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An art piece I did for #PawDay and Nobuo knows how to celebrate it.
Happy Pawday for everyone!!
Art (c) by me
#furry #feet #nsfw #art #footfetish #gay

CW - feet, naked

Paws up for #FursuitFriday! 🐾 🆙

🦊 🐾 🐺 🐾 ❤️
🐾: @ShujjaWuff on Twitter

#fursuit #cuddly #Pawday #fursuiteveryday #fursuiting #toony

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Something for #PawDay 🐰 👣
#Furry #FurryArt #NSFW

Didn't have something for #pawday lined up, too much Zelda. But do have these sketches of @/Flygon_Flurret's OC in squeaky stockings and some @/EroLunai
and myself as tanuki with plenty of paw to kinda make up for it.~

#Furry #furryart #Paws #Stockings #Tanuki

Flurret showing us his pair of latex stockinged soles while also wear latex arm gloves. He's blushing.
The bigger tanuki (Erolunai) laying on his back, paws up and legs spread while his new tanuki minion (Floty) hovers above him wearing stockings and arm gloves. In both cases soles and ball sacks are in prominent view.

You know I had a busy, packed, LOADED day when I missed all #PawDay posting (:

Cheetah Obscura
4 months ago

One last post for #PawDay. This time featuring fursuit with stockings! <3

First photo taken by @Oppiz

Fursuit photo of Obscura lounging on a sofa, their footpaws stretched towards the camera. They are wearing purple and black striped stockings and arm warmers, and purple bandana
Fursuit photo of Obscura sitting on the floor with footpaws stretched out in front of them.  They are wearing purple and black striped stockings and arm warmers and a purple bandana
Fursuit photo of Obscura kneeling on the ground with footpaws towards the camera, they are turned towards the camera with handpaw outstretched and are wearing purple and black striped stockings and arm warmers, purple bandana and purple skirt
Wolfgang Doghouse
4 months ago

In celebration of the beans -
Happy #PawDay!

#Fursuit #Paws

4 months ago

So, I've heard it's #PawDay so have some of my favourite oldies.

#furryart #art

Illustration of Raf's character laying down in bed, belly down, with a focus on his crossed feet. On the sole of his right foot, Waffle's character is tied down and forced to sniff the toegaps.
Illustration of a close up of Raf's paws. On the background, you can see the maned wolf grinning slyly. On the foreground, Astro's character is using a camera to record a close-up of the paw beans.
Illustration of Raf's character in a business attire, feet plopped up on a desk, out of their shoes. The character is looking at a micro that's startled on the desk, Spotter the otter.
Illustration of Raf's character on a hike, wearing summer/outdoorsy clothes, holding a water bottle in hand, and pinning down Waffle mouse under his left foot against a rock.
4 months ago

Hab heute gelernt dass es sowas wie einen #pawday gibt? Happy pawday I guess…?

tanzureir but shiny
4 months ago

apparently it's #PawDay and being on this account i'm obligated to mix in some shiny stuff 👀

🎨 :

4 months ago
4 months ago

Some bat paws for Paw Day :ms_paws: ~

Painted comm for Irvine/TechnoPlatypus

#FurryArt #Paws #PawDay

Detailed closeup of some foot paws with pink paw pads, 4 toes, a curved pink pad on the sole, and beige fur.

#PawDay you say? Well, that's convenient. Oh, @digitalfox?

(Also I'm startled to find I apparently never ran this as a #CoatiMonday piece. Will schedule that for fixing sometime soon. My own art, also at )

Digital illustration of Austin, a nonanthro coati, sitting up and leaning forward to hold his forepaws down on digitalfox, an anthro fox much smaller than Austin is.  digitalfox is smiling, and a little, voxel-ized heart floats above his head, so you know this is comfortable and happy for him.  Austin is smiling too, so you know it's a comfortable scene for both.
Cheetah Obscura
4 months ago

#PawDay - arts with stockings edition! :3

Arts by:
1 - Dytjg (
2 - Shade (
3 - Vega (@Starhound_@twitter)
4 - @Pudgical

Art of Obscura laying on their stomach with footpaws kicked up in the air. They are wearing purple and black striped arm warmers and stockings.
Art of Obscura kneeling with back towards the viewer. They are looking slyly over their shoulder. They are wearing purple and black striped arm warmers and stockings and an orange collar.
Art of Obscura sitting with footpaws showing and a sassy blep going. They are wearing purple and black stripeed stockings and a brown scarf and holding a steaming cup of coffee.
Art of Obscura laying on their back with footpaws kicked up in the air. They have a sassy expression with a blep, and wearing They are wearing purple and black striped arm warmers and stockings, as well as an orange collar and leash.
Kazi Lion 🐾
4 months ago

Found another really cute pic for #PawDay!

Lioness, colorful dog, and hyena fursuiters showing off their handpaws
4 months ago

A comfy day laying on some webbings can quickly turn into a trap if Talan starts feeling a little mean. I'm sure Mike will be fine for now, dragons aren't *that* cruel, right? Happy Paw Day~

Artist and Mikey is Fandroit/Quattro

#Paws #pawday #macro #micro

It's #PawDay again! That means I get to show off my favorite terraforming tools again! ;3

🎨= CastleKui (Twitter) / AzuragonArts (Twitter) / Drunks_Dragon (Twitter)​ / Furrypur (FA)

#macro #micro #furry #dragon #paws #furryart #sizedifference

A huge black dragon paw with violet accented scale plates stomped into a city, destroying it.
A giant black-violet feral dragon stomping through a vast mostly green landscape with a grey patch in the middle which resembles a city.
A black and violet feral dragon licking one of his hind paws and smiling about it.
An enormous single black and violet paw standing in the middle of a metropolis, while micros and little cars are present in the foreground and search lights are lighting up the scene. It resembles the '98 Godzilla Movie Poster.
4 months ago

Sometimes you click on #pawday thinking it's an extension of #caturday and you suddenly appreciate CWs more.

Dolby Vixen
4 months ago

Happy #PawDay. Just checking @/ThePineappleFox to make sure his beans pass inspection. Sorry, I forgot the photographer.
#furry #fursuit #FursuitEveryday

I'm seeing a lot of #PawDay posts on my timeline so here we go

4 months ago

I don't have anything special planned for #pawday so have some special previous commissions from the wonderful, talented, as-good-at-drawing-paws-as-anyone Jazzumi! #furry #furryart

Ahab relaxing in a volcano, paws outstretched
Ahab looming over you, about to step with his thick, black bird sole
Low-angle shot of Ahab draining the size from a tiny human, who's stuck to his paw.
4 months ago

Happy #PawDay, here's a video about #gecko #feet

Silver Sebastian🦊
4 months ago

And some bonus Paw Day fursuit footage.
#PawDay #Fursuit #paws #furry

Sebastian presses his paws against a glass wall
Sebastian shows you his cute purple pads with striped stockings
Cat sebastian roos his paws up on the coffee table
Oh my…. Paws.
Cheetah Obscura
4 months ago

Paws paws paws paws paws! 🐾💜🐾💜🐾 #PawDay

Fursuit photo of Obscura sitting on the floor with footpaws and handpaws displayed
Fursuit photo of Obscura kneeling with their back to the camera, looking over their shoulder. Their footpaws are showing
Fursuit photo of Obscura sitting on a sofa with their footpaws and handpaws stretched out towards the viewer
Fursuit photo of Obscura kneeling on a sofa facing away from the camera. Their footpaws are visible and there is a paw print pillow on the sofa

@CheetahObscura gasp I did not know this. What makes it #PawDay?

4 months ago
4 months ago

Stretch that leggy for Paw Day!

#GuildWars2 #Charr #FurryArt #PawDay

3D render of a heavily built male charr (Kianga Snowstorm) with brown fur in a push-up pose. He is shown in side view, stretching his left leg and showing off his black paw pads. He's grinning and wearing only a jockstrap and a red eye patch. The background is a vaguely dark industrial-style basement with a concrete floor and steel tread plates, a row of lockers in the background, and a red medicine ball with the Blood Legion emblem in the far right corner.
Silver Sebastian🦊
4 months ago

Happy Paw Day!
#MastoArt #PawDay #Fox

Watercolor painting of a fox rolling on its back, paws in the air
4 months ago

Happy #pawday , enjoy goo dragon paws~

#paws #furrypaws

A pair of paws, the sole is a lighter shade of purple and the claws are red
Toasted Lynx
4 months ago

Happy #pawday everyone!

#fursuit #paws

Rabbit fursuiter showing paws
lynx fursuiter showing paws
Tisha Tiger
4 months ago

For #PawDay, I'm pulling out this old, poorly done edit from when I received this fursuit from Robaasha! 🥰

#Furry #Fursuit

Tiger fursuiter on a green background studio showing the underside of one of its paws
Kazi Lion 🐾
4 months ago

Apparently it's #PawDay

Lioness fursuiter sitting on bed showing toe beans
Lioness fursuiter sitting on bed showing toe beans
Lioness fursuiter sitting on bed showing toe beans and hand paws
Cheetah Obscura
4 months ago

It's May 20th here now, so that means it's a day for paws! #PawDay

Gonna dig up some arts and photos to post throughout the day! :3

Arts by Spookyfox (

Art of Obscura with a mischievous look holding his handpaws out - between their handpaws is the word 'paws.'
Kinky Kobolds
5 months ago

Did you know that #PawDay is less than two weeks out? I'm not sure why it's May 20 either, but if you have any interest in feet or paws, it's a perfect day to share them!

For my part, I'll be trying to get at least one short story focused on paws completed by that time and may make additional microfiction posts around that theme. Since it's a Saturday, I might even do a writing stream.

Back on #PawDay I was inspired to start the long awaited PAWS badge set! More species coming but I'd love suggestions in the comments. Will be available in my sh0ps for #furality & IRL at #fureh.

Customs available at

#pawbs #peets #toebeans #mastoart #creativetoots

And some interesting thylacine beans that's I'm quite happy with still. #PawDay

Some heart beans for #PawDay

1 year ago

#EndangeredSpeciesDay and #PawDay AND #FursuitFriday ‽ DON'T MIND IF WE DO

📸/ 😺

my snow leopard fursuit and obscuras cheetah fursuit, cuddling on a couch
2 years ago

an OG #PawDay from my first ever time in suit!

Camera with flash/Sewing needle

2 years ago

an OG #PawDay from my first ever time in suit!


3 years ago

Introducing... Ryden (pronounced "Raiden" or "Ride-in[side]").

Simplify your life, save on car insurance, enjoy more quality time with your larger friends, and make commuting fun again with Ryden, a revolutionary ride-sharing service where our customers are our #sole focus. Coming soon to a #paw near you.

Note: for your safety, please inform your designated driver of any limitations to your structural integrity before entering stop-and-go traffic. Ryden cannot be held responsible for flattening resulting from repetitive high-intensity acceleration and braking.

Featuring the looming lupine Hank, a big, friendly grey #wolf, with this data-#fox tucked in his #FlipFlops.

#macro / #micro #footpaw #PawDay #art. Full quality and details here:

Looking from the center console of a vehicle interior, the driver's side below the dashboard fills the image, showing pedals and floor mat.  Each light gray pedal connects to darker rods reaching under the dashboard, arranged left to right as: stationary footrest, wide brake pedal, tall gas pedal.  The dark gray floor mat has light gray trim.

In the foreground, two gray-furred lupine legs enter from the left, the driver's seat hidden.  Knees bent, the left footpaw (obscured) sits atop the footrest, the right paw (frontmost) lightly presses the gas pedal.  The rest of the anthro male grey wolf is hidden out of sight, presumably driving.  The wolf has four toes per paw, black toe claws, with each paw wearing basic yellow foam flip-flops.  An orange plastic band loops around in a "V" from arch sides to the middlemost toe, holding the shoe on.

Upon closer inspection of the wolf's right (closer to viewer) paw, a tiny anthro male red fox's face pokes out between the wolf's innermost toes.  Squinting, pink tongue blepping out in a smile, the fox reaches his brown-furred hands around the outer edge of the wolf's innermost toe and up between the middlemost toes, a digital hug.  The fox has brown hair, brown-rimmed ears with white interior, orange facial fluff, and white cheeks and under-muzzle.  He looks pleased with being squeezed between toes, under paw.

[Art by digitalfox, and ]
3 years ago

Happy #PawDay ~

3 years ago

PAW. DAY. 🐾 #PawDay

from srgl import merp
4 years ago

Had to toot that within the last minute of #PawDay :3

4 years ago

Apparently it’s #pawday! (Paws by @pexl and @Critter)

Dragon paws
Dragon paws from a different angle
from srgl import merp
4 years ago

#PawDay is great and all, but what about #SnootDay!?