and winks. He is dressed in yellow and purple sportswear.
19 hours ago

October's Patreon rewards are here! With the new tiers you can also receive a monthly stickersheet! 👻🎃🍄

#MastoArt #Patreon #Stickers #illustration

October Patreon Rewards - A die cut matte vinyl sticker of a calico vampire cat with a little cape. An 8cm x 11 cm stickersheet featuring the same cat, two ghosts, a forest witch hat and some pumpkins and bats. Available at the website mentioned below:
Lu Luan
1 day ago

Streaming for Patrons and supporters only!
Plan to work on an Ester x Loggy pic and then work on a spicy animation~
Just gotta be a Patreon or Discord Sub to get the key!

#furry #stream #patreon #live #nsfw

Elise "yuuana" Moreno
1 day ago

Week in Review (Sep 24-30)

how my #writing week went (hint: the answer is not great)
locked to #Patreon patrons only - join at any level to unlock AND support my rescue kitties!

If I posted on patreon, would anyone be legitimately interested? Been trying kofi tiers to no luck. #furryart #mastoart #patreon

Alioth Fox
1 day ago

Hi everyone! This month's Premium rewards are ready to claim on #Patreon! If you're a Patreon supporter eligible for Premium rewards, comment on the linked post to claim yours. If you're not already a supporter and would like one of these, be sure to pledge TODAY!

#PatreonRewards #PatreonArtist #ABDL #ABDLart #Babyfur #BabyfurArt #Diaperfur #DiaperfurArt #Furry #FurryArt

The premium Patreon rewards for September 2023 include three YCHs.  YCH #1 is of an adult furry wearing a T-shirt, jeans, a utility belt, a hard hat, and safety glasses. They are holding a hammer in their right hand and holding a stack of lumber on their left shoulder.  YCH #2 is of an adult furry in a T-shirt and diaper, dancing as if at a rave; they are twirling a glow-stick in their left hand and holding another in their right. They are also wearing a glow necklace and glow bracelets.  YCH #3 is of a child furry wearing a T-shirt and diaper; they are sucking on a pacifier and reading an oversized board book with the visible title "Baby's First Nuclear Reactor" above a trefoil radiation warning symbol.

The image also includes text with a description of the reward tier benefits, which can be read at
Alioth Fox
1 day ago

Hello all! This month's Basic rewards are ready to claim on #Patreon! If you're a patron this month, go ahead and comment on the linked post to claim yours. If you're NOT already a Patreon supporter and want one of these, you have to pledge TODAY!

#PatreonRewards #PatreonArtist #ABDL #ABDLart #Babyfur #BabyfurArt #Furry #FurryArt #Diaperfur #DiaperfurArt

The basic Patreon rewards for September 2023 include a profile picture and two Telegram stickers.  The profile picture is a front view of a character's face, being scanned by some kind of computer process; the composition is divided in half between a "normal" side where the face appears against an industrial background, while the right appears like a digital display with green lines and indistinct text.  Sticker #1 is an adult furry leaning back and whistling innocently, with the text "Wasn't me..." appearing nearby.  Sticker #2 is a child furry in a T-shirt, diaper, and graduation cap, holding up one hand and saying "Um, actually..."

The image also includes text with a description of the reward tier benefits, which can be read at
Lu Luan
1 day ago

Loggy wearing Ester, the wearbear!

See pics like this early and full res on Patreon!
Patron stream later today

#furryart #LUAN #patreon #Loggy #wearbear #polarbear #fatfur #dog

Loggy the dog wearing a living polarbear onsie named Ester. Originally posted on

How crazy that we only have 3 months left of 2023. September was a beautiful month even with its ups and downs.

I met places and people who taught me a lot. Excited about the new adventures of October.

Don't forget that you can follow my adventures closer on #patreon.

vanlau :tialove:
1 day ago

Es ist der letzte im Monat und die Tinycards sind schon fertig 😌💕
Ihr habt noch 5 Stunden die Rubedo Karte zu ergattern.

Digitaler Loot wird grad fertig gestellt.
Diesmal gibs japanisch Übungsseiten, Emotes/ Badges, die letzten Handanimations refs & das Ausmalbuch in digital🥰


#art #patreon #ausmalbuch #colouringbook #digitalart #MastoArt #fediart #webcomic #kemonomimi #aceo #kakaokarte

Fuchs Charakter mit rotorangenen Haaren der selbstbewusst in die Kamera schaut. In der Hand hält er ein Polizei Schild.
Anna ☃️
1 day ago

It's the last day to join to get this postcard ^-^

#MastoArt #patreon

Karin Heimdahl
1 day ago

In my monthly #Patreon production updates, I include a section I call #InMyPodcatcher, where I list my current & recent #AudioDrama #AudioFiction #Podcast listens & #recs! Here's September's list:

The Madness of Chartrulean @astreuslabs
The Dex Legacy (relistening in anticipation of season 2!)
Re: Dracula @redraculapod
Fawx and Stallion @224bbaker
Small Victories
Starship Q Star
Regina Prime @reginaprime Liars & Leeches @hemcreekprod

Mich würde interessieren, wie eine gemeinnützige Firma über Markenrechte verfügen kann, die auf open source Software basieren.

Mich würde interessieren, in wiefern eine GmbH, die den Zweck hat, einen oder mehrere Server im gemeinfreien #fediverse zu betreuen und über #Patreon Spenden einfährt, gemeinnützig sein kann.

Das schreit geradezu nach Intransparenz! ...

vanlau :tialove:
2 days ago

Tinycards bekommen eine neue Rückseite.

(Ps. Ich hab gehört, dass man ab dem 1.10 für einen Monat ein special Patron loot upgrade vornehmen kann 👀)


#art #patreon #bunniekingdom #kemonomimi #smallbusiness #sammelkarten #prints

Neue Rückseite für limitierte Tinycards
Mark Witton
2 days ago

Holy moly, even more new #paleoart at #Patreon? Baby tyrannosaurids emerge from their buried nest, completing the reproduction theme of this week's posts. Hi-res version of this image and lots of discussion about juvenile tyrant #dinosaurs at: #sciart

🦷 Ottobre 💀
2 days ago

It’s the end of the month, and it’s time to publish the Summary of September! ~

The posts “summary of the month” are for everyone, they are an index where I write all the rewards published during the month. Take a look if you’re curious ✨

#supportartists #patreon

Sail [Musician - Writer]
2 days ago

My $6+ Patreon backers have early access to A Single Daffodil, my latest single, here:

Fans of trad-goth adventures in music will enjoy it, hopefully. It'll be out publicly on the 6th of October.


Alioth Fox
2 days ago

Patreon supporters! Your July rewards are ready for download :)

Check the post on #Patreon for more details!


Profile pictures, Telegram stickers, and YCHs from July's Patreon rewards, along with download instructions (see the link in the post for a text version).
Catherynne M. Valente
2 days ago

New original poem I likely will not publish anywhere else up on #Patreon in the Random Access Mind tier:

The Water

Mark Witton
2 days ago

For #FossilFriday, new #paleoart at #Patreon: nesting Tyrannosaurus deposits her eggs into a hole in the ground. Many #dinosaurs seem to have buried their eggs, including some big theropods - we just don't see it depicted often. Hi-res and discussion: #sciart

2 days ago

My September sketchbook went up on Patreon, and it's got some really fun doodles this month! It's up for $5+ patrons, who also get the huge archive of sketchbooks all the way back to 2015.
#Patreon #Update

Cover page of Jey's September sketchbook, showing a 4 piece grid of various sketches from the sketchbook. Image one shows a red sketch of Lupin in a striped jacket. Image two shows some sketchy thumbnails of comic layouts. Image three shows a life drawing sketch of a shirtless man with a scowl. Image three shows an anthropomorphised rabbit holding up a beetle clasp, under this drawing reads “shoutout for frnz”.
2 days ago

"Cowards." -

"You want to waste away in some hole in the ground like a bunch of scared little rabbits? Be my guest-- but I won't be joining you."

Please support my work so I can afford my incoming student loan payments and other living expenses. It would really help me out.

#art #artists #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #DigitalArt #furry #FurryArt #illustration #patreon #kofi #OriginalSpecies #OriginalCharacter

An onene (a small bat-like anthropomorphic species) looks back toward the viewer with disgust while facing a cave opening full of light.
2 days ago

This month is coming to an end! Here's a list of the rewards I will be sending supporters through tomorrow :)
If you want to grab any of these, make sure you hop in before October!
#patreon #rewards #support

A picture listing all the rewards for this month on Patreon.
Andy Smith
2 days ago

This article brought to you by the word "affordance".

(Makes a lot of sense though!)


@AimeeMaroux that's because #Patreon is a #Corporation [not a #Charity or #Cooperative] and #Corporations are explicitly nobody's friend!

Erotic Mythology (comms open)
3 days ago

Remember that poll #Patreon did where creators could vote for a variety of features?
At the bottom of the barrel were crypto currencies, still a hot topic at the time of the poll. #Crypto was the only feature that received an overwhelming amount of "please don't" votes. No other feature even had double digits of "please don't". But guess what Patreon still offers anyway:

This is not news by any means, the poll ran last year. I just saw the screenshot again.

Screenshot of the results of a poll of Patreon's creators, listing a set of features sorted by popularity. At the very bottom is "crypto payments" with 9% voting the feature to be "crucial", 18% voted it was "nice to have", 30% didn't care and the bulk of votes went to "please don't" with a whopping 46%.

In their statement after the poll, Patreon said "the results were clear that you don't want any crypto shit but we feel the need to explore it anyway".
3 days ago

A fun little #Patreon story from a few years ago.

I forgot my password. I clicked the "Forgot Password" link, entered my email address, and waited for the reset link to appear in my inbox. It didn't. I tried a couple more times. Checked my spam. Tried again.

Eventually I contacted customer support. They looked at my account, and stated what should have been obvious: "You aren't getting the reset links because you have opted out of receiving email communications from us."


The job of a content creator is to show you the beautiful part of a moment. But believe me, there is hard work behind the scenes. Of course I enjoy it, I’m not complaining at all, it's just remembering that a content creator also works and many times that is not recognized.

#contentcreator #patreon #nudist #nude #sunbathing #nakedsunbathing #NormalisingNaturism #NormalizeNudity

3 days ago

so when will the #Patreon #enshittification begin in earnest?

Mark Witton
4 days ago

More new #paleoart at #Patreon: an attempt to show a realistic take on #dinosaur copulation. A lot of what's said about dinosaur mating is pretty ridiculous so, in an essay accompanying the hi-res version of this image, I try to cut to the sensible stuff. #sciart #dinosaurs #paleontology

ActuTech :mastodon:
4 days ago

Le nouvel épisode d'#ActuTech est dispo en avant-première pour nos abonnés #ApplePodcasts et #Patreon. Cette semaine les annonces du #MetaConnect2023 , les 25 ans de #Google25 et le reste de l'actualité -

Jeff, Cat Herder
4 days ago

I'd briefly rejoined #Patreon to support one creator, but damn, that company loves to show how little they care about user data. After their latest sneaky auto-enabled account data sharing I'm done with them for good. Account deleted, not returning.

Alexa Nichols
4 days ago

Are you a member of my #Patreon yet? There are a lot of reasons to be. I update it several times a month with fresh content, regularly converse with my members, and have a fairly large backlog.
Oh, and tons of downloadable books. 🥰
Let me show you...

4 days ago

It's past time to post some more #drawings though. So this is a little snippet of the sketch for what I made last night. An #eggplant #pinup to go with the other two ladies in my veggie pinup series 😄

The full sketch is in my Discord now, with lines and color to follow!
(Mastodon will eventually see the final version but #Discord and #patreon get first dibs).

A white page with the sketch of a woman from the waist up done in light blue. The woman has her right side facing the viewer with her left hand placed gently on her chest. She's wearing a lingerie top and arm length gloves.

Also her head is an eggplant with the leaves forming the shape of a 1920's flapper hair style.
Mark Witton
4 days ago

New #paleoart at #Patreon: Tyrannosaurus face bites. Thanks to large numbers of injured tyrannosaurid skulls, we know a lot about this behaviour. The main take-home? They weren't very nice to one another. High-res art and discussion at: #fossil #sciart #dinosaurs

5 days ago

Hello friends! Today I worked on two more mini requests from my #Patreon!

- Goose Aarakocra Bard
- Buzz Killer Infernal War Machine

Free stls here:

More to come tomorrow! Enjoy!
#dnd #3Dprinting #3Dart #3Dmodeling #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #ttrpg

Ding Dang Trevor Flowers
5 days ago

I just posted the first poll to determine my next project and, to some extent, my fate.
The theme is "Choose a Cuboid".
☑️ Powermac G4 Cube
☑️ Connection Machine 2
☑️ NeXTcube

I you have an opinion and $3 then you, too, can cast a vote.
#patreon #freeWont #retrocomputers

5 days ago

Sketches I painted on the last few streams at

Follow me on Twitch to see me paint live and chat with me.

Full size image and video:

#MastoArt #art #DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #ArtTimelapseVideo #Patreon #clipstudiopaint

A compilation of nine colorful digital painting thumbnails painted by Zhillustrator. They are surreal colorful landscapes with an emphasis on space, atmosphere, clouds and colors.
A timelapse video showing a step-by-step process of of painting a compilation of nine colorful digital painting thumbnails painted by Zhillustrator. They are surreal colorful landscapes with an emphasis on space, atmosphere, clouds and colors.
6 days ago

Today I'm working on #Patreon requests! I'm live streaming now!

I'll be sure to post my free models later today here:

See you soon!
#dnd #3Dprinting #3Dmodeling #dndart #dungeonsanddragons #twitch

Erotic Mythology (comms open)
6 days ago

#Hermes looks up at the sky as he ascends from the underworld. The constellation Virgo greets him with shining stars. It will be another 420 years before it's the lion marking summer's end. Hermes pulls his cloak tighter and leaps into the chilly air. Autumn is here.

Hipparchos was better in math than I'll ever be. But maybe the read was entertaining? If so, support this poor writer by joining her #Patreon:

Happy #autumn season! 🍂🎃

#MythologyMonday #microfiction

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
6 days ago

Okay but the cover for this week's episode is so good. @xtinadlr has outdone herself imo - I have a weakness for #cyberpunk #aesthetic and this, to me, very much that. By way of like, the Riddler's colour scheme, which I am also a huge fan of.

Oh yeah, early access on #Patreon to this episode, which is about mapping the sunken ships of WW2 using GIS - think about how much toxic STUFF is on those ships. Also treasure, probably? Anyway, where's all that oil going to go once the hull's eroded away, that's a question to ask. Paul Heersink's making it possible to find these time-bombs / treasures - join Patreon to learn how!


#mapping #GIS #podcast #podcasting #solarpunk #SunkenShips #WorldWarTwo #oceanography #ocean

A map of the world; the continents are black and the outlines of countries/text is dark green. Data points are shown in shades of purple and green, purple concentrated in the North Atlantic, but all over the Atlantic, really, while green is concentrated in the Pacific, although they are in the Mediterranean and the European coast as well.

The title is green text on a dark purple background on top and read "Protecting the Environment With GIS: Mapping WWII's Sunken Ships" with an identical purple band on the bottom that reads, in the same green, "With Paul Heersink"
aGate to: cringe
6 days ago

Après pas mal de temps à y réfléchir, j'ai ouvert une page #Patreon :

Si vous appréciez mon travail, que cela soit sur #administrans, #Tempo, mes publications - tant ici que sur mon site - n'hésitez pas à me soutenir par ce biais. Le pallier le plus bas est à 1€ par mois.

Je traverse une période d'incertitude, notamment financière, et c'est difficile de travailler sur ces choses là en ce moment. Je ne m'attends pas à recevoir des sommes démesurées, mais même quelques dizaines d'euros par mois m'aideraient 💜

Quoi qu'il en soit, mes publications et mon travail resteront gratuits et accessibles que vous me souteniez via Patreon ou non !

Ding Dang Trevor Flowers
6 days ago

I'm approaching the end of the design phase for the tiny Osborne 1 so tomorrow I'll post the first Patreon poll to determine which machine I'll make next.
If you have an opinion and $3 then get in there.
#patreon #freeWont

Loïc ⏚
6 days ago

enshitification of Patreon has just started 💩 I guess artists & other people who rely on this platform should think about other ways for their fans to support their work 💸

#enshitification #patreon

PJ Coffey
1 week ago


Wow, that's a really clear and concise explanation of #Patreon especially the "by work" part of it which I know some people are unaware of.

I know they sacked a large number of their security staff last year. But then it went quiet. Anything popped up with that?


1 week ago

Patreon is making all current patrons' community profiles public-by-default, and real name by default.

I never expected my Patreon to be public. I signed up to support a couple of creators (Inverse Phase, VLDL). I don't mind that _they_ know who I am, but I did not sign up for Yet Another Fucking Social Network, nor do I want one.

At least I get "an adorable fox avatar"… 😑 #Patreon #privacy #dangerousassumptions #outingbyaccident

Screenshot highlighting that they are creating "on by default" profiles for all users
Screenshot highlighting from their privacy policy that "Your full profile name" will be visible by default
1 week ago

today's exclusive #patreon photo is a gif, actually

please remember to opt out of who you back being publicly shared by patreon! even if you don't mind this data being shared, it's really uncool that it's default opt in. very uncool!

newsletter on what i'll be working on next week will be published tomorrow as a public post!

new patrons still have time to influence the final draft of the newsletter by voting in this week's poll:

backers help me stay accountable to finishing things and demolishing decision fatigue, which is why you can back for as little as $1/mo

vanlau :tialove:
1 week ago

Was ich kann sind WIPs posten.
Was ich ständig vergesse: die fertigen Bilder droppen.

Also hier noch ein WIP zum Ausmalbuch mit ganz vielen Tinybun, Häschen und niedlichen Tierchen Motiven.

Btw. alle Patreons bekommen die digitale Version diesen Monat schon! 🤫

#art #mastoart #digitalart #ausmalbuch #fediart #patreon

Ausmalbuch Cover Work in Progress mit dem Titel Tinybuns & Friends

This is how Patreon responded to my report in March about their process being broken.

After I provided screenshots and error messages. Tried to delete my account on two browsers in incognito mode:

"Thanks for the response! We sincerely apologize for the trouble this issue has caused you.

I looked into this, I see nothing wrong with the Privacy center.

Can you try and access the link in Incognito mode and see if that changes anything."

#fail #Patreon

I see Patreon is back to their old tricks. Set up a system to delete your account.

And make sure the first step in their process is broken.

I went through this months ago with them. Never got past step 1 when I tried to delete my account.

#Patreon #fail

1 week ago

Love the new privacy policy from #Patreon. "Hey, we heard the community and ... we're doing it anyway!"

1 week ago

deleted my #patreon account today after seeing that it's automatically opting-in all users for public profiles. gross.

deletion is fast and easy - click the 'Make a Privacy Request' button in the top right:

1 week ago

I got a new Patreon supporter today by telling a guy I fancy that if he joined, he could hear me describe in my oh so attractive voice how I want a queue of people with dicks to fill me with so much cum it gushes out of me.

So now, I'm giving you all the same opportunity! Join me over there and listen to my September update:

#patreon #patreonwriter #sexblog

Larry Garfield
1 week ago

PSA: #Patreon just announced they're changing their privacy policy to default all of your account info, who you support, etc. to public. You need to go into the settings and disable that. (Check the two toggles at the bottom of the Settings page to off.)

And then send Patreon a nasty letter, because default-open is just a stupid model to begin with, period.

Sail [Musician - Writer]
1 week ago

My new single, Indemnity, is an instrumental mini-epic; violins, fuzz bass, and one take guitar shots.

Come follow, to ideas bigger than any of us.

- Bandcamp:
- Patreon:

#MastoMusic #CreativeToots #Music #Patreon

1 week ago

Check out my latest on #Patreon for Subscribed Patrons: Roles of Chronology and "Voice" In Anti Colonial Research and Historical Perspectives:

Anna ☃️
1 week ago

If you'd like to have a high-resolution, unwatermarked version of this piece, or colour the lineart you can get access to both by joining my patreon :blobfoxheart:


2 weeks ago


Yeah, Japan has such a robust music scene, I never really know where to start digging in, almost always needing a little nudging via recommendations (or multiple #Patreon Requests, as the case was for couple years before the pandemic tightened budgets).

2 weeks ago

@Curator 2spirit Houma nation (Indigenous) multi medium artist, author, designer, and project manager! #Indijewnous #IndigenousGulf #IndigenousCreatives


Some sketching i did on the back of a mirror shield, that was later displayed at the NOLA Contemporary Arts Center as part of the Mirror Shield Installation in late 2022. (Not my installation, just my art on a couple backs)
3 weeks ago

Pixel avatar #commission for Snackal on Telegram.

Please support my work so I can afford my incoming student loan payments and other living expenses.

#art #artists #ArtistsOnMastodon #MastoArt #DigitalArt #furry #FurryArt #illustration #patreon #kofi #jackal #PixelArt

A 128x128 headshot avatar of an anthropomorphic grey jackal.
A 384x384 headshot avatar of an anthropomorphic grey jackal.
ink and yarn
3 weeks ago

It is just *TWENTY DAYS* until my brother comes home! I'm planning to keep the Patreon going for a bit, because surely it will take him a little while to get settled and find a job, right?

I post art weekly. He gets every penny.

:blobartist: :blob_sign_thx: :boost_requested:

#MutualAid #Patreon #Fundraiser #PleaseBoost

Handwritten in blue pen on lined paper: Rachyl also told me that there are several new patrons supporting me via her Patreon site. I am so grateful for all of the people who have heard my story and have showed me support. It gives me both comfort and strength and I can't begin to thank all of the supporters. Wait... yes I can! Thanks, supporters!

Speaking of Godot <cough cough New Unity Fees cough cough> GoDot has a new development fund.

Godot is Free, open-source, and has no Revenue sharing Scam, er, um I mean, financial plan.

They would prefer to move over to Direct funding,m away from patreon as there are less fees & overhead involved than with Patreon.

#Patreon #Godot #Funding #FOSS #OpenSource #GameEngine #Development #gamedev

4 weeks ago

Hey 👋
I deleted my
#Patreon account, but would like to support you and your work. I know that I could sponsor you on GitHub, but I also found this #KoFi page and wanted to verify that it is actually yours:
Also, out of these options, do you prefer one over the other?

4 weeks ago

The cozy ghost friend is now available over on my Patreon! Patrons get early access to stickers before they get added on Etsy! 🫖📚

Get your cozy buddy over here:

#Mastoart #Stationery #StickerShop #SmallBusiness #Patreon

Digital illustration of a little ghost holding a yellow cup on top of a stack of books. In the right bottom corner is a yellow tea kettle with mushrooms on it. The ghost wears big round glasses and has freckles on its cheeks
ink and yarn
1 month ago

It is just FORTY DAYS until my brother comes home! I'm planning to keep the Patreon going for a bit, because surely it will take him a little while to get settled and find a job, right?

I post art weekly. He gets every penny.

:blobartist: :blob_sign_thx: :boost_requested:

#MutualAid #Patreon #Fundraiser #PleaseBoost

Handwritten in blue pen on lined paper: Rachyl also told me that there are several new patrons supporting me via her Patreon site. I am so grateful for all of the people who have heard my story and have showed me support. It gives me both comfort and strength and I can't begin to thank all of the supporters. Wait... yes I can! Thanks, supporters!
1 month ago

Thank you to the who donate via #Patreon. You’re really helping cover those #MastoHost bills. 💸 🙏

Cost: 1450 NOK

Incoming donations:

Patreon: 1006 NOK
PayPal: 100 NOK


A screenshot of the Mastohost invoice for 136 US dollars.
A screenshot of the Patreon app showing 38 patrons donating a total of 1006 Norwegian kroner.
A screenshot of showing USD = 1450 NOK
Matthew Bogart
1 month ago

Why does it take 18 months for a "finished" graphic novel to come out? @churl and I made a video that's currently exclusive to our patrons about it. #comcis #patreon

An illustration of a teenage boy with chin length hair, wearing a Michigan T-shirt in a grocery store. "Why so long?"
War and Peas 🧿
1 month ago

Meteorological autumn begins tomorrow!

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Nathan Osborn
1 month ago

Announcing 'A Tale of Unfortunate Foes' is now in early development. A fusion of point and click adventure, and card game. Follow Titus Cercatore as he investigates and tries to uncover the reason why fate has become out of sync.

I have set up a Patreon event which you can join to collect exclusive physical cards monthly.
Any follows or boosts are very appreciated.

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A poster for a video game. A man dressed in brown suit and fedora hat smoking a cigar, walks along a seafront. The background is a dramatic sunset. The smoke from the mans cigar rises up and forma frame around two fortune tellers who are using cards to battle each other.
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#weather #icons made with #inkscape
soon on #patreon ☂️

Weather icons for graphic interfaces including the sun, a thunder and the clouds
Obsidian Urbex Photography
1 month ago

Calling all #AbandonedPlaces lovers! It is time to start editing another country from my backlog, and add a new country page to my website.

Which to pick: #Lebanon, #Georgia or #Armenia

I have opened this up to a vote for all my #Patreon supporters -

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three photo collage. Left - a grand central room with triple arch windows and ornate ceiling. Middle - Tall columned arcade with blue arched roof. Right - control panel in a room with large bright windows, there is a mural on the wall of a man with a beard and a sun

The Emotionalogic Labs Patreon is officially public. For early access to our music, art, short stories and more, you can pledge as little as $3 a month. Billing is currently set to be the first of each month, but I may change it in the future to be subscription styled.

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